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tv" M
By the Assistant Secretary of the Depart
ment of tne Interior.
. ,; I-, .,!,. ,i '
1 n sanity
I'l l llll.ll M'H I I tiv
act of .J une 21
ls'iii , iw-isoii non com-i
ii , in. -litis without a committee or
guardian, may til.
i valid declaration i
r pension by a competent person as
next friend, but before payment a
u janhan or committee must In? ap
pointed, are! when ipialitieil to act the
pension should be paid to him in
accordance with the practice under
the general law.
Fraud and Mistake L'-imbursement
The allowance of pension to claim
Lit under the general law was not the
result off rami practiced by such claim-
if mi.. ii tln 'i i v e in men! but as tlx
. .-Cr i.t :in ,.n:,r of judgment based i
Minsumcianl evidence and failure to !
:-uire more fr which the
Misioner was not responsib'e. and the
. ithhol ling of his pension granted
iiider i be act of .1 ui e 2. l-'.u. to is im
irs the government tor the pension ;
id under the L'eneial law was error
m i
! -J
Kraft Do. o
Q' " mre nii gf
"1 ThanK the Lord." j for the state legislature to make pro-
cried Hannah IVint. ot Little l.ock. visions tor t lie calling of the conven
Ark.. --for the relief I cot f mm IJuck-; t ion. Delegates must be chosen to
.id's Arnica Salve. It ciued my fear-j this con vent ion and the constitution
: :1 runnim; sores, which nothing else j when amended must a'ain be sub
would heal, and from which I had j mitted to the electors of the state. "
s . r.-ivd for .". years." It is a marvel-; It is pointed out that this delay
:s healer foi cuts, burns and wounds, j i very apt to discourage any attempt
liwavanteed at F. !. Frieke Co. ! to secure amendments through a con-
store: -c.
rjow's This?
I, ii:v-r tin- campaign the News pub-i
ti.-if i',nv.riN!nnti Pollard had i
ivomised not to reappoint Post master !
McCartney should he be elected. The !
i.'-Tit'eman to whom this promise was
jiven was our informant. Now Pol-j
:.ird lias written that McCartney will j that the members ot-i-e
his own successor. Amonr some i are voted on. Sh'o'itd n
democrats Mr.
Pollard's reputation
t r truth and veracity is not as oodas
it should be. and he has not yet at
tempted to square himself with those
whose support he secured under false j
r-reterises. Nebraska City News. ,
Foi: Three tine properties on '
South Lincoln Avenue,
ham, anient.
P. P.. Wind-
:'. l: e
Phil Sauter, s
n.'.ttsrn atli N-l
Willi .: i : '
c :. ' ::: :!
-i-:m i. ::ss J .
330.00 i
Overcoat .
for Men, Boys
and 1 Children
A Word
(n.-.idorin;g Quality,
you will ti'nl tlii.s the
place for those with
conservative purses
the place vim Jet the
.uality at tin- IMMCK.
( )ur advance in busi
ness is attributed ti
lu t ne t h img - -
Modern Business Methods.
Quick Sales. Small Profits
W'f like to.-lmw our jgoods
C O MuE I N!
Proposition to Hold Constitutional Conven
tion Involves Six Years Delay.
According to the Lincoln Newsstate
I ,i .i i'ji r--. r 1 i -l I - tr rw it I n linvn
""" .. ...... ..v...
-.overnor .Mickey win can
J,tv-,lon ,l-lulMl H" U1"
.:. . r i . .-...:. 1 .... . f...
the proposition for a constitutional
convention. lie would save two years
by doing so, or even a longer time, but i
niiuer any ci rcumsiuiices ue ui six
years would be required before an
amended constitution could uo into
"If the framers of the state consti-
...: ,1 i 1 v l ., I
. Liition uesiieu in muKt: it 1 1 i c ouu oie,
! they could not have done so any more
! effectively than they did in drafting it
as tlle' flkl
said Deputy Attorney
;pneral Thompson today
In the
tirst instance the legislature must pass
a joint resolution providing for a sub
mission of the question of a constitu-
! state to be voted on at the next gene
ral election for state officers. Then.
it i iiwfuci rv if 1 1 if nrnnrni u in en r r i f;
stitutional convention. However, ii
tliat method is to be empioyed the
sa vim: of t wo years through the sub-
mission by a special session would be
considered a sat isfactory cain. This
saving will be effect ed from the fact
that the constitution requires that i
ine question 01 noiuio a coineuiion i
must tie submitted at the same t ime j
the legislature ;
action be taken
now. the next leisrature" could make
provisions for a convention, while
should the latter body submit it, the
people could not not vote on the mat-
ter until 100! and several years would
elapse tefore the rina! submission to
ti,. electors of the state
S iifke the Wurl Bros
Gut Heil" ci-ars.
you "iOc
ti WJt' J'
nil iHlkin-4 iii:il:ln-s of ail kinds. :iinl :i reiril stin-k seeoixl
to limit, iiielnuiiiir ail tin. r.w hits uiiii i ;.! !.- r pieee-.. whiHi
we exchange for your old ones.
Waat is Sauce for the Goosa Should be
" "
Sauce far the Gander.'
Shippers, the lumber and m',i
and others who ship in merchandise
ty the car lots, are up in arms at the
policy that is manifested hy tin rail
roads iti charging demurrage when
the cars an: not emptied strictly on
j the dot. It seems that the railroads,
j have organized a hureau. the especial
J duty of which is to have charge of the i
demurrage charges. Allot the roads I
are into the comhinat ion and as the)
officers of the demurrage bureau are
compensated for their work in propor
tion to the charges that they collect
the charge is rigidly imposed There
is no discretionary power left w ith the I
local station agent and if he fails to
lect the charges lie must make the
sum good out of his own pocket. The
purpose of referring the matter to a
common bureau is very apparent as
being to the best interests of the
roads. There can be no more leniency
displaced by one agent than another
and for t his reason no road will have
an undue advantage at a competing j
point, of course the demurrage bur-j
eau is created ny me railroads, oi me
railroads and tor the lailn-ads. It is
merely a wheel within a wheel where
by they can shirk a bit more responsi
bility upon t In- shoulders of someone
that wil stand between them and the
public. Hut aside from being expen
sive and annoy in to the shippers it
lays undue weight upon the shoulders
of the local agents. It may seem a bit
queer that when a shipper is com
pelled to wait six weeks for a car of
coal or lumber that is consigned and
loaded not iJuu miles away that he
shall bo compelled to get such a hurry
on him when the car arrives.
Report of Public Schools.
The following is a report of the
public schools for the month ending
November -Jt. 1 '.(.:
'I'f.ielier I'll :. Atl. 'I'urtiy el !itl.
(lass 1" l"t " .IT..
Cole 4". 4.; -2 !) !
Kennedy 4 4a 2 C.S
Martens .'u 4 !4.:i
Lacey 44 4:: '.i...
i'reese 41 u '.r,A j
i Fi.-ht ::i " :2.8
j Towle 4o :-,s -2 ;a.T j
Morgan 4:: 41 u". i
' Tresham .' 41 ; WA !
Heisel 4i 4:: o ,c,.4
! Mason :2 o no.
' Whistler : r.T -J !i.;.4
! Kanka . . 4.: 41 . :i4.
Ilawksworth . . . U2.-2
Whalen ."2 4.' 2 ur,. j
Hayes 4 4". 1 !i4. I
I!. Smith 4'1 4:: 4 '.'4.2 j
j L. .Smith 47 44 o !:;(; i
; Woods :;2 2'. o td.s '
i Parw ick :::: :;i ." ;:;.s
i Hansen l':: 21 1 W.2
j Totals lm'i: .s !i4.S
j vt.. P'4 loT :itj :;i ui.r,
Sept., r."'.". ... .ioot '.i:'.s 4o o:;.i j
; Oct.. i! o." 101.", O.'l .7 '.i:;.c.
j The enrollment to date Is 111::, cor-
i responding date last year lion. Our
i tardiness record instead of improving !
i is one more than last -month.
About the Tongue. !
I Look at vour toncue in the morninir
and you often will notice a change in
the color or a coatiny: the tongue will
show the condition of your health.
Whenever it is coated, vour stomach
is out of order and you need Timer's
American F.lixir of
. jh-v uinv is no ueciei lemeuy 101 me
stomach, i ou will perceive a beneti-
eial effect from the very first dose: the
stomach will become stronger and
aeti-ve. It strengthens the intestines
and carries the digestion to the suc
cessful and designated by nature to
the formation of new and perfectly
pure blood. No other remedy does
that. If your complexion is pale, yel
low or muddy, or if you have erup
tions, loss of appetite, nausea, vomit
ting, or any other condition calling
for purifying the blood and strength
ening the stomach, use Triner's Amer
ican Elixir of Bitter Wine. At drug
stores. Jos. Triner. 7!i! So. Ashland
Ave , Chicago, 111.
Means a Great Deal For Nebranka.
I; It is believed that the change of
; j headquarters, by which the division
; , supei nuetrJent ot the Missouri Pacific
!; is to he moved to Omaha, means a
J ureal oealot reconstruction
' "V., !.,... l. .,,,, , i,, m ,. n,,
work in
.V UuTili. .1 1 IVi LllilL . i I . jU.
ed comes
nearer the actual work that he m
give it more attention. The reniov
, :" the division from Atchis-.n to Om
':' seems to he a fixed fact.
( Jma-
Pirating Foley's Honey and Ter.
Foley kv Co.. Chicago, originated
Honey and Tar as a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and popularity of Foley's Honey
and Tar many imitations are offered
for the genuine. These worthless im
itations have similar sounding names.
Beware of them. The genuine Foley's
Honey and Tar is in a yellow pack
age. Ask for it and refuse any substi
tute. It is the best remedy for coughs
and colds. F. C. Frieke & Co.
Want to Pay.
TofJav State Treasurer Mortcnsen
said tliu! M'vrral counties are oflering
, u ,,orti'"s 'f V'T' lJ'1,,(.", ?T
I held by tlie permanent school lund. In
: cases he: e t hey art- not yet at the
j period of maturity. they are oti'ering to
! pav the interest to that (.'ate. One
, county oilers to redeem .". mm and pay i
more than a year's interest in advance. !
The treasurer will probably accept
I sucli oilers, since it does not involve j
i any loss of interest, hut under other)
circumstances the redemption iti ad
vance is not permitted.
The treasurer regards the willing
ness of the counties to pay interest in
fW?"irwk Ok.- 'i n i nrl i.i'i t ! .11 s.f t I in -. ww .
pci il.v eM.suug uirougnoui ine siaie.
In many of the treasuries there is idle
money and county commissioners are
evincing a strong desire to call in out
standing obligations, because of a pop
ular demand that the surplus be used
in cutting down indebtedness. The
permanent school fund has close to
l.MMt,oon of these county lionds.-- Lin
coln News.
A Former Resident of Plattsrrjouth.
K. W. Howe of the Atchison ('lobe,
who has started on a trip around the
world, speaks of a former resident be
met in San Francisco, as follow-: "I
had an interest in; caller today : K. F.
Cunningham, formerly speaker of the
Nebraska senate, and surveyor ucneral
of Nebraska. When I lived at Falls
Citv. vearsayo, F. F. (.'unnin'Miam was
n i ' . . n i s 1 r .-.v I-. 1 i. f iiL-norl t 1 in I.'.. 1 1 L2 Cif l' '
in i . ni 'ii'i v i. ii v ik ii . tii.i vii..7
Journal, in connection with A. .1.
Weaver congressman. I loth were biy
men, and my ideals. I was about sev
enteen or eighteen years old. and
worked the old hand press. Hon. A.
.1. Weaver, member of congress, or
Hon. F. F. Cunningham, speaker of
the senate, usually 'rolled'' for me:
that is. they inked the forms with a
hand rolled. I knew them intimately,
! and admired them immensely. I had
my tirst real experience at Falls City.
The proprietors of the paper, both pol
iticians, were away a jjood deal, and I
had charge. (That was before I was
married, and Noah was a yroomsman
at my weddin-) A. J. Weaver has
been dead many years, and Mr. Cun
ningham is now postmaster of South
San Francisco. When he went to
Plattsmouth as surveyor general of
Nebraska. Paul Morton was just be
jinniny work in the office of the P. &
L. au'ed about lifteen years.
Mr. Cunningham informed me today
that he suffered twenty years with
dyspepsia, and cured himself with Cal-
ifornia olive oil: he took a tablespoon -
tul ot it twice a day. tie learned 10
like it. and now his wife cooks with it
he won't eat an vmx unless it is fried
in olive oil. His breakfast toast is
also buttered with olive oil instead of
with butter. ' From Nebras
ka. Mr. Cunningham went to Dead
wood, from Dead wood to Idaho, and
from Idaho to California'
Mrs. Merrit Kerr and son. and Miss
Maude Wells went to South Lend this
afternoon to spend Thanksyivin-r w ith
their mother and sister. Mrs. .1. P.
Wells and Mrs. Warren Deminy.
That's what a prominent
d r u ir r i s t sa id of Scott's
pinu'sion 'l
I " '
s. It o r i time
As a rule we don't
use or reier to testimonials
1 1...
I 11
but the above remark arid
similar expressions are
j ukuio so uhh u;mii c
j tion with Scot t's Km ulsioil
that they are worthy oi'
occasional note. From
infancy to old atee Scott's
Emulsion otters a reliable
means of remedying im-
. " . .
proper and weak: develop
ment, restoring lost flesh
and vitality, and repairing
waste. The action of
Scott's Emulsion is no
more of a secret than the
composition of the Emul
sion itself. What it does
it does through nourish
ment the kind of nourish
ment that cannot be ob
tained in ordinary i.-v.d.
Xo svstem is too weak or
delicate 1- retain Scott's
Emulsion and gather good
from it.
will send you a
sample tree.
Be s-.:re that this p:ct.irs i:. t'..c
form o: a label i.. on the wrapper
r.f every bottle of Emulsion voj
40? Pearl St., N. Y.
50c. and $1: all druggists.
Todd Arrested at Denver to be!
A. S.
Tried in 0m3ha.
Just How Close Relation Prisoner Bears to
Richards and Comstock Remains to
be Shown in Court.
The following is from the Omaha
Pee of this mornim.', and has reference
to a former Plattsmout h citizen:
"A. I. Todd is under arrest at Ien
ver under a warrant sworn out by the
Fnited States authorities of Omaha
charyiny him with subordination of
perjury in securing fraudulent land
tilings from old soldiers and others
within the Siade ranch enclosure of
approximately juo.nuo acres in Sheri
dan and ( berry counties, Nebraska,
which is owned and controlled by the
Partlttt Pichards and W. Coin
stock land and cattle syndicate. The
secret service ayents of tie- govern
ment under the direction of Special
Ayent Wheeler have been on the trail
of Todd for some weeks, but he has
managed to elude arrest until Monday,
when he was located and a i rested at
Denver, and now awaits the action of
the federal authorities there for his
removal to Nebraska.
Todd will be arraigned before I'nited
States Commissioner Anderson of
Omaha, who issued the warrant for
his arrest. Incriminating letters were
found in Todd's possession that show
the collusion of prominent land hold
ers, indicating Todd was acting for
them. Just how far Part let t Pichards
and W. (I. Comstock may be connected
with the matter remains to be .shown.
Todd is a former Nebraskan, his
home beintf at Plattsmouth, and he is
j rc ,,arded as one of the smoothest of
!the land ayents of land grabbers in the
country. He will be brought to Omaha
Wednesday or Friday, or as soon as
the necessary extradition papers can
be procured.
He is charged with almost identi
cally the same offenses for which
Frank Lambert, Harry Welsh and
uev. . u. ware are now under in
(ietment) thuugh ll0t with the I. P.
1 r ? Ult u jlll the Spa(e railt.,1
The trial of the federal crimi
nal docket of the I'nited States
district court will be beyun early next
week, or immediate'y upon the con
clusion of the case of Connell against
Convent of Mercy, now on trial before
Judye Munyer."
Elks Memorial Services.
On Sunday afternoon. December :rd
Plattsmouth Lodge. P. P. O. Files will
; hold public
; Coates' Hall.
memorial services in
The services will com
mence at i'::M o'clock, mid w ill consist
of the regular lodge ceremonies to
gether with addresses and an excel
lent musical program to which the
friends and relatives of the Flks are
cordially invited.
The lodge of sorrow is held annually
by the Benevolent and Protective Or
der of Flks on the tirst Sunday in De
cember, in affectionate remembrance
to the memory of departed brothers,
and this beautiful idea is being car
ried out by nearly one thousand lodges
throughout the length and breadth of
this country upon the same da. The
roll of tl io iodge of sorrow on Sunday
wili contain the names of four broth
ers for whom the lodge will mourn,
namely. Brothers .1. M. Patterson,
Percy W. Atrnew, ( tto C. Pooknieyer
and Frank .J. Morgan.
The Art of Forgetting.
Plessed h: the man who can forget
as well as remember. Forgiveness is
j ony forgiveness when it forgets, h
flip bntelirt i buried the handle
the hatchet is buried the handle
j should not stick out. The meanest of
men are t hose w ho hoard up vengeance,
; who cherish malice. With some there
I is an outburst of indignation and
that's the end. With others there is
a slow, consuming wrath that eats out
their hearts. They have only memory
of wrongs done them or fancied. They
cannot forget. Many persons with
whiter skins than the red man of the
j forest imitate him in this regard.
They m;.-s the sweet tu.-s because they
cherish the bitterness. They ru t d
education in letting y,, j-, place of
o th;i;js u.ean and ma-
. liciou.s. There is p-.ogress material
. arid intellectual because of i'oi gelling.
.There is happiness and joy because of
I loss cf memory. There is also spirit-
ual advancement for t lie same reason,
j No spiritual nature can go forward
that is continually held down by pre
cedent and prejudice. Memory be
I comes to such not wings, but weights.
It clogs and hinders. The soul would
soar, but the past pulls it down to
earth. A great spirit can lav aside
these hindrances, can use only such of
j the past as will help, and thus press
forward. But the average in the
world arc by their very memories
xribbed, cotlined and confined."
Young Folks Gather at Her Home to As
sist in Celebrating Her Birthday.
i.ast evening a i inil ot otnr' peo
ple ladeti with baskets full i t cood
things to eat very pleasant ly surpi iseil
Miss Mollie Seiver at her 1 oo . o in the
west part of town. The ejus mid
boys made known to her I hat lhe bait
come to celebrate her sixteenth biith
day and shout led many beaut itul and
Useful gifts upon her. A two course
luncheon was served and after several
hours of social games the guests de
parted wishing Mollie many more
happy birthdays. Those present were:
Agnes Foster. Pertha Adamsoo. Alice
Tuey.Allein Pennie, Margaret Cennie,
Myrtle Hall, Lillian Thompson, Cer
t rude Wray, Bessie Seiver. Mis. .1. L.
Thompson, Lotta I'oote of Omaha.
Clair Thomas, Cecil Thomas. Clenn
Thomas, Pay Smith. Hugh Cecil,
Palph M ii 1 1 is.. Civile Adauisnu. Boy
Thompson, .James Jones, Frank Pen
nie. Jennings and Don Seiver.
Funeral of Charles Denson.
The funer.i I of t he late ( 'ha I les Den -soih
.ecu r red this a f ter nt on at 2 o'clock .
The remains weie conveyed to the
Christian church, where the tuneral
services were conducted by the pastor,
Pev. Youtzey. A f t er w bil l i int erment,
was made in ( ak Hill cemetery. Tlie
funeral was attended by all his bioth
ers. his sister and a large circle of
sympathetic neighbors and friends.
A Number of Young Friends Join Miss Dora
thy Helps in the Happy Event.
Miss Dorothy Helps invited some of
her little friends to come and help her
celebrate her ninth birthday yester
day afternoon after school hours. A
more lively and cheerful crowd of lit
tle ones very seldom assemble at one
party. School children's pranks and
rollicking games amused them for sev
eral hours. An elaborate lunch of good
things was served to the little ones
and that they relished it goes without
saying. Tlie little hostess was the re
cipient of many beautiful present.".
Farly in the evening the guests de
parted for their homes. The little
ones who en joyed this afternoon treat
were: Janet Clement, Harriet ( leni
ent, Abbie Brown. Mabel Brown,
Edith Dovey, Lillian Dwyer. Louise
Fbinger, Jeanelte I'atterson, Fin ma
Cummins. Meredith Coates. William
Coates. icorge Dovey. Henry llerold.
Arthur White and Strauss pepper
berg. Important to School Directors.
j The Lincoln Journal says that state
! Superintendent McPrien has decide;
j to issue a circular to county -iupcrin-I
tendents asking them to leport what
j school district census reports have not
I been sworn to by census enumerators.
It is estimated that districts whov
statements are n t sworn to be ton
tht1 state apportionment is disburse'
in December will receive none ot t In
state funds for support of schools.
The last census liled by the school dis
trict of Lincoln is sworn to.
The Temple Male (juartette are tie
oldest musical organization on the
road today. Their reputation mu.
be sustained. We are sure of a tirl
class entertainment. F"vie seats
on sale Weddesday and Thuisday at.
he Piley hotel. Prices ."o. .V. and 2
cent s.
Mr. Smoker,
do you smoke Buds?
If you don't you .'ire
not ;ettino; jour
moneys worth.
Buds are......
Always (iood.
Always ( 'lean.
Always to bo had!
On the Market for 1 9 Years
Smoke Buds
in any style
Short Orders
Regular Meals
Our Spe
cialties. If you are hungry we can supply
you with the pick of the market
Stb door Cast of Cass Co. Bank
" J1