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    moutb Journal
Volume XXIV
Culled, Clipped, Penciled and prepered for
Ue Readers of -lie Journal.
t k- summer r kni' is I'll niir slmr.-s
It V tlx' shippuu' i 1 . i : i ; i p 1 1 1 v' .
Anil liiiDu'iitv' '.ml I'lunciiu'.
Ami Imt if i nur Kl hlani:im:.
A in) I'rHi'kiiitf iiul wli.irkiiii:.
Anil tuitnlilitf nnil thuinpinv'.
Anil I'l itU'Mi'i; anil sliuUi-rinx
Anil K'Uii'lif i: :tiiil punnilini:.
Aiul I'rishit v' ami Miiashini;
(If lly-M'ri'i ns-.iial hMiiif al Iheli'ts.
Come to Pltttsmouth to ce.tOrate.
This IsJimr-the month ol veddiugs.
The 15. & M. band will pla-e at Have
lock on the tj-loriiuis 4tt.
Many a Man makes a 1 allure, in life
because w one can tosuth him anything.
The llchemian banc! wHiurnisu mu
sic for the Fourth of July celebration.
Perhaps we (lout vet .'. we want Id!
' this world, but rkscHlevwe get all thar.
Is coming to us.
The only bin celebration ia soutV
east Nebraska W.ssyo&: will be held.
Plattsmouth. Ts-mopi ber this.
Tan shoes wlE be 'much worn'lftita
summer. We've grjta pair that wore
' much worn tfaurtir -re years ago.
Panama liabs 'arci gettiiyr so cajoappfhe TfltoBTfrf4 ChariCtrT Willi Has iT
we doubt l!f aj'body will warn to wear;
'em. The ipnL-e ofo n deterwiines tlta
. popularity of A'tlim. j
The scfjioo: imatans haie ubut.a!i
dlsappeairefi ifrom mr m jist. 4?rne t
see the (iildilMime-nrjost of them- Tjr
tbey eni?oynilieir'rcatiou,
Befot'tilW'eoiRing of tAt'wl;thi3
when hanrBn hall rein wt.prenifi,
It will beiiwceswy to'l-lsliingilHiwe-claning
If tliat Tilichiran judps knwtextijat
he isnaHiinv ab ut, a mm w the cal
head of the dmuse. V.ighl you we,
judg, but' we t Qrv&v it
A yi)UE;iiKiivof this city 're akuck
of his bet gir's hair crt t'. iiis)?art
for fouriinontHi before lie -a!jfic'0?red
it wBfi'fcke. TThe eng-iirom'-wt If uow
It Iim truly been -said tfcit i.rcad
cast upon tlrt waters will Mi:ru!-y re-
turar-but wist . peopEe ei,j()Ct ic to
returr with Ij '.tter aad ;arj spreoJ on
one irie.
Trri.w lufcve to -catry tiiSMkii v fars
fur tee men. What a low) there
won't' .g'J up I.' they had t9':m'y-..vcial
cars ir. wliici; woineu d-uM ia-vc Settle
tea 'pcrties.
Main ntree; present ui1-s a (liferent
; appearance rnn what it did twuveeks
ago, before 'tie signs ai:d Jio. were
remt-ved . fi ir i tiie si'i?w.rv!i:s by rder
of Mayor Garing.
We are tol that purse xctaoljed to
the trp hi the latest 'tlicog in..kilies'
hosiery, but as yet the .r,ie htsn't
made 't -6 aprearancc Klatti.viout.'i so
far ac we caisee.
It a niercliant cuuti fcubtrnet from
the si'es of itiy day yf Ute yea: the
. business brought to him tlicouyli ad
vertising, tliat day would ijetaiily the
. dullest day of the year.
How lo yoi: like Mayor Gef.'ugs ad
ministration 3 far? He i doiiu: his
duty, irrespwjive of station r condi
tiop of citietKkhip, and tiie J-cu-nal
, commoids hit: for so doing.
A sp&eialist has discoveroi tiiat
more than onehird of theleft-h&ijJed
people .are crininals. Miylie U&t's
becausethe right liand doesn't Jot :lic
left haot know.vbat it docth.
Tle fwhtollitc department is utic
cided as whom picture to put ou life
new 30 oentstacp. Put Teddy's oi.
He'll look more l-ce 30 cents than ac;'
thing we oould compare him to iiur
electl n is November.
lie on jxjur guard, boys. An ek
change say that a young man w he
goes to see a girl Ovice a week and
takes her tontertoinments is legally
engaged to lier ncording to a recent
'leclsl on, whether lie says anything to
; icr about marriage not, and she
could recover fur brer.:h of promse.
As nimrods arc now-engaged in pull
ilng a few carp from th river, we give
the follow recipe of an old fisherman
ior cooking carp- t'leanihe lish nicely,
let it dry for two days in the sun; nail
tLc fish to a pine hoard, cover it with
salt, and after standing fur two days
louger put in the "ve'i and hake slowly
fornix hours. Then draw thonailsout.
throw the carp away and eat the nails
and board, w4ilch Is decidedly the best
part &f the lish.
A certain man in this city who made
a great showing at class meeting the
other day but who Is known to he as
slippery as an eel when it comes to a
business transaction, was giving Ids
experience before the Sunday school
class, declaring that he was one of the
Lord's sheep, 'if that is a fact," re
marked a man who had once upon a
time lieen skinned good and plenty by
the dirty hypocrite, "all J have to say
s that the Lord is the owner of S'une
blamed tough button,"
Plant ScM forV.3,334.
The Plattsntouth ras and civCfrlc
light plant wasvild at public action
at the court henry. last Memlay by
George 11. Thriimiir:l. special riT.ster in
chancery m the Tinted States district
ciiurt. The plant was purchased jointly
by the New Hampshire Ntvlngs and
New Hampshire bank companies, who
held a luoi' against Tt'i'or :fc;,7Mi.
The prtcr U-r wliich It wes bid in was
13.331. Tr.e plant Is -'-vally dear at
half this price, but piThtips' these bunks
thought )'y holding onViey might real-
lzetinire-rroni it. l'iv?ss the property
nets in i the haudsTd some one who
will uu&e it an up-w. late plant, other
partiee will put in a; entire new hk,
riie p'.les, many'Of thpni, are readj to
fall d-iwn, and v?yihlng pertaining
xnorcio is in a ;rtost reartully difr.ipl
flrttel condition. Plattsonouth has
be-jr. Indarktwss'ft r the pst twoj'ears
or more and frr.i the present oietlook
she has a tine irtvospeut ot reiiwiinhiL'
tint way for a lovger pert! if tbrplant
remains ice iheeiandsof tiie tweftianks.
fl the tor eaffer, J
I'ut'l.slii'il by lViiitiin' I
SitUrHr iiKny lunoly den musingr.
the rwniousif liases o hunxu naturs,
the (jMtion came t mind, "who ijc,
the twKinettt of all Md"s o?ature-)r"''
Groyiiir for answer I th014f.1t of mhe
milk .tiiiiirho wouli aoll 'j-ver wilier
for Billk, ard thus reat 'Unsuspecting
cliiJfton: -tf the Wtchor who ;is
thiiruon m nces of EI-yearf Id bull nd
calk it a if 'J nd of ial: of the miller
wh.)'tni:e4 two buvVils ofirj'e wltll'-ne
biwliftl of'weat, griaclsit .cmd lalwV; it
"On: !lis " of tiie mm; ho wlllmot
(rive a dollar toward tlit preaol-r's
salniry lM.ause evry fiermiiii doe 'not
cxiii'.-rm't 1 his 2i4 w:leiK iof the T.ian
whs'iui!: the IocrI pa,)f.ff for nsven
yiu?sniKi was ple.asofl until asked to
payrfor it and thea h?ft. in theiixist
flifvj UHf'.aiinwI. Uiirlit'iere 0-uck
&"oci n'itt ': trail that :fov a moment I
th'iji'lit the clatrfict-or sought was
tro-.l. IT. ien my tm.i;! strayed to
tht 'Joiit'.mplatiiMj f various pennl of-foaers.-iauslnjf
me to weigh in Mini
the shor; comings tWase wlioicovet
Uis-4fonh; or others anf. are leal1 to
sun." what they .vivt.- tf the inrrder-
r who takes a life ivhi'.th he cannot
rotsrn- jI the vi? -seducer vhose
black )izn allows hira lead atu'iist-
ink'ii ne'-t) 1 ruin, only to find his fair
w-ocvk; were but Ik-s to nsvc UUi low
puqxse of the rapist, v'10, in x dif-
ieu-i in .oner mun mai or ins twin
vultvre ;ove menti'iiied murdesithe
spirit 1 if -i is victim but kavesthebody
incltaerl-ss life. All obese in&vid
uals nave attributes of oharacta- far
desirable. They are pesoiw whom
God-eariag people shc-uii be ta-atht
toshiui &i they would the plurue.
Hut tiiore came the tlVwght of an
other Iroir whom no me in safe.- one
who is t!ie very symlol f darkai'hfi,
the banner bearer of t hese other lv,ts,
a devil inornate upon wliose cluu-ac-a
rawn' s ring would appear white as
the virglni'.ow. This person hears a
name that, makes the buoyancy of
youth shrdler, and the honored
gray hairs cf age cower aod shrink
from it as Chough it were pollution
itself; a name which, if written
across the J'ag of infamy and waved
over the infomal regions, would cause
a blush of shone and disgust to over
spread the faus of those who had but
the shadow cf. only one virtue left.
That name is "Gossip, Tattler and
Pusybody," an-3 is properly given to
that person vvlj.1nds no other occu
pation for a shriveled soul and dis-
. eased mind thaa .running from house
to house, speakitv evil of all except
cept present compr.ny. If Satan ever
deserves sympathy and pity; if he
.ever feels like resigning his job and
hunting green Held or a cold climate,
H must be when oik' of these peaked-n-sed,
weazen-eyed, empty-skulled
busybodies knocks at the gates of hell
for admittance. Children should be
taught to avoid them as they would a
leper. They .should be taught that he
who steals is a monster; that he who
take: human life is a demon; but that
cither is an angel of light compared
with the person who, devoid of any
redeeming trait, goes about telling
what this one said of that one, mak
ing trouble, seeking scandal, foment
ing strife and assassinating reputa
tiona person to whose strabismic
vision all things are evil, and than
hell hath no viler tiend, earth no more
dreaded scourge.
Constipation causes two-thirds of all
sickness in the world. Why sutler
when llolllster's l!ocky Mountain Tea
will make you well and keep you well?
3.1conts. Tea or tablet form, tiering
ft Co.
Salutatorj Address Before the Griduatiog
Class of the Pbtisfliouili Higti School.
P.y veiUest the Journal gtws In f'lll
tliu salutat'iry address of Miss
May I.arsou, lie fore XUt graduntlng
class nf the 1'lattsui'HilK llik-'h a IiooI,
at the l'aniiele Theatre, on Wvclnes
lay eveirmg, June 1, lfU:
"ll'itrable l';i!l if T'.duej.r ion, Su-
;vii!ttcideiit, lustrvrctorsairt FrlctnK:
In tlx name of the t'lnss rtl Iimh, I
most Acartily Md you welcome here
toiiigf'tt. Ownnmiceniefit is oftnj;
cunsi'iered an inappropriate term In
apri.f to the wtit 'cunmeinnrirlnc
llf completion of a em.i se of study.
Uarflier. isliheitwm n. peculiarly ifc
tbm't Trum, w arc leaving tohil
llrtr., but are w3 trot entering: AM?.
school? The 'knmvltf'ige, pow-T, txid
'ifieals gained ipif!chi,l will, iimkcge.
flvgree, shape-our fur ore. iVwislbily no
subject will-evert a more pi-Mvert'ut in-
uence iiivn, -fur ideals awcl ntjira-
'Ic.lons than HteraMire. The Itcts
j'ound Uiewin rlea' with roil lift thei.
fiction anllffunLiy 'appeal tnmr'hngher
lieini. J-speak l'ie convirtiicwi ir; the
class wi)uiit.J-ay"we havf Bcnind , profit
as weU;n,pleasirrc in ouriffiiK).yf Kng,
lish in '5ie Iligl! whool.
'IVTKinally, none of "these ntuditw
has twin iinore fasi'lnatrnw; 'tliun that
of Uwsurt nd poetry t hat hm; woven
Itself .choilt Che liewy.iti?fii Im-oml '
the IJoly (lra:1. Tltttt seems l
littifHourulotiion for tt'ie lend yet,
If it e purelction, ia fins-formed thj
lusis- rf nuiriy helpful '"Jfnings.
"li'tii su.ry is tint J- tsnph'tf Ariisia
thoa was the posses.?' of .nr. -tunea."d
cuj.i.carvc.d out of a -solid -it one ar.d
v luiiWe ' beyond dti?i(tabii. iTJiis
cupwr;syd liy tiif Lmi'd ut"that -last
ttwurorable-supper isa the njcwr cluuii
twr.and t!ie wine, wiLxh lit iie!d, l-
carac chanvfcd by a miracle into his
atoning hli od. LaVr, be:: present
at'-.he cr icitixiou mti haviiii? the pre
ciittifi cup, .Joseph filioi it withstood
froci the pierced sid f his-iyia,; Sav
ioif:. From that mmient cup has
shown with a criuiscw sjilendor. Jos
eph miiioved from Mtlest Ineaad went
UiJSrilaii: carrying with hii: the Holy
Grr.ll. .Four hundred years later the
cuf w;ks to have graivd thj table of
Khig Arthur 1 if l!ri;ai:i but was car
ried away by angels ecause :.lnart.s
of uen were not pure.
"J11 the 12th and 13tfi cent.iries po
etical i-omance lgaii to Htwirish in
in f 'ranee and conc-erii'-d itwi.'f with
taks of chivalry. Then Dm: Holy
(iitil name into existence as a subject
of Miiuintic (piest and endeavor. In
stead of roving over the earth t'j lind
a lady-love, the knight of licti jci set
forth to search for the Grail, which
lad vanished from mortal sight. Not
only has France used the Holy ;rail
as a subject for many works of art,
but it has also been used by other na
tions. 'Thetfreat German composer, l.'ich
ard Wagner, in his much discussed
opera, --Parsifal." treats of the Grail
and its immediate keepers. In this
opera, JClingsor, a magician hassinned
and canuot become a Grail kniirht,
He seeks revenge by tempting the
knight. Here the Grail king cuice
fell from grace. He was wounded by
the magician and could only be cured
by a 'sinKs fool enlightened through
pity.' This character Is Parsifal. An
old woman, sometimes under the spell
of Klingsor, enlightens him through
pity for his mother. After many
years Parsifal cures the Grail king,
and lie, himself, becomes the Grail
"Tennyson, the great English poet
has also used the the Holy Grail as the
subject for many of his poems. One
of these, 'The Holy Grail,' gives us
the Knglish legend that if a man could
see or touch the Grail, by his faith, he
was at once cured of all his ills. Put
the times grew to such evil that the
cup disappeared. Several knights
started out upon the search for it.
ne of these knights was called 'The
Pure.' Of another knight it was said.
'God made thee good as though art
beautiful.' Another was Lancelot,
the king's mightiest night, a man
with strength and will to right the
"When from the vainless jiicst they
all returned, the king said, 'Did I not
speak iruiy, my knights, when 1 said
to those that went upon the holy
uest, that most of them would fob
low wandering fires'' Tennyson has
made Sir Galahan the subject of one
of the most exquisite of his poems.
Mr Galahad says, 'My strength Is as
the strength of ten liecause my heart
is pure;' and for this reason he hones
to find tho Holy Grail.
"The most helpful study of the IIolv
Grail is given to us by our own Lowell.
Al-iot the -nlddle cf the Inst century
his ' Yisinii of sir I.' appeared
The pieiu nt once htvanie popular ami
Is tod;v rt-v .,f l In- .V-arest llterni'V
) gems ot t've eoiintry.
"Asa ui.iiiltii kn.kiht. Sir Lawnfal
went oat upon tli search r r t!ie 1 1 - I y He was VMiiki, stimik;, hopeful
and ambitious lis. he started Curth, al
llreiUn gilded, vnisi'ai red mail, which
gleamed so l.":ghtly that it seemed
the. lil east? had gathered all the
slK'iis which the lieive sun had shot
tvr its wnVi, and binding them all jr.
me h);uui sheaf, hniicat themtun U.
t t was ovtrnhig on hill and slreirn
.nd tree-mid nionilng in the. yniuig
'.iiiivht v icart.' As he iassed tliriuih
the cavJj-.gut e. he saw a leper fKVTjig
for alum
insntl.v the smrsliine went 'Hi of
Sir LkvnlaPs soul ami his !'H: was
us llHToen. To bint this lepr-r sonieil
the ei.e blnl-on tlr vMinmer nwrn. lie
toflM hi in a i'!vr m'f gold in sirn.
Tlt OeperspuirtKHl ti'ie gold vveo in
siku a spirit, tnd (Snrlared a puiT'iian's
orvst of Umi wot;l have dour him
rrireg(Mi. He fives nothing but
.H'thlfM g1 lif, wh gives Wi m I! sense
"Slr.Liw.i)i".jLl iiinu' Unit fxim his
rilltlw wnirli vrry much cliariged.
?ow lie is ac old, V'nt iimie. wicki and
v rail. Jt lis just at tiie t'hrinias
time. He Xs dowi.i by 6W waf-slde,
i a bom -W twain.
. "'A kver.imaies and Ucj:
an lIiiis.
He jitst'lie leper mid givs hiiir. half
of hi single .crust, lie breaks tlx ice
I n' the rf, renin and fives the leper to
nataitit drir.t
"Listifn! a coiee Uiat is calmer than
silernoe ays, T11 iiiairy clime w ith-Mit
avail, tlnou luist spent thy lite for
the ll'ily Grtnil. Heboid It is hire,
tliw cuiii uhick thou didst, fill at t6e
streamlet for e hut oow.' The IbVy
Grail islmind. 'What virtue Lias our
latt nifM that the ot hers lacked?
"Tennyson lieMowed upon one of
his kniyb's great strength and en
dowed anther with wonderful purity,
and yet they could not lind the Grail.
"Lowell endow- his knight with all
these Mialitie yet he spends his days
of streogth in ain. Py bit ter experi
ence I rin.ili v learns the li-.soi most
often on the lips and in the life of tiie
Master, .'l'.ear ye or.e another's bur
dens, who loses his life shall iiud it,
wliioogivetli a cup of cohl water in my
name shall not go unrewarded.' Then
and not till then does he realize his
"U'e thank thee, our beloved singer,
for the beautiful setting thou hast,
given this message from our Saviour
and are grateful that in our early days
we had the opportunity to learu that:
' The Holy Siiin r l kept Imleeil.
Ill mIiiiIm. e slinre with amith. r's need.
Nm t li;U hleh we ill i e Inn ha I we share.
Kur Ihe vlft wlthiiiii 1 he irlver K hale;
Imp liestiiws hiiiivif witl al Ins feeils t hfie.
Iliniself. In, huiit'i -rliitf nek'hln.r ami lin e.' "
Railroad Rumors Across the River,
I.ailroad rumors are still matters of
large interest in the town. A large
number of changes were billed for the
first of June. Agent W. J. Hewitt
has left the service of the road and will
go to Des Moines to serve as road mas
ter for the C. - N. W. To succeed
him G. W. Shreves Is nromoted to
serve as day yard master and as agent.
Mike Mack will be night yard master
Changes in the freight and express ser
vice are also on the tapis. It is said
that the freight house will be closed,
that no transfers will be made here
and that local freight will be handled
at the station. L. (). .ornes will go
hack to the depot as baggage master.
Against this change in the freight ac
commodations there is a vigorous re
monstrance by the business men. It is
not easy to get to the depot to get
freight out and the merchants do not
like the idea of having it hauled from
there. They have sent a petition to
the railroad oMIcials asking that the
change be not made. IS. F. Frederick
son, an old employe of the company, Is
tube let out by the reduction In the
forces. It is reported that former
master inecluinic P.eckwith has been
reduced in service on the road and that
he Is looking for a better position in
the west. Pacific Junction Corre
spondent Glenwood Opinion.
Hasn't Been Here Yet.
The fellow get ting out directories for
rural routes will probably be around
this way soon. He calls upon mer
chants to get an ad for his directory,
claiming the rural route patrons will
boycott those who refuse to advertise
In their directory. Of course he gets
the ads and sells the list of rural rout
ers to the department houses to use In
working up mall order business. It Is
a slick trick and comes In Just right
for that class of merchants who are al
ways throwing money away on such
advertising schemes.
Smoke the Wurl Pros.'
"Gut Hell" cigars.
Loud and long in Plattsmouth on the Glo
rious Fourth of Julj, 1904!
Tlr arranging -it the Koinlh ol .1 ul v
pr-v'taui li;is lieen a':uost completed.
HI'-1 presents many Inteiesl tug teal III es
atiropi hit e lo tin oecasion. The va
iinus I'oiiiiiiiileiis are bard al work in
the posit i.iiisHssign 1 hem, and nothing
will be lett uinlMiie that will add tot be
pleasure of al! who come here to cele
brate. Ling- anil small posters have
been scattered broadcast over Cass
county advertising I lie great event.
Nutoiilv tins, but towns, villages and
cities fur fifty miles in either direction,
have Ihvh thoroughly posted, and It Is
ex lifted that by far the largest crowd
of iieoplr that wa ever seen on the
streets i.l our city will be hereon the
day of J t daysthat should be lovedaud
cherisiiwd by every American citlen.
Following Is the piograin'so far pre
pared I. ruing salute at sunrise.
Hand concert to liegln at s a. 111.,
ct wit 4 ruing 011 Main st reet, from Second
to Seventh.
3. ii.ise hall game at hall park.
4. r.'xliilntlon drill by hi lady mem-tVis-'
the local Itnheinian Turners.
.. Speaking. (Orators not yet an
rioMjinv'd. )
1. Si loot uig ma U-h ( live prizes to lie
awarrfed ) at old club lieJd, near depot,
frmi I t o 4 p. in.
J. Musical and floral taiade.
.1. Jday light ti reworks.
4. inhibition and-omft it i vc drills
by acticc class of German Turners.
.r. Sncyind hall game at park.
li. J-V-es-comineiK'iiig up hill 011
Si mill Filth street bicycle, wheel
barrow, iarrel, water-t 11b and sack.
7. Fireworks at night.
" The whole to conclude with a
ball to lie given by the Fugles lit
t.'oales' hall.
Make your arrangements Income to
I'laltsmouth on the glorious 4th,
where you will enjoy enough fun to
at least last you mil II the next one
rolls round.
Crop Conditions.
The past Week has been cool and wet
The mean daily temperature hasaver
aged 3 degrees below t he normal .
The rainfall has exceeded one inch in
nearlyall portions of the state, and ex
ceeded two Inches In a considerable
area in the cent ral and northern coun
ties. The cool, moist Weather lias been
very favorable for the growt'h of small
grainand grass. Ilye and winter wheat
are h-adiug. o.its and spring wheat
have grown well and rather Improved
in condition. Grass in meadows and
pastures Is in unusually good condi
tion. Alfalfa has made a rank growth
in most counties and Is ready to cut for
the first time ipiite generally, but very
little has been cut yet. Corn has
grown slowly and the lields are begin
ningto be weedy. Cultivat ion has been
retarded by the wet condition of the
soil. In some few counties com on low
land has lieen damaged by high water.
Nebraska State Fair.
The Nebraska State Fait will he
held at Lincoln August I'll to Septem
ber 2, and tho "signs" Indicating a full
line of exhibits and a successful fair
are most encouraging. Live stock ex
hibitors are most enthusiastic, an ad
ditional Incentive being that all live
stock winning a first or second prem
ium at the Nebraska State Fair will
be transported free of charge to the
great live stock show at the St. Louis
exposition, an appropriation to pay
such transportation having been made
by the Nebraska commission.
The implement department promises
to be full and overflowing, more than
one-half of the space allotted such ex
hibits having already been assigned.
The demand for concession privileges
is greater than ever before and many
of the most valuable have been sold.
The State Fair premium list for P. ml
is ready for distribution and may be
had on application to
II. W. Fi knas, I'.rownvilie, Neb.
His Friends Don't Know rim.
For change in looks Ir. Schildknecht
takes the cake. He recently had his
halrcloselycutand face smooth shaved.
As he stepped forth from the barber
shop his closest friends failed to recog
nize him. His wife, when he went
home, failed to recognize him when he
hteppod Into the house and inquired
lor the doctor. . A farmer friend was
In the Journal oillcc Monday, and re
marked that he rcct I r. Schildknecht
on the street and billed to recognize
him until ho bpoke. "I have known
him for forty years, anfl 1 never saw
such a change in my life In a man."
And that Is what all his frlds say.
The Orhjinul Culiin.
Apropos the coming of Fighmv A
( 'lark's Pavillion I 'ncle Tom's Cat 111
company, Mi's Siowe s greatest woik,
a short histoiv ot tin- original cabin
mav be of interest . The pent ilc at mill
Naeliitoches. I.a.. have long insisted
that l!"berl McA 1 p'n was (h 01 igina!
simon I .agree. His hoiise Hint pi'iita
Hon were Ihe only oie-i ttltllli 0'' in
script ion in the book, on river, and
he the only man in I he slate vv ho "lin
ed the hill ' ,. wasiuteinpeiate and
merciless, and died before the war,
leaving a memory hu brutality that Is
even now ineui ioued with honor. ( In
his placelived a fall liful old negio, sold
from Kent uckv , w ho sintered eveiy
thiug hut actual toiiurc to death, and
Mr S. Chopin, the present wealthy
owner of the estate, has piesei veil the
cabin with great care, In t he coiilidcnt,
heller that In li it would become an
object or natural curiosity. Thecabin
is of cjprus logs cover withcypius
1 ids. and sound as when built, some
forty odd years ago. It Is presumed
that Mrs. Stovve used the novelist's
privilege o combining the experience
ol several negroes in one, hut simply as
a relic of the old slave t hues, I lie cabin
will present great interest In I'latts
mouth next Tusday, June II.
Another Big Trade.
An old Iowa friend of . Journal
remarked some time ago that It, was
hard work to keep t rack or IM'raisoii,
tuid wanted to know if he was still l''
Plattsmouth. We replied I hat he wm.
"Well," he said, "he will trad it as
s,,Mily presents Itself."
We thought not. !ut, we were mis
taken. A deal was closed the fore part
of the week whereby he has t laded his
'"Hiding and slock f goods to T a
W. Glenn, of Gothenburg, ,Yh., f,,i
K" .o res of land in liawson county.
We are sorry to lose Mr. Pearson and
Ins sou. George, as during their short
slay hereof In 1 1.- less Ibana year, I hey
have made many friends. The store
will lie placed I,, n,,. hands of twomns
of Mr. Gl.-im, who will continue the
business. Mr. ivaison win ... i
I city right awav.ami hissot, ',,,
'..111 ... r
: "OMemain with in,- new lirm Se
eens. aim men he and Ins win
, .'' mi me new possessions Willi team.
Mr. Pearson is noted as a hustler, and
die will tradean.vlhing he owns, except
Wife and chlMleli hut here the I,,,,, is
, Irawn.
Wedded Bliss.
I Mr. William .1. Valh-ry and Vjss
J Josephine. Waiga were nulled in the
j holy bonds of mat rimony on Monday,
iJuiiei;, :io. mat riage eeiemony
took place at the Itoheinl.'lll Catholic
church in this city, Ih-v. Parlek, pas
tor of the church, oiliclaliiig. The
ceremony was witnessed by .iiite a
number of friends and relatives of the
contracting parlies. Thchappycouple
are ipiHe popular in the community,
and have a large circle of friends who
wish Ihein a happy and prosperous ca
reer through life. The groom was
reared in Cass coii'.fy and belongs to
one of the pioneer lamillesnr soul beast,
Nebraska. The Journal extends con
irrat illations.
The Bioscope Company.
The International llioscopecoinpany
gave their entertainment in the opera
l muse last night toagood sized audi
ence. The picturesshownare the best
ever seen here, Indng presented with
out Dicker or vibration. Among the
best shown was a complete repioduc
tlon of "I'ncle Tom's Cabin," ";h,
aii Winkle," "hittle lied Hiding
no hi, i i rip ui uie .Moon," and
ure or an American Fireman "
pekadx'as. (Daily Capital, Aprils
See the Lincoln, Fremont, and
braska City tire department run
ken by the Pmscope company,
the Chicago Theater Fire, halt
Fire, Ihissla and Japanese War,
Train Pnbhery.etc. Prices, in,
:to cents: ladles free with paid
ticket first night only; diildrt
12 years. M cents, to any sen
A Reminiscence.
hi the day of Jun
years ago, the democrats of (
ty met In convention at I'n
led delegates to the congrey
vention. Iir. P.. I!. Wallan
man and Fred Hermann
The delegates selected were
for W.J. Ilryan ror renonih
years previous Mr. Ilryan
to congress by a majority
oni, in the district that gr
Mean majority of about tl
years previous. The disti
changed so as to mr
stronger republican, an
Ilryan was elected by a sn
Piano for Sc
High grade piano, goi
used a short time, can
See A in
OO t. I'll.
.tin '
c in "
. - ii--.
ii.. f i
fin ,