The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 16, 1904, Image 5

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Cl.-rlt l
t ( ..'.sr. .
..l.v M
lit r - ii
!'. Tr iv !,
. I. Tw-n
County .l"'I-f
("oii'ity Ol. r
Trcasur. r . . -
M. n:t
Sup" rliit.iid. nt of I
. !i. h
.1. In .
ii..- I
Mol.r .1.
i.. i;. -
(' . ttorll' II
I). I 1 U.l . i
Tun r.i- I.
.. . It. 11.11:1111'.
1 11 l U-V.ol' I
. Il. ll! H ..T:f
II. M. -. nrl -li- l:
.. K. W. C , in. nl
.. .11. I Tines
.. William W.-I.r
. . .los. I it.-.. l;. 1. 1
Tn usure r
Attorney. . .
Police .lull.'.-
l'lrst WiikI .. ..K.I l it.'
H M il..
:iul. I'. .
Second Wur.l
Tliirtl Wur.l.
fourth Wur.l
I'lftli Wur.l .
I'r.iiiU Ituti. ry. W. C. TIi-ii
.1. II. Il.-r.ii.l. I'. II. sti.'iiikcr
Win. liHlliiii.v. I' A N.-niiiiin
. . .1. M. Yonuraii. m. Slat.-r
Time Table
PUttsmouth, Srb.
Lincoln Omaha,
Chicago, St. Joe,
Kunsus City, St.
Louis ami all
points Mast and
leiiver, Helena,
liutte, Portland
Salt Lake City,
San Francisco,
and all points
Trains Leave as Pollows:
No. is I'u.-iii.' .Iiiii.-i inn .1" ;n..
S'o. i l.n.-ui eprr!s. In I.iwii p. .11 1 1 .
f'hlnii;. . ami tin- e:ist '. I T pin
N'u. 14 - l"u-.t pi.-.-.-. .I:ii!y. Ir.iin Lin
coln t.' St. .li'M-pli. UipiMisl'i'y.Si.
l.uiiN. Chlriiu'". mill ;.l! ;i. inlM-:il
ami S'.ir. Ii -. .'7 pin
No. I'- - 1'i.r I'm-: lie .Inn. 'lion . .. l .'.'JTpn.
No. Ill Lncal In l,acli;.'.liin.-t!..ii '.e.V: inn
No. '.V.'- I'r .1. i On, aha I K. in.
No. :W l-'-.'l-'!il. daily .wci-pi Siinday.
In I'a.'ili.' .Inn. 'I I. 'ii ' '' I'!'.
No. - TliM-.n-di vest1. 1 mil-. I express for
all poinls east
No. Al - l-'roin l iinalia
No. I!' - Local I '.pr.s,. daily. ii;i:.ia.
Lincoln. 1.-II. r anil inlei iiicdi lic
No. i7- Local express to ( iiuiiha. via
l-'t. Crook and Soul h ( itniilia. dally
except Sunday
No. 7- I 'ast mull, daily, to i iii al, a and
i :: am
1 :H am
:l am
.'.i.;m am
No. :W Local expr.-ss. I .ouisvllle. Ash
land. Walioo. S.-lmyii r. dally ex
cept Sunday pin
No. IH Llncoiii. i.ranil Island, lilack
Mills. Montana ami Pacific i.ortli-
. .! I"::
No. :"i Local fr.-.'ht. to (Ydar Creek.
Louisville and -outli Hen. I. daily
except Sunday
No II' I r. on St. I ..'ii . and SI. Joe and
.Nebraska City 1 ':
Oally excepi s -unlay
Sleenlic. dlnilr.' and recllnlni: .'Pair
(seals on ihroiiuli trains,
and lniL'i;ai;.' cln-ckeil to any
Tickets sold
point In Hie
I'lllted Stales nr I
for Informiitlon. tlrne til.les. maps :ind
tickets call on or rlte to V. I.. I'lckett. local
airent. I'laits-noiit Ii. N !.. or ,1. I'rancls. gen
eral piissi-ncer ic.'ent. oinnlia. N -Ii.
Missouri Pacific Time Tabic
I'U.MNS (i.ilN.. Nul!T!l.
I ptll
:: I,
.0 1M.
I I 111
I, 111
II, 1
.! Wei id s I air I I Vi -I-
. . : i-
II A 1.1.
. . .I'LN'l 1
All klmUof I'.'iital work. I'!al. s
Hi. L'ii years e pi r,eiu e. I'riet s r
ci-'i- it i: i-iT.o i-.h l.i. in..'
Tl l.i:i-li"NK No. Hon IT
I'r.'iiarliui ahstracts of title, t'oliveyiinclnu'
mid exaiiiliilu.' Ilt'es to real estute ll suecl'il
ty. Work pmuerly .lone and c lutrires r.asnn
ulil.'. I Ullct':-K.H.IHS ii iiinl ". .lolui ti un.J
ItnllilliiL'. Dfttr Court, House, riiittsimiutli.
01 f ICE:
Waterman Hlock
lulls. Phone
l I Ull.'
i lies
. . hi. ...
! Ill
DR. J. 0. B..UC12
Osteopathic Physician
Chronic bis. m 5 a specialty
s p
,. i i ,,
1 1
p ii,n
, pi,
,t '. IIOliS II
Dr. Ehtcr, Dentist,
Waterman Block.
V Abstracts c Title V
"p?oma5 Uallif.
til ITrK-AtiliPUM'r-K'.'sl. Illi" k.
Japs Attempt to Dislodrje Russians
From Their Positions at VatanjOw,
but Fail Battle Believed
Been Heavy Affair.
to Have 1
Toklo. June 15 -The Vladivostok
rq'in.ii ii is retried in (t o Korean
stra.ts. firing t;as hoard on
Tsune-Shlma. a. small Island lying olt
the southwest of Monshiu t.dan.l. It
Is possihL' an engagement is progress
ing. London, .limn L' The Centra!
News has received a dispatch from lis
Llao Yang correspondent saying that
heavy firing botwen the Kalian and
Japanese viinpviards comuieiu ed at
1:4'i p. in. The lighting extended
along the entire front, assuming the
(linicnsltr.s of a general engagement.
The correspondent says tliat no di
tails are available.
Armies Try to Gain
St. Peter.slnirj;, June
eral staff reiimined In
alino;t ; o'elock this
U". The t;. n
sessh a mull
nuiiuiiii; and
Kiivc nut l.ieutinant ('ciii'ial Paron
tal-.f!ierj:'s im-s.sagc aiiiiouni in the
tiht at VafaiiKow. This unusually
late hour iiulici.t. s tha, the anihnr
ltii s altar!; i-onsnK-iahlo ir.i" : tar.i-e
to the nie.ssai.,e. U is l'lMi-vi.l that
the Y:il'ani''.w affair neiv tr. e t.i
have hi en nuiie a hcay 11. t. Th.''
fact that the Russians hold l. nil' po
sition in the fact' of heavy lo.,ses also
fupptrts this theery, nt:.l it is lie
lieveil it may turn out to he a scvie
check tu the n..nhi-ni a-.l-vance.
The uioveineiit of H.oou Ja)ia
r.ese north of Kuan l'i.'in sJnii only
adds to the blindness of IV s:!u:;!ion
in the iioi-tliwestet n Ih-ld of enerat a. lis
H Is iiriiuestionahle tiro the Cossncl's
havp hcen woi i vim' t!1.' Japnn. so
north of 1" iir Wain; On ii;r and the
movement may he merely im e'.'fort to
clear the country. t the same time
this mnveiin nt holiis the posihilit y
of n di'motr-'ratl.-i-.i inuinsi Mukden.
l-'ollowinp is toleiriain from
0. :n ral Stal.ellieri;: "A hafl" hei;an
nt noon around the Kussi-u. p. -situ. a
four ma! a halt miles south cf tl: sta
tion of Vafanyow, the ineiny niahin.:
repealed atuiiip's to ilishn'i;e our le't
flank. The attack was n I" and :
ve retained our positioa. The first
r'-pimei.t. oi- upying the l-f ;. think of
nur position, ustainoil severe losses.
Its commander, Colonel Khavasloun
off, and Adjutant. i?',ib-U''Utenai-.i ty.-z-r.staff
N'odochlnsky ware killed. C.'i.
eral ('.. rnpross was wounded, a shrap
nel bullet shattering the ritrht side of
his lowo; Jaw, fait hr remained ou thr
War Correspondent Missing.
Washington, Juno 14. Tt-loprams
have been received at the state de
partment from Senators. Fairbanks
and lU'veridge asking the department
to txert Itself to find some trace of a
missing war oxirresiMindent, Hector
Fuller of the Indianapolis News, sup
post d to have been raptured either by
the Russians or Japanese. Fuller left
Clio Foo last week in an attempt to
reach Tort Arthur. He was last sen
on Friday, June 1'k at the Miaanta
islands and his friends tear for his
safety. The statu department is
asked to request the Russian embassy
and the Japanese li gation hen to
cause their governments tn niakn
search lor the man.
Russians Fall Into Ambush.
New Chwang. June 14 Information
was received hole through heretofore
reliable chaiiiiels that part of the Jap
anese fonts left ut I'u l,an Tien t.i
checkmate tho Russians' southward
movement to relieve Port Arthur was
attacked southeast of ShunK'imao
After slight fighting the Japanese
made a false retreat, th" Russians
hotly following them, when th" Japa
nese made u liank move and caught
the I! lssiuns in a trap. The Russians
lossen are plai ed at San men. They
th. n fell back on Kai Chou and br.izan
tj retreat nlotisr the Kalmaicu road.
RLSsian Losses in the War.
t. lvtershurtr. June 11. The fol
lowing otlicial stateinint of Russian
losses in the war has been made:
Navy, 44 ol'.icers and I'lhJ nu.-n killed;
13 tifllrers nnd -2n men wounded.
Army, UU ofVicers and 'aso men killed:
103 ofllcers and 2,'Mi nu n wounded.
Taken prisoners. L'o otlleers and t;!)(l
Rumor Sinks Six Ships.
St. Petersburg, June 13. Rumors
are circulating here that n gn at naval
battle has taken place off Port Arthur,
in which two Russian nnd four Japa
nero la't'.cshlps worn sunk. No con
firmr.tion of tho rumor tan bp ob
tain. ,1.
Mine Explosion Kills Nineteen Japs.
Toki-i. Jure 1'.. While th." Taihoku
was .IM.K. ! in hiyiinr minis a', the
r i.M-.iaoe to Port Arthur a raitt" ex
plode 1. KS'l'iu one o'.'.b . r a". 1 ek'l.N
fen tivi nt- I wvnn '.nn w . o,!h --rs
r.r.d - v, , v; '
.(T'.-n t3 Step Uftting.
,. .t ;,,. 1", A. '-ls-aii' Chief
s ,,.i i ! ',. r 1 ii i aniii.utK ed
will Lax e ! '' p"!. i m. a at
,u park i'atar'iay to make
uv a' !, ( i i ai ry i ut Mayor
or b rs to I n ve!.' I nek-
! t!ie ra n t; ci t.
i c
i of V
that he
rare of b
I.:i:!;it.i; i WrccW on lllincis Central.
Caihoi.dale. 111.. Jat.e la -The Chi
rnpo hn.l'el passei.g, r tram on the
I'lllioU was Wlei ke 1 in the
yards In this il'y ai.d John Hamilton.
r (i.-ii lin ker of M. tf.d.'.s. was In
Unlit ly kir.'ed nnd sovcvii! aut.gcrs
brill-' d Rtul Injured.
Cads Prohibition
As!.'...;.. i N.-h . .1 ,:.
Clark. !.;..: !...:!.. !.:.
rroki! r liukI i .
Lincoln An.: 1 '. 11.
delcg.i.. Hi the i. :
.m er.tio
1.:. - A".
::. .; r. .
. i i..
T,'h minute state
Child Killed l Erotn?
Creightou. , j,..t., C T! .
year-old ten of iloigc 0 . '.w .n
uetlilet. tally shot 1 his; .'.
Li-other far. Vss handli' g el :.
resulted in a wound in the t. ;
from which the little t 11. w i!i '. t
tours later
Tarpenning Jury Disagrees.
Fulli-rtuii. June lb--The iur in
case of the Mate against Perl Tar; a
UliiK, ehared with nuir.Vr, laile .', to
unree utter forty-dent lunirs' iudil.t-r.i-tleu
and was ihseharwe.l t ,la.l;e
Recder. The e:u-e will pivbahly
tried in Nov. mln r next.
Three Held for Fe.isel Mu'de
Nelson, June H The preliml
heartily ot Mrs. Naee 1 hit. hinsi.n.
mm, Charles, and Chin l.-s t'. I'.-i
u ry
: m I. a .1
. 1. was
. Tie
. v- l!.s
nephew nl the li.i.-siun l.i lii,
with ti e murder ot Kit W l-'.-ii
heard in the county hi
prison, r.- w. ie hound ui-r to
trie I e. uit.
Robbers at Work at H.ic'ir.
Norfolk. N. b . .1 .n- I V- 'I !,. o.-
f;ce at lladai was nd In! during the
cU-ht. Kith! dollars in money was
ei eiii. il, I ut no s-iiinps or nionov r
tiers were tah.n. Th.-'c n- m- . Un
to the roh;. i s. l'adar is a smal'. tow n
l;vi nu'.i s nei'th ol N rb !k Follow inp
the 1'i.ldl-t)
live tiol':. V.eie .-toll li lit
Board Agrees on Valuation,
ncel'i. June l.Y- The state Loan!
C-f ciiuallatioll. compi.sed of the K.'V
oinor and four other state mlb-eis,
voted to incri ;ise th. jts.-t ; -in. -nt on
railroads of the s'ate To p. r cent, or In
round numbers; from t.imit to
$ oii. Whether or not It w ill
tie a uniform assessnu nt per mile of
th? diff erent roads was not announced.
&cy Drowns While Swimming.
Aliisworth, Neh., Jane Frank
'Clapper the litteeayi'ar-old son of n
v.-est of thi
i-aiichnian living south
place, vliiS Glo. wiled while
endi-axorinis' to ewini across C h nr
(lake. lie v,is seized wi',.h cramps
! when in t.he middle of the lake, which
i Is forty rods wide, and called for hoi;.,
i hut was dead before any one rem lied
Postmasters Are at Lincoln.
Lincoln June 1.'. Lincoln Is full
of postmasters to attend the first an
imal convention of the state associa
tion. Governor Mickey and Mayor
Adams delivered addresses of wel
come, which were r spondod to by
T. W. Cole of Nelson find K. J. Burke
j (lf Ilancroff.
Talks were made by J
W. M Donald, Pr. .1. L. Greene, J. C.
Srnrrlst am! Samuel Avery.
Bonacum Granted a Rehearing.
IJneoln, Jnnf in. On application
of Plshop lionactim. tho supremo court
granted a rehearing in th" Imm pend
ing niit of the bishop against Rev.
William Murphy, ft priest at Seward.
Tho supreme court rerently affirmed
tho decision of the district court, giv
ing Father Murphy possession of tho
parish property after his dismissal
and ex-rominunl.-Tttion by the bishop.
The rehearing is granted on Ihe al
legation of F.ishep lionacum that the
ruling of the civil court is in opinsition
to the ecclesiastical court at Rome.
Figuring on the Assessment.
Lincoln. June 9. The state board
cf equalization Is trying hard to agree
upon a valuation of railroad property
so that the figurcH may he the basis
cf the di bate to occur today. None of
tho hoard members are very far apart
on their estimate of th value and the
figu-es all hover around $,'ti,oi"i,(,,n.
It is the plan to fin,1, ae fofgrepato
Yfihio r-f each system on the Mocks
and bonds basis ard then dlvldo tho
valuation among the various linos ac
cording to their worth.. The figures
that the board 'will submit for ari'ii
ment, if it finally concludes to do so,
will hv no means be final.
Bonesteel is on the Bocm.
Norfoll:, June 14 From a villago of
hardly 4W peoplo eight weeks ago
JJouostecl has rieveloi'd into a city of
Ctioo. Women of Ilonosteel have made
preparations for the reception oftho
Incoming throng rf women who will
want to tako chances at the frep
homu business. Northwestern ofl'clais
have ordered all general iiger.ts of tho
company to make no arrangements
this year whatever for Fourth of July
special trains, as every car will he
reipilred for use on the national day
for the transportation of the RoKhud
rush. Registration begins at Fairfax,
Ponesteel, Yankton and Chamber'.a-.n
fin July .", and continues t bl.l.ily ':l.
Nebraska Crop Conditions.
Lincoln. June l.Y The continuant e
j of the cool. ::;o!.-t vvaili. r I ti !
! favorable f- r the et-,,', , r small j
i main and grass. Winter wheat and
ryo mostly h nd. d, while mi's are
I Just b.ajitirili.g to t-h.,w heads. Gra-1;
! i:t lasMir. ; and lae.-idow s 1.; in exi ' 1
j 1, nt. ' i. lothm, with -ery pixispeit of
i a large hay rop. Tho hist cutting of
I alfalta is just beginning In southern
! counties and some tliiinage was dotci
j by th. of the u.ek. Tho al
falta -pp is gi-m ri.ily oMelh i.t. Corn
las grown slowly ;u.d many enrn
lields atri still weedy. Fair progress
has hi ( n made with cultivation of
torn ia most parts of the stat 1 ut In
tor. e hnalitiis and on low laud tho
nil! is still too wet to work
Coy CrcAtied While D.itMni-;.
Flk City. J in,' l: --William Hd.-y
UTt l'.'. W 11. .1 while I l . 1 Tl s
Rain In Northwestern Nebrafka. 1
No,-!.. Ik. Jitn.. Ma. 1. h.-., rain !
thri luh. ut las! we.U his broilKht the j
rivers, el r.ortl'.eni N.-hr.isha to the!
t anks th. y are , ( rl'.owtng in fev
t-ralsp-'s, 1 he l;!hh. in al!e mums
peiia'U tsi'i .1. The i . ui.t i In north ('-ri; N.htasl.ii w !,, r - vii i
formerly n prayi!. I. r rntti. ha-'
tin n .1 nl.' a c. piavlc. ..r a;
lei up .. wat. r i.ow
Coon Wins Rhodes Scholarship.
Line . In, Jul..' II oi ll.- lour W
brnsloi elicihl.--; lor the lihod.-s scliol
arbhlps, UimuoihI II Cmu wu.s at a
tuoctll.K f the state's i ,'h e pic.!
dents .lesMinmte.l ns ihe one t. st -;ed
i for the lirst year man. and in in oi ,l
1 anee with Ihelr decision he will
t. llxford in Sepleinhei i ext.. Mr
j Coon Is twenty-nue cais ,.li!. n ; ;
tive of Minnesota im.l was i-.l'ieatei!
i In Nebraska.
Nebraska Fifty Years cf Age.
! Omaha. June 11 The liltl. Hi an
j niversiiry of Nohtasku'H i xht.-nce iii
a ttrnioiy mid Mute was celehrateil
in this city by a iri-and civie an I mil
, Pary parade mid mi informal old set
was '
I '-union 11, .
I..- ..inter of tin
v i.ii.l nearly a
I'.-v'ieip.-ile,! In
'I he out pouril't
tits win, c.lllle
aily days i s
11 l
11 the
: of
to N,
I": till rook
( ',ov. vin ,r
Slate . .Ill
. nun" ti a-
. 1 1 . I nice
bra si, a in
I the
: p. . I..
marl. .".I '.
pram I h
illo. Th.
Masrns Elect
Jane 11- Tin
i l Nebraska .
.ii ' i s and ih'.Jo
olhr. rs w. re eh
le, led
. led.
ill id
1 ! 1 1 e
win I'.uriiham. Tlhleti, linmd mietei-:
M. H Hop. well. Teh.ttiiah. rraii.!
ly urit'.i master; M Hand, Unit
lngton. giiui.l senior warden, (. .1
King. Lincoln, grand Ji.iih.i- vaideii,
J. I!. 1 iliisniore. Sutlon, ciaml tv.-is-urer:
F. 10 'ho. Oiualiii crate! .- e
rotary; li H French, Kearney, grand
custodian; L. H. Illachleg. Rod Cloud.
Brand orator; M. J bowling. North
liend, grand marshal; G. A l'.isihir.
Koariiey, grand clmplain, W. A, e
Rord, grand suitor deacon, i. A
Cheney. Crelghtiiti, irtuiul Jui.h.r ! :i
ctiV.; ..;nil, King, fbnaha, grand lyl r
Fails to Keep Elevator Litkj.Vuon Out
of State Court ao It Attempted.
Oliiiiha, June h. 'oati ny to the
motion ui the deleiidant, Ju b'e Mini
ger has handed down Id.; decision in
the of the Farmers' Gram and
Fdevntoi company of Virginia, N.-b.,
against (he Kansas City and North
western (Mhsiouri I'aellie) Railway
company, remainlinp the . aso back to
the supreme court of Ncluaska, from
which the case w:us taken to the I'tilt
ed Stat, s circuit court.
The Fuit is one wherein the plaint
Iffs brought, to tion In tho -upreuie
court ol the state to compel Ihe rail
road company to permit them to build
an elevator on Its right-of-way in the
town of Virginia or to build a siding
to the railroad's own elevator a few
feet from its right of way, providing
that the plaintiff be accorded Ihe same
privileges and facilities I hat were fur
nished another elevator at that point,
the plaint id's elevator doit.g a mai h
greater business than its competing
elevator. The suit was brought under
the provisions ol IhH Rams, v elevator
Kentucky Editor Delivers Annual Ad
dress to Ciaduates at Lincoln.
Lincoln, June in. - Henry Walter
son faced u crowded auditorium when
hit delivered the e, mm, no. nil nt ora
tion bolor. the State illoxcl-iiy giad
Hating . lass. The address bdioued the
con.nieni emeiil procession, whiih wan
iu.prcbsivo beyond precedent. It was
l.,d by Chancellor Andrews In his re
sple ndent robe of nillceaiid was partly
composed of the. nearly ih'b giuduates.
"Conduct of Lile" was the theme of
Mr Wniterson's ori.tioii. lils re
marks related largely to the dai '.'c rt
thill Ilien.'Ke the republic. Credit unil
character, the hh-ssed heritage of its;
rauihiMMl ami womanhood, an the only
gold mines that conserve its life's
success. Ik'precntlhg the growth of
the spirit of accumulation, the mania
fi r rnoiK y gef'ing. he declared that
the real suec ss tn Focuring happiness
Is obedience to the golden rule, where
in lies the whole (secret of human hllv
plness. Incidentally tho speaker
soundly excoriated the "-Inn" ,,r the
growing ostentation of wealth. The
money standard Is held so high and
the moral standard so low that many
pisiple think there is no hope, but, as
an optimist, he doomed the nation on
the ascendency rather than on the do
dine. He deprecated in strong terms
the fact that it takes a million dollar'
to put up a presidential ticket am!
that a seat in the I'mt.'d Stat; s s. n-
a to costs
gra luat. :
1"1 " 'O.
w ere ( l, III,'
1 1
- In
, IT:'.'
':.r, e:
W. !
1 ;-t
t -
t.i i:
,f t
!,.. ;-hy w-i -e
van.: Cio;:.ot.':
I... and I':-'
uiiihia iit.;,-r-
' r
Fitfuscl Lkcnr.c
p. l.-i. Kan . Ju:."
. r I oard r. I us
-e I i do bin iio s
in Kar.s-.s.
if, - The I' til
d to ciai.l
11,. a
s in to
tho Kaioii.i Natural lias e nipany, a
di rpoiatloii ..rg-inUo'l uioh r ti n law
rf ladawaie. Members of the K..n-a.
das I'r',1, c". I v,i ass... ialioii. who wit"
present at tho In aril, a ! I'l" Ihe'
boar I. ci nt. aided agali.-t the . oinpr.ny,
beca 1st It lutein!, d to pipe gas to
other s'aio.s. The mt fiber. of tin'
charter- board rt.-uc no reason for tic !r
IJIAil Ai it
iluT I ? t m S
'- li.l 1.1 1
U i t.
X hy not stop this fallinc of your hair? At this rate you will soon
be w ithout any hair' Just remember that Hall's I lair Rencwcr
stops falling hair, ami makes hair crow. - u'V,?",o,r;tLZl1,'''
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Savings Bcciik
At the Old Stand
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Choicest Emits
Fine Confections
Ami I l,e most delicious
Winch be is prepared t furnish in
any ipiaiit il.y for family use
or social gat beiings.
511 Main Strut
llN LINE:!!
Ami iiiun-l
stini'lit d
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where you will he ro
miel I'm' your troulil"
I'V Vfi'ttillK' tlie lie.-1
(iii tlio murkets.
Canned Goods,
fresh daily from the itiiukot.s.
gathered frehh every morning.
"Phone 54.
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fa-n ius'y K
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i vi. v i-v n
sariy Risers
por Sole'.by F. C. FRICKE & CO.
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' COURSES -Lhiiris.
ShorHund ?.'rj T) fcivrltlng.
h re)jrntery aid Itli'vraphy
I .-Atlll IS I I
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Intoln I'.usiiifss College, l.on.dii. Nili.
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i lair Kenewer
Thr ( !.!!.' IK'.iI.ts
aid Son
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Orders Promptly Filled
I 'la 1 1 .nioiilli No-,. TJ, 7
Ncliia- ka .i. '
and :!l'i
Sl Ramge
Still lead all oilier Meal Markets in
llirnisliilig I lie people of Plat Is
iii'iiifli and icinil y w illi
First Class Meats
l Lveiy I i ipt ion.
Frcsli and SmoHetl Meats,
Fresh Fish, Lard, Etc. Etc
They La ve
removed to I he lirst, room
t of i heir old stand.
I'.y cui lcoiis t I'-al ho lit to all they
pope to retain their present patrons
and gain many m-w ones.
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Ketnovinp; of llotiheliolil (ioodna
Spociultv. AIsii, lli'avy
Ihin't allow money to lie around. It
is easier to spend it and easier
to lose it.
1 - ' s
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A . tl J
l,y kceplm; it in a safe place such as
The Banl cf Cass County
You can .-he a check P-r any part of
H iit any lime and mi have a receipt
for paynu'td w ith"iit asking bu- cine.
When ou have a kink account you
will be aiiNious l" add to it rather than
.spend li'oin it. lvn't yoti want to
know mere uhoiit it.