The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 24, 1906, Image 7

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u f f
' All the I .ate Styles
in Ready -to - Wear
.1 Clothing tor Men
Gents' Plain and
Fancy Dress Shirts.
Waterman Block
Clothing, Boots and Shoes
and Men's Furnishing Goods
!; and Boys.
Men s :i Boys' New and Up-to-Date Spring Clothing
Plattsmuuth. Neb.
TLcoal Ettvcrttecmcnts.
Notice of Final Settlement.
James A.I(5r.tnorr, Kiichi 1 Hcillctilieok.Miiry
E. Cox. Joseph liiliimrr. Jutin 1(. (liinmrv.
Nuiii'y Ann liilmore. trunk K. Muscle. Myrtle
A. Tritwii Htid Harry T. Muso!.-. h minor, you
Hiid eiirh of yoj are tiereliy notn.eil thai upon
the Uiirtl day of May. Wllvui (.ilinore. as
executor of tlie estate of Klnui (illinore. Ue-oeii-eil.
tilnl In tliecounty court of Cuss coun
ty. Nc tirusku. Iiin petition for tin:ii w ulenient
of salil estate, prayintf tliat lie w it ) the niiove
uaim-il heileiTeetl the sole lieirs at law of aiil
(ieceat'(l. and that tin- residiu- of ;iil etate
after payment of ln oueis and 'M of ad
tiiinUi ration be as!r"m-d t i hiin-lf and Nancy
Ann (lilniore.
If you fail t'i appear at tin' co-inty court
room in ( ass county. Nebraska, on tl.e Ulli
(lay of June. I."", at two o'clock p. 1,1.. mid
fullest said petition, the court i:.ay. upon
I In" lie'irinn Tint t he and s. nl,. ami
allow bis adiiiinisiralioii a '.'cunt and assign
the residue of said estate as prayed, and close
said estate, and discharge tl.e executor.
Witness my h'ind and the seal of said court
tills i,rd day of May. A R 1 -'.-..
1 1 i : iv I. Thavi.
( County Judtrc.
Notice to Creditors.
In Coun.y Court.
In tbe mutter of the estate of Levi Churchill,
Notice Is hen by plvvn that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administrator of
Mild estate, before me. county Judite of Cass
county, Nebraska, at the county court room
In FlattsiiKKltb. in said county, on the Kith
day of July. A. I. lWkl. and on the lilst day of
November, llwO. at 10 o'clock a. m., each day.
for the purpose of presenting their claims for
examination, adjustment and allowance.
Six months are allowed for the creditors of
faid deceased to present teeir claims, and one
year for the ad minist ralor to settle said estate,
from the 2nd day of May. liXKi.
Witness my hand and seal of said county
court at I'lattsmijutb. Nebraska, this !nri day
of May, lUtii. Hahvey l. Tiiavis.
IsealI County .ludjre.
Notice to Creditors.
Ktate or Nkiiiiaska. i
CassCoi'.nty. (
In County Court.
In t)ie matter of tho estate of August Ileitis,
Notice Is hereby plven that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administratrix of
said estate, before me. county .lutiirc of Cass
county. Nebraska, at the county court room
In I'htttsrmmth. in said comity, on the u"nd
day of Noveint er, A. I. l: in. at in o'clock a.
in., for the purpose of presenting their claims
or examination, adjustment and allowance.
fix months are allowed for the creditors of
sai(l deceased to present, their claims, and
seven months tosetne said estate from the
SJnd day of May. IWV..
Witness my hand and seal of said county
court, at I'lattsmo-.ith. Nebraska, this :11st
day of May, 1. Haiivuy 1. Tiiavis.
IsealI County .ludce.
Probate Notice.
In the county cjurt of Cass County. Nebraska;
In the matter of the estate of Cyrus Creamer,
All persons Interested In said estate are
hereby notified that a petition has been filed
Iri said court alleirini: that said deceased died
Intestate, and prayinc for administration
upon said estate; and that a hearing will he
had on said petition on the 14th day of June.
A. P. lKW. at 11 o'clock a. m.. and that If
they fail to appear In said court on said day
to contest said pet ition, tbe court may grant
lettersof administration to Henry Creamer
or some other suitable person and proceed to
a settlement of said estate.
Witness my band and the seal of this court
this arrt day of May. llti.
I'.Aiivrv I). Tiiavis.
seal County Judge.
Legcl Notice.
In ti e Muttf r of the Estate I
Jacob S. Strickland, deceased. I
George C. Strickland. Mary E. Williams. Hel
H. Munifer and all persons interested In the
estate of Jacob S. Strickland, deceased, will
take notice that on the 10t li day of .May. A.
!.. HKHi. Joseph A. O. Strickland as adminis
trator of the estate of Jacobs. Strickland, de
ceased, filed his final account of his adminis
tration and petition. asKlng for the adjust
ment and allowance of said account, the final
settlement of said estate, and the assignment
of the residue of said estate to such persons
as are by law entitled thereto.
You. and each of vou. are further notllied
tbat by order of this conn duly entered, a
bearing will be had on said petition and final
account on theMh day f June. A. !.. I'.W. at
tbe hour of in o'clock a. in.. In the county
court room of the court house In I'lattsmoutli.
Cass county. Nebraska, and at said time and
place said account will be adjusted and allow
ed, and the prayer of said petition granted,
and the residue of said est ate assigned to such
persons as are by law entitled thereto. If no
objection to the same be made before said
date. iiAiivi-T i. inis.
seai.1 County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
TTc5i?A'h I" Count, Court.
In the matter of the estate of James J. Mc
Nurlln. deceased. Notice is hereby given that
the creditors of said deceased will meet John
McNurlln, tbe administrator of said estate,
liefore me. county Judge of Cass county. Ne
braska, at the county court room In I'IkIIh
mouth, in said county, on tbe 31st day of May.
1(106. and on the 1st day of December. IKK. at
10 o'clock a. m. each day. for the purpose of
presenting their claims for examination
adiustmentand allowanee.
Hlx moDlhft art allowed for the creditor of
said deceased to present thelrclalins, and one
year for the administrator to settle said es
tate, from theiTth day of April. llKKi.
Witness my and the sial of said county
court, at Hattsmouth, Nebraska, this 27th
day of April, ll idi.
Hahvey H. Travis,
heal County Judge.
Attachment Notice.
I'rrd Matlimd will take notice that on the
Huh day of April. 111.. M. Archer, a justi if
the peace of I'latlsmout licit y Cuss county. Ne
braska. Issued an order of attachment for the
sum ofi.Sft. In an action pending liefore lilm.
wherein Clans Speck is plaintiff and I red
Midland. Is defendant, that property of the
defendant, consist lng of money In t lie garnish
ees' hands has been attached under said or-
''Vuld cause was c ni.ltH'.ri! to May Hist, !.
HIV o'clock il. , ,
Ci.Al'S Si'ECK. Plaintiff.
Notice of Administration.
In County Court of Cass County. Nebraska
In the matter of the estate of Levi 0. Todd,
All persons Interested In said estate are
hereby notified that a petition has la-en f ed
In said court alleging that said deceased died
leaving no last will and praying for admlnls
tratlon upon his estate, and that a hearing
will lie had upon said petition on the I'th day
of June A. I. at the county courtroom,
at IMattsmouth. Nebraska, at llio clock a. in.,
and that if they fall to ap.icar at sa Id cour
on said Mil day of June. A 1 . I at lu
o'clock a m.. to contest said petition, the
court muv grant the same and grant adminis
tration of -.Id estate to II. (i. Todd. ..r some
other suitable person, and proceed to a settle
ment thereof. lUnvrv It. I hams,
"A1 1 County Judge.
"Gut Hell," the favorite cigar
(From the Keglster.) j
A few of John MurdcK'k's friends
"just happened around" Sunday and
took dinner with him, It beiiitf his ::ist
birthday. Hope you will see '! more
Mrs. West was hostess to all lier re
latives Sunday at dinner. The tables
were set In the shade of the trees, and
loaded with all of the noud things the
market affords. A happy day wr.s
Mrs. 1.. V.. St die and son. Miltvii, '
arrived last ueelv Ironi Michigan,
where they haw been si nee last sum
mer. She will pack their noods an l
ship them to Oklahoma where they
will make their future home.
We are told that the leriVc of stone
uncovered at Nick Opp's farm is over
St) feet in thickness. This will Insure
the opeDintf of another quarry here
w hich will add to the business of the
town quite materially.
P. ('. West and Morris l'ullard
started Tuesday, to view the Alberta,
Canada, country. A good many of our
people are becoming Interested In that
country and many of them will prob
ably go and see It this summer.
We are sorry to be forced to state
that Xehawka w ill have no ball team
this year. This decision was arrived
at after careful consideration by those
who are interested, and it was found
that nearly all of the players were far
mers or were working on a farm and
could not spare the time. This forces
Nehawka to withdraw from the Cass
County League, and it is too bad, too,
as we believe the buys stood as jrood a
show as any of the teams for carrying
oh" the pennant. Elm wood or I'latts
moutli will probably take Nehavvka's
place in the leauue.
A Mountain of Gold.
Could not brini; as much happiness
to Mrs. Lucia Wilke of Caroline, Wis.,
as did one 2ic box of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, when it completely cured a run
ning sore on her leg, which had tortur
ed her twenty-three lonir years. Great
est antiseptic healer of Tiles, wounds
and sores. 2oc at F. G. Fricke & Co's
drug store.
Weeping Water
From the Herald.
A large proportion of the farmers
have finished planting corn, and some
report it coming up nicely.
Dr. Stein of Lincoln, preaches the
Baccalaureate for the High school
class at the Congregational church.
Sunday evening.
G. W. Woodruff has sold his south
side residence property to O. K.
Cromwell, and the latter gets posses
sion sometime this fall.
Pr. Butler reports the birth of a son
on May is, to Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Allen; also a son to Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Coon on May 22.
Colonel Wro. llayward delivers the
address to the old soldiers at the
Congregational church on next Wed
nesday, May :;o.
C. W. I'ercival of Omaha, arrived
here Monday morning and has opened
a dental olllce in the front rooms at
tbe armory. Mr. I'ercival comes to us
highly recommended and we extend to
blm a warm welcome.
Miss Addie Rockwell Is the proud
owner of a new piano. She took part
in a word contest conducted by Hospe
and secured the second prize of ISO,
and this made a good start toward the
new instrument.
Jesse Domingo was taken to Pr.
Shoemaker's hospital at Lincoln, Mon
day evening, where he will be given
electrical treatment. It is to be hoped
that this treatment will prove bene
ficial to him and that he may return
entirely recovered.
Postmaster Robbed.
G. W. Fonts', postmaster at Illver
ton, la., nearly lest his' life and was
robbed of all comfort, according to his
letter, which says: "For 20 years I had
chronic liver complaint, which led to
such a severe case of Jaundice that
even my finger nails turned yellow:
when my doctor prescribed Electric
Bitters; which cured me and have
kept me well for eleven years." Sure
cure for biliousness, neurralgla, weak
ness and all stomach, liver, kidney and
bladder derangements. A wonderful
tonic. At F. G. Fricke & Co.'s drug
store. oO cents.
Attachment Notice.
I!. 11. (irabiim will lake notice that on the
1Mb day of April. M. Archer, a. lust Ice of
the peace of Plattsmont h city, Cass county.
Nebraska, issued an order of attachment for
tin- sum of f .'. T.", In an action pending la-fore
him wherein Clans Speck Is plaintiff and K.
II. (.raham Is defendant, that property of the
defendant consisting of money In the hands
the tiarnlsliee has la-en attached under mild
.Kald cause us continued to May 11-t, IW,
at V o'clock a. tn. Cl.At S M-kck. laluti!T.
(llyti. A.UIs.)
I'lKim t K AUK K I S
Corrected weekly by Martin & Too!,
who pay tl.e highest prices for pruduoe
and guarantee satisfaction:
llntter 12 I
Kggs 11
Ileus IJC
( ream No. I, 17c: No. 2. 14c
Hoc, .;:
Cat: le t2.;.'i and :l..'si
.I!AIN MAIlki:is.
Corn :;S'and ('.-
Wheat '-
Oat, 2''C
Buck 1-1. ash Timi: Taiu.i:.
Murdock Station.
W1T r-'il'NI).
No. 41, mail K:l-" a. m,
No. 7."), local :" a. ni.
No. .. mail 2:4ii p. in.
No. :7, mail ii:4" P- m-
KAST llOl'Nlt
No. !t0, freight 12::'.oa. m.
No. mail 10:.V a. m.
No. lit, Local 1:H p. ni.
No. ft, mall -:! p. m.
Miss Florence Mcl'onald left for her
hoEe at Murray Monday.
Mrs. Burkholder left for Lincoln
Mr. and Mrs. F. Wolf returned from
Omaha Tuesday evening.
Mr. Harry Hawkins of South Au
burn visited relatives in Murdock the
fare part of last week.
Mrs. Albert Hunt Is reported on the
sick list.
A. B Lake's are entertaining rela
tives from Lyons, Neb.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W.o. Sclicwe
Wednesday, May in, a boy.
I. (i. Hombeck was a court visstor
at IMattsmouth on Thursday of last
Mr. F. Wolf was on the sick list last
week, but Pr. Merkel has the old gen
tleman out again.
II. II. Neitzel was a county court
visitor last Thursday.
Mr. Lutz, of I'apillion Is visiting his
son-in-law, Mr. Geo. Gramlich this
J. P.. Funk was in Omaha last Thurs
day. Mrs. L. Neitzel is entertaining her
father and mother from Chicago this
Leslie Bush was In town Tuesday
shaking hands with old friends.
Mrs. E. T. Todd returned Tuesday
from a week's visit In Iowa.
Misses Lyda and Etta Sorick pulled
in Tuesday from their Iowa visit.
The Omaha trade excursion was an
attraction Wednesday morning. A
large crowd was here to greet them
and souvenirs were scattered freely.
All enjoyed themselves the few min
utes they were here.
Geo. Leis received a tine photo of
the engine crew of the IT. S. S. Charles
ton this week. The picture was sent
to him by his twin brother, Henry,
who is one of the crew, and it is prized
very highly.
H. A. Tool was a business visitor at
Omaha Monday.
Henry Gakemcier, Henry Borneman
Herman Gakemeier, Carl Rohrdany.
GusThlmgan took a trip to Soutli Da
kota Monday to view the country.
Rev. John Baamgartner arrived
from Chicago Tuesday morning to take
part in the dedication services to be
held next Sunday.
We were unable to learn tbe date
but a boy was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Luetchens about a week ago-
Mlss Maud Corsage came up from
South Auburn Friday evening and
will fill the position of night central
In the future, entering upon her du
ties Monday evening.
Vivian Westlake severely cut her
finger last week. Pr. Merkel dressed
the wound and the young lady is none
the worse for her mishap.
Another excursion will be run on
the Bock Island from Falrbury to
Omaha, Sunday, May 27th, and will
be due to leave Murdock at !:4"; will
be in Omaha at 11. Leaves Omaha at
" in the evening. They claim to ac
commodate all passengers on the
special which will be better than they
did before.
Bev. John Eaumgartncr, Jr., of Chi
cago, arrived Tuesday morning and
will take part in tbe services at the
German Lutheran church two miles
north of town, which will occur next
Sunday morning.
Henry and Herman Gokcmeler, Carl
Uohrdonz and Henry Borncmeier left
for South Pakota Monday with a view
of buying some land If everything was
The Alvo second base ball team
came over Saturday and crossed bats
with our second team and our hots
took another fall out of them to the
tune of 17 to s. Ehnwuod is sohedult d
for a game with our hoys on the home
ground for the coming Saturday and
we hope they won't fool us this time.
The Former Wilton Bound Over.
A special from Beatrice under date
of yesterday says: "V. B. Kills, alias
W. B. Wilsnn, alias W. I'.. Kll.cit,
wanted in Omaha, Ivnvcr, St. Louis
and other points, at Ills preliminary
hearing today in the county court mi
the chaive of foivery, was held to i he
district court in bonds of fl,otio. He
failed to furnish hail and was remand
ed to the county jail. Ellis claims to
be a resident of Garnett, Kan. He ap
pears to have operated successfully for
the last year In the principal cltiis
throughout the west." We take the
following from the Beatrice PailySun:
"Chief Burke, who recently sent a
photograph of AV. B. Ellis, the alleged
forger, to Omaha, yesterday received
a telephone message from a detective
at that place stating that Ellis Is
wanted there for passing a number of
forged checks on Omaha merchants
amounting In all to about fl'J.'i. The
otllcer said that If the authorities here
failed to make a case against him he
would come to Beatrice after Ellis.
If signs do not fail the alleged forger
will not visit Omaha until after he
serves a term in the penitentiary."
More Orange Blossoms.
Invitations are out announcing the
marriage of Miss Lulu Catherine
Laughlin, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs.
B. F. Laughlin, to Mr. Joseph E.
Gavin, which will occur at the home
of the bride's parents in Greenwood,
at high noon on Wednesday, June: ti,
llHiti. The bride-elect Is one of the
most charming and accomplished
young ladies in Cass county, and the
Journal can congrat ulate the groom,
who is a stranger to us, upon securing
the consent to lead such a lovely little
lady to the hymenlal altar. The Jour
nal has been acquainted with Miss
Laughlin for some time and we know
what we are talking about when we
say that In the capture of her for a
wife, Mr. Gavin secures a most valu
able prize. In advance the Journal
wishes the young couple much happi
ness and prosperity and hopes their
pathway through life may be constant
ly be strewn with the choicest of Mow
is the man who
owns a
book. No matter
about life'sstrug
gles so long as he
pickets his camp
with dollars saved
No midnight at
tack nor morning
assault has terror
for him. He just
marches to vic
tory under the
banner "dollars
saved" and the
enemy retreats.
It's noble to die
for one's country.
But it Is more
comfortable to
live if you own a
bank book. Get
one today from
The First
National Bank
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f Come and See the Old Furniture Man!
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The ;ijKT ir Imsy o;V.
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tliem anil in-'-juvt ur ,-t c!c.
Sole Agents for Ka-tman's IMiotorapIiit (iooiK.
Game Called at End of Sixth Inning and
Locals Get Decision From Soldiers.
Score, Red Sox4; Ft. Crook 0.
The basi ball team of c mipany M's
sluggers arrived from Ft. Crook yester
day morning, and despite the threat
ening rain crossed bats with the lied
Soxs at the ball park at :J::iO yesterday
afternoon. As wasantlcipated, it was
the best that enthusiasts of the game
have had the opportunity to witness
on the home grounds. The only two
errors of the game were made by the
visitors, who succeeded In getting
three hits oil of Graves. P.oth ot the
twirlers, Graves for the lied Sox an I
Monday for the soldiers, did excellent
work, seven men being struck out by
each of them. The home team proved
to be more effective at the stock work
Micin, Fitzgerald, llutlerand Heath
erlngton bringing in the four runs out
of the six hits made during the game.
Jn the field work Ilcalherlngton did
some fast work as shortstop. When
the visitors took t heir bats at the be
ginning of tbe seventh Inning a heavy
down pour of rain commenced, and it
was found necessary to call the game
off. Tne soldiers who had succeeded
in getting a man across the plate were
desirous of continuing the game, but
torrents of rain prevented any further
playing and the lied Soxs were given
the decision for the six Innings played.
lied Sox 0 0 1 0 0 .1 1
Ft. Crook (10 0 0 0 00
As the boys demonstrated yesterday
what they can do with the proper en
Meed Furniture
couragement, tin- .iiiinial liclii'ves
that all thOM- who ui to witness a
good game of kin should now aid tint
lied Soxs lu procuring suits. ' Would
It not he the proper caper for sonic of
our mi'rcl:ari!s to give a suit each to
the hoys. Then let a subscription
paper be st.aited to si cure means wit h
which to tlx up th" park in proper
shape. (Jive the l.oys some help and
rinttsmoiilh will s ion ImhisI. of one of
the hist amateur in;i chilis in tho
state. We have tl.e material and all
that Is lacking.' Is t he ppopei encourage
ment .
Pcaler In
Edison Phonographs
the most wonderful musical
instrument of the times.
Write for catalog and price.
We carry a large and com
plete stock of KdNonand Vic
tor records. Hear them free.