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Clerk DWtrtVt Court J&a. M. Kobvrtaon
County Judft Harvey p. Travl
County Clerk A. L. Tyon
Trauurvr ft. D. Whoeler
Sheriff Joliu I). Mi llride
Attorney JesM L. Kout
Superintendent of SelioU C. S. Wormian
Purveyor I. K. lllltou
1 Turner .Ink
.. W. H. Uitnntiix
.1) llawkswortli
Mayor Henry K. Uerln
Clerk U. M. Soenulelisen
Treasurer K. V. Clement
Attorney II. I. TraTln
Pollue Judge William Weber
Marshal Jo. Kltgerald
Klrst Ward Kd KlUtferald. K. W. Kblniter
Second Ward...r'rauk lluttery. W. C. Tlupent
Third Ward J. II. Ilurold. F. II. Sllemker
Fourth Ward . Wm. Hallani-e, V. A. Newman
Fifth Ward J. M. Vondrau. Win. Slater
Time Table
PUtUmo.tfc. Nak.
Lincoln. Omaha,
Chicago, St. Joe,
Kansas City, St.
Louis and all
points East and
Denver. Helena,
Butte, Fortland
Salt Lake City,
San Francisco,
and all points
Wealth of Cass County.
The Sunday World-Herald contained
a table compiled by Prof. A . K. la-
vi.sion, principal of the Agricultural
Department of the Slate University,
In which he (rives some comparative
figures pertaining to the wealth of
Nebraska by counties. In glancing
over the. table we glean the following
hVures in reference to Cass county:
Acres of land, 341,012; valuation, I2X-
529.82S; money on deposit, U,570,7.V.l;
valuation of stocks of merchandise,
!l,0tiH,300; valuation of live stock,
D13,42t; valuation of city and town
real estate, 3,16,310; valuation. of
farm products In 1893, 2,3",R2n. In
order to ascertain the value of laud
live hundred letter were sent out to
bankers in various counties. To as
certain the money on deposit, the re
port of the state banking board of 1902,
wm used for the state banks, and the
report of the comptroller of the cur
rency for 1903 Is used to get the
amount on deposit In national banks.
In finding out the stocks of merch?
dlse carried, the most eminent com
mercial authority was consulted, and
the figures on the stocks of merchan
dise in each county were obtained
through the best authority, as was al
so the valuations of other matters
Cass County Girls.
Evidently Cass county teachers do
not Bud any trouble in getting good
positions, no matter where they go.
Miss Eva Allison, daughter of James
Allison, of near Murray, has just been
re-elected principal of the Medford,
(Oklahoma), schools. In speaking of
the action of the board In this matter,
the Medford Star says:
At a meeting of the school board
held Tuesday all the present corps of
teachers were retained for another
year. Hits action upon the part or
the ixtard or education Is to be com
mended. It not only speaks well for
the schools but It Is a compliment to
the teachers. Miss Allison, as princi
pal, has won the good will of the pu
pils and the support of the patrons.
The assistant teachers nave also
worked hard for the success of the
schools. May the schools prosper.
The Allison girls, several of whom
are now engaged in teaching, are all
up-to-date In their chosen profession
and their services as such are eagerly
sought. They are not only at the top
round of the ladder as teachers, but
they are accomplished young ladies in
all respects.
Ladlts, Attention!
Weareshowinga magnificent line of
pattern hats, and exclusive styles, at
prices always the lowest.
ST. LOiriS M 1LI.INKKY uo.
Trains Leave as Follows:
No. is l'lii'lHu Junction 3:10 urn
No. 2 Local express, to Iowa points.
ChlciiKO and the east 4 ::t! pm
No. 14 Kast express, dully, from Lin
coln to St. Joseph, Kansas City. St.
Louis. Chicago, and all points east
and south M:7 pm
No. VI -Kor I'aclllc Junction 12:27 pm
No. 34 Local to I'aclllc. Junction H:a2 am
No. 2ii' Krjtn Omaha 4:15 pm
No. 30 Freight, dally except Sunday,
to Pacific Junction 3:50 pm
No. tt Through vestlhuled express for
all points east .. 7:2S am
No. 20 From Umuha 4:40 am
No. 1& Local express, dally, Omuha,
Lincoln, Denver and Intermediate
stations. i :54 am
No. 27 Local express to Omaha, via
Ft. Crook and South Omaha, dally
except Sunday 11:30 ani
Do. 7 Fast mall, dally, to Omaha and
Lincoln 2:13 pm
No. 33 Local ex pros. Louisville. Ah
land. Wahoo, Schuyler, dally ex
cept Sunday 3:50 pm
No. 13 Lincoln. Grand Island, lllack
Hill. Montana and Pacific north,
west 10:28 pm
No. 29 Local freight, to Cedar Creek.
Louisville and South Bend, dally
except Sunday 9:50 am
No II From St. Louis and St. Joe and
Nebraska City 10:25am
Dally except Sunday
Sleeping, dining and reclining chair can
tseals free) on through trains. Tickets sold
and baggage checked to any point In the
United stales or uanaua.
For Information, time tables, maps and
tickets call on or write to W. I Pickett, local
agent, Plattsmouth. Neb., or J. KrancU. gen
eral passenger agent. Omaha. .Nil).
The Opinion of a Great Man.
Samuel Smiles, the great old man
who recently died, one of the best ob
servers and philosophers, remarked in
Ills "Life and Labor:" "The scat of
dyspepsia and melancholy is in the
bruin as much as in the stomach. When
brain work is carried to excess the
whole system becomes pervaded by
nervous excitability; the heart Is af
fected as well as the stomach: all bod
ily functions are Imperfectly per
formed." The brain and the stomach
are connected together by the vague
nerve, and this Is the reason why the
suffering of one is transmitted to the
other, as also the cure of one means
the cure of the other. Triner's Amer
lean Elixir of Bitter Wine Is the pro
nounced specific for all maladies of the
stomach, and by curing this organ It
naturally cures the brain and the whole
system. It makes digestion perfect,
and as a result of this makes the blood
pure and rich. The medical science
now rejects all disagreeable medicines,
recommending In place of them vege
table extracts, combined with wine
Triner's American Elixir of Bitter
Wine is made of pure grape wine with
herbs. At drug stores. Jos. Triner
789 So. Ashland Ave., Chicago, Ills.
Pilsen Station.
Missouri Pacific Time Table
No. .47 . u.A.U pni
No. 11:05 pm
No. 233 local freight 3:47 pm
No. 58 II 30 am
No. 50 World's Fair Flyer 0:09 pm
No. 52 I2:2 am
No, 232, local freight 7.4H am
All kinds of Dental work. Plates made that
(It. M years experience. Prices reasonable.
Work guaranteed.
O F F I C K Fi tzu : it a i.l) H mh: k.
TkI.KI'IIINKNo.3 0h47
Preparing abstracts of title, conveyancing
and examining titles to real estate a special
ty. Work properly done and charges reason
able. Oftice: Koonis rt and 7. John Ound
llulldlng. near Court House. Plattsmouth
officEi Plattsmouth,
Waterman Block
u..... I Office to
Osteopathic Physician
Chronic Disease! a Specialty
Conies ItlcN'k, moms 225 and 22rt. Oflh-e hours
to 12 a. in,. I to 5 p. in. ami 7 to H ii. in. by
isilntinent. Telephones, office 31, i reside
at Perkins Hotel.
Dr. Ehter, Dentist,
Waterman Block
V Abstracts c Title V
Tf?oma5 Uallii).
Ol nCIC-Aiili-iiM r-lln-h llhvk.
Program for Decoration Day.
The G. A. R. and Relief Corps will
meet at G. A. R. hall at 10:30 a. m
Sunday, May 29, and march to the M
E. church to hear Memorial sermon by
Rev. J. W. Swan.
On May 30 the G. A. R. and all old
soldiers will meet at G. A. R. hall at
9:30 a. m. Start for the cemetery at
10 to decorate the soldiers' graves. All
ex-soldiers of the war of the rebellion
and Spanish-American war are In
vited to participate. G. A. R. and
Relief Corps will meet at G. A. R
hall at 1:30 p. m. on May 30 and march
to the opera house for services at
Following Is the program:
Music Plattsmouth Olee Club
Prayer Dr. Halrd
Song li lee Club
Opening Address. ..Hon. Samuel M. Chapman
Address Hon. A. W. Jefferls. of Omaha
R. W. Hyeks, Commander.
C. W. Grkkn, Adjutant.
Go Right Ahead As Usual.
Students of astronomy tell us that
all the planets and other heavenly
bodies known to us, w ith one excep
tion, are in exactly the same position
this year as at the time of the Hood
and dire calamities are predicted
when that one planet gets Into line
Hut you had just as well go right on
with your planting, building, etc, as
wc predict that this old world will
still be here In 1U0.", but some of the
astronomers may not.
Thirty-two Graduatis.
The Hltfli school commencement ex
ercises will be held at the I'armele
theatre on next Wednesday evening,
June 1. The class Is composed of thirty-two
members, as follows. h-lt:
.el I a A. Brown. Helen A. Chapman,
Oertrude V. Cole. Florence Ann lVvey,
Kva K. Fox. 1 1 unci mvey.
KlUabvth Ann lKvey, Heliecca Haines,
Wllhelnilua HeroWI. Francis Hila r.
Annie Johnson. Nora May Larson,
Minnie Mocaenhnupl. Kllleth F. Mason.
Oertrude U Porter. Kmuia II. lioxmT.
IH'F.tle May Verner. OeliM Oretchen Walsh.
Margie A. Walker, F.lla Marie Saltier,
Margaret K. Wener. Herman A. Ilarkmann.
Oeorge M. Hall. Millard A. Klein.
William It. McKlnney. Alvtn t). Kamge.
Drury II. Phebus. John C, Peterson, Jr..
Homer A. Sanders, ILugene F. Tlghe.
Harold li. StrelgliU Frederick .1. Waugh.
Has Escaped.
Governor Mickey's requisition on the
governor of Iowa came too late to have
Edward Sphadcs, who was arrested In
Missouri Valley, la., on the charge of
burglarizing a tailor shop In this city,
on Saturday night of the street fair,
brought back. The otllcers at Missouri
Valley have let the fellow get away.
He was released on bond, so it is said,
(straw ball, at that) and ho made good
this opportunity to escape
Displayed wonderful nerve, lut our immense display of
Is still more wonderful and attractive.
A Curs for Piles.
"I had a bad case of piles,'' says G
F. Carter of Atlanta, Ga., ''and con
suited a physician who advised me to
try a box of PcWItt's Witch Hazel
Salve. I purchased a box and was en
tircly cured. It Is splendid for piles,
giving relief instantly, and I heartily
recommend it to ail sufferers." Ie
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is unequalled
for its healing qualities. Eczema and
other skin diseases, also sores, cuts,
burns and wounds of every kind arc
quickly cured by It. Sold by F. G.
Frlckc & Co.
An Open Letter.
From the Chapln. S. C, News: Early
In the spring my wife and I were taken
with the diarrhoea and so severe wore
the pains that we culled a physician
who prescribed for us, but his medi
cines failed to give ar.y relief. A friend
who had a iHittle or Colic. Cholera and
Piarrhooa Koinedy on hand nave oat h
of us a iIom- and we at once fct the ef
fects. I procured a bottle ami in-fore
i-sing the entire i touts wo wore en
tirely curoil. It is a wonderful remedy
and should be round In every house
hold. II. C. r.ailoy. editor. Thlsrcm
ody Is for sale by ail diugglsts.
You Will Find It So if You Will
Call ot the "Hub" Clothing
House and See How they
ore Selling Goods.
In Order to Close the Stock, out
as Soon as Possible.
We mean Just what wo say and
when we tell you that our clothing
and gents' furnishings are all up-to-date
goods, the entire stock being
bought within the past six months,
and a great deal or it Isor thlssprlng's
Come and soe how remarkably cheap
wc can lit you out with a new suit.
We Invite the runners to drop In
and look over our stock and when
thov do this ami llnd how cheap these
goods are going, I hoy will ho sure to
lake homo with them a new suit.
Seize onto this opportunity of sup
plying yourseir with clothing at half
the retail prices.
I'nti't wait until next week, or to
morrow, but come right now.
TIIK IIl'll.
or mi
Plattsmouth Savings Bank
of I'lattsmouth, Nebraska.
Chrii N. 7SO.
Iiunrixntltsl In tlit Slliif .cl.rvkn. ul tii
rliw of Imaliifvt, Mnivli lllli. IIK4.
lmn mul IMvonnli t ID 7i l:
iiMTilriifK. iiH'iiri'tl itml unwiiri'il Nona
M. kv M'Oiirllli'.Jiiitim'iit.t-itiniK.
II.1111I-. I'. S J wo UO
ll.tnl.lii li.niMi furniture hiii! H-
liir'. 7u 'j)
Current K xk ii nml tuif mM 4r
I'ri'iiiliiui on I!. S. himI oilier tainiU
mul MM'tirtlln M
Cifh Item N&
line from imtlniutl. urn.
nml private liunka anil
l.iuiUri. j 410 40
I'lns-lti mul Ileum of -
mint" Kwl 3H
Totitl null oil limul 14 2MI TS
Tut nl...
Cniliitl stuck imIiI In I li jiai m
I nillHiliil pruHu WHIM
liiillvlilintl iii'ilt u!h
lis'l to I'liKfk IA V7? 47
Tlniu i'erillli'Hti of ili'u.i-
lt ? X-'lt HI - H .H13 4T
Notim miillillit rn Uiwoiinteit muni
llllla pntiihlu mma
TUI I .17 7M IS
HTATKir NmilArt. I
County of C'uim. 1
I. .1. M. Kolmrlii. i-unlilurof tlie iilmvii imnieil
lunik, tin oieiiiiily awimr lliat lliu uIniv.i Hlnte
iiihiiI Nrurrecl mill n t rue i-niy of the reirt
liuiile to I he Sl.ile lliiukliiK Ikutril.
J. M. ItohltllTH.
Attkht: l iwliler.
Tin.. K. I'Aiiri E. ( '""' Kti
Sulwrllieil mill Hworn to lMfnri me I his 2 1. it
iluy of Muy. I!4. I' 1'. Atwihui
Notiiry I'lilillo.
My I'liiiiinll.'iliiii eilreit ticiolK r l.i. 11111.
New Shirt Waists
Wash Dress Goods
Hosiery and Underwear
Queen Quality Shoes
New Oxfords Just Received.
Carpets, Mattings, Etc.
How about that new Carpet? If you have not bought
it yet, we have Plenty of Choice Patterns
to Select From.
A Sure Thing.
It is said that nothing is sure exci p
death and taxes, but that Is not alto
gether true. Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption is a sure cure for
all lung and throat troubles. Thous
ands can testify to that. Mrs. C. H.
VanMctro of Shcphertown, W. Va.,
says "I had a severe case of bronchi
tis and for a year tried everything 1
beard of but got no relief. One bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery then
rured mc absolutely." It's Infallible
ror croup, whooping cough, grip, pneu
monia and consumption. Try It. It's
guaranteed by F. Frlcke Co.,
druggists. Trial bottles free, Regu
lar sizes ;VK: and f 1.00.
Whooping Cough.
"In the spring of l'.'ol my children
had whooping cough." says Mis. D. W,
Capps, of Capps, Ala. "1 used (.'ham
bcrlalu's Cough remedy with the most
satisrai'tory results. I tiiitik this Is
the best remedy 1 li.ive ever seen fur
wli'HipingCiHigli." ThN remedy keeps
the coiil'Ii loose, lev. 'its t;io severity
and f r"iiii'iii y of the on'hing spoils
and counteracts any tendency to;ir
pneumonia. For sale by all druggists
Smoke the Wurl llros.' celebrated
"Cut 1 1 e i 1 -' clirs.
Don't CroaH.
I r circumstances hand you a bitter
cup of medicine, just swallow It, and
make the other fellow believe you like
it. He will quit mixing the stuff for
you If you make him believe you like
it. Hut If he sees you make a bad
face when you swallow he will lie sure
to have a fresh dose for you every
Seed Corn.
Silver Mine seed corn for sale. This
corn matures early. Made near sixty
bushels per acre last year of good sound
corn. F. M. Yovno, jh.,
It. It. D. No. 1, I'lattsmouth, Neb.
Now Ready for Business.
M. Archer, attorney at law and Jus
lice of the peace. (Mllee In the Wet
fMicamp block, on the sicond floor, on
the east side. All legal business will
receive iii'iiiiiit attention. Houses to
relit and sell. Collect inns without
suit a specially. Marriage eori'iinmios
pi rtorincil, ami a nice coititi 'ale will
be t'ii 11 free. If jmi tvatit to make
your will 1 10" a call. I (!- and
morlgagis mailo out and acknowl
edged. 1 mice hours from .in to J.mi
a. in. and f t -m I :un to .Von and T.oo to
Vini p. in.
i;kpoi;t of tiik condition
or mi'.
Murray Sltvtc Ilivnk.
of Murray, Nebraska.
CltivrUir No. 37H.
Ini'oriKiriHiMl In Hie Stiitrof Ncliriiskii. at tln
clone of liiiHinens Muy I It It. Hull.
loiiiiH mul lllv'oiinu i m .Mini
1 1 viTilruf tH.Hii'ii reil mul uiisei'iiri'il . I "iih III
Current espeinieii mill til vs uilil. . . . Ill 57
nun iroin juiiioiiiii, mule mul prl-
vuIk I11111I1HI1111I ImnUerK l.'l 7X1 II
Cheek nml Iti'inn of exeliuliue kiinb
eiiili 1 Jli &i
L. W. WaHeley.
J. Francis, general passenger agent
of the Burlington lines west of the
Missouri river, goes toChlcago to serve
In a similar position on the lines east
the river. L. W. Wakeley, with pre
sent headquarters at St. Louis, will
succeed Mr. Francis at Omaha. The
editor of the Journal has lieen ac
quainted with Mr. Wakeley for a num
ber of years, or ever since he has lcen
connected with the Missouri lines, and
while our relations with Mr. Francis
for the past two years have been of
the most genial nature, wc are glad he
Is to be succeeded by a gentleman and
scholar of Mr. Wakeley 'scallbrc. The
Sunday World-Herald, In speaking of
Mr. Wakelcy's coming to Omaha,
The rise of Mr. Wakeley In the rail
way world has been gratifying to his
friends In Omaha, where he was
reared. After completing his educa
tion in the public schools here lie was
appointed to the United States mili
tary acaaemy ana spent tnree years at
Wcstl'olnt. In November, 1HMI, he
secured a clerkship In the service of
the Iiurlington at a salary of 910 a
month, and rose rapidly to rate clerk,
chief clerk, and local freight agent of
the freight department In Chicago. In
IHH7 he was appointed assistant to the
general manager, Harry It. Stone,
and in less than a year was appointed
assistant general passenger agent of
the "Q," a position he held until IHlMi,
when he was made general passenger
agent of the Missouri lines of the Iiur
lington. ,
Only Think of It!
A Kansas editor vouches for the fact
that a cow chewed off a rooster's tall
and at the next milking gave a gallon
and a half of cocktail. It Is appalling
to think of what Is going to happen to
the editors of that state at the final
balancing of earthly accounts!
120,000 Starving.
Wc mean the 120,000 hairs on your
head. They are starving. Their food
Is so poor they are already leaving you
very rapidly. Soon you will not have
one left unless you use Ayer's Hair
Vigor. This stops falling of the hair
and makes the hair grow rich and
'I'i'iiii 1 as 4H7 u
Citpltul mock I'hIiI In I (MO mi
Ul K!
I 3) 4H4 17
1 mi
Muriilm fiinil
I'iiiIIvIiIimI (iroflu .
IMvlili'iiiU iiiiiihIiI
InilMillliil tlepiwlu iuIh
im'l Ul I'lllH'M
Tiinn riirtlHi ti of tin,
Dim to imlloiml Imnka....
ToUl I 3M 47 44
HrtTiiii Nihhanica, I
County of Can.
I. lift. S Hloim. Cililer of tlw Ioth niunn
ihI Imiik. 1I11 Miliiiniily mtt-nr Hint tlif nlxire
Mlutemnit In eorreet anil a tnuuniiy of tlie re
bort mailn to tlir Htatu llunkliiK liour.i
Cil. W. M-roniu Ciiililer
I. M. Stiini.
J. A. I'lll.l.AHII f
Hiilw-rllieil mul mt irn to U-for inn tliW 2Ut
iluy of May, IIM
l. C. Wht. Notiiry INIilln.
My eominliiliiii eiolreii Mnreb Ij, luirr.
D&nk of Cuss County,
of I'lattsmouth, Nebraska.
Charier H. 44J.
Iiii'iirporiiteil In Him State of Ni'liriiiku, lit trie
Iimii of IiuhIiihim Miiy 14th. I!H.
I amu mul IHtcoiinli I jr l4' 311
OvenlriiflH. eeiirel iiimI uiiMH'unxl 4 UHl S3
HtiK'k.ieiirllle!. JllilKnielitcluliiiit
-W X 113
llmikliiK Iioum) fiirnlliire ami fl
(ithrr real intute
Current c i'iie mul taie itulil
vnUi liankii and linkers
And marching
straight to
Ueelbaetj Qo,
whore you will bo ro
paitl for your trouble
by getting the best
on tho markets.
Canned Goods,
9 frosli daily frun the mnrkots.
guthrri'il frehli every morning.
'Phone 54.
W.11. riii.iTi lt!iiek I'ltiitMiiomh.
Hue from natliinul. male nml yrl-
Cli'k ami IteliiHof fli huilKti.
S &") tt)
is va 25
1 H4 J U
44 to! 41
Total cu-ili on liaml 13 571 M
Total I 3U7 132 HI
CaplUl hUh-U palU lu... ... &U UO II)
suriiiim ruiiii iu i mi
llmllTldwl pronu 12 S47 VI
Imllvlilual ileuonltH Hulijti-l to
14" sai HI
llellilillil eertUli aU-ii of ilepoilt.... 10 Silt 47
Tlniu n-rtlHi'iitin of lleoioit I H7 M
I11111 to Ktalu anil prlratu Imiikiianil
liHiikers s iw) 21
llllln iwyalilu .) imu 10
TlrTAI I :I7 131 HI
Htatf. or NrniiAHKA. 1 ,M
County of Ciiim. I
I. T. M. I'littorwm. Cusliler of tlio hIiovh
llllllll'il lunik, lli 1 Nolelllllly nweur tllllt tlm ntiiteineiit I eorreet anil a true eupy of
the ri Kirt iimiie tollie SOile llnnkliiir lloiinl.
Cham. C. I'aiimki.k. i
HuliM'rllN'il nml Nfforn Ui iH'foro me tills 14th
iluy of Muy. IKM.
u i. iiakhk. .Mitiiry 1'iniiie.
My eoniinUnlon explrenOi lolier i. llMi.
Now Is the time to clean house-
clean your system first, drive out tho
microbes of winter with Ilolllstcr's
Uocky Mountain Tea. It will keep
you well all summer. 3. cents. Tea
or tablets. Oerlng & Co.
I 4
Low Cuts In all the Fashionable (Q
Fads for feminine footwear for. .0t
We have a very graceful OXFORD.
Iloxlble McKay solo, patent tips. Fifth
avenue too, Cuban heel. Tisan ideal
shoo, for a medium price, that has
service and stylo, hot us show It to
you. See our Child's Sllppeis.
s)xJ(JShcrvvoo(l & Son