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Vtvin 1'rlilny'k I )al.y.
Kay Frans of I'nlon was taking In
the street fair last evening.
J. I. Low and wife of Cedar Creek,
were county seat visitors today.
J. W. Holmes wife and son Kalph
ofMynatd were attending ti street
air last evening
W. II. Hell and family of Pleasant
lew stock farm, came In this morn
ing to take In the carnival.
Mitt Nellie Sherwood who has been
enjoying a visit with her sister In
Louisville, returned home this morn
Ins:. Mrs. C. L. Graves and little daugh
ter of Union came up this morning on
a mission of sight-seeing at the carni
val. Hat one of King's Dyspepsia Tablets
after each meal and you will not suffer
with Indigestion. Sold hy Gering &
Co. 'a drug store.
W. E. (less of Louisville was a coun
ty seat visitor today, bringing with
him two wolf scalps, which ho turned
over to the county clerk.
McGlnnls Churchill and wife, James
Manners and Misses Marie Herder and
(Jussle Robb, of Murray were viewing
the street carnival last night.
Regulates the bowels, promotes easy
natural movements, cures constlpa
tlon Doan's Kegulets. Ask your
druggist fur thera. 2r cents a box.
Miss Alice Snover who has been en
joying a visit with friends In this city
the guest of Miss Fern Greenslate, de
parted this morning for Omaha for a
short visit before going to her home
In Detroit, Mich.
Claus Jess was In today to renew for
the Journal, and while here told us of
his recent trip to the Indian Terri
tory. He Is very much pleased with
his trip, and seems also to be well
pleased with the country.
Mrs. Chas. Herren, accompanied by
Mrs. C. L. Rcnner, both of Murray,
are here today to take In the carnival.
Jtoth ladies called on the Journal, and
while here Mrs. Ilerren renewed their
subscription to the Journal Tor an
other year.
Joseph Volpert,son of John Wolpcrt
one of the well-to-do farmers of Cass
county, came down from Louisville
tbls morning to see the carnival at
tractions, and while here called and
renewed his father's subscription to
the Journal.
The proposition to run a special
train to I'lattsmouth from Eagle on
the 24th of July, on account of the
republican convention, Is being agl
tatcd. Should this materiali.e, many
farmers would take advantage of the
rates to the county seat.
I'rom Satunluy'i lul!y.
H. U. Long of Murray was attending
to some business at the county seat
Mrs. J. M. Palmer of Nchawka Is
visiting with her brother, ShcrltT C.
I). Qulnton.
Roy Upton, accompanied by Miss
Nina Lynde, of Union, wcro here last
night taking lit the carnival.
The cleansing, antiseptic and heal
ing properties of rinesalve make It
superior to all family salves. Sold by
Uerlng & Co.'s drutl store.
Farmers, mechanics, railroaders,
laborers rely on Ir. Thomas' Eclcctrk
Oil. Takes the sting out of cuts, burns
or bruises at once. Tain cannot stay
where it Is used.
nave you Backache? Get a box of
Kldury-Ettes the most wonderful
remedy for all kidney troubles, and
they will make you right. 2oo. Gering
& Co., druggists.
Louisville Is well represented In
riattsmoutb today, and among the
number are .lames Stander and Her
man l'ankonln. who are delegates to
cjunty convention.
Justice of Peaco llartuti of Berlin,
Iowa, stopped oil In our little city
this morning for a few days visit,
while enroute to Greenwood fora visit
with his brother-in-law, Chas. Stone.
When applied and covered with a
hot cloth rinesalve acts like a poultice
Rest for burns, bruises, boils, cracked
hands, eczema, skin diseases, tetter,
etc. Sold by Gering & Co. 's drug store.
An advertisement In the dally news
paper reads: "Ladles, If you wear one
of our glove-tittlng corsets you will
wear nothing else." They ought to
have a parasol for hot weather hadn't
L. F. Longhorst, of Klmwood, was
the guest of County Clerk Rosencrans
and wife today, and while here as
sisted "Rosey" in smoking some of
those fine cigars he purchased In Lin
coln the other day.
Our friend, Lee Applegatc, and
daughter, Miss Delia, of Union, came
In this morning to take In the carni
val, and Mr. Applegate the demo
cratic county convention. The Jour
nal was favored with a call from them.
"Doan's Ointment cured me of
eczema that had annoyed me for
longtime. The cure was permanent."
lion. S. W. Matthews, commissioner
of labor statistics, Augusta, Me.
For bloating, belching, sour stom
ach, bad breath, malasslmllatlon of
food and all symptons of Indigestion.
Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets a re a prompt
and efficient corrective. Two days
treatment free. Sold by Gering &
Co.'s drug store.
Will Kroehler came down from
Havelock last evening to take In the
carnival and enjoy a visit among his
old friends. Will is now growing a
moustache and It was hard for some
of his friends to recognize blm when
he was coming up Main street.
-If you want a real estate loan at
reasonable rates; or a reliable abstract
of title, Insurance policy, security
bond of and kind, or a contract, deed
or mortgage drawn, see John M. Leydu,
Gund building. Work promptly and
neatly done and charges reasonable.
County Recorder II. A. Schneider
and family departed this afternoon
for Denver, where they will attend
the Elks' carnival, after which' they
will make a tour of Colorado, Idaho
and Utah before returning home.
They expect to be gone six or eight
Mr., and Mrs. Chas. E. Rcnnett of
rittsfield, Mass., are visiting In this
city, the guests of the Wescotts. Mr.
Rcnnett, who is a nephew of C. E.
Wescott, Is superintendent of the
littslield high school.
Miss Laura De Fellows left this af
ternoon for South Rend, where she will
visit a few days, and thence to her
home In Belle Fourche, 8. I). Miss
Fellows Is an accomplished lady, and
her friends are legion In I'lattsmouth,
her old home.
II. D. Rarr, who Is employed on the
Thurman (Iowa) Times, came over
this morning to enjoy a visit with
relatives and friends and take in the
carnival. The Journal Is pleased to
see "Dick" looking so well, and be
lieves that Iowa atmosphere agrees
with him.
From Monday's Dully.
Hill Tarpcnlng of South Rend was
in the city today on business.
W. II. McDanlel of Murray was In
the city this morning on business.
A. II. Winkler, a real estate man of
Glenwood, was In town today on busi
ness. J. P. Stevens of Louisville was look
Ing after business In the county seat
Ray and Tom Smith departed this
afternoon for Oelrlch, S. D., where
they will visit several weeks.
Nebraska City was well represented
at the carnival Saturday night, there
being about thirty-live In the party.
C. 1. Long of Rurwell, who Is visit
ing In this city, went to Glenwood. Ia.,
on business this morning.
Dr. C. S. Rarnes and wife of Rurr,
Neb., were In I'lattsmouth to spend
Sunday with his brother, Dr. A. 1'.
Mrs. Geo. Shoeman departed this
afternoon for Rawlins, Wyo., where she
will visit with her daughter, Mrs. Jno.
Miss Annie West was called to her
home near Murray this morning by the
serious condition of her uncle, Joseph
Mrs. J. N. 1'almcr who has been en
joying a visit with her brother, C. D.
(julnton, returned to her home In Ne-
hawka this morning.
Miss Eertha York, who has been en-
Joying a visit with the family of J. C.
lork, departed this morning for her
home in Watson, Mo
Clarence English, the Omaha boy,
giit the decision in the glove contest
with 1'urtell at St. Joseph yesterday.
The purse was $100 the winner re
ceiving $;!00 and loser $100.
County Clerk W. E. Rosencrans and
wife and thelrguests.Mrs. J. G. Stark,
L. F. Langhorst and wife of Elm wood
were visiting at Lake Manawa Sunday.
James Holmes and family, and W.
S. Smith and wife of the tirm of
Holmes Smith, of Murray and My-
nard, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
C. A. Bawls Sunday.
small blaze was discovered behind
Ilatt & Son s store last Satnrday night
by Merchant Police Cory, who at once
secured assistance, and with a few
buckets of water the llames were ex
tinguished. A hundred years ago the best physi
cian would give you a medicine for
your heart without stopping to con
sider what effect it might have on the
liver. Even to this good day cough
and cold medicines Invariably bind
the bowels. This Is wrong, Rec's
Laxative Cough Syrup with Honey
and Tar acts on the bowels-drives out
the cold clears the head, and relieves
all coughs. Guaranteed to give satis
faction or money refunded. S-1 ) y
Gering Co.'s drug store.
"Gut 1 1 o i ! . the favorite c!-ar
Dr. Marshall, Dentist, Coats' i;; .
A full line i f sickles and sertl-n
for ail standard in we:v ! '.in l!:i :er,
Try the White Lily wasiier. If not
satisfactory you may return It. For
sale only at John Bauer's.
C A. fowls, Lawyer. Pro
bate and general practice. Of
fice of County Attorney.
Two of the street sweepers yester
day were lucky. One Is said to liave
found a pocket book containing about
121, while the other found a 110 dollar
bill. Others picked up a few dimes
and nickels.
A letter from Judge Travis dated
Clalrcmore, I. T., Informs us that he
Is feeling better and enjoying his out
Ing very much. He will be at home
the latter part of this week or the
Brst of next.
No newspaper should give advertis'
Ing space to any entertainment that is
run for profit any more than the gro
cer should donate the flour and the
sugar, yet many do this very thing
every week In the year.
Frank Herold, aecompanlcd by his
young friend, John Wagner, came
down from Lincoln Saturday evening,
returning last night. Frank Is now
In t he employ of Rudgc & Guenzell,
one of the largest retail dry goods es
tablishments in Lincoln.
The people who allow their horses
and cows to run at large at night to
destroy lawns and mutilate sidewalks,
will wake up some morning to find a
kick registered In the shape of a war
rant for their arrest, and a line assessed
against them. This Is simply a note
of warning.
The location of the site for the gov-
crnment building Is the next thing in
order. There are several very desir
able locations on Sixth street, and we
cannot see why one of these cannot be
agreed upon without a scramble from
property owners. The patrons will be
saitistied with any one on Sixth street.
L. V. Longhorst, wife and Mrs. Stark,
the two latter having spent a week
with Mrs. W. E. Rosencrans, returned
to their homes in Elm wood this after
noon. Mr. Longhorst Is one of the
prominent merchants of Cass county,
and a most thorough business man
The Journal Is always pleased to meet
Every form of distressing ailment
known as Piles originates Internally
The real cause of the trouble Is Inside,
ManZan Is put up In collapsible tubes
with nozzle, so the medicine can be
applied where it will do the most good
and do It quickly. Guaranteed toglve
satisfaction or money refunded If you
are not satlstied. Sold by Gering &
Co. s drug store.
The old time method ot purging the
system with Carthartlcs that tear,
gripe, grind and break down the walls
of the stomach and intestines Is super
seded by Dades Little Liver Tills.
They cleanse the liver, and Instead of
weakening, build up, and strengthen
the whole system. Relieve headache
biliousness, constipation, etc. They
never gripe. Sold by Gering .S: Co.'s
drug store.
Seth Laraway came over from Glen
wood yesterday afternoon on a combi
nation trip of pleasure and business,
and gave the Journal a call. Here
turned today with a broad smile on
his countenance, so we take It for
granted that he was successful In both.
Mr. Laraway is tine of Glenwood's
staunch young business men, oul the
Journal has known him for several
years, and is glad of it.
From Tut'siliiy's Dully
Rev. D. A. Youtzy, who recently ac
cepted a call to Gering, Neb.,departcd
this afternoon, In company with his
family, for that place.
Alfred Olson, who has been enjoy
Ing a visit with his uncle, Gus Roman
and family, returned this morning to
his home In Sioux City, Ia.
Fred Hodgson and Nellie Johnson,
who have been visiting with the fam
ily of Richard Hale, departed this
morning for' thflr home In Wlnslde,
Miss Edith Crisenbcrry, who has
been visiting with Mrs. .1. S. Phcbus
and family, returned to her homo In
Tecumseh this morning. Miss Oris
enherry Is a teacher In the Tecumseh
city schools.
Chas. Roman and family, who have
been enjoying a visit with the family
of his brother, (Jus. departed this
morning for their home In Sioux City,
la. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Roman accom
panied them as far as Omaha.
Miss Janet Ruzzell who for the past
two years has been making her home
with her uncle, G. M. Porter, departed
this afternoon for her home in Stough
ton, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. G. M.Porter
accompanied her as far as Omaha.
You can see the poison line-ules
clears out of the kidneys and bladder.
A single dose at bedtime will show
you more poison upon rising the next
morning than can lie expelled from
the system In any other way. line
ules dissolve the Impurities and lubri
cate the kidneys. Guaranteed to give
satisfaction or money refunded. 30
Summer Barged n.s
Our Silk Department has some
rare bargains in Plain Taffeta.
Plain Taffeta, 30 in. wide, tl.L'.j quality, CI nn
for one week only at vliUU
20-ln. P.lack Taffeta, good quality, at -iilc a yard
27-in. Rlack Rajah Silk, 75c quality at 4tfc "
These goods are guaranteed to give satisfaction
We carry a large line of Linen
and Napkins.
Full Bleached ;i In 33c
Full P.leached 70 in r,8c
Silver Bleached, C4 in 40c
Silver Bleached, C4 in r.0c
Fine line of red Table Damask, new line just
in, at '2;c, 3.r.c, 4."c, Mc and tiOc
A new line of Dotted and Embroidery Swisses,
at 1.r'C, 'JOc and 2."'C.
Eor Years We Have Had the Exclusive Sale of
Famous Queen Quality Shoes
We are better pleased every year we handle them because they give such satisfaction. They keep
their shape anc look well until worn out. The best leather Is used and they're stitched with best silk
after it has been strength-tested. The soles are selected for flexibility. The Interiors are replicas of
human feet, no matter what the outward shape ! What other shoe is so constructed? What other shoe
Grows Old So Gracefully?
P " " " n - 0
days treatment $1.00. Sold by Gering
& Co.'s drug store.
Mrs. T. .1. Todd who has been enjoy
ing a visit with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Mauzy, departed this
afternoon for her home in Wahoo.
There will be more "red" machinery
exhibited at the State Fair the first
week in September than has ever been
shown at one time and place In the
state. All the Implement ground has
been assigned and it has been neces'
sary to lay out an annex.
Mrs. Z. W. Shrader returned this
morning from Furnas county, where
she has been for two weeks or more
visiting her children. Mrs. Shrader
brought to the Journal office several
stalks of the second crop of alfalfa
grown In that county this season, fully
three and a half feet In helghth. This
speaks well for Furnas county.
From WfdiifMlHy' dully.
J. Asch of Murray was a county seat
visitor yesterday evening.
James Stander of Louisville was in
the city on business today.
Miss Ona Brady arrived from Wat
son, Mo., this morning for a visit with
the family of J. C. York.
Mr. and Mrs. James Edmonds, of
Blair, Neb., are here to spend a week
with their son, O. P. Edmonds and
Mrs. W. II. Mason and daughter,
Miss Elizabeth, departed this morn
ing for Memphis, Mo., where they will
visit relatives.
II. C. McMaken went to St. Joseph,
Atchison aud Kansas City this morn
ing to buy more Ice for his I'latts
mouth patrons.
Dr. W. H. Schlldknecht departed
this afternoon for Lincoln, where he
will enter a sanitarium for treatment.
He was accompanied by his wife.
Mrs. Henry Miller has gone to
Madison, Kansas, for a few weeks
visit with relatives, and consequently
"Barney" is taking his meals at the
Perkins hotel.
C. D. Long, who has been here on
business for several days, departed
this morning for Burwcll, Neb., near
which place he has been located on a
ranch for the past two years.
John Petty came In from Havelock
last evening for a visit with I'latts
mouth friends. John has been work
ing at the carpenter trade, and has had
all the work that he could take care of.
The special events at the State Fair
include "Emma," a "guldcless" mare
who enters a pacing race without
driver or hopples, scores the same as
the other horses in the race and goes
when the word Is given by the starter.
She has a record of 2:14. This attrac
MUSI fc&VtKfc. vin$L UtI-UKE MOKN1NQ.
Sold at GERING &
tion is advertised for Tuesday, Sep
tember 4th.
Mrs. C. II. Smith and daughter and
the latter's husband, J. H.Teegarden,
who have been enjoying a visit with
relatives In Galesburg, 111., returned
home last evening. Mr. and Mrs. Tee
garden departed this afternoon for
their home in Hickman, Neb.
The sheriff is In receipt of a card,
requesting information in regard to
Oliver Knight, a 14-year-old boy, who
left his home In Guthrie Center, Ia.,
and about whom the mother is very
much worried. Word to be sent to
Sheriff Brown of Guthrie county.
Miss Emma Goos was visiting in
Omaha today.
M. S. Briggs went to Tabor, Ia., on
business this morning.
S. II. Atwood came in from Lincoln
on business this morning.
I. Pearlraan went to South Omaha
this afternoon on business.
C. E. McEntee made a business trip
to the metropolis this morning.
Rae Patterson was a business visitor
In the metropolis this afternoon.
T. II. Pollock made a business trip
to the metropolis on the fast mail.
Mrs. E. A. Wurl went to Council
Bluffs this morning for a visit with
L. W. Lorenz was looking after busi
ness matters In the metropolis this
Mrs. William Morley and son Will
were among the Omaha passengers on
the morning train.
Miss Minnie MockenhauDt denarted
this afternoon for Omaha where she
will visit with friends.
Miss Mary Robinson came In from
Omaha this morning fora visit with
Henry Donatand wife.
John Bauer, sr., and daughter Mks
Emma were among the passengers for
the metropolis this morning.
Mrs. P. E. Ruffner and Mrs. C. S.
Duke, went to Omaha this morning
to spend the day visiting with rela
tives. E. H. Wescutt and wife. Mrs. ('. c
Wescott and Mrs. Chas. Eermutt nr
Pittstield, Mass., who W visiting with
the Wescotts, went to Omaha thisaf.
temoon to visit that city.
J. II. Thrasher sold today the W. L.
Pickett property on Granite strror
between Fifth and Sixth, to Mike
mid. ri.r fl,2.,o. He als-i sold the
Mrs. Alexander property In the north.
west part of the city, to a Mr. Rev
nows, i or ,.)().
Cornelius Colley and son, Cornelius,
and daughter Miss Mamie, who have
been located at Fort Worth, Texas,
CO S. Druo Store
This is a jreat Ribbon season.
We have a full and complete
line in every conceivable width
and color, both plain and fancy
Extra Good Values In Black Ribbon
No. 40, at 15c No. t;0, at ISc No. 80, at 20
All our ribbons will be found priced at Bargain
Figures. A few'pleces No. 100 Pink
and Blue Taffeta at 13c
By careful comparison of Corsets you can
always find the kind that best suits your figure
It Is well known that a dress cannot possibly
fit well over an ill-fitting corset. We have giv
en special attention to this feature of corset
selling and ovr stock will be found to contain
shapes to fit almost any figures. The J. G.
Justrlte at COc and $1.00. A few odds and ends
Bargain Prices
since last January returned last night.
Mr. Coffey wasgreatly benefited by the
cii-mate, but still has a tender feeling
far the people of Plattsmouth.and may
make his residence here again, among
his many friends.
Sheriff Quinton went to Weeping
Water this morning to serve some
Mrs. C. A. Rawls went to Mynard
this morning to spend the day with
Chief Draughtsman W. L. Bargerof
Lincoln was In town on business last
II. C. Miller, Burlington claim
a?ent at Lincoln, was in town today
on business.
II. E. Weldman and Henry Goos
were among the Omaha passengers
this afternoon.
Night Yardmaster B. I. Reynolds
and family, who have been enjoying a
weers visit with relatives near Percl
val, Ia.,returned home this afternoon.
Through Judge Archer an increase
in pension from $12 to $24 cer month
has been secured for Andrew J. Mc
Klnney. This is effective from June
10th of this year.
If you want to buy a farm call on J.
H. Thrasher and learn about the fam
ous South Platte Valley lands near
Sterling, Colo., the greatest irrigated
lands In the west, where crops are
Do you know that you can buy Irri
gated farm lands and water rights for
$10 per acre and up, owing to the lo
cation and improvements. For par
ticulars see J. H. Thrasher.
My Hair is
Extra Long
Feed your hair; nourish it;
give it something to live on.
Then it will stop falling, and
will grow long and heavy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
genuine hair-food you can
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hair-bulbs. You save what
hair you have, and get more,
too. And it keeps the scalp
clean and healthy.
The bt kind of a tpotlmonial
'Bold tor ovtr ilxty yer."
Ktdo by J. O. Aj'T Co., I.owl'.l, Mm.
a, bo maturaoturvr or
1 IPTQ Pti-LS.
1 Jm'i""'"1 ,rtoof the crude rumitud ruin.
iii "ur-n " Men recognuea
Coni.u i. .U4 P"eon lor centuries. Fine-u es
inBckhe, ILidney, Blood.Bl.ddcr cd Rheum.tlc Trouble..