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    The Plattsmouth Journal
It. A. BATES, 1'iuusiiEii.
Entered at the pnwlnffir-t it Plattsmouth, Nc
bra-ska. a aocuudcluu mailer.
Sknatoii Smoot should not overlook
his opportunity, lie can make a for
tune selling his photographs In St.
Louis this summer.
Dkmucbatic newspapers and leading
men In the party should put In more
time attacking republicans instead of
members of thclrown party.
As Ohio couple took an oath that
they'd never be divorced. Newly mar
rled couples always feel that way, but
they usually wake up at the end of a
Akk Mr.Tcegardcn and his deputies
sticking closely to the text of "equal
assessments to all special favors to
none?" The peoplo will know bye
and bye.
The Pun commercial agency reports
241 business failures last week against
1(10 the year before. This unfortunate
hitch in the prosperity campaign will
not be called attention to by republl
can spellbinders.
It would appear, from all accounts,
that thcl'latUmouth Republican Ring
has agreed upon I. F. Dale, of Green
wood, for one of Its candidates for rep
resentative. At least one would Judge
so from the ring's mouth-piece the
Evening News.
"The Hand Writing on the Walt!"
A Washington special, under date of
pril 30, says:
"Representative John Sharp Will-
lams, of Mlssisslpl, the democratic
leader of the house, in an authorized
statement today, says he believes that
the nomination of Juo'e Parker at St.
Louis is assurred.
" 'It seemscleartomenow,' said Mr.
Williams, 'that Judge Parker will be
nominated by such an overwhelming
vote that there will be substantially
no opposition when the time for the
convention arrives. .Individually, I
favor his selection.'
"Mr. William, when questioned con
cerning the report that he will be a
candidate for the presidential nomin
atlon, said: 'I think you know me well
enough to know that 1 have never been
Idiot enough to take this talk seriously.
There has been some talk of the nom
liiatiun of a southern man. I do not
think such a course would be wise just
now. That time will come and it w ill
not be very far distant, as history
counts time. When it does come the
south will be able to find 10,000 men
abler and 100,000 better men than
I am.' "
Tub News editor Is so given to lying
that he will resort to a "little white
lie" when the truth would suit better,
L -
Ma you Geuinu will do his duty Ir
respective of the Polk-Farlcy coterie,
It Is better to have the 111 will of some
people than it is the good w ill, and we
would guess that Mayor Gering will
carry out his administration on this
Tub republican idea of reciprocity
is to grab all you can and keep all you
get. The clawlesscat in Tophet would
have a better chance than this
pet of Blaine and McKlnley in a con
gress whose policy is "stand pat."
Mayou Geuinu Insists that he has
remitted no fines, the court record not
withstanding. News.
Well, Mayor Gcrlng's word goes for
more than that, of the editor of the
News that should settle it.
- t
In a speech on the tarilt last week
in the sciatc, Senator Bacon proved
that our sewing machines, sold for $1
In England cost t'25 in this country, and
American steel rails could be bought
85 ft ton cheaper in England than in
T hnsylvania or Alabama.
Wondkii if thero Is a mad-stone in
.Ibis vicinity. Some of Farley's friends
fear he Is somewhat afllictcd with the
"rabbies,"and they are on the look-out
for a mad-stone, the usual remedy for
such hydrophobic creatures.
It is a fact that Dietrich is lending
'what little Influence he has for Blow
bard Burkctt to succeed him in the
senate. Dietrich's idea Is to be suc
ceeded by a man with less ability than
himself, and he gets him in tiic person
of the brainless fop who mi-rcprescnts
the first congressional district.
The greatest exhibit that Nebraska
could make at the St. Louis Fair would
be to link together Midget Mickey
Bribe-taker Dietrich and Blowhard
Burkett three of the greatest nln
compoops on earth. To charge an ad
mission fee of ten cents, the republican
party would derive quite a campalg
fund. However, the exhibit wouldn'
reflect much credit to the state abroad
Ik Dietrich is exhonorated from the
charge of bribery, and the republican
party feel that ho has, what Is the
matter with bis re-election? Most
certainly a senator of Blowbard Bur
kett's calibre wouldn't improve the
state's representation in the U. S. sen
ate. But Dcrhap as a slv schemer
is more of success, and then railroads
can use him to a better advantage.
The total capital of industrial
trusts is $7,21(1,342,533. Those organ
ized since January 1, 1S'.I8, represent
the enormous sum of iy0;)013,,r00.
That is to say, more than nlnc-tentl
of existing trusts have been organized
slncc.the republican party returned to
power in 1807. They have sprung up
and nourished under a republican ad
ministration to an extent beyond any
thing previously known, and the far
mcr contiuesto pay the freight,
In the three years of republican "re
demptlon" the state debt has been In
creased $."3.',72!),4!), and all because tl
'redeemers" arc spending the peoples
money with a lavish hand. Here are
the plain facts:
PoulUt reduction In 4 year.
ltepuhllean hicrviiM! In 3 year....
Populist In 1C
Jk'pulllll'RUH In IU03
Keputillcnn Incrcimo fl.4m.ij?.:
is it any wonaer your taxes arc so
much heavier? Study the figures
and understand tho reason why. In
creased state taxes are absolutely ne
ccssary to pay for the luxury of repub
lican redemption.
. Mi.rY
a Clear mil."
Is tho last Issue of the Weeping
water Herald Bro. Olive copies tl
article of the News In reference to tl
findings of Judgo Jessen In the l'olk
Kupkccaso, and heads It "Gives l'olk
Now will the editor
tho Herald be so kind as
copy the sections of the findings
last week slssucof the Journal? The
show a different face on the matter
that Is among those who understand
the modus operandi of letting a folio
down easy. Tho News was nev
known to give a fair statement in any
thing It publishes, and only publlshe
that of a political nature that iuIU
tho ring, of which the editor Is one
the members. The decision Is only
m(xtli attempt of "whitewashing"
we believe that Is what the principal
The Right Spirit.
In sending out advertising to the
L 'ious newspapers of Cass county for
the Street Fair and Carnival next
week, the Union Ledger was the first
on the list. In reply to our request to
publish and send bill to this offlce the
following reply was received:
li. A. Bates, Ek., Plattsmouth,
Neb. Iear Sir: Yturs of the 2d inst.
received, in which you request the
Ledger to do some advertising for your
Street Fair to be held next week. You
also request me to "send in bill for
I will cheerfully comply with your
first request by advertisement to ap
pear iu the Ledger this week, but your
request to "send bill" will have to be
Ignored, for the reason that it has been
paid many times in the past. I remem
ber how liberal the newspapers of the
county have always been in advertis
ng our "Old Settlers' Rc-unlon" here
each year, and this Street Fair ad. only
affords the Ledger an opportunity to
repay In part the generosity of Platts
mouth newspapers and citizens, who
have always been loyal supporters of
"Union's He-unions."
Yours very truly,
chipper as a blackbird and merry as a
cricket, says, "I may not be here when
the campaign opens, but if anywhere.
I shall be somewhere." This is lucid
diplomatic, a little mysterious and de
llghtfully non-committal. She would
make an excellent secretary of state if
anything should happen to John Hay
Ouu republican friends insist that
the scandals of this administration
should have no part In next fall's cam
palgn, and that the grafting, boodle
snatching arraignments, indictments
and convictions which have filled even
conservative newspapers to overflow
lug, are "ordinary incidents." Why
not see what the people think about It?
The republic of Panama did not re
ceive that tlO.000,000 about April 1st
as the Associated Press announced that
It would. There are still complica
Hons, law-suits, appeals, obstacles
hitches, snarls, and other impedi
mcnts. And now Colombia actually
stands boldly up, declares that she has
been plundered, and Is ready for war,
Boi'ukk Cochuan made a trcmend
ous sensation In congress recently by
his brilliant and eloquent speech
against Teddy's usurpation of legisla
tlvc functions. The accidental presi
dent will probably hereafter rank him
with Senator Carmack, whom he not!
fled that "he would sec him in h 11
before he would grant him any favors.
The proposition to suspend a state
from the Union on account of Its re
liglon Is about as rank as anything
ever heard of. But It can be done.
Congress refuses to make a martyr of
Senator Smoot because President
Smith has six wives, President Itoose
veltcangetln his patent by simply
Issuing an executive order that Utah
Is no longer one of the United States,
Congressman Baker, of New York
has a keen sense of Justice. He has
made five efforts to hitch on to the ap
propriation bills a provision to rclm
burse the railroads of the country for
the .amount they have expended In
dead-heading Roosevelt and his suite
The republicans do not seem to appro
elate Mr. Baker's liberality. In fact
they secra to resent It. They probably
think that a frequent railroad train is
a proper pcrqulsito of the executiv
Recent speeches In congress, direct
cd detininely and with mature consld
cration at the issues of the coming
campaign, disclose no sign of conflict
The Intellectual party spokesmen
both houses, representing all sections
of the country, have given precedence
In tho deliberate arguments to the
same Issucsof government. They hav
adaresseci themselves to the same
faults of republican legislation and ad
ministration. In the situation of par
tics there Is not a timely or pressing
issue upon which the democracy Isdi
vlded. There Is every reason except
the reason of Individual selfishness
for a consolidation of all the elements
which naturally range themselves un
dor the banner of democracy.
Notice of Probate of Will.
n thkcoi nty coi i;rtr cass rui x-
ty. Nelrl.
Iu the malLTuf Hie e-.UU' f UUhU-.i:. SK li
fer. UtHt'ttNU.
All prison Interested In said eMail1 are
hereby notified that iirllllon hi Ih-vii tntti
ii shIiI iurt praying ' ' prol'.'ile 01 er
,aln luMruinriil no on Hit in uti ,vnrt pi,r
:rllnf l he the hil IU unit tvMameiit of
KlKMte hpt'IHtT, tltvr.iMil. klel thai li
hear urn will lit1 hatl on .ml petition U-fotv
uilil court on the lit li day of Juno. I'.ol. at ton
o'clock a. in., mnl If you fall l upx'nr nl saltl
court on the Mh day of Juno, to coi.ict
the prolmte of vttu will the I'oiirt niav ailow
unit prolmte saiil will and irrant tiiitulni-t ra
tion thereof to llocti A. Wliriri iiliorn. or some
other unliable person and proceed to a settle
ment thereof.
1 Mi tod this Uli day or May. A. IV. 114.
IUk ly li. Tkavh.
County Jiul-'e,
Seed Corn.
Silver Mine seed corn for sale. This
corn matures early. Made near sixty
bushels per acre last year of good sound
corn. D . M. louMi, j it.,
It. R. I). No. 1, Plattsmouth, Neb,
"IIoo-IIoo" '
Or u genial andablo district Judge
laul Jessen, may have some future po
litical ambition that Induced him to
show so much leniency towards the In
stlgatorof the fraudulent transact It
with the Kupke heirs, but the resul
of thelasttwoclectlonsln Plattsmouth
city and Cass county ought to indicate
to a blind man that any attempt to
palliate the cunning trick by which
this smooth attorney turned these
Kentucky people, Is almost suicidal to
him who attempts It. Sptirgeon says:
"Leniency to the bad Is unklndness to
the good." The political Inlluencc of
tho Polks Iu this county Is a thing of
the past. It is said that Slg. and Milt
made quite a team In their day when
they w orked in unison to gain the same
end. Slg. was a high dignitary In tho
church and the other a frequenter of
saloons, thus focusing two elements of
society In aid of one cause. Fora time
"they got thero with both feet," but
political aspirants will now do well to
avoid nueh Influence or meet certain
St. Louis Millinery Company.
All the newest creations In fashion
able hats. We are showing daily new
hats, at matchless prices.
Cleanse the Streets and Alleys.
I hereby request all persons to see
that the streets and alleys surround
ing their homes be cleansed of all
rubbish and trash, and that they be
kept so during the heated period. In
Justice to yourselves and for tho gen
eral health of the city, this should be
done. IIenhy R. GEitiNa, Mayor,
Paint Bargains Special.
Linseed oil, raw, 45c per gallon.
Linseed oil, boiled, 45c per gallon.
Carter's white lead, $0.95 per lOOlbs,
Southern white lead, $0.05 per 100 lbs
Tatton'sSun Proof paint. $1.15 per
gallon; 5 gallons or more, $1.60 pergal
Turpentine, 75c per gallon.
Gekinq & Co., Druggists.
Whooping Cough.
"In the spring of 1901 my children
had whooping cough," says Mrs. D. W
Capps, of Capps, Ala. "I used Cham
berlain's Cough remedy with the most
satisfactory results. I think this is
the best remedy I have ever seen for
whooping cough." This remedy keeps
the cough loose, lessens the severity
and frequency of the coughing spells
and counteracts any tendency towards
pneumonia. For sale by all druggists
The Best Family Salve.
DcWitt's Witch Hazel gives instant
relief from Burns, cures Cuts, Bruises,
Sores, Eczema, Tetter and all abra
sions of the skin. In buying Witch
Hazel Salve it is only necessary to see
that you get the genuine DeWitt'i
and a cure Is certain. There are many
cheap counterfeits on the market, all
of which arc worthless, and quite a
few are dangerous, while DeWitt'i
Witch Hazel Salve Is perfectly harm
less and cures. Sold by F. G. Frlcke
& Co.
Hpcclal Correspondent.
Grant Standish left Monday for Los
Angeles, Cal.
Charles Schwab and wife Sundaycd
with Nick Clarence and family.
Hugh Robb, who for the past week
has been on the sick list, Is again on
duty In Otoe county.
Miss Ina Davis of Union Is spend
Ing the week with Miss Jessie Drost,
S. U. Brcckenrldgc and wife spent
Sunday with J. M. Leek anJ family.
Tho Infant child of Glen Perry is
reported some better.
Farley Wcldy of Plattsmouth spent
one afternoon here this week.
The A. O. U. W. gave quite a nice
little supper in the brick hall Satur
day evening, which was attended by a
large crowd. All report an enjoyable
Mrs. Jim Dames and Mrs. A. L,
Baker gave a farewell danco for Miss
I"aullnc Oldham Thursday evcninir.
About twenty neat little Invitations
were sent out, to which all promptly
responded. At a late hour dainty re
freshments were served and all parted
wiui a reeling or regret that Miss Old
ham must so soon take her departure
ror lsroKeii now.
Harve Manners spent ono evening
mis week in umalia.
John Pauley and wife spent Monday
evening in I'lattsmouth.
Mrs. William Brantner has sold the
hotel and moved with her family to
Mrs. J. M. Leek spent one day thl
ween in nausmouin.
F. G. Frlcke & Co.
Do not hesitate to recommend Kodol
Dyspepsia cure to their friends and
customers. Indigestion causes more
health thany anything else. It deranges
the stomach and brings on all manner
of disease. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure dl
gests what you eat, cures Indigestion
dyspepsia and all stomach disorders,
Kodol Is not only a perfect dlgestant,
but a tissue building tonic as well. Re
newed health, perfect strength and In
creased vitality follow Its use.
Now Is tho tlino to clean house
clean your system first, drive out the
microbes of winter with llolllstor's
Rocky Mountain Tea. It will keep
you well all summer. .15 cents. Tea
To Whom it Mat Comkhx: On the 3rd day
of May. li4, C. A. Kaufman, guardian of
Jame VV. Itrnoks. Insane, tiled his eiltlon In
the futility court of Cass oounty. .Nehraska.
graying me court iu ni a wine uihi pno-e ior
learlnn and examination of his hual account
us such guardian. Said hearing Is lived for
the liali day of May, 11W4, at eleven o'clock a.
in., of nald day.
linled this Jril day of May. 1iM.
IUiivky 11. TltAVIS.
County .luiUc.
To Whom it Mat Comi fiin: On the 3rd
day of May. 1 C. A. Kaufman, guardian of
f rnnctx vt. nriKiKs. insane, nieii ins m uuni.
In tho county court of Cass county, Ni hraska,
tirayliix tor the court to nx a tune ami inace
for heurtinr and examination of his tlnal ac
count as such guardian. raid hearing Is llxed
for the llithday of May. Wot, at the county
court room, at 10 o clock a. in. of said day.
Dated this Jnl Uuy or .May. I'M.
IIauvky li. Thavis
County Judge.
Probate Notice.
urunnii: ill 1,110 umiiii r 01 mi- vn.n-
t. . L.... I I.. I. All
Mi.rKi.rei, ratsbiTuity. iion-iisi-u; mi m-i.-,,mi
I-,... I I a. ......... ..... I. ....tlil..ll
lunTusii'ii 111 aum i-siavi" mi' 1111, "j ii.',,
that a nctlUon has Ih vii filed In said court al
leging inai sain neccascii lias ten 110 inst moi
and Li'sl amen I and nraviinr for iidmiiiislrat Ion
1.1 .......... .....1.1 1 -1.... iu. 1. ...1
uooil Blliil csiititi, nun mail it iii-.o iiik i imi,
11 Hiii said petition lieforu said court on the
)lii uay 01 .nay, A. 11. nu-i. at nam o i-iock a.
111., that If they fail to ttp)car at said court
.... U,.l,l ill. If ... lli.llli.ul II... .M.I, I I.I. III. ,111 III,,
court may grunt the same and Issue letter of
atiuililisirauoii to r.n.ifc i. nct-nicr, or soiut
other suitahh) tiorson. anil proceed to a set
tlement uicrooi. ity 1 ne court.
II aiivkv 1). TltAVIS.
ISoal County Judge.
A ty, Neurasku.
In tho matter of tliu estate, of Teter Peters.
Notice Is hereby given to all persons Inter
ested In said estate that a petiiion has In'en
Hied In the count v court of Cass county. No
hraska, for the probate of an Instrument pro
pounded us the. last will and testament of said
deceased, and that letters testamentary
Issued to I'eter Oeorge Km 1 1 I'eters. If they
full to anueiir on the dav hereinafter named
and contest the same, letters testamentary
will Ihi granted to I'eter t-eorgu Kmll I'eters
or some other soil ahlu person.
A hearing will lie had upon said petiiion In
the county court room at I'lallsmoiitli, Ne
braska, on the 4lh day of .lime, A. I'M, lit
iuo ciih'K a. in.
Dated this 30th day of April. V.M.
llAiivtv li. 'I'UAVIM.
County .ludgi
Probate Notice.
In tiis County OciritT. I
or Cass County. Ntii. (
Norman Coon, deceased: Notice is hereby
given to all persons Interested in said estate
thai the administrator with will annexed of
said estate has Hied his Hual report anil peti
tion for linal settlement of said estate in the
county court of Cass county, Nebraska. A
hearing will be had upon said petiiion in the
county court room at I'lattsmouili. Cass
county, Nebraska, on the 2.flh day of .May, A.
D. 11)04, at 10 :0U o'clock a. m.
Hauvky D. Thavis,
Seal County Judge.
Notice of Application for Liquor
J-' the liltli day of April, 1!4. the under
signed, James Cook. Jr.. tiled with the county
clerk of Cass county, Nebraska, an applica
tion and petition for u license to sell malt,
spirituous and vinous liquors in a certain
frame building situated at Cedar Creek. In
Eight Mile tinive precinct. Cass county. Ni
hraska, for and during tliu period of one year
after the Issuance of such license. That such
license will lie requested by the undersigned
at the Hrst session of the hoard of county
commissioners of Cass county after the pub
lication of this notice as required by the laws
of the Mate of Nebraska.
James Cook, .Iu.. Applicant.
Ferry's Restaurant j
gShort Order House
Meals Served nt Regular
Menl IIour9.
Fresh Oysters
Fiuh or anything in Market, g
3XKD33303XD Q
P. UTTERBACK, Proprietor, 8
North Side Main Street 8
Tlio.sO who try to win tlioni by
rockiest speculation are nms't
often unsuccessful. Legiti
mate methods of HcquirliiK'
wealth founded on the most,
solid of financial principals
are offered by
Bee Hive Restaurant,
Main Street
Menlri nt nil hours. Special nt
tention to tho fntmor patrons. Tho
tnbles nro supplied with tho best
tho markets afford.
JOHN COREY, Proprietor.
Plattsmouth Street Fair
Carnival Week
May 9tl) to 14tl) May 9trj to I4tl)
And while there don't forgot that Ihc right place to
make your headquarters is at
Ladies, for a nice Spring and Summer Suit see our
Boston Botirettc.
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ware second to none and at prices that defy competition.
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broad assertion, but come and sec for yourself.
The Sixth Street Store
... i
, To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tflka Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.? (
Seven Million boxes sold in post 12 months. ThlS Signature,
Cures Crip
th Two Days.
on cverv
ynnri box. 25c.
Independent Cigar
Cliallcnpos Compnrlson In Quality
unci Workmanship.
Preparing abstracts of tit lo. conveyancing
and examining titles to real estate a Hpecial
ty. Work properly done and charge reason
able. Olllco: lUxjms 0 and 7,- John Uund
ItnlldliiK. uear Court, House, l'luUsmoulh,
: Nebraska
Plans. Phono, JOW
W'lterman Block
V Abstracts of Title V
Tf?oma5 ualli.
OI'KICE-Anheuscr-Bush Illock.
All kind of Dental work. Plates made that
fit. ai years ex )erlence. Price reasonable..
Work guaranteed.
Tki.mmionk No. 8oh47
Removing of Household Goods a
Specialty. Also, Uonvy
& Ramge
Still load all other Meat Markets in
furnisliinj; tlic people of l'latts
niimtli and vicinity with
First Class Meats
Of Every Description.
Fresh and SmoKed Meats,
Fresh Fish, Lard, Etc. Et c
Tlicy have removed to the lirst room
west of their old stand.
l'.y courteous treatment to all they
hope to retain their present patrons
and twin many new ones.
Osteopathic Physician
Chronic Msetsci Spcllty
Conies Illock. Moini'J-riaiid'.'X (inicelimirt
I) to I'.' a. ln I lo : 11. in. ami 7 to W 11. in. by l
imlnlineiil, Tclcili s, ulllco 34 1 i resld e
at Perkins Hotel.
Dr. Elster, Dentist,
Waterman Block.
The Reliable Store
75c heavy all
cream - -damask
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heavy all lin
en bleached
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sheets 7
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stitched pillow
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2.00 bed
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wool voiles
Y man's
silk waists
A neat
calico wrap-
E? 39
These prices are taken
from our Sunday ad.
Goods specially priced
for Monday's selling.
We arc always glad to
give our out of town cus
tomers the benefit of any
special sales we may
Wholesale Grocery Price
to the Consumer
43 lb SHika Emenua'ii Bet Patent
Flour $1.10
Largo tiaoks bt cormnoal. . . ,12Jc
Lurgo sack (Inn buckn hat. . . ,20c
2- lh ikg uK risin; pancuke flour fo
fal. cans Golilon titbit) syrup. ,13c
-lb band pickod Navy beam ...10c
)-lb pearl hominy 19c
0- ib pearl tu'loca l'.le
5-lb Japan rice 19c
0 bars Whlta Russian, Diamond C,
Swift's Pride, or Armour' laun
dry soap . ...13c
Mb Hrrakfast rollod oats ISc
t-ai'fs bottle fancy mUod, plain,
chow-chow, eliuikini, or onion
pickle Stc
Large hottlo fino tomato ratstip
1- arje bottlefi plain or tuffcd
olives 8ie
3- lb can Dultimore prachti 10c
90c hemstitched
sheets 691
Black taffeta
27 inches
per yard
11.25 ack
27 inches en
wide Db
$1.00 white
honey comb
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1 2.00 rain
proof covert
best in .
world 1.39
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skirt I.UUi
Women's Suits at half price and less. We received
three manufacturers' stocks at a great bargain
Hayden Bros.
16tkau4 DodtcSts., OMAHA, NEBRSKA.
or tablets. Gering k Co.
lawyers of riattsmouth call It.