The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 21, 1905, Image 2

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Only Ten Days Away.
Have you found just what you wanted to give for Xmas? If not,
come to our store and seethe many things we have suitable for
gifts. We may save you wornry, well surely save you money.
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"Gut Hcil," the favorite cigar
Smoke the Wurl Bros.' celehratcd
'Gut Ileil" cigars.
Cloaks and Furs. Late arrivals.
Lowly prices at Herold's.
Dr. Elster, Dentist,
Waterman Block.
Geo. N. LaKue, of Union, was a bus
iness visitor in i'lattsmouth Wednes
day. Philip Meisinger, one of the pros
perous farmers of the precinct was in
i'lattsmouth today.
In county court Monday J. iteinke
of South Ker.d, was appointed guardian
of Annie Keinke, incompetent.
F. II. Stander and wife, of Wabash,
were in thecity Monday.Mr. Stander to
pay his taxes and Mrs. Stander
make oine Christmas purchases.
We are always glad to
ricasant was in
the lirst of the year, no to Council
I Muffs, la., to make their home.
Cloaks and Furs, Late arrivals.
Lowly prices at Herold's.
Adam Meisinger, of Cedar Creek,
was a I'lattsmouth visitor today.
If looking for economical gifts
patronize the "10c counter at
I'ncle Nick Ilalmes while in the city
Friday called on the Journal and re
newed his faith in the paper another
You will be surprised when you
see what fine gifts you can buy off
of the "10c counter" at Herold's.
August Krecklow and John Kohr
danz, of Manley, were in I'lattsmouth
Siturday and paid the Journal otlice a
pleasant call.
J. K. I'. Cirper, of Fnion. came up
A. S. Will and Wes Cherry and fam-j today to pay hi semi-annual dues to
county, and while here made the Jour
nal oili."e a pleasant call.
James Stander, of Louisville, was In
I'lattsmouth a few hours this after
noon, returning home from a business
trip out in Merrick county.
John Knabe, a prominent farmer of
ily departed this morning lor the V ill
ranch in Colorado. Mr. Cherry has a
position on the ranch and will remain.
Geo. Horn and wife came in from
Cedar Creek lat evening to attend the
Kenner-bobbins wedding. George
returned home this morning but Mrs.
Horn remained until this evening.
Mrs. J. I. Lewis, of Murray, was in
town Tuesday, and showed her good
judgment in subscribing for the Jour
nal one year as a Christmas -rift to
horse! i. A good way to do.
Marriage licenses wcreissued Monday
to Lee Faris. aged :!" of Murray, and
Miss Lorena May Harris, aped 20, of
Union. Also to Cash L. Wiles, aged
:.', and Miss Olive M. Cole, aged 20,
lxth of I'lattsmouth.
J. L. Kennedy, electrician for the
I'lattsmouth Telephone company and
wife, went out to Louisville Tuesday
to look after some telephone busi
ness. They were accompanied by
Harve Manners, managerof the Weep
ing Water exchange.
J. L. Young, from near Murray,
passed through I'lattsmouth Tuesday
morning going west with a view of
purchasing some land. He expects to
uoas far west as Alliance and will
look at a number of large tracts as he
wishes to purchase a ranch.
T. J. Rhoden. who has been laid up
with the rheumatism ever since the
7th of November, made his first trip
to riattsmouth Wednesday since then
In fact this is the lirst time he has
been away from home. Hut the Jour
nal is pleased to note his improve
ment. otto reck..-r, of Pacific Junction,
was a I'lattsmouth visitor Tuesday.
IlestirteJ over with his team but
when he pot to the river he found that
the ice prevented the ferry from run
ning, and he was compelled to return
to the Junction and come over on the
train. Otto came over to do some
holiday trading
Cass county.
meet him.
J. F. Hild of Mt
town Wednesday.
George Oberle and Jake Reiter, of
Eagle, were in riattsmouth Monday.
If looking for economical gifts
patronize the "10c Counter at Her
old's. Mrs. J. A. Walker and daughter,
Mrs. Dr. Gilmore, of Murray, were
hercJWedneday making Christmas pur
chases If you want to remember them all,
and only a few dollars to spend, pat
ronize Herold's ioc counter.
J. W. Hostetter, of near Murray,
was in the city Wednesday, reports his
son, Claude, as much improved in his
late illness.
Dainty Handkerchiefs make tha
best Christmas presents. Most
complete assortment at Herold's.
John McXurhn, of Mt. Pleasant
precinct and Charley Reihart of Cul
lom were in town Wed nesday.and made
this otllce a business call. They will
have a big sale at Mr. McNurlin's
home on Wednesday, January 10, at
which a m eat deal of personal property
will be disclosed.
The many friends of Claus Jireckcn
feld in I'lattsmouth will regret to learn
that he was again compelled to go to
St. Mary's hospital at Rochester,
Minn., for treatment. He has been
theru several times alreadv. and itisi
hoped he will return this time much
improved. Mr. Rreckenfeld is a for
mer resident of I'lattsmouth, where
Nehawka. was in the city Saturday!
on business, and while here called and he lived for a number of years,
renewed for the Journal. 1 Nels Murray is pretty busy
this i
Dainty Handkchiefs make the
best Christmas present. Most
complete assostment at Herold's.
A. II. Fernoff, one of our prosperous
farmers west of town, was in the city
Saturday and paid the Journal oftice a
pleasant call. lie will, in the future,
be a reader to the Daily Journal.
Atost complete assortment of
Handkerchiefs in town for Ladies
and Gentlemen at Herold's. They
make most acceptable presents to
Thos. Nix, of near Murray, accom
panied by his uncle, A. A. Holmes, of
Union, was in the city Wednesday, and
were callers at the Journal office. Mr.
Nix will leave today for Thomas
county, to spend the holidays with
his father.
Youwill be Surprised when you
see what fine gifts you can buy off
of the 10c counters at Henry Her
olds. Among the prizes awarded at the
corn growing contest in Lincoln last
week, Talmage Miller, of Greenwood,
was econd best, Robert Engel. of
Saunders county, securing lirst prize.
The former secured a steel windmill
and the latter a cream separator.
Two hundred and thirty prizes were
J. II. Meisinger, one of the ln;ss
farmers cf Cass county, living west of
town, was in the city Saturday, and in
conversation with him he tells us that played ball all the time.
week installing his new feed grinding
machinery, and in a few days he will
be ready to meet parties wishing feed
and meal. The new machinery is be
ing placed at his elevator near the
Missouri Pacific tracks.
Jim Sage returned from his farm
near Gallatin. Mo., where he went to
get four head of horses that he had
sent there for the summer's work.
They were shipped over the Wabash
to Malvern, la., and driven from there
home. Two of the animals were sold
today and will be shipped to Fierce
Mrs. M. O. Metzger, and children of
Cherry county, Nebraska, arrived in
I'lattsmouth yesterdey evening, and
she was met here today by A. B. For
noff, who conveyed her to his home
west of town. Mrs. Metzgar will re
main in Cass county visiting her
mother, sisters and other relatives for
several weeks. Mr. Metzger will ar
rive later to return home. with her.
W. A. Stephenson, who represents j
the American Collection agency of
Minneapolis, Minn., is in the city in j
the interests of that company. Mr. !
Stephenson will be remembered by
many of the older I'lattsmouth people
as playing ball here some eighteen or !
twenty years ago. He has played with
the i'lattsmouth team, and alsoagainst
them with the visitors. In those days
I'lattsmouth could boast of a ball
team that understood the game, and
he has been troubled considerable with
his rheumatism this fail. lie tells us
that his son Phillip, out at Cedar
The Misses Gertie, Laura and Per- -'reek will, in all probability, be elcct-
tha Pitman, of Nehawka, were in the
city Satujday, to the linal settle
ment of their mother's estate, which
was closed up in the county court to
day. Miss Gertie will leave the fore
part of next week for LosAngeles,Cal.,
where she will make her home at least
for the winter and perhaps longer.
Misses Lora and IJertha will, about
ed mayor of that town next spring
Henry Lehnhoff, of near Louisville,
was down to pay his taxes Wedneeday,
and of course called on the Journal. Mr.
Lehnhoff has been a resident of Cass
county for forty-five years, and of
course is numbered among the early
pioneers of Nebraska. Not only this,
but he is one of the best citizens of!
A marriage license was issued from
the county judge's o:liee yesterday j
evening to Mr. Ray Chriswisser, aged j
21. of Murray, and Miss Rosetta Wood
of near Rock ClulTs. The groom is a
son of Rennett Chriswisser, of this
city, an old and highly respected citi
zen of Cass county, and the bride is a
daughter of Joseph Wood of near Rock
Bluffs. The young people are spoken
very highly of in the community where
they have resided all their lives, and
have hosts of friends who have none
but the best wishes for their future
success and happiness.
Miss Anna Goos was a passenger
for Omaha this afternoon.
Joe Klein, of Lincoln, arrived in
Plattsmouth last evening for a short
business visit with old friends here.
Mr. Klein has been suffering witli a
stomach trouble for the past few
weeks that has confined to his home
in Lincoln
t ime.
a greater portion of the
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Benjamin Ranard. from near Mur
ray, was attending to some business
matters in Plattsmouth today, and
while making the rounds Ik; dropped
into the Journal ollice for a short visit.
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