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Legal Notioc.
IX THE ( 'ill X TV ( Dl'lir .' u
Ni:ilK.k .
Id the iimttiT of tin- K-utc nf i
Ninui lllrkmiui. ilwiiivtl. i
"ll v.
All ptTsons In siiM tMai,. r.
lieivl.y M..tliir.l that II. . I. I'liiimn. K.lmini,
iriiloror haul I'M iitf. has lll,., I,k ix tiilnn in
tills imui-U liruylnu for a M-itl.-im ni ,.f Msm--iduiiIim
uiliiiliilMruUir anil fur a ttual dis
.hariff ami f,.r ivll.f. tml u during
will Iw hii.1 on nuIiI petition oi, Hie litli ,av (
'February. Hurt, al 11) oVIm-k a. in., at llm
county court r.Mtn In I'laUsmouUi.
county. NehrasUa. You lire miuirr.t u uo
pear anil show ruar on or la fun- lu o'clock a
in. of kikld ilnd Uy of Krliruary. mu, why the
prayer of said petition should not I granted
Hjr the court. IIakvky II. Travis.
lstM County Judge.
Legal Notice.
In t.ltf mnltiivnf t .a . .
... ...... v, . , esmir- oi r
Andrew C. Krye. dweasi-d. f
Xotlou. vi ioi, mill at MIH OOIIIHV
court roou) at l'liittsmouth. Cass county. Nc.
lira.ska,oiithelliili day of February" A 1
MW. at 1U o'clock a in., the petition of i larii
r rye for an Hdinlnlsirator for the estate of
Andrew C. I ry. deceased, will t heard, and
letters of adiiilnlstriitloii uranted to Charles
h. Alurtin, or some other sultalile person.
Dated at I'laltsin.-uih. Nebraska. January
30th. 11100. lUllVKV I). Thavis.
LSEAt.1 I'lmnty Jmin:
X,.tlA lu I. .....)... ..1 1... ...
Legal Notice.
In tli mutter of the Ksl ate of l v ,
John Frederick Mull. Sr -Vlll('' f 'niiil
deceased. ) .'U lenient.
T.i AKntlisi Stull. .I.ilin l'rccl.rirk Stnll.
Slull. C. Lawrence stnll. Anna Amelia Mun
roe. (. H. Aloiir.a. Henry Mull, MattieSliill.
Maria Acutliii Stnll. Klla Stnll lllcks.ui. ( Hlie
I lasher and Klla Verena stnll. John stull.
Mary AkuiIiii Stull. and t.ladys .Mar:in-t
Stull, nilnur heirs of John Jacob Stull de
ceased, and all other persons Interested In
said estate are hereby untitled that on the
i.thdayof January. I WW. C. Lawrence Stull.
administrator of the estate of John Frederick
Stull, Sr.. deceased. Hied his petition In this
court, the object and prayer of which are that
his accounts as such administrator may lie
examined and approved, and that he be given
lien against the property belonging to said
estate for the balance due him as adminis
trator, and that the real estate of the said
deceased may bo assigned and distributed as
provided by law and for his discharge as ad
ministrator, and a II mil and full settlement
of his accounts and doings In the premises.
That a hearing on said petition will lie had
on the 1st day of March. HUM. at nine o'clock
a. m., in the court room at l'liittsmouth. Cass
County. Nebraska.
Yon are required to show cause. If any. on
or before nine o'clock a. in. of said clay, why
the prayer of said petitioner should not be
llAitvrv 1). Thavis. County Judge.
Hated this 7tli day of January. UKW.
Notice to Creditors.
State or Nkiwaska. i ,, , -Cass
County. l"' ' 11 County Court.
Id the, matter of the estate of George. 1".
Shryder. deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administrator
with will annexed of said estate, before inc.
County Judge of Cass Coiintv. Nebraska, at
the County Court room In l'lattsmouth. In
Mild county, on the 14th day of February;
l'.wil. and on the I lib day of August, MM. at in
o'clock u. in. each day. for the purpose of
presenting their claims for examination, ad
justment and allowance.
Six months from the Dth day of February.
1!HHI. are allowed for the creditors of said de
ceased to present their claims, and one year
and six months for the administrator with
will annexed to settle said estate, from the
liith day of January. l!Ki.
Witness my hand and seal of said County
Court, at l'liittsmouth. Nebraska, this Pith
day of January, mots. IIakvky I). Thavis.
seal County Judge.
(Special Correspondent.)
Harve Barker left Sunday for Har
lan county, Neb., where he expects to
make his future home.
George Bengen shelled and delivered
corn Monday and Tuesday.
Hoy Howard is reported on the sick
list this week.
Thayer Propst, who has been very
low with pneumonia fever, is gaining
Fred Will left this vicinity for
Nuckols county, where lie lias pur
chased a tine farm.
A certain young man near Mynard
was forced to have his engagement
Sunday night postponed on account of
being exposed to the whooping cough'.
During the shelling at George Ben
gen's, two young men became engaged
in lighting, one of which made this re
mark after the tight, "Please don't
hit me on the eye."
Sunday evening J. M. Meisinger was
m very pleasantly surprised by a crowd
of young folks w ho dropped In to spend
the evening. A very jolly time was
W. T. Itichardson, who formerly re
sided on the old Matelr farm, expects
to take the old stand of A. L. Cox,
and also as postmaster. It Is hoped
by him that all the old customers will
still trade at this old stand.
Louis Meisinger held the lucky num
ber that drew the horse which was
raflled off Sunday evening.
This wonderful horse whose name is
lie never worked nor he never will;
He Is very old and just a little lame,
But he gets there'just the same.
Louis Meisinger and Roy Howard
were seen In Mynard today with a
young colt which they had hitched up
for the first time.
K. Shepardson shelled and delivered
corn Friday, Frank Vallery doing the
shelling, but Coon Vallery acted as
special engineer.
A. A. Wetenkamp and V. F. Gil
lespie made a business trip to FJatts
mouth today.
A Healing Cospel.
The Rev. J. C. Warren, pastor of
Sharon Baptist Church, Ilelalr, Ga.,
says of Electric Bitters: "It's a God
send to mankind. It cured me of lame
back, stiff Joints, and complete physi
cal collapse. I was so weak It took
me half an hour to walk a mile. Two
bottles of Electric Bitters have made
me so strong I have Just walked three
miles In 50 minutes and feel like walk
ing three more. It's made a new man
of me." Greatest remedy for weak
ness and all Stomach, Liver and Kid
ney complaints. Sold under guarantee
at G. Frlcke & Co.'s drug stnre.
IVc .Vic.
He Real Estate Firm oi Sires L Martin
Offer Some Geo j Bargains.
I Below will be found a 'ew bargains
! taken from the long list now under our
management and control, and in case
of sale of any or all of them, other
and equally good bargains will be fur
nished: C. L. Maktix,
Local Agent.
No. 1. 100 acre improved farm, 6
miles of Plalnview, good land lies
tine,; good bouse, barn, sheds for cat
tle, granerles, good well of water with
mill attached, 40 acres fenced to pas
ture balance all under cultivation.
Price U2 per acre; mortgage $1,000,
balance cash.
No. 2. A splendid half section lay
ing 3 miles out from Plalnview, all
under cultivation except about 20
acres, tills lias 10 acres of nice grove,
all fenced; no buildings, lies close to
school. This is cheap at :;. per acre,
terms $ti,000 cash balance to remain
on the land at purchaser's own time
at ti per cent. A splendid opportunity
for some one to complete a good home
No. X A small farm of SO acres,
located 8 miles from Plainview in
Pierce county, improved, with small
house and bam, No. 1 good soil. Price
$."i7.50 per acre, mortgage 00 at ' per
cent balance cash.
No. 4. 100 acres 0 miles from Plain
view, (i miles from Brunswick, all
under cultivation except pasture,
good grove, good house, fair stabling,
this can be had at a bargain for $22.50
per acre. All fenced: in eastern
Antelope county.
No. 5. A good 320 acre farm lying
C miles from Brunswick, (Antelope
county) Nebraska. All good new
buildings, Is as good soil as can be
found in the country. Price, $35 per
acre, mortgage $.Voo, optional time;
will trade balance of equity ($5,700)
for a good stock general merchandise
or hardware. -
No. , 4S0-acre stock farm, slose to
Foster (Pierce county) Neb. 200 acres
under cultivation balance fenced to
pasjure. Good house and outbuildings.
Price $27.50 per acre. Half cash, bal
ance to suit purchaser. Tills Is a snap
for some one.
No. 7 A splendid 240 acre farm 31
miles from Plalnview (Pierce county )
Good soil, lies well, 120 acrescultlvated
40 pasture, 80 good liay land; all fenced
fine lerge house and barn, granaries,
cribs, cattle sheds, etc. In fact, every
thing needed on a good farm. School
half mile of house. Price $00 per acre.
This is well worth the money.
We also have a number of line city
properties for sale at a bargain.
For further particulars call on or
C. L. Martin
Bruce Sires. Plainview.
Victory After Defeat.
History teaches us that a defeat is
the best school for a general, showing
him errors which could have been
avoided, and in many instances several
defeats preceded a decisive victory. It
is the same in ordinary life. By rely
ing too much on our strength and
luck we are defeated by a sickness,
but should not allow it to crush us
entirely. Using Trincr's American
Elixir of Bitter Wine at the approach
; of the lirst signs of a sickness, we have
the best weapon of defense, because It
quickly restores the strength and en
durance of the digestive system. In
any malady of the stomach, the intes
tines and the blood, it always helps.
The first symptoms of such maladies
are usuallyjoss of appetite, irregular
stool, change in the complexion. By
using Trlner's American Elixir of Bit
ter Wine as soon as possible you will
always gain a victory over the en
croaching disease. At drug stores.
Jos. Triner, 709 So. Ashland Ave.,
Chicago, 111.
Prairie View.
(Special Correspondence.)
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gapen are the
parents of a new girl baby, born Feb
urary 5th.
John Horning of Kansas Is visiting
relatives In these parts.
Miss Margaret Fctzcr, of Lincoln,
visited a few days this week with Miss
Edith Pltz and brother.
Byron Reed's children are sick with
scarlet fever.
The members of the U. 11. church
are 1-oldlng their day prayer meetings
at the homes of the different members.
Mrs. Wilber Hall of Omaha Is visit
ing with her sister, Mrs. Oscar Gapen.
Ben Horning and his brother, John,
are visiting a few days with their
sister. Mrs. Tom Wiles.
A fewof the farmers are putting up
Ice since the cold snap.
George Berger was a PIjtsmouth
visitor Monday.
Lafe Nelson and Fred Spanglcr
made a trip to Murray yesterday.
"Gut Hell," the favorite cigar
Mt-nIkiU. Dentist. C.:iN' Block,
(Liyrih smoke)
Saves time ami trou
ble, (iives better satis
faction than oKl meth
od of smokintr meats.
Prescription I'ruitirlstit
mid I'alnl Healers.
Special Correspondent
Mrs. August Kuehna was on the sick
list the first of the week, but at pres
ent is improving.
J. Guehlsdorf is on the sick list.
Mr. A. Newman is on the sick list.
J. P. Mockenhauptwas in town Mon
day shaking hands with old friends.
Paul S. Crink entertained his father
the fore part of the week.
Mrs. J. Rohrdanz returned from Lin
coln Tuesday.
A. J. McNamara returned from his
business trip to Lincoln, safe and
sound, Monday noon.
August Rieck shipped a car of stock
to South Omaha Monday.
Fred Menchan and family, Frank
Rosens and wife, Harry Williams and
family, spent Tuesday with August
Kuehna and family. '
A. S. Depner and Jim Place were
Ashland passengers Saturday, going
from there to Omaha, and returning
to Murdock Sunday evening.
Richard, the youngest son of Mr.
and Mrs. H. A. Tool, has had quite a
siege of indigestion, but at present Is
on the mend.
Miss Maud Gorsage left for her home
at South Auburn Saturday.
Miss Anna Goeliry visited with
friends at Wabash Saturday.
A.S. Dcpnerhas been awarded the
contract for the erection of a live thou
sand dollar house on Mr. Peter Gake
meier's farm, the contract price for
the carpenter work being live hundred
and tifty dollars.
J. T. Evans of Lincoln was a busi
ness visitor in town Saturday.
Mrs. James Crawford returned Sat
urday evening.
C. J. Lclsand family spent Sunday
with Mr. Martin Hamcl's family of
W. G. Gentry spent several days vis
iting relatives 'n Murdock, returning
to his home near Louisville Tuesday.
Miss Minerva Tool Sundayed with
friends at Alvo.
J. Goeliry, jr., and Miss Bertha
Goeliry spent Friday In Louisville.
Another change has taken place In
the L. F. Langhorst store at this place.
This time W. P. Parker goes down
and out, and H. C. Kohlbrush took
charge Monday and will act as mana
ger in the future. Henry, we hope
you won't contractthe habit of throw
ing coal and brickbats at innocent par
ties, for it's rather a costly practice.
Louie helming wcnttoOmaha Tues
day to work for the Omaha Cement
Rock company while things are dull
on the farm:
Mrs. Paul Schavy is on the sick list.
Farm hands are a very scarce article
in this community and some arc com
manding as high as thirty-tive dollars
per month and having their ponies
Miss Emma Bornemeier took her
younger brother to Omaha Tuesday to
consult a specialist In regard to the
little fellow's health.
Murdock will not want for millinery
goods the coming season as Mrs. Geo.
Colbert will Install a large stock of
these goods In the building formerly
occupied by M. Sorlck, about March
first, and In the meantime she will
occupy the F. Wolf building north of
Martin & Tool's store.
A deal was made Tuesday In which
George Colbert purchased the Simon
Obernalte property on cast Main
street. Mr. Colbert will engage in
the real estate business, and any one
wishing to buy land will do well to see
this gentleman.
W. I). Parker departed for Lincoln
Tuesday evening.
Mr. C. Patterson, nj Narka, Kansas,
visited with O. E. Mchonald this
O. H. Eggleston received a telegram
from Farnam Monday, which briefly
stated that his brother had been In
jured with a pitchfork and was uncon
scious. He departed for that place at
once but we have not teen able to
learn what the results were.
At the village board meeting In
Murdock, Tuesday, Wm. Gehrts was
elected village marshal and George
Lelswas elected clerk of the village
hoard to till' vacancies. Several ordin
ances were adopted s'-ich as tax-sidewalks,
lire limit, etc. -
Through the efforts of C.A,5Lels
and II. II. Nelt.el, Mrs. Melissa J.
Crawford has been granted a pension
of eight dollars per month with back
pay, aggregating nearly live hundred
dollars. Much credit Is due these
L'C'titlemen fur Mirlr effort.
Plat t ,ii'oi!lh w t i h ue a
Rummage Sale
Snyder's Old Stand,
February 14th. 1.1th, loth and 17th.
Plattsmouth has fallen into line, and
Is to have one of those popular
Rummuge Sales
that are being given with such success
all over the country.
Every one may be benefited thereby.
and the co-operation of the entire
town Is solicited. Gather together
the things for which you have no
further use, (although still usable) and
send I hem down to the
Rummage Sale,
at Snyder's Old Stand, and perhaps
you will find Just what you are waul
ing among the things your neighbor
has sent in.
You will lie brnellled. For years,
perhaps yo'i have been taking care of
things too good to throw away, but
for which you have no use: here's
you're chance send them down to the
Rummage Sale, atSnyder's ld Stand.
rm,.. i i . ii
x iic- i eopie iicnerany:
You will be benefited: for here you
will llnd, for a mere song, everything
you can think of, from a linen collar
to a cook stove at the
Rummage Sale,
at Snyder's Old Stand.
The Presbyterian Ladies:
Will lie benefitted, for besides hav
ing anopportunlty to empty thelrown
attics and packing boxes, they are of
fering the same opportunity to their
friends: giving every one a chance to
buy good second-hand articles at un
heard of prices, and are going to make
money, besides, at the
Rummage Sale
atSnyder'sOld Stand, Feb. llth, 1.1th,
Kith and 17th.
The room will be open all week to
receive contributions, and the sale be
gins Wednesday, Feb. Uth, at :i o'clock
and continues the balance of the week
afternoons and evenings.
Below Is a list of articles solicited
for the sale:
Culls and Collars,
Sweaters, Etc.
I 'ndergarinents.
Handbags, Etc.
Furniture of all Kinds:
Frames. Kte.
(Furniture slightly out of repair, may
lie 'nought by some one can repair it.)
Pictures, Lamps,
Mirrors. Jars.
Carpets, Crocks,
Rugs, Cans,
Curtains, Garden Tools,
Dishes ( perfect and marred)
Knivesand forks, Stoves,
Oil Stoves, Gasoline Stoves,
Gas Stoves, iiooks,
Magazines, (incomplete years)
Magazlness, (assorted)
Bric a-Brac, and a 1,000 other things.
Rummage Sale
at Snyder's Old Stand,
Feb. 14, 15, 16, and 17.
To Our Cnuntry Friends.
The ladlesof the Presbyterian church
take this method of asking their coun
try friends for donations toward their
SALE, February 14, IS, 10 and 17.
We will be most grateful for any
thing In the way of country produce,
eggs, butter, fowls, etc., for the mar
ket which we have In connection with
the BUM MAGE SALE, at Snyder's
old stand.
Magpie Grove
(SMvlul Corrcsixindi'iicc.)
Adolf Stcnkamp of near Manley
passed through here last week enroute
to Mr9. Young's to buy some line
George Schafer and wife returned
from the western part of the state
last Friday.
Quite a numbcrof relatives gathered
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam
IIHd Friday evening, tb celebrate the
latter's birthday.
Mrs. Schafer butchered hogs Friday
for summer use.
. Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Cathey were
n!"1". I1"-' Plattsmouth visitors Satur
d.ll. dim P.oedeker returned home Friday
froiti the Cottier university where he
finished up a business course.
Pursuant to the change in our linn which
is now C. IC. Weseott's Sons, we desire to
make the following bona fide offer:
During the month of February we will
tfive to every cash customer a liberal discount
from our regular marked prices, on every
thing in the house except overalls, linen col
lars, cotton flannel gloves, and mitts and
certain lines of hosiery. Understand, we are
not closing our doors to change the
marks on a nnle tiling, or to set aside
the heist things, but e ery article in the store
is marked in plain American figures, and
whatever you et off from these, is real dis
count. We cannot make a stated per cent of
discount toapply to everything alike, assume
things, such as odds and ends, will stand
more than others, but everybody will receive
exactly the same reduction on any stated
Now permit us to state here, that this is
not a "slaughter sale," a "closing out sale"
or a fake sale of any kind. We have never
resorted to such and never intend to
This is simply in the nature of a re
membrance we are willing to ive you
on this, the oceassion of our lirst month's
business as a new firm. If you need
anything,' in our line, opeeially anything in
winter wear, claim this special February dis
count, and you'll buy jootl joods cheaper
than you ever did before.
Yours for a square deal and no monkey
"Where Quality Counts"""j
M . I o i . r 1 1 : i ! . l i b. 'ml
Wallace Phil pot passed through
here Saturday enroute for Murray to
see Dr. Gilinore about his toe which
begot cut oil in a coin shredder last
Friday. He is getting along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Puis visited at
the home of William Puis Sunday.
Adam Schafer was a caller in this
neighborhood Monday.
Otto and Mata Puis made a trip to
Plattsmouth Monday. Mata will stay
in Plattsmouth for a few months to
learn the dress making business.
P. A. Hild passed through this
locality Monday tacking up bills for
Mike 1 1 lid's public sale, the 21st of this
Herman Beck shelled corn Tuesday,
delivering It to the Murray market.
1902 Clipper
with two knives $13.25
A Card.
This Is to certify that all druggists
are authorized to refund your money
If Foley's Honey and Tar fails to cure
your cough or cold. It stops the cough,
heals the lungs and prevents se.iious
results from a cold. Cures la grippe
cough and prevents pneumonia and
consumption. Contains no opiates.
The genuine Is in a yellow package.
Refuse substitutes. G. Frlcke &
John Hall, wife and daughter, Miss
May, who have been visiting with the
family of ). G. Hall, departed this
morning for a short visit at Omaha
before returning to Hamburg, la.
Stewart Clippers
With two Knives,
Hand Clippers,
Horse Brushes,
-Garry Combs, Etc I