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Personal Points
I'mm Krlljf' Pally.
A. A, Wctenkampand wife of My
nard were comity seat visitors today.
Mrs. A. L. Raker of Murray was a
business visitor In ttie city yesterday
-(Juick Meal Gasoline Stoves, all
slies and styles, for sale at Asemlssen
V Louek's.
Joe Carrlgan came In from Have
lock tills morning for a visit with
friends here.
New supply of garden wed In bulk,
also nil kinds of Held seeds, at Asemls
sen X- Louck's.
Mrs. T. J. Todd came In from
Wahoo this morning for a visit with
relatives and friends.
J. S. Lindsay came up from Mi'rray
last night to see hU new grandson -1
1 io hoy of his sun, IVte.
Mrs. Newland.soii Finery and daugh
ter Rlalnc, came In from Shenandoah
this afternoon to visit with friends
Win. Kemp and George oherle of
Eagle were transacting business In the
city last night, returning home this
Rudolph liamsel and his force of ten
men, returned this morning from Alli
ance, where they have been assisting
the car repairing department of the
Alliance division.
Miss Lulu Koehnke, departed this
morning for a visit with relatives at
l'lalnvlew and Orchard, Neb. She
was accompanied as far as Omaha by
her sister, Miss Mamie.
From Sniunluy'i luilly.
A. S. Wills returned last night from
a trip to Colorado.
Miss Anna Kanka was visiting this
morning in Omaha.
Lee ( tldhani of Murray was a county
seat visitor yesterday afternoon.
Kdllarstow came In from Lincoln
this morning on railroad business.
Mrs. John light and daughter, Miss
llattle, were Omaha visitors today.
Prof. A. II. Karhart canio up from
Murray last night and visited friends
Mrs. II. Allison and Miss Jessie
Drost, of Murray, were visit Ing In town
Peter Keil and wife of Cedar Creek
were visiting friends at Plattsmouth
Pull line of Quick Meal and Pound
Oak Steel Ranges, at competing prices.
Asemlssen & Louck.
Mrs. Addle White came In from her
school In the Hell district last evening
on business, returning via Cedar Creek
this afternoon.
A transcript of the case entitled,
State vs. Jack Chamberlain and J. X.
Heaver was tiled today with County
Clerk Robertson.
In the county c mrt Asa P. McCul
lough has brought suit against Win.
Dunn to recover the sum of $hi2.."0
paid for a horse that was found to be
Mrs. J. E. P.mery and daughter de
parted this morning for their home at
Lincoln, after a few days visit with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Murray, at
Miss Lizzie Kroehler suffered a
stroke of paralysis this morning, but
we are pleased to learn as we go to
press, that she is recovering from the
effects of the same.
A suit was tiled with the district
clerk today by Devoe & Reynolds Co.
vs. Jos. E. Trultt, wherein the plain
tiffs seek to secure a Judgment In the
sum of $U9.47 against ttie defendant.
Will Murray departed this morning
for Grafton, Neb., where he will visit
a few days. From there he will go to
Merino. Colo., where he w ill enter In
to business as a carpenter.
JohnT. Porter and John Durman
were here from near Murray were In
Plattsmouth today on business and
were pleasant callers at Journal head
quarters. They arc both energetic
young farmers and "hale fellows well
Mrs. M. A. l.ates returned last night
accompanied by her daughter, Miss
Lucille. After arriving at Lincoln
the attending physician gave his con
sent to have her removed home, al
though very weak. We are in hopes
she will get along nicely now under
the care other mother.
The body of John Royce who jump
ed Into the Missouri at llenton Station
on April 3, was recovered yesterday.
The deceased was fifty-one years of
ago, and has been confined at the asy
lum at Clarlnda several times, lie
was a resident of Glenwood, Iowa, and
the body was taken there for burial
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hild came in
from their home place yesterday and
will visit over Sunday with their son,
Jllkcand family. Mr. lllld Is one of
the well-to-do German farmers of Cass
county, and no one has a tetter right
to take a day off occasionally than our
old friend. Mr. lllld was In last even
lug and renewed the subscriptions of
bis brother and nephew, Philip Hild
and Philip Huffman, at Green Valley,
Illinois, to whom he has been scodlng
the Journal for several years.
J. R. LaChapclle has again assumed
control of the Ashland Journal. P. R.
Wllniarth, who leased the outfit from
him for two years, steps down and out,
after an experience of a few months.
Why, we have not learned, but it will
be many a day Iteforethc Journal can
boast of man at Its head who will con
duct Its columns with the ability of
Mr. Wllniarth.
I'ruin .Mninliiy's iMilly.
"Gut Hell," the favorite cigar
Machine oil at Asemlssen t Louck's.
Dr. Marshall, Dentist, Coats' Llock.
Garden tools of every description at
John rauer's.
Dr. Elster, Dentist,
Waterman Block
Jacob Melslnger, of Cedar Creek,
was a county seat visitor today.
Sheriff Quinton went to Weeping
Water this afternoon to serve some
Oliver Edmunds returned this morn
ing from a visit with friends at Schul-
yer, .Neb.
Mrs. Tcegarden of Hickman Is visit
ing with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
II. Smith.
Mrs. Claude Everett came up from
I'nlon Saturday evening to see her
brother, Charles Grimes, returning
this morning.
Mrs. Charles Ric hey and children re-1
turned to Louisville this afternoon, af
ter a pleasant visit with F. M. Rlchey
and family.
Mrs. Ed. Johnson and children, who
have been enjoying a visit with rela
tives here, departed yesterday for
their home at Lincoln.
Chamberlain's Salve Is good for any
disease of the skin. It allays the Itch
ing ami burning sensation Instantly.
For sale by F. G. Frleke & Co. and A.
T. Fried.
Dr. A. P. Parties departed yesterday
afternoon for Lincoln to transact some
business matters previous to the as
sembling of the stale veterinary asso
ciation, which meets In that city
Chief of Police Fitzgerald is in re
ceipt of a card from Will McNeill, of
Rancroft, Neb., offering a reward of
$100 for the recovery of the body of an
Omaha Indian, who Is supposed to
have Iven drowned in the Missouri
near Decatur.
The members of the (!. A. R. held
memorial services of the surrender of
General Lee at their hall last Satur
day night. Many of the citizens were
In attendance and enjoyed the inter
est Ing services.
John McNurlin returned home yes
terday evening. He has been out at
the old home place ever since his father
died last Monday, looking after mat
ters and condoling with his dear old
You feel the life giving current
the minute you take It. A gentle
soothing warmth, fills the nerves and
blood with life. It's a real pleasure to
take Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea.
3.1 cents, Tea or Tablets. Sold by Ger-
Ing & Co.
I'roin Tut'ftiliiy'K Dally
Henry Long and wife, of Murray,
were visiting in riattsmouth today.
Dr. J. M. Green, of Manley, was
transacting business at Plattsmouth
Mrs. J. II. Teegarden returned to
her home at Hickman this morning,
after a few days visit with her parents.
Ed Pitman, formerly of Nchawka,
but who has been barberlng at Ran
croft, Neb., came in Sunday and Is
now employed in the Riley house bar
bershop. Some of the merchants here in town
are paying ten cents per dozen for eggs
in trade and then sell them out to
thelrcustomers at two dozen for
cents. Is this fair?
In a letter received from Will Rob
ertson he stated that he arrived In
San Francisco on the 4th and has been
through the government mint the
battleship ( regon and tho navy yard .
Misses Ida Roedeker and Gertrude
Long, of Murray, were visiting at the
county seat today. The latter de
parted this afternoon for Johnson,
Neb., where she will enjoy a visit with
A suit In equity to set aside decree
of court and deed, and for Issuing of
an Injunction was tiled In the district
clerk's ofllee today, by Chas. H. Mc
I nt Ire and wife vs. James Hartshorn
and Mary J. Mclntlrc.
A force of seven men In charge of
George Kennedy, the electrician of the
Independent Telephone Co., went to
Ehnwod this afternoon t build
twenty mliesof telephone line between
Elmwood and Nchawka.
Money on hand to loon on city
property. No delay.
This Is the season of listlessness,
headaches and spring disorders. Hol
llster's Rocky Mountain Tea Is a sure
preventative. Make you strong and
vigorous. X, cents, Tea or Tablets.
Sold by Gering & Co.
Adolph Glese of Omaha has pur
chased the saloon of IlansGoos, on the
southeast corner of Main and Fifth,
and Is in the city today perfecting ar
rangements to soon take possession.
He seems to be an exceedingly clever
Miss Marshall, of Plattsmouth, sang
at St. Mary's Catholic church Sunday
morning and at the Presbyterian
church In the evening. She has a
sweet voice and the audiences were
delighted with the songs rendered on
each occasion. Nebraska City News.
Mrs. M. J. Gihlersleeve of New York
City at Mrs. o. C. Povey's tonight
a l us win lie worth while andevcry one
Is Invited to come. Mrs. Gildcr.slecvc
Is secretary of band work for the Pres
byterian Hoard of Home Missons at
New York City. Mrs. J. W. Gambl
and Miss Florence White will sing.
Don't tie a cough or a cold up in
your system by taking a remedy that
binds the bowels. Take Kennedy's
Laxative Honey and Tar. It Is differ
ent from all other cough syrups. It !
letter. It opens the bowels -expels
all colds, croup, whooping cough, etc
An ideal remedy for young and old.
Children line It. Sold by F. G. Frleke
& Co., Gering & Co.
Rev. J. II. Salsbury's catechism
class met, with him socially last night,
the evening being spent in contests
and conversation. Miss Vesta Doug'
lass and Miss Catherine Windham whv
ning the prizes. Marvin Root and
Jack Patterson the consolation favors,
Every one seemed In the spirit of the
occasion and enjoyed a pleasant even
Don't drug the stomach to cure a
cough. One Minute Cough Cure cuts
the mucus, draws the inllammation
out of the throat, lungs and bronichlal
tubes, heals, soothes and cures. A
quick cure for croup and whooping
cough. Its constantly Increasing use
for many years tells of the fact of Its
absolute usefulness. Sold by F. G.
Frleke & Co., Gering & Co.
Judge II. D. Travis returned from
his trip to the Indian Territory this
morning and says that Is a line coun
try, and no mistake. While at Claire
more he enjoyed a visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Wortman, and states that the
ex-county superintendent of schools Is
doing well, .which his many friends in
old Cass will be pleased to learn. The
Judge enjoyed his trip amazingly well.
Living Indoors so much during the
winter months creates a sort of a
stuffy, want-of-ozone condition in the
blood and system generally. Clean up
and get ready for spring. Take a few
Early Risers. These famous little
pills cleanse the liver, stomach and
bowels and give the blood a chance to
purify Itself. They relieve headache,
sallow complexion, etc. Sold by F. G.
Frleke .S: Co., Gering & Co.
If you ever bought a box of Witch
Hazel Salve that failed to give satis
faction the chances are It did not have
the name"E.C.DeWitt Co." printed
on the wrapper and pressed in the box,
The original DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve never fails to give satisfaction
for hums, sores, bolls, tetter, cracked
hands, etc. For blind, bleeding, itch
ing and protruding Piles It affords
almost immediate relief. It stops the
pain. Sold by F. G. Frleke & Co.,
Gering & Co.
From V-dm'sday' dally.
Will Jean made a business trip to
Omaha this morning.
II. A. Schneider went to Cedar Creek
to visit for a few days.
George Peters of Avoca, was trans
acting business at the county scat
P. II. Melslnger and daughter, Miss
Lena, were passengers for Omaha this
Mrs. Andrew Seybert returned to
Cedar Creek after a short visit with
friends here.
Mrs. W. E. Rosencrans was a passcu
ger for Elmwood th's afternoon to
visit a few days with relatives and
James Sage went to South Omaha
this morning to look at some western
horses that were shipped to that place
John II. Spangler, of near Murray,
while in the city today on business,
called and renewed for the Journal
another year.
Mrs. Geo. II. Horn came down from
Cecar Creek this morning and w ill re
main the guest of Mrs. Chas, Ilcrgcr
until tomorrow afternoon.
A letter lias been received by the
authorities here from A. M. Drew, an
attorney at Fresno, Cal.. offering a re
ward of $".0 for Information leading to
the identification and locating of one
A urtaimi Lecture
DIDN'T we tell you the weather man would fix things properly when
he got to going right? The thunder shower and heavy rains weren't
for nothing. It sure means an introduction to spring beautiiful spring,
with its mud and other
While we have beautiful spring
goods in all lines we call your
especial attention to our new line of
Lace Curtains which we think
far excels any line heretofore shown.
RuflledXet and Swiss curtains at
98c. $1. 40 and up.
Yo may not care to put much
money into new lace curtaits. You
can have your choice of some pretty
patterns at 75c, f 1.00, SI. 25 anil
$1.50 a pair. If yon care to pay
more we have excellent values and
pretty patterns at $2, $2.50, S3,
S3.50", $4, S5, S6 and $7.50.
Look over our new line of Door
Panels at 40c, 50c, 75c and Si. 00.
Wm. Ilardie, who left his home at
Oleander, Calif., on September 4, 1"!7,
and has not been heard from since.
Don't think that piles can't be cured
Thousands of obstinate cases have
been cured by Doan's Ointment, ode
at any drugstore.
C. A. Hawls, Lawyer. Pro
bate and general practice. Of
fice of Caunty Attorney.
C. C. Parmele and little son returned
from their California trip this morn
ing. They enjoyed quite an extended
trip and visited mcst of the principal
cities on the coast.
Farmers, mechanics, railroaders,
laborers rely on Dr. Thomas' Eclcctric
Oil. Takes the sting out uf cuts,
burns or bruises at once. Pain cannot
stay where it is used.
The sheriff is In receipt of a letter
from P. D. Nelson of Lincoln, offering
a reward of ."jo for the capture and
conviction of a thief who stole a horse
and buggy from him on Monday night.
Mrs. Arabia Fitt. who has been en
joying a visit with Herman Ikrold
and family, departed this morning for
her home at Sheridan, Wyo. She was
accompanied by Miss Freda Ilerold
who will visit w ith her.
The base ball subscription list Is
mounting right up to the $2oomark.
One hundred and eighty-live dollars
have been subscribed, and the pros
pects of Plattsmouth having a first
class team are encouraging.
D.0. DWYER, Attorney-at-Law
Offce in building east of court
house, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
The members of the Elks lodge sent
to the sick room of Miss Lucille Bates
yesterday afternoon a large, handsome
bouquet of cut flowers, which was
highly appreciated by the patient.
After suffering a slight relapse night
before last she Is now in a fair way to
an early recovery, which her friends
w ill be pleased to learn.
Frank Sehlatcr returned this morn
ing from the vicinity of Louisville
where he went to look after his father
who had been taken quite sick while
he and Mrs. Schlater were visiting old
friends and neighbors. Mr. and Mrs.
Schlater also returned with him. Our
old iriend, aside from weakness caused
from the attack, is feeling pretty well
considering his serious Illness.
Injured While Playing Ball.
While playing catch with some of
her girl friends on Tuesday evening
Ruth Johnson had the misfortune to
step into a rut and seriously sprain her
left ankle. A physician was summon
ed to examine the Injured member,
which Is exceedingly painful, and It
will be several days before Miss John
son will be able to bear her weight up
on the injured ankle.
Mrs. A. M. Young, who lias been en
Joying a visit with R. H. Frans at Un
ion, passed through this place this
morning enroute tr her home at Ot
tumwa. la. Ray Frans accompanied
her as far as this city, returning on
the morning train to Union.
But while we're
Net Curtains with Battenberg In
sertion and edge, $2.50 a pair.
White and Arabian Net Cur
tains with real Cluny insertion at
$5 and $6.
Bonne Fern me Curtains at from
$3.50 to $8.00
A beautiful line of Madras Cur
tains in wide silk stripes at S5. Can
be used for portieres or curtains.
Madras Curtain in cream with blue,
red and green cross stripes, Si, up.
Curtain Swisses in stripes, dots
and figures, 10c, I2lc, 15c and up.
In cross stripes 42 in. in all colors.
Regular $1.00 Wrappers for
85 cents.
Jacob Wolf came In from Wahoo
last night on business.
S. II. Atwood came In from Lincoln
this morning on business.
D. M.Jones was a business passen
ger to Omaha on the morning train.
J. D. McRride was transacting busi
ness this morning at the metropolis.
John Games of Union was transact
ing business at the court house today.
The Burlington's pay car was a
welcome visitor to the employes today.
Mrs. F. T. Darrow came in from
Lincoln this morning to visit with
Miss Pearl Staats came in from Lin
coln last evening to spend a few days
with her parents.
Miss Lucille Stoneroad was a passen
ger this morning for Omaha, where
she will visit with friends.
Sheriff (juinton went out in the vi
cinity of Union and Elmwood last
night to serve some papers.
John Spangler of Louisville was in
Plattsmouth on business today, and
made the Journal a pleasant call.
Mrs. D. A. Yout.y and Mrs. D.
Campion went to Omaha this after
noon to spend a few days with friends.
Our old friend. Theo. Helm, of
Louisville, was in the city today, and
of course paid his respects to the Jour
nal, The sheriff Is in receipt of a letter
from Chief of Police Collins of Chicago
offering a reward of $."0 for informa
tion leading to the identification and
location of one Sam. J. Frank who has
been missing from his homeatChioago
since March 31st, and is supposed to
have committed suicide.
Kroehler & Kroehler
In selecting your spring needs, please bear in mind that
we carry a complete line of Builders' Material
in the Hardware Line. Also,
We do all kinds of Roofing. Repairing and Spouting. Call and see us.
talking, see here
3 Cn
A. S. Will made a business trip to
Omaha this morning.
Mrs. A. F. Fried was a passenger for
Omaha this afternoon.
Mrs. P. F. Goos was visiting in the
metropolis this morning.
Miss Ethel Robinson was visiting in
the metropolis this afternoon.
Robert Mauzy made a business trip
the metropolis this afternoon.
Mrs. James Newell and Mrs. T. II.
Pollock were visiting in Omaha today.
R. J. Tate of Plainview visited in
the city today, returning home this af
ternoon. '
George Falter came in from Lincoln
last night to visit with his folks for a
few days.
Roy Pepperberg came in from Lin
coln last night to spend a few days
with his folks.
Miss Hazel Dovey, who is attending
the university this year, is visiting
with her parents.
Will Wehrbein and Miss Nellie
Creamer of Murray were passengers
for the metropolis this morning.
Mathew Gering was a passengers
this afternoon for Omaha, and expect
to depart this evening on a business
trip to Chicago.
Mrs. J. R. Wells and daughter, Mrs.
Warren Demlng, came in from South
Rend this morning to visit with friends
and relatives here.
The ordinary routine of work at
Wren's laundry was slightly inter
rupted this morning when a hand plug
blew out of the boiler and filled the
room with steam, necessitating the
removal of the laundred articles to D.
C. York's barber shop In order to pro
tect them from Injury.
and the old
Buck's Stoves
and Ranges