The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 04, 1904, Image 6

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myn orrict
ruth inJ ttotxrt St..
Stocks, Grain, Provisions
nought and fcJd lor ch or carrlt oo rraxmabl
mi(in, Uw hkh (Krrrwili iwauiarireuf ftua
grain, H on .tuck, ami ! on Hat.
Wnu l uur market liir.
Ship Your Grain To Us
lllUT KaCILITIM. I'lilllflKltOISl
Liiikiul Akvancm.
Branch Office 223 Coates BlocH
I'l.itlstnoiitli 11 1 tm I'll
& Ramge
Mill lr;t'l othei Mi-;il Markets In
furnishing I lie penple of 1 'lulls
month :t!i vicinity with
First Class Meats
( if Kvm) I t'M'; ipt mil.
Fresh and Smoked Mtrats,
Fresh Fish, Lard, Etc. Etc
Tliry li;ivi li'iiiovi'H in tin tlrst. romii
ttrsi i f 1 1 ! t r old stutiil.
!y ft m i t im,is i friii mriit In all I dry
hope In fi't;iii. Ilirii piCMtil pal inns
iiiid 'aiii n;.i!. i ii' w noes.
Independent Cigar
cinkik'iik'i' ('-'iiii'irixi'ii tn yuiiilty
nnd Workmanship.
.1 1'l.IKS I'KI'l'KKMKk'll,
attii:nky-.u-i.. w.
Probate, Commercial Law, Real
Estate Lltityntlon;
and foreclosure of niorttfanesa specialty
Ar d j to Ir.lfMun. Nir-ety-nlr of evri
tru hur.ireJ ft-jp : win hive heart trouble
on remeT.oer r.en ;t u simple Indiges
t on. It is a c.em.!;c fact that all caej ol
heart dease. not orjar. c. are n5 only
traceable to. but an the d.rect result of Indl
jestion. A.I food Ur.ei the itomach
which fa:la of perfect d.yeiton ferrr.enta and
weUthe iorr.;h. txt.r.r il ub :r.i ih.
heart. Tr. Interfere w th the action of
th heart, er.d in the course of time that
delicti but vital offan tesomei dixtied.
Mr. D FLub -J Nrv:.. O i . ...
Inubn vA vm in tad r I hd Khi tmi I
wn ii i iu r.joa urw. l,ur Kir tul lata
Ri.nltii and u cu-J m
Kodol DigftU What You lat
and relieve the torr.;h of a'l nervous
tram ana tie neart cl a'l pressure.
BJltor.!i. $1.00 Sl.- ho.di-t 3H t.mti tU lr'
Prepared br I. 0. DMTT A CO., CHICAGO,
For Sale by F. G. FRICKE & CO.
W Kul Drllbrml.
"Jolinny," snid bis motln-r, "1'tu
n f ru lil you told me n drlibenite faU,.
".No; I didn't, timiiiiiiii," prutrMcd
Johnny. ,-l told It In an nvrful burry
-St. l'aul l .spntrli.
The Hint on IIuiiibu Nature.
The recital of a mini's hnppim- iiinl
the ritory of bis troubles alike Ixiro us,
but If forcil to choose we ilnd mure
liensurc in ueaniiK ine trouiiies.-.Ncw
Orleans Tlmes IVinoernt.
Aaelrnt HUtorr.
Aunt Mary-Why. 1 thought you tw
Lad quarreled and were nover going to
epitik to each other again. Mabel OIi
yea, but that w as yestenlny.
The ufit iVamor on tho Tknmes waa
the Mh'Jory, tn 1S14. The Richmond
followed her . year later.
'japs pail to caaay positions.
both sides lose heavily.
Japan Loe Said to Hav Bttn
At 20,000 Btwtn il.OOO and
' 1,000 Ruffian Killed or Wounded.
Kouropatkin Tll Story of Defat.
Che Foo, Aug J A desperate
three d.y' aeaault was niacin ou Hit)
Winer dwfenm's ou tho northern ami
eafarn utiles of Fort Arthur, accord
ing; to adflcea brought by the two
Junk whloh arrived lien. A Russian
who escaped from Port Arthur on tho
night of July 29 tali that the earth
treniuksl under the terrific cannon
ad I ok which beifiin on July 2U anil
ended during the nlht of July 21.
whfii tho baltlo reused. A Chine
who arrived here on a Junk confirms
the Riieaiiin'a statomoiit that the Rus
Ian killed and wounded during the
assault numbered between 5.00D and
(1,000. The Japanese In their repeated
assault aKulnst tho eastern forts (in
the hills, through barbed wire entan
glements and over mines, displayed
fanatical bravery. They were mowed
down by tho hall of shells and bul
lets and the explosion of mines under
their feet. Their losses are estimated
it 20.000. The Hiissliin ilei lares
that the Russians held all the eastern
forts lending to Golden hill and that
the Japanese, unaltered and ex
hausted, retired to tho pnstwnrd
Kouropatkin Reports Heavy
Russian Losses.
St. lVterslmrK, Aug. 3. The em
peror lins received the following dis
patch from 0 en era I Kouropatkin,
(luted Aug. 1: "According to tho re
ports of the officer commanding tho
eastern Mirllou of cur army, his
troops, nfler almnilonlng advanced
pnMtlnn In the Ynngso pass, retired
in the direction of Uriiiiliatisiin to
wards Suliiintzc and Yang. Yes
terday our troops, nil r n stubborn
fight, retired from their advanced po
Flttons to their principal position, but
althoiiKh our ti'oops held their ad
vanced positions, they sustained
tcavy lessen. I hope flint In tin ir
main positions they will maintain a
successful Htruggle even ci;aliist the
numerically superior enemy. Today
the enemy Is acting undecidedly on
the pout hern front, but a reconnais
sance has ascertained the beginning
f'f a turning movement of the let'
wIiik of our troops posted nt lUlcheng
by nt least three Japanese divisions.
Our eastern detachment wns rngnged
until noon today In tho dlri'itlon of
Salmatzo and I. bio Yang. It was
sten tlint tho enemy was advancing,
apparently In pmiill bodies, against
the right flank of our rear guard."
Allowing for the Inevitable conllict
In names, the Japanese and Russian
rexirts KCH'tn to agree on the main
points of tho military developments
up to Aug. 1, but both stop short at
the Interesting point, namely, regard
ing what happened on Aug. 2, when It
Is possible) that a decisive struggle
was gulng on cast and south of l.iao
Yang. In tho meantime a serious en
veloping movement of three Japanese
divisions was maturing around tho
Russian left at llalcheng, where there
also was heavy fighting on July 31.
No news has boon received from Tort
Vladivostok Squadron Return to Port
and Tells of Action.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 3. In a
lengthy report to the emperor. Admi
ral Skrydloff relates the doings of tho
N ladlvostok luuadruu. With tho
cruisers Rossla, Oromobot and Rurlk,
Admiral Josseu left Vladivostok July
U After sinking three uniall Japa
nese vessels, tho cruisers fell in In
quick succession with tho Urltlsh
steamers Arabia and Knight Com
mander. Of tho Arabia he savs noth
ing new "The Knight Commander
only stopped after the fourth shot."
the admiral reports. "Her careo being
railroad material, undoubtedly contra
band, for the belligerent party, and not
Deing able to bring her to the nearest
Russian port, owing to ber not hav
ing enough coal we sank the Knight
Commander after taking off all her
crew and removing her papers." .
Two more Japanese schooners.
laden with salt, wore then sunk. July
IS th Thea, a German vessel, with a
run cargo of nsh from America to
Yokohama was stopped. Sho waa re.
rartd a a legal prlie, and her crew
wa Ukm off and the vessel sunk,
owing to th Impossibility of bring
ing tier to a Russian nort. On Julv 3d.
nar the northern coast, a Japanese
third class cruiser and seven torpodn
tMiats taking the same course as tho
Ruiu-laiis were sighted. While on the
western coast, near the Tsugarl
straits, a coast defense hattleshin
hove In "All these ships," Ad
miral Jess, n says, "kept far astern of
our iriit'irrs. and after two hours they
turned back." The Russian squadron
snfrv! no loss in men and no dam
aue and there was no om of in on
the vi'S: '.s sunk or taken.
General Count Keller Killed.
I'tidon. Aug. 2 A dispatch from
St. Petersburg confirms the rcort of
tne flerth of General Count Keller
saying be was killed by a fragment of
a Japanese shall at tho time ha
ppoflng th Japanese advaur along
me railway sear llalcheng.
PuMlan Evacuate Yanotteullno
Uao Yang, Aug. S After a Here
batlle th eastern Russian tore has
evaeuated Yacgtseullng, iti mile
wt of alouen past.
Hnriv and Imposing Service
Held at St. Petersburg.
PI. rterebuxg, Ang. L M. von
Piehre, the mlnUter of the rnterlsr,
who waa assaeainated Thursday morn
ing laat, waa burled, and In evory city
of this vast empire church bvlU were
tolled and masses and prayer, tald
for the repose of the soul of the mur-dio-ed
The services here wore of an tm
preimlve. and imposing character.
High mass was said In the sia'Xy
chapel adjoining the ministry of the
Interior. Kmneror Nicholas and the
dowager empress stood with the
broke hearted widow aad tho chil
dren of the minister at the foot of a
great mound of flowers, on which
rested the casket.
At tho most solemn moment, when
atl knelt and many were affocfed to
tears, the widow was overcome and
fainted. The emperor came to her
assistance and she waa carried out by
gentle hands. The emperor was visi
bly moved.
The body was Interred fn the
N'ovodevlsky cemetery, wherw repose
the remains of many of Russia's
greatest men and at a point within a
stone's throw of M. Slplagulne, who
was M. von Plehve's successor and
who also fell by the hand of an as
sassin less thnn two years ago.
The murderer of M. von Plehve has
been removed from the hospital to tV
Wylmrgsky prison. The police know
the alias under which he traveled, but
said they are not satisfied regarding
his Identity.
There Is no longer any doubt that
the police for some time lmve had
knowledge of the existence of a plot
by a band of International anarchist
In Paris nr.d Vlennn.
Trolley Wreck Results In Injury to
Fifty Persons.
New York, Aug. 1. I'lt'ty passen
gers wero injured, eleven of them se
riously and one possibly fatally,
Jn a head-on collision between a run
away Mount Vernon trolley car anil a
Yonkers trolley car at. Wooillawn.
Matthew Crawfleld, nic.tornian of the
Mount Vernon car. is the most seri
ously Injured, and the only one for
whom concern Is IVlt. lle-was burled
under the wreckage of the two cars
and crushed. Kleven other persons ;
were taken to the hospital and many j
were attended by physician.! and went j
l'.otli cars wore filled with holiday
crowds. Motonu- ".vfield of the
Mount Vernon c bringing his '
car into the city .started down j
the hill in Mcl.e... ,t nue and the ,
car got beyond his control. The other
car should hnve stopped at a switch, j
but failed to do so and the two I
crashed together. Doth cars were
ilcrnlled and ninny of the Injured pns- j
pengers wero thrown Into a deep
dltih at tho side of the roadway. j
Upheaval in Bogota.
Washington, Aug. 1. Just a remote
Inkling of tho possibility of an up-
neavai, which rumor says lias oc
curred In Rogota, reached here
through otllclal channel some time
ago. This was to the effect that tho
anti-Reyes element In the lower houso
of the Colemhlan congress was dis
satisfied with tho way In which
things were going and gave evidence
of strong opposition to him for tho
presidency. The Colombian congress
Is supposed to have met in Bogota on
the 2m h of last month.
Germany Sends Ultimatum.
Wlllomstad, Uland of Curacao, Aug.
1. It Is reiNirted that llerr I'elllram,
the German minister at Caracas, has
delivered an ultimatum, demanding
the Immediate payment by the Vene
zuelan government of the Interest on
the amount of the award to be paid
to Germany as stipulated In the pftv
tocols signed by Herbert W. Rowcn.
representing Venezuela, In February.
1903. If this demand Is not complied
with, the report says, the minister
will leave Caracas Aug. 4.
Pinal Award In Venezuela Claims.
Washington. Aug. 1. Jackson H.
Ralaton of this city has Just signed
his final award as umpire of the Italian-Venezuelan
commission and this
completes the labors of all the recent
Venezuelan mlied commissions. About
3(0 claims, aggregating fd.000,000,
were filed with the Italian commis
sion, there being many more Italian
claimants than any other nationality,
and the aggregate awards were about
British Minister Protests.
Tort of Spain. Trinidad. Aug. 1.
The British mlnlsler at Caracas has
strongly protested In th name of the
English bondholders against the seiz
ure by the Venezuelan government of
the asphalt lake at Guanaco. the prop
erty of the New York and Hermudez
Asphalt company, maintaining thnt
the Interests of the bondholders will
be menaced unless the lake bo Imme
diately restored to the company.
Tornado In Kansas.
Kansas City. Aug. I. A small tor
nado and heavy rains prevailed In por
tions of Kansas and Oklahoma. Ten
miles north of Norton, Kan., a tornado
wreiked several farm buildings near
the Nebraska line and killed a num
ber of head of live stock. No person
was hurt. Near Salina and Welling
Ion. Kan., and Alva. Okla.. a heavy
rsln, amounting to nearly two Inches,
fell and probably will benefit grain.
Ex Senator Vest's Condition.
Sweet Spring. Mo., Aug. 1. Ex
Senator Georg O. Vest passed a good
Bight and his condition la practically
Made fn Cdlforrnia.
2 ft. racfcrirts.
All higlxkta groccn.
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Is easier to spend It and easier
to lose it.
by keeping- it In a sare place such as
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When you have a hank account you
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know more about It.
Bee Hive Restaurant,
Main Street
Meals nt nil hours, Sjifcinl at
tention to the fanner patrons. The
tables are supplied with the best
tho markets utt'ord.
JOHN COKEY. Proprietor.
Removing of Household Goods a
Specialty. Also, Heavy
Ij Perry's Restaurant jg
ij Short Order House ij
s Fresh Oysters h
Q i :. . r O
i'lnii ui ii)iiuii(,' in larhci.
P. UTTERBACK, Proprietor,
North Sid Main Stmt
KILLthi couch
"m Dr. King's
Nov Discovery
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OLDS Free Trial.
Surest and Uuickeat Cure for all
Makea Kidneys and Bladder Night
H I, ' ''f.
.,1 ii WVsaiy
y a
Meals Served at Regular K
S Meal IIour9, S
O 0
- o' TV-V
flv 5;.v
fV. Alwsv. n'llnblr UAIm, Mk Pr-ijftil
1114 llt.r H K KMI.III in WI !!
4ol4 iuvWIIio bum rklrl with bin r hhnn.
Tak mm Mhrr, Krn 4irniii aakall.
IiUmiI Imllallvn. Hun.l yot linmriM.
or wnd 4r. In Wiinipa fr lrllclr, Tell
walili nl Hrllr for lkdlM." ei lit"
br rrlMra Mall. IU. 1 Mtiiuouiai. Bold bj
all bni((iu.
iee iximi Mr. rniLAn r.
lUa Ikl nw
Going. to Business College? S
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tuoth.Hl. of Inslru.'Uon and th rjiv of our graduate. It u 'rt. Addrva
f t-rt rv
l 'lAtai
Polled Durham Bulls
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Tele. Cedar Lawn Stock Farm
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T It
. r"ij
We take this opportunity of returning our
most sincere thanks for past favors, and solicit a
continuance of your patronage in the future.
During 1(.K)1, wo shall endeavor to supply the
market, as usual, with that
Which Suits the People!
both in quality and prices.
Wishing all a happv and prosperous year, we
invito all to come nnd lie comforted by making
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Sattler &
1 of
W- Choice
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ries a lart assortment f suit
ings, fancy pantinjs and vest
ins for you to sdect from. All
work first-class and of the latest
styles. Cleaning and repairing
iven prompt attention.
Room 227 Coates Block
Zbc JScst mhtetoi
ts tbc Cbcapcet
in tbc EnM
Poor Whisky is not only dis
agreeable to taste, but undoubted
ly injurious to the stomach. A lit
tle good Whisky is a fine tonic and
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Whiskies as Yellowstone, for in
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