The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 31, 1904, Image 7

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cuu, d
nourishing; corn. It lm.s the llavor that is p. hiu'lilv nppro-
ciattHl by thoHo who know wliat gfxxl meet is. It w tender,
juicy and delicious. Choice cuts for broiling or roasting.
Our prices invito purchases. Also bear in miud that our
is up-to-date nnd that the quulity of our good cannot be
surpassed nor our prices cannot bo beat. We divide our
protus wun our customers, because wo mo them tho bcs4
goods for the samo money that you have to pay for
quality. Don't bo backward, but give us a trial.
Lorenz Brothers
h of Post Office Plattsmouth. Neb.
"Gut Hell," the favorite cigar
Dr. Marshall, dentist, Fitzgerald
W. T. Swan was here from Union
Ir. A. H. Iiarnes spent Sunday in
Nebraska City.
L. li. Todd of Nehawka, was here
Tuesday on business.
Ir. E. W. Cummins went to Lin
coln yesterday on business.
John Buschc and family Sundayed
with friends in Greenwood.
The man who prophesied a dry
spring has taken to the woods.
I). S. Guild and family will make
their future home in Fort Crook.
Dr. Frank L. Cummins, dentist.
Oillce with Dr. E. D. Cummins.
The matrimonial market Is not so
brisk as it was a few weeks since.
lion. Geo. M. Spurlock was down
from Omaha Monday on business.
Thos. Stevenson, of Nebraska City,
was a Plattsmouth visitor Friday.
Julius Pcpperberg was in Lincoln
and Havclock Monday on business.
Miss Carrie Baird came home Fri
day evening to spend a week's vaca
tion. John Coleman came over from Glen
wood and spent Sunday with his
General Car Inspector Ed Earstow
was down from Lincoln Tuesday on
L. C. Pollard, . I. M. Palmer and F.
P. Sheldon were county seat visitors
JI. G. Todd, of the southeast part of
the county, was a Plattsmouth visitor
MrsPeter Carlson and little grand
son are visiting friends in Phillips,
Glen Smith came down from the
state university and Sundayed with
1 lis parents.
C. E. TelTt, the Weeping Water at
torney, had business in the county
seat Friday.
Sirs. A. L. Cox, the newly appointed
P1 mistress at Mynard, was inl'latts
inoulh Tuesday.
One hundred picture designs in
Kaster egg dyes only 00 at Goring &
(Vs drug store.
Henry Zuckwelllcr, who was out in
Pierce county on business, returned
Tliurwlay evening.
J f you are a judge of a tiood smoke,
t ry the "Acorn" 5 cent cigar and you
will Kinokc no other.
Charley Panning, that rock ribbed
democrat of Nehawka, was a county
seat visitor Tuesday.
Ualph White was in Nebraska City
Thursday and Friday of last week, the
Kuest of j. C. Thygeson.
Miss Amu Osliorn came in from
Cripple Creek, Colorado, last Thurs
day for a visit with relatives.
La Book, Omaha's leading constum-
rr. Ladies tailored gowns and shirt
waist sultii. fi:i, Karbach block.
Ed Peterson departed Tuesday for
Portland, Oregon, where he expects to
seek employment on bridge work.
F. M. lloag and family departed this
erk for Alma, Neb., where ho will
enter Into the hardware business.
From present Indications consider
able overhauling and rebuilding will
1h! done In Plattsmouth this season.
Easter Sunday Is always looked for
ward to by the children for the nice
red, blue and black eggs they receive.
Win. Wegener, a prosperous farmer
living south or Louisville, was a
Plattsmouth visitor Monday on busi
ness matters.
Painting, decorating and sign wrlt-
lo. Work guaranteed. Leave orders
at FrlcU's drug store.
L. Baldwin.
Dizzy ?
Then your liver isn't acting
well. You suffer from bilious
ness, constipation. Aycr's
Pills act directly on the liver.
For CO years they have been
the Standard Family Pill.
Small doses cure. ahSUm:
V nt yur mii.u'li or tennis IwaulUul
Wnwn or rlrh ? Tlnti u
That Has
Tluit is t'n kiml we lime.
Not only now but all times,
lleef tluit has been jiro
riuccd from rich, sweet
country irrass and tiuo
W. H. Pool, the Weeping Water real
estate man, was here on husiness last
Don't fail to attend the Turners'
Festival at Coates' Hall next Tuesday
and Wednesday night.
Easy anil simple directions with our
Easter egg dyes. One hundred colors
for m at tiering & Co's.
Misses Alice Eaton and Elizabeth
Allen came down from Omaha Tues
day for a brief visit with friends.
Peter Mat, and Mrs. Anna Brunk
low, both of Louisville, were married
by Judge Travis in this city last Sat
urday. Andrew J. Reynolds of Wabash, was
married in Lincoln Wednesday, March
24, to Miss Eva Kineaid of Trenton,
W. A. Ilosencrans of Elm wood, one
of the regular juryman, was called
homo Friday on account of Illness in
his family.
Prof. A. L. Lcsscman, wife and baby
departed for Nebraska City last Satur
day, where they expect to reside per
manently. T. E. Calvert, general superintend
ent of the B. & M. railroad, was a
business visitor to Plattsmouth Mon
day evening.
Capt. L. B. Bennett, who has been
confined to his home by illness for
sonic time, we are pleased to state, is
If it's a bilious attack, take Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
and a quick recovery is certain. For
sale by all druggists.
Frank P.obinson, foreman of the B
& M. planing mill, who has been
allliclcd with erysipelas for the p;ist
three weeks, is recovering.
George Porter is Improving his prop
crtyon Pearl street, between Seventh
and Eight li, by having a new veranda
built in front of the house.
There has been considerable sickness
in the city during the past two
months, but our physicians report
somew hat of an abatement.
Miss .Margaret Swissing, after a visit
of several weeks with Miss Yerna
Ilein, in this city, returned to her
home in Council Bluffs Monday.
Gerlng& Co. oiler a splendid oppor.
tunity to get the very latest Idea in
wall paper effects: Wednesday, March
.'10th, Is their opening day, we want
you to come.
Fred Ohm jr., after a short visit'
with bis parents in this city, returned
to Havclock Friday morning, where
lie is employed as an apprentice in the
B. & M. shops.
Charles E. Holmes, who was sen
tenced to serve live years in the peni
tentiary for perjury, was taken to that
institution by Sheriff McBride last
Thursday afternoon.
William A. Stoll and Miss Lena E.
Stoll of Nehawka, were united In the
holy bonds of matrimony in this city
Wednesday, March 1, l!K)4, Judge II.
D. Travis officiating.
A special invitation is extended to
every Journal reader to come and ex
amine our Immense line of wall paper.
Wednesday. March 30, is wall paper
day at Goring & Co's.
K. . Swearingen and G. II. Man
ners 01 .Murray, were here Friday
afternoon, attracted no doubt by the
sensational trial of II hies vs. Connally,
and gave the Journal a pleasant call.
Mr. V. W, Mikesell, wall paper ex
pert of the Vetter Wall Paper Co.,
will be at Goring & Co's all day Wed
nesday, to give you the latest Ideas of
how and what to use In wall paper,
Come early.
This spring you will need a nerve
food, one that will cleanse and recon
struct your nerve centers and wasted
energies. IMllstor's Rocky Mountain
Tea will do It. r cents. Tea or tab
lets, Goring & Co.
Painters and paper hangers wanted.
Mechanical ability (and not memlor-
ship In a labor union) the only ipialili-
cation "upen shoos In Omaha alter
Ayril 1. Address, or enquire of T. J
Beard & Pro., lllo, Douglas street.
The little babe of Mr. and Mrs. John
Buckingham, aged about two mouths,
died Friday morning, March '-'. P.U.
The remains were taken to the Metlio-
(list cemetery, twelve miles southeast
of (ilen wood, Iow a, for Interment
Gatner me roses or health Tor your
While tho parks arc shining with dew
(leioiiiininemoinlngrnrly and hright
By taking Rivky Mountain Tea at
night. Goring & Co.
Railioad Notes.
ri: folio hig we clip from the
O n.ilu World Herald, wlndi nod-uibt
w. 11 prove .f interest to l'latts;ii'mt!i
i"ns an I the traveling puUio in
' General Passenger Agent Francis ,
the Burliugto.i. yesterday morning
g-ive out these ch in
es in local train
serv ice:
' Train No. 4, which now leaves Lin-
c 'ii at a. m., ami is due in Omaha
at '.i a. m., will !) discontinued. A
lew train, leaving Lincoln at 4:1" p.
in., and arriving in Omaha at X p.
in., will Ik' put on. This change has
been necessitated by a change in the
time of the Burlington train from
Se:itt e. til irk anil the II :irk Kills.
which will hereafter arrive at Lincoln
at 4:1.1 p. m., instead of at 1 :."" p. m.,
as at present. The new afternoon
train will, therefore, start from Lin-
coin for (imaii.i as soon as passengers
from the west are transferred.
"The train for Plattsmouth which
now leaves here at 7:."iO p. m., will he
discontinued altogether. Mr. Francis
states that there Is not enough even
ing trailie between Omaha and Platts
mouth to make this local pay.
"It conies from railway men at Chi
cago that the Burlington road propos
es to abandon Pacillu Junction as a
terminal point, and that its shops and
round house w ill be moved away.
"Commencing with next Sunday the
Pacilic Junction stub passenger and
fast mail train to this city via the Ne
braska side, w ill be discontinued. The
fast mail No. 7, which now stops at
Council Bluffs, will run to thisclty via
"Commencing next Sunday, also,
train No. (, Chicago special from Den
ver, will be discontinued, and train
No. I from Chicago to Denver, going
via Ashland, will also be discon
tinued." u.
C f
House Cleaning Time is almost here, which means that you will have to get
a new carpet or perhaps two. We have the same reliable makes
which we have always handled.
All-wool Ingrains from 59c to 98c.
Velvet carpets from 98c to $1.25
Moquets and Axministers; an extra
new line of designs and-eolorings.
Mattings all prices 15c to 50c a yard.
60 rolls to sjblect from.
Oil Cloths from 1 to 2 1-2 yards wide.
Linoleums from 2 to 4 1-2 yards wide.
Art Squares in Ingrains and Brussels.
Most Complete Carpet House 3
George W. Snyder, one of Cass coun
ty's best farmers, dyed-in-the-wool
di mocrats and excellent citizens, call-
d yesterday and renew ed the suhsciip-
lion of Henry Meyer, who receives the
Journal at Bethany, Neb. Mr. Meyer,
like everybody else, likes the Old Re
liable. Thomas ICecklor, the Mauley grain
dealer, was in the city Monday, and
made the Journal a pleasant call, and
while here renewed for the Old Re
liable. He has rented bis elevator for
the summer. Mr. Kecklcr is a thor
oughbred democrat and we are always
happy to meet him.
J. W. Johnson went to Lincoln Fri
day to lie with his son Ed, while the
latter was lieing operated upon for ap
pendicitis. Mr. Johnson returned Sat
urday and says Ed went through the
operation very nicely, and hopes are
entertained that he will be his former
l n u!,. ., t Hi.,..
H ill li nni'i u i hiii ..
... . v
nr. i . .i. i mm, me ucniisi, nas op
posed of his business here, and con
templates removing to some point In
Michigan. Dr. Todd was raised near
Plattsmouth, and Is a most deserving
young man, a splendid dentist and
wherever he goes, the lest wishes of
the Journal jo with him.
Geo. Elliott, n former saloon man of
Piattsmoulh, died at bis home In Con.
tral City, Neb., Friday, March HI,
from the effects of a paralytic stroke
received a year ago. Mr. Elliott will
be rememlKTedas carrying on the bush
ness In the Riley IIoiisp basement, and
as being a very unlet man.
Mesdaincs J. A. Walker of Murray,
A. W. Atwond, Isabel Richey and L.
A. Moore of Mils city, at tended nil en
ti'itahinicnt given in Omaha, by the
Dixie club Thursday evening, Tho
club Is composed of some .'no moniliors
who wore horn In Kentucky, or some
one of the southern states.
T. E. Parmele departed Tuesday for
Phoenix, Ari.oiia. and will return with
Percy A jnew, who has been sojourning
there for several months for the bene-
nt 01 ins health. I lis many ft ends
will rcrrct to learn that the change of
1 dim ite has not Vnelit ted Percy to the
1 cjicnt that was anticipated,
Easter Millinery.
On account of the delay in getting
the new gla-s front ooiinleleJ at M.
Fanger's department store, the exten
sive stock of millinery carried has bet n
n.t on di.-rlay on the mvou I floor of
tie; store. As soon as the painters and
paperhangoN complete the work they
'are doing it will be brought down ,
stairs, but in the meantime all ladies
who wish to buy stylish Easter bm
n':tsaiid other millinery goods, will
call at the store and lo escorted
through the room where the trimmers
are at work. This spring's styles are
beautiful and the prices such as will
please every Ixidy. lMi't be bashful of
not calling because the store isslightly
"up side-down'' at present. In a few
days the department store w ill be big
ger and better than ever.
Inflammatory Rheumatism Cured.
Willi am Shaffer, a brakeman of Den
nison, Ohio, was coniined to his bed
for several weeks with Inflammatory
rheumatism. "I used many remedies,"
he says. "Finally I sent to McCaw's
drug store for a bottle of ChamtxT
lain's Pain Balm, at which time I was
unable to use hand or foot, and In one
week's time was able to go to work as
happy as a clam." For sale by all
For Sale!
Eight acres of land, 1J block west of
M. P. Depot; good live room house,
barn, wells and other improvements.
Plenty of fruit of all kinds. For fur
ther particulars call on or address,
II. G. Stom., Plattsmouth.
Reconstructs your whole body,
makes rich red blood. Drives out im
purities that have collected during the
winter. Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea is a family tonic. .Vj cents. Tea
or tablet, tiering & Co,
The family of Frcdrich Stohlman, de
ceased, of Louisville, consisting of Mrs.
Kundegunda Stohlman and her sons
George, William, Fredrich, August,
Andrew and llenry.and two daughters,
Mrs. Louisa Kupkc and husband and
Miss Eniilie, were In attendance at
probate court Saturday to make llnal
settlement of Mr. Stohhnan's estate.
While here they were warmly greeted
by their old-time friends and neigh
bors, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Sehlater
and son Frank.
Last Saturday as William Jones, the
young horse thief sent to the penllen.
llary from this county, was released
from that Institution, he was con
fronted by the sheriff of Lancaster
county on another charge of a similar
character, alleged to have been com
mitted on or alxwt May 17. Sheriff
llolcomb, of Andrew county, Mo., was
ajso on hand with papers for the ar
rest of Jones, but concluded to wait
irtitil the authorities of Lancaster get
through witli him.
The supporting of a newspaper costs
a town scarcely a cent. Though papers
may be well patronized and the busi
ness men tuny spend sums of money In
advertising, the cash very ulckly nets
hack into the channel from which It
came. Nearly every cent a paper
gatheu in Is spent at homo and it goes
to the merchants who delight in bene,
tit t ing themselves nnd the community
by liberal advertising. Boiled down
the facts are that a newspaper returns
nil the money It gets to thosewhoglvo
it, and Its work for the town and
country Is thrown in as good will.
Advertisements are leallv news for
the housekeeper, business men. young
man nnd woman and often for the lxivs
and girls. They tell you where you can
get the licst to supply tho larder, to
furnls'i the home, to assist you In
business ami to make your person neat
and attractive and where you may save
a few dollars, for merchants buying In
larger lots some special class of goods
can lo uirc a lower rale and can there-
foroolTor ti sell them cheaper. Be
'cans' an advertiser navs us for the
privilege of tdllng you ah nit his goods
Is no reason
sldc'cd new.
why It cannot be con-
Doings la District Ccurt.
The case of iVuni.iO. Dwyera.'iin.Nt
"William II. Pirkeos was dismissed
at cost or ilaintitT on motion in
open court.
A motion for a new trial was over
ruled in the case of William I. Can
non against Chelsea Coudale, and
judgment was ordered on the verdict
returned by the jury in the case.
in i ne case or me mult or ( ;w
county against George S. t'pton a mo
tion to require the defendant to give
additional security on appeal bond was
John M. Carter against Ben jamin A.
Gibson. Dismissed at cost or plaintiff.
In the case of the Citizens' State
Bank of Lawton, Okla., against Cbas.
D. Cummins, ct. al Judge Jessen
decided the issues generally in favor
os tho defendants.
The case of the First National Bank
of Plattsmouth, against Francis N.
Gibson, et al, was continued on appli
cation of the defendant.
Henry J. DuBois vs. Eli M. Smith.
Decree issued quitting title to prop,
erty described hi plaintiff's petition.
The two cases in which Win. Brant
ner Is defendant, growing out of the
shooting in the Murray hotel several
months ago, have been continued to
the November term of court. C. C,
Parmele, Philip Thieroir, F,G. Filcke,
Fred Ramgo and II, M. Snennlehsen
gave rocognizanco for his appearance
at that time In the sum of $1,500 hi
each case.
Working Overtime.
Eight hour laws are Ignored by those
tireless, little workers Dr. King's
Now Life Pills. Millions aro always
at work, night and day, curing Indi
gestion, Biliousness, Constipation,
Sick Ileadacne and all Stomach, Liver
and Bowel troubles. Easy, pVasant,
safe, sure. Only at F. C. Fricke &
Co's drug store.
William Barclay, who recently pur
chased the saloon of Harry Reed, in
the Staddleman block, has leased the
entire building for a term of live years
and has moved his family to the upper
rooms. Mr. Barclay says he Is a per
manent fixture In Plattsmouth, and
we hope he Is, as he Is a most pleasant
The following aro tho names of those
who attended the assessors' meeting
at the court house Tuesday: T. N.
Bobbitt,.L A. Stottler, II. E. Cole
man, in. .Minrord, N. A. MoCrory.
F. A. Creamer, George Woods, A.
Jenkins, Wilson Glhnore, John Albert,
Henry Kropp. Geo. N. LaRue, Cread
F. Harris. Ben Horning. J. G. Richey,
William Weber and Wayne Twitchell.
The assessors begin their work to
morrow. There is not a democrat in Cass conn,
ty that can truthfully say that the
Journal did not give every candidate
upon tho democratic ticket Its most
hearty support last fall. One man In
part icular, in whoso Interests we work
e 1 harder perhaps than we would have
otherw ise done, bad It not been for the
opposition In Ids own party ranks, Is
now engaged In repaying us for the
"enemies we made" in so doing by get
ling bis printing done at an opposition
print shop. Why, w e are unable tosay.
Wo simply done what we considered to
he our duty last fall -Is he doing his
now ? .
We have already had a touch of
spring, the warm sunshine and the
southern pushing back tin
rigors ot w inier aim snow ing evidences
of the eariy changing of the season, in
which all sleeping nature will take on
new life. First appears the grass,
painting the bosom of the earth in
lioatitlful coating of green. Next
comes the wild (lowers in their fra
granc" ami neauiv. 1 lien tho luidson
the bushes and trees, and In the mean
time the birds which at the approach
of winter Hew to southern climes will
return to chatter and slug nnd build
homes among us. The changing from
the bl akness and desolation of winter
to the buds and bli vsoins of spring Is
tho most beautiful transformation af
forded usliy the passing of the seasons.
Parmele Theater
Tuesday Eve'g, April 5th
The New Musical Comedy Craze
v J
: - j
v :
The Funniest Farce Fvcr Written
The Funniest Comedy ICver Played.
The Happiest Comedians Living
Lower Floor, 50c Balcony, 35c Gallery, 25c
Seats on Sale Monday Morning
Smoke the Wurl Bros. celebrated
Gut Hell" cigars.
A report was in circulation Satur
day that Boo Craig, living south of
the city, had been seriously injured
and rendered unconscious from the
kick of a horse. Hoc came in a dav or
two later to show his friends that the
horso must have got In his work on
someone else.
Alexander B. Baldwin of Cedar
Bluffs, Nebraska, and Mrs. Julia L.
Monroe of this city, were married at
tho rectory of St. Luke's church, in
Hi iscity on Thursday afternoon, March
l!Mt, Rev. H. B. Burgess officiat
ing They will make their future
home at Cedar Bluffs.
The citizens of Nehawka arc made
of the right kind of material. They
went to work hist Monday and raised
l.0 to increase, the reward olfercd for
tho arrest of the thief who stole Louis
Ingwcrson's team of mules, buggy and
harness on Thursday night, March 24.
The reward now readies the sum of
People should be more careful in
burning trash. Some have gone to
bed and left burning the raking oil of
their gardens and front yards. This
is carelessness. If the wind was to
blow hard In the middle of the night
it w ould scatter tho tire in every direc
tion, and the damage then can be
Fred (J. Egenberger, who has been
absent for two months' touring Cali
fornia, Mexico and other southern
points, returned home last Thursday
afternoon, coming by the way of St.
Louis. Fred reports a pleasant trip,
and feels very much better In conse
quence. He says it will do any one
good to make a like tour.
The happy musical comedy "Weary
Willie Walker" wit li its load of laugh
ter, and song, comes to the Parmele
Theatre Tuesday, April Sth. All of
the latest song hits including the new
fad "Navajo" will be introduced. The
announcement is made by the manage
ment that a year's supply of laughter
is crowded Into the throe acts of mirth
and melody.
Mr. Thos. Kecklcr of Mauley, while
here Monday, reported that William
Schleifert was very low, and his life
despaired of. Mr. Schleifert is one of
the old settlers of Cass county, is a re
tired farmer and very wealthy. He
has been ill with that dread disease,
consumption, for many months, and
bis lifo has been slowly ebbing away.
Ho Is pastall human aid, and bis death
is looked for at any moment.
It doesn't do your town any good to
air to the world the short comings of
Its Inhabitants. If we were all saints
one wouldn't want to live in Platts
mouth. It takes all kinds of people
to make a live town and besides you
wouldn't appreciate us good people if
It weren't for some bad ones. Platts
mouth, taken as a whole is far ahead,
morally, of most tow ns of Its size. A
good, religious gentleman recently
told us that Plattsmouth was heaven
beside the town he had Just left, and
wc believe him.
?5 For a Spring Tonic S
Try a case of the Favorite John Guild
8 neens pcc nccn 8
i unc oi tnc surest
Call on Ed Donat at the Peerless Sa
loon, or telephone 112 and ICd will do
the rest. All we ask is a trial for this
popular brand and you will buy no
Try a Case To-Day.
8 lHhi:-:rEbRLIiSS-
j ED. DONAT, Proprietor. S
-JL A i X' A A A :A z;
Uiggost Hit Ever Made 0
Notice is hereby given that an elec
tion will 1)0 hold in the city of Platts
mouth, Nebraska, on April fl, ltH)4, for
the purpose of choosing:
One councilman for tho First ward.
( ine councilman for the Second ward.
One councilman for the Third ward.
One councilman for tho Fourth ward.
One councilman for the Fifth ward.
Two members of the school board
for i iiitKK years.
One mayor.
One clerk.
One treasurer.
ne police Judge.
Said election will be held at the fol
lowing places:
First ward Perkins House.
Second ward Tumor Hall.
Third ward Jones' Livery Barn.
Fourth ward Odd Fellows' building
Fifth ward-Bach's Store.
The polls w ill bo open at o'clock a.
in., and remain open until 7 o'clock p.
in. on said day.
By order of the mayor.
Fuank J. Moiuiav, Mayor.
II. M. Soicnmciiskn, Clerk.
Turners' Festival.
Every amusement-lovinjr citizen is
looking forward to one of the most en
taining and enjoyable events of tho
season -tho Turners' Festival, next
Tuesday and Wednesday nights, April
5 and li. The working members of the
Plattsmouth Turnvercin are putting
forth their best elTorts to make this
an exhibition worthy of your patron
age. After the exhibition, dancing
w ill be in order to those who love to
"trip tho light fantastic toe." Re
freshments served during the evening.
Follow ing Is the program:
Dumb Boll Exercises Boys Class
Turning on Horse Active Class
Indian Club Swinging. . . .Ladles Class
Jumping Boys Class
Horizontal Bar Active Class
Basket Ball Game,
Glenwood vs. Plattsmouth
Wand Drill Active Class
Apparatus Turning Boys Class
Fencing Bout.
E. II. Schulhof and Otto Wurl
Flag Drill Girls Class
Turning on Paralcl Bars. .Active Clas9
Basket Ball Game Ladies Class
For Sale.
I have a four horse power second
hand Fairbanks-Morris gasoline engine
I will sell cheap. It is in good run
ning order and O. K. Having replaced
it with a heavier engine, I will dis
pose of it at a bargain. If you are In
terested w rite me at Union, Neb.
W. II. Banning.
Miss Lydia Ostcnberg, Intermediate
teacher in the Union public schools,
spent Sunday w ith her aunt and uncle,
County Superintendent Wortman and
wife, returning to Union Sunday
County Superintendent Wortman
departed this afternoon for Beatrice
to attend the Southeast Nebraska
Teachers' association, and will return
Have your prescriptions filled at
Goring & Co's. It makes no difference
who the doctor Is.
isccrs on the Market ft