The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 11, 1904, Image 4

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    The Plattsmouth Journal
U. A. HATl.S. Piiiusiim.
KnUTf.1 t tlic vl"ffl.f U IMtuniiith. No-
l or President,
of New York.
Fur Vice President,
of West Virginia.
Jrm.K Pakkkk's initials stamls fur
"A Hum President."
Tiik national dctU lt creators arc In
the saddle, 1'iit tin' people will unhorse
tlii-m In November as they illil In 1 "'-
Tin: accidental president kIvcs us to
understaii'l tltat a wliiloinan is Just as
mini iiv :i iiilm'(i so Ioiil' as III? IHlUVl'S
himself and vnti's for llonsevelt.
Tn k best fvl.ti-iK-e t hat fusion should
work in Nebraska Is tlu fail that all
tlif loading republican papers of tin
stati' are bitterly opposed to it.
A roi.mi'Ai. pointer: Tin- New
ll..r:il.l look a noil of this olllces on
Wall street ami found more than three
foiirllisof the vntrr.s favored Roosevelt.
IIavkjou heard an) repuhl loan say
n word in regard to the national t reas
urvdelleltof f::,iiihi,ixiiifor.lulyy Isn't
our national life heeou. Indent irely too
M ivtiuoiisy
Tun New York Times says Unit
since H;o this count ry has hail six
panics live under republican rule and
line under democratic rule. Was the
tariff responsible?
Somk dlssatislieil politicians oikuii
i.eil a new party in Chicago the other
lay, which t.lieycatl the Continental,
.lust whattheir alms are Is not known,
and most of us don't care a i'ontlnent
al. either.
Thk liainiltonian leaders of the re
publican party are gradually tindiiiKr
out that their plot, of centralization
lias been discovered. Teddy and side,
partners are not slick enough to fool
all the people on t lu ll' plans.
itKiT n campaign managers
claim that House veil can he elected
without carrying New York. After
further rellection they will nu doubt
reach a conclusion thatthere areotlicr
states which their nominees will not
fairy, and they are not south of Mason
and Hixon's line, cither.
Blaine's Opinion of Htnry G. Davis.
James C. Maine, In bis "Twenty
Years of Congress," has this to say of
the democratic nominee for the vice
presidency, Judge Parker's running
"Henry (1. Havls, a native of Mary
ind, entered as the tirst democratic
senator from West Virginia. His per
sonal popularity was a large factor In
the contest against the repuhllcans of
his state, and be was instantly regard
ed by his party as Its most Iniluentlal
leader. Mr. Havls had honorably
wrought his own way to high station
and had been all his life In active af
fairs as afarmer.a railroad tnan.a lum
berman, an operator in coal and a
Imnker. lie had been uniformly suc
cessful, lie came id me senate im
the kind of practical knowledge which
schooled him to care and usefulness ns
a legislator. He steadily grew in the
esteem and coulidence of both sides of
the senate, and when bis party obtain
ed the majority he was entrusted with
the responsibility of the chairmanship
of the committee on appropriations.
No more painstaking or t rustworthy
man ever held the place. While 11 nn
ly adhering to his party he was at all
t hues courteous, anil to the business of
the senate or In loci I Intercourse never
obtruded partisan views."
This Is the opinion of James
lllalne, the iitiiiuestioueu leader of his
party for many years, a man whose
brilliant leadership makes many of the
republican leaders of today look like
Wherein He Lies.
"Has tlie Journal done Part? Is the
heading of an article that appeared in
the last Issue of the WcepinB' Water
Republican over tho signature of that
excuse for a man, commonly known us
J. K. Keitliley. After reading the ef
fusion emanating from such a weak
brain, we didn't think it. worthy of at
tention, hut upon Investigating K'une
of the matters therein contained, we
iind the late Weeping Water editor has
wilfully lied without even attempting
to tell the truth. The mass meeting
held In l'lat tsmouUi, to which he re
fers, was not called for the of
discussion tliescavanger law, but really
s ilely for the purpose of discussing mat
ters purely local to the city of l'lat ts
moiitli. Neither was that meeting
presided over by Mayor Hcring, a dem
ocrat, but by W. V. Coates, a repub-
Jo Parker VliiU Tibbies.
Lincoln. Aug. 6. Jo A. Parker of
Kentucky. secretary of the ropullst
national committee, arrived la Lin
coln for a conference with Thomas
H. Tlbblee, nominee for vice presi
dent on the Populist ticket. Mr. Far
kor said hla visit to Lincoln had no
special Htgnlfleance asldo from the
fact that ho wished to leo Mr. Tib
Ilea and loarn of political conditions
la western states.
Mr. Ida Cook Hangi Herself.
rremont. Neb.. Aug. 8 Mm. Ma
S. Cook, wife of Charles Cook of Co
dar Iiluffs, committed suicide by hang
ing herself to the rafters of the shed
In tho rear of her house. A short
time ago sho began a suit for divorce
from her husband, but this week tho
action was dismissed and their diffi
culties were apparently settled. Theso
difficulties are supposed to have been
the cause of tho deed. Sho -vas thirty
eight years of ago and leaves a dnugh
tcr soventeen years old.
Brakeman la Killed by Car.
Chadron. Neb.. Aug. 8 Captain
Claud Ouga was killed by falling be
tween the cars of a freight train on
the Northwestern, oa which ho was I
Convicts Smuggle Opium.
Lincoln. Au. 4. (J rem and Jcnes,
convicts in tho penitent '.ary, were
caught smuggling opium to other
prlBoneis and each will loso sixty
days of good time. How tho opiuru
reached th i penitentiary the officials
there d n.'t know, and the convict
rcfuso to say where they pot It.
Strike Situation Unchanged.
South Omaha, Aug. C There Is no
chango In tho strike situation here.
Nino strike breakers were taken Into
tho Swift plant under tho protection
of deputy sheriffs and police. Every
thing was quiet about labor head
quarters nnd tho Btrikers appear as
confident as over. At the packing
houses work seems to be progressing
as on yesterday with about the aamo
foreo of nien. Somo desertions from
tho pneklng houses are reported
every day, but new men come In and
the total number remains about tho
Nebraska Dry Ticket Named.
Lincoln, Aug. 10. Tno Prohibition
state convention nominated the fol
lowing ticket: Governor, Clarence F.
Swander of Klchardson county; lieu
tenant governor, lsalnh Llghtnor of
Plutto county; secretary of state.
Stanley Larson o Saline; state treas
urer, John P. Heald of Polk; auditor,
S. T. Pavles of Otoe; attorney gen
eral, Martin I. Hrower of Nance
county; land commissioner, Andrew J.
Thompson of Johnson; school super
intendent, F. H. Carson of Dodge,
The resolutions reiterate the platform
of tho national Prohibition convention
nnd pledge support to Swallow nnd
Carroll, Woman suffrage Is demanded
and the nrlnelnles of the Initiative
and referendum endorsed.
It seems to worry the Omaha lice
because Parker has resigned the chief
Justiceship of New York. Well, If
Wind-jammer P.urkett had as much
conlldenceiu his election to the I'liitcd
.States senate as Judge Parker has in
Ids elect ion to the presidency, he ought
to resign as congressman, too. Hut
will! ic?
Kvkn the republican Journals are
forced to admit that the ticasu ry state
nient for the fiscal year just ended
shows a dcllcit of .".2,lH)0,iHHi. House
vcllisiu Is cost ink' the people more
money than any prior administration
In tlie history of our republic. And yet
the hip-hurrah fellowsareslioutiiiK for
tlie dc licit-breeder.
How Hkxky V. Johnson, former
republican member of congress from
the Sixth Indiana district, In coming
out for .Indue Parker for president,
says: "1 agree with the democratic
platform on the tariff, shipsubsldy and
colonial expansion uuestlons, which
arc the leading Issues, and feel that it
Js my duty to support Judge Parker
Tiik Journal called attention last
week to the fact that the Plattsmouth
Republican King- has Its ticket all cut
dried and ready to siring for the rank
and ll le of the party In this county to
swallow in November. In the mean
time the republican hoard of commls
kIoiicis are busy enforcing the republl
can (scallawag) scavenger law, enacted
liy the late republican legislature
law which it wasclaiined and is claim
cdbythe republican members of the
legislature from Cass county was pass
oil for Pouglasaloue- against the pot
people of the county. Walk up to the
clerk's olllee, gentlemen, and look at
the operation ol republican legislation
llcan. Here you have lie number one
Democrats and republicans alike sliar-
d in tlie discussion of matlcis that
were brought he fore that meeting.
l'lie scavanger law was among the sub
eetsof discussion, and a committee
Appointed to confer with the com in Is
sloners. That committee never held
;i meeting afterwards. JohnM. Leyda
was made chairman of thiscominlttee,
ind not secretary of the meeting. So
here Is lie number two. When the
lournal presented lis Dill two years
iigo this fall for publishing the tax list
t he board of commissioners was com
posed of Falter, .ink and J odd one
democrat and two republicans. Ther
you are with lie number three.
It would seem from these facts that
the late editor of the Republican has
been "talking through his hat" In
stead of his trumpet, and with no re
gard for truth whatever.
Prominent Republicans for ParHer.
Hon. Ueorge S. Houtwell. one of the
founders of the republican party, Sec
relary of theTreasury under President
(rant, Governor, United States Sena
tor and representative in congress from
Massachusetts, Is forjudge Parker for
president, lie gives these reasons for
his preference:
i am with the democrat Ic party be
cause 1 have made a distinct decision
In regard to the Philippine policy, and
whatever may happen In regard to do
mestic affairs, nothing can be so unfor
"Therefore, 1 do not concern myself
about what the democratic party may
do. but I am satisfied that they will
Kx-Congressman Johnson of Indian
has also announced bis Intention of
supporting Parker and Davis. II
served several terms In congress, and
elected as a republican. His reasons
for deserting the sinking republican
ship are about the as those of Mr
Houtwell. Next:
Lightning Kills Two Men.
Albion, Neb., Aug. 8. A heavy
rainstorm, accompanied with slight
hall, parsed over this part of the
county. Ht-avy hall fell In the west
ern part of the county and crops tirt
badly damaged. Two brothers namo.l
Gresham were killed In Dublin pre
cinct by llL-htnlnu while shingling a
chool house.
Aultman Diet of Hia Wounda.
Norfolk, Neb., Aug. 5. Louis Ault
man or Hoston, anas i)ui8 .Miner oi
Omaha, died from the effects of a shot
flred by omcer Pilger Tuesday. Ha
had arrived with Bonestetd crooks,
stole a grip and Jumped throush a
high window to escape arret. A
chargo was filed by A. Morrison, a
citizen, against Policeman Pilgor,
charging murder In the first degree.
Tho authorities consider nn Inquest
Had Mania for Killing Indian Girls.
Pender, Neb., Aug. 9. Oeorgo Four
cloud, a full-blooded Winnebago, has
been held for tho murder of Cora Elk,
also a Winnebago, tho fourth girl ho
has killed In two years. Ho has ap
narently a mania for killing girls. He
started his career by killing a daugh
ter of Mrs. John Hill two years ago
Ijiter he murderod May Decora and
Lucy I .cbo. Ho had no reason for
killing any of them, but apparently
amused himself when Intoxicated by
murdering young girls.
Train Kills Man and Wife.
South Omaha, Aug. 5 M. Pellen.
packing houso striker, and wife were
struck by a Union Pacific passenger
train near Avery, and Instantly killed
Mrs. Pellen had been along the tracks
nenr Avery nicking up coal and her
husband wan on his way to meet her.
Tho passenger train rushed around
tho big curve at a high rato of speed
and struck tho man, whose attention
was undoubtedly attracted to an cast-
bound freight train on the east track.
Ho was thrown high In tho air und
nearly off tho right of way. Thoso
who witnessed tho accident say that
Mrs. Poller saw her husbnnd struck
by tho train nnd seemed to bo spell
bound. At any rate sho did not
make any effort to Jump to the side
of the track. When the pilot of tho
engine itruek her sho was thrown
probnhly sc cnty feet and landed near
the fence along the right of way.
Campers Drown In Boulder Creek
Houlder, Colo., Aug. 5. Mr3. Llna
Chambers of York, Neb., and Mary
Renkes, the twelve-year-old daughter
of Charles Uenkes of this city, were
drowned In Houlder creek. They were
part of a camping party in Hummer
gulch, six miles from here. Without
any warning a wall of water, caused
by a cloudburst, came rushing down
tho gulch, carrying tho tent and the
Inmates Into the creek. Mrs. Cham
bers and Mary Henkes were carried
Into the stream by the torrent cf water
and drowned.
Governor LaKollette Explains.
Lincoln, Aug. 10. Governor LrFol
lette of Wisconsin, who came to Lin
coln to deliver an address before the
Nebraska Kpworth League assembly,
corrected an impression circulated
during the day that he had slighted
Governor Mickey by refusing to meet
him. Governor IyoFollette arrived In
tho city tired and almost ill. He went
to his room nnd to bed, leaving orders
with the hotel clerk that he would re
ceive no callers until evening. Ac
cordingly, when Governor Mickey and
a reception committee called they
were notified that tho Wisconsin
executive refused to seo them. After
Mr. ljiFollette'8 address, tho two
governors met, and explanations satis
factory to both were exchanged.
Ji Diii: P.UihK'.; has resigned the po
sitiouof chief just ice of New York that
Ills successor may beelectcd at the No
vember election. Wind-jammer Hur
kett has been nominated for United
.States senator by bis party in the state
and also renominated for congress.
The mystery w hy he does not resign
;is congressman in time to have bis suc
cessor elected at tlie November elec
tion, has not yet been solved. If lie Is
elected to the senate, perhaps he de
sires to put the taxpayers of the First
district to the expense of holding a
special election, and maybe he Is Just
bull-headed enough to think that he
can hold onto both places. That's the
Wlnd-Jamracr for you.
Si'Kvkkk Cannon has given upg
ing t; Kurope this summer. It nngl
be wiser to L'o while bis title lasts
There's no telling what will happen to
congress next March. The w riter re
inenihers that it is just thirty yearsago
that Uncle Joe slipped back Into con
grevs by the bare majority of seventy
live In the then Seventh (111.) district,
and with the except Ion of twoyears.has
been there eversince. The writer was
publishing a paper In the district nt
the time, and was well acquainted with
Mr. Cannon, lie thought for several
oays that he was defeated.
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Democrats and Populists of Nebraska
Meet In Lincoln.
Llneolu, Aug. 10. Nebraska Demo
crats aro hi tho city In numbers for
tho state convention for tho nomina
tion of a stato ticket, which will bo
called to order at 2 o'clock this after
noon. Thero Is no very veil dellued
idea as to tho composition of tho
ticket, and unless tho unexpected
happens, it will be a long convention,
with many conferences with the Pop
ulists, who also meet at tho tarao
hour, looking to possible fusion.
Should fusion bo agreed upon am!
Democratic party leaders are working
earnestly to bring It about It Is gen
crally agreed that the Populists are
to have the head of tho ticket. That
removes any strifo among the Demo
crats for tho nomination, but If fusion
should fall, tho cholco Is thought to
Ho between W. H. Thompson of Grand
Ulaud and former Congressman Shel
ienbarger of Alma. It Is already
agreed tho Democratic national plat
form will be endorsed. W. J. Hryan
is a delegate to the convention end
will attend.
Fusion with the Democrats Is tho
dominant question before the Populist
delegates who are here for the stato
convention, which will be hold at tho
same hour, but In a different hall
from that of tho Democrats. Thus far
all overtures for fusion have ccme
from the Democrats, with the Popu
lists badly d:vMed rn the wisdom of
IU adoption. Prospective candidates
for office cr the state tidu". r.a'urally
lean tu f'i-!or., while It l. noteworthy
that natlcr.a'i ladirs In the party, a
number of whom live in Nebrnka,
have advised against it, Charles Q of Lincoln, secretary cf the
Poi'u'.ift r.a' ccmmltteo sal I the
or.'.y basis r,f fusion would be support
by Democrats cf Watson and Tibbies
electors, and an equal division cf tho
sta'e cSlres In this declaration. Mr.
pcFranie is upheld by Thomas H.
Tibbies, vlco presidential nominee,
and It la mpposod Thomas F. Watson,
presidential candidate, who Is here,
entertains tho same views. On the
other side, George W. Perge. candi
date for the gubernatorial nomina
tion, Is out and out for fusion on tha
ttate ticket, Ignoring tho national
Question, and lie has a following. It la
asserted, that will carry the day.
Dennlson Alleges Error.
Lincoln, Aug. 4. W. J. Connell, nt
torney for Tom Dennlson, filed In the
supremo court a petition in error,
complaining of tho decision of the
Douglas county district court In the
extradition proceedings. Fifty-four
points aro raised, principally relatlvo
to the Introduction of evidence show-
Ine tho alleged connection between
Sherman W. Morris and Dennlson
Objection Is also made to the ruling;
of tho court that the extradition pro
ceedings were founded on sufficient
evidence before Governor Mickey,
It Is alleged that the Indictment on
which Governor Mickey Issued the
executive warrant was not the same
ns that found by the Knrrlsca county
grand Jury, tho allegnticu to robbery
having been stricken out.
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Nebraska City Policemen Justified In
Shooting Jack Carr,
Nebraska City, Aug 4. Coroner
Karstciu impaneled a Jury and held
an Inquest over tho remains of Chria
Hartman, the man murdered by Jack
Carr. the cocaine fiend who ran
amuck lust Monday evening. The Jury
found that Hartman tame to his
death from gun shot wounds flred Into
his body by Jack Carr. maliciously
and wltnout provocation on tho part
of said Hartman. The Jury then bold
an inquest over tho remains of Jack
Carr, who was killed while resisting
arrest, anil after hearing the evidence-
brought In a verdict that ho came tr
bis death from pistol shots fired by
city pulieemcn aim ot Hers wtillo re
sisting arrest and discharging Tre
at ins npainst tlie said officers, wound
Ing Chief of Police Scluumover and
several cltl.ens. "and wo, the Jury,
aro satisfied thnt the said officers were
Justified and compelled to bring about
the arrest i,f Carr by force of arms.'
No Attack on Amjrican Legation.
Washington, Aug. 10. In response
to an Inquiry as to the truth of the
report that tho American legation at
Uogota had beeu stoned, tho state
department received th following ca
blegram from Mr. Snyder, the Amer
ican chargo at tho Colombian capital:
"Reported f.'tdi-X on American lega
tion absolutely without foundation.
All Is quiet. Tho army of General
Keyca Is In power. Evidences of tat
isfactlon everywhere visible."
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