The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 10, 1904, Image 5

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    lf C ft
only tlio host of meats and
the l.-ht seasonings are used for flavoring lWter try a few
for your breakfast tomorrow morning Prices reasonable.
' Don't forget that wo also have
Our prices nnd uwdities.will meet the demand of the people
Call in and see us
Lorenz Brothers
North of Post Office Plattsmouth, Neb.
While They Last
Heautiful Lithograph of Dan Patch
With lCvcry Packaoe of
Get Your Stock in Shape
' For the Heavy Spring Work.
You don't have to buy a barrel, get a 25e or 50c package
Try it and you will buy more.
F.G. Fricke & Co.
Union Block, Sixth St. Plattsmouth, Neb.
11 w lafwrM
, -t ft-
m ,j v
Best Job Printing at This Office
Home Made
Arc again in !tni::nl mid
wo arc hero to supply your
wants. We an very care
ful about tho preparation
of our Sausages, using
New Fabrics
For Spring
In suitings, trouserings nnd for
overcoats are now to ho seen in nil
the latest novdlies from Knglish.
Scotch and American muuuftictu
rors. Wo will make your Spring
overcoat or suit in tin best nnd
swellest stylo and of artistic ele
gance nt u reasonable price.
Frank McElroy
Fifth and Main Sts. Upstairs
"The Early Bird
Catches the Worm"
This is nn old saying, but a very wise
one in many respects, and s'tvves to remind
those who are on the lookout for
Spring Suits
For Men nnd l'.oys
That William Holly is prepared to 'Mill the
bill' in this line to a dot, and invites all lo
come nnd inspect his new arrivals and get
prices. Fit and quality guaranteed, and
prices to suit the times. Also, a line line
of Men's and Hoys' Shoes of all grades.
Hats and Caps, Gents' Furnish'n. Goods, Etc.
Remember tho place,
William Holly
East Doom Waterman I' lock
Corner Fourth ami Main Streets
M. L Ayres, Shenandoah, la
Fnrly In I !in full 1 arrived with my
bid Imp r I ;ii Utii of IVri'lirrun itml
Hi'lltllMI MllUloim, nil if I ho giuHl Hell,
hi'uvy Ihhii', Iiiw Uh'.mi, blocky kind.
Ilhii kc tin mill grays.
One liutulri l or inmo UtMor,l 1 Aril
nmu on fin in M mmitI frmii. ll
Bil l ll it tilur:iiir( lo l' iivitk;o I'wl
Ki'tlrr. XVi Hlil In ormillnr nim-
i-inr In lui v. ii n'vi" limit omrnn
t'ltiKtililH niiiirr lit six n r ei'iil. If
V'MI Vt tn I II UihxI Ulllilllll 1'IHIIL' UliO "I'll
mo. S -ml lur C:i';i.inr.
Write or ti'!i.hiiio nio tml 1 will
m''t ymi ai t lie 1 1-) t .
Tim pii'turp l of lllaiiili', tlm lot
I'lTiiiiTiin tliilllin In Annrli'ii, Ini-
iiirtii liy iinl nt tlm lipml of M. L.
A)r j' Slud (if I'ln lii roll Sliilllnm.
Tin' Mi;iie U still fii tlie coal nun's
I r. Marshall, dentist, Fitzgerald
If it is tin best you got it at tiering
& Co's.
Stmk ami poultry foods at tiering
Co's drug store.
Machine oil of all kinds at Ceiing &
Cn's drug store.
Smoke Hie Wuil Urns.' celebrated
"Cut lleil" cigars.
Kverything in the drug line at tier
ing & Co's drug store.
Almost a million square feet of wall
paper at tiering & (Vs.
A. U. Smith of Denver, was a Platts
mouth visitor last Thursday.
Wall paper alniostatyourown prices
at tiering & Co'? drug store.
Dr. Frank L. Cummins, dentist.
Oilice with Dr. K. D. Cummins.
The next meeting of the county com
missioners will be next Tuesday.
Lee Sharp was down from Omaha
to spend Sunday with his mother.
Attorney Wilson of Ashland, at
tended district court here Friday.
A Ihix of the best matches made for
only lc, at tiering & Co's drug store.
Mrs. K. J. l'icket of Lincoln, is visit
ing her son, W. L. Pickett and wife.
Invest in Plattsmouth Telephone
stock. It pays 10 per cent dividends.
X. II. Meeker, the Greenwood hank
er, was in the city Friday on business.
(J. P. Fenerhachcr, of Old, Neb., is
a new applicant for Journal literature.
.lames Cook of Julian, Neb., was a
Plattsmouth business visitor Tuesday.
A gossip is a long tongue that never
gets tired because it travels by waggin'.
It's Your Own Fault if You are not Getting any of
Those Bargains in Shoes at
Ladies' Shoes at 48c, 79c, 98c, $1.29, $1.48
Children's Shoes at 25c, 35c, 48c, 69c, 98c
Muslin Und6rW6r ' BarflainslnLaceCurtains
Our Muslin Underwear Sale
Talk of the Town.
"Defender Brand"
Kind You Head About in all the Magnzines
10c to $1.48
Ez. Gj. DOUEY 6c SON
Walter Sivey of Nebraska City, was
the Sliest of I'iattsiiioutli friends Mon
day. Miss Stella P.nyd went lost, .losepli,
Mo., Monday to Msit for a couple of
Mrs. I.. I. Hates is sulTerlns from
an attack of inllannnatory rlieu
mat ism.
Hon. Win. Ieles lernier of Klin
wiind, was here this week attending
district court .
Have your prescriptions tilled at
tiering & Co's. It makes no difference
who the doctor is.
If you are a jude of a i:ood smoke,
try the "Acorns" ;" cent cigar and you
will smoke no other.
The paint that, is guaranteed for
live years is l'atton's Sun Proof Painl.
Si ild ly (ieiing & Co.
.1. W. Ciahtree of Lincoln, state in
spector of high schools, was a I'iatts
iiioutli visitor Friday.
('has. Neiimau and family of Omaha,
were Sunday guests of Plattsinouth
relal Ives and friends.
Ci mill y Superintendent Wort man at
tended a teachers' meeting at (ilen
wood, Iowa, Saturday.
A luby girl arrived at the home of
Mr. ami Mrs. X. Slmtt., Thursday
inniiiiiig, March It,
The Journal's motto: If you can't
say anything good foryour home town,
don't say aiithing at all.
Plattsinouth Telephone Co. stock is
a liist-el.iss investment. It pays M
per cent annual dividends.
Miss l.ivie Travis of LlsUm, Ohio,
Is visiting with the family of her
hn thi r, .luik'e II. !. Tiavis.
lo ynit own Telephone
slock.-' if not, buy a few shares while
you can gi t t he stuck at par.
La lliiok, Omaha's leading const inn
er. Ladies tailored gowns mid shirt
waist suits. .t:i, karhiicli block.
Charley Stone, the Murray bank
cashier, attended "Peck's Pad I toy"
nt the Paiuiele last Thursday night.
(i. Sprieck of Stanton, Neb , remits
one dollar and ordeis the Journal to
continue lsiting him foraimthrrycar
And marching
straight to
f. Jb
i Ueelbael? 5$of
where you will bo re
paid for your trouble
by getting the best
on tho markets.
Canned Goods.
fresh daily from the markets.
8 gathered fresh every morning.
I 'Phone 54.
M WiitermiUl Mock IMiiUstnoutll,
Working Overtime.
Eight hour laws are Ignored by those
tireless, little workers-Dr. Kind's
New Life Pills. Millions are always
at work, night and day, curing Indi
gestion, Ililiousness, Constipation,
Sick Headache and all Stomach, Liver
and liowel troubles. F.asy, pleasant,
safe, sure. Only 2"c at F. C. Fricke &
Co's drug store.
lietterbuy Plattsmouth Telephone
Co. stock than to invest in land at
from iio to J UK) per acre.
We acknowledge the receipt of one
dollar from II. II. Chiisweiser, of Mur
ray, in payment for the Journal one
Charley Stone was herefrom Murray
last evening to see his best-no not
his host girl, for she lives In Murray,
or close bv.
Clifton Wortinan,county superinten
dent of Cass county, was a very agree
able caller at thisolllce Mondav. Ash
land (ia.ette.
A marriage license was issued Tues
day to David Murray, aged 21, of
Murray, and Miss Flora M. Smith,
aged lit, of I'nion.
If it's a bilious attack, take Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
and a quick recovery is certain. For
sale by all druggists.
Miss Olive Cass visited with Miss
(inodale, at Clenwood, Iowa, Satur
day, and also attended a meeting of
the Mills county teachers.
A marriage license was Issued last
Saturday to (ieorge P. Stoehr, aged
twenty-four, and Miss Frederiea A.
KatTenberger, Uith of Cedar Creek.
The Plattsmouth Telephone Co. are
mailing out stock to investors in Cass
county every day, and the stock will
all be disposed of within the next six
ty days.
Lvcryone says It Is a pleasure to
trade at tiering Co's drug store, for
they are always pleased to give you
the licst scnice if it is .V or $.".ou worth
that you buy.
Mr. A. P.. Taylor of this city, called
this week and renewed for two copies!
of the Journal sent to W. P.. Tavlor.of
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and I Van
Shrard, P.roekton. X. Y.
V.. P. Ilaehr, who Is employed on a
cattle ranch near Colorado springs, was
visiting in I'iattsiiioutli last week.
Mr. P.iiehr was at one time, several
years ago. a resident of Ihiscity.
I'r. liiehanls will be at the HI ley
Hotel Mondav, March 21. Those who
need his sen ices Will please make a
note of the date. r. Klebards Is no
stranger to ('as- county people, ami
his reputation as an optician Is well
known. Maws lilted to the eyes.
We are plea-ed to learn that Coon
F. YaHery, who has Wen quite ill
w ith appendicitis at bis home west of
Plattsinuuth, is reported much U'l ten
Treasurer Wheeler removed bis
f.irr.ily to Plattsmouth Saturday, and
is occupying the W. C. Smith proier
ty on V, n-k street, recently purchased
by Mr. Wheeler.
15. Miles lias Wen installed as driver
for t lie American Kx press Co., vice
Mark Mehin resigned, who in com
pany with bis brother expects to re
move to Oregon soon.
Henry Horn and wife, living three
miles west of the city, are rejoicing
over the arrival of a new baby at their
home. The little one put in her ap
pearance a week ago last Sunday.
L. It. Ostran, editor of the Kagle
beacon, and C. J. Sack, who were here
Friday on legal business, gave the
Journal a pleasant call. They returned
to Kagle the same evening via Omaha.
Henry lKmatdepated last Thursday
for Oregon. He accompanied an ex
cursion party of homeseekers from
Omaha, whose destination was the
great Wllllamette valley of that state.
A. S. Will, Cass county's big cattle
man, was in Saturday and ordered the
Journal sent to J. X. Will at Harris
burg, Colo. Tills makes seven copies
of the Journal that Mr. Will is paying
Our jovial friend Julius Pit, called
Saturday and renewed for the Old lie
liable. Mr. Pit, is one of our promi
nent young farmers, and the Journal
is pleased to number him among its
most valued frien Is.
(leorge Cook and daughter of Aho,
were the guests of Treasurer W. D.
Wheeler and family over Sunday. Mr.
Cook is a brother of Mis. Wheeler,
lie took advantage of bis visit hi re to
renew for the Journal another year.
Silks and Dress Goods
Corsets at Less Than Half Price
Prices 29c and 49c
Our Embroideries Speak, for Themselves
All New ('mods at bargain Prices
A careful housewife Is careful in the
selection of wall paper for her Lome,
but it is only a matter of taste to se
led your wall paper from the immense
stock carried by tiering - Co.
The Journal acknowledges the re
ceipt of l.oo from (ieo. W. Merger, of
Lhnwood, to he applied on suliscrlp'
tl.... . ,... Sll.l t. I! I , . .
uoii io i oe i mi la'iiaoie. Mr. l.erger
is one of the prominent democrats of
Cass county.
If your eyes 1 other you and you need
lirst class treatment, p!ea-e bear in
mind that lr. Lichards, the well
known eye specialist, will be at the
Kiley Hotel in this city, on Monday,
.Marcii2i, lo treat all who mav need
his services.
Philip Cook called Friday, renewed
and ordered the Journal sent to his
address at Norfolk, Neb. He has re
moved to Pierce county, where he
owns a quarter section of land, but
Norfolk Is his nearest postot'iee nine
miles distant.
P. A. 1 1 ild of Mynanl, passed Mi rough
the city Tuesday enroiite rrom Omaha
where he hail been to purchase some
farm machinery. He. stated that since
the departure of Cox, who sold such
goods, he was unable to get what he
wanted at Mynanl.
i; very cent of money received from
the sale of Plattsmouth Telephi ne
stock will be Invested in extensions to
the system. Two hundred miles of
Tanner lines, nine exchanges. L'-'uo
telephones now In use. How is that
fur live years' business'
ll VV 11-iLi.r ll. ..I .,, I.E.. I i..
' V . ' , ' , , ,
i.i.ii iiiiiiiniii, i.ii, ii ii i ii, iy evening,
M,iu!i ., I'.Ml. at the advanced age of
sit years. Mrs. C. II. P.irinele, Mrs. II.
.1. Austin and Miss Sarah P.akerare
sisters of the deceased, ami Mr. Ii. I.
II. Laker of ( imalia, is a brother.
P. Pearson has recently repainted
and renovated blsslore ronui t hroiieji
Ollt, and t hose who have been Used to
entering the store can so..ii perceive a
vast difference in the appearance of
things generally theieaUiuts all for
the hi t ter, of eouise, On r good friend
Is u thorough business man, and will
have things to ship-shape to do biisb
ness, regardless of the expense.
We take this opportunity of returning our
most .sincere thanks for past favors, ami solicit a
continuance of your patronage in the future.
During l'.HH, wo ulndl endeavor to supply tho
market, as usual, with that
Which Suits the People!
both in quality nnd prices.
Wishing all a happy and prosperous year, wo
invite all to come and be comforted by making
your purchases from tho largest furniture house
in IMiittsmouth.
Sattler &
BroHe Jail.
Liny Lovelady and (iray Yates, two
prisoners in the county jail pried tuelr
way out early Wednesday morning,
and up to the hour of going to press
are still at large. The delivery was
accomplishc 1 about. threeoYlock. The
prisoners, in some manner seemed
possession of a crowbar, with which
they broke the lock. The two were
con lined in the city department of the
jail, which is separated from the open
corrider bv a liiyh partition of iron
bars of rather llimsy material. The
lock was easily broken from its hinges
by the pressure of the monster crow
bar, and when once in the corrider
the prisoners were not long in break
ing the lock on the door leading to the
the street. Several other prisoners
were conliiied in the si eel ecus, in
cluding C. L Holmes who was con
victed Tuesday evening in the district
court of perjury, but it sterns that the
escaped prisoners made no effort to re
lease any of the others. As soon as
the discovery was made, Sheriff Mc-
Urlde took up the task of their recap
ture. Farly in the forenoon word was
received to the effect that two men
answering the diseript ion of Lovelady
and Yates, was seen going south.
After dinner yesterday bloodhounds
were placed on the trail of the pris
oners and they were traced to Murray.
Here they hoarded a freight train
coining north, and it is presumed they
are now somewhere in Omaha.
Lovelady is a youth of about 17 or IS
years, lie was ciiargeu witn ueing im
plicated w ith John (ireeson in robbing
a house here somi time a.'o, but on ac
count of his age he was convicted and
sentenced to a term in the reform
school at Kearney. IIj was brought
here to testify against (ireeson on the
charge of grand larceny. Yates is
about twenty years of age, and was
serving a sentence for petty larceny,
to which he pleaded guilty Tho au
thorities expected to use li!m as a
witness against (ieorge Iligby, who is
now in jail charged with looting a
room in the Perkins House, and appro
priating clothing belonging to one of
the guests.
From the jail the lleatricc blood
hounds went direct to the home of
iiirt Chandler, a brother-in-law of
John (ireeson. and from there south
to the resilience of Lev. Fred Warren,
there they turned west, passed ciose
to Ids house and barn and across the
Held to the road running south from
Plattsmouth, then west lo Mynanl
and then south to Murray, where the
Ijoys were seen to climb into a coal car
of a freight train headed for Omaha
A telegram from the conductir of the
train stated that he put them off the
train before reaching Mynanl.
Sheriff MeP.ride, with his usual vigi
lenee, will use every effort in Ids
power to recapture the lleeing ones,
and it is unnecessary to re.uaric that
he will let no grass grow under his
feet w hile so doing.
1 his spring you w ill need a nerve
food, one that will cleanse and recon
struct your nerve centers nnd wasted
energies. Ilollister's I!ockv Mountain
Tea will il.' it. Xi cents. Tea or tab
lets, (iering kv. Co.
i -
Bottled hi Bohd.
Yi. V
r. vx
ll l I I I k V X
plat rsMornt,
The Mendelssohn Quartette.
The only tirst class concert to be In
Plattsmouth this season. You should
U there. Lead what others have to
say of them:
The quartet of line, rich male voices
was very evenly balanced and the re
sult was the perfection of harmony.--Jacksonville,
(111.) Courier.
It would be dilllcult to get together
four voices which blend so beautifully
and are individually so excellent.
Nashville, (Tenn.) Daily News.
A st rict ly high-class company. One
of the linest entertainments ever given
in town.-Middlcbury, (Vt.) llegister.
Mr. Loder gave a scholarly interpre
tation of Scliuman's "Aufschwung."
lie played all the accompaniments,
and the inlliience of his experience
was noticeable. New York Musical
Miss Smith stands at the head of
child impersonators. The facility with
which she changes from the ordinary
conversational tone to that of the six-year-old
is little short of marvelous.
Her readings were exquisitely true to
nature.-Des Moines (la.) Mail and
Mr. Smith, the second tenor, tint.
only blends well In the quartette hut
in some oi me comic numbers he seems
quite naturally to adant, binwolf tn
the funny situations with good effect.
i-oiiiioii nii, ) h ree 1'ress.
Proper Treatment of Pneumonia.
Pneumonia is too dangerous a dis
ease for anyone to attempt to doctor
himself, although he may have the
proper remedies at hand. A physician
should always he called. It should be
borne in mind, however, that pneu
monia always results from a cold or
from an attack of the grip, and that
by giving Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy the threatened attack of nneu-
monia may be warded oil. This remedy
is also used by physicians In the treat
ment of pneumonia with the best re
sults. Dr. V. J. Smith, of S.inrl..r.
Ala., who is also a druggist, says of It:
1 have been selling Chamberlain's
Cough Uemedy and prescribing it in
my practice for the past six years. I
use it in cases of pneumonia and have
always got ten the best results." Sold
by all druggists.
James M. Stander of Louisville, was
in the city Thursday, bidding his
friends farewell, preparatory to start
ing on his long journey to Jerusalem,
where he goes as a delegate to tho
Worlds Sunday School convention.
which occurs in that ancient old city,
April is to 2it. The Journal acknow
ledges a brief call from him, and joins
bis many friends in wishing a most
pleasant journey and safe return.
P. W. Long called at these head
quarters Monday and renewed for the
Journal another year. Mr. Long is a
prominent farmer who has been get
ting his mall on route Soutof Mynard,
but hereafter his postolllce address
will be Plattsinouth. lie says tho
fanners, as a rule, who have been get
ting their mail at Mynard, are not at
all pleased with the change.
(ialher the roses of health for your
While the parks are shining with dew.
(Jet out in the morning early and bright
liy taking Uocky Mountain Tea at
night. Coring . Co.
Zbc Best TSMbfehc
la the Cheapest
in the Enw
Poor Whisky is not only dig.
figreeable to taste, but undoubted
ly injurious to the stomach. A lit
tie good Whisky is a line tonic and
helps instead of harming. Such
Whiskies as Yellowstone, for in
Hlanco, will do yo-i just as much
good as a doctor's prescription. If
yon don't know how good it is,
come in nnd try it.
(iuckeidii lmerillye, per gallon.
Yellowstone, "
Honey Ivw, " "
.11 00
. 4 00
. 3 00
. 2 00