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    HATS AND CAPS j jf L L S A M HOL L Y I A" je U ite Stjles
Gents' Plain and Clo Clothing for Men
Fancy Dress Shirts. and Cents' Furnishing Goods and Boys.
waterman Block Men's I Boys' New and Up-to-Date Spring Clothing piattsmouth. Neb.
legal tftverttecmcnte.
Legal Notice.
In tlm count y I'ourl of Cuk Count y.Ni'liraxku;
In the matter of tlio vulutvof Jamt'S J. Me
Nurlln. dfCviiM'U :
Ail persons Interested In sll estate Kre
liereliy notified llilil u petition lias been tiled
In said court alleitliiK that suld defeased died
leavliiK no last will and pruyinit for adininls
t rut Ion upon hlsestaie. and thai a hearing
will ho hud on iil.l iw liiioii 1 fwrr said court
ontheL'Ttli day of Airll. I'.mi. at lUoVliM'ka.
in., and thai If tln'V fall to appear at said
i-ourt on llii' said 27ili dav of April. VMk at In
o'clock a. tn.. to contest said petition, the
court may tirant the simie and urmt udmiiils
tration of said estate to John .McNnrllii. or
some other suiiiilile person. :nicl proi'eed to a
settlement thereof. II. ! Tinvis.
ifAi ! County JiKlire.
Notice of Probate of Hill.
In th unity court of (".!. county. Ne
braska: 111 tlie Matter of the estate of J. West, de
ceased, .
All persons interest! d In said estate arc
t...ri.iv , iiiil that a net It ion lias been hied
In said court, praylni: for the probate of a
certain Instrument now on tile In said court.
purportiilKtohetlie last, will and testatm in
of said deceased, and that a licarin 111 be
had on said petillon before said court on the
Hth day of April. Wti. and that If they fail to
inipear lit said court on the said Hth day or
April, liKil. atluo'olock a. in., to contest, the
probate of said will, the court y allow and
proliatesald will anil Brant administration of
said estate to Josephine West or sJine other
suitable person and proceed to a settlement
thereof. 1IAUVKY l. lltAVIS.
Iskai.1 County .Indite.
Application for Liquor License.
Matters of application of V. W. IIuIikc for
Ihpior license:
thn Kith day of April. IWu I'. W. Uulnte
Bled his appllciitlon with the Iniard of t rustees
of the village of Avocu. Cass county. Nebras
ka, for license to sell malt, spirituous and
vinous Honor at Ills place of business. W . ,
lotD. block 111, in Avoca. Cass county. Ne
braska, from the 1st day of .May. Hkk's to the
1st day of May. Iim7. All objections to irriint
lnirof tills license shall be made ill i writ but
and Hied with said board us provided by law.
V. lil lK.K. Applicant.
License Notice.
XTOTirK Is IlKKKl'.Y (ilVTN THAT Till:
xN underslitned has tiled a petition as re
.. i i... .1... si .11 iii, s i if I lie state of Netiras-
ii vuiiu ibeeliv elern of the ciiyof I'latts-
inouth. Nebraska. re,uestlim a license to sell
malt, spirituous and vinous Honors for the
' comlmt mnnlcliml year in the buihllnif s u-
..f.,l 1 1 II ll.e wist ha'f (!,) of lot Sl (Dill
block thirty-four (.ill in the city of I .alts
mouth. Nebraska. A norm! n si:.
April 111. l'.KHi. Applicant.
Mrs. Fredrick Stohlman Passes Away at
Eleven O'clock This Morning.
A Resident of Cass County Almost a Half
Century Loved and Honored by
Many Who Will Regret to
Learn of Her Death.
The sail intelligence was received in
the city Unlay of the death of Mrs.
Fredrick Stohlmiui which occurred at
this home, near Louisville. at 11 o'c'ock
this morning.
The deceased together with her hus
band who died about two years ago, I
came to this country in the year K"S
from the state of Wisconsin. Her life
has been a busy one and she lias suffer
ed for several years with cancer of the
stomach, which was the direct cause
of her death. .She was possessed with
a kind and loving disposition and was
honored by all who knew, During
early life she united with the German
Lutheran church of which she has
constantly been a devout and active
member. Her brother, John Shoeman
who came to say the last sad fare
well to his dear sister, departed this
morning at 10 o'clock for his home at
North I'rairie, Wifconsin.
Two brothers, .John and George
Shoeman: live sons, George, William,
Fredrick, Andrew and August: two
daughters, Louisa and Amelia, and
many friends are left to mourn the
loss of a dear sister, loving mother and
kind friend.
ll!y(i. A. Lets.)
Corrected weekly by Martin fc T.iol,
who pay the highest prices for produce
and guarantee satisfaction:
Hens IV
Sprints "
Cream No. I. inc; No. 1. Hie
o. K.joii w ill lie assigned to a per
manent place on the team, which, of
course all depends on the judgment of
the manager and captain.
We are now ready for challenges.
Greenwood: F.lmwood! Louisville!
Alvo! we don't mind taking a fallout
of riattsmouth, either, If you see lit
to Invite us down. Address all com
munications to lion, A. Lels, manager.
la;x mai:ki:ts.
Oats. . . ,
ami .'
Km K ll. AND TlMIO T!-.!.i:.
M unlock Station.
No. 41, mail v : ! u . in.
No. '., local :.'.' a. in.
No. ". mail p. in.
No. mail .VI" p. m.
r. a s'r r,oi Ni
No. :;s mail l': - a.
No. Local 1:11 p.
No. ii, mail o:l' p.
Wall Paper
Traces of the Precious Metal Found in the
Waubonsie Hills South of Glenwood.
It may be startling news for most
people that gold has been cllscovereu in
Mills county, but such is the fact, says
the Mills County Tribune.
Traces of the precious metal have
just been found cropping out on the
farm of Chester A. Mayberry. miles
south of Glenwood in Lyons township.
Samples of the metal were taken to
an assayer at Omaha. He pronounced
the gold as running -.V to the t n.
The presence of other valuable metals
would, he said, bring it up to12 a ton.
Last week a geologist from Lincoln
came down to make a personal Investi
gation. He took back to Lincoln s imc
samples to assay, but as yet no word
has been received from him.
The discovery was made ty A. W.
Turner, the man who has been operat
ing a coal mine near Thurman for the
past two years.
It is said that Mr. Tumor is backed
by eastern capitalists and that lie has
been spending, much time of late pros
pecting in the Waubonsie hills.
A valuable deposit of sand is report
ed to have been found on the K'ephart
farm, one mile south of the Mayberry
Former Plattsmouth Man, After a Twenty
Five Years' Struggle, Has Rights
V I i . a i tam.
: 1
Victor and Edison Talking Machines
Large and I'p-to-Date
to select from.
While enroute from Cleveland, ().,
to his home at Oreville, S. D., Frank
Herbert stopped oil last night for a
visit with old friends in this city, re
suming his journey home this after
noon. His struggle for his mining rights is
worthy of mention, and will be read
with interest by readersof the Journal.
About twenty-live years ago, in com
pany with Chris Koehnkc of this city,
Mr. Hcbert started out on an overland
journey to South Dakota, where they
contemplated securing an interest in
the mining property of the south
western part of that state. After
snendhiL' sometime there Mr. Koehnkc
returned to riattsmouth, and Mr.
Hebert continued to workalone, finally
sccnriiiL' a valuable gold mine. When
he attempted to organize a company
to promote and develop his mine, an
English syndicate, owning the adjoin
ing property, proceeded to frce.o him
him out, but with a bull dog's tenacity
he clung to his property for twenty
years, and now has received his Just
reward. A numrerof American finan
ciers became interested in his mine
and recently assisted Mr. Hebert In
organizing a company with capital
stock of $1,000,000. Mr. Hebert has
realized over $25,000 on his goldmine
and now contemplates promoting a
company to develop a tin mine of
which he is the present owner. The
mines are situated one mile and a half
from Oreville, and afford many facili
ties for shipping.
At the depot Mr. Hebert exhibited
several specimens of the gold and tin
from his mines, and is justly encour
aged by the results of his trip to Cleve
land where the company was organized.
EQLLthe cough
. m i m n
wtH Dr. King's
New Discovery
0UCHS and
SOc & $1.00
Frc Trial.
Hurrit nnd Uuickeit Cure lot ' all
Martin : Tonl shipped nine hundred
dozen eggs to the Omaha markets
August Wcnut, sr., of Crawford,
Neb., Is visith'g in this neighborhood
this week.
II. I!. Neitzel and family spent
Easter with relatives at riattsmouth.
Sheriff Quint on registered at the
Murduck hotel Friday evening.
We see by the Journal that J. (J.
Connally is still alive. Clad to hear
from you, Quince: hope you are doing
Mrs. rge Colbert made a business
trip to Alvo Wednesday.
Quite a number of our young people
attended the play at the llobbs' opera
house lssl week.
The continued rains have put the
farmers beh'nd with their work, but
Kaster Sunday passed without rain so
we still have some hopes.
Miss Grace Uailey of Alvo visited in
this burg Saturday.
Mrs. Herman Koseno, of near Alvo,
spent Sunday with her parents near
Mrs. O. II. Ekigleston was an Omaha
passenger Saturday.
Mrs. A. E. Frascher and son visited
j relatives in Omaha over Sunday.
! A. J. Neitzel spent Sunday at home
retumin to Havelock Sunday evening.
Mrs. J. .1. Gustin was a business
visitor at maha last week.
Miss Grace Lake spent Sunday at
South Omaha and Albright.
I'.ert Hunt and family visited rela'
tives in Omaha Sunday.
L. Neitzel is preparing to put down
cement sidewalks around his residence
Henry Kohlrush and family will
move to Minnesota about May 1st.
Selma Thimgan spent Monday and
Tuesday at Omaha.
Mrs. W. O. Gillespie is on the sick
Lacey McDonald is tending central
during the absence of Miss Thimgan.
Mrs. A. Zabel is down from Lincoln
visiting relatives and friends this
Chas. Hunt and sister returned to
their home at Omaha Saturday after
a weeks' visit with relatives at this
From llu' I.rilti'r.
Mrs. i;na Young of Ottu:.,wa, I,)., j
depart'1 : for home ye.sterdav morning, I
after s ;i ;ng i he winter with ivla-1
tives hrv and in otluT parts of the
c nii.ty. ;! ' iv !,.r.,.v .iri-il-...l l,..i,. I ivt -... I
frmn T'-tuii'ssee, where he has been
making hi-. Iron- and intends making
an exteii led visit among relatives and
friend.1, :. ere and in other parts of the
state. Mr. .tones resided near this
village t r many ears, and tinds him
self a ut'li'iiuie guest, among his ac
iiuaint.inces. old and young, all of
whom are always pleased to entertain
J. W. Pit t man was able to come to
town Wednesday, the tirst time since
an attack of pleurisy took him down a
few weeks ago. He is now gradually
gaining st length, but remarked that
he lacks some of feeling as good as
new. Yi ry glad to see Mr. I'ittnian
out again.
Four cases of scarlet fever were re
ported in tlie family of Elmer Parks,
who resides about four miles north
east of here, and Wednesday ( 'onslable
Saxon wilt out and established quar
antine restrictions by order ol the
Murray physician who Is treating the
cases. Tlie patients are all reported
as doing well.
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Foster and
daughters drove to Nebraska City last
Saturday, and while there Mrs. Fos
ter became 111 quite suddenly and had
to be brought home on the train. Her
Illness was not of very dangerous na
ture, and we learn that she has almost
entirely recovered.
John 1'. Todd and wife went to Lin
coln Monday evening, where Mrs. Todd
was to undergo a surgical operation
for appendicitis on Wednesday. Her
many friends will be much pleased to
learn that she is recovering nicely and
hope for the permanent restoration of
her health.
I linv anil
m is iii:r
vailv tr
of Wall
anvtliin in t!u- wall jtajuT lino tr
to $4.00 per roll
Y always haw had tin hest linr
ami will i-onlintio to ivo tho samo
satisfaction as liorotoforo. Call in
for ostimates on vour rooms.
Call and Sec Samples
Gering (Si Co.
Act directly on aie w .
Cv Tlicy cure constipatF-
R k 'A biliousness, sick-Iui i!;!'-'
1 ' i.-.., i r . ' . v
v-oki Kir cw vcai s.
V.;:r.t,w,,,i,slacl,eorl,earll BUCKINGHAM'S I'Vi
.' iful brown or rich black t Use ... -....
WJ lmiiini iiiMiiiy
I A T&rrtc? Oil 1
I 4tJ
Rheumatism Makes Life Miserable.
A happy home Is the most valuable
possession that is within the reach of
mankind, but you cannot enjoy its
comforts if you are suffering from
rheumatism. You throw aside busi
ness cares when you enter your home
and you can be relieved from those
rheumatic pains also by applying some
Chamberlain's Tain Halm. One ap
plication will give you relief and Its
continued use for a short time will
brlmr about a permanent cure. Tor
sale by 1 (. I'rlcke & Co., and A. T,
Stray Collie.
While away from homo my Scotch
Collie dog has cither strayed away or
been stolen. I will pay a liberal re
ward for his return alive.
Iu. K. W. Ciok.
Organize a Ball Team.
A meeting was held Saturday even
ing and an organization of tlie Junior
llase Hall team of Murdock was com
pleted. The following rules were
adopted: We as members of this
organization, do pledge our word and
honor, that we shall live up to the
laws of this organization, which areas
First To obey all rules laid down
by the manager and captain.
Second To abstain from profane
language while on the ball ground
either at home or abroad.
Third Never to ridicule a poor play
by one of our players and always praise
a good one.
Tlie membership fee of this organi
zation shall be fifty cents, which
money shall be used for the equipment
of the team.
An amendment may be made to
these laws at any time by the consent
of two-thirds of the players and the
manager and captain.
George Lels was elected manager
of the team though he wasn't at th ?
meeting. Merle McDonald was elect
ed captain, Carrol Colbert was elected
coach and Lacey McDonald was elect
ed secretary.
We forgot to state that the manager
also handles the cash for the team and
we arc now ready for your application
which must bo accompanied by the
membership fee of fifty cents: then we
will give you a tryout at any position
you may choose and should you prove
John Hoback, residing southeast of
town, was seriously injured last Sun
day evening by rather peculiar acci
dent. He and two companions were
at tlie creek when tlie heavy ruin came
on and they took shelter under a high
auk, but as soon as they become
comfortably settled tlie i.ank caved in
and covered them with several tons of
earth. Two of the men managed to
extricate themselves, but it was neces
sary for them to dig Mr. Hoback out.
He found to be in a helpless con
dition and when a physician arrived
he was suffering pain. His in
juries are not regarded as dangerous,
but no doubt he will feel the effects
for some time.
Strength to Weak Men
f P3k PC rC
t..r .jCiii tiidi. tfV'jC A
Rntwi Nam Ftm antf Kntrf.
Tn wot la aUmlrr men whu art trott in physical,
menial fciift nervct fur-i mrn of amttltton, rnerirr ana
prrwnl iiia.ifUiim t Ui tru tvp of rfcrt manhood.
In attain thin tha firm niiiilt In fnnI. beaJUij
Nimi which (TlTr capacity fi.r fu 1 1 dfvtloiinient.
PEPrCn NERVIOOft nmWrg Strang. Calm Narva.
Curra Narvaua DabMllf, Falling Mamarr. Vital Waak
naaa. Prattratlan. tlaaplaaanaaa a-itil oiln r trout4eailu
tumrrwnrk, wiirrv, uniKkinir. or vlcloua lallta.'-rlrh, tipnlihy hlooUan'l rralra watlod ocrraa.
V.jiiiillr irootl for wmnrn. ttotirt frr.
I'rm-fl oinl-n, His fr tw, HHiti(1, vltb ft guar
ante t rrfunfl If not curwl or lniuntl.
pirn wcdical aisociation, chicaoo, u. I. A.
For Sale by Gering & Co.
Weeping Water
l'Mlii llir lliTiilU.
L. D. Critchlleld says they will lo
gin building another hoiii-e on the
farm as soon as possible.
L.J. Lane has purchased the Miss
Kdith Cilbe house on tlie South side,
and moved In last wi-ek.
Grandma Glherson was oul tlie lat
ter part, of the week, having been on
the sick list for s'line time.
Mrs. ilalpli Mason and children Irft
Monday night for Clairiimre, I T.,
where she goes to join her hiislnind.
Mr. and Mrs. L.C.Todd and their
two small children left for Chase coun
ty tliN morning, where they w ill look
i over the country ami possmiy invesi
in land.
To Mr. and Mrs. V. I. Muise, of
Hartington, Neb , on Iister Sunday,
Ajuil, a nine-pound daugliter.
was bom. Grandpa I "avis Is scattering
letters all along route h.
The Independent Telephone Co.
have been having eight -or ten men
working in this vicinity lately. They
need them here a good long time to
get tilings In shape.
Word was received from Lev. John
Andrcss of Cliadron, to the effect that
ho has accepted the call extended by
tlie Congregational church here and
will commence his labors June 17.
J. C. Murphy arrived last week from
Wellington, Colo., where he has dis
posed of his property Interests. Mr.
Murphy has purchased property in
Manley and will live there.
For Rent.
Five-room house in good repair; line
location. Enquire at this ofllcc.
Spi rial Curri'MKiiiilriii'i'.
C. K. TetTt and family, of Weeping
Water, spent Sunday at Avoca.
.Ino. Fisher and wife will soon leave
for Denver where they will make their
future home.
A game of ball Is scheduled fur Sat
urday at Avoca between the second
nine and Weeping Water high school.
Willie Gillian visited at Loiton,
I ir. 15. 1'. I5renile!l was over from
M unay, Monday.
I. ouis Carstcn was at Neliawka, Sat
urday. II. Jensen, of Weeping Water, had
business here Monday.
The Odd Fellows lodge of I his dis
trict, which Includes Avoca, Khnwood,
Weening Water and Nehawka will
ho I a meeting at Avoca, May 'Jlth.
M. M. Straub, L. J. Maniuardt. A.
K. Cutler and J. W. liiendill were
imaha visitors Monday.
District Court Next Tuesday.
Judge .lessen has notified District
Clerk Robertson that on account of
Monday being Arbor Day and consc
quently a legal holiday, lie will not
be here to convene court until Tues
day morning. Those having business
with the court will please govern them
selves accordingly.
How to Avoid Appendicitis.
A learned exchange says the way
to avoid appendicitis is to eat nothing
that wilj lodge in the appendix. How
easy that would be if the editor had
only supplied a bill of faro with his
advice so that we might know what to
Do You Meed Furniture
'ELL, why not buy it while you have tho opportun
ity to net what you want at Greatly Reduced
Prices! Come in now and sec what I have left in
House Furnishings, Stoves, etc. I will please you
V both in the price and quality of goods. I must give
possession of the room and the goods MUST BIC SOLD!
Prices will not be in the way if you want the goods.
Gome and See the Old Furniture Man!
Will Sell or Exchange Entire Stock ut ti Bargain