The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 09, 1904, Image 7

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tnlon Block Plattsmouth. Neb.
Fine Watch and Clock Hepairintfa
Specialty. .V cimi'.ete line Watebes.
Jewelry and Silverware.
F.xtra Fine Eiht-Hay Clock
k $2.75
l'arker Alarm Clocks, Guar
IMiitisinuutli : : Neliniskii,
Probate, Commercial Law, Real
Estate Litigation
and foreclosure of mortganesa specialty
top th cough tnd hla lunffi
Notice to Taxpayers.
The Ixwr.l of lint v I'HiiMiilNsliiiiiT.t nf Cuss
county. Ni-liraskit. will sit Imiiril nf iiUiil
l.;itlon fur tin- piiriNisc nf iMiimllzliii; the as
sessment of Cuss county for the yciirllM. in
tin1 eoniinisslnners' elmrnlicr ut tin- court
house, rialtsuioiitii. Ik'W'IimiIiik Tuesday. June
14. 1). ut luo'cliN-k a. in., and contlmilnji from
(lay tn day. up to an. I IncluiliiiK .Inly I. Hull.
All pertons ownlm; re;il nr personal roM rty
Mili.ici-l tal Inn shfiulil call anil examine
their assessments. Unit any errors as to valu
ations may In- ;nlj u-,i.-U liy said Inianl as 1 1 if
law provides.
I.. A. Tyson, Cmiiity Clerk.
In Tim Cnr.vrY Ciifiir in
Cass County. .N en.
In re estate of John Kinu. deceased.
Tn all persons interested, and the unknown
heirs of John Kin::. deceased.
Vim are herel.y notlhfd that the adminis
trator has li If. I In-, petition for linal settle
ment, and airnui.t. hIIckIiik that there ari' no
lieir.s of John Kinir. deceased, and that said es
tate should esclM at to the slate of .Neliraska.
and all)lni; thai Hit' personal estate Is insuf
ficient to pay nil the dents anil expenses of ad
ministration. hikI asking for an order to re
iliiire him to apply to the district court for a
license to sell the real estate.
Said petition for linal settlement, anil ac
count, are set for liearlni: upon the isth day
of July. A. I). r.HU. at In o'clock a. in., hefore
me the iindersivued county ude. at my office
In the city of I'latlsmoulh. county of Cuss,
Nebraska, at which lime said account will he
examined, adjusted and allowed, and a hear
ing hail as to who are the heirs. If any. of the
said John Kinir. deceased, and If none lie
found said estate will be decreed us escheated
to the slate of Nebraska: and that at said
lime such other orders will be entered as may
lie lust and proper for the administration of
salu estate.
County .Indite.
Of hearing on petition fur distribution of res
idue of estate.
State ok Nkhimska. '
County of Cass. ( v
To all persons Interested In tiieeslateof Keln-
hnlil Schuelke. deceased.
Notice is hereby itlven that 1 1 u ir A V I vif en
horn, administrator of said estate, has tiled
his petition in said com ., theobjeciand pray
er of which are that a decree of distribution
may lie madeof the resldneof said t slate now
in Ids possession. tolhe partiesentltled bylaw
to receive the same.
Vou are hereby iiotllied that said ietltlon
will lie heard by the county .Indue at tl nun
ty court room in the city of I'laltsmouth. in
said county, on the :;ith day of July. I'.Ol.
It Is ordered that a copy of this notice lie
published once each week fur three successive
weeks In the I'latlsmoulh Weekly Journal, a
in wspaper printed and published In said
hated thisiitli day of June. I'.ml.
IIaiivk.Y I). 'I HAVtS.
County Juiltfe.
Notice to Creditors.
State ok Nkiiiiaska. i . n ,n
Cass County. i ' County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Margaret Kast
erday. deceased.
Notice Is hereby clven that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the administratrix of
said estate, before mi, county .Indite of Cass
county. Nebraska, at the county court room
In riattsmoulli. In said cuunty. on the
Until day of July. and on the '.INI day of
licccmlicr. HUM. at In o'clock a. ni., each day.
for the purpose of presentliut their claims for
examination, adjustment anil allowance.
Six months are allowed for the creditors of
said deceased to present their tlahns. and one
year for the administratrix to settle said es
tate, from the Jdtli day of June, I'.ml.
Witness my hand and seal of said county
court, at IMattsmouth, Nebraska, this -1th day
of June. IIMI.
County Juik'e.
Notice to Credors. it
State of Nkiiiiaska. , Count v Court
Cass County. t -ouniy v.ouri.
Ill the mutter of the estateof Khniles (i. Spen
cer deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the creditors of
said deceased will meet the executor of said
estate. Iiefore me. county .Indue of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska, at the county court room In
I'lattsmoutli. In Mild county, on the IJtli of
July. I'.4. anil on the IJth day of January.
I!K. at In o'clock a, in., each day. for the pur
pose of presentlmt their claims for examina
tion, adjustment and allowance.
Six months are allowed for the creditors of
said deceased to present their claims, and one
year for the executor to settle said estate,
from the 3oth day of June. I:i4.
Witness my hand and seal of said county
court, at I'latlsmoulh. Nebraska, this Dili da'v
of June. 1IM1.
(HKAI.) llAHVI Y l. TllAVIS.
County Judge.
Probate Notice.
Cass County. Neb.
In the matter of the estate of John C. I'tak.
All person Interested In the said estate
are hereby not Hied that a etltiiii has been
tiled In said court alleging that said d vised
has left no last will and testament, and pray
ing for administration ukui said estate, ami
that a hearing lie had timh said petition Is
fore said court on the bth day of June A. I.,
I'.M. at one o'clock p.m.; that If they fall to
apiiear In mild court on said day to contest
the said veiltlon the court tuny grant and
Issue letters of administration to Antonle
I'tak. or some other suitable person and pro
ceed to a settlement of said estate.
Witness my hand and the seal of this court
tills -Jr li day of May. A H.. I'.vt.
l"EAi. llAitvrv 1. Tnvi.
County Judge.
Cetectiveg Batter Down Front Dr
Of Her Residence in New York.
New York. June 8. IVuvtivos bat
tered down the heavy frout iluor at
the rosUU-m'e in this city of Mrs.
Hannah KUas, the negro wo:t:an h'
Is charged with elitait'.ing nearly
?F If
!!,.- ii A.N NAB ELLAS.
t70U,iHHi from agod J.ihu li. I'lutt by
blackmail. They thfii plucitl her un
dtr aiiost on a warrant charging her
with extortion In hitvliiK socqrod $7,
5H0 from Mr. l'latt in May last.
Mrs. Ellas was in bed whin the
warrant was seryed. Immediately aft
erward the papers In the civil net lop.
brought against her by Mr. I'latt wore
Rebels Induced to Quit War by United
State Naval Officer,
WashiiiKton, June ti. Peace now
reigns in San Domingo and Command
er A. C. Dillingham, U. S. N., Is r
sponslblo for this bajipy condition.
He prevailed upon the warring fac
tions to meet on board the cruiser De
troit with a view to bringing about
peace, and he has succeeded admira
bly, as shown by a communication re
ceived by the navy department.
The dispatch was sent by Hear Ad
miral Sigsbee and was as follows:
"Hepre.sentatlves met aboard the De
troit and. according to arrangements
made with the commanding officer of
the Detroit (Commander Dillingham),
peace has been agreed upn in Santo
Domingo and the cessation of hos
tilities to obtain the consent of the
recognized government. The New
ark arrived opportunely, as the con
ference made better arrangements.
The Newark remains several days and
then sails to San Juan."
British Warship for Tangier.
London, June 8. The foreign of
fice denies that the British Mediter
ranean squadron hag sailed for Dan
gler, as cabled from Gibraltar. Only
one ship, a- originaly reported, will
be sent. It Is believed that with the
cooperation of France, satisfactory
arrangements can be made for the re
lease of Messrs. Perdicarls and Var
ley. The statement that the United
States Intends, In the event of the
failure of negotiations, to seize a
Moorish port Is not credited at the
foreign office, whore It is said that
the United States and Great Britain
are working with the co-operation of
France to secure the release of the
prisoners, with the least, possible dis
turbance of existing conditions.
Hunting Owner of Pistol.
New York, June 8. Detectives at
work on the shooting of Bookmaker
Frank T. Young, which occurred in a
cab here last Saturday, are slowly
tracing the nistory of the revolver
which caused the horseman's death.
Around the ownership of the weapon
may revolve a solution of the whole
affair. Young's friends all assert that
he never carried a pistol and the Inti
mates of "Nan" Patterson, who was
with Young in the cab, declare she
had a horror of weapons.
Flood Situation in Arkansas.
Lit tin Rock, Ark., June 8. Cessa
tion of rain brought some comfort to
the flood stricken localities along the
Arkansas river. Although the river
Is three feet alove the danger line
at Little Rock, the announcement Is
made that it will come to a stand to
day. Reports of Irreparablo damage
to cotton and corn crops In the low
lands multiply and tho result will be
disastrous, because it is now too late
for replanting. Much live stock has
been drowned.
Austrian Swindler In the Tolls.
Indianapolis, June 8. Jack Sibley,
an Austrian, unable to read or write,
and upeakir? English with difficulty,
was arrested here charged with ob
taining money under false pretenses.
Ho Is paid to hare advertised In sev
eral papers offering to take a number
of men to Alaska for $100, In return
for which they were to be allowed to
work certain gold claims which he
alleges he owns. The expedition wa3
advertised to start from St Paul.
Moors Invade Engllsn Residence.
Tangier, Juno 8 Armed Anjera
Moors Invaded tho residence of an
Englishman here ami compelled his
wife to give up the rifles of her hus
band, who was absent. The outrage
took place In broad daylight. The
British consul demands th arrest of
tho tribesmen, but the Moorish offi
cials hesitate, because the perpetrat
ors are Influential.
Six Drowned In Backwater.
Muskogee, I. T June 8. Alfred lie
nr his five children were drowned
while trying to cross backwater In a
small stream nr-ar the Arkansas
river. Lee nrl the children were In
a wagon, which was turned over In
flftten foet of water The six bodice
were recovered and brought here.
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect it.
How To Had Ont.
Fill a txttileorcoumitm ;1jsm with your
water ati.l let it taitd twenty-four hours ;
ii k... 1 1 ill,. til i r : -
l'JJ Sn tiiiti;iu.luaU-s:m
s-V V --a utihcjltliv
XI Vkll jtr 1 Y ,u'!,; 11
nr-vTl I votir litn ti it is
t vi.K-tii'c of kill
ni'v ttoul'ii-; t.s
tre.tii-tit iUmic
i I'.iss it or .mi
m the
that the
l ack is
kiiltu-v s
also com iiu'ini; proof
and bladder arc out nf order.
What To Do.
Theie is cotiitott lit the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Suamp-Kont, the great kidney remedy,
fulfills every wish in curing rheumatism,
pain in the back, kidneys, liver, bladder
and every part nf the urinary passaec.
It corrects inability to hold water
and scalding pain in passing it, nr bad
effects following use f liipmr, wine or
beer, and overcomes that unpleasant ne
cessity nf being compelled to go often
during the day, and to get up many
times (luring tiie tii ;ht. The mild and
the extraordinary elfect of 5vsainp-koot
is soon realized. It stands the highest
fur its wonderful cures uf the most dis
tressing cases. If you need a medicine
you should have the best. Sold by dtng
gists in fifty-cent and sizes.
You luav have a sample buttle and a
book that tells all
about it, bothsent free
by mail. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co., lling
hamton, N. Y. When
writing mention thi:
IIoida of PwamfUoot.
paiHT Ulltl llull't
make liny mistake, but remember the
name. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and
the address, Hinghamton, N. Y.
Special I'orrestlouilelice
1. F. l!ihi(lel mid wife of Murray vis
ited in Avoca Minda.v.
The ball game Sunday between A viva
anil Weeping Water resulted in a .score
of 12 to s In favor of the homo team.
('. D. tjuintoii had business at the
county seat the first id Hie week.
Joseph Main dm was at Neliawka
Kalph Graham and Heinv Kushoil
left the Hi st of the week for Si. Louis.
Ora K. t'opi-s, J. V. Ibindel and Jos
eph Graham attended Masonic bulge
at Weeping Water Monday evening.
II. I. Harding, deputy for the Royal
Highlanders, was in Avm-a Monday.
Henry Moseinan is painting his resi
dence. V. W. Stiaub returned the li 1st of
the wi't'k from a visit t Lincoln rela
tives. N. Tames ot Syracuse was on mir
streets Monday.
.1. K. Opp left Monday for Fremont,
where lie will attend summer school.
Miss Etta Gordon of Kim wood is vis
iting Avoca friends.
A. Mtitb of Omaha spent Sunday in
A voca.
G. V. Haishman, sr., was at Omaha
a few days last week.
Joseph Graham is having his resi
dence painted. William Morley Is the
John Ilhugeof I'nadilla spent Sun
day visiting his parents south of town.
Dr. G. W. Davison had business at
Omaha last week.
W. A. Hollenberger and Ora K.
Copes, with their families, attended
the old settlers' picnic at Palmyra
Magpie Grove
Special Correspondence.
ttiite a number of lady friends vis
ited at the turnip of Mr. and Mrs. Adam
Hild and family Wednesday, where
they engaged in a iillting party.
Dr. Wint I'.riiwn left Wednesday for
On. aha, where lie will go into the liv
ery business.
W. II. Puis and I'. A. Hild made a
business trip to Louisville Thursday.
(Julte a number fr un this locality
were among the I'lattsmuuth visitors
Mrs. Kgger, who has been visiting
with her daughter, Mrs. Scharer. re
turned home to Halleni Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. I'uls were aim ng
tlie Murray visitors Saturday from this
"Good llealrfj
tt.ndt all those i I
Abtaluttlypurt, v.S.olomt,
dtliciaui. , , , , jAi
Vr. ai d Mis. A.laiu Kraeger, jr.. is
ttel wlMi M:. ;ti. 1 Mrs. Ilcmy F.tvel
ketr.eier Sunday.
Alfieil ti.ti sen . i n, ;.''. a call to I, n
isvtlle Sunday.
l'uitc a numi-ei- 1 Mi.-snN aul ivi;.
tives visited at lie Ikuhc of Mr. and
Mrs. Willia.ti l'uNan.l l.i:n: !v Sun.l.ix ,
where a birtiuiai p.ntj :is 'ic.i n: '
linnui' ,i! Mr 'u ,,: i lN;:, j
I birthday I
j Miss Ma Fi;t,.. ,. Nd.awka n i, '
iltini: old it. .va.r.v this!
I tlllte a lilimhct el' nui e p.-npie ;tt- I
j tended the dat:iv a; Ciiaiics l'ln'.to; ;
; satt;n:a
I'r.'l i tlie l.cduiT
I' .ink. Harming and
Haw Us woi Hi were holding iviistilu
linn here Wednesday al'tei'noon.
Mack Ilavger came down from I'latts
mouth last Sunday to make a tew days'
vwit here and at Weeping Water.
James Truck and wife, residing cast
of town, are the proud parents c: a line
new daughter, hum sal urdav iiiornii'g
May .
.lames Faster and I'harles banning,
twiKil'oiir weil known fanners, brought
in a line lm d cattle Monday for ship
ment to the South t Miiaha market.
Miss Fiuily Shoemaker, a niece nf M.
H. .shoemaker, arrived here last Sat
urday from Muncle, l'a.. to spend t he
summer at the Shoemaker home near
this village.
. II V... I. I. . I , . ... . .
s--. i .. ,-iimi u. i ne Keeiai i laiisinciiiii
postmaster, passed here on the Tues
day evcningtiain, retiirninghoine from
Howe, where he had been visit ing his
daughter. Mrs. J. H. Teegarden.
Kngiiieer .1. II. Hoover, who was re
cently assigned to the Myer run on the
Lincoln branch, brought his family
anil household goods from St. Joseph,
and they are now comfortably at heme
in the residence south of I he M. .
church. Such valuable additions in
our populat Ion are always welcome.
A serious accident occurred last, Fri
day morning In which Mis F.ditli dish
inji was ipiite severely injured, ncai
the residence of W. G. James in Wyo
ming precinct. A horse hitched to a
biigiv became frightened and ran away,
throwing Mrs. dishing out, and she
was unconscious when carried into Mr.
James' house. At last report the in
jured lady was getting along very nice
ly and no permanent injuries resulted.
Twenty years ago Monday was the
date upon which Hallie Dclaney tirst
opened his eyes and began to .. jtiall.
but now he Is iiiite a chunk of a lad,
almost a voter. In honor of his twen
tieth birthday Mrs. Dclaney invited a
number of young friends to call and
.spend the evening, and as Hallie was
not untitled it was a very pleasant sur
prise for him. The evening was one of
genuine enjoyment for all, having nice
refreshments and music, playing games
and having a general good time.
Special 1'orresp.iiiili'ht.
The Ice cream social given here by
tlie Iloyal Highlanders, Sat urday even
ing, proved quite a success.
Miss Florence McDonald returned
from M unlock Monday morning.
Mr. F.rnest Car ml and Miss Nellie
Creamer attended the Presbyterian
church Sunday morning.
Remember the Children's kiy pro
gram at the Christian church. Sunday
Miss Agnes Kennedy and Lula Leek
spent one day in Plaftsmoi.t b this
Miss Mae Fulton Is the gi.cstnf Min
nie Herren.
Mis. James Loiinhrigo has bceint;itc
sick for tlie past lew days, but is .some
what Improved now.
Harve Manners is spending the week
in I'nlon. Lots! pretty girls in 1'nlon.
J. M. Leek lias begun a tine residence
for J. L. Carper near I'tiioii
I'roin ail"! In r uirce.
Fleming Knbb Is assisting in the
bank this week.
. li. Stone and family spent Sunday
with Luther Hall near I'nlon.
Miss Ka and Carrie Allison were do-Ing-some,
shopping In I'lattsmuuth last
Mrs. J. W. P.erger and Mrs. Charles
Carroll dmvc to I'lattsmoutli Monday
to do some shopping.
Charles S. stone went to Nehawka
Sunday to see tils father, who lias been
on the sick list, tint at this writing Is
much Improved.
Charles S. Stone and M.G.Churchill
drove to I'nlon Monday afternoon on
Hon. Jack Shaw Is the proud posses
sor of a tine new rubber tired buggy.
Now w lien Jack hitches up his road
ster you can Just get a glimpse of hi in
along the highway.
Miss Katherlne Laughlin departed
for tier hotr.eatfireenwdod last Thurs
day, after spending a couple of weeks
with tier sister, Mrs. T. J. Hidden.
II. i. Todd .shipped two car loads of
fat cattle to the Niuth laiaha market
Two Nights Wf Ifi
Tilt' IntiTlUtinnal I Iin-i njir C.
jivr:itmc a (T:r- n!
Moving Pictures
I an
I. He of
Chance ,, l'rtiram rai li lT!ornuiihv
b PRICES: Lout r iloor
b KV. I.ailirs Imw uitli
C only. Clnlthvu untK'i- 1J
0 on sale Ml)ll(l:iy Uliirnimr
Ml i
4 j hiiii iiiri-vi trmnn Tn nnn nnn iiiinn
y Bottled in Bond
U IT .1 r. iy llUr fl ' r' i
IaVv fin rvM Rrrrri f
Ve take this oi)ortiinity of returning,' our
most Kincerc tlinnks for favors, and nolieit a
(niitiniianct' of your imtronfic in tho future.
During l'.H), we shall endeavor to supply tho
market, as iihiiiiI, with that
Which Suits the People!
hoth in quality and prices.
ishino; all a happy and prosperous year, we
invite all to come and he comforted by making
your purchases from tlie largest furniture house
in PiMtsmoiith
Sattler &
.. '. .-.'r-t U 'A V,
W. M.
The Yellow
Beer, Wines
; .;
; H Agent for the Popular Willow Springs Beer
Kvery Case and Ken
Mt th Prlcts Wt arc Making
OuiiikIIiiii Cluli. irnlloit H (m
Wisldlim llollillet liye. trilllnll.... & Ul
Mlv.-r W.sWliiu. null 5 mi
Miiysvllle C'luk KmN.iii 4 ml
Hlf K:tslllonei OukvtisMl. inillon.. 4 III
M.S. II.1111I s.ur Mush, uiilloi)...!! 4 01
.'i.imrose liye. 1C1IU.11
While Ky milliin
lillehellhellin'r Itye. Ititllolll
Alliers.ill (11. Whiskey. Ifillloll.
Alis.hol, 1 -si proof, irullon ..
Minioliit iheln live, K.iiioN
'hi I. lory, iMlli'ii
t ml
3 .VI
. 3 ;
3 ;i
3 :i
3 i
3 tM
Call and Sec Us or Send Your Orders by
. y. t tt. w. , rt.
Theater I
Without Vil. ration or Kln-kir
The Trip to ihe Mo. .ii Tunnel's Ti awls
Line.. in Fire Depi Knn I 'ncle Tom's t aliin War Chicago Theater Fire
i. leal Train liobheri lialliincre Fire
inkle l.'ohinsoii Crusoe
an A incricau and id hei s S
M Rih-om Jit.-,
paid M- tii la t fir
(l.ilkrv 0
t nijvrhi b
vt'ars anv srat Id.-. Srats 8
Inn.. 1 5t i, Q
,v 1 . ' 1 1 1 .
in the Cbcnpcot
in the uSnM
I'nnr Whisky is not only din-ii-rci
nlile to tilHle, lint Ululouliled
Iv illjlirii.llH Idlli.'HlnlllHcll. A lit
tle ikkI Wliihliy is ii tine tonic and
lielw iiiKtend of Imiinine;. Such
Wliiiskics un VellowHtoiie, for iti
Htimci', will do yon just iih imiicIi
piod as a doctor's prewrijit ion. If
yii don't know liuw ood it ia
come in and try it.
Gucki nhcimer l.'yc, per gallon ... I 00
Yellowstone, " " ... 4 (10
Honey lew, " "... :i 00
Pig I lorn. ' " . . 2 no
F In i ore 1
Front Saloon
and Liquors
Hears the I'nlon Label
on Fine Old Wines end Whiskies
Uoyill TUer (till. Itllllilh
Nvlson County W Iilskry. K.1II011.
I'eu. li Orelmrl. trillion
Musriitel lm. trul tori
Koyiil I'ort Wine, irullon.,
Iloyiil Sherry, v.illoii
A Mtfi'lleit W Ine. itnlloii
Miilnirit Wine. lmIIoii
IllnekU-rry llrunily. itnllnn
Keit Ihs r eU'ht millons
Kerf ll.s r - Ml. s
C'lls' lleer iilnrts. t o inen . . .
C.lsf Heer-illltS. this ( il.uell
.f:i M
. .' i
. 2 lU
. ; 10
. i
. '. ml
. I .VI
. s
. I U'i
t. ,..
V-V-T' V- V-