The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 03, 1904, Image 7

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    Spring Rains
How is Your Roof?
If You Need a New One. Now is the Best Time
Kemembor, that we are fully prepared to
place a new tin roof on your house, rz"
spouting, or repair the old ones.
VVc Make a Specialty of Roofing and Spouting
And are Prepared to (live Yon Close Figures
on This Kind of Work.
John Bauer
No. 506 Main Street
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
- IV
When the
Beef Comes
to the Table
It kIiouKI bo full of juioo
and froo from sinew.
Tlmt is its condition when it leaves this Meat Market, and
if it is otherwiso when served the fault lies with the cook.
Tho finest grade of corn-fed cattle aro turned into dressed
beef for our trade.
Not only our meats nro first class, but our new stock of
Clrocories can not bo beat. Wo are now fitted to provide all
things necessary for tho table.
Lorenz Brothers
North of Post Office
Plattsmouth, Neb.
New Fabrics
For Spring
In suitings, trouserings and for
overcoats are now to lie seen in al
tho latest novelties from English
Scotch anil American manufactu
rers. We will make your Spi'in
overcoat or suit in tho best am
swellest stylo and of artistic cle
gance at a reasonable price.
Frank McElroy
Fifth and Main Sts. Upstairs
Dr. Marshall, iVntUt, FiUt;eralJ
W. I). Junes is able to pet around
If it is the best ou K.t it at Cerintf
& (Vs.
W. II. Fool cf Weeping Water, was
here Monday.
Stock and poultry f.xxls at Ccring &
(Vs drug store.
I. D. Manner of Avoei, was a city
visitor Saturday.
J. I. Tinner of Itock lilutls, was in
the city Tuesday.
Smoke the Wurl Bros.' celelirated
"(iut lleil" cigars.
Kverythintf in Hie drug line at (ler-
iiK & Co's dnitf store.
Mrs. Mall, ak'ed ninety years, died in
Khnwi od last Friday.
Almost a million square feet of wall
paper at (lerinn & Co's.
Adam Kurtz of this city, has been
drawn as a federal juror.
A. I. Welton was down from Green
wood Monday on business.
Wall paper almostat your own prices
at Gerinn & Co'? dintf store.
Henry Mempel of Mavelock, was
visiting in this city yesterday.
Dr. Frank L. Cummins, dentist.
Otllce with Dr. K. D. Cummins.
T. K. Fuhon and IS. O. Tucker, of
Nehawka, were in the city Tuesday.
Mrs. J. M. Teearden, of Mowe, Ne
braska, Is visiting Plattsmouth friends.
Hon. Geo. M. Spurlock was down
from Omaha yesterday on legal busi
Attorney C. T. Tell't of Weeping
Water, had business in this city
And marching
straight to
f. ft
where you will be re
paid for your trouble
by getting the best
on tho markets.
Canned Goods,
. Fruits,
fresh daily from the markets.
gathered fresh every morning.
'Phone 54.
3 Waterman Work l'liittsrnoutli.
Charles EiiKelkeinier was a caller
Saturday for the purpose of ordering
the Journal sent to Hert E. Meyers, at
Alma, Nebraska.
G. A. Wenke called Saturday and
ordered the Journal sent to Ids ad
dress at Mader, Neb., near which place
he expects to locate.
'lie membersof theChristlanchurch
have purchased of Robert L. Propst
the pews formerly used in the Maptist
church at South Park. This w ill beau
tify and add greatly to the comfort of
the patrons.
La Book, Omaha's leading const inn
er. Ladies gowns and shirt waist
suits. :U. Karlueh block.
P. Melsinger of Mynard, dropped in
yesterday while In the citv and ad
vanced his sul script ion another year.
C. llengen, the good natured grain
dealer at Vytiard, was a caller yester
day and left the Journal another dol
And still they come. George P,
Melslnger, Jr., was In Saturday and
left a dollar for the Journal another
W. M. Meil, the tine cattle breeder
of Eight Mile Grove, gave the Journal
a pleasant call while in the city Mon
day. We are alwavs pleased to meet
Our youmr friend, P. A. Mild, of
Maple Grove, was In the city Satur
day and called at Journal headquar
ters to renew his faith in the old re
liable for another year.
Our old friend Norman Slocuin of
near Murray, was a caller last Thurs
day, and while here renewed for the
Journal another year, and also for his
son-in-law Alvin Ferris.
A.m. Slander, of Louisville, gave
the Journal a peasant call Monday.
Mr. Stander says the farmers of his
neighborhood are very much encourag
ed over the prospects for a good crop
Some daring, sneak thief entered
John M. Leyila's ofllco In the Gund
building on Tuesday night and stole
his typewriter we mean the machine.
No clue to the guilty ones hasyet been
Reconstructs your whole body,
makes rich red blood. Drives out Im
purities that have collected during the
winter. Molester's Itocky Mountain
Tea Is a family tonic. X cents. Tea
or tablets. C.erimr & Co.
We take this opportunity of returning our
nio-st sincoro thanks for past favor, and solicit a
continuance of your patronage in tho future.
During P.XM, we shall endeavor to supply the, t
market, as usual, with that
Which Suits the People! $
both in .nudity and prices.
Wishing all a happy and prosperous year, we
invito all to come and he comforted by making
y-.ur purchases from tin largest furniture house
in Plattsmouth.
Sattler &
It's Your Own Fault if You are not Getting any of
Those Bargains in Shoes at
Ladies' Shoes at 48c, 79c, 98c, $1.29, $1.48
Children's Shoes at 25c, 35c, 48c, 69c, 98c
Hfosijn Underwear
Our Muslin Underwear Sale is the
Talk of the Town.
Defender Brand
A Startling Discovery
JDi. Don's
Kidney 1 Backache Pills
Never liefore known to medical science, a drug discovered by 1 r. Ion. of
London, Knland, one of the meat est known specialists on diseases or Kid
neys and Urinary Organs, discovered by him during his travels in the Philip
pine Islands.
l'or all Kidney diseases, viz: Irritation of the Madder. Scanty Urine. Hright's
l'isease, Rheumatism, bropsy, Nervousness anil Lost Manhood, tjulck acting,
positive and speedy cure.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded
Manufactured only by
Dr. Don Remedy Cdmpany
London and New York.
For Sale hv Your Druiririst. Price 50e ami $1.00
Mail Orders for $1.00 Si.e Filled Promptly.
Dr. Don's Little Liver Pills, Price 25c per Box
( Mention This Paper )
M. L. Ayres, Shenandoah, la
Karly In tho f1l I nrrlvpd with my
1M Inipurtallun nf I'pri-liiTun Htid
llcliilnti Mlllon nil (if tin- .mI inrt,
Ikmivv In it in, low down, blocky kluil.
1 11 ii k n. lm)t nil grnN.
lnt liiinilrril or nmr HpfurdiMl Anl
nmiain ( ntn In Rdirt fnim. Miml
hi I w I'll n ruiiriOilri to Ih' Hvcriipc luiii
pi'tlcri. Vm km In orKHiiUlnit com-
ixiiliK o miy. Khu limn onionn
i'tnkiilln tmiirr Hi U iwr inl. If
you wuiit n Hnluiikl oumv unit '
iuii. Si'inl lur C:it;i:n.
Wrlli rr li'lpihcin mo nj I will
mri't )'u nl tin- dp pot.
The plcluro In of Illnoilo, the licit
I'lTiliiTim HlillUm In AiMirli'n, lin
nrtil tiy an 1 at t'i lie ml nf M. L.
Ayn-V HtuJ (if I'rrrlirnin StullloniL
The Kind You Kcad About in all Hie Matrnzines
10c to $1.48
Bargains in Lace Curtains
Ch "Churchill"
"The Early Bird
Catches the Worm"
Tins is an old saying, but n very wis
one in many respects, and serves to remind
those who are on the lookout for
Spring Suits
Tor Men and Hoys
That William Holly is prepared to 'fill tho
bill'' in this lino to a dot, and invites nil to
como and inspect his now arrivals and get
prices. Fit and quality Kunranteed, and
prices to suit tho times. Also, n fine lino
of Men's and ?oys' Shoos of all grades.
Hats and Caps, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Etc.
Kemeinber tho place,
William Holly
East Room Waterman Block
Corner Fourth and Main Streets
.las. I!. Ilij,'ley of Plattsmoutli, and,
Mrs. Sarah K. Klerinc of Mills county, ;
Silks and Dress Goods
Corsets at Less Than Half Price
Prices 29c and 49c
Grain Wanted!
P.y the S. V.. WainwrMit (iraln &
Iowa, were united in marriage .y ! Lumber Co. See (). W. Ilaker, at tlio
Judtfe M. Arclier Tuesday afternoon,
March 1, l'.inl. Tlie room lias lieen a
resident of this city for many years
and tlie newly wedded couple have the
best wishes of their many friends for
future happiness and prosperity.
Perkins House, or M. S. HrltfKS, up
stairs in tlie Coates block, Platts
moutli, Neb.
, Machine oil of all kinds at tiering &
Co's dniL' store.
Our Embroideries SpeaK for Themselves fjTBO While They Last FrB6
All New (ioods at liarnain Prices
Er. Gy. DOUEY 6c SON
Best Job Printing at This Office
(!. W. Edmunds and II. IJelkc of
Murray, were county seat visitors
Have your prescriptions filled at
(lerintf & Co's. It makes no difference
who the doctor Is.
Henry Knelkcmeier of Murray was
in Saturday and renewed for the Jour
nal for another year.
The paint that Is guaranteed for
live years is Patton's Sun Proof Paint.
Sold by (icrlng vt Co.
County Clerk Tyson was looking
after business matters in Klmwood the
fore part of the week.
John ThierolT, one of the Journal's
patrons at Cedar Creek was a county
seat visitor yesterday.
Sixteen new additions to the Jour
nal's rapidly Increasing subscription
list dining the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Sheehan of Falls
City, arc visiting the lattcr's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C II. Smith.
0. A. Melsinger of Mynard, called
Monday and had his subscription
credited to January I, Km,",.
Will Kiehar lson anil family departed
last evening for Seattle, Wash., where
they expect to make their futiue
L. J. Maylield was down from Louis
ville Mo iday, and, as usual, dropped
in to see how the Journal was getlirg
alt hi.'.
N. P. Lars n,ngcdtncuty-ciglit,.ii.(l
Miss Clara C. Kliver, aged twenty-live,
both of Alvo, were granted a marriage
permit last Monday.
(!. A. Meislnger. of Mynard was in
' Monday ami renewed to January I'.ki.'i.
Mr. Melslnger is one of the Journal's
' prompt paing palmus.
j Henry Horn of Cedar ('reek, while
In the city Saturday, took the oppor
tunity to call anil renew fur the did
Reliable for another year.
Perry Is ivpared to accommodate
mu with goo iliiniis ,, (at. Call at
his restaurant. No simples, no side
lines. Pi:iii;v Ctit.uiu k. Prop.
N. C. Yolk of Cedar On k, was in
last Thuis'luy and ordered the Jour
nal siut 1 1 1 1 1 in at lienfrow, Okla
homa, to which point lie will remove.
August Stander of Louisville, was a
caller at Journal headquarters yester
day and made us a very pleasant visit.
Mr. Stander is one of the Journal's
staunchest friends.
W. W. Coates has become the owner
of the Uiley hotel block, for which he
paid the sum or 42,.(K). There will be
no change in the management of the
hotel, so we understand.
This spring you will need a nerve
food, one that will cleanse and recon
struct your nerve centers and wasted
energies. Ilollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea will do it. X cents. Tea or tab
lets, (Jerlng & Co.
KMney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost cveryliody who reads tlie news
jia)tT8 is sure to know of the wonderful
cures mime by Dr.
I Kilmer's Swamp
j Root, tlie great kid-
iicy, liver una mail-
li-r remeiiy.
It is thegrenl med
ical triumph of the
nineteenth century ',
.i;. . ..I f..
, . . r,i I II 1 1. I'lLiv.iiiiiLi
r tVxB f scientific research
1 . . .1.
iy it. iMiuier, me
eminent kidney mid
bladder specialist, and is wonderfully
successful in promptly curing lame back,
uric ncid, catarrh f the Madder ntul
Uri irlit ' s Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
Dr. Kilmer s Swamp-Root is not ree
otnmcnded for everything but if vou have
kidney, liver or bladder trouble it w ill le
found just the remedy you need, tt 1ms
. . . i :.. , .
heell lesico 01 so in.iuv wins, in m"-ii.ii
woik nud in jirivuto jiraetice, mid bus
proved so successful in every ease that a
special arrangement has been made by
which all readers of this paper, who have
not already tried it, may have a sample
boiile. sent free by mail, also a lxiok tell
ing more ulnrnt Swatnp-RiHt, and how to
(indout if you have kidney or Madder trou
ble. When writing mention reading this
generous oiler in this pajn-r and send your
address to Ir. Kilmer f V
& Co., lliugllaltitoii.gffy&ftlTT
N. Y. The regular rtf.H;
fifty-cent nnd one- 2rI "i
dollar sie Imttles are ttotr of smnpR'4.
sold by nil gixnl druggists, lioti't make
any mistake, 1ml remember tlie name,
Swainp-Koot, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Kt,
and the address, 1 t iili.mitott, N, Y., on
rvery bottle.
Jacob Melslnger is another nronmt
paying patron of the Journal who
ailed Saturday to renew his faith In
the Uld Reliable.
Wc regret that "Oxford it ems" enmp
too late for this issue. To insure pub-
lieation such matters should reach tin.
Journal not later than Wednesday
noon. Ve WOll I Ike for nit our ..or.
respondents to understand this.
Gather the roses of health for your
While the parks are shining wit h flew
(ietout in the niorningearlv and hrL-ht
li.. 1..1.1' . tt . -.
i-y tawing uocKy .Mountain Tea at
night, tiering -Co.
Alvin Ferris and wife, of near Ne
hawka, arc very proud of their new
oaoy girl, which made her nimearanco
ai ineir nomc on tlie lit i of I Vbrnarv
.nay ine nine one live to comfort her
parents as old age comes creeping on.
The farmers tributary to Mvnnr.i
feel justly Incensed on account of the
sinning point of rural route No. :i he
log removed to Plattsmoutli. 'Ph..
Journal Is not advised as to why Ibis
was done, but we are satisfied that a
great majority of tl:,. patrons are op
poseri to It.
('. J. Melslnger of Cedar Creek, was
a caller Saturday, and like all the
tueinlKTsof that family, don't propose
to at tempt housekeeping without the
great household necessity- the Jour.
nal. .We are glad to see our young
mend start out in married life by tat
ItUt He (Mil I'.eliable.
Mrs. F.d Kruger who was called here
Mime lime since by the serious illness
of her father. Lemon Rates, called
Saturday to renew for the Journal,
Mrs. Kruger left esterdav for nkla
lioma to visit tor a few weeks, and
from there will return to her home in
Wbati'oine, Washington,
I'ucle Jake Kiiuzman of ( Creek
was In the city yestcrdav, and all Ms
Plallsinoiitli friends were pleased to
see the Jovial old tellow. While here
he ordered the Journal sent to his son,
Will Kuimnan at SuipiKe, Rutler Neb., making four copies that
l nele Jake has ptl I for. Wish the
Journal could boast of more friends
iust like him.
A Hoautiful Lithograph of Dan Patch
With ICvcry Package of
International Stock Food
Get Your Stock in Shape
For the Heavy Spring Work.
You don't have to buy a barrel, get a 25c or 50c package
Try it and you will buy more.
F. G. Fricke & Co.
Union Block, Sixth St. Plattsmouth. Neb.
vUA,A'' ,v p
Eottyzd ::i Bcxd.
XTbc fficst Wbtotoi
is tbc ebcapett
in tfrc linsi
If .i s .
jr. vs.
' I. ' m : v
en w mil,
Poor Whisky is not only dis.
norci'iililo to tiisto, but undoubted
ly injurious to tlio Htomncli. A lit
Up pxxl Whisky in ft f,n toni0 nnd
helps instead of hnrtnin. Such
Whiskies ns VcllowHtone, for in
hIuiico, will do yu just ns much
K'ood nsn din tor'H preHcrinlion. If
you d.m't know how kwh it ia.
poino in nnd try it.
PLAT rsMOt'TH, .
fiiicKenbeirnrr;Kyc, 'r gallon... It 00
Yellowstone, " " , , . 4 oo
Honey Iievv, " "... 3 00
IS lit Horn, " "... 2 00
ri-iicM-oif. "'"