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For Every Effect
8 I II
I ft
V ! J iiJl "HIGH
8 Wm
Copyrighted 1902.
Andrew Kroehler
Cor. Sixth and Pearl Sts.
Hall's Old Stand.
If you are going to build
j;ive me a chance to furnish
your hardware. If you want
tin roofing or spouting come
and see me. Work promptly
done at reasonable prices.
Safr. AlwftTK n-tlnblp. I.itrtlr. uk Prtilt flit
IIM II t-TKIt N KN4.I.ISII In Hrd and
4ild mrUtlllc bolt. willed with blue riblxm.
Take no other. Hefue danirernu ulitl
aliunnrl initiations. Hu uf your Itmiwiit,
or wild 4. In miimpt fur rrllcolur,
nonlBla anil "Keller for Ladle." m Utter
tiy return Mail. 10,000 TfSUmuWBis. bold OJT
mil OruKKixu.
SIM BladUon Nquarr, PHI LA., PA.
M.ptlaa Ult aap.r
J. P. Falter, President
The Corona Live Stock and
Investment Company
J. P. FALTER, General Manager
Livc Stock, Real Estate Commercial Papers
NO. 365. l,lu ncri1 f 'an,l 'n I1'1'1"01
County, Neb., six miles from town, one
mile from school, nltout SO acres under cul
tivation mid SO (teres in liny and iwHttire
land. It lins fair improvements and n nice
prove. It is a pood neighborhood and n
bargain nt $20 per ncre.
Heal Estate advanced fully 100 per cent in Eastern Nebraska the last three years, and it
i still booming. Don't think far n minute that lands havo reached their limit. We still have
some- 6iiaps where wo can double you your money in lens than five years, and besides get good
interest on your money invested. Watch our "ad" each week and we'll tell you what we've got.
Come and See Us
ere is a
' T is nn t'staMislietl fact that we
Snitti nmt (l.Ll rVri oi hiitrii
jljj County. Wo niter to'tlio young men ami buys, luvmtsc if
we can satisfy them when the pnrontH buy for them, after they
become olil enough to buy for tlu nisi lxcs they invariably come to
us with their needs.
We oarry n strong line of this class of clothing mnl if you
are in need of a suit for the boy briny him in ami see if
we can't please both him and youiself.
$2.25 and $2.50
If You Want Tans We Have
Them at $2.00 Up.
in smooth, fine Don
fjola, Military Heel,
Hlucher Cut, a well
dresser's choice, for
Visit the Old Folks.
One fare plus $2 for tlie round trip
to ii great many points in Ohio, Indi
ana, and Kentucky. Tickets on sale
September ti, 13. 20, 27 and October 11.
Good via St. Louis and stopover at the
great exposition. Final limit thirty
days. See me for particulars or write
to L. W. Wakeley, General Passenger
Agent, Omaha.
W. L. Pick k it, Agent.
J.J. Klnzmann, Vice President
v 1
NO. 367-K'O acres in Pierce County, Neb ,
three and one-luilf miles from town, one
mile from nchool. This land lies gently rol
ling, lias about M) acres under cultivation,
the ballance in pasture. Has a small house,
Kood bam, good well and wind mill, good
hen house. Price, $'2.") per acre.
Office Dp Stairs in Anheuser-Busch Building.
soil more vouiii; inou' ami
thiin unv ntlioi linn in I 'nco
Violent Attack of Diarrhoe Cured by
Chamberlain s Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and Per
haps a Life Saved.
"A short time ago 1 was taken with
violent attack of diarrhoea and believe
1 would have died if I had not gotten
relief," says John II. Patton.a leading
citizen of Pat ton, Ala. "A friend rec
ommended Chamberlain's Colic, Choi
era and IMorrheoa Kemedy. 1 bought
a twenty-live cent bottle and after
taking three doses of it was entirely
cured. 1 consider it the best remedy
in the world for bowel complaints. For
sale by all druggists
Cheap Rates to St. Louis
The I'.urlington w ill run coach ex
cursions to St. Louis every Tuesday
and Thursday during August and Sep
tember. s..Vi round trip, limited to re
turn in 7 days. Leave Plattsmouth at
4:32 p. m., arrive St. Louis 7:1!) the fol
lowing morning. V. L. Pickktt,
Missouri Pacific Rates.
Reduced rates to St. Louis every
day on account of world's fair. Coach
excursions, very low rates every Tues
day and Thursday of August and Sep
tember M. iO for round trip.
Auburn Chautauqua assembly, Aug.
lit to 21, fare and one-third for round
Fall meetings K. C. transportation
bureau, Aug. 20 to 27. Sept. 3 to 10,
Sept. it to 24: tare and one-third for
round trip.
Old Settlers' 1'eunion, Fnion, Neb.,
Aug. lit and 20, fare and one-third for
round trip.
Home Seekers' excursion, August
lt, special low rates.
II. II. Lksski., Agent.
Makes Kidneys and Dladdor Right
C. G. Siikkly, Sec. and Treas.
K (Vt'in.iM, i ( i 7'. ('. .Vi'ltutw
"Teuf: t.'uf: t.'ur: it r r r: wmisii
Tlie nut iKi'HU- ,v,iil lis i : 1 1 n. t. i it i i:4
limit, iviik'u'iI i'Ihc ir twltv mul mib-
vMril 1 1 1 : o a stale i'l' .slli'iirr mnl, nlns!
linmntillity. In u iiioMiont t'h' iti:mf
(riir wns olY tils so:it mul .kln about
hi tlie iiiaeli'.iicry. TIumi he wnit to the
door of the enrrlnue mul tinn'hed his
'Reg pardon, iiilss," he snhl. "but
ithe'n tiroke down ami 'II have to p to
the Khop. I'm worry, but you'll have
to p't a round the city hniue other
The i;lrl on the buck neat, a tall.
handsome liloiul with the bluest of
blue eyes, uttered an exrlamatioii. 'If
that Isn't too bad: Ami I've pit Just
two hours to noo Washington before
my train pies! Can't you call another
auto for ineV"
The ehaillTeur glsinetsl annnul Mm.
"Oh, yes'ln," lie .said. "Of eourse.
There might to be some here on the
Ht n i ul now, only there ain't. I'nl I'll
go In mid telephone for one rlht
a way."
'Do! Or, stay, there's one waiting at
the iiostollice (Iiht now. Maybe It's
for hire."
The man looked doubtfully at the
machine Indicated. "Pon't think mi,
miss," he answered. "That's a private
machine or 1 miss my guess. Still, I'll
nsk." leaving the girl be walked
over to tlie curli and luiilresscd tin
young man sitting on the box of a
handsome automobile.
No one familiar with the new horse
less vehicles would for one moment
have supposed that tlie one In question
was for hire. "Uacer" appeared In
every line of Its build and costliness
la the exquisite nicety of Us construc
tion. Hut the girl was from the west
and had never had an opportunity to
Htudy the makes of machines, while
the chauffeur hoped that by apparent
desire to serve he might yet gain the
hire he had lost by the breaking down
of his own machine.
That anything but an Instant nega
tive would lie the answer to bis query
"whether that machine was for hire?"
had never passed his brain, so his as
toiilshmrnt may be guessed whin the
young mail on the box stalled, glanced
nt tlie girl still sitting In the Injured
Vehicle a short distance away. Hushed
deeply and replied 111 the ntliriiiatlve.
Then, without waiting for further ex
planation, he promptly ran bis machine
to the side of the other and halted to
permit the girl to climb In. The next
moment they were swinging down tho
avenue at n lively gait.
The girl leaned forward. "Ahem!"
she said. "ld the other man tell you
where I wanted to go?"
"Said you wanted to see the city,
nin'ain," returned the young man re
spectfully, but In a curiously inuftled
tone. Ho lind kept his head nvcrtcd,
almost ns If he wished to conceal his
features, a wish If It were n wish-
In which he had been successful. The
plrl had looked nt the machine, but
not nt Its driver.
When tho 'hauffeur spoke she started
nnd gluncMl -nirlously nt him, ns though
his voice struck some dormant chord
In her memory. "Yes," she said. "I do
want to 8o tho city, but I want to get
to the depot nt 3 o'clock. My trnln
goes out then."
"Yes'in. I'll get you then? in time,
(tolng east, ma'am?"
Again the girl loobsl nt Mm curious
ly. "Yes," she answered slowly. "I'm
on my wny to college."
"Oh er-jxu Is'lieve In the higher
education of women then?"
The girl's eyes were dancing with
fun now. "I'nder certain clrcimi
stances," she said. "Is that the capl
"Yes'in, that's the captiol. I'nder
certain circumstances? What clrrum-
stanees, for Instance?"
"Oh, a stepmother nt home, for In
stance. How many senatorn are there?"
Tlim hundred nnd elgbty-slx, I be
lieve. A stepmother might l a terror
to sonic Rlrl, of courw, but rmmt of
them enn get awny from one home to
another without itolng to college."
"How? Hy the wny, Is thnt the It
"Yes. Why, of course, most sirls
bare larv can marry." The man
was iptaklng eagerly now, but be still
kept Ids fmv turned away uud threw
the word over his shoulder.
"Married: WIm ! That's n very
radical remedy. It might l' worse
than the other trouble. How many
books are there In the library':"
"Two or thrtv million, 1 llleve.
Oh, no! Von wouldn't thul It mi, I'm
mirt. Think of growing Into a spec
taeletl old mal.i: All college girls do,
yon know. 'Mien think of (lint young
fellow Just longing to make a home for
"What building Is thatV
"That? Oh, the patent ot'i. e or the
pt'iisloii otlliv or soiuelhlng! Think
"Hut siippone the girl has sent lilm
"Then let her whistle Mm lank and
noo whether he won't eotno."
The girl glanced at the Prond luiclt
uf the mall before her, while her
shoulders quivered with silent iiililh.
Then she puekensl up her Hps and
deliberately emitted a clear, soft I
Tlie effect was magical. Instantly
tlie chauffeur swung around In his
seat and faced her. "Hessle!" lie ex
claimed, "do you mean If:"
The girl smiled at Mm, though her
eyes were tlcwy. 'Htf course 1 do.
Prank," (-ho said. "1 never th. night
you would go awny as yon did Just
for a word. No! No! Keep your
seat. Von can say all that's really
necessary from w here you are."
And you knew me all the time?"
Of course! '1 he minute I really
m il, is I at you. Hut you'll malic uie
miss my train."
Train? No train for you! I'll not
take any chanovs now. Your Interest
In the city may have lapsed. Put here's
the city hall. Shall I go In and get
marriage license, or w ill jou go In
With me'f"
lie had sprung from the seat and
stood holding out his hands, the light
of love pleading In his eyes. "Won't
you go In with ine, Hessle?" be asked
For an Instant the girl hesitated;
then she took the proffered hand. "Yes,
Frank," she said softly. "I will go
with you-now and always."
Hless that old gasoline rattletrap
that broke down with you," he cried.
"It must have liven one of Cupid's up
to date chariots In disguise."
Tn Mr 1miiiiith In Arurnllnn.
"We encamped near a swamp," says
gentleman, describing a meal he had
several years ago with some cart driv
ers In South America, "and supped on
sliced pumpkins boiled with bits of
meat and seasoned with salt. The meal
was Hcrvcd in genuine pampa fashion.
One Inm spoon and two cow's horns
upllt In halves were passed around the
group, the members of w hich squatted
Upon their haunches and freely helped
themselves from the kettle, l'.veu In
this most uiiclvlllzi'd form of satisfy
ing hunger there Is a peculiar etiquette
which the most lowly person Invaria
bly observes. Fach member of the
company In turn dips his spoon or
horn Into the center of the stew and
draws It In a direct line toward him.
never allowing It to deviate to the
right or left. Hy observing this rule
each person eats without Interfering
with Ms neighbor. Helng Ignorant of
this custom, I dipped my horn Into the
mess at random and llshed about for
some of the nice bits. My companions
regarded this horrid breach of pollte-
uess with scowls of Impatience. They
declared wbh some warmth to the cook
that foreigners did not know how to
eat. I npoloL'l.isl as well as I could
and endeavored thereafter to eat ac
cording to gauche etiquette."
TIiokp nurrr Woinpn.
"Women nro mighty queer about
some things," remarked n conductor
the other day. "I've been watching
them for ten years on this line, nnd
every day I sie some new peculiarity
You Just watch the next one that gets
In. There's one vacant seat left, and
she'll walk up to It nnd turn clear
nround In her tracks before she sits
down. Here comes one now."
Sure enough, the woman who stepped
on tho car Just then spied the empty
seat, made for It and, reaching It,
turned clear nround before she sat
"You see how It Is," continued the
conductor, returning nfter taking her
fare. "They all do it. There Isn't one
woman in ten but what rums nround
before she takes her seat. Ferhaps it's
natural for 'cm, Just ns It is for n dog
to whirl nround three times before ho
lies down. I've sen more thnn one wo
man lose her seat by having some one
else slip Into it while she wns going
through her preliminary turn. Hut a
little lesson like that doesn't do them
nny Rood. TlK-y keep on turning
nround before taking n sent Just the
same."- Fxchnnge.
r.nt tndlnn Wornlilp.
In the census rciort of Indln. a gov
ernment publication. It Is gravely re
lated that native clerks actually wop
Khlp the tools of administration. At the
time of the vernal equinox there Is a
festlvnl known as Sri IMinehanil, which
the orderlies celebrate on the Hat roof
of the buildings occupied by tho secre
tariats of the government of Indln.
The worshlM'W take one of the lunr
packing cases which nro used to con
vey ottlee records from Simla to Cal
cutta and drnpo Its rough woodwork
with plantain leaves nnd branches of
the sncred plpnl. This structure, crown
ed with nn otllctal dispatch box, servet
as an altar, and In tlie center thereof
Is pluced the ancwl symbol a common
gliu. Inkpot with a screw top, flanked
by paper, pvns, sealing wai, Ink eras
ers ami such office paraphernalia, the
whole festooned nnd adorned by coll
upon coll of red tape. To UiU symbol
of godhead offerings of food are made,
wblle texts from the Vcdaa are recited
by the Hruhmnn officiating at prteet
You know the medicine that
makes pure, rich blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Your
mother, grandmother, all your
folks, used it. They trusted
it. Their doctors trusted it.
Your doctor trusts it. Then
trust it yourself. There is
health and strength in it.
' I inlTiirfst tarrlMr from tnillff'illnn unit
lliln liiiuul. I I. I I,. i i,iif mini i tiM.k
A,r'a Sftrj,trillii. '"ir luttlln rnia
Uouily curoil mi- "
Mits. f It. Mai; r, Ml. Klirn. N. T.
l 0l hnttlii. .i r a Y Kit co..
Ail.lrm-i-i.i. r M,.a
Rich Blood
Aver s Pilln nro eently l.ixnnvo.
They grontly nld ttio S.vrsripnrllla.
Orlulit nf lliilvr.
The lli-s t Unlves, according to the eon
elusions of a scientist who has mailt)
a study of the subject, were fractured
stones that happened to have a sharp
cutting edge. Hut the Vegetable king
dom nl v furnishes very lorn cutting
edges In the leaves and stalks of cer
tain plants, which might have been
availed of before artificial knives wcrt)
made. The fractured rtolie knife easily
suggested (be shaping of linked stones.
like Hint, Into the form of blades.
Among the Herl Indians on Tlhuroti
Island, In the gulf of California, the
primitive custom of utlll.lng fractured
and water worn stones fur knives still
KiiKliiiui'a l.nrut'at llouitr.
The proud distinction of being tho
largest hnUMo in Kngland Is generally
accorded to 1orxl Fltw lllhuu's York
shire seat, WentW'orth Woodhollse. Of
this house It Is said that the three prin
cipal entrances are so far distant from
each other that visitors are advised t
bring three hats with them, one to bo
kept at each point of egress. A lions)
which Is thNi feet long, has a hall In
which two average suburban villas
could be comfortably placed and
boasts a room for every two tlaj'H of
the year Is certainly largo enough to
satisfy any reasonable ambition.
lit, Tol.l llrr llm Virl.
"Doctor," said the Is'iiutlful young
woman who had become the wife of a
rich old man, "tell me the worst. I
will be brave and try to ls;ar It."
Heading her gently from her suffer
ing husband's bedside the doctor nn
h we red:
"Nerve yourself, then, for a terrible
shock. He's going to get well." Chi
cago Ueeopl Herald.
Ili'UlnnliiK iWrrali.
Mr. Vexall (angrily)-I hate n woman
who always contradicts everything a
man says. If I don't I'm an Idiot. Mrs.
Vexall (sweetly) -Well, (bar. I'll turtl
over a new leaf and (siinnieneu right
now by ii' it contradicting you.
Coacl) Excursions
To the world's fair at SI. Louis.
Kvcry Tuesday nnd Thursday during
August and September. Seven days'
limit, .."() fur tlie round trip, via the
Missouri Pacific Railway.
World's Fair Rates to St. Louis
Via Iliiillngton Poute.
Tickets to St. Louis and return
(iooiI lifteun days, l.'t0.
fluid sixty days, f l."(.:i.1.
(iood all summer, fr 1N.4U.
For full Information about train ser
vice nnd other details see the ticket
aye i it.
The St. Louis Exposition- the great
est show the world has ever seen Is
now complete and in harmonious oper
ation and it will be a lifetime's regret
if you fail to see It.
In Praise of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"Allow me to give you a few words
In praise of Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Kemedy." says Mr.
John Hainlett of Kagle Pass, Texas.
"I suffered one week with bowel trou
ble and took all kinds of medicine
without yetting any relief, when my
friend, Mr. C. Johnson, a merchant
here, advised me to take this remedy.
After taking one dose I felt greatly
relieved, and when 1 had taken the
third dose was entirely cured. I thank
yon from the bottom of my heart for
putting this great remedy In the hands
of mankind." For sale by all druggists.
Wc have mo veil our stock of
Books, Stationery, etc. to the
Leonard Buiklintf, formerly
occupied hy LehnhotI Bros.,
where we will be pleased to
serve you in the future.
Mauzy & Murphy