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    The Plattsmouth Journal 1 I!kvan mvs I is c:,nlKs won f 1
J K(vcw!t. makes no ihlTer
- ji!;ci-to Toddy; he only wants to
U. A. ItATF.S, l'l ui.lMll-i:.
in. r. .1 ut Uu Hitnm it rutlMimutli. Ne-
lir:lsk:l. nsmVolnli'Wvl ln:lltiT.
.Micki.y for si-uator! Wouldn't cork you' Po tlic rcpiiMicuns
want another Picttkh?
Ki-i'fiii.icvxs announce that they
will use Tennessee as a wedge with
which to split the solid south, lint
since when do thevown the wetltfe?
"rNci.i:Jii:"C.NN)N isnot ready
to launch his hooin, it is nuiiounc
cd. lle'srixht; it is somewhat early
to ileprive the feehle think' rf
father's care.
A Indiana millionaire promises
toKivehis nephew S.ln.dCO if. he
abstains funii cigarettes. Why
not let him smoke them and cjvc
the inonev to his widow?
Mix. Huvan is receiving more at
tention aliroad than was ever shown
any private citien. To his credit
lie it said that he is iiiakiii.n K"od
upim all occasions.
Col.. JoiixS. Hakim.k, of I.eroy,
111., is the founder of l.V country
newspapers in unlit states. What
a tremendous lot of cordwood,
sitiash and hard cider he must have
received in his day.
It turns out that every precinct
in the county would have heen rep
resented in the democratic conven
tion Saturday afternoon, had the
same heen held one-half hour later.
The delegates were here, and the
session so short that they failed to
show up until after adjournment.
Skcki-Taxy T.U'T intimates that
the "specter of things past" has
held southern democrats to their
present political allegiance. It's the
specter of things not passed con
spicuously a law to prevent the so
licitation of corrupt slush funds has wdii loyally to the leptil
li'.-an party i:i some quarters.
Tin: sl.ite house rim.; isdirectine,
all its shot and shell in the direction
of I'd ward Kosewater. Just as well
save your aminitioii, gentlemen.
"Kosey" is a splendid genual. He
has put to sleep many prominent
republicans in Nebraska, and your
turn is liable to come next. That
man, Mickey, needs ventilating.
Tiu:y have two candidates over
in Cass county, one for congress
and one for j;ovetior, and the other
counties in the district are of the
opinion that they should be content
ed with one office. Over in Jeffer
son we have a mcniK-r of the su
preme court, a congressman and
a candidate for novenor, with some
of the back precints to hear from.
Beatrice Sun.
Tin; republican theory that the
higher the taxes the more prosper
ity, proves that President Roose
velt is a thorough republican, for
he heartily endorses the spending
mania and extravagance of his
party. For instance, how readily
he gave way to the Wadsworth
Cannon plan of making the cople
pay for the meat inspection, instead
of the packers leing made to pay.
Can you remctnlier any recommen
dation of Mr. Roosevelt for econ
omy in expenditures?
Tin: democrats of Wisconsin in
their platform remind the country
that the republican national commit"
tee has not made restitution of the
larc sums received from the life in
surance colorations filched from
the funds that should have Ken
sacred to the willows and orphans
of policy holders. The plank con
demns the republican party for the
acceptance of the policy holders'
nioiicy and demands that the same
lc restored. President Roosevelt
having now five months holiday be
fore hiiUi could take up the matter
with Chairman Cortclyott and order
that restitution of these tainted
funds be made to their rightful
I i:i;is.iu.-r.u!e in then, anyway.
A I'i n.-vi.v am y man lias been
sentenced to twenty years impris
onment for a murder which he con
fessed, lie sas the confession was
only a joke. Now for the fellow
who rocks the boat!
A St. Loris woman has testified
in court that she made love to her
divorced husband "for revenge."
In view of the troubles she related,
her revenge must not have been 01
the sweet variety.
R km km in-: king the Mrs. Morris
incident at the White House, those
ladies who speak above a whisper
are giving the postoflice at Wash
ington City a wide berth. Ilarnes
has been installed as postmaster.
Tin; republican central commit
tee nu t at Louisville yesterday and
decided upon Tuesday, July as
the date for holding the county con
vention to select delegates to the
state convention. The convention
will be held in Plattsmouth.
Ji ik;i: Hkkwt.k is rather previous
in giving Secretary Taft credit "for
guiding the country safely through
the intricacies of the Philippine sit
ttatition." The Philippine tariff
bill and other proposed laws for the
islands are still in the pigeon-holes
of the senate and house committees
in sptte of all the efforts of Taft and
the president. Perhaps Judge P.rew-
er is a standpatter and believes in
letting things drift.
Ir we assume that a family con
sists on the average of five persons,
it will cost every family in the Unit
ed States $55.10 to pay the debts
contracted by congress. Congress
appropriated a sum equal to $11.0-'
per capita on the SO.Ooo.noii people
in this country. It was not a pro
perty tax. but an indirect, insidious,
dishonest tariff and internal revenue
tax. equivalent in its operation and
effect lo a poll of about $33 on
every adult in the cottntrv.
Ir KmvAKii Rosi:wti;k was
elected to the senate he would need
no introduction to those with w hom
1 e would be associated. He would
not have to stand, around for six
e ;' s, as Ilrown would, to get ac
quainted. I Ie is known and knows.
He w ould drop right into the bring
ing a! .out the measures that he lias
advocated for years, while P.rown
would he hanging about the com
mittee rooms trying to get appoint
ments for some of his friends. If
the next Senator is to be a republi
can, these are reasons why the Jour
nal w ants to see Kdward Roosewater
Si:cki:taky Wilson has started
on a tour of the packing houses at
Chicago, Kansas City and else
where. He will have to look out
or he will lv lost in the "Jungle"
that he now knows exists in those
cities, but never suspected until
some one published the fact. The
secretary of agriculture never looks
for trouble until he is forced to. He
would not Mieve any of the scan
dals that existed in his department
uutil someone else exposed them.
It's a good thing his duties do not
call him to New York, for the
"green goods men" would be very
likely to gobble him.
Mk. Hkyan's letter to former
Senator Jones, of Arkansas, is in
full accord with the Loudon utter
ances in w hich he declined to make
formal announcement of his cand
idacy at the present time. He will
do nothing lo obtain another nom
ination, but will accept it if, when
the time comes, the party desires
him to serve in another candidacy.
It is not necessary for Mr. P.ryanto
make any announcement whatever.
The party seems to have made up
its mind that he must serve and the
nomination will in all probability,
go to him without the asking.
The conservtivses of the cast and
of all parts of the country seem now
to look upon him as the most avail
able man, and the democratic voters
of the west and south welcome with
enthusiasm his reappearance it the field.
Tin: Nor:!: Carolir.afcdcra! ofu,
holders have cooked a program:-.
of nigger a::d "Tafi'v" for 19 '8.
Tnr: hot weather and the congn.
got on tile presidential nerves, b::t
the democrats were quite cool a:: ',
coufortable, thank you.
Tkt'sT products are costly to t'.:e
citizens and cheap to the foreigners
Why not revise the tariff that pro
tects the trusts and even things up?
Tin-: beef trust and the railroads
are pointing with pride to the re
cord of congress and the president
agrees with them, so everyone
should be satisfied.
Sknator IaKiN.s says Americans
do not know how to distributewealtli.
but after the campaign is over in
West Virginia this fall, he will dis
cover he has done his share of dis
tribution. Tin- idea of federal regulation of
business has been advanced farther
than ever before; but the people
have gained nothing, while the stale
g iveriuents have lost immensely.
The republic of Roosevelt is an em
pire very different from the
I'liion;" and the states are de
generating into mere provinces.
As Tin-, administration never dis
covered the filthy condition of the
beef trust establishments, although
the taxpayers were paying for near
ly a thousand inspectors, what,
guaranty have we that with more
money and more men the agricul
tural department will get busy and
keep the packing houses in whole
some conditio!i.
KuwARii Rosi-watkk is right
I!ut for hint the republican party
leaders never would have dreamed
of tackling the railroad abuses in
the state of Nebraska. And he
should have the credit for inaugur
ating the first movement in this dir
ection, and not "Iiuster" IJrown
who is endeavoring to steal Mr
Rosewater's platform .
greatest statesman of the hundred
years, the mightiest mind since
(Hailstone, the most far-seeing pat
riot sinccLincoln he has the char
acter of Washington, the brain of
Jefferson and the courage of An
drew Jackson. Speed the day when
he will be elected to the White
House to sweep the place clean of
royal show and bring itback to true
American manners of simplicity.
With Mr. Hryan, "dooks" are not
half as good as the plain farmer
from his plow or a minor from his
pick. With the coinining of Mr.
Hryan the under-dog will have a
hearing, and justice will be the
watch word and merit the measure.
Sleepy Watch Dog of the Treasury.
"It is my duty to safeguard the
treasury," said Speaker Cannon in a
recent interview. Conceding, for
the argument, that it is necesary
to givethe speaker autocratic power
in order that he may protect the
public fundsagainst looting, it must
be admitted that he proved a sleepy
"Watch Dog of the Treasury" dur
the recent session.
The appropriations, by far the
largest in the history of the gover
inent, are considerably in excess of
the entire revenue from customs,
internal taxes and postoflice receipts,
and in addition, Secretary Shaw is
selling bonds to raise more money
for the Panama Canal.
As a treasury watch dog,
'Tncle Joe" seems hardly worth
his keep. Hut there is nothing in
the constitution or statues of the
United States which makes the
seeker of the house the custodian
of the treasury. That responsibil
ity rests upon the entire member
ship of congress, and on the floor
of each house there are munlers
just as patriotic and just as vigi
lant as the gentleman who hapcns
to sit in the chair of the house.
It is not at all necessary to gag
and hind the house in order to keep
it from robbing the treasury. If the
house tried to do it, the senate
wouldn't let it. Republican speak
ers under Reed rules have, of late,
manifested an inclination to take
themselves entirely too seriously.
Tin; New York Sun says "the
next president will be a democrat."
There are some points on w hich the
! people can agree even with the Sun.
! Tin-; president's summer solstice
at Oyster Hay has commenced on
quite a strenuos plan. One of the
j corps of detectives and body-guards
knocked down and blacked an eye
of an innocent phographer, who
was authorized to take a snap shot
of the president. Thus is greatness
guarded by ruffians.
The Tariff-Made Trusts.
Driven into a corner by the vic
tory of the Iowa idea in the state
of its origin, the Dingley standpat
ters are trying to fight their way
out on the line of pretense that the
Dingley tariff does not shelter a sin
gle important trust or monoply.
They are trying to make it appear
that the Iowa demand that every
tariff schedule "which shelters a
monopoly" be cut out of the pro
tective system is an empty sham.
"If the profits of all lines of pro
tected goods arc such as free-traders
represent them," asks the St. Louis
organ of robber tariff, "why is it
thatcapitalindependeiitof the trusts
is not invested in manufacturing
plants for competition in the home
Capital outside of the trust is all
the time going into independent
plants, but it has a hard fight to re
remain independent when it becomes
troublesome to the great combina
tions. The smaller independent
concerns get the benefit of the mon
opoly prices which the trusts create.
When they grow to a point at which
they threaten troublesome compe
tion, the trust know mighty well
how to deal with them.
The troublesome independent is
either forced out of business by sel
ling below cost in its particular
field for a sufficent time, or it is
forced into the trust by threats of
bankruptcy to be accomplished by
persistence in that manner of attack.
The story of Standard Oil warfare
upon independent companies is
the story of all the trusts in dealing
with troublesome independent com
petion. It has been the law of all trade,
since the first trader appeared upon
the earth, that competition is not
welcome to a man who w ants to
sell or to buy anything. Two men
anxious to buy the same object ran
up the ju ice, wiile two anxious to
sell, run the price down if the buy
er knows his business.
When an itidustral trust is once
formed its first business is to fight
of independent competition, and
as the individual independant is
weaker than the combined monop
oly, it fights always at a fatal disad
vantage. This law of competition add the
methods of the tariff trusts under it
are so well known that the stand
patter's question lelongs to the
kindergarten school of amateur
Tin; position of Gov. Cummins
on the tariff issue occupied the at
tention of the house of representa
tives a few days lefore adjournment
and the republicans were worked up
to fighting pitch by the questions of
Camp Clark, "If Gov. Cummins
had not carried Iowa on a tariff re
vision issue?" Lacey of Iowa de
clared that Gov. Cummins had said
nothing in regard to the tarill this
year. Camp Clark retorted that
last Novemler the govenor said:
"All the roblieries committed by all
the life insurance companies in all
time did not equal one-fifth of the
roblieries inflicted by the Dingley
bill in one year." That was too
much for the equilibrium of even
that seasoned old debator, flrosver
nor, who lost his balance and made
the following indiscreet attack upon
Gov. Cummins by declaring: "Any
man who will say that is unworthy
of the confidence of one American
citizen, let alone the majority of
the states. Such a man as that is
a false lilieler of every decent as
piration of American citizenship."
As Grosvcnor is the mouth organ
of the protective tariff league which
thrives upon contributions from
the. tariff protected trusts, it is evi
dent that if Gov. Cummins is nom
inated on a tariff revision platform!
f T :r ... : ....... v-- ;.i l)3
AYcgctable Prcparaiionror As
similating thcFoodandRcula
Ung the Stomachs andDowels of
Promotes DigestionXhrcrfur
nessandnYst.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
Omittd Miqar
ApcriVcl Remedy forfonsliro
fion . Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Coimilsions.Kevcrish
ncss anil Loss of SLEEl".
TacSunilc Signature oT
the stand-patters will try and de
feat him. The democrats in con
gress have had lots of fun sprink
ling salt on the raw hides of the
republican stand-patters.
Democratic Unity.
V. J. Bryan's latest utterances
in London breathe the spirit
of democratic harmony, which
is daily becoming the most con
spicuous fact in the politics of the
congressional year preceding the
presidential election.
Xo element of the democratic or
any other sane party will dissent
from his statement that the princi
ples of JcITersonian democracy con
stitute the most vital force of con
servatism in the American system
of politics and goverment.
Property rights, the rights of
property lawfully acquired and law
fully held, have had in no country,
and in no era of the world, a more
stalwart and uncompromising de-
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thi oiirrtua oaMNV. mm oi rrv.
feneder than the democracy to
which Bryan is devoted.
This is now realized by most of
those who in the party mistook his
conservatism for precipitate radical
ism. Mr. Bryan, on the other hand,
concedes that one of the ends for
which he earnestly strove in the
past has been attained by means
other than those which he proposed.
Time and events have removed
all cause for division within the
party, and all elements of it, seeing
the fact, are joining hands for a
united effort to re-establish the prin
ciples which alone assure safety and
stability in this country.
Twenty Year Eaillo.
"I was a Iomh- in ii i unity year bat
t with chronic- piles and malignant
snres, until I tried li'icklen's Arnica
Salvo; which turned the tide, by cur
inj In th, til! not a trace remains."
writes A. M. llruce, of Farmville. Va.
Pe-lforold I'lccrs, Cuts. Burns and
Wounds. 25c at V. G. Frlcke & Co.,