The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 12, 1906, Image 2

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trim rniy' t'ui'y
T. J. Khoden was In Ue city today
for some machine repairs. He reports
the farmers In Ms section very husy.
Will Adams departed fur Fremont
thu afternoon to accompany the re
remains of his brother-in-law home
for burial.
There Is a movement In progress
amocK the clerks In this city, toward
getting the proprietors to grant them
the evenings after half past six.
J. II. Miller and family who have
been enjoying a visit with the family
of J. H. Iligley returned this afternoon
to their home In Council Bluffs.
C. N. Sullivan and wife, who have
been enjoying a visit with relatives
and friends In this city, departed this
morning for their home In St. Joseph,
Miss Laura Ie Fellows of Helle
Fourche. S. !.. came in from F.lalr
thlsmornlnir for u visit with friends
In thlscltv. theiruestof Miss Helen
Fred Tlghc, who Is in the employ of
the Union l'acltlc In Lincoln, Is In the
.ito tn nikt. his irrandparciits, Mr.
and Mrs. Conrad Schlater, In ecle
bratlng their golden wedding.
11. (5. Huffner. representing the T.
It. Illce Mercantile Cigar company of
St. Louis, Is In the city, circulating
nmonif clear dealers. Mr. IlufTner Is
a nephew of 1 E. IlutTncr of this city.
Mrs. E. J. Etherldge of Cirecnwood
anil Miss Illlth JohllSOIl. who liaVC
been enjoying a visit In I'leasantvllle,
Ja., returned to l'lattsmouth this
morning, where the former will visit
with her sister, Mrs. S. E. McElwaln
Jos. lllgnell and W. Ottens, ciik'l
necrs, J. Flxton, conductor, and train
men (Jeo. Kessebrlntf. W. H. Hunt
and W. S. l'erry of the liurllngton be
tween l'acltlc Junction and Lincoln,
were railroad visitors in the city last
The live stock department at the
state fair this year Is assuming vast
proportions. It has been necessary
for the management to build three
more permanent swine barns, each
containing thirty-eight pens, which
increases the capacity so that about
1M0 head can now be exhibited, and have been reuuests for 2.0 ad
ditional pens filed with the supcrln
V. 15. Johnson, wife and daughter,
Manella, who have been enjoying a
visit with the family of Wm. Hastier,
departed this afternoon for their home
In Canton, 111.
Our old friend, John I. Ferguson,
while In the city today gave the Jour
nal a call, and renewed his allegance
to the Old Reliable for another year.
It Is always a pleasure to take our
friend by the hand.
John Schlater, of Louisville, was
down today to assist In celebrating his
brother's golden wedding.
James Slander and mother of Louis
ville, were here today to attend the
golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Con
rad Schlater.
Mr. and Mrs. (i. L. I'.crgcr, of near i
Elmwood, came In this morning to at
tend the golden wedding of their old
friends and former neighbors, Mr. and
Mrs. Conrad Schlater.
I 'row Tui'MlHy'N hKlly
J no. Lcuthcns of Wabash was In
town today on business.
Ernest Horn of Cedar Creek Is here
to attend the street carnival.
H.C.Long of Murray was In town
today to sl.e up the street carnival.
F. C. and Murray of Eight Mile
(irove were county seat visitors today.
Kay Frans came up from Union and
was taking In the street carnival last
J. C. (Jllmore and daughter, Miss
Violet, of Omaha but formerly a resi
dent of l'lattsmouth, Is In the city for
a visit with friends.
At the St. Mary's Catholic church
Frank liuiian and Mrs. Mary Mauer
were quietly united In marriage yes
terday by Iiev. Father Hanclk.
'A. W.Shrader returned from Furnas
county this morning. He reports a
most enjoyable visit among his chil
dren, and says that Mrs. Slirader will
continuo her visit for a couple of
The shcrill Is in receipt of a card
from Sheriff J. A. Jones of Nuckolls
county, Neb., oll'ering a reward of
.joo for the capture and conviction of
Henry Gunnison, William Woodhead
and Jos. Iicnjamin, who stole a team
and buggy on the night of June 21th.
was a
Krom HHturtlHy'i Jtally.
(ieorge II. Wood of Louisville was a
business visitor at the county seat to
Jnu T.ohnes and John Hunter of
Cedar Creek were business visitors at
the county scat today.
Never seek to Injure a man's busl
ncss simply because he may be a rival.
in t hp lnnir run It won't ray. Kather
build up on personal merit.
o. v.. Mptirer. one of the finest
young men In Cass county, was a coun
ty seat visitor yesterday. Christie says
the hank at Cedar Creek Is a sure
Our old friend, J. A. HcnninRs, one
of the prominent Cerman farmers of
Eight Mile drove precinct, was In the
city yesterday afternoon, and while
here called and renewed for the Jour
W. 11. l'.annlngand Postmaster Du
bois came up from Union in the lat
ter's touring car, stopping a short time
at Murray. Mr. Dubois can boast of
one of the finest automobiles In Eas
tern Nebraska. Hot h gentlemen were
callers on the Journal.
Mr. and Mrs. John Klausner of Gar
den Plains, Kansas, arrlved.thls even
ing to attend the golden wedding of
Mr. and Mrs. Schlater. Mrs. Klaus
ner and Mr. Schlater are first cousins
and were raised together from child
hood In the Old Fatherland. Germany
From Monday's l;illy .
N. W. Knell of South l'.end was
county seat visitor today.
Mrs. E. 15. Perry went to Haveloek
this afternoon to attend the funeral
of a relative.
J. W. Holmes, wife and son. Kalph.
of Myiurd were visiting In Platts
mouth Sunday.
dej. Mapes spent Sunday with his
ainlly. His wife accompanied him to
Omaha this morning.
Miss Florence J'assbender came In
from Wahoo 'this morning for a visit
with friends In this city.
Marvin Tyler, who has been enjoy
ing a visit with his parents, returned
to Lincoln this afternoon.
Don Despaln and wife of Lincoln
Kiient Sunday with relatives in this
city, returning home this morning.
Mrs. W. E. Wells and children, who
have been enjoying a visit with rela
tlves In South llend, returned home
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Ferguson and
two daughters, Misses Alice and Fern
tre here to attend the golden wedding
f Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Schlater
From WcdncMluy'n dully.
L. lloedeker of Louisville
county seat visitor today.
Misses Ida and Anna Melsinger
were visiting in the metropolis today.
Mrs. Claude Everett came up from
Union last evening to attend the
street carnival.
Mrs. Geo. Rand came in from Louis
ville this morning for a short visit
with friends here.
Conrad Schlater, Jr., departed this
aftcrnood for Chapelle, Neb., where
he will attend school.
August Llbershal of Marquette,
Mich., Is In town for a visit with his
brothers, parents and other relatives.
Mrs. J. d. Klchey and son, Living
ston, departed this morning for the
Mack Hills, where they will spent a
few weeks.
Fred Tlghe, who has been here to
participate In the golden wedding of
his grandparents, departed this morn
ing for Lincoln.
Eugene Tighc departed this morn
ing for North Platte, where he Is at
tached to the engineering department
of the Union Pacific.
Mrs. Wm. King of Grand Island, who
has been enjoying a visit with Mrs.
Kate Oliver, departed this morning
for Omaha, where she will visit with
Mrs. Cieorge Dodd and son, Master
Marlon, who have been enjoying a
vlslc with friends In Nebraska, depart
ed this morning for their home in
Kansas City, Mo.
County Clerk Kosencrans went to
Lincoln this afternoon to meet Grand
Chancellor Leyda and other state otll
clals of the K. of P. Mr. Eosencrans
Is one of the trustees.
i lay t iiosencrans, who nas been cm-
ployed at Elmwood since his father's
removal from that place, came in yes
terday evening, and will remain for
several weeks at home to rest up.
A. L. McDonald and George Ileltter,
of Eagle, came In this morning on the
Missouri Pacific. They called on the
Journal and when asked their mission
to the county seat, they replied. "To
sec Nellie."
Mrs. Will Nelhart of Elmwood, who
came over to attend the anniversary
of Conrad Schlater and wife, Is spend
Ing the week at the home of her
friends, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Parmcle
In this city. ,
Mrs. C. H. Smith, accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Teegarden, de
parted last evening forGalesburg, 111.,
where they will enjoy a visit with
Mrs. R. E. Shcehan. Mr. Teegarden
will go on to Ohio, where he will visit
with his father.
Mld-Summtr Clearance Sale now
on at Herold s.
Miss Julia McElroy was vUitlng in
the metropolis this afternoon.
W.A. Sp'ck was a business vUitor
In the metropolis this afternoon.
County Recorder II. A. Sjhncliier
made a business trip to Omaha on the
fast mail.
A full line of sickles and sections
for all standard mowers. John Rauer,
They were returning home from
Omaha, where tney nau been aomg
some shopping.
W. F. SchleWert and family drove
down from Louisville today to take in
the carnival sights.
Miss Laura De Fellows went to Mal
vern, Iowa, this morning for a few
days visit with friends.
Try the White Lily washer. If not
satisfactory you may return It. For
sale only at John llauer'g.
Mrs. Henry Inhelder and daughter
came In from Cedar Creek this morn
ing to take in the carnival.
Mrs. T. J. Rhoden and Miss Pauline
Oldham of Murray were callers at
Journal headquarters last evening.
Mrs. George Ilarthomew came In
from Watson, Mo., this morning for a
visit with her daughter, Mrs. James
Miss P.ertha York came In from Wat
son, Mo., this morning for a visit with
her brother, Don, and the family of
J. C. York.
Cheapest accident Insurance Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. Stops the
pain and heals the wound. All drug
gists sell It.
Mrs. F. F. Miles, who has been en
joying a visit with relatives here, re
turned toher home in Germantown
this afternoon.
Mrs. Frank Kovar and children came
In from Schuyler this morning for a
visit with the family of her sister
Mrs. James Sochor.
Mike Trltsch and family came down
from Louisville this morning to attend
the carnival and visit his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Trltsch.
This Is the day that all railroad
and shop employes like to see roll
round pay day. The pay car arrived
about noon to make the boys happy.
Jonathan Adams, the lumber king,
accompanied by his wife, daughters,
Misses Ethel and Janette, and son,
Joy, are in town to attend the street
Miss Lucina Million and Bessie
Brady, who have been enjoying a visit
with the family of J. C. York, de
parted this morning for their homes
In Watson, Mo.
Bilious? Feel heavy after dinner?
Tongue coated? Bitter taste? Com
plexion sallow? Liver needs waking
up. Doan's Regulets cure bilious at
tacks. 25 cents at any drug store.
Fred Mumm, who has been enjoying
a visit with his parents and friends in
this city, departed this afternoon for
North Platte, where he is engaged in
the bakery business.
Found by Street Commissioner,
John J. Janda, on North Sixth street,
a buggy lap-robe. The same can be
found at the Journal otlice. Must
prove property and pay for this notice.
Lost In l'lattsmouth, near Sixth
street, while enroute from John Schip
pacasse's candy store to the Sage liv
ery bary, a heavy gold hinge bracelet.
Finder please leave at the Journal
'Generally debilitated for years.
Had sick headaches, lacked ambition,
was worn-out and all run-down. Bur
dock Blood Bitters made me a well
woman." Mrs. Chan. Freltoy.Moosup,
A marriage license was Issued today
to Nathan S. Bethers, aged 'J and
Mrs. Rosa Klldow, aged 'js, both of
Pacitlc Junction. The above parties
were united in marriage by Judge
Archer at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Mrs. N. S. Piatt came over from
Glcnwood last evening on business, re
turning this morning. Mrs. Piatt
lived In l'lattsmouth for several years
and while here subscribed for the
Journal, w hich she said her and '-pad"
couldn't do without.
Otto Becker of Ulysses Is in town
today together with his family, who
are still located near Pacitlc Junction.
During a pleasant chat with Otto, he
expressed me intention o: moving io
Lincoln in the spring, to take posses
sion or ttie nenry neiser saioonncar
the depot.
County Clerk Rosencrans returned
this morning from Lincoln. While In
the capital, he secured a supply of
Havanas and passed them around at
the court house this morning. Among
those to get In on the treat were
Kelly Fox and Billle. Wheeler, who
failed to appreciate Rosey's generosity
for reasons best known to them.
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known as Piles originates internally.
The real cause of the trouble is Inside.
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Co.'idrug store.
r , ,j C
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George Peters of Avoca was a busi
ness visitor In the county seat today.
George Glllisple of Murdock is in
the city to attend the street carnival.
A. N. Sullivan was looking after le
gal business in the metropolis this
Robert Fitch and Glenn Rawls of
Murray were attending the street fair
last evening.
Miss Irene Hartwick departed last
night for Chicago, where she will visit
until October.
Carl Humphrey was In town today
In the Interests of Swift & Co. of
South Omaha.
Pearl Weldev came down from
Omaha yesterday evening to take In
the street fair.
In police court this morning, Ben
Bates and Will Sayles were fined $1
each for being drunk.
Arthur L. Anderson, representing
the Hong Kong Tea company, came
in from Omaha on business today.
Mrs. Chas. Hill came in from South
Rend this morninir for a visit in this
city, the guest of Miss Kate McIIugh
Hans Tarns, connected with the
Burlington gang of carpenters, now
engaged In building depots along the
different lines, Is here from ion Mor
gan to spend a few days with his fam
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"Gut neil," the favorite cigar
C. A. trawls, Lawyer. Pro
bate and general practice. Of
fice of Caunty Attorney.
Dr. Marshall, Dentist, Coats' Block.
The cleansing, antiseptic and heal
ing properties of I'inesalve make it
superior to all family salves. Sold by
Gering & Co.'s druti store.
Mrs. John Gerry Starks and Mrs. L.
F. Longhorst of Elmwood arrived last
evening for a few days' visit with
Mrs. W.E. Rosencrans and family.
Eat one of Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets
after each meal and you will not suffer
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Will Rummel called at the Journal
office this week, and deposited a big
silver dollar in payment for the Week
ly Journal, now being sent to his
brother-in-law, II. G. Hoffart, of Plain-
view, Neb. Many thanks, Will.
A hundred years ago the best physl
cian would irlve you a medicine for
your heart without stopping to con
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D. 0. DWYER, Attorncy-at-Low
Offce in building east of court
house, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Mid-Summer Clearance Sale now
on at Herold's.
Isaac Wiles made a business trip to
Omaba this morning.
Col. J. M. Jenkins of Murray was a
county seat visitor today.
A. E. Gass was transacting business
In the metropolis this morning.
Miss Mattie Alden went to Omaha
this afternoon for a visit with friends.
Two good houses for rent in South
Park. Enquire of A. Rouse or 'phone
5. B. Trutli, St. Paul, June 31, '08
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good health and long life came by tak
ing Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
35 cents. Gering & Co., druggists.
Library Closed For Repairs.
Beginning on July lltli, the public
library will be closed for ten days on
account of repairs. By order of the
library board and the judiciary com
mittee of the city council.
Differ is npar at hand when the
l(ldn-)H ure sick. Kidney-Kites will
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Missouri Pacific Time Table
No. 105 Omiiliu Express 5:34 am
No. Iu2 Nebraska Mull :42 pm
No. II"3 Local FrelKht 3:47 pm
No. 103 0:42 am
No. 108 11:59 pm
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