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Murray Department
I I f i r m r k a r . i r-v 1 1
jT.Kr.vKKi ix 'iin:
( Yum of' 1'ic ivfi r ""'mi' Ahoic of' ii
HY inniJ it'll " intnt.-KH'- Journal
m-Ml erent or an Hon of intent in this virinU;, .nil iwul Mine tn t!m oLnr it will .; r umkr thi htnJhuj.
To have a Checking Account
in the Bank is Not a Hobby
There is reason in it;
It is wise and it pays.
YOU can pay your hills with checks which we
return to you. Kach cheek is a receipt in full
for every dollar you pay out.
Your check book shows just where the money went.
This is a nood system of bookkeeping. You can
have your hank hook balanced at any time: it should
be balanced at least once a month. .Sometimes your
memory fails you you forget whether or not you
paid a certain bill at the store. If you kept a check
ing account and paid your bills by cheek, you could
turn to them they will show the bills you paid, the
date and the amount.
Murray State Bank.
Chas. S. Stone, Cashier. Murray. Neb.
Big Night for Workmen.
Last Saturday evening was another
ItiK nlht for the Murray Indue, A. O.
U. W., at which time nineteen new
members were Initiated, and became
full Hedged members of one of the
greatest and best Insurance orders Id
the land. The old members bad a
itcnulno good old fashioned time, while
the new candidates had their hands
full dodging the ferocious attacks of
the well trained "wat." Following
were the new candidates taken In:
Thos. Nix, Peter Smith, Kelly lihoden,
S: Strauss, John Law, Frank Uhoden,
J. iiecn, Tfios. LaiiKhlln, Wade Por
ter, James Mantlets, James Lough
ridge, (iuy Patterson, Tom Smith,
Frank Vullery, Nick Wlaurens, Ld.
F.lllott. Cilenn Yallery and James
Loosing Fine Calves.
J. A. Walker has hcen experiencing
a serious time with his cattle. An un
known disease has fatally attacked
three of bis llncst calves, and he has
another that will die, unless some re
lief can he found. Thcdiseaee issome-
They Have Adopted the Journal's Suggest
tions of I Few Weeks Ago.
The Enterprising Citizens Hate Already
Quite a Sum Subscribed for this
Mrs. Will (i rllllth Is dangerously 111
at this writing.
F. M. Young, sr , was In Platls
niouth last Saturday.
Ceo. Shradcr was a passenger for
Omaha Wednesday evening.
Iir. It. F. brendel made a profes
sional trip toAvoca Wednesday.
L. 11. I'nderwood was In Omaha
Wednesday going vlal'lattsmouth.
Mr. and Mrs. John Chalfant were
visiting friends in Murray Monday.
Mrs. (tcorge Conrad, from near Ne
hawka, was a Murray visitor Tuesday.
Allen Land was attending to busi
ness matters In and near Murray this
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Win.
Sporer lias heon unite sick for the past
few days.
II. (. Todd was In Plattsinouth last
Tuesday i huslness, returning on
Head the advertisement of the
Aturray State Hank In this Issue of
the Journal.
Chas. S. Stone and lr. (I. II. till
more made a trip to Council P.lulTs
Sunday evening.
The Ladles' Missionary Society met
at the home of Mrs. (i. II. Cillmore
Wednesday afternoon.
MeUinnls Churchill and wife at
tended the minstrel at the Parmele In
Plattsinouth last evening.
Supper will be served at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Maker on the night
of the masked ball, February It.
Mr. and Mrs. O.ra Virgin and Mis,
William Holmes spent the day at the
home of Ir. Ilrendel Wednesday.
A Murray ft lend orders a copy of the
Journal sent to lUn Chalfant, of Kaw
Hide Ihilte, Wyoming, for one year.
Miss Helen, the daughter of Kev.
Richie and wife, has been confined to
her home with the grippe for the past
few days.
Mrs. Fred Hensen was in Murray
Wednesday, looking after the wants of
the people wanting tine perfumery and
toilet soaps.
C. S. Stone, James llatchett, Mont
Ilobb, Chas. lull, A. (5. Long and Lee
Nieliles attended the nlav at the Par
mele last evening. '
Chas. S. Stone went to Nebawka
Monday to care for the duties at the.
tank (luring the absence of his brother-in-law,
Cashier West.
Mis. Win. Johnson, nee Miss Nellie
Chalfant and daughter, of I'.elle
Foutehe, S. !., spent Monday with
lr. and Mrs. Uilmore.
It Is either take fraternal Insurance
or have an arm talked otT, and some
possess sunieieut stoicism tosutTerthls
linguistic amputation..
Ora havisand wife, Pay Davis and
wile, llohert Shradcr and wife and
MIssTruda Long attended the play In
Plattsinouth last evening.
We understand that Leo Nickles has
sold his tine driving team to J. 1.
Tlgner. We never thought Lcc would
part with these line animals.
Mrs. J. A. Walker went to Peru last
Friday to spend a few days with her
daughter, Miss Margie, who Is attend
ing the State Normal there.
Ed Parrlott, State Deputy for the
A. o. U. W., departed last Sunday
morning for his home in Peru. Kd put
In some good work In around Murray
Mrs. Frank Moore departed Monday
for Peru, where she will visit a few
days with her daughter, Mary, who Is
attending school at the state normal
Ir. H. F. Iliendel was In Avoca last
Wednesday, going over to release his
son who In Lincoln with a patient who
was entering the hospital In that city.
Hugh M. P.obb was up from Wyom
ing Tuesday afternoon tospendafew
horns witli his parents. His mother
accompanied him home to spend a few
Mrs. W. S. Smith and Mrs. C. A.
Kiwis returned from their northern
trip Wednesday. Mis. Smith reports
a very pleasant trip and numerous en
joyable visits among relatives and
J. M. Stone, President of the Mur
ray State ltank, was in Murray Satur
day. Mr. Stone has Just returned
from the south, where he has been
spending part of the winter, lie re
ports a very enjoyable time.
Mrs. William Holmes came In Tues
day from Carbondale, Osage county,
Kansas, to spend a few days with her
daughter, Mrs. O.ra Virgin, and other
relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs.
Holmes formerly lived east of Murray
before going to Kansas. She seems
very much delighted to get hack to
Murray for a visit w ith her friends.
The business men of Murray and
farmers of that vicinity arc certainly
pursuing the proper course in now en
deavoring to locate an enterprise to be
knon as the Murray Live Stock and
Sales association, organized by home
people and to be controlled by home
members of the association. Their
plans at present are far from being
perfected as they lirst want to see how
much stock in the association can be
sold, and how much money in such a
t iiiiur new to Mr. Walker In a 1 his ex- manner can he raised. A paper is
nerience in cattle feeding and raising; now being circulated, and several bun
also, to other cattlemen of that sec- d red dollars has already been sub-
tion. It seems to attack the younger scribed, and a very few of the parties
animals and Is sure and quick in Its that ought to be Interested have been
work. Interviewed In regard to the matter
Their nlnn la tn hold sales of various
pAni., nr,).n Mnvrnu Gi'hAn a mr Inn r
Dcnman Thompson's
Greatest of Pla.ys
T'?,".m3w kinds at regular dates to be named
.nth ending 1-cbruary 2, WO.,: hande ,ye Qf B
v nn he i-Kni! ! ! ! ! ! ! " ! ! '. ! ! '. ! ". 47 kinds, sell and buy of the farmers both
Total attendance In nays 7i amome ana aoroau. uy uus means
Average dally attendance 43.2" they hope to cut oil the prollts usually
Number neither tarriv or auscni... dcrved by the middleman. They will
Number 5 '. '. '. also build lots and sheds for the accom-
mouatlon or me volume 01 business
th$jK 1 P 0 ID 0
The following were neither tardy or
absent in High school for the month:
Vance Pitman Villa Oapcn
llessle' Ilrendel Kay Spangler
Chas. Ferguson Alice (Jobelman
Howard Martin Kdgar Martin
Peter Gobeinian
A. II. K.vttiiAUT, Principal.
Those neither tardy or absent:
Jessie Jarman Lorelta Walker
Kalph Kennedy Kuth Lindsay
Martin Sporer Francis Martin
Johnny lirisbln Arthur Jarman
Johnny Lindsay George Murphcy
Oliver C.anen Louise Lindsay
Pertle Martin
Primary Teacher.
transacted, and increase as the busi
ness grows. If the present plans can
be carried out they will then organize
and appoint competent oftlcers to carry
on the affairs of the association in a
business like maimer. This Is a move
ment that should receive the hearty
support of every business man and
farmer In and near Murray, according
to their means, and no doubt will.
The Journal several weeks ago ad
vised the business men of Plattsinouth
to organize such an association, but it
seems our enterprising little neighbor
taken time by the forelock and
beat our fellows to it. The Murray
people are to be congratulated for
their energy, and we hope the enter
prise will prove a great success.
Complete Production Ideal Cast
Famous Old Homestead Double Quartet
Under Management of
NO HIGH EH 25c - 50c - 75c - $1.00 N0
Church Chimes.
The attendance on divine service was
very small at each of our churches on
last Lord's day.
When Gov. Folk closed the saloons For Sale.
on Sunday In St. Louis, the crime for An eighty acre well improved farm,
those days promptly decreased fifty- seven miles from Murray and Union;
live per cent. The merchants also re- (l)Ur rtom house, good water and out
ported business much better on the buildings. For particulars call on or
Wm. Hkxdiik ks,
Murray, Neb.
following Mondays.
Mrs. W. S.iSmlth returned from her
visit on Wednesday and reports a' very
pleasant time.
-rirttrr. llko Heeler. In tlie field to die.
Then. UUo b M-rfmiif(l 1'iirls, turn uml lly
The Sabbath school class of Mrs. W. Tlie unuvrsigned will sell at public
S. Smith was taught by Miss Agnes auction, at bis home, one mile cast and
Kennedy on last Sabbath morning.
Public Sale.
A Pleasant Evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. llaker entertain
ed six couples at cards at their home
Tuesday i veiling. The evening was a
most enjoyable one to all present, and
at the usual hour dainty refreshments
were served. Mr. Kaker's father, who
is an excellent violin player, was pic
sent and after the visitors had grown
tired of playing cards, the old violin
was taken down, and to the sweet
strains of music the merry visitors en
joyed an hour or so of delightful danc
ing. Following were those present:
Mr. and Mrs. Mediums Churchill, Mr.
and Mrs. W. C. ISrown, C. S. .stone and
Miss Carrie Allison, lr. Jake P.rcndel
and MissGussie IbO'b, L. L. Hall and
Miss Clara Karstens.
The missionary offering at the Pres
byterian church was Increased to$U.OO
at the morning service on last sao-
bath. Those In position to know say
that f mm 2.00 to $2..r0 will give the
ono mile south of Murray, Neb., on
MONDAY, February 19, 1906,
The following described property, to.
wit: Nine head of horses 1 bay mare
!) years old, weight 1400; 1 bay horse,
single driver, years old, weight 12(H);
poor savage an opportunity to accept i ray mare 10 years old, weight 1200;
m..i.. i.ic v.vinr t iree vearnng cons; i gray o
years old, weight 1100; 1 bay mare 8
Is It right for the father to quietly V(.nr. m weight 121H); 1 gray mare 0
Cmni.ehis nine and cigar, while the vears old. weight 1200 with foal to
n.ninB-i,niilte.n-lnr and the lack. 32 head ofcattle-8 mliiieows
Sabbath school teacher are seeking to
save the boy from the tobacco habit?
President Lincoln compose:!, signed
and advocated the following pledge
"Whcseas, the use of alcoholic liquors
as a beverage Is productive of pauper
Ism. degradation and crime; and he
llevlng It Is our duty to discourage
that which produces more evil then
good, we, therefore pledge ourselves
I chine milk: i :-yr-old heifers fresh
In the spring; o -Syr-old hellers; "J s-yr
old steers: 4 vearling steers; 1 steer
calves: 1 high grade Short Horn bull
eomlnir two vears old; 1 hlgli grade
Short Horn bull calf; l pedigreed mioh
Horn bu . Sixty bead or sboats am
one full-blooded Poland China boar
Wagons, machinery, etc. One force
feed seeder, one 4-section harrow, one
fanning mill, one feed grinder, one
horse holler and (I horse engine, one
bav rack, one hay rake, one lumber
,.in rMn, nsnnf lnt.nxica-t.ini; wiiL'on. one low-wheeled wagon, ten
Ul UU.-M.I.I. Iiv - - " ..... .1 ... l., 1.1.1
UHl! muni iimoinj nr, "' """i"-"1
liquors as a beverage
whim oats: one cook stove, one neat
Ing stove: one dozen thoroughbred Ked
l.eirborns. Oilier tilings too numer
oui to mention.
Sale Will Begin at 10 O'clock, A. M
Terms of Sale! (mS'td
K) one, year s time
Scats on Sale at Riley Hotel, Monday, February 12
l liiivr tlie winners of nil tli Spmilsli medals ami
t lie Or nil Sweepstakes Championship In Spain
In tin' past two seasons, I'leadoSonilirlo. ttiiresnr.
Kestlvo. Uallarilo. liraninlor.'enelnso. Ilanilolero. Villain). ChImv.uiIo. Sulfnroso. liomilo.
Slleneloso. I.tii'lilu. l.lstailo. .Mhiiiuio. I'uliilo. Astuto. I'lendor. Auda.. Moreno, liuaelo, Salule-
iido. Monlador. , ...
These (frealest of all show-rlliK-wlii tiers were Imported hy me In the three Importations In
January. Marrh and April, and are now neellniated and ready for sale.
My ureal arnty or American aim iioinu-Kniw 11 ji.itks. in-nuni ity inr ivmuoiiioii .iiii-kh anil
tirl.t! winners. Tlicer'u tlrown. Oinnoiseur. KlnK llrillitint. tjulck retiirns. dold Sire.
1. . . . 1... I ...I .'. i !... ! f.... t I... ,,'..11. .... .. ....It
lioaiieaux. rerriiiiu-. 1.1'iiy ijhu, i im i i-m. umrwur, w n-,u-ni, .. nm. i.iiiik rust man.
Anchor. Hoy-Ill Him. Iowa Hoy. l'razas. KlnK l.ear. ArlstiH-rat. Hlaek Knlht, Atnerleaii
I'rlde. (iold Stamp. I'anulox. (Jimllty. Kondiis. Jolly Hover, Kamnrii. None Hetter. Ilest-of-All.
lllaniotid Cutter. I'ra.ant, KiH'keft'ller. Aeeompllshinent. Itar None, all tlrst prize and
hamplonshlp winner, and a liosi or yoniiifer ones, are wiiiiont exception the itirtfest anil
llnest collection of lacks In the worm, anil me lie iianii itiri-u-year-olil -olerlio. whleli 1 Im
ported from llit) Iwland of Malta in thu McUite rrani'ttn Sea lat April Is the largest siecltnen
of tlie Maltress hreed ever raised on Uml Island. My collection of Jacks Is worth polntf hun
dreds of ml leu to see.
1 am the most extensive importer ami ureeneroi .hicks in tlie i nited Elates, linn I am
irepared to furnish you more itiallty ateonservntlve values limn you can Hud In America or
Ourope. Klmt-elass mules four months old are selling nearly every where at Hiu each. I am
oiii.nii'tliiir to litiv all mules sired liv my lacks from ordinary mari s at ii.icach at 4 months
old. and I furnish printed contracts to each purchaser, which enahles him to stand the Jack
"I ... ...., , , , . ,
I have preserve!! t tie im'si ohmhi nnrs oi in,- m-si ii.iiiwh's hiiil inivr wit iM'en nru, ami
have in my Imrn the la-sl lired Jacks now llvlnu. und they are the liest mule producers that
can Ih' had. liememlH T that It reiiilrcs IiIim iI to show results. I have foreign pureliascrH
from Kussla. Arnentlne. .lamalca. Hawaii, ittexico ami Lamina. Who eome to Cellar Kaplds.
the izreatcst Jack center In llie world, to liny lucks.
ii,r, (nun Kansas. Oklalioma. and the southwest take evenlnii tn.ln In Kansas Cltv
on Milwaukee Koad. urrlvlnir In Cedar Uaplils for breakfast next mornliiu, no chanu'c of ears.
All customers from east or i ihchim anil west oi i-mitua siioum nine .orunvcstern main line
fnnn those cities; from north of M liinenpolls. take Kock Island lioute from MliineatHilis.
Ho not let the hoys leave the farm, liaise more horses and mules. It pays lictier than any
tlilim you can do. A lack will pay for himself In a seaso, and tlie stallions I am oirerlnu will
do the same. It will take .n.nue mules per year for l.i years to luilld the I'anama canal.
M;nnc nave lourieeii unit won lirst premiums in nei-
AmOng my aiaillUIIS plum, six sweepstakes ami four told medal win
ners. 'J hcsc stallions arc as i;t)oii as nave ih-cii uiioricii. ami i win sen ineiu ai sr;mi ,o Allien
each. My I'en herons and lierman Coaches were all lnioricil at t iVo-year-oliK are now
t hrey-year-olds ami "as line as silk." and no one can show a lietter string. I'erelieroiis.
IUUU to -IIIM; (ierinan I oaclies. in to si.ii.
1 also have a full line of American bred, registered. IN rchemn stallions wi'lflilnu from
lsim pounds to '.'.ten ihiuihIs. you can have your choice for The lime for pay inn fiilnilour
prh'es for stiillioiis Ims i;tssed. 1 am positive that I am oll'erlnir greater bargains than eves
tM'tori' Oltereit III pan les willlllllK Sliliuoiis. .uj oi-mu.n .--iitinuns nn. no- inuii-)Mril en. si.v-
llsli. active. hli2h-uolnu tviie. with short, strallit. powerful hacks, wide and ticcu in chest ami
slltle. an iibuiidalice of clean. Hat Nine, and tlie lies! fool of any horse.
W rite for cntiilonue ami iicscriptions ami come aim see ociorc you ouv.
Jack owners! Uenhter your Jacks In the American Jack Hi ;:lsU r. W rite fur blanks.
W.L. DeCLOW. Cedar R.sxpids. Iowa..
Holmes & Smith
Murray : Nebraska : Mynard
0 0
will be given, purchaser to give bank
able note bearing 8 rer cent interest.
No nronertv to be removed until terms
arc compiled with.
n, o. stunt, uwner.
t. K. Paiimki.k, Auctioneer.
Cii At. S. Si on k, Clerk.
-:v. fl,st Pt; r for tU Hast Money. MjtiiM:.1l
V, tie at for cntalofrue and 1 (V' V'i ;'H UPM
:. - V, . ' I NCtN; WORKS. fe?1Sg
:.! mi -t Omaha, JJkb. "'i'i'J..u""1' ' "'
Lands, P.anches and City Pt(?al Estate
In Nebraska and fiLscwhcre bought
sold ajiS 'exchanged.
Itentiils, 1Nnratiee mid Abstracting of
'1'IUtV' Money U loan il low rate of
Sittereston Improved fiirm. MuslneM
correspondents In H lniortKnt rilles
and lowiin In mo i n" .-""
International Pratt's
and Mess's
The three best brands
vof -STOCK FOOD on
the market today
l'recrlptloii tiruirnlsts
mid I'uliil liemers
FaniiGrsana investors
(iet ready totakeadvautage of the
Cheat EunrsUn U tasleri
this iprinir tod lnvitigte the ad
vtnt i Rft offered you in the Famt'JS
Bit Bead Caaitry. Wtli land at
low prlcea, eiir lerma; a Rood clim
ate, never a fallurt of cropa, no Ctt
Iructlve atorma. Write to ua at
once for llhiatratcd pamphlet.
W Btfu4 HallrMa Far U PartbaMra.