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    The Plottsmouth Telephone Co.
started in busiuevs the Viars ao with
UK' telephones.
They now have l.Vm subscribers, -Jk
mill's toll lir.cs. iTn of fanner
lints, and art addinc new nms dai y.
The company is ihw hnililinr an ex-,
chance iu The I'jiii ti st-i'k Yards Ex
chance buildinc. at xuitli Omaha.
The new telephone building at
I'iattsmoutli is heme tit ted up for the
general uttlces of the company, and
when completed will he the tinest
ortlce buildinc in Plattsmouth.
Worst of All Experiences.
Can anything U- worse than to feel
that every minute may he your last
Such was the experience of Mrs. S. 11.
Newson, Decatur, Ala. 'Tor three
years," she writes, 'l endured insuf
ferable pain from indigestion, stomach
and bowel trouble. leath seemed In
evitable when doctors and all remedies
failed. At length I was induced to try
Electric Hitters and the result was
miraculous. 1 improved at once and
now I'm completely recovered." For
liver, kidney, stomach and bowel
troubles Electric Hitters is the only
medicine. Only . 10c. It's guaranteed
by F. 0. Fricke & Co., d nudists.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Tlie Ixmril of enmity eotnnilsslotiers of Cuss
county. Neltriiskii. will sit hsii Imurtl of i-quiil-tzittlon
for tliv of eiiuiilizliii; the as
sessment of t'Hsnciniiity fur tlie yeitr l!(4. Ill
the euniniissloiieri' eliumlter lit the rourl
house. I'lititsuioiivli. IN-Kliiniux Tuesdiiy. .lunt
14. Iwi4. ut lUo'nliM'k u. in., and roiiUiiuliiK from
tiny to tly. up to itml Indudlim July T. I'.W.
All pertinis iiwiiIiik real or personal property
Mih.leet luxation should cull and examine
their assessments, that any errors us to valu
atlon may IfHdjusted hy said lioard as the
JivT provider
, L. A. Tvsox. County Clerk.
l.N THE Cllf NT V Cor HT I IK
Cans County. Ned.
In rt-fstiite nf .lulm Ktutf. lie tsi-il.
To nil pcrvuis Interested, mill the unknown
heir of John Kins. ileopasetl.
You are herehy notilled that the adminis
trator has tiled his petition for linal settle
ment, and itreiuiiit. alleuiiif that there are no
heir of John Kinu'. ileeettseil. and that said es
tate should escheat to the state of Nuhtiisfcit,
mill alleuinir tiiat the personal estate Is liisiif
tielelit to pay nil the deMs and expenses of ad
ministration, and askiiiu for an order to re
MUlre him to apply to the district court for a
license to sell Un real estate.
Said petition forllnal settlement, and ac
count, art- sot for henriircr upon tlif -th day
of July. A. D. I!4. at lu o'clock a. in., Itefnre
Jiie the tintlerslKiied countv jutitre. at mvollli e
In tin" city of I'iattsmoutli. count v of Ca-.
Nehraska. at which time said account will In
examined, adjusted and allowed, and a heur-
inir hail as to wl re the heirs. 1f an v. of the
said John K'inir, deceased, mid If 'none lie
foiind said estate will be decreed as escheated
1o the state of Nehraska: and that at said
time such other orders will lie entered as may
!e lust and proper for the administration of
said estate.
County JinUc.
Notice to Creditors.
TsrA-:- inc-fycourt.
In the matter of the estate of Marsitn-t Kast
erday. deceased.
Notice Is herehv irlven that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administratrix of
said estate, Iiefnre me. county .Indite of Cass
county. Nebraska, at the county court room
'in IMattsniotith. In said county, on the
:tnth day of July. Ii4. and on t lie 31 st day of
liecemlier. Iitn4. ut 10 o'clock a. m each day.
for the purpose of presentlne their claims for
vxamlnatloii. adjust meiit and ullowmnce.
Six months are allowed for the creditors of
said deceased to present their tlalms. and one
year fur the administratrix toseMlu sahl es
tate, from the ith day or June. VM.
Witness my hand and seal of said county
court, at I'iattsmoutli. Nebraska, this 4th day
of June. 1VU4.
(SKAI.) H tn t.v 11. Tkavis.
County Judxe.
Notice to Creditors.
State or Nemiiaska. i
Cass County. I
In County Court.
In the matter of the estateof Ichntles (1. Spen
cer deceased.
Notice Is hereby jrlven that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the executor of said
estate, lie fort- me. county Jinl;: of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska, at the county court r"t m In
i'iattsmoutli. iu said county, on the I Jit. of
July. I'.M. and on the I. Hi tl.iyof January.
I.'t'i". at 10 oYlifk a. in., each day. for the tiur
p se of nresetitltiK thtdr cl tlnis for examina
tion, adjustment ami allowance,
Six months are allowed f.r tl red Itors of
saM deceased to present their claims, and one
vear for the executor to settle said estate. the Until tlayof June. I'.i"4.
W Ituess my hand and seal of s tld county
court, at I'hitlsniiiiith. Nebraska, tills litli day
of June. 1!H.
(seai.i llAiivt.v li .Travis.
C"inty Jtid.'e.
Of hearing on petition for distribution of res
idue of estate.
State of N hiuaska.
Countv of Cuss. i" '
To all persons Interested In thcesUtecf Ki ln
hold Schuelke. tleceused.
Notice Is hereby iflven that lluifo A WL'i'en
horn. administrator of said estate, has hied
Ids petition In said court, the object and pray
er of which are that n decree of distribution
may tie matleof the resldueof said tstate now
In his possession. tothe parlieselllltled bylaw
to receive the same.
You are hereby notified that said petition
will lie heard by the county Judk'eat the coun
ty court room In the city of I'iattsmoutli, la
said county, on the I lltb day of July. at
lu o'clock a. m.
It Is ordered that a Copy of tills notice be
published once each week for three successive
weeks in the I'iattsmoutli Weekly Journal, it
newspaper printed ami published In said
1 land this; tit I day of June. IM4.
IlAitvr.r li.Tii.tvi.
County Judiru.
Notice of Administration.
Is th c CorsTY Cttt'KT III and for Cass Coun
ty. Nebraska:
In the mutter of the estateof Anton Henry
W'ef khttcli, Ifes'cuscd.
All persons lnterestetl In the said estate are
hereby untitled that a petition has ttccii tiled
I u said court tilleitliitf tltat the said deceased
tlletl leavtnit no last will nod praylttK for ad
ministration niton Ids estate and that a hear
IniC will lie bail on said petition in forc said
court on Friday, the first day of July. I'.
anil that If l hey fall to appear at said court
on the said tirst day of July. r.4. at : o'clock
a. tu.. to contest said petlt'lon. the Court inny
Kraut the same anil ur nil adtulnlst ration to
Fretl (i . FifenlttTk'er. or some other suitable
person ami pr'sved ton settlement thereof,
(seai.i County Jltd.'e.
Notice to Creditors.
STATE OF NEIIHtsKA. k. r,11,,v TonH
CassCoiinty. t"'- in lount Court.
In the matter o? the es'ate of John C. I'tak.
Notice is hereby l'Ivoii Hint I lie creditors of
s ild deceased will ii (be ii.l.t.liilsi rat 1 1 v of
sit lit est tie. before too nntv lud.'.' of t'ass
county. Nebraska, at the county court rna
In I'lattsni.uitli. In said countv. on t ii i ilay
o' July. I:. and on tlie ..Id i.'.iy o! January.
IWtCx lit IU o'clock a. 111. each day. for the pur
nseof present liu tin Ir claims' for examina
tion adjust ii it-1 it itml allow mi,',-.
Six months are allowed for the creditors of
said deceit soil to iiresent t lulr cl I ins. and one
ear for tlie administratrix to settle said es
tate, from ti e :.l I iliiy of July. Iin
Witness my hand and sent of al l county
oiirt. nt I'lattsinouth. Nebrusk.t. tltl 1'tli
tlay of June, lisi.
IUiivcy 1. Tn wis
Ismi.I Countv Juilire,
Makot Kidney and Bladder Rlflht
or any other hour in
the morning, the
best breakfast food is
kigh grade grocen.
2 lb; packagei.
The Noddles That Own Bird Key, In
the Gulf of Mexico.
Out In the pylf of Mexico slxty-Cve
miles from Key West townt the set
try; stjn ris hidf a' dozen luim'n ttinnl
burs from the extitilsltf tunniolw blue
wuters. One of these, (iiirdt ti key. in u
govertinient furt iunl ennllnn stutloii;
aittithiT Id Die IjnKerlieitd key. otir hiM
outpost toward t'uki atnl ('entral
America. Other islet.s tire tiMteiuintetl
wive when the great ne:i turtles crawl.
One alone. Illrd key, Is trv-einited by
the birds. It would tn? hard to find
a more desolate or Isolated region.
Though the climate Is warm through
out the year, it is not until May that
the feathered hosts arrive from the fur
south at this sandy rendezvous. In the
van come tlie noddies, n few ntiotit the
1st of May and the rest within a few
days. A week later the sooty terns
pour In, and it is said that within a
week of their arrival both kinds liegln
to lay. At the time of our coining
nearly all the birds had eggs and were
devoting themselves to their family
To reach the buildings from the little
landing place we bad to puss through a
tract of bushes, and hire It was that I
saw the first nests of the twiddles, fp
on the tops or In the forks of the bush
es euch pntr hd built a rather rude yet
fatrly substantial platform of sticks,
only slightly hollowed, and upon each
one sat a dark gray bird. There wan
soruethfnff about fwwe graceful little
creatures that Instantly took m by
4-torra, a case of love at first sight. Th
noddy is very much like a dove ex
cept for Its webbed feet In sl7e. In
forin. In th? softness of Its plumage,
the expression of Its large dark eyes
and Its gentle, confiding ways. There
Is no wild uffright as the stranger ap
proaches. Just a shadow of fear Is evi
dent, but the birds sit quietly on their
nests, hoping and trusting, and do not
fly unless approached almost within
arm's reach. Then they flit gently
away, alighting upon a neighboring
bush until the Intruder has withdrawn,
when they return directly to their
charge. It seemed remarltnbte to find
birds so perfectly tam. Oatlng.
Miss Mugrey I always try to retire
before midnight I don't like to miss
my Iteauty sleep. Miss Pepprey You
really should try harder. You certain
ly don't get enoigh of It Exchange.
Driven to Desperation.
Living at an out of the way place, re
mote from civilization, a family Is of
ten driven to desperation in case of ac
cident, resulting In burns, cuts, wounds
ulcers, etc. Lay in a supply of liuck
len's Arnica Salve. It's tiie best on
earth. 'Jocat F. . Fricke Co.'sdrug
Order a telephone now and (jet your
name In our new directory.
"My hair was falling out nJ
turning Rray ver' ias'- But your
Hair igor stopped thc'falling inJ
restored the color." Mrs.
E. Z. Benomme, Colioes, N. Y.
It's impossible for you
not to look old, with the
color of seventy years in
your hair! Perhaps you
arc seventy, and you like
your gray hair ! If not,
use Aycr's Hair Vior.
In less than a month your
pray hair will have all the
dark, rich color of youth.
SI. CO.! Ntli. All ritlH.
If yinr drntruit Mnnot 'trpltr yon.
wnl n ontt ntl will M).rr
t mi lntt le. l" H'ltf nnt irlT tlio n.ttnn
of Jour liP:irft rt r etl. i. AtM'rt,
.1. 1. AYFH It., Lowfil, .Mam.
Every Paiing Ste.tmer ear ?cc-tf c f j
th Wreck Crturns Water na ft ,
New Victim Trires nwnuiea mc
ttill Musing.
New York, l-:t.e Z L'-n.l t. e it :t I
starUU.g i.ittu.-i. which ,.i i.e.-.- w:;;
fckve aa Imir.ur.'. txurlr.i ui. lt
mate rvsult ut' lie a.roi.vrb ;i.t,
llito the tit-nerbl S locum .if.sus'.c:, vw
fonhct.m'.r.g at :tu inq-.ifbt.
1 ertiuos ij.e n.oot uu'Xi cHV.
dent utts the cimtln-.icti rcr.-itl v un
swer quwt'.otis of Hetry Lui..:'.f- i
I'nlU-d Stales 6leait.Umt --v . r.
who was tiiii'jHisttl tn have :t J'tt .1
the life preservers ai.ii the hull ut t!.e
'.IWatetl steamer. HI rcttiMil rm
tascd on the ground an anwer
might ter.d to incriminate him. am!
ho acted on the advice cf his -i.utel.
Tke coroner ccmmlited Ltn.t'.berK to
the house ol deteiitlor.. tu t '.a't-r in
cepted $300 hall fur tis apitcaram-e
at the Luailnt;.
0Ld I'i'ot Weaver of the S.iH'um
test.tled that be but! purchased the
rr.?JR 05 THE BCRMTSO no AT.
fln? hop? for that boat and Mr Oarvnn
lntrodutvd evidence to show that the
price paid wis 16 cer.ta a foot.
Daniel O'Neill, who. according to
his Bwoni statement, had nevr
worked on a Itoat tintll he wag hlr"!
on the Slocum a Ehcrt time ago, ad
mitted that he bail Jumped into a row
boat fi!!s?d with people from the S'.o
cum, capsizing It.
Asked If he saved anyone, he aM
tfcere were others dolr.g that ar.d he
was not an expert swimmer. He swam
ashore himself, however.
By the use of dynamise and hrary
unins fired bjr men from the Steond
battery, scores of bodies were brought
op from the bottom around tfce shores
near North Brother island. Th
searcher along the beach and In the
boats gathered In 112, brirfsrlnir the
number of bodies recovered to da'
up to the appalltnn total of ITlV Of
these, 700 have oeer. identified, and
the missing still are approximated at
something more than 300. Many of
the bodies last found never will be
Identified, because of the charges that
have taken place during the week
they have been under the water.
Gives Graphic Account of the Fire on
the General Slocum.
New York, June 18 H F. Conklln,
chief engineer cf the General Slocum,
Is at his home in CatakllL N. Y, 111
from the effects of his experience,
but had so far recovered that he was
able to talk about the catastrophe.
He did cot know how the fire started,
but said that while he was talking to
his assistant, Everett Brandow, when
opposite One Hundred and Thirty
eighth street, the first mate reported
the Ore. Mr. Conk'.ln continued:
"Two minutes or so later the fire
alarm sounded and some one on deck
cried 'Fire,' Instantly there was a
roar as the terrified passengers arose
like one person and made a rush for
the stern. Never shall I forget the
horror of that scene and the terrible
conflagration that followed. There
was no checking the frenzied crowd.
Most of the crew were busy fighting
the fire and those who were on deck
were unable to calm the fears of the
women and children. The capuin
rang the bell for a full head of steam
and the boat shot forward like a race
horse. A thick volume of smoke
rolled from the forward and filled the
lower part of the boat I was com
pelled to cover my month and nose
with my arm In order to breathe. Min
gled with the smell of burring pa:r.t
and wood was the sickening odor of
burning flesh. The and chil
dren rushed aho-it as though bereft of
their senses. Mothers gra.-tpM their
children and rushed tc the side of the
steamer and Jumped ' th water,
only to drown. I tw several children
wl'h the-r clothing on fire and their
mother vainly trying to put out the
flames wl'h their hards I r.tver saw
fire sprevl w'.'h such rapidity, ar.d In
lefs tln.e than It h taken for mo to
tell ynu this the who'..? f.trward rrt
of th" tessel was in fames Thosii
whl were on th" Inwer ('.ft k rus he I
aft nnd many children wtre knock" I
tlowr. ar.d trr.rrplt 1 to death, xry M
f run, M Is Impossible 'n tnipe that
?rsr.e from memory. Whrp I clno
my ey at night I can see tho trug.
g'.lr.g crowd, the dead, upturned faee,
and f. atlrg bodies car. yi t bear
thnr nsor.lilng ar.d r'.rrcir.g scrvknis
ar.d fei the scorchlrg Lames"
Russian Governor General of Finland
Succumbs to Atn,n' Outlet
lU'lstLfcfo:. P.i.W, Jui.c l.v The
l;us-lttu tin ut Lull ti.iusl ittir the
Kuvtrtiir's I a'.ace i rnv '.uinn .1 tu the
pip;,. ,,I liel.s'.t s.i.; thltt U ill Hi.:
lt)r:k( fr. H-etnl ol 111., was ct itd tf it t al.t-t In
flicted by at, as:tss!::, who ct'liin'.HU .l
BuMi'.c. There wits t.n i xt '.'etnt i.t in
the city and ut u'leit.n at it ileint'ii
stiiUoll with n.adt). The father, in,
brotter and t-ti rs of Schuuiuuuu, the
aASiu-slr., were arrested ul.d mth'Jt't ttit
to a;!i u, but Inter
on werw rt'Iea.sed tt'ul bi.tiwt',1 to t
turn to their touLtry hutue How lar
tht) Swesjitn party lb tuip'.Ua'id in
the killing baa not been etatlibhetl
It is ci!n. 1 that had
ftccon.pltt t s, who found lu tbe half
fanu'ltal stutletil it rtiu!y totd U Is
said that Sfliuuiiiiinii's fattier, who
wiut a nnmbtT of the senate, retired
from public ltlo betaue be wu tp
posed to l'ln'.itinl bet ititilng an Integ
ral portion of the Uussian empire.
It appears that (iol.crul ItobrlkolT
never had a chance to survive The
Ir.Jiirjeti infTit 'etl were .-ttt terrible as to
Indicate that the burn t watt of an ex
plosive na'tit'e Hit will be hurled
Moniay in the fainl'y vault at Ser
Blevt. near St. IVtcrt-litirK.
Mere Than a Hundred Lives Are Nov;
Reported Lest.
Santiago do Cula, June IS. The n1
cent fall of fourteen Inches of ruin In
five hours, accompanied by a hurri
cane, has resulted lu the nnuli of
more than lull persons. The se
vere was at. the villam" of
CoLre, where sixty persona were
drowned. The river rose rapidly, tie
strojr' the lower part of the vt'.lairc.
Codies were tarried eight miles out
In the bay. Thirty bodies were recov
ered Six icrsotis were drowned at
Daltj'ilrt, fourteen at Kl Caney and
many In the surrounding country The
list is sMll Incomplete. All the
bridges at Cobnv several at Dalnutrl
and niiles cf track have been dv
llo'ises were destroyed or damaged
In Par.tlaeo ami five persons lost their
llvs in and about Santiago The prop
erty loss 'is enormt'is at the mine?,
on the railroad, and In cattle and mer
chandise. Prisoners May Be Released Saturday.
Tangier, June 21. There is another
hitch in the Pordlcarls and Varley ne
gotiations, authorities at the British
consulate expressing the opinion that
Saturday would probably be the date
for the release of the prisoner. It
appears that Ralsull suggested to Mo
hammed Ell Torres, la'e representa
tive of the sultan of Morocco, that the
exchange of prisoners bo made
through Zelal, govertor of the Flenl
M'Sara tribe. Zelal refused Ralstill's
proposition to take the exchange away
from the P.en! Aros tribe, which sems
to Indicate far of his own followers.
Eight of RalriU's men who were Im
prisoned at Tetuan have arrived here
Admits Zach Mulhall to Bail.
St. Louis, June 21. Zach Mulhall,
live stock agent of 'he Pt. Ixwls and
San Francisco railroad, who hhot three
men on the "Pike" at the World's fair,
was released on bonds of $20,000
Ernest Morgan, the most critically
wturided of 'he three men. Is In the
emergency hospital at the World's
fair. Morgan's wound Is In the abdo
men. John Murray, the cowboy shot
by Mulhall, Is recovering, and Frank
Reld, the attache of the wild west
show, with whom Mulhall was fight
ing, tas been taken to the city hos
pital. No serious outcome is experts!
of his injuries.
Features of the Day's Trad ng and
Closing Quotations.
Chirac i, June i:l.-A I Ik It'erentte todtty
In tbl rlsiti'. supply of whin' pretentftJ
eri break in prlttit, tlie result of hwtr
lab rrup sdvlein. At the cluse Sfptetiit.r
wb'ut.wa down only a shuil".
rum was up 1Vtt't:. onfi snlntd t.,c t.l
provision ?tytilOe. Cluilr.a priori'
Wh.-st-Ji)!, V: ilt-pt.. 7nT,c.
toru-J-ily. 4V; "H-. s-V.
(iti-J'l!y, Slc; Sept.. 32V.
rork-J:r, llS.o;;, i;3..Vi.
um-jutr. Kpt., $r.r.
Rlbs-J jly. I7.'.2Vj. Sept.. I 7'Ji-i.
Cilcago Canh rrlces-Xn. 2 spring whoit,
PI'.' ; N.i. J hard whoat. VW.r.c, S t. 2 caiib
rora, 47S"t47V. N'- 2 caib oats, 40c.
Chicago Live Stock.
CMfttg.), June 21. -rattle-lltH-elpttt. .
ono: aiiiw to sttdy: gt'.d to prln.e steera.
? TVU .63: poor to niedliim, 14 ,.Vr(t3.'i:
'.r,rkrs end f toderi. IJ T.VEt- Ho: eow.
.:yn' hmfffit, $2."v,3M; cinncrs.
H..ViU ttO; bulla. l.H fnlrra. li.StttJ
S Teiin fud stK-rs, It ti7..' 1". Il(t-het.-lpti
t'ttlitf. IJi'i. V.r.iH hlijtfr- mle.
and t'itthitrs. ..liuC..1o: k'kj.1 to rhol.-
tvy . ' muh tiaT. tvt, :.
lifSt. ' lO-.fl 2J. hulk of sat-s. S3 aii.').2r,.
Pe'p-ll-'folrta. 12,000: steiolr. guotl la
Chot: vrtber. f4.73T32fl, fair to caul-
mld, $4tr'j4.20. nr.-jt-Tn torp. 4 fiOf. (
4 30. if rlrg lambs, J jt 7 j . cilrpul
lairbit. S' C'ii'i
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kans:M ity. Junr 21.- Ciittlr-Ueeelptit.
."t)o; Inst n'rr.r.u. othon weak: rbolrr i
f rt and dr- l b'.H-f rprs. SI 7.VV1.40
fnir to K -'jil, 14 iVifi ,V- WMtern f"d tet rn.
S i'.Vjttl etj . stokers sr.d fofd' r. i'tf'l
4.70: nutlve a. S'2.t'ti4..W: r.ntlv halt
ers. S2 .'Vu I .T.; rnlrea, 1: 4 2. II n
lui'vll's. I.ltt" Vif.Oc top, $VV
tuik ot :. S3.titfl.l3. psckft. $3 n(
C.13: rltr urd !!nlit. S4.4V'.07n phtcp
l.s.tlf's Ct. !). Intnbs ! CtUl.t",
f l t- tit $4 "0f." !'), ttto'kt-r ar.i fioilfr,
South Omaha Live Stock.
S .nt ti tuniilia. J'li.a 21. - "n t tlw Ueril;it.
4.7't atr.iiii lot' lower; tatlr tt.ein,
It fjtf'tti 2H- n. it lid hxlfvra. II 2.V.I4 7.'.:
rant.ers. l.7.V.'.1. t ker and f-niort,
I..:ii'.t4 V: ealtfH, 2 Tufi 23: hulls, tuns,
tc , 12 3W4 .'O. Ilxf Uecelliltt. 12iti.
f." hlk-Uer: tatf. S.M04ii.l3: mined. 1'ino
It". U): ll!tt, 14 (V.t.-, hi: pig. S4.0of-i4.73.
t 'ilk r,f sal. P, S3 O fu3 10. Miff p - lUc'dptl,
3,11-. aftiw to tOr lnttr; wrti-ni yearllt;t,
S4 t.V;".l."i: ttethflt. S4.ftf fl 13: fttn, S4K
1t4V eotnmoti ktff JiOrkt-r, ?3 Oofi'i.CO,
isn.ts, s; ;.it.s.
Avoca iVrn s., n ,.
I I.1 trpul tN .1, !.n 1', , U,,1!n
atl'i ti j ! lie Sil k
t'll.l Tuny (if li.-tllil v is ,, (,ir
nI if I s I In: lirsl it tlie tt.vk.
Mi-vs i;i:a t.i,l,,i, TucmI.i I, r
Hillings, Mimt , wii.-i,. sM. ttjii XN
The .hl IVII.iWMtl Aim-1 tdiv-neil
Men tui.ii ilav 1 1 n i .i v .
Mi. I.huIn M:irttiiiiilt iinitiil lit'iiti'
truni I'tifii List S:u tiitl.iv
Ivlw.inl ilusi in ami fa mil v ' t i.ui.t'il "
tlttwii I ruin l.iii.nlii Siimhn, an,) syrnt
1 1 let lav w it 1 1 Illi'lliK mui I ic;ist (tl tnwi
Mi'n I'iiiliai., is tisitinc at ;,.
tiainl. eh.
li t'. Mahiiianll ( ti aie having a
new MKf Hil un their slmc hinliltiiu'.
Il.lwaiil SlitK'klcy tnatli' a I no in
' hnaha t he lirsl nf I he week
Mis. MtMilt', of 'I'alniiliie, visltttl t In-
tirst of the week wilh relatives cast t f
tnw II.
Mis. hi. K. sirauh was an i tinaha
isitnr Mniitlay
i liiiiiln Tt'lTt Is harvest lne- his alfal
fa crop
Miss Louise M:ii'.ii:inll is al lentlnii;
teachers' Inst li ute at Plat tsniout h
Mrs. James Palmer nf NYhawka ar
rived 'i'licsilav ami Is visit Im.' relatives
cast nf low II.
Jnllll Ithlle lias sei'liretl a pnsttltin
with StclTeiis and .inimerer.
.Inst'pli Malcolin h:nl liiisiiii'ss al I'n
Inn several days this week
Murray ('irresKiini nt
Tht! many friends of (ilrn I'ciiy will
he p-latl In lcaiii I ha I his opera I Ion wa.s
sinrcssfiil ami he Is trctl inir alnnt; as
well as could he expect etl.
Mrs. Charlie Carroll spent, one day
this w eek in Plat I sinont I)
The teachers who left Montl;i
mornine; for the institute at Platts
mouth were Antics Kennedy, Mrs.
Iunay ami Maudie Iliisterliolt..
The Misses Tanner, of Weeping Wa
ter spent Sunday evcnlm: with their
aunt, Mrs. Mary Yoinix'.
Mrs. A. L. Ilakcr ami little P.e.ssie
llrltitlle spent Monrlav in Ntdiraska
Mr. James Manners and Miss Lulu
spent Sunday In PlaUsmouth.
Miss Carrie Allison went to I'iatts
moutli Monday evening to attend the
Miss (tussle Ilohh who went with
Mrs. James Lounhrlk'e last week has
returned home. She left .Mrs. Louh
ritfe much better, and we hope on a
speedy road to recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Kawls of I'iattsmoutli
spent Thursday in Murray. They at
tended the entertainment, in the
Preshjterlan church Thursday eve
ning. lien I'.iiedeckcr spent Sunday in
Murray. W careful, (ilun: If that
host K'irl should hear what came in on
the morning train there inik'ht he
Jetr liiintllc went to I'nloii Monday
to at tend the funeral of Mr. Ioutle
Millard Kline spent one day here
last week.
Mr. Anderson, the Flotitf Konu Tea
mail of Omaha made his usual visit
here this week.
A lame crowd of ymnur folks went
fishlnif Sunday and all report 'no llsh
hut a K'tod time."
Charles Stone and Miss Carrie Alli
son spent Sunday with the former's
parents at Nchawka.
James Manners made a business trip
to I'iattsmoutli Monday evening.
Lrnest Carroll spent Sunday at the
home of Henry Creamer east of town.
Clen P.awls Is spending the week
with James Homes and family.
Magpie Grove Correspondence.
( ur wet spell Is over and now the
cry is "more rain." A iueer tiling
about our farmers is that they are
never satisfied
Ed. Canseiner and V. It. Puis made
a visit to Hallem last Monday and on
on their return stopped oil at Lincoln
and Havelock.
Mrs. Charles Philpot and daughter
made a trip to Omaha Thursday.
Chloe and Itt-llc Tanner visited their
folks at Wecpinn Water Thursday eve
John Mish is haulinif lumber to
erect a new ham this summer which
will be a beauty.
Mr. and Mrs. J. !!. Catl.ey made a
trip to Weeping Water .Saturday.
(uite a number from this locality
attended the Ice cream social at the
M. W. A. hall at Mjnard Saturday
Miss Jennie Philpot is reported as
finite ill.
A birthday was celebrateil at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lnnleke
tiH'ler Sunday.
Miss Ll.zle Schafcr of Mauley was
visiting Mrs.' Schafer and family of
Mjiple (5 rove last week.
The Cause of Many
Sudden Deaths.
Tlif it" Is .1 ilistMse ttev.nliiii; in tlli?
ft m I it rv most tl.ttikii -t nils hecntiseMnlccri,.
.1 1 1 sinl.ll'll
ute t iiiisttl
by it Iie.irt tits
fuse, ptieiiiiii .in,t
Ileal! I.ilhite til
r- ;iim it v nre often
the result ,,f lid
IU' v dlseu-e. If
kidney trtmblf it
" t tit- V. it I nt- v put s in
, td hit-Hi will ut
tuck tl - vital orp ins, lansnii; c.-it.uili .
the lilailder, or the kitlueys tlieinsi-lvi-s
break tlnu and waste away it II hy t t-II.
Uladiler tmutilett ill most itlttays irsult
frntn a tler inneiiit-nt of the kithiets ami
it t ine is tibt. inieil iiuit kt st by a prnpt r
treat n it tit nf the k id lit s. If ynil ate fetl
liiH badly ymican make tin tni-.takt- by iitu I )r. Kilmer's 5wanipRnot, the
Kteal kidney, liver mitl lilatltlir fitneily.
It enrtet ts itiahihty In Imlil iirttie and
si alditii; pain in passing it, and nvt-r-cntnes
that unpleasant necessity of U-in
cmupellcd tn k f'ttetl thnu;li the day,
atliltiiKet up ituiuy tiinttt thirtii the
tnht. The 111 1 1. 1 an, I tlu- et ratio It iiftry
f I feet til' Swamp UimiI is sinui reiilinl.
It stands the highest for Us tvotttU-t ful
Clues if the tunst tlisttessiii cases
Swamp KiHtt is pleasant tn take and is
Willi by all ilruv;e,iNts m lifty-ient ntul
ntie-ilollar sie ttoltles. Vihi may have a
sample bottle nf tins uoinh-iful new dts
cnveiy Htltl it hnnk Hint fells (ill ahnut it,
Imtli sent free hy mail. Atl.lrt-Nt, I )r. Kil
mer ,N: Co., Ilinnhainltiii, N. V. When
wtititiK iiientitni reathiiK this etit-rtms
nITer in this paper. Htm't iinike any
mistake, but rememhet tlie liame.Swiitup
Knnt, Pr. Kilmer's Swamp Runt, itml the
iitldress, linihtttiitnu, N. Y., on every
b.ittlc. 7
John I'ltit U ili lUcifil line's to Murray
(.'has. Philpot shipped tat cat tie to
Soul h ( inalia Monday.
Mrs. ,1. K. Cathway ami mui vlsitetl
at the home of Mr. ami Mrs. W. II.
Puis Monthly evening.
Mrs. Schafer ami .son Albert were
ainonif the Murray visitors from this
locality Sunday .
I n.t i the I.i iI.t.
Mrs. J. C. Sherwood arrived home.
Wednesday evenliik' from a visit r
several weeks with her relatives in
Plcive it i it I Cedar muni ies.
Ir. P.. I'. Ilrcndcl of Murray was
here on professional business Sunday
evening, anil bail time to meet many
of his I'nlon friends.
Miss Verulc llarninn came home
Monday evening from Lincoln, and
will enjoy the summer vacation from
her State f diversity st utiles.
Mrs. M. II. Shoemaker and her
niece, Miss Emily Shoemaker, went
to Omaha on the Wednesday after
noon train to visit a few flays with
some of their friends.
Nathaniel llarless returned yester--.
day tothe Military Home at Leaven
worth, to receive treatment for his
oil malady, dropsy. About three
weeks flifo he cana- home and wass HQ
much Improved that, he ha I hopes of
full recovery, but the old trouble
came hack ami crew worse attain, and
lie concluded that It was best tn re
turn to the hospital.
Mrs. E. S. iMinnan ami C. C. Ilowcn
received a telegram last Saturday
cvcnlmr notifying them of the sud
den and unexpected death of their
sister, Mrs. Charles Conway, who Te
stified In New York cltv. A letter
followed the message, ktlvinif further
particulars, and stated that Mrs. Con
way was ill only a very few moments
death resulting from a sudden attack
of tetanus.
Last Saturday J. I). Cross and his
two little boys, Carl and l!ay, bad &
bit of experience that they wouldn't
care to ko through ak'aln, and they
were Indeed fortunate In escaping
with no more serious injuries. Mr.
Cross, with the two boys, were riding
on a hitrh spring seat, hauling a younx
bull which occupied a lower berth at
bottom of the w anon. The bull man
aged to loosen his ropes wlilie under
the seat, and making a sudden plunge
he threw himself and the three occu
pants of the seat out upon the mules,
a general mix-up and a runaway be
Iiik' the natural result. As quickly as
possible Mr. Cross cave attention to
the Iwys, Ray appearing to be serious
ly Injured, and as soon as the boys
could be taken home Mr. Cross hastily
summoned I r. Abbott. An examina
tion was made by the physician, and
It was found that Hay was badly
bruised ami cut about the croin and &
cut over the rlcht eye. Carl sulTered
less serious injury, a partial fracture
of the rlis'ht arm an I sllcht bruises of
his hand. The boys are cettiiu along
nicely, but we venture to say they
will never have any particular love
for their papa's bull.
Hump Back
W SC0TTS EMULSION won't maka a U
ituii i lnluiu.n; won t tnakt
hump back traight. neither will it make
a ihnrt It j Inn;, but It fttds loft bone
and htali diuaxd bone and li imone
the few genuine meant of recovery in
! fth. a ll,l II I
nutu ana none consumption.
Snd f"f fr umplt.
smrr hownk.
)-4iS J'earl StrMt, Nw Yaf k.
yK. tat i.oo; tu dra; eutt.