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Throat Coughs
A t!ckl:r-!r ::i the throat;
hcurse::t'- ar times: adcep
breath i inures it; these
are features of a throat
cough. They're verv de
ceptive and a cough mix
ture won't cure them.
You want something that
will heal the inrlamed
membranes, enrich the
blood ard tone up the
system , .. , ,
Scott's Emulsion
is just such a remedy.
It has wonderful healing
and nourishing power.
Removes the cause of
the cough and the whole
system is given new
strength and vigor ,
StnJ fir fie ump.'l
SCOTT &? BOIl'NE, cbmuu
409-415 Purl Strut, New Yuri
Jjc. and fr.oo. A'.l Jruggii:i
Spring's Here.
Gentle spring!
It is called gentle because it is nut
You might as well call a broncho
Gentle! Or an auto.
When a man says "spring Is come!"
Make htm "show you!"
You go out in the morning smiling
And your shoes shined.
But when you reach home
You look as though you had been
Digging the Panama canal!
You are lured on! You notice
The soft, sweet smile of
Gentle spring
And take oil
Your winter ilanneis!
And, then, you meet
The blizzard, and the
Pneumonia irerm, and they
"Show you!"
Devil's Island Torture
is no worse than the terrible case of
Piles that atllictcd me 10 years. Then
1 was advised to apply Uucklen's
Arnica Salve, and less than a box per
manently cured me, writes L. S. Na
pier, of Jtugles, Ky. Heals all wounds.
JJurns and Sores like magic, :13c at
F. G. Fricke & Co.'s, druggist.
T5fe Reliable Store
on the purchase of a standard piano than any other house in
this part of the country.
We carry the most complete line of all Kinds of Musical
Instruments in Omaha.
We are offering New Upright Pianos in Double Veenercd
Cases in Fancy Mahogany, Burl, Walnut, Golden Oak,
Guaranteed for Ten years at:
Our stock consists of such Well Known makes as Chick
ering Bros., Estey, Fischer, Sohmer, Wegman, Franklin,
Melville Clark, Schaeffer, Jocob Doll, Price & Tceple, Stod
dard and twenty-one other makes
to select from.
A complete line of
Everything in
Sheet Music.
Write for Prices
and Catalogues.
Tolie HaydenBros;0'
Great Earthquakes of the World.
Lives Lot.
LWon. Portugal., Xove:nlcr 1, 1755 5,ooo
Lima, Peru, December IS-.' 70,ixo
Lisbon, Portugal, February , 1S51 30,000
Mino Owari, Japan, October JS, IS')1 S.oi.o
Lima. Peru, March is." !7,m..o
Castellamare, Italy, April 19, l"s5n
Lin, Austria, March "), 1(m4
Colombo, Island of Ceylon. March lS'H
Samaraug;, Java, July 1S79 100,000
Casanacciola, Italy, July S," lSS.'i . . . . J.Oot)
The Riviera. Italy. February 23 and 24, 1SS7- 1 ,K0
Naples, December 16, 1S57 10,000
Chundernagore, India, June 12, 1897 35.000
Charleston, S. C, August 31, 1886 183
Calabria, Italy, November 1905; 40 villages destroyed . . 16,000
Querentanaro, Honduras, September 1905 1,500
Guatemala, April 18, 1902; 6 towns destroyed 900
Misucatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico, April 12; 1901 50
Guayaquil, Kcuador, January 18,1901 150
Hakone, Japan, January 12, 1901 300
Foggia, Italy, June 16, 1900 124
Isle of Chios, Aegean sea, 1195 Kntire population obliterated
Formosa, April 3. 1906
Mary and Her Mule.
Mary, a nice little girl, lived so far
from the sehoolhouse that she rode a
little blue-eyed, confiding mule to the!
hall of 'earning. The teacher thought
it unwise to allow the animal to ara.e
about unhitched, so lie attempted to
club it away. The rest of the story is
told in these expressive lines:
Mary had a little mule.
It followed her to school:
That was against the rule.
The teacher, like a fool,
Got behind the mule,
And hit him with a rule.
After that there was no school.
The Original.
Foley & Co., Chicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and popularity of Foley's Honey
and Tar many imitations arc offered
for thegenuine. These worthless imi
tations have similar sounding names.
Hewareof them. Thegenuine Foley's
Honey and Tar is in a yellow package.
Ask for it and refuse any substitute.
It is the best remedy for coughs and
colds. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Dr. EJster, Dentist,
Waterman Block
Pianos Sold
on Easy
Plan if
We Merely Repeat the
I General opinion of those
Who Know, when we say
we can save you more money
Four towns destroyed
A Former Citizen of Cass County Tells of
Scenes of Over Fifty Years Since.
Xauka, Kan, April ID, Iimni.
Eiutou J 01 'UN a 1.: 1 see tliitt Jmle
I!. S. Ilanisey has contributed an In
terostintr article for the Journal ing
an incident that happened forty years
atfo In old Cass. I will no hack fifty
years and then some.
My rather left Magnolia, Iowa, on
the "th day of July, 1S.'3, with covered
wagons, landing in Council lilulTs, the
latter part of the month. After re
maining there a month we went over
to Omaha. The walls of the old cap
ital were about five feet hlh. Here
we were offered a brick house and two
lots for ."i0, but not beintf favorably
Impressed with the surroundings we
emigrated further south.
We crossed the Missouri liver at
Kenosha on the Mil of August, and
rented a house from John Mel'. Hay
good, the big man of the town; then
bought the Hock Kind's town site from
Spiers - France. In the following
month of September there was an In
dian scare 011 Salt Creek. Citizens of
Nebraska City sent a runner up to our
part, while others went from that
place. A company was formed and
father was the first captain. The
government guns were on a boat that
landed at Hock Uluffs the evening be
fore, so they sent me to Omaha after
more guns. I had to cross the river at
Plattsmouth and re-cross at St. Marys
on account of the Platte river. I
made the ferryman agree to take me
back at daylight the next morning.
I gave the letter I carried with me
to General Thayer. I did not go to
bed at all and the general sat up with
me until 2 o'clock in the morning,
then I started back to the ferry. As
soon as I arrived at home I Immedi
ately started to join the company and
got out to Cedar Creek about sundown
the same day, making the trip to
Omaha and return and then out to
Cedar Creek in twenty-four hours,
without a wink of sleep. Here I met
J. Ashley and Mr. Haygood and re
turned with them, Mr. Ashley In the
lead, but got us lost. I took the lead
then from Drown 's place to the old
Joe Martin place and arrived at home
In safety.
The next occurrence of Importance
was the territorial convention on Icock
Creek, where the old telegrapli line
crossed the creek. The Omaha resi
dents came down and the Nebraska
City folks came up. The politics of
the state was divided by two sections
North Platte and South Tlatte or
Omaha against Nebraska City. We
also held our county convention at the
same time. That was the first time 1
met J. Sterling Morton. He made an
excellent speech that day.
At the election which followed, Rev.
Mr. Gage, of Mt. Pleasant, and Mr.
Layard were elected representatives.
Mr. Gage had the honor of naming
Gage county Layard got nothing.
Mr. Haygood tried hard to get the
penitentiary located at Kenosha, but
failed. Mr. Lucas, of Winterstcen
Hill, and Wm. Ellington tried twice
for sheriff, and the third time Elling
ton received a majority and was de
clared elected.
L. W. Pattkksox.
P. S. If the above fails to find the
waste basket I w ill tell you something
about our survey. L. W. P.
Will Occupy the Whole Building
iwing to different arrangements be
Ing made with Adolph Clese, the new
proprietor that takes charge of the
Schlitz saloon the lirst of May, l M.
McKlroy will he compelled to make a
change in Ills tailoring establishment.
Mr. (iiesc has a family and the second
story of the building will be remodeled
and placed into living appartmcnts
for his accommodation. Mr. McElroy
has rented the LehnhotT building ad
joining the Schlitz room on the east,
ami will remove his tailoring parlors
thereto about the first of May, occu
pying the ground floor. He will cer
tainly have a much better room.
Many Wu Displays, and As a Whole. Was
Declared a B j Success.
E. G. D:ieylSoa Awarded First and Mrs.
Holland and John Crabill Second Prizes.
The Merchants' Carnival given un
der the auspices of the Euterpean Glee
Club Friday night was a great success,
the balcony and Moor being crowded to
the full capacity. Many beautiful and
artistic displays were made by various
merchants of the city and the prize
for the must tastely arranged booth
was a aided with difficulty, as all the
booths were very handsome.
A committee of three men were se
lected from the transients at the Klley
Hotel, in order that an impartial deci
sion might he rendered. After an ex
tended inspection of the different dis
plays, the committee awarded E. !.
Hovcy Son first prize and Mrs, How
land ami John Crahill second prize.
The program was carried out as pub
lished in the papers, and was highly
appreciated by the large audience, who
vigorously encored the Platt.sonlan
iiiartet, which favored them with
three well rendered selections.
At the close of the musical program
II. 11. Windham by few well timed re
marks informed the irathering that,
for' those who could not read, a sign
was placedover the dining room doors,
and that they would be amply repaid
with delicious refreshments, should
they venture within the feast hall.
All of the displays were very unique
and much Interest was manifested in
ranger's exhibit, which contained his
first slock and present stock of goods.
The demonstrations of the gas stoves
by Perry t'tterback and Mr. K nicely,
of the Nebraska Lighting Company,
were witnessed with pleasure by many
of the men as well as women. The
carnhal biike up at a late hour, ami
every one seemed to have had the best
time, and enjoyed the evening.
Organizing Clubs.
Some of the large department stores
in the large cities sent cut oilers to
form clubs and promise to sell goods
cheaper than they can he purchased of
the home merchant. Clubs were or
ganized in some towns and after they
had purchased several bills of goods
the members found they were not get
ting goods as cheap as they could pur
chase them at home, so the organiza
tion went to pieces and the members
went back again to purchasing from
home merchants. If people would
form a club at home, bunch their casli
and purchase as large hills from the
home merchants as they send away
for they would be leaving their money
with home merchants, aiding them in
paying their share of the tax burden
and building up the town. However,
people cannot expect to purchase goods
as cheap from the home merchant on
credit and have him wait for a year or
perhaps longer for his money, as
they Jean for cash. Pay cash and
you can always buy here as cheap, if
not cheaper than you can by sending
away from home. Try it and be con
vinced. Ir) the Supreme Court.
In the matter of Cole vs, Manners,
In the supreme court, the decision of
the lower court was affirmed. Follow
ing is a syllabus of the case:
1. An Injury which can not be
measured by any pecuniary standard,
or which, because of Its nature of the
financial condition of the wrongdoer,
can not be adequately compensated In
damages, Is irreparable within the
meaning of the law, and one for which,
ordinarily, there Is no adequate rem
edy at law.
2. The general rule, that a valid de
fense as'to one of two joint obligors
innuresto the benefit of both Is sub
ject to the exception, that when such
defense Is infancy, the Infant may be
discharged and a recovery had as to
his co-obligor; and this exception, ap
plies although the obligee knew of the
Infancy when he took the obligation.
:i. Ordinarily, a lease may be avoid
ed by a tenant on the ground of the
Infancy, but while In possession there
under, the plea of infancy Is not avail
able In a suit brought to restrain him
from making use of his possession to
Inlllct Irreparable Injuries upon his
4. Plcadingsand evidence examined
and held sufficient to sustain the de
cree Cured Hemorrhages of the Lungs.
"Several years since my lungs were
so badly alfectcd that I had many
hemorrhages," writes A. M. Ake, of
Wood, Ind. "I took treatment with
several physicians without any bene
fit. I then started to take Foley's
Honey and Tar, and my lungs arc now
as sound as a bullet. I recommend It
In advanced stages of lung trouble
Foley's Honey and Tar stops the cough
and heals the lungs, and prevents scr
lous results from a cold. Refuse sub
stltutes. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Impure M00J always slums
somewhere. If the skin, then
boils, pimples, rashes. If the
nerves, then neuralgia, nerv
ousness, depression. If the
stomach, ihen dyspepsia,
biliousness, loss of appetite.
Your doctor knows the
remedy, used for t0 years.
' ltihirnlntf from the l'.al., war, I wet a
rrf't wri-k. Mr lt., rh l,a,l. en, I
iltll gnu, lint a tow lmltlit of Afar
HrprllU 4Mi,,plHl, ruie.l tup "
II. C. iHmiil.aii, St'rtiiton, I'.
$ 0 Iwitile, .1 r. atiii i ..
mmmmIImm for '
Impure Blood
Aid the SaraapnrlllA bv kotuilnu that
bawols regular with Ayor'a Pills.
Second Naturalization Papers
There isa hill now pending In the
congress of the I'nited States, which
among other tilings, provides that any
person w Ishing to take out his second
papers, must deposit with the clerk a
sufficient sum of money to cover the
expenses of suhpoening w itness, pay a
fee of " to the clerk when he tiles the
same, and when lie receives said pa
pers must pay another fee of ." to lie
sent 1))' the clerk to the liureau of I Mi
ni irat ion and Naturalization, making
a total cost of from fin to $1.1 in all.
This hill, If it becomes a law, will take
effect '.todays after Its passage. The
district court of this county will lie In
session Tuesday and Wednesday of
next week, and any one wishing to
take out second papers at that time
may do so and by so dolngsave expense
and time.
A Lucky Postmistress
Is Mrs. Alexander, of Cary, Me., who
has found lr. King's New Life Pills
to lie the best remedy she ever tried
for keeping the Stomach, Liver and
liowcls in perfect order. You'll agree
with her if you try these painless pur
lliers that Infuse new life. Guaranteed
by V. G. Fricke Co., (linguist. Price
L'" cents.
Weeping Water Lady Injured.
A special from Weeping Water, un
der date of April 20, says: "Mrs. Josiah
Timbliu met with a bad accident to
day about 11 o'clock. She went Into
the stable to iulet a pony that had he
conic somewhat fractious and the pony
crowded against her, knocking her
down and stepping on her breast. She
was unconscious for some time, but is
resting easily and no serious internal
Injuries seem to have resulted."
All smart up-to-date women of today,
Know know to bake, wash, sing and to
Without these talents a wife Is N. G.
Unless she takes Rocky Mountain Tea.
Sold by tiering ct Co.
The Estray Law.
In order to collect legally for the
estray animals, t lie follow ing law must
lie observed. It has heretofore been
custemary to simply publish a notice
advertising the property. The law re
lating to the manner In which pro-
ceehings shall be instituted in such
cases Is found In chapter 27, section 2,
of the complied statues, which says:
It shall be the duty of any person
taking an estray animal or animals to
send a description of the same to a
justice of the peace In a precinct
where the said estray was taken up,
within forty-eight hours thercaafter,
and said Justice of the peace shall
record the same In a book kept by him
for that purpose, for which he shall
receive the sum of twenty-five cents.
If said est ray shall not be claimed by
the owner thereof within ten days
thereafter, a description of the same
shall be sent to the county clerk by
the party taking up said estray who
shall Immediately record the same in
a book kept by hi in for that purpose,
for which he shall receive the sum of
twenty-five cents. The person taking
up the estray shall within twenty
dayf thereafter procure the publication
of the description of such animals In
any newspaper published within the
If you ever bought a box of Witch
Hazel Salve that failed to give satis
faction the chances arc it did not have
the name 'E.C.HeWItt & Co." printed
on the w rapper and pressed in the box,
The original He Witt's Witch Hazel
Salve never falls to give satisfaction
for bums, sores, bolls, tetter, cracked
hands, etc. For blind, bleeding, Itch
ing and protruding Piles it affords
almost Immediate relief. It stops the
pain. Sold by F. G. Fricke Co.,
Gerlng & Co.
For Infant, and Children.
The Kind You Hava Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
iMn't allow .money to lie around. It
is easier to spend It and easier
to lose It,
-f.Vs- 1 lUsri'-M
by keeping It In a safe place such u
The Banl of Cass County
Capital Stock :0,XH), Surplus 115,000
orru 111:
Clms. C. I'linni'lis i'r.-., ,lm TrlU'tl, V-P.
T. M. I'ull.Twin. Ciwh.
You can give a check for any part of
It at )ny lime and so have a receipt
for pr-yinent without asking for one.
V. lien you have a lank account you
w ill be anxious to add to It rather than
spend from It. Don't you want to
know more about It.
The Richest Man In the World.
The richest man In the world can
not have his kidneys relaced or live
without them, so it Is Important not
to neglect these organs. If Foley's
Kidney Cure Is taken at tlie Hist sign
of dangor, the symptoms will disap
pear and your health will he restored,
as It strengthens and builds up these
organs as nothing else will. Oscar
llowinan, Lebanon, Ky., writes: "I
have used Foley's Kidney Cure and
take great pleasure In stating It cured
me permanently of kidney disease,
which certainly would have cost me
my li'e." Sold by P. G. Fricke Co.
Train Has Accident at Ashland.
A special train consisting of ten or
twelve cars of provisions for the relief
of the San Francisco people, passed
through this city about 2:."!0 Saturday
morning ami while running at a high
rate of speed through the Ashland
yards, three cars jumped from the
track causing considerable damage,
which delayed the train due here at
;t:l'.t a. in. over an hour. 1 1 is reported
that the special covered the eighteen
miles between here and Louisville, in
lift ecu minutes, and It Is to be regret-
ed that an accident should delay It, In
its worthy cause.
iO .n
' j. nsauoiM, coi .ttipcl on. cm I britli.
-.n-.til Jeoillly, sour ruirgv ai ) nUrrh
of thi Momaoh aro all due U Indigestion,
f'.jjil curu indigestion. This tww discov
ery represents the natural Juices of dlget
t! on ai they exist In a healthy stomach,
(.ambun i with the greatest known tonic
and re;3n3lru:tive properties. Ku iol Dy
Curs does not only cure Ingestion
and dysp-ptia, but this famous remedjr
cures a'l strnash trouble by cleansing,
purKyinj, sweetening and strengthening
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
Mr. S S Ball. rf Rjveniw-vvl. W. V . tin
'' I was troubled with tour st mach hr twenty yura.
K 1 ! cured ina and we are njw uilnf It In ml
lor Diiy."
Kodol Digests What You Eat.
Battles only. J I 00 Sl:e h i: line 2S times thi trial
lie. which slls fir 50 cents.
Prepared by E. 0. OeWITT ft 00., 0HI0A0O.
Gerinr & Co.
Osteooathic Physician
Chronic Diseases Specialty
Cniitt's lllix'k. roonis'iS, undiM. Ofllen hour
8 to I J n. in., 1 to & p. In. mill ? to V I), in. h? ap
pointment. Telephone, uttli.'t) 31 ; resldeoc
ttt I'erklns Hotel.
Summer time
You want to save your
money to buy your
Coal Yards.
Full Welht Guaranteed
Best Threshing Goal
Ml Kinds of Feed
Proprietor Plattsmouth
Coal Yards
Comer Third and Main Streets
Hell Phone 23 Platts Phono 22
1 :jir ' " T ,tt "t'