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Hr. Marshall, HeiitNt. Coat' I'.U-k. llavden Bio's ad In t tils p:i r
Mauy Murphy, btM'ksandstatlin
ery. Ir. Marshall, leutisl, guaranteed
Mauy Murphy, lino china ami nit
K.I Tutt Wted tin- fair at Lincoln
,t. 1.. Hailon was a Lino In visitor
Tin- ln'sl mm! a water In the world at
O.Minn V Co.'s.
Mrs. .Mm LuU visited relatives In
O.ualia Saturday.
Smoke the Win! Bio;-.' eelebrated
"i; lit Hell'' cigars.
John Line, of Lmiisx Hie, was a coun
ty seat visitor yesterday.
C. II. Van Wle or t.nalia was a
J'liiUsmoiitli visitor Saturday.
Sam Beveiage returned Friday from
a trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
iN'inocrats, remember the pilmarles
Monday evening, September U.
I)r. Frank L. Ciiniinins, dentist.
Otllee with lr. F,. I. Cummins.
L. .1. Maylield or the Louisville.
Courier was In the city Tuesday.
Albert Hut ton of Ilavelock spent
Sunday with friends In this city.
Miss lora Fricke Is visiting Mrs.
Koliert Kustln at Kvansville, lnd.
F. A. Creamer of Murdoek was a
Flattsmouth visitor last Thursday.
(i. F. S. Linton went to Chicago
Saturday for a week's business trip.
Several of our correspondents have
played "hookey" with us this week.
That real, smooth, tasteful Icecream
soda costs only fe, at tiering it Co.'s.
Three farms for sale near Mynard.
Address, l!ox No. (lis, Mynard, Neb.
Crushed fruit of all kinds with Ice
cream soda, only c nt Gerlng & Co.'s.
JudeS. M. Chapman was In Chicago
several days this week on legal bust
Mauy - Murphy are agents for
Spaulding's athletic goods, the best on
Mr. and Mrs . I. Thygcson of t'tl
ca, Nel)., were visitors In this city over
Mrs. L. K. 1 lasso wont to Blue
Springs, Neb., Friday to visit with
Albert Fricke has returned from St.
Louis and was highly pleased with the
bin show.
Will Seybert camo In from Cullom
Tuesday morning enroute for Omaha
on business.
W. II. Pool, the Weeping Water
real estate man, was a county seat vis
itor Monday.
The name that means quality Is Fat
ton's Sun Froof Faint. Sold only by
Gerlng & Co.
Not how cheap but how good. Fat
toon's Sun Froof Faint. Sold only by
Gerlng & Co.
Maury & Murphy for irraphaphones
and supplies. Largest line of records
in the county.
F. D. Smith, one of the Journal's
patrons of near Nehawka, was In the
city yesterday.
L. II. Chalfant and C. II. Boedeekc
of near Murray, were county seat vis
itors Saturday.
Mrs. Stephen Bu.ell and children
af Sloughton, Wis., are visiting friends
In Flattsmouth.
Miss Mary Hotter went to Lincoln
Saturday to receive treatment In one
of the hospitals.
Miss Clara Street returned Monday
evening from a visit with friends In
Bed Oak, Iowa.
The water company has found It ne
cessary to sink two more wells, making
seven altogether.
Asa Snyder came up from Nebraska
City to spend Sunday and Labor Hay
with home folks.
After a few days' visit with friend
in this city, Mrs. F. O. Peterson re
turned to Lincoln.
(Joes further, looks better and last
longer. Patton's Sun Froof Faint
Gerlng Co. agents.
C. W. Hodges of Lincoln, traveling
engineer for the Burlington, was here
on business Saturday.
.Mr. and Mrs. . sclirader were
llio guests of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Tay
lor over Friday night.
II. It. Nelt.el and family, of Mur
dock, spent Sunday in this city, the
Kuestsof Hotel Perkins.
Mayor tiering departed Sunday
night for a ten days' sight-seeing at
the St. Louis exposition.
It costs a little more but is by far
the lest. Patton's Sun Proof Paint
Uerlng - Co., sole agents.
D. M. Jones and wife departed Mon
day to spend a week view ing the sights
at the St. Louis exposition.
Dr. Elster, Dentist,
Waterman Block.
For Sale. No. JSmltli-l'remler type
rlter, nearly n-w. A I argain If sold
soon. I.uuulre at this
After a short visit with Flattsmouth
friends Mrs. D. S. Cull I returned to
er home In Ft. Crook jestertlay.
It. .1. T. Itairl returned Tuesday
morning fr im a til;) t Ch clni atl,
Ohio, and the St. Louis exposition.
Henry Guthn a i aid Boy Pepper-
urg returned Tmsday evening from
their trip to the St. 1 o lis exposition.
Miss Myrtle Levings returned from
Mnaha Saturday, a'ter spending a
wee' as the of Miss May Watei-
Several trains weie "laid out" here
veral hours y sterday In coiiseiuence
f tin wreck on the east side of the
John Hurley, who was rilled here
some t hue ago by the illness of his lit-
cdaugliter, leturned to Henver Sat
Herman Smith, accompanied by sev
eral others, of near Nehawka came in
last night and took the morning train
for Omaha.
l'lie fresh oyster season Is now on,
and Perry's up-to-date restaurant Is
where you can lind them In any style
you desire.
Mr. ami Mrs Washington Smith are
Isitlng the family of their daughter,
Mr. ami Mrs. Will Coolidge, at Central
City, S. H.
Mr. Fred Kngelkemeler was in Sat
urday and renewed for the Journal
another year for J. A. Bagoos, Harder,
( iklahoma.
Mrs. J. K. Houglassand children re
turned Saturday from an extended
visit with relatives In Maryvllle, Mo.,
Hid vicinity.
Hear In mind that the Kagles will
give a ball at the T. J. Sokol hall Sat
urday evening, Sept. 17. Attend and
njoy yourself.
Our friend Charley Cook is sporting
a handsome new rubber tired buggy.
We don't know of anyone who has a
better right to one.
Mrs. George Thomas and daughter,
of Nebraska City, were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Martin llauk several
days the past week.
Miss Fannie l'.iddlecome, who has
been the guest of Miss Helen Travis
for some time, returned to her home
In Ilavelock Tuesday.
H. M. Jackson, M. I. Chronic and
nervous diseases a specialty. Monthly
treatments. Write, or call at .111
Kamgc Block, Omaha.
The Interior of Tutt's grocery store
has been repainted and the goods re
arranged In such a way as to make a
very tine appearance.
(J. Franen has moved Ids tailoring
establishment from the Coates block
to the room west of McMakln's ice
ofllco In the I'nion block.
Oeneral Manager Holdrege of the 15.
A- M. was In tho city Saturday, and
In company with Mr. Ilolyoke made a
trip overland to Louisville.
Miss Louise llarton, who lias been
visiting the family of J. L. Barton In
this city for several weeks, started for
her home In Moscow, Idaho, yesterday.
Marriage license was issued Satur
day to Albert Bradbury, of South
Omaha, aged thirty-four, and Mrs.
Georglana Hanberry, aged twenty-
Now begins the trials and tribula
tions of the postmaster. If school was
dismissed forty times a day, every kid
would feel bound to visit the post ofllee
that many times.
Our young friend, Will Lohnes was
In from Cedar Creek Saturday and
called at those headquarters and re
newed the subscript long of his brother
John, for another year.
J. M. McCulloch of near Murrav was
a caller at these heapijiiarters Satur
day while In tho city, and being one of
the Journal's prompt paying patrons
renewed for another year.
Judge .lessen was up from Nebraska
City Monday to dispose of some matter
pending In the district court. Noth
ing was done w ith the cues to come
up under the scavenger law.
Cheap excursion rates to all points,
east, west, north or south, via the
Missouri IVItlc. If you desire to vis
it any point, see the M. P. agent, and
lie will give you the cheapest rates.
Henry lKuiat returned Friday from
Oregon, where he went with an ex
cursion of land seekers three weeks
ago. He reports locating several, and
all seemed delighted with the country.
Cius Cillmstead of the Piiirllngton
bride gang, working on the cast side of
the river, dad his left foot crushed
Monday as a result of getting it caught
under a heavy bridge timber, as it fell
from a car.
Kvery democrat should make it a
point to attend the primaries Monday
evening, September lit. Ho out and
help select a full delegation to the
county convent it -n men w ho you ku w
will attend.
J. L. Smith of Nehawka. while io
the city Labor Hay, called at Journal
headquarters and renewed for another
year. Mr. Smith is one of the Jour
nals stanch friends and we are always
pleased to inert him.
A slier Clark and F.d Thrall returned
Monday evening from their trip to
California. They visited numerous
points in the golden state, Including
San Francisco and LosAngeles. The
trip was greatly enjoyed.
Mary. Sponge the pimples with
warm water. You need a blood tonic,
would nchlse )ou to take Holllster's
Itocky Mountain Tea. It (Irivesaway
all eruptions. 3" cents. Tea or tab
let form, tiering A Co.
Nellie Fuller, Denver. -"My face
was full of pimples and blackheads.
Hollister's Kooky Mountain Tea has
driven them away. People hardly
know me. I'm looking line." ;'cents.
Tea or tablets, tiering Co.
The Journal believes in the old adage
"Hotter late than never" we mean in
announcing the advent of a little
daughter ut the home of Mr and Mrs.
F.d. Tritsch, which was horn Tuesday,
August lio. Long live the little lady.
Mr. N. II. Moure of Jefferson, Ohio,
and Miss Nellie Fair were united In
the holy bonds of wedlock at the home
of t lie bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1).
Fair, In this city, Monday evening,
September f, lliol, Uev. Swan olliciat-
Our old friend Z. W. Schroeder drove
up to the Journal ofllee Friday eve
ning and presented the editor with a
box of tine peaches It Is awfully nice
for one to be thus remembered. The
fruit was the nicest we have sampled
this season.
The Journal's good friend, and one
of the best men in Cass county, George
Snyder, called Saturday and renewed
for the old Heliable another year for
himself and also the copy he sends to
II. W. Vallery at HawsonCity, Yukan
Territory, Alaska.
Jovial John McNurlin was here La
bor Hay, and of course called at Jour
nal headquarters. John never comes
but what he has something interest
ing to talk about. Hut this time lie
paid a subscription or two, left some
Jot) work, and otf be went.
Last Thursday marriage licenses
were Issued to Lewis K Timghan and
Alvlna Fiodan., both of Murdoek and
to Charles T. Moore and Constance
Katun, both of Union. Judge Travis
performed the ceremonies for both
couples, and they went their way re
joicing. Fred Kngelkemeler and daughter,
Hosa, departed Tuesday for Oklaho
ma, to visit his son-in-law, J. A. I!a
goos, near Harder, and his brother,
Henry F.ngelkemeier, near Klldare,
Oklahoma. They w ill be gone about
twenty days. The Journal wishes
them a pleasant trip.
Herman Smith, the young man who
came very near losing his arm in
corn snener a lew weeks ago near
Murray, was a caller at Journal head
quarters Monday. The fractured arm
he still carries In a sling, but lie says
It is getting along nicely and that he
will again have the use of it.
Fred Ebinger had a narrow escape
from serious injury last Monday. As
he was descending a ladder from the
top of the building in some manner lie
made a misstep and fell quite a dls
tancetothe ground, alighting on his
head and shoulders. He was consider
ably dazed for some time, but fortun
ate escaped with few bruises.
Grandma (lapen and Mrs. (leorge
Snyder returned Friday evening from
Hlattsvllle, Wyoming, where they
were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sam Oapon,
They report a most enjoyable visit
Mrs. fiapen sent the Journal editor a
sample of apples grown on the ranch
near where they reside, and also
specimen of crab apple. Hoth are as
line as are raised in any section.
Now the name of Hr.J.II.IIallof this
city is mentioned as a candidate for
representative on the republican tick
et. The people of Cass county pro
pose to defeat any candidate brought
out by tho republican party, no matter
who It is. The voters are tired elect
ins tools of the corporations, and there
Is no exception when It comes to the
republican party.
George Folsal was over f r mi the
grading camp yesterday. He and his
gang have been near lied Oak, Iowa,
for some time, but have moved back
to the vicinity of Pad tie Junction to
finish up some work there before severe
cold weather sots In. The Journal Is
pleased to learn that Mr. Polsal has
been doing some excellent work for
the company, and lias made some
Westward the otbof glory takes Its
Wisconsin is the state, you hear every
body say,
It's ina ielts.if famous by one great
Hooky Mountain Tea has made Its
name world wide.-Oering & Co.
PlcKpocKtt Captured.
Sheriff McF.rlde, of Cass county, was
In the city yesterday, and when ho re
turned to his home last night he took
willi him John K. Welsh, the man
rhaiged with picking the pocket of
William Lellerof KhnwiKid of iiO. The
robbery is alleged to have taken place
near Walton i n a train approaching
Lincoln. Letter ran the pickpocket
across the country, butdid not succeed
In catching him. A short time after
wards Welsh was picked up on the
state fair grounds by John Ie Long
special agent for the Missouri Pad lie
railroad, who has been watching for
him, and who knew him by descriptive
When Sheriff McHride started to take
Welsh last night the prisoner demand
ed to see the warrant on which he was
being held, but the sheritl had none
Then Welsh refused to be taken from
Lincoln, but the slierilf put him In
Irons and started away with him,
promising to show the warrant after
reaching Flattsmouth, Lincoln Jour
nal. SiierilT McHride arrived the same
evening with the prisoner, since which
time Welsh has been languishing be
hind the bars. The charge against
him is larceny from the person, and Is
ii penitentiary olfense. The prisoner
claims he Is innocent of the charge,
hut there has been no preliminary
louring yet to decide his guilt or Inno
ence, and we are unable to say when
It will lie Held.
WrecH Near Pacific Junction.
About live o'clock yerterday morn
ing a wreck occurred just west of Pac
ific Junction, which blockaded the
roadway for several hours. It appears
the engine of a western bound freight
was engaged In doing some switching
at the J unction and had placed a string
of box cars onto the main line, and
winle waiting for a switch to be
turned an extra eastbound engine and
way-car run into It with a crash. He-
sides both engine being badly wrecked
several cars were derailed.
The tlreman (Fierce) of the extra,
in jumping to avoid the collision, land
ing Into a creek some twenty feet be
low, and was quite badly bruised by
the fall. He was brought to the Per
kins House in this city, and is receiv
ing the attention of J)r. Livingston,
wiio says he Is getting along nicely, no
bones being broken. The brakeman
(Hook) had one of his shoulders in
jured as a result of being thrown from
the car, while Conductor Davis a'so re
ceived a few slight bruises.
A wreckingcrew, composed of a force
from local car department went over
to assist in clearing away the wreck.
Several trains were run by the way
of Omaha and Council Bluffs. How
ever the wreck was cleared for the
traflicsoon after dinner.
There was quite a heavy fog and this
to a great extent seems to have been
the cause of the crash.
Given Up to Die.
H. Spiegel, 1204 N. Virginia St., Ev
ansvllle, lnd.. writes: "For overlive
years I was troubled with kidney and
bladder affections which caused me
much pain and worry. 1 lost Mesh and
was all run down, and a year ago had
to abandon work entirely. I had three
of the best physicians who did me no
good and I was practically given up to
die. Foley's Kidney Cure was recom
mended and the first bottle gave me
great relief, and after taking the sec
ond bottle I was entirely cured." F,
G. Fricke & Co.
The Journal's genial friend, C. J
fiaebel, is In the city today advertising
his big Doroc-Jersey hog sale, which
occurs at his farm, 3 1-2 miles
southeast of Loulsvillee, on Wednes
day, October ". Charley couldn't re
sist calling on the Journal a few mo
ments, where he knows the right hand
of fellowship is always extended and
where he Is always welcome. See his
advertisement In another column.
Marriage licenses were issued yes
terday to the following parties by
Judge Travis: Win. K. Crabill, aged
34, of Manilla, Iowa, and Miss Myra
May Hrissey, aged 21. of this city
Fred M. iJa.ner, aged 21, of Kirk wood
Illinois, and Miss Mary Tarns, aged 20,
of Flattsmouth; Heo. W. Livingston
aged 20, of Nehawka, and Miss Nell
F. Kecdy, aged 21, of Mauley. The
last named couple were married by
Judge Travis.
Tomorrow (Friday) at sundown the
Jewish festival of Hosli Hashona will
begin and will continue until sundown
on Sunday. This Is know n as the fes
tlvalof the Jewish New Year. Begin
nlngat sundown Monday the day of
atonement will be observed. This Is a
day of great solemnity among the de
vout Jewish people, a day wherein
they atone for the sins of the year and
pledge themselves to abstain from
wrongdoing thereafter.
Mr. Kmll Lamborg and Miss Cora
Heaver were married at high noon yes
terday (Wednesday, September;, l'.W )
at the home of Mr. George Perry,
seven miles west of Flattsmouth. The
ceremoney was performed by Uev. II.
H. Burgess, pastor of the Episcopal
church In this city, uite a numltcr
of people from the city attended the
ceremony. The groom Is in the employ
of August Gorder, and the present
home of the couple will be In thlscity.
The Journal extends congratulations.
75 f 75
Dome Duroc
Jerseys w Jerseys
All Ages; Spring Boars; Fall
Boars; Spring Gilts; Fall Sows
with litters at side; Sows Bred
Sired by five different boars.
Send for Catalogue and Come to the Sale
Contemplated Improvements.
For some time It has been rumored
that several handsome residences
would be erected In this city but we
have failed to learn anything definite
until within the past few days.
Mr. K. A. Ilolyoke, who was until
recently the manager of the Holdrege
farm, near Louisville, has become the
owner of Fitz's Forty on Chicago ave
nue, for several years past owned by
C. C. Parmele. Mr. Ilolyoke, we un
derstand, will commence the erection
of a residence thereon immediately,
and that II. C. McMakcn has already
commenced on the excavating. It
will be a two-story building, 2(1x40,
and containing all the modern Im
C. C. Parmele recently purchased
the Stoutenborough and Beach prop
erties on north Sixth street, and the
Journal is Informed that the buildings
thereon will be removed and a new,
up-to-date residence erected for Mr.
Parmele's future home. If Charlie
has concluded to make this his perma
nent home we'll bet he will put up a
house that will cxcell anything in the
residence line In Flattsmouth.
We learn of several other contem
plated changes that will result in sub
stantial improvements, but we arc not
at liberty to mention any names at
Educational Opportunities.
The Nebraska Business College, of
Omaha, Nebr., Is one of the greatest
institutions of Its kind In the west to
day. The excellent equipment Is new
in every particular, and the recent ad
ditions to the faculty have served to
strengthen the standing of the institu
tion. An opportunity is olTcred the
students to earn their way through
this college, and we would urge our
readers to send at once for descriptive
catalogue. This catalogue is one of
the finest ever put out by any com
mercial college in the west. It Is
bound in alligator, elegantly printed,
profusely illustrated and should find
its way into the homes of all our read
ers. See advertisement on page five
of this issue and write at once for their
illustrated catalogue, kindly mentlon
thc Journal.
A Power For Good.
The pills that are potent in their ac
tion and pleasant in effect are DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. W. S. Fhilpot of
Albany, Ga., says: "During a bilious
attack I took one. Small as It was it
did me more good than calomel, blue
mass or any other pill I ever took and
at the same time the effect was pleas
ant. Little Early Risers are certainly
an ideal pill." Sold by F. G. Fricke
& Co.
Ho! for Omaha and the AK-Sar-Ben.
The fame of the great Ak-Sar-Bcn
parades and Carnival has spread from
coast to coast. This year will surpass
all former records. A clean stunning
Pike. Nearly every show direct from
St. Louis. A free show every thirty
minutes. The Barnuni - Bailey Sen
sation Looping the Gap, and others
as attractive. Fun from morning till
night. Dates-Sept. to Oct. Mb.
Very low rates on railroads.
Stray Calves.
Strayed from my farm, seven miles
southeast of Cedar Creek and ten miles
southwest of Flattsmouth, 3 head
(4 red and 1 black) of steer calves and
2 heifers, ranging four and five months
In age. Any person giving Information
that will lead to their recovery will
be liberally rewarded.
P. A. Hoitv,
Cedar Creek. Neb.
$8.50 to St. Louis and Return
The Burlington offers the above low
rate for tickets good In conches and
chair cars (seats free). On sale Tues
days and Thursdays during August
and September.
Sec mo for full particulars.
W. L. Pkkkit, Agent.
J. 6AEBEL, Owner
Geo. H. Wood, Clerk.
Lost His Fortune in the War.
Adanson, the French botanist, lost
everything in the war, his fortune.
his places, and his gardens, but his
patience, ills courage and resignation
never forsook him. Although 70 vears.
old, he felt strong enough to make
another fortune. Such courage is in
deed wonderful and enviable; but
everyone of us can increase his bodily
and mental powers by using Triner's.
American Elixir of Bitter Wine,, a
pure grape wine preparation contain
ing no chemicals. It increases the
vital power by a gentle stimulation of
the digestive system. The stomach,
the Intestines, the liver and the kid
neys will become more active and will
rid the system of all deleterious pois
onous matter; the blood will be renew
ed and the whole body strengthened.
No matter what the cause of your
stomach trouble is, it will be cured by
this most agreeable and most effective
family remedy, Triner's American.
Elixir of Bitter Wine. At drugstores.
Jos. Trincr, manufacturer, M South
Ashland Ave., Chicago, Ills.
I will have one thousand
bushels of excellent peaches,
ready for the market next
Monday, and will deliver at
the house or sell at the farm
at prices ranging; from 75c to
90c per bushel. Call city
residence, Flattsmouth Tele
phone No. 29S.
D. L. Kisek.
Mrs. J. Benson
210 South HUh, Omaha, Neb. Batton
burg rings, medium size, formerly $1
per hundred, now 2"c. Cream linen
Battonburg braid, size 10, formerly 3.)C
per dozen, now 20c. Pillow cords and
tassels, 3 yds long, formerly 2.1c, nowfx;.
Night dresses, formerly $1.15. now Goc.
Tucked and hemstitched, dresser cov
ers, formerly 3."c, now l."c. Fleece
lined slipper soles, now 1)C.
Buckjen's Arnica Salve
lias world-wide fame for marvellous
cures. It surpasses any other salve,
lotion, ointment or balm for cuts,
corns, burns, boils, sores, felons, ulcers,
tetter, salt rheum, fever sores, chapped
hands, skin eruptions; infallible for
piles. Cure guaranteed. Only 2."c at
F. G. Fricke & Co., druggists.
(Jives employment to nil.
Makes no clinro for n position.
Wants 1.000 men and women.
Have you nny nnibition to tako
a position where you enn make 75
to $100 por mouthy
How mnny opjKirtunities are you
missing, no matter how witisfHC
tory your present position mny bo?
Are you certain Hint you nrr
uhmik your nbility to tho best nd
vnntiitfoY I have 100 positions now open.
Semi 81.01) to Hart nn.l he
mail you n list.
HART, 626 N. Y. Life, Omaha
tor tkUdrmtn taf; tar. Jf apiatva
- -