The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 09, 1904, Image 5

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"'TV ArriZ-l mm
twin rtNiu
Civility .In ilte
SiHx riiUi'iidrin v
liV ft
. t C;,'V
. .. II. '. Wl.'Aw:
Lti i.". tvnrwr
. Ji -.Nf L It Wit
C S. .n."in
i. r
. Tun i ..Mi
. ..W. It. i c
I' II. ml.. n.i
: 'l0"!
Cl't'lli.lvsl.illl T-
Mayor. Henry I'. t. rn.c
Tmi.Min r . I;. . (.": -1 i , i
Attorney... . ..II. 1. lro
IVIIivJilLv Wli.hmi V U r
JUurohnl v rtt.-ral.l
M( M1IKHS li cm M.U..
l'ir,t v'.,i,l , KttJtji. ral.l. V. XV. Knitter
Sc.'i'iiil XVarii I'runk Bun. ry. XV. C. Tlpptife
Tlilnl XVard I. it Hi-mM. I'. II SU. inker
Fourth XVanl Win. ll:l!'in. i'. K. A. Newman
Fifth XVanl .I. M. WmUnn. XV m. Slater
Time Table
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Lincoln. Omalni.
Chicano, Nt. J h.',
Kansas City, St.
Louis and all
points East and
I k-nvLT. Ih'li'i.a.
Ilutte, Portland
Salt Lake City,
San l-'ranciscu,
and all points
Trains Leave as Follows:
No. l -Pui-lBe Junction . 3 : l . im
No. S Lch'kI express, tn Iowa points.
Cliii'mro and the east '. J pin
No. 14 Fust express, dally, from Lin
coln to St. .loseph. Kiiiimi.s City. St.
Louis. CliU ttjto. and all points east
and soinli s:T pm
No. X - Fur 1's.illic .lunetlon I'.'-.JT pin
No. 34" lxx'iil to I'lii'liii' .liini-tlon :5S am
No. Ji From Onwli.i 4M."i pm
No. 30 Freight, dally except Sunday.
to I'lii'llii' .lunetloii :l:.VipiN
No. 6 TlirotiBli vestlltuliHl express for
nil points east 7:: am
No. t( From Omaha 4: It) am
No. l'.t Local express, dally, dmalia,
Lincoln. Penveraiid Intermediate
stations T:."iJam
No. 17 Local express to (imalia. via
Ft. Crook and South liumliii. dally
except Sunday u :M am
No. "Fast mall, dally, to Omaha and
Lincoln .' 2:i;t pm
No. 33 lidi'itl ex press. Louisville. Ash
land. Wahoo. Schuyler, dally ex
cept Sunday :i:."ii pm
No. Kl-Lincoln, Grand Islaml. Clack
lllli.s. Molilalia and I'aclnV north
west Ill : Js (im
No. at-Local frelifht. to Cedar Creek.
Louisville and South Mend, dally
except Sunday ti :.V am
No II From St. Louis and St. Joe and
Nebraska City I":i';mi
' Daily except Sunday
Sleeping, (Iliilnif and reclining chair cars
(seats free) on iliroiik'li trains, llcket- sold
and ImKtfiiire cliecked to any point In the
Milted Mates or (.annua.
For Information, time tables, maps and
tickets call on or write to W. L. IMckeit. local
Hiient. riattsmonth. ei).. or .1. I-rands, gen
eral passenger aifi'iit. (imalia. .x.'tJ.
Missouri Pacific Time Table
No. jl 5.37 am
No. .57 5.45 pm
N. V 11:1)5 pm
No. ill) local f:vli:ht 3:7 pm
TU.VINS liOl.No Stil TIL
No. ,'h 11 .30 am
No. 5t) World's Fair Flyer" W pm
N;. 5J . .I-;-.' am
No. 332. local freight 7.4s am
I ) F.N T 1ST
All klmln of Dental work. Flates made that
fit. Si! years experience. I'rlces reasoiiahle.
Work Kuantn teed.
tiFFICK FiTZdKiiAt.n Iti.otK.
Tki.kimionk No. 3oh47
Preparing iilMtrai'tttof title. I'onveyHitrlnK
tfl , and exnnilnlng tllles-to real estate a si rlal
f0' tv. Work properly done and charnes reason
ulilp. oflloe: Kionm H ami 7. John tJund
Itulldliik'. uer Court House. Plallsinotilh,
offices Plattsmouth,
Waterman Block Nebraska
PlatW. Phone, 'J''
Osteopathia Physician
Chronic Dlietin SptcUlty
Conte llliM-k. ritnnm 51.1 iiml 2i. Ofllivliours
V to 12 a. in.. I to i V. in. anil 7 to I) p. tn. Iv ap
polntinent. Telephones, olllre 31, ; residence
at Perkins Hotel.
Dr. Elsie r, Dentist,
Waterman Block,
V Abstracts of Title v
Ji7oma5 Uallii.
OFFICE ADlietlser-Bush Hlock.
. I.inoo.t Jmie 2 -lhil Hutitioy, n
youth of !g!iuvn years, was frU,-U
by an antomohile ami the pay-iiei :i-
My he Will iUo. !'. va er...sini5 ,1.-
frivf aij.' xxas ftnlr ,v p mrchir.e
tel..i:lt:f to Wiitnan lirev Hiskul!
'4? fr.i(t.;rr1 at the i use of i!;, 'jram
FivrcrS Wife Kills Hciseif.
Stiintt.n, v,b., Jure s.-M:-s Aiis-i
Kr.css.l. w.t,. i;, -mian i,in..r liv
ing near lure, rutumittisl l.y
ta"'S- Ktiesst 1 lounil h i- lil'.'K'ss
body haiiK'nc tnm st:iy it! n (orii
crib. Mr. Ktiesci was r.ot .if sirotis anil s-T.i!ii!s her to r.u u--ylum
la J boil. iTHMi'.ereil.
Tine) Body in plver.
Piillertnti. N'eb., Juno S. Tho limly
ot Charles ('urlm was to itnl in tlu
Cellar river just below Hie luilMum
at this place. Carlsou was a farm
u il ...
nana anutii iorty vears hi. He xvas
last seen in Kullerton last Tlnti s.Iuy
evoninp Ni one seems to know any
thing of the acclJent.
Long Trip by Homesick Dog.
Omaha. June 4. Homesickness
caused a six'een-montlis-old New
foundland dog to tramp from l'ottlaml.
Ore, tn Omaha. Jerry Sullivan, his
oxvuer, moved east a year no. The
dotf disliked the new home, and alter
six months disappeared. He has now
arrived here. patiTit and shaw and
with blistered foot. Ho went at oneo
to his M home.
Stopped by Injunction.
Omaha. June 4. Deputy ShPriff
Sherry served a writ of Injunction on
Marshal Christian of Iowa enjoining
him from forcibly taking Tom Pennl
son on the requisition granted by (Jov
ernor Mickey earlier In the day, ex
cept when the court Is In session, or
without giving Dennlson a reasonable
time for filing his application for a
writ of habeas corpus.
Mickey Honors One Requisition.
Lincoln. June 3. (iovernor Mickey
honored the requisition of (iovernor
Bailey of Kansas for the return to
that state of Edgar Evans, wanted in
Jackson county on a charge of as
sault. The governor denied the req
uisition from the governor of Wash
ington for the return from Crelghton.
Neb., of W. H. Dlsbrow, ac used of
obtaining money under false pre
tenses. Gregg Succeeds George Rogers.
Lincoln, Juno Governor Mickey
appointed Charles H. Gregg, a mer
chant of Kearney, as member of tho
state board of education to take the
place of George Rogers of Omaha,
whose term expires June 24. A num
ber of names were presented to the
governor for the place, but the fact
that Gregi; lives In Kearney, the loca
tion of the new normal school, was In
his favor.
Edward Sharp Seriously Injured by E.
C. Lewis in Fight Over Woman.
Kimball, Neb., June 7. Edward
Sharp was shot and perhaps fatally
wounded by E. C. Lewis, Just over tho
line in fianncr county. U'wts who is
a married man, has been In Wyoming
for several weeks and on his return
heard that Sharp has been paying at
tention to his wife. He borrowed a
gun and horse and started for Sharp's
home In IJanner county. It seems
that Lewis met Sharp and Mrs. Lewis
on the road and the shtxting com
menced at once, Lewis' lirst shot go
ing through Sharp's Jaw and the sec
ond shot entering the back, lodging
near the breast bone after penetrating
the lung.
Sharp fired one shot, which hit
Lewis' horse. All three ame to Kim
ball, Lewis Riving himself to Sheriff
Bartholomew. Sharp is in a precari
ous condition, tho chances for recov
ery being against him.
Strike Among Des Moines Waiters.
Dos Moines. June 7. A crisis was
reached in the differences between
waiters, and their employers in Iea
Moines and a strike was ordered In
three of tho leading restaurants.
Burlington Reports Conditions Excel
lent on Its Route.
Omaha, Juuo 2. Tho Burlington
crop reiort for tho state of Nebraska,
wuek ending May 28, hau Just been Is
sued. The report says: "Precipita
tion has Ik on ample lu all parts of
the territory west uf the Missouri
river to keep the soil In excellent con
dition. The only place where ground
Is reported aa Lelug at all dry la la
the vicinity of Sargent and BurwelL
Growing crops are not suffering for
moisture, however, In that vicinity.
Reports relating to small grain are
favorable from evry quarter. Weath
er has been too cool and wet during
the spring to advance small grain
crops rapidly, but present condition
Is very satisfactory. Wheat and ry
are beginning to head In some parts
of Nebraska and Kansas. This crop
Is practically planted In our territory
In Nebraska and Kansas; the planting
of late fields will continue, however,
to a limited extent for the next week
or ten day, especially on low ground
that has tx-en wet all fprlng. A good
portion of corn that has ben planted
Is out of tho ground and growing.
Some of the very early corn Is al
ready being cultivated. In southeast
ern Nebraska and on Concordia
branch wo shall have conslilerable lato
corn owing to the fact that ground
was too wet to permit of planting
enrller. Crops In eastern Nebraska
appear at this time to he ten days or
two wee'- later than usual because'
of cool and wet weather since th
iflidille of April."
Farmer Killed In Rinawsy.
Columbus. Neb., June S.-Kudolph
j Oppllger. a weH-to-do German farmer.
, s almost instantly killed in a run
j away accident
, C. L. Saylor Dies From Shot
i Omaha, June 3.- l I. Saylor. otllce
i ciHna.-r of tho Armour Tacking com
' p:iny in South Omaha, shot and killed
himself In Hanscom park. For nearly
a year Mr. Saylor had sun', ;vd from
nervous disorders.
! Omaha Auditorium Dedicated.
Omaha, Jti:. s The new Auditor
ium was . resented to the eilv am
dedicate. 1 with ehiNini'o ceremony.
Preside!-! Nash of the Au.lit -ritun
company turned over the buildi:ig to
the city an. lr George 1.. Mil. r re
ceived It In the natre of the j .-op'e.
The grand Inaugural ball xvas ono Um
to be remembered.
Enforcing Dip Orders.
Lincoln, June ti. State Vc'er'natiitn
Thomas has just returned from Gar
field county, in which place he learned
that Sheriff Waters was making a
good record for himself by compelling
tlie enforcement of the order provid
ing for cattle dipping The sheriff
is using the lime and sulphur dip and
Pr. Thomas reports that he Is doing
splendid work.
Southeastern Nebraska a Sufferer.
Falls City, Neb., June 6. Contin
uous heavy rains have brought creeks
and rivers In southeastern Nebraska
up with a rush, ami caused tho Ne
maha to overllovr and flood the low
lands for third time this year.
Com fields are under water iid some
bridges have been carried out. but If
there is no further rise, railroads, it
Is believed, will escape the usual June
Would Revive Bartley Case.
Lincoln, June 4. Attorney General
Prout filed a petition in error lu Uie
supreme court asking that, the de
cision in the Bartley bond case U re
versed and a new trial granted. The
defendants tire V. A. Buxton, Thomas
Swobe, Cadet Taylor, E. E. Brown, C.
C. McNIsh and John H. Ames. In his
petition Attorney General Front points
out twenty-six errors in the proceed
ings in the lower court on which he
bases his plea for a reversal of the
Mickey Honors Requisition.
Lincoln, Juno 4. Governor Mickey
honored tho requisition for the return
of Tom Dennlson to Iowa to answer
to the c.hargo of receiving stolen prop
erty. The papers were given to Unit
ed States Marshal Christian of Iowa,
who left at onoi for Omaha to arrest
Dennlson. In honoring the requisi
tion Governor Mickey said the nwa
authorities had presented an indict
ment and an affidavit and that he must,
act on this showing. He could not
go behind them to examine evidence
as to Dennison's guilt.
Select Delegates to St. Louis Conven
tion and Adopt Platform.
Omaha, Juno 2. The Nebraska
Democratic Btate convention unani
mously selettod William J. Bryan to
head the Nebraska dolcgatlon to the
national gathering at St. Itils and
adopu-d a platform which reaffirms
the Kansas City platform of lj"u anil
places before the public Mr. Bryan's
views of what should be embodied In
the platform of the coming national
convention. Mr. Bryan was himself
chairman of the committee on resolu
tions, and wrote tho platform. Ho
had associated with him men who
have been his most loyal supporters.
There was no opposition to the adop
tion of the platform as read, although
one delegate attempted to seitiro the
adoption of an additional plank pledg
ing Nebraska Democracy to the sup
port of the nominees of the St. I.ouls
convention, regardless of whom they
might be. He was mind out. of order,
however, after reading his resolution.
There were but a handful of dele
gates who had not been pledged to
tho supixirt of a reaffirmation of the
Kansas City platform and they came
from Ijineaster, Mr. Bryan's own
rotinty. They did not. however, at
tempt to FiK-ure recognition, and Mr.
nryun sat with the Lancaster delega
tion while ho was on the floor of the
The proceedings were rharacterlzivl
by harmony and the delegatus at all
times appeared anxious to outdo each
other in their support of the loaders
and the principles they represented.
Several ?poeches were delivered,
among them being addn-sses by Mr.
Bryan In support of the platform, by
Congressman Cochran and the dele
gates selected to the national con
vention. Delegafes-at-Urge W. J. Bryan.
Lancaster; V. H. Thompson. Hall;
C. J. Smyth, pouglan; Walter Thll
Hps, Platte; alternate. J. M. Gil
Christ. Douslaa; H. 0. Ward. John
son; J. A. Cowperthwalte, Holt; H.
C. Davis, Richardson.
Frisco Passenger Train Wrecked.
Cherokee, Kan., June 6. A south
bound 'Frisco passenger train was
wrecked Just before reaching the sta
tion, two coaches U-avlng the track
at a switch and t.-whlng Into a freight
train. Allen Ridley, tho elevun-yoar-old
son of Thoman Ridley, the engi
neer, was killed anil several, were
slightly Injured. Young Ridley waa
walking along the railroad beldo the
track when tho coaches left the rail
and struck felni. He waj fearfully
Swedish Lutheran Synod Mtets.
IJnilshorg. Kan., June !. The Na
tional Augustan synod of the Swed
Ifd Lutheran church opened Its an
nual session here with 80o delegates
rresent from all parta of the country.
Dr. E. Norellus of Minnesota presided.
I 7k x H
ii i
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on tin, markets-.
Canned Goods,
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pithered fn-sli every niurnin
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Choicest Fruits
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511 Main Start
2 24
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Savings B&nk
Bee Hive Restaurant,
Main Street
contT iionsE.
Meals at nil hours. Special at
tention to tho farmer patrons. Tho
tables aro supplied with tho best
tho markets ntford.
JOIIN. COKEY, Proprietor.
Tu a case ot tin-
One of the Purest Kcers on the Alarkct
N C.l en K,l Ui.iut .it the lvr!e. S.i- K
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John Bauer
No. 5or Main Street
The Old Reliable Dealers
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And are Ready t Deliver it
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Orders Promptly Filled
riattsmonth Xos. 72, ": and 21(
Nebraska No. 71
Hfr. AIwt r'lihl Laill. ink Prutcirt ft!
III! IIIATI M N lu Hnl nd
.ol4 nirUllic buim. iralr.1 with blu rhNm.
Tk bo lhr. HfU dnirrun atMlt
lalhwmd Imliitilnaa. Iiuvuf yout linnKi.l,
f ril 4r. In Mrn fur 1'artlrula.rv Trail
monlala n.t " Hrllrf fur l.dlf." In Inur
b) rrlurn Hall, lu.OUO TfMiiuuiiia.. HulJ lf
il I'runi.ia.
100 Jladlaoa aur. flllUk FA.
Favorite .!"!in Gtjinl
I In n Is Sl Mi i,ly ,, t,,,,,M f,,,- v . i n i mid y.inu- .
'' 11 "I'" os ili,.ruiii:lilv ir.ilneil fm- Imslness We ore
i:iri v.. mi.' " o. n,i .1 il,,. M.-iiniihl,
Business. Shorthand and Typewriting.
Preparatory and Telegraphy
Spt cUl Irtturn I. Teachers of successful Inisiiiesx
experience J l- xceiinn M , ,,,,, ;i. Tiiur,,,,,,!,
Jir:n-t I. ul courses. I I'ersiiinil Interest In curl, si udent
.i. Assistance In seciirliii; eniileyiiieiil.
Lincoln business Collene, Lincoln. Nek
Plattsmouth, Xebrask
ri:oi'i:ii:Toi: of.... ...
Removing of Household Goodg a
Specialty. Also, Ilenvy
Iton't allow money to lie around. It
Is easier to spend it and easier
to lose it.
t- kcepltiK' it In a safe place such aa
The BanH of Cass County
You can irlve a clicck fur any part of
It at any time aud so have a receipt
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N hen you have a lank account you
will be anxious tu add to It rather than
spend from It. lon't you want to
Knoxv more aoout it.