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Miss lCtlul Dowy presents ton members (f the class of 1(J04
in an original comedy in three acts,
ACT I Hall in Sir Humphrey Chetwynd's country
house, twenty-live miles from London.-
ACT II Sitting room in Xed Chetwynd's house.
ACT 111 Hotuloir in Alma Make's London Apartments. of Characters.
Sir Humphrey Chetwynd : :
Rev. Doctor Pozey : :
Tom Potter : : : :
Ned Chetwynd : :
Mr. Podson Pick' : :
Alma Make : :
Mrs. Po.ey : : :
Susan, Alma Make's maid
Wilson, Mrs. Chetwynd's maul
Lucy Preston : : :
Mr. Herman Harkmann
: Mr. Kiigene Tighe
Mr. Homer Sanders
Mr. Harold Straight
Mr. Hoy McKinncy
Miss Elizabeth Dovey
Miss Margie Walker
: Miss Helen Chapman
: Miss Gretchen Walsh
Miss Elizabeth Mason
Parmele Theatre
) r.
The Journal ""BbtSSSS.
For a Spring Tonic
Women as Well as Men Are Made
miserable by Kidney and
Bladder Trouble.
Ki'Incy trouble preys utxm the mind.
discounmi-saiHllcssfiisamliition; lieuuty,
vitfor ana ciieertul
nes Kn disappear
when the kidneys are
out of order or dis
eased. Kidney trouble lias
lecome so prevalent
that it i ltnt nnrntiw
t moil for a child to he
born afflicted with
weak kidneys. If the
chiM urinates too often, if the urine scalds
the flesh, or if, when the child reaches an
ae w hen it should lie able to control the
passage, it is yet atluctcd w-itn bed-wet-tint;,
depend u)Hn it, the cause of the ditli
culty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these imjxirtant organs. .This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of
the kidneys and bladder and not to a
habit as most people suppose. ,
Women as well as men are made miser
able with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same (treat -remedy.
The mild and the immediate ellect of
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by drUKKists, in fifty-
cent and one-dollar
size bottles. You may
have a sample liottle
by mail free, also a
pamphlet telling all alxmt Swamp-Root,
including many or iiicinousannsoi testi
monial letters received from sufferers
cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer it Co.,
Itiuirhamton, N. V., be sure and mention
this pax.-r. Don't make any mistake,
but rememlier the name, Swamp-Koot,
Or. Kilmer's hwamp-Root, and the ail-
dress, liiughuiuton, N. Y., on every
tloro of Swamp-Hoot
Dr. W. A. Clark Resigns Presidency.
Lincoln, May 24. Dr V. A. Clark,
president of the state normal school
at Peru, ono of the principal u-luentora
of the wgb. announced that ho had re
signed the presidency, to tako eft"?ct
In June. While not definitely an
nounced. It is believed he will accept
a call from Wisconsin.
Crabtree Goes to Peru Normal.
Peru, Neb., May 23. 'The hoard of
trustees of the State Normal school
met here and In addition to routine
business received the resignation of
Dr. Clark as superintendent of the
school. It was accepted, and J. W.
Crabtree of Lincoln was elected to
the position.
Charge Young With Murder.
Nebraska City, Neb., May 23. The
coroner's Jury In the liotts shootlnj
ease has returned a verdict to the ei
feet that liotts came to his death by
shots fired with deliberate intent to
do murder by Jesse Young. A com
plaint chafing Young with murder
In the first degree was filed and the
case will be heard at the next term
of tho district court.
Try a case of the Favorite John (iund
Board After Stock Values. .
Lincoln, May 25. The state board
cf equalization spent another busy
day with A. W. Scrlbner of the Union
Pacific on the witness stand in a dis
cussion of the value of stocks and
bonds belonging to the Union Pacific
proper. Mr. Scribner did not have
h3 Information required by the board
and he was given time to communi
cate with the New York office to gtt
One of the Purest Beers on the Market
Call on Etl Donat at the Peerless Sa
loon, or telephone 112 and Ed will do
the rest. All we ask is a trial for this
popular brand and you will buy no
Try a Case To-Day.
ED. DONAT, Proprietor.
Spring Rains
How is Your Roof?
If You Need a New One, Now is the Best Time
Remember, that we are fully prepared to
place a new tin roof on your house, new
spouting, or repair the old ones.
Wc mUUc a Specialty of Roofing and Spouting
And are
Prepared to (Vive You Close V
on This Kind of Work.
Rain and Wind In Nebraska.
Lincoln, May 23. Following a max
imum temperature of 89 degrees, sec
tions of Nebraska last night were vis
ited by violent wind and rain storms.
The rainfall was heaviest In north
Nebraska, accompanied by thunder
and lightning. C. C. Clark, a farmer
near Wayne, was killed by lightning
and his son severely Injured. Three
horses they were driving were killed.
In southern Nebraska the rain, which
was light, was preceded by a blinding
dust storm.
Omaha Boy Killed by Cars.
Troy, Kan., May 24. Edward Doyle,
tho fifteen-year-old son of Edward
Doyle, Sr., of Omaha, was run over by
the westbound Rock Island passenger
train and the body was horribly man
gled. Young Doyle had gone to Wa-
thena In company with Thomas Doyle
to seek employment picking straw
berries, and lay down on the track to
rest and fell asleep. The accident
happened five miles east of Troy.
The remains were brought to Troy
on a handcar In a gunny sack. They
were cut in about twenty pieces.
Illinois Convention will Rattmbte
the Last Day of th Month.
Springfield. III.. May 21. L'uable to
end the deadlock on tho gubernatorial
nomination, the Kepubllcon state con
vention adjourned until 2 p. ui.. May
31. Only one ballot was taken. It
was the fifty-eighth roll call, and
showed no material change from the
fifty-seventh, or from the first taken
May 13. The convention suspended
operations, leaving Governor Yates In
the lead, with 4S3 votes. Colonel
Frank O. Lowden second, with 3&2;
Charles S. Deneeu third, with 365; II.
J. Hamlin fourth, with 113; Vespasian
Warner filth, 3; Lawrence Y. iaher
man sixth, with 46. and John H.
Pierce sevrth, with 29. There Is a
total of l.io2 delegates, making 712
votes necessary for a choice. .
All the --nndidates agreed to the
eleven day recess. The band played
"Home, Swoet Home." but nobody
sang, for ton days of shouting had
left the crowd hoarse and exhausted.
The convention was in session less
than an hour.- It first convened
Thursday, ay 12. Delegates-at-large
were elected and resolutions were
adopted last week.
Professor Wiley's Drug Squadron Ex
hibits III tffects of Preservatives.
Washington, May 23. Professor
Wiley's "poison squadron" of twelv
young men. who for several months
have been eating food in which has
been placed salicylic, sulphuric, or
benzoic acid poisons, resumed the
consumption of food which had not
been doctored. For several months
I'rofeasor Wiley, chemist of tho agri
cultural department, has been con
ducting experiments to determi:' '
what effect preservatives used U
foods and beverages have upon the
human system.
All of thj young men show 111 er
fects from eating the drugs used as
preservatlv . One or two of the men
are cn the verge of a breakdown, but
the ldentlt: of members of the "poi
son squad" !s concealed. The results
of the experiments show some of the
preservatives are deadly, causing In
flammation of the digestive organs
This experiment tends to explain
away the poison .mysteries following
the eating of canned goods.
Socialists, 'L'rge- French Government
to End the Concordat
Paris, May 23. The recall of M.
Nlsard, French " ambassador to the
Vatican, continues to be the absorbing
topic. The ambassador Is expected
to arrive here today. He will confer
with Foreign Minister Delcasse and
go over the details of the rupture be
tween France and the Vatican prelim
inary to the meeting of the council
of . ministers tomorrow, when a fur
ther line 6f action will be determined
upon. Contrary to general expecta
tions. Mgr. Lorenzelli, the ' papal
nuncio at Tarls, will not leave his
post. The tone of tho socialist pa
pers Indicates tnai powenui uienieui
has urged the government to tako
more extrrme measures. Deputy
Geralt lUchard says in the. Petlto
Republlque that the matter must pro
ceed until the concordat is ended.
Four Men Drowned.
Boise, Ida., May 23. John Bowen,
John Conley, John Bedore and a man
named McDonald were drowned In the
rapids of the Payette river.
Ftaturca of ths Day's Trading and
Closing Quotations.
Chicago, Muy 24. An miexiipctedlj minll
decrease In the world's visible supply
rauat-il weakness In wtiuut today. Wcattier
romlltloin wi re slito bearish. At the Close
July wheat w off ttti'lc. Corn wan down
Out ibowed I loss of V3HC. I'rv
vlslom are uuchu-'d to TVje loner. Clu
In a urlcen:
Wbvut-Msy, WV4c: July, SCV; Sept.,
Corn-May, 4TW-; July. 47 Sept.,
Ont-Mny, 'V-: July. 3"V: Kept.,
l'ork-July,; Sept.. $11..
Lsrd-July. 10,324; Sept., iU7W.
Cliiruuo Cu i 1'rleen No. 2 KprliiK wheat
Kifi'.lhe: No. b uprlnu wheat, hTyHoe; No. 2
hurt nhrul, UouUMv; No. a hard wheat,
tisilc: No. 2 cash corn. 4H'ViM'.le; No. H
cash eorn. Wtfil-tHMiP; M). i yellow corn
fiOfa.ViV; No. 8 yellow corn, 4IIimOc; No
iiixti nut, aiwww: no. z nunc ouis,
.( (illii.-l-,. , ..
Bottlzd m Qq&d
the Cheapest
in the finM
n j J.
Poor Whisky is not only dis
agreeable to tnste, but undoubted
ly injurious to the stomach. A lit
tle good Whisky is a fine tonic and
helps instend of harming. Such
Whiskies ns Yellowstone, for in
stance, will do you just as much
good as a doctor's prescription. 'If
you don't know how good it is
come in and try it.
Guckenlielmer Rye, 'per gallon.
Yellowstone, " " " .
Honey Pew, .
Liir Horn. " " .
.t4 00
. 4 00
. 3 00
. 2 00
"P 13. io :ro 1 fV
, - - - NEBRASKA
1904! "
' v
Enlists Americans to Aid Revolt.
Omaha, May 24. Several Omaha
men have enlisted for military service
in China. One man has drafted as a
lieutenant at an annual salary of $3,-
500, and holds himself, as do others.
In readiness to go to the Orient at
any time. General English is doing
the enlisting and the son of the dow
ager empress Is said to have author
ized it, which li taken as conclusive
evidence that he Is planning an over
throw of the present dynasty of which
his mother Is the head. This comes
from some of the men who have been
enlisted In Omaha and is the repre
sentation made to them.
W S? Ao
'-X( T'OO Main Street
PlaUs.mouth, Nebraska
The Best Family Salve.
IeVltt's Witch Hazel (fives Instant
relief from Hums, cures Cuts, llruiscs,
Sores, Eczema, Tetter and all abra
sions of the skin. In buying Witch
Hazel Salve It Is only necessary to sec
that you yet the genuine DeWltt's
ami a cure Is certain. There arc many
cheap counterfeits on the market, all
ei winch are wortiiicss, and quite a
few are dangerous, while leWitt's
Wlteh Hazel Salve Is perfectly harm
lev and cures. Sold by l'. ;. Triekc
for thttdrtnf tafa, lur. JVo cplaln
Chicago Live Stock.
Ohlrniro, May 24.-Cuttle-Ueoelpt,
WW: meailv: aH)d to prime steeM,
B.a.1: noor to medium, 4.2.V((5.30; Rtoi kcrs
nnd feeder, ja.2.Vi4.73;-cow, 1.7V,i4.ii(i
helfem. 2.4(i.t)U; cunnern, ft.0-Vii2.73
ItutlH. J..H.i4.:to; valves. 2.30fiU.uO; Teiu
fed Hlwrs. Ho-Ueelptii, to-
dnr. 2.ut: tomorrow. au.WiO: left oTer,
e.(l: uteudy, mixed and butcher. $4.f0'((i
4.7Vj: B'd to choice beavy. $4.tli'ri4.07Wt
rornih heavy, 4.4.Vd4.Wl; IlKht, l4.4.'iH.O.-
bulk of ale, $4.5KU4 - Sheep-Receipts,
liuiai: heen and lutnos PtronB to 10.
bleher; Bod to chole wether. iS.2.ViC.75
fair to ehnlee mixed. I4.UKU3.IKI; weMorn
hcep. 4.7.V((.V73; native lamli. 3.2un
.;: western Innih. fU.ii7.(ili; iprlug
Iambi, f3.U37.:w.
Kansas City Live Stock.
Kannas City, May 24.-Cattle-Reeelpt,
7.(t: ateady o utronc; export ami drce
beef steers, 4.S.Vu.V25; fair to KM)d. $4.00 western fed Ptoers, $4.0iTCfl.OO
stoekers ami feeders, $:j.23'ij4.73: soutberu
steers. KI.MMi4.70; native eow. 2.Ulil
4.H3; nstlve heifers, .tKii-3.2tl. bulls, I2.SO
4i4.i; rnlves. 23c lower. S2.734H. io. Iloif.
Um-elKt. 1H..VV; steady to Uc lower
ton. 4.."x; bulk, f4.a3tt4.43: heavy. $4.4if.i
4.30; packers. f4.4yi4..r: pig and llsht
$3.70T(4.4t. Cheep-Uecelpt, 6.0HO; stron
to UK' hlnher; lainhs, f3..iii(iTi.i; fed ewe,
f4.fiCji3.Ui; stoekers Slid feeders, $3,704;
South Omaha Live Stock.
Smith Omaha, May 24.-Cattle-Heeopt
r.,0np. steady; native steers, f Vm 2."
rows nnd heifers, f.l.'A-'iM ; rnnneri.
f l.'.Vii.l.ui; stoekers and feeders, f'J.TVu
4.."..".; rnlves. S2.oUiiri.S3; tuills. stiii:, et
f2.7.Vii4.2."t. Ilnif Uieelpt. I7,im; sliad
to "ic lower; heavy, f L.Tiiri t"; mixed
f 4.. '!' 4. a."; licht, f4.'.M.!n: I'lit.
4 2I; bulk of sale. ft.;'.i4.;i.V Hlieep
lleeelpts, a.; steady to slrnnn; western
yearlllii;. 4 P-rttier. fl.M3.2
iwes. J(Hi,k.'i; i.inMU'Mi and stoekers,
3.2."fc3.23; lamls, f0.7.Vaa.7i.
We take this opporttuiity of returning out
most sincere thanks for past favors, nnd solicit a
continuance of your patronage iu the future.
During 1901, we shall endeavor to supply the
market, ns usual, with that
Which Suits the People!'
both in quality and prices. , '.'.....
Wishing all a happy and prosperous year, we
invite all to .come, and be comforted by making
your purchase's frotu the largest furniture house
in Plattsmduth ' ,', ' . ' '"
B ,:o U EH ntf F&fFfMJJ i The West's I
IfaMW'Bly? Greatest' 1
n Mouse a
Ths Reliable Store
The West's
Mall Order
iji!siji -jTfrgyfl
Money Savers
Genuine Pocket Itook Pleasers are the prices ,.oi all
lines of goods at H.AYDEN'S. We can and will under
sell any other house. It you want the best goods lor the
least cash out lay send your order to the BIG STORE
where you are sure of perfect satisfaction or your money
b: ck.
Prices Cut oa FANCY SILKS; Prices Cut on PLAIN SILK.
Prices Cut on BLACK SILKS.
This will be a Banner Week for Bargains
You well know the bigh grade o( our bilks. You well know the Immen
sity of our a&sortnient. We are offering these silks to you at prioes that we
believe cannot be equalled by any concern In America.
While Silks Made In Japan
Finest white wash silks, yard
wide, worth 81.00, on sale
White ponpre. 24-In wide 7C
worth U.23 (or w
rure dye white, spot-proot, wash Q fl
silk, worth $1.50 for 0U
Black Silks Made In Japan
Black chofoo pongee, S4-inches wldei
heavy coarse weave worth CO
100 at KJU
Natural Pongee on Sale
Black wash llk. 3G-inches wide
worth (1.50 at
Black Ralnshlne sl'.k, perspira
tion proof, worth 11.00
Crseh pongee,
pure silk...
Itouph ponpee, 80 Inches
wide for
Cloth of Gold Pongee,
on sale
Silk suit patterns worth 813, .0 00
Vis and OJ, on sale O.UU
100 silk patterns, containing 15 yards
finest and newest silk, in small neat
patterns, great variety of styles.
This is a jrreit opportunity. Pat
terns worth up to 820.00 g gg
Foulards In blue, black and brown
grounds, with small design
worth 75c for
Raglan black taffeta Is 27 inches wide
and extra heavy. The mill wants
every store that handles It to retail
at 81.30. We ref uce to join the com
bine and offer the regular taffeta as
long as quantity lasts QQ
at only ,.u0
Satisfaction guaranteed or your
money refunded.
Special Sale of Dress Goods.
62-lnch wide pure mohair Sicilian, black, biuo and browns only, worth
CScper yard, 59c
All wool Scotch mixtures, all the new spring shades, worth 80c at 49c
New spring novelty dross poods, all the now spring shades and blaok
worth CIc pur yard 29c
English Henriettas, assorted colors, i-roam and black, worth 4!ic at 25c
Wool novelties, In Jacquards, assorted colors, worth 2.c per yard 12
f 1
L&2 U
16th and Dodge Streets.