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TMp .('Miriml will vi-r In found la
th. Hint fur lt. lH-kt lnli-ri.Uir ll4ti
) Kvitjt lvm,vr In Oih county c
J MluxilU r'.t ilic.Kiuriml. llieonlyU-
inoulh and Cats county In K''fuL I
11. A. PATKS,
OI'PICK No. ip, Sovtii Sixth Stkkkt
Volume XXIV
Number 14.
And Other Items of Interest Prepared Es
pecially tor the Journal Readers.
I.I v ri of crciit men nil riinlml u-..
We can U as crt-ul it- ili.-y :
Ami id purl Ini;. Iran- I m t 1 1 1 1 ns.
All wo riiiiniit Hike itvtuy.
1 .1 vis of Miirinnii sulnli ultii ri'inlnil u
Thul when r Imw pusscil iiwuy,
flnlllin will Ik' on lin k Ih-IiIiiiI us,
MulUilylii every ihiy.
Vote for Henry R. Cering for mayor.
Many a stylish liat Is worn on what
nature abhors.
The loudest horn Joes not always
make the host music.
It looks now, after all, as if the com
mon people were going to eat Paster
.Some people's opinions of themselves
are like their photographs -very Mat
tering. Ain't it strange how sweet the voice
of a homely girl sounds over the tele
phone? Ask Central.
String rhymes with spring, and past
experience justilles the belief that
t here is a string on spring.
Some men refuse to work on Sunday
so they will have time to figure out how
they will skin their neighbors.
It Is Impossible for a live cent man
with a live cent business to appreciate
a $10 dollar man with a $10 business.
Some people in I'lattsmouth ' are
like an engine whistle they make lots
of noise when some one pulls the string.
( Home ineioi "olil iimlil," u It limit it ilnlilit,
Wliu never lusted lillss,
Whs llrsl In stun Hie si-:irii hIhiiiI
Till' lllllTlllli'li In u kiss.
The democrats were very careful In
the selection of city candidates, from
mayor down. TCver man on the ticket
should be elected.
If you will read the ads in the Jour
nal and then watch the stores you will
lind that the successful business man
Is a good advertiser.
The Easter bonnet may bring forth
rain. What a shame it will be if that
new bonnet has to stay away from
church next Sunday!
Theatre managers are debating as to
whether tights are attractive. We
shouldsay they are not when hanging
out behind t lie house on a clothes line.
The voteis of the Third ward in
electing Joseph M. Roberts to the city
council will accomplish the best day's
work they have done for several years.
Mun wants lint llltleliere IjHnw
lint, I ileny t lieejiiirue:
Yet. Krunl lux Unit lie Hauls It so,
lie wauls llial 1 1 1 tit: lursn.
A young riattsmoutli lady goes up
stairs at 7:4.) to dress for the evening.
She Is 10 years of age and weighs Mi)
pounds, l'lease state the wait of the
.young man below.
A young married man of Plaits
month says It is always hard to lind a
maine for the lirstbaby, but after a few
nights of walking the lloor with the
youngster, names come easy.
An old bachelor In this city says that
t1e style of a woman's make up has
Iliad a great, deal to do with keeping up
the price of cotton. Now, we would
like to i 1 1 1 1 u i re how he knows.
There are people who try to be polit
ical bosses who are not capahleof work
ing by the day and doing an hones!
rlays work any more than they can ap
ply honesty to anything else.
Personalities, so far as we have been
able to discern, has not entered into
J lie city campaign, and it is to be hoped
that nothing of this character will he
sprung on the very eve of the election.
There must lie something wrong
with the liver of a man who will not
speak to his neighbors, so don't blame
him. He can't help it. It may be
that tired feeling so prevalent In the
.spring time.
Did you ever stop to think the mer
chant who advertises Is Just a little
more appreciative of your patronage
than (he other fellow? Just try him
once and see If lie isn't the best man to
ileal with.
The First ward has a girl with a
complexion just like strawberries -thal
U, It comes in boxes. One young
nun says every t hue he sees her com
ing up street she leininds hi in of st raw
berries andeream.
One of the prominent republicans of
the city says: "I urn going to vote for
l!U-nry tiering liecause I know he will
mak' a good mayor. I have not iced his
fUn work in everything he under
takes. II is excel lent business qual it ies
ami the energetic spirit he displays In
everything beiielicial to the city at
large, Is suillcleiit to convince me that
he Is the best n an for the place."
in speaking of lights for I ho city of
r'LOsuiouth, one of our present conn-
ilioni isrcpoited as saying that we
iiee.l i:n JieJit on our streets. WhyV
r.ei'auM-1 lie section he came from in
Crrmany lul no streetlights. They
wore wooden i.lmcs where lie came
iiojii, .".0 yea i sag", no. I Insolodav, but
se not living In lieriiiane. We are
living in the glorious free republic of
rni'rlcK, here a hustling people mo
proud of tu-ir record for energy and, ai.f ho man who does not
lWleve In marehiii,.' in the progressive
ranis should get out iif the way or
1 hose that do. Mr. Steimker, council
iiuan from the Third ward, and candi
date for reelect Ion Is t he prog ressi ve"
.cltlen who does not wants! rcet lights,
ilon Is it wjth you, Mr. Votei?
A Pleasant Surprise.
A jolly crowd assembled at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mclsinger on
Wednesday evening, March i!, to join
In celebrating Miss Ida's birthday.
The visitors came supplied with
plently of good things to eat, when at
a late hour a luncheon was served, to
which all did ample justice. Covers
were laid for twenty-six.
The evening was most pleasantly
spent in cards, music and social con
versation, and at a late hour the "in
truders'' departed for their homes,
highly delighted with their evening's
enjoyment. All unite in the hope that
Miss Ida may live to enjoy many inure
such occasions.
Cade Rodgers, Well Known to Many Plaits
mouiji People, Writes Interestingly.
The Jcurnal is kindly permitted to
publish the following personal letter
written to P. (i. Egenbergcr of this city
by Cade Rodgers, who Is well known to
numerous citizens of Plattsmouth.
The writer of this epistle is now an in
mate of the Soldiers' Home at Sawtelle,
At Homh, K.wvthi.i.i-:. Cal.,
March 22, Pint, t
Pkikni) I'kkd:
Whet her or not you are at home,
I can't say, but will drop you a tew
lines witli name of articles on cards
enclosed. Put them in your show case:
also my "pirty"self with ot herenrios'.
Now, Fred, that, pine cone has a his
tory, or rather a queer and accidental
few tacts connected with it from the
day I liist seen it. It was like tills:
Put a lew years back old Nevada Pill
and 1 supplied ourselves with saddle
mules, and each with a good burro ( for
pucking purposes) madea foiirmont lis'
ramble through the wilds of Arizona,
where we found abundance of time
killing amusements, and as for deer
and elk we had plenty, (i rouse and
sage hens were also plentiful. 1 once
made a hasty shot from saddle and
slight lycrlppied a black bear. Nevada
Pill linlshed him. 1 gave Pill the hide.
We camped and jerked the meat. We
killed many coyotes and wolves, ami
only what elk and deer we actually
needed. We brought, in several wild
cat pelts, and also two l ull hides of the
mountain lion (or cougar.) Pill bag
ging oire of the latter and I the other.
Rill had a heavy, big bore ri lie gun.
One morning as we were sitting near
the lire, eating our breakfast, I hap
pened to discover the lion that fell to
me. I brought It into hasty use, made
along shot and brought this small-
sized lion down, witli apparently all
ease. Pill walked toil, took oiit its
entrain, shouldered it, and brought it
iir bragging all I be while about my tine
shot. Where the facts are is this: It
was a scratch shot rather than other
wise, it, being 120 yards distant.
That pine cone came like this: We
were one day nooning, ai.d both land
Pill were lying asleep in high pine
timbers. Rattlesnakes were out. One
rattler had selected a nice place near
my head. All went well, until soon
a sudden, noisy crash came which
brought me to my feet. This crash
was the falling of this pine cone from
the top of a high pine tree, it falling
directly onto this reptile, killing it, or
so near so that 1 soon dispatched him.
I was then anxious to save the cone.
1 had one other cone, much larger than
that one, but it wasspoiled by "Teddy"
my pack burro falling and rolling down
the mountain, where but half the t ime
Teddy was on top, ami t lie oilier half
the pack was on lop; at any rate, the
big cone was ruined.
Tell old lleoige and Jones that their
old phizes, us well as your own, a re care
fully plastered In my scrap-book, tlieie
long- to remain and iie remembered.
Yours truly forever more, and then
some, t'ADic Ro)oi:i:m.
The College Kill School.
I--1 i roi: JoiKv i.;
In years gone by the College Hill
school, district, No. "!, was one of the
foremesl schools in tlie county, witli
an enrollment of some 120 scholars and
a regular attendanceor from sixty-live
to seventy-tie, witli such teach
ers as Milton Polk, Henry Schnlhof,
Howard ink, John l.eyda, Frank
Pickson, William Frampton, John
Current, Win. P. Pmwn, Frank Pad
die ford and the MissesMaryand Carrie
Here tlieStai.ders.SVhlalers.Ili iiiis",
Stohhiians, l'hnh' Us and others now
all prominent men and women, receiv
ed their training. Today the number
of scholars in attendance has dw indled
dow n to live-not, enough to pay for a
teacher. This is accounted for by the
parochial school of the Lutheran
church, where (iennan and religion is
taught, as almost all the children at
tending are Herman and belong to that
religious faith.
We almost think it proper and right
fortliisschoiil tudiaw the public school
funds, but the law is against It. How
ever, as long as liie parents of those
live children are willing and able to
pay their teacher, nobody has a right
to kick. A Jul i: u. P.vruos.
More Riots.
I Mst iirbancrs of strikers are not
nearly as grave as an individual dis
order of the svstem. Overwork, loss
of sleep, nervous tension will be fol
lowed by utter collapse, unless a re
liable remedy s Immediately em
ployed. There's nothing so elliclent
to cure disorders of the Liver or Kid
neys as Klectric Litters, It's a won
derful tonic, and effective nervine and
the greatest all around medicine Tor
rundown systems. It dispels Ner
vousness, Rheumatism and Neuralgia
and expels Malaria germs. Only ".nc,
and satisfaction guaranteed by F. (i.
I'rlcke ,Co.
W. Smith Hines Gets Damages to the Ei
lent cf 57C0 for Stolen Affections.
Perhaps the most sensational suit
that ever found a place upon the court
records of Cass county, was the lliucs
CtinnaPy damage suit which occupied
nearly all of last week in the district
court. The facts brought to light
were ut a most sensational nature, and
the court room was crowded each day
w itli eager listeners.
The action was brought by Smith
Mines against, John W. Connally to
recover the sum of $1.","0() damages,
charging the defendant with alienat
ing the affections of his wife. There
were in the neighborhood of fifty wit
nesses examined. The testimony at
times was very revolting and much of
it unlit to be listened to. Hines for
merly resided near Wabash, at which
place, it is claimed, that Connally was
wont to pay visits to Mrs. Hines, and
it was from that vicinity that most of
the witnesses, pro and con, came from.
It was brought out during the trial
that the intimacy that existed be
tween the two began In April, PJOIt,
and continued for the space of about
six months. While the defendant did
not presume to deny that such inti
macy did exist, he claimed that he
had, previous to the institution of this
suit, settled in full with I lines in the
shape of a lease to him of a farm near
Murray, on which Mr. and Mrs. Hines
are now making their home.
The testimony was all in Friday,
and after argument by the attorneys,
was handed over to the jury. Those
who heard the arguments in the case
are a unit in the opinion that Mr. tier
ing made a great plea in behalf of his
client, the plaintiff. The case was
not considered a dilllcult one on the
part of the defendant any more than
It was considered ho on the part of the
plaintiff, and the Journal cannot see
how any sensible person can construe
it so. The attorneys started in on the
even-bct-plan about as many were of
the opinion that one side would win
out as the other. If anything the
general opinion of those who heard the
testimony thought Hines would not
be granted a cent of damages by the
The defendant's side of the case was
conducted by Pyron Clark, assisted by
lion. William Deles Dernier of Kl raw-nod,
and C. A. Rawlsof Ihiscitj.
From the length of time that the
jury was out, it was a fair indication
that the members of that body were
in somewhat of a ipiandary as to the
amount of damages. We learn from
one of the jurymen that there were
some who favored an amount away up
into the thousands, while others
favored the nominal sum of $10.
1 1 is the iiope of the Journal that
another iase of like character may
never appear on record on the court
docket of Cass county again, as much
of the testimony was very disgusting.
Box Social at Cullom.
The Name Social and Pox Supper at
Cullom School House, given by the
teacher, Miss Anna R. Kanka, Satur
day night, .March 2'i, was a success
both socially and llnanclally.
Re fore the auction sale or the boxes
a program of twelve numbers was
given by the scholars which was vastly
enjoyed by visitors.
About 10::i: p. in. thn sale began,
Mr. John llirz acting as auctioneer
and Mr. Peter lialmesasclerk. Owing
to the great abilities of both auction
eer and clerk, though amateurs, all of
the boxes were sold, All but three of
them sold for one dollar, or more. The
lirst started belonged to Anna Tritsch
and came up to -1 1.0-1. The one belong
ing to the teacher reached the highest
point, M.U.".
There were people from Platts
mouth, Murray, Mynard and Cedar
Creek and all reported a splendid
time. The total amount received for
ooxes and pennies given for every let
ter in their name was 2o.2j. The
money will be expended for necessaries
in t he school room.
A "BattjeshIp'Ditched.
Thursday last about noon the rails
of the sidetrack at Murray spread and
caused one of the M. P's large freight
engines to overturn and fall into the
ditch. The engineer and fireman
jumped and saved themselves from In
jury. The engine was one of the
heavy freight engines and one of the
kind known to railroadersasa ''battle
ship." DIggs Found Guilty.
John I liggs, accused of breaking in
to the store of Langliorst at
Liiituood a few weeks since ami taking
t herefrom seveial pairs of pants, was
sentenced to live years' Imprisonment
in the penitentiary. 'I his was the last
or t lie jury cases to come up Tor trial
at I his term of the district court.
For Rent.
Tvo rooms in good repair in the h.
K. Parr property on Tent li street. Ap
ply to A. A. Ilertzler.
For Sale.
ne fresh lulled cow and two young
calves. Call on (ieorge Tains, two
miles south of city, on Rock lllutls
A Team of Mules Stolen.
Louis Ingwerson, living about five
miles southeast of Weeping Water,
had a team of mules, harness and
buggy stolen from his premises some
time during the night of the 2Uh, or
early Friday morning. The thief Is
supposed to have headed north, and it
Is believed the outfit crossed the Platte
river bridge at Louisville. From all
appearances it would seem that the
party or parties securing the team
knew where to look for the best, and
apparently had an eye on the stolen
property before the night of the theft.
One was a brown mare niiile and the
other of a mouse color. They were In
pretty fair condition and weighed
alout 1,100 pounds each. They are
about six years of age,' and the entire
outtlt, in valued MOO. Sheriff McPrlde
was not Hied early Friday morning, and
immediately Issued notices offering $,10
reward for the recovery of the prop
erty and the capture of the thief. Up
to the present no information that
will lead to their capture has been re
ceived. A reward of $.K)0 has been of
fered for the recovery of the team, bug
gy, harness and the arrest and convic
tion of the thief.
An Old Story.
A hunter passing thedwellingof the
A postle John one day, saw the beloved
diciple seated at his door, caressing a
little bird in his hand witli the delight
of a child. Tim hunter was surprised
at so devout a man thus wasting his
time. Observing bis astonishment the
apostlesaid: "Why do you not keep
your how always ben ty" "Recause it
would soon lose itsstrength." Well,
it would be the same with my mind,
It would soon lose Us force." Moral
Do not overwork your organs, give
them recreation and rest. The most
abused organ is our stomach, and Tri
ner's American Klixir ofRittcr Wine
is the only remedy whiclrwill give it
both rest and strength. It will make
the digestive organs (It to work, and
build new, ricli blood, tho foundation
of life and health. Medicines upsetting
the stomach can never purify the
blood. Tills remedy first cures the
stomach and through it works on all
organs of the body. At drug stores.
Joseph Triner, lint Sotilh Ashland A ve
nue, Chicago III., Pilscn Station.
Why Didn't He Pub!!sb It?
Judge Jcsscn has over-ruled tho mo
tion for a new trial made by tiie at
torneys for the defendant in the Mc-Iiride-Faiiey
libel suit, but a close
perusal of the News columns fails to
produce an account of this very im
portant fact. Wonder why? Is Jt be
cause the editor of that sheet is
ashamed to let Ids readers know that
he has been beat at every turn in the
road in defense of his course in the
campaign last fall? lie now threatens
(or his attorneys do for him) to ap
peal to the supreme court,
The Gun Exploded.
A special to the Omaha World-IIer-a'd,
from Ciiion, In the south part of
thiscunty, under date of 2sth, states
that Sunday morning Jode Everett, a
farmer boy living near the river, saw
a llock of ducks light nearby, and, tak
ing a shot gun, went in quest of them.
As ho did not return for breakfast his
people became alarmed and went to
hunt him. lie was. found lying near
where the ducks were seen. The gun
had hurst and blow n away a portion
or his face and affected the brain. At
last account his recovery is doubtful.
A Pleasant Gathering.
On Wednesday afternoon, March 2:!,
Mrs. II. M. Soenniclisen was most
agreeably surprised by about twenty
live members of the P. and (). Society
dropping in to remind her that it was
her tliirty-ninth birthday. The ladles
soon went to work to arrange affairs
by tastefully decorating the rooms
with sweet peas, etc. Refreshments
were served, and all present declared
the occasion to be a most delightful
Another Punier.
A man in Plum (Jrove.Michigan, pro
pounds frequently, the following puz
zle, mystifying his listeners -yet the
answer is simple:
Come hlnlirr. my sun. mill ilir son of my sun.
Ami thr son nf my sun's smi.
Ami Hie Miiisuf Hi,, miiis nf my of my suns'
I.rl r;ii li nf ynii Imm: mi n m.h,
TIll'iiliIlM Is llMhil I Ik- ViMlliu-.'sl ls.1.
Ami I In- small,., i , r. n r fi-t-i hluli.
I hi' liiru'csl a M'iinty t,v,, f,.,.i t, . -S.i
lluuro what a in I'.
Now, don't all speak at once.
Release Mortgages.
County Assessor .1. M.Teegaiden re
quests Rial all persons holding moit
Itages, either real or chattels, that
have been paid be released before the
tlrst day of Apiil, or they will be as
sessed up to the ,,a,y ,,iim them,
for the records will be puie over care
fully and unpaid mortgages will be
Hay For Sale.
I have about 1.200 bales or good
timothy and el .verliav for sale: price
Koo per ton at, the barn, or hl de
livered in Plattsmoul li. Leave orders
witli John Hail, n,,M'cr In Plaits
mouth: or call at rurm, ten miles due
south of l'l.ittsinouth.
R. R. Nu kki-s.
K -
I Clothe
I The Man,
1 ne Leading
He Who "Butts In."
Of all the, fools that roam about,
through tlds old world of sin, the
Darnedest idiot of them all, is the fel
low who "butts In." Pehaps you've
worked ahorse trade, in which you'll
make sonic hay, when the whole con
cern will he upset by this untutored
jay. Or, perhaps, you've negotiated
for a thousand dollar lot, and by this
chump a ''buttln' in," the deal's been
Knocked keiilop. Or. mavbe. von have
Just disposed of a hundred acre farm,
when that fool aain "butts in" and
routs the buyer In alarm. Man's fool
friends lie oft can shake, and from their
care be free, but for the 'Miutter" who
"butts In there seems no remedv.
Souse him gently as you may, hear
witli him hi Ids sin, the devil's bound
to roast him, for he's sure to'-but in."
Easter Supper.
The ladies of St. John's church are
preparing to furnish their euests with
a most delightful supper next Monday
evening at Coates' Hall. The Catholic
ladies of Plattsmouth have gained the
reputation of netting up line suiiiicis.
and they don't know what failure
means. So if you desire sonietliiiu'
choice for supper next Monday even
ing, be sure and o f(, Oates' Hall.
Following is the menu:
Veal Loaf. Roast Chicken.
Poiled I Iain.
Potato Salad. Deviled P-s.
Mixed Pickles.
Rolls. .),.iv.
Assorted Cakes. Sherbet.
Death at Minlcy.
Margaret Ivisterday, living near
Mauley, died Sunday morning, March
27, l:nU, aed about seventy years.
The deceased has lived near Manly for
the past twenty-rive or thirty years.
Her mind had been deranged for some
time, which was the liual cause of her
death. She was never married hut
was pretty well to do, owning I'jOacres
of land where she lived. Her remains
were taken to her old home in Ohio
for burial.
Easter Gloves.
Mrs. J. Penson, L'lu So. PHIi, Omaha
Nebraska, Paster gloves, Champagne,
KusM'tt, Prown, new Plues, White,
etc, l, l,-.o, i.",r,, 2. Wide, rich
Roman ribbons, wide Presdens, hand
some Plaids. New Oross Trimmings -Persian,
beaded and jetted baud;, ra.--gotted,
Jetted and lace yi.kes, Palter
Parasols. Silk pet tieoales at t1..".i.
Colds Cause Pneumonia.
One of the most remarkable cases of
a cold, deep-seated on the lungs, caus
ing pneumonia, is that of Mrs. Cer
trule II. Feinier, Marion, I ml., who
was entirely cured by the use of One
Minnie (111gh Cure. She Ms: "The
coughing and si raining so weakened
me that. I 1:111 down in weight from I s
to ij pounds. I t lied a number or
remedies to 110 avail until I iuoI One
Minute Cough Cure. I'.iur buttles of
this wonderful remedy cured me en
tirely of the cough, strengthened my
lungs and restored me to my normal
weight, health and strength. S'il by
I'. i. liieke Co.
Kveryone says It Is a pleasure to
trade at Cerlng & Cos drug store, for
they nre always pleased to give you
the tK'st service If it Is .V'or f.".(K)voi th
that you buy.
We Clothe
We dotho 'mankind in all stages of life,
and any store that eaters to all classes is
prettv sure to care for each one better, he
cause it cares for all.
You'll never pay too much
for your clothes or wear poor
clothes If you buy them here
The Spriijg Styles await your Coming, g
Uothier Plattsmouth, Neb. Q
Andrew McLaughlin Dead.
The Omaha World-Herald of Tues
day morning, MarclrJ'.i, Pint, contained
the following account of the death of
Mr. Andrew McLaughlin, well known
to the older residents of I'lattsmouth
and Cass county:
"Andrew W. McLaughlin, a resident
of this part of the country for over
thirty years, died Monday at 1 lis homo
at 1.12.1 South Twenty-seventh street
at the age of 71 years. For some years
he had suffered from a heart ailment,
which was tjic cause of his death. Mr.
McLaughlin was for several years a
railroad man in Council PlulTs, and
was for several years cashier of a bank
at I'lattsmouth. For the eight years
that John Wcstberg was city comp
troller, lie was a clerk in that office.
In early life he was a gold miner. Mr.
McLaughlin was at one time (juite
wealthy, hut had suffered from finan
cial reverses. He was well liked by
those he met, for he always had the
hearing or a courtly gentleman. A
widow survives him. The body will
probably be taken to Lincoln for
burial, as several relatives live there."
Tin; deceased possessed excellent
qualities and had many friends in
i'lattsmouth who remember him with
a most kindly feeling.
Death of Mrs. Hosier.
Prom the Omaha Pee we dip the
following in reference to the death of
Mrs. Julia Porter Hosier, at one time
a resident of Cass county:
"After an illness continuing over a
period of live years, Mrs. Julia Porter
Hosier died at her late residence, .'!72J
North street, at !) a. 111.
Sunday. She died very quietly, her
husband and sons being witli her at
the end. Her sister, Mrs. Herman
Pestor of I'lattsmouth, also was pres
ent. "Mrs. Hosier leaves a husband. John
W. Hosier, and two sons, William Por
ter and Fdward While Hosier. Polh
are young men. She was a resident of
this city since Issi and was an active
member of the. First Christian church
and the ChrPtian Women's Hoard of
Missions. She was tho daughter" of
Mr. and Mrs. William P.. Porter, who
died between February H and 2'.',, res
pectively. "The funeral w ill be private and the
interijii nl will he in the family vault
at forest Lawn."
The deceased was a sister of W. It.
Porter, jr., of Mynard, Mrs K. J.
Cooper of Council PlulTs, and Mrs. F.
J. Uonley of Marcus, Wash. She came
to Nebraska, with lier parents in is.iii,
being but three years of age at that
time. She was married to Mr. Hosier
In ls7!iand with the exception of the
two years she and her husband resided
In Washington, i C. they made their
linine in hnaha.
Wak.cful Children.
For a long lime the two year old
child of Mr. I'. L. MePherson, :.i N.
Tenth St., Ilariisburg, Pa., would
sleep but two or three bouts In the
early part of the night, which made it
very hard for her parents. Ilernioflier
concluded that the child had stomach
trouble, and gave her half of one oi
ChaiiilK'iialus Moniaiii and Liver Tab
lets, which quieted her stomach and
she slept the whole night through.
Two hoses of these Tablets have ef
fected a permanent cure and she Is
now well and strong. For sale by all
Some Facts.
"1 am in ravor of patronizing the
home merchant,"said oneof our prom
inent fanners to a Journal reporter
last Saturday, "lie will take our pro
duce and it wc treat him right he will
do as well by us as the mall order
houses or Omaha merchants. We have
one great advantage In dealing with
the home merchant and that Is, wecan
inspect ids goods and groceries before
we buy them and if they don't suit us
we don't have to buy. I believe it isa
good idea to see everything you buy be
fore you take it, because the samples
those distant houses send out may nob
represent the bulk. Sometimes In
sending oil" for goods, bungling mis
takes are made and then you cannot
help yourself. These men from the
distant cities do not care; your money
is what they are after whether you arc
satislied or not. My motto is to trade
a itli the home merchant and we will
he belter satislied in the end with our
selves and everything else." This is
the sentiment of a great many farmers,
and to secure an increase of this trade
all our merchants will have to do is to
put forth a special effort and reach out
after it.
Stay With the Home Paper.
"instance lends enchantment."
When a man gels a thousand or fifteen
hundred miles from his old home, then
more than ever he appreciates tho
weekly paper that was wont to visit
him regularly before stakes were pulled
and the start was made in the direc
tion of the setting sun. In the new
home many old time conveniences and
luxuries arc conspicuous by their ab
senceijinuTof them are more so than
the paper that tells of the movement
of friends left behind. No wonder,
then, that the means Is soon forth
coming for renewal of the subscrip
tion that was allowed to lapse when
the change or location took place.
Change your location if you choose,
but remember that to keep posted and
be entirely happy you must have the
old home local paper pay its weekly
visits to your llresidc.
Turners' Festival.
L'vcry amusement-loving citizen Is
looking forward to one of the most en
tabling and enjoyable events of the
season-the Turners' Festival, next
Tuesday and Wednesday nights, April
' and (i. The working members of the
I'lattsmouth Turnvcrcin are putting
rorth their Wst efforts to make this
an exhibition worthy of your patron
age.. Artcr the exhibition, dancing
will be In order to those who love to
"trip the light fantastic toe." Re
freshments served during the evening.
Following Is the program:
Dumb Pell Pxercises .'.Roys Class
Turning on Horse Active Class
Indian Club Swinging.... Ladles Class
I limping uys (ji,
Horizontal Par Active Class
Pasket Pall (lame,
Clenwood vs. I'lattsmouth
"'ill Active Class
A ppuratus Turning lloys Class
Fencing Pout.
K. II. Schulhof and Otto Wurl
,,:' I""'!! (J Iris Class
Turning on Paralel Pars. .Active Clas
Pasket Pall (ianie LadleS Class
Kaster egg dyes, all colors of the
ralnlxiw, In one package for 5 cents, at
(.lerlng & Co's drug store.