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    The Cause of Manyj
Sudden Deaths.
There ia diwane prrvailhA in thil
, country aunt danRcroUi becau to dectp.
. live, ai.uiy BU(i(it-n
W-MIH S tfath caused
bv it -ilieart
l UW7h Pneumonia
heart , failure 01
apoplexy are often
the result of kid
ney disease. Jt
kidney trouble is
' allowed toad vance
ed blood will at-
. tack the viUil organs, causing catarrh of
, the bladder, or tue kidneys tliemselvee
break down and waste away cell by cell.
Bludder troubles almost always result
: from a derangement of the kidneys and
. a cure is obtained Quickest by a projer
: treatment of the kidneys. If you are feel
ing badly you can make no mistake by
taking Dr. Kilmer's Awamp-Root, the
great kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
It corrects inability to hold urine and
scalding pain in passing it. and over
comes that unpleasant necessity of being
, compelled to go often through the day,
and to get up many times during the
night. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized.
It stands the highest for its wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is
sold by all druggists in fifty-cent and
one-dollar size bottles. You mav have a
sample bottle of this wonderful new dis
covery and book that tells all about it,
pom sent iree Dy mail. Address, Dr. Kil
mer & Co., Binghaniton, N. Y. When
writing mention reading this generous
offer in this paper. Don't make anv
mistake, but remeni tier the name, Swamp.
Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the
address, Binghaniton, N. Y., on every
Weeping Water
From the Uepubllcan.
Earl Klrkpatrlck arrived here last
week and has been installed as night
man at the depot.
Miss Bertha Rchocmaker, living cast
of town, is lying very sick with rheu
matlsrn of the heart.
A recent trip to the country out
north of town showed the fall wheat
to be in excellent condition.
A' few farmers commenced planting
corn last week, and a lot of it is going
into the soil this week.
Elsie, the little two months old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Justin
. Itanncy, died at their home south of
town on Friday morning of congestion
ot the lungs.
,Mrs. Dudley and daughter, Miss Ma
belle, arrived Saturday from Indiana
where they have been visiting rela
ttves during the winter.
Miss Hattle Ingcrsoll left Monday
for Dallas, Texas. She met Mr.
Chase at Atchison and went home
with him to spend some time with
Mrs. Chase.
The post of Grand Army boys have
secured cx-Congrcssman J. B. Strode
to deliver tho memorial address on
Decoration day. Mr. Strode, an old
soldier himself, Is a fine speaker, and
his many friends here who will be
, pleased to hear him on this occasion,
J. S. Carnes, of Wabash, came In
from Lincoln Saturday, where he had
been to see his fourteen-year-old son
who a few days before was operated
-on for appendicitis at one of the Lin
coin hospitals. He reported the boy
doing nicely.
', From a Woodward, Oklahoma, paper
we learn that Miss Beulah Barrett has
closed a very successful term of school
in her home district. Miss Barrett is
a Cass county girl, and has grown to
womanhood since she left here, and be
come a school teacher. Success to Miss
-Barrett in her chosen work.
Eleanor, wife of Mr. Clyde Day, died
at her home north of town on Sunday
morning of blood poison, aged twenty-
two years. Mrs. Day underwent an
operation for appendicitis about a
month ago, and seemed to gain nicely
until two weeks ago, when she was
taken worse, and gradually grew
weaker until death relieved her of her
sufferings last Sunday morning.
From the Herald.
Mrs. Win, Marshall's mother, Mrs,
Savage, is still very sick, with a grad
ual weakening condition.
Patrick Murphy was down from
Stuart. Holt county, last week, at
tending his mother's funeral.
C. C. llalston came in last Friday
from Denver and Colorado Springs,
and expects to remain indefinitely
Deputy Assessor R. S. Wilkinson
gays he has found a few diamonds
Scott's Emulsion is the
means of life and of the en
joymcnt of life of thousands o!
men, women ana cnuaren.
To the men Scott's Emu
a . y
sion 1 cives the tlcsn and
strength so necessary for the
cure of consumption and the
repairing of body losses from
any wasting disease.
For women Scott's Eiiu
sion docs this and more. It is
a most sustaining food and
tonic for the special trials tha
women have to bear.
. To children Scott's Emu
sion cives food and strcngt
for rinvth of flesh and bone
and Jlood. For pale girls,
for thin and sickly boys bcott :
Enuusion is a great hell..)
l fl'&;i'$'
Sll-TT bow; v '..,
d forfr'vncl.W'l'S'
rl Stiv','W tsk' to rlt
X- 4Pi ih,IS Prl Stt,'l n to rk.
tha .nvjo. and
hlle making the rounds, hut it was
not in a print shop.
1'rof. Jennings, of Wilbur, Nebras
ka, was in town Friday, looking up
the chances for presiding over our
F. M. Shaw, of Black foot, Idaho,
and grandson, Harold Trowbridge, of
ast Orange. New York, were the
guests over Sunday of their friends,
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Cot ley.
The school board met Monday even
ing and organized with the same otll-
cers: J. JI. Davis, president; R. S.
Wilkinson, secretary. S. F. Glrardet
was the only new member seated on
the board.
Bert Dunn, who is playing ball with
the Sioux City team, was In town Wed
nesday night. He says the first game
ho played this season he was so unfor
tunate as to split his fingers, but he
lined up again at St. Joseph Thursday.
A. B. Gibson finished delivering to
the Day elevator last week, 2,500
bushels of corn, and he also sold to A
1. Ralston .1,500 bushels, receiving
what he considers a good price, 4l)Jc
and 41c per bushel. Mr. Gibson cleans
up each year a goodly ouantltv of Ne-
braska's famous product. Fifteen
years ago he came to Cass county from
the cast ana bought the Jim Johnson
farm south of town. Farminir here
was something different from that
along the Connecticut river, where he
had chiefly engaged In raising stock
With possibly one year excepted the
dry one he has turned dollais out of
the soil, and now Is the owner of more
than 450 acres of fine land. He has
unbounded faith in the productiveness
of Cass county soil, and cheaper land
In other places has no attraction for
him. He says when he farms he wants
good land, so that a big crop is possi
ble for tho labor expended. Another
thing is noted, that) nothing that will
fertilize the ground Is allowed to be
wasted. He don't burn corn stalks or
stubble, but considers they fertilize
the ground and keep it mellow. The
New England habit In this respect
keeps him mindful of the necessity
of enriching the soil every year. This
season, with the help of his two sons,
he will plant 250 acres of corn. Ills
oats and spring wheat Is looking tine.
An Open Letter.
From the Chapln. S. C.News: Early
In the spring my wife and I were taken
with the diarrhoea and so severe were
the pains that we called a physician
who prescribed for us, but his medi
cines failed to give any relief. A friend
who bad a bottle of Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy on band gave each
of us a dose and we at once fet the ef
fects. I procured a bottle and before
using the entire contents we were en
tirely cured. It is a wonderful remedy
and should be found In every house
hold. II. C. Bailey, editor. Tills rem
edy Is for sale by all druggists.
From the Courier.
Democrats were given tho water
cure In Louisville Thursday.
Mrs. C.W.Spence and children came
down from Omaha Wednesday. Mr,
Spencc has rented one of Mrs. Cut-
forth's houses, and expects his house
hold goods here today.
jacoo xriiscn nas purchased prop
erty In riattsmouth, and will retire
from the farm next season. The Cour
ler had hoped that Mr. Trltsch would
dectdo to come to Louisville, but he
could not find a suitable residence
property that was for sale, so he de
elded to buy In riattsmouth.
The temperance people made a raid
on tho drug stores at Greenwood the
other day, and In one of the stores
found enough beer, whiskey and other
brands of booze to stock a South Om
aha saloon. The other druggist evl
dently had received a tip, and when
they raided his place they found noth
ing but a few empties.
At a meeting of the Commercial
club the other night a bond fire was
made of Louisville's first auditorium,
built (on paper) In 1902. What a pity
that such a tine building should go up
in smoke at a time when we have so
much need for it. It will now be hi
order for some public-spirited citizen
to start tho erection of another like
building, but the Courier would sug
gest that It be built more substantial
than the last one.
At the home of the bride's mother,
four miles southeast of Louisville, at
8:00 o'clock on Wednesday evening,
occurred the marriage of Miss Minnie
Tennant and Mr. John Inhelder, Rev.
Chadwlck olllclatlng. Following the
ceremony supper was served to about
100 relatives and friends. These young
people arc well known in this vicinity
and their many friends unite with
the Courier in wishing them a happy
Journey through life. A charivari
party was given them by the "boys"
of the neighborhood, and a lively but
good naturcd time was had for a short
time when tho boys were Invited In
and treated to tho best In the house
When the Sap Rises
weak lungs should be careful. Coughs
and colds are dangerous then. One
Minute Cough Cure cures coughs and
colds and gives strength to the lungs,
Mrs.O. E. Fcnnerof Marlon, Ind., says,
"I suffered with a cough until I run
down In weight from 148 to 02 pounds.
. . -i , . , .
iincu a nuniuer oi remedies 10 no
avail until I used One Minute Cough
Cure. Four bottles of this wonderful
remedy cured me entirely of the cough,
strengthened my lungs and restored
me to my normal weight, health and
strength." Sold by F. O. Frlcke & Co
Ladles, Atlentlonl
We arc showing a magnificent line of
pattern hats, and exclusive styles, at
prices always the lowest.
I'rura Ui Leader-Echo.
Mrs. Henry llollenbeck left Tues
day for a visit of two or three weeks
with relatives at Kansas City.
Dr. Bohannan went to Lincoln Mon
day to see the son of Selgel Carncs,
whom he took to the sanitarium for
an operation for anuendleitls. The
little man withstood the operation
finely, and is on the happy road to re
W m. Delles Dernier has been ap
pointed by County Judge Travis as
appraiser to appraise the estate of
Barton W. Harmer, deceased, for the
purpose of ascertaining the amount of
Inheritance tax due the county from
said estate.
Mrs. J. B. Elliott left Friday even
ing for Tolono, 111., where she will
visit relatives and friends and attend
the golden wedding anniversary of her
father and mother. She will be gone
several weeks, and expects to visit the
world's fair at St. Louis enroute.
Mrs. Minnie Stopher Burdick died
Monday at her home In California from
consumption. The remains will be in
terred In Elmwood cemetery, and are
expected to arrive, accompanied by
the relatives, tomorrow. No an
nouncement of the funeral services
has yet been made.
Barney McCabe died at his home
live miles southwest of Elmwood on
Thursday of last week, and was buried
in the Catholic cemetery Friday morn
ing. Re was a bachelor, and was
about forty years of age. lie was quite
well known In this community, having
lived Jukt across the line in Otoe
county for years, and was always an
accommodating neighbor. Peace be
to his ashes.
Made Young Again.
"One of Dr. King's New Life Pills
each night for two weeks has put me
in my "teens" again," writes D. n.
Turner of Dempseytown, Fa. They're
the best In the world for liver, stom
ach and bowels. Purely vegetable.
Fever grlgpe. Only 25c at F. G. Frlcke
& Co. 's drug store.
From tho Enterprise.
John Montgomery left the fore part
of the week for Butte, Montana, where
he expects to make his future home,
The new town board met Tuesday
night and organized. Dr. Talcott was
selected chairman and D. K. Barr vll
lage clerk.
The Fred Esch property was sold on
our streets Thursday. Everything
went cheap but the liquor, which was
sold at $1.00 per gallon.
Mr. Metcalfe, of Ohlowa, has pur
chased the McKlnnon merchandise
stock of N. II. Meeker, and has been
busy all this week Invoicing.
A listlcal combat between two of
our citizens one day this week was
caused by an argument over liquor
matters. No arrests have been made,
Wm. King, who has been sick for
several months past, was taken to
Lincoln by relatives Friday last, where
he died early Saturday morning.
Dan Kelly's barn has Just been com
pleted at a cost of about tl.000. Wm.
Klmberly, the carpenter and con
tractor, did the carpenter work and
W. M. Rouse put on the finishing
touches with the paint brush.
Greenwood citizens have decided to
celebrate the 4th of July this year.
It Is a little early to tain celebration,
but the neighboring towns should be
notified, as there will be no use for
them to ecleorate if Greenwood does.
The new town board started out In
good shape by appropriating $50 to re
pair the village park and ' have ar-
ranged to have a number of seats
placed therein for the accommodation
of the public. This move should meet
with the approval of all good citizens.
Although the trees are small, they af
ford good shade, and a more beautiful
spot can not be found In any small
town. J ust such an enterprise as this
is what makes a town good.
A Sure Thing.
It Is said that nothing is sureexeep
death and taxes, but that Is not alto
gether true. Dr. King's New Dmcov-
ery for Consumption is a sure cure for
all lung and throat troubles. Thous
ands can testify to that. Mrs. C. B
VanMetre of Shephcrtown, W. Va.,
says "I had a severe case of bronchi
tis and for a year tried everything I
heard of but got no relief. One bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery then
cured me absolutely." It's infallible
for croup, whooping cough, grip, pneu
monla and consumption. Try it. It's
guaranteed by F. G. Frlcke & Co.,
druggists. Trial bottles free. Rcgu
lar sizes 50c and $1.00.
From the Kcglatvr.
W. E. Crablll, of riattsmouth, was
trying to locate a stand for a Jewelry
store In tho village Wednesday.
J. L. Smith went to Plattsmouth
last Saturday morning to visit friends
and relatives, returning home Sunday
A flro was discovered last week In
building on Hie Conrad farm. The
fire burned rapidly, and it was by hard
work that tho occupants saved their
household effects.
Leo Pollard had the misfortune in
losing one of his pedigreed steers this
week. Ho said he examined tho steer
closely afterward, but could not ac
count for its death.
Bennett Chrlswlsscr of Plattsmouth
came to tho village Saturday to see
how his "boys" were getting along,
calling at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs,
Robert Viall during the noon hour,
Fifty Years ihc Standard
tasrovu thi flavor and sdds to
tho hsalthfulnass of tho food.
He has large farming Interests in this
J. A. Whlteman, from near Weeping
Water, was In the village the fore
part of the week, visiting friends and
relatives, also calling at the bedside of
Ab. Tucker, who has been confined to
his room with an acute attack of ap
Olaf Lundsberir, foreman of Van
Court's quarry at thisplace is working
over forty men at the present time,
and Is turning out crushed rock at a
rapid rate for the railroad companies.
Everyone is getting busy and pros
pects are at the standard elevation.
There will be something doing be
fore very long In new housekeeping
changes. Carl Stone has been hauling
wood, buying household paraphernalia
and smiling blandly with a peaceful
cotnentment expression as he mean
ders along the highways of the village
A curious and almost fatal accident
occurred to Wm. Newman's team Mon
day morning. , While driving onto an
Improvised platform which he used to
unload quarried rock from the wagon
Into the cars, one of the horses lost its
balance and slipped off the platform
dragging the other horse along, the
latter falling heavily on the first. It
was quite awhile before they got un
tangled from the harness, but willing
and sympathetic assistance, by hard
work, rescued tho team from the!
precarious position. They were pretty
severely bruised.
Cured His Mother of Rheumatism.
"My mother has been a sufferer for
many years with rheumatism, says W
II. Howard of Husband, Fa. "At times
she was unable to move at all, while at
all times walking was painful. I pre
sented her with a bottle of Chamber
Iain's Pain Balin and after afewappli
cations she decided it was the most
wonderful pain reliever she had ever
tried, in fact, she is never without It
now and is at all times able to walk
An occasional application of Pain Balm
keeps away the pain that she wa3 form
erly troubled with." For sale by all
From the Beacon.
A good many of the farmers began
planting corn the first ot this week
Conrad Rausch who has been having
a serious time with a case of blood
poison on his arm is much better.
wr. ana airs. Kanard Jveteinut are
rejoicing over the arrival of a baby
boy, which came to live with them
Sunday night, so says Dr. Dlhcl.
Ed Betts was taken seriously ill last
Saturday, but is improving at this
writing. His many friends hope to
see him up and around again soon.
Dr. Diners wife and children arrlv
ed Monday night from Iowa and they
are nicely settled In their new home
which he purchased of Dr. Thomas.
Mr. Joseph Belser, formerly of this
place has passed all his final cxamlna
tlonsln the Philadelphia dental col
lege with honors as best workman
a class of one hundred and forty. II
has spent three years of hard work
this college and now conies out victor
ious with first honors.
Eagle is a dry town, for the present
at least. At the meeting of tho "VII
lage 'Dads" last Monday night they
voted to raise the saloon license from
$750. to $850., also to have tho saloon
close at 10 o'clock p. m. J. J. Reittcr
applicant for the license, refused to
comply with the new ruling and clos
ed ills saloon Wednesday at noon.
Quick Arrest.
J. A. Gulledge of Verbena, Ala., was
twice in tho hospital from a severe case
of piles, causing 24 tumors. Afte
doctors and all remedies failed, Buck
len'g Arnica Salve quickly arrested fur
thcr Inflammation and cured him. It
conquers aches and kills pain.. 25c at
F. G. Frlcke & Co., druggists.
Fron tlio t.i'dniT.
E. R. Todd, of Plattsmouth, was I
town Wednesday morning, returning
home from a visit at Elmwood.
Geo. E. Dovey, tho well know
Plattsmouth merchant, came dow
Wednesday morning on his way t
Elmwood, and was a welcome caller at
this olllce.
Conductor Baker, who lias been on
the Lincoln branch for several years,
has accepted the run between Atchl
son and St. Joseph, and he went Sun
day to begin his duties on that line.
Dan Lynn has a freak chicken,
cute little fellow with four legs. Tw
of the legs are similar to thoso of nn
ordinary Chicken, and behind them
arc two smaller legs that are neither
cry useful nor ornamental. Dan Is
hoping to raise a whole flock of such
hickens,thi nkin' t!ieiretra"scrateh-
rs'' will enable them to forage to
good advantage in the neighbors' gar-
Mrs. A. M. Dow arrived Tuesday
veiling ami is visiting tier uncle, 11.
M. Shoemaker and family. Mrs. Dow
formerly Miss F.ille Shoemaker) re-
ides in Co'.orada, and has been visit
ing in Ft. Scott, Kansas.
W. E. Crabill, of Plattsmouth. was
lere yesterday and made this olllce a
social call. He was "sizing up" the
ituation with a view of opening a
?welry store and repair shop In this
illagc, and has about decided to do
so. no is an experienced workman
and should do well here.
The Union band boys have sent their
order for a complete new outfit of the
best make of uniforms, red coats with
blue trimmings, blue pants with red
trimmings, red caps with blue trim
mings. The order is with a Philadel
phia firm, and the uniforms are ex
pected to be here within two weeks.
The uniforms cost quite a nice sum of
money, hut the boys have faith In the
people of Union and vicinity, and hope
to make a tine appearance with their
good music.
Now Ready for Business.
M. Archer, attorney at law and Jus-
tlce of the peace. Olllce in the Wet-
tencamp block, on the second floor, on
the cast side. All legal business will
receive prompt attention. Houses to
rent and sell. Collections without
suit a specialty. Marriage ceremonies
performed, and a nice certificate will
be given free. If you want to make
your will give me a call. Deeds and
mortgages made out and acknowl
edged. Olllce hours from 8:00 to 12:00
a. m. and from 1:00 to 5:00 and 7:00 to
8:00 p. m.
Maple Grove
Ppi'diil Correspondence,
August Engelkemcicr shipped cattle
to the South Omaha market week be
fore last.
Glen Bocdeker purchased a new ruh
ber-tirc buggy last week. What will
happen now, Glen?
Mrs. Schafcr, who had the misfor-
tune to get her arm broke a few weeks
ago, Is getting along nicely.
Miss Madge Young left last week for
Wabash, where she will visit with Mr.
and Mrs. John Perry a few weeks.
Our school closed here Friday. A
nice program was rendered.
Miss Ada Turner will leave for her
home next week.
Y. S. Young made a business trip to
Weeping Water last Friday, and while
there he purchased a new ridlnglistcr,
W. H. Tills and Ad Bocdeker attend
ed the democrat convention at Louis
ville last Thursday. They attended
as delegates of Mt. Pleasant precinct,
Mr. and Mrs, T. R. Cathey and son,
Cameron, attended the show at Weep
ing Water Saturday.
Corn planting is now in full force in
this comr. unity.
Quite a number of friends and rela
tives visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. William Puis and family Sunday,
Ladies and Children
who cannot stand the shocking strain
of laxative syrups and cathartic pills
are especially fond of Little Early Ris
ers. All persons who find it necessary
to take a liver medicine should try
these easy pills, and compare the agree
ably pleasant and strengthening effect
with the nauseating and weakening
conditions following the use of other
remedies. Little Early Risers cure hi!
iousness, constipation, sick headache
jaundice, malaria and liver troubles,
Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Cedar Creek
Puccini CorrosiKindoncc.
Fruit trees of all kinds In this vicin
ity are loaded down with blossoms, and
if the frost will only keep out of sight
there will be a large crop of fruit.
Fred Horn and family were visiting
in Cedar Creek last Sunday.
It has been reported that Adam
Fronoff's children are quite sick with
Henry Ragoss purchased a fine team
of horses In Springfield last week.
The other day a young man who was
quite hungry went Into' a restaurant
and ordered some boiled beef with
horseradish sauce. As the lady was
busy filling an order for another man,
she Just told him to wait a minute
So unloading her collection of supplies
she hurried back for something else to
complete the first order. "I want my
boiled beef with horseradish sauce,"
this time ho said quite angrily. (She
nodded.) After making another trip
or two he .main called for his order
So she suddenly stopped In front of him
and asked with a smile, "What Is your
order, please?'' B-brlng me," he ex
claimed, stuttcrinir with wrath, "some
b-bolled horse with beefradlsh sauce."
James Terrybcrry went to Omaha
last week and purchased a new rubber
tire carriage and top buggy.
MM mm l it N ;.. iii in mm !
Onhl itit-ijillin feito. M'nlcl with bin rlh"ti,
Tuko nn other. llrrtiM dnnirnim nhll
liillitnannrf lnillnllnn. Ilu if niuf ImnirK
ot Brixl 4v. In wnini" l"t tartlralan. Trtl
tnnnlnU ami Itrllrf for In '""
br rrt urn nail. lO.VUt Irmimuuialt, Bold bj
ail lnmv'-'n, J
S1O0 Haalaoa ftaaar. I'll I La., Pi,
W KJAJ JSur' SrfwSm
For a Spring Tonic
Try a case of the Favorite John Gund h
h v - Q
One of ihc Purest Beers on the Alarkct ft
Call on I'M Donat at tho lVorless Sa
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the rest. All we ask is a trial for this
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Try a Case To-Day.
Wo tako this opportunity of returning our
must Himvro thanks for past favors, ami Holioit u
continuniRT of your piitnmiigo in tho future-.
During I'.lOl, we (shall eiiileiivur to supply tlio
market, ns usual, with that
Which Suits the People!
both in quality and prices.
Wishing nil u happy ami pros porn us yenr, vi
invito all to coino and In- roiiifortod by making
your purchases from tlio largest furniture !.,;; iit
attler &
r B. ssbender,
How is Your Roof ? .
If You Need a NcwiOnc,
Remember, that we are fully prepared to
place a new tin roof on your house, new
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We Make a Specialty of Roofing and Spouting
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No. 506 Main Street
I Bottled in Bond.
in i-,.' . -r...u-.; lip '
3) ir
',.l - ' J:,' 7 IJ
Now is the Best Time
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
the Cheapest
In tbc jnM
IW Whisky is not only ills.
nuTi'wiblf to tnste, but undoubted
ly injurious to the stomach. A lit
lie good Whisky is n fine tonic and
helps instead of hnrining. Such
Whiskies as Yellowstone, for in
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ymi don't know how good it is
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X Kbit ASK A
New Fabrics
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