The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 26, 1906, Image 4

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    The Plattsmouth Journal
I ranks. Surt'.y tlicy t'.uliit go back
! for the viko f jrinci;!c, bootee
'not one of the i'rincij'.cs in which i
1'11U.I11I.: KKLY AT
i the pops Ulieveil were alvnc;itel
liy the repuUicaus until l'reM!cnt
Koo-cvc't l.itu'c'l wit!: lth feet up-
U. A. l'.ATKv l'l i;l.liu:u
, i;i
the tlennvratie
.!': r.i.
an. I juij'Uiit
r.UT. ! at V :-"t
it i.
!s f v. I', .".m
;.Ui. N-
An rKi.v democratic state con
vention i the proper caper. No
one seems to ohject to an early
It is a.uain iven tut that Co
tinor Mickey will not le a caudi
date for I'nitol States Senater.
Ha! ha'
Kykky railroad oran in the
country is tearing its shirt for Hus
tcr Hrown. When this sheet has
Kot to do the aping, mouthing and
ranting for corporations or their
tools it will hike, the way the crow
flies. Strang Rqrter.
John 1,. Wkhstkk is now U-ing
groomed ly his republican friends
for the senatorial Such a
man as Webster is a great improve
ment over such fellows as "Jtuster
Hrown." And in the senate would
lay such fellows as "Husthead"
Iturkett in the shade.
Thkkk is no question as to the
democrats of Nebraska having the
state house ring on the run. It is
a reality.
Ths Vengeance of the People.
Nothing that has happened i:i a
Ions time has been so impressive,
so dramatic, as the fate which has
ately overtaken those gentlemen
who were chiefly concerned in the
n-urauce scandals. In the Dark
Ages such a fate would have been
recognieil as me tiireci vengeance
of the unseen dod, w ho at last had
sent a bolt from a clear sky and
blasted the evil-doers where they
stood. Nowadays we call that bolt
the force of public opinion. It is
a form of social punishment that
has leen grow ing in power fast of
late years. The chief agency by
Curious Verificatioa of Prophesies.
Here are Spangler's prophesies
for rx, published at the beginning
of the year in the New York World:
The dissolution of Kusia.
The overthrow of Turkey.
The assassination of the Car of
Tlie assassination of the Sultan
of Turkey.
The prevention of three wars by
I'resident Roosevelt.
A protracted race war in the
Destructive spring floods in the
United States.
With an early convention, the
nomination of a gentleman like
Judge Sullivan for governor and a
live and energetic state committee,
backed by an enthusiastic democ
racy, the state can and will be
redeemed from the clutches of its
proven enemies.
Tin- prospects for the jarty of
Jefferson and Hryati in Nebraska
arc exceedingly bright. The lead
ers are united, the rank and file
harmonious, and the state house
gang realize that they have the
fight of their lives before them.
They know they deserve defeat.
Tin: idea advanced that the nom
ination of a candidate for United
States senator by the democratic
state convention would not prove
beneficial is all bosh. There is just
as much sense in nominating a sen
ator as there is in nominating a
candidate for governor or any other
state office.
Mi-TCAUK opposes a primary for
nominating a candidate for United
States senator, which system our
friend (i. M. Hitchcock favors, as
neither objects to the state conveu
tion makingsuch nomination, why
not let the matter rest at that
That's the only sensible way of
-doing it, anywav. I,et that be
recorded also.
Tin: democrats should now be
looking around in their various lo
calities to see who they have among
them that will make a good work
ing member on the state committee.
An able and eiiergeticconunittee can
do wonders in the way of carrying
on a campaign that will lead to vic
tory. A poor committee is worse
than done at all.
Moktknsf.n can't run for gover
nor and his friends are bound that
he shall run for something, so they
are pressing him for railroad com
missioner. Quite a fall, my coun
trymen! aska has just experienced
its first coal strike. The entire
coal mining force struck at Peru
last week. The water ilooded the
pit and the man who has been dig
ging the coal went out on a strike.
Omaha's biggest policeman, who
w eighs oiio pounds, was driven from
his home by his S7 pound wife and
forced to sue for divorce of account
of cruel treatment, and still there
ire men who claim that a woman
isn't competent to sit as a member
of a public school board.
If Mr. Aryan's earsarc not burn
ing these days, there is nothing in
that old saying that your ears
)tirus when you're talked about.
list now he is the most talked of
man in this.or any other land. It
is curious'to note how public opin
ion has changed ."What Mr. l'.ryan
las always advocated seems now
to be more popular than ever.
I'iik cranks and small ones are
after Congressman Pollard in the
First district for violating the cor
rupt practice act, by setting up the
cigars, to constituents during elec
tion. If anvthing will increase
Pollard's popularity with the public
generally it is to know that he isn't
a "short horse." So many public
men use the corrupt practice song
to cover up their despicable stinginess.
which it works is the press. Thanks OF MOUNT VESUVIUS.
to the activities of journalism,
every man and woman in the na
tion has the power to judge and
condemn. And the verdict of these
millions of private judgments gets
itself registered, and with an irre
sistible impulse, like fate, exacts
the penalty ultimately. It is the
only court that the big criminals
are beginning to fear. In the force
of this extralegal power that lies
The activity of Mounts Pelee and
The eruption of many volcanoes
now supposed to le extinct.
fireat loss of life at sea by storms.
Destruction of tw o western cities
by cyclones.
Earthquakes in all parts the world
in the popular conscience the safety QUAKES IN CALIFORNIA AND
of democracy rests. . THE PHILIPPINES.
Hut public opinion in its hearing Rebellion in Spain,
of public causes depends pretty (reat disturbances all over Eu-
geuerally upon the daily press for rope.
the presentation of the case. At The summer of 1906 will be hot
the best the daily press is an im- ad sultry throughout the temper-
perfect instrument, liable to preju- ate zone, with extensive death rate.
dice and indirect influences. If Christ will make his spirit felt
the people are to sit in judgment among the people of the United
and condemn the guilty to disgrace States and England, in which coun
and even death, their sources of tries there are to be fervent religious
information should be above sus- and political movements, which are
picion. Too often the newspapers to overcome in a great degree the
misrepresent or ignore or suppress present spirit of graft and commer
the facts. In the service of justice cialism.
we need an absolutely fearless, The United States will continue
honest and impartial daily press. as a world power and the leader of
Saturday Evening Post.
It don't matter much what Con
gressman Pollards' cigar bill may
have been when he ran last cam
paign, nor is it any of our particu
lar business who the First district
put up for Congress, but one thing
is certain, Mr. Pollard has already
achieved a national reputation by
doing something practical for the
farmers of his district, state and
nation and the heauty of it is the
farmers all know it. We really like
to see farmermers in Congress, like
Pollard. They do things. They
leaven the big bunch of lawyers
down at Washington first rate.
Fairfield Herald.
Wori.ns'T this cork vou? The
New York Times lays all present
troubles in the republican ranks to
the populists who have joined the
republican party in recent years.
Editor Sedgwick declares "there
was no such racket in the repub
lican party whenjthe pops were out
of it as there is now." He inti
mates that the fchicf Jdcsirc of a
populist is to eat pie, and complains
liecause the pops have returned to
the republican fold with a peremp
tory demand that the fatted calf is
cooked in their honor. The com
plaint of Editor Sedgwick is pleas
ing to our ears. There must K
some truth in the charge which he
makes against those populists who
went back into the republican
John Pafi. Junks will lie buried
some more at Annapolis on April
24. The funeral service will beat
tended by (iovemor Mickey and
several other distinguished mili
tary heroes from the different parts
of the state. However, in looking
over the list, we fail to find the
name of a single Cass county citi
.en, although the woods are full of
men who carried the banner.
It will not be sixty days before
the moving picture fiend w ill be on
the road with "The Destruction of
San Francisco." Vou will hear
the rumbling of the earthquake,
witness the falling of the buildings,
see the thousands of people who
rush forth in their night clothing
to escape the falling walls. While
the moving pictures may not be so
thrilling, most people will prefer it
to the real thing.
The Tariff Iniquity.
The iniquity of the tariff was
hown up splendidly in the lower
louse ot congress last week iv
Congressman Rainey of Illinois
le charged that the American
watch manufacturers are in a trust
and are selling watches abroad for
ess money than they are selling
tlietn at Home, l ne neau ot tne
Waltham Watch Company wrote
Mr. Rainey a letter admitting that
lis company is selling watches
abroad for less money than they
are selling them at home, but de
nied that there is a trust merely
an understanding, l hat is all a
trust is an understanding as to
prices, output and the territory in
which certain products shall be
old. Mr. Rainey then produced
the advertisement of a New York
dealer who is selling American
watches at from one-third to one-
lalf less than is asked by the home
dealers. He goes into the markets
abroad and buys American watches,
ships them back to New York and
Si'F.akinv. of the the candidacy
of Senetor Sheldon, the Fairfiel
News-Herald says: I Ion. George
L. Sheldon, of Cass county, has
announced his candidacy for gov
emor of this state. Mr. Sheldon is
by occupation a tanner. He is a
graduate of the state university, was
captain of a company in the Third
Nebraska regiment in the war with
Spain where he served with credit
Has represented the Fourth sena
torial district (Cass countv) in the
last two sessions of the state legis
lature, also with credit and distinc
tion. Mr. Sheldon has stood for
every genuine reform in Nebras
ka since he entered upon public
life. Is distinctly and decidedlv in
favor of the square deal for every
man, and the people ruling their
own affairs rather than have them
run them for a favored few. Mr
Sheldon would make a first-classex
ecutive in these strenuous tunes
Honest, fearless and able, we don t
know of a letter man than the sen
ator from Cass. Either Sheldon
or some man who stands for th
principles he does is bound to be
nominated andelected."
otner nations.
Pennsylvania is to have an ad
ministration of the people, and dis
coveries of corruption will be dis
covered which will drive some of
the guilty to suicide.
God will wreak terrible ven
geance upon the Russians for the
massacre of the Jews.
In order that you keep the record
straight, look up your divorce pro
ceedings and see if you are single,
double or tribble.
It requires no prophetic vision
to see that there is some kind of a
political upheaval close at hand.
The people are pretty thoroughly
aroused, and the chances are that
they will act sensibly by seeing to
it that the machinery of the gov
ernment shall hereafter be operated
by friends of the people. Looks
like corporation rule would shortly
come to end. Custer Countv Bea
Norris Brown's anti-trust play
was a pretty shrewd political trick
on his mrt. but his failure to ac-
then sells them at the prices stated compUsh anything is rcasonal)lv
above. Now, mind you, these
watches are taken abroad, the ocean
freight, insurance and other neces
sary expenses are paid, including
sure to have a reaction lefore he is
able to affix the title of senator to
his name. Tlfe time of hot air rep
utations is past, and if Mr. Brown
tirnfit tr liri1rri tlii'ii tmimlit nm
' " does not want to receive a severe
returned to New York, again pay- jolt somewhere in the vicinity of
ing transportation expenses and thc p,CXUS( he k,Ucr up
sold for less money than the same aml W( it u possible
article can be lK,ught from the home that Xorria is all that he pretends
ueaier. i t. i... t. j
i ii lie, even wiuugu uc nana i inauc
What is true of the watch deal . . ,)t ft must (,
i - e I '
ai8 irue ncar au ncan from the company he keeps, and it
mamuacuueu i.uuuu. i ne ,or- appcar, that hfi hw kecp;ng
eigner is more sacred to the tariff mighty bad cotnpanywith al, dlie
uenenciaries man uie nome con- . t,.ti n
sumer, we near me cry ot , hrev I)etnocrat
i( ....t. i.... : r lr -
neii euuiiii .tiuiic (.umuig uoiu
those who are made victims of this Somk of the renuhlir. nnm rs in
legalized robbery. "Stand pat" Nebraska seem to be greatlv worried
and sell your products at home at as t0 the future political career of
the highest possible combine price hjo,,. George W. Berge. Whv so?
and sell the same products abroad hs it Kause they fear him? Mr
at tne lowest price. It is jwree has alwavs been recoenize(
indeed inspiring that a very strong as one of the ablest men in the state.
sentiment of opposition to this sys
tem of organized robWry is assort
ing itself in the republican party.
Two s iceches were made by Re
publicans in congress last week
warning the "standpatters" that
the lesson of IS").' may repeat itself
and is Moved for his manv noble
traitsof character. Able, conscien
tious and purely honest, the demo
crats are not going to growl if he is
nominated for governor, whil
many would prefer to see him at
the head of the attorney general's
if something is not done to allay omCe during these trust ami craft
the tariff revision sentiment. him.-s. If the n( v..1.rl-n
want a I I.ulley in that office they can
Thf.ri- is not a democratic paper get him in the jcrson of George W
! . . . t . . .1 . . I. ....
in me si.ue out mat i.ivors tne tiom- Uerge; or, it thev want a l olke in
ination of a candidate for United the chief executive's chair, thev
States senator by the state conven- can also get him in thc person o
tion. George W. Bervre
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