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The Plattsmouth Journal
R. A. UATES, ruiiLisiiEit.
Catered at Ui pmufflc at I'Utunouth, Ne
, . traska. a tccuu1i'laM nuturr.
"Home first tlie word afterward,"
Is an excelk-tit motto If carried out in
its true meaning.
The city "election is not far distant
Tuesday, April Stli. Cast your optics
around and see who you waut for the
various positions to be filled.
U . - -
. .
Jlikuno from the number thrown
u of employment in the past few
day's by the H. & M. the wave of pros
nerlty must have struck a rock. Ne
braska City News.
Watch out for the man who lias
an, ax to grind In the next city coun
cil. The present council wouldn't grind
It, and he has made his brag that the
next one will. Isn't the inference
strong enough?
Little Johnny Mickey's days as
governor of Nebraska are drawing to a
close, and the people will rejoice when
the time arrives for the midget to step
down and out. Never more will you
hear of Tee-wee John in political cir
cles after that time.
You Just bet your bottom dollar that
Iturkett is not going to run any chances
on going to the senate. Believing in
the. old adage that "there's many asllp
betwixt the cup and the Up," he will
take . a renomlnatlon for congress
and then try for the senate. Elmer is
a wise guy in this direction.
' r,LATTs mouth will not suffer any
more In proportion to the number of
men employed than other points on the
Burlington system. The help at every
division point has been somewhat re
duced. The l'lattsmouth shops em
ploy in the neighborhood of seven hun
dred people and eighty were let out.
Lqt. us console ourselves In the Jact
that it might have been worse.
' Because two girls kiss is no sign they
love each other. Speaking of girls
kissing reminds ua that it is becoming
a rather dltllcult thing to do when
thejy are wearing their freak hats.
Much experience Is making them wise
though, and both tilt their heads to
an angle of forty-five degrees, and with
one eye on the hat and the other on
the spot aimed at they advance their
smackers for battle and face powder,
so to speak.
, Tn eke is one member of the Dietrich
Investigating committee at Washing
ton in whom the Journal places the
most explicit confidence. When Sen
ator Cockrell, the Grand Old Man from
Missouri, says that Peitrich is not
guilty, we can safely rely upon Ills dc
clslon. A man who has been In public
lie life for thirty years, with no dishon
est act marked against him, his word
is bound to be taked In preference to
those statesmen who have been mixed
ud with crooked scheme, more or less,
during their public careers.
The Weeping Water Herald favors
Hon. . M. Toilard, of this county, for
Burkett's shoes, in c&ic that blow-hard
is, elevated to the senate. Of course
he will be succeeded by a republican,
and while the Journal would like to
see, a Cass county man nominated, you
can Just set it down in the back part
of your day-book that It cannot be done
without the consent of Lancaster coun'
ty, and that county is Just hoggish
enough to "keep all she gets and get
all she can," no matter what other sec
tlons of the district may desire. With
Blow-hard Burkctt out of the way, it
will be hard work to take the congress
man away from Lincoln.
"Old things have passed away," ex
claimed Congressman T.urkett at the
recent Louisville 0. A. It. reunion, and
waved his hand and smiled asmole be
tokening his deepest thoughts, and
then said: "Shakespeare is coming to
be realized and looked upon in this
great age as a man of meaningless
words," and went on with an air of su
perior intelligence befitting a school
boy who had unloaded a great chunk of
wisdom, and then added "there hasn't
been a Shakespearean play in the city
of Lincoln for five years, and if one
should come there not a half dozen peo
ple would attend It." This last we
presume was intended as a tribute to
the wisdom of those who act in line
with his great utterances on the man
wiiose works he cannot appreciate.
The above and similar language by our
"auctioneer-like" congressman, as the
Kearney Democrat puts It, is so un
truthful as to be amazing, and unex
pected as to be really shocking. Yet
Khner J. liurkett said these things at
the Louisville meeting. Come to think
about, ain't some congressmen pretty
steep at $5,000 per annum w hen you
can buy a good steer's entire brain out
fit for about 15 cents?
It Is not the intention of the Journal
to make any misstatement regarding
matters of interest to the city. Since
our last issue we have been informed
further on the light proposition. None
of the old leeches will be connected
with the light plant if the present prop
osition Is carried out. It will be under
entirely new management, and we be
lieve If the gentlemen named to us sue
ceed In getting the old plant they will
improve it to the extent of making
It up-to-date In every particular. Tills
being the case the proposition will re
celve the Journal's hearty co-operation.
On with the lights. But down with
any Jim-crow plant proposition.
Tragedy Averted.
V'Just in the nick of time our little
boy was saved" writes Mrs. W. Wat
kins, of Pleasant City, Ohio. "Pneu
monia had played sad havoc with him
and a terrible cough set in W'sides.
Doctors treated him, but he grew
worso every day. At length we tried
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, and our darling was saved.
He's now sound, and well." Every
body ought to know, Its the only cure
for Coughs, Colds, and all Lung dis
eases. (Guaranteed by Y. (5. Krlckc &
Co., druggist.
Sick Headache?
'Food doesn't digest well?
Appetite poor? Bowels
constipated? Tongue coated?
It's your liver ! Aycr's Pills
are liver pills; they cure dys
pepsia, biliousness.
JS. All rUtt.
W rr momorb r Iwrt a bMstllul
Fifty-Six Years Old.
Our old friend and fellow citizen,
Peter Madsen, celebrated, what in
many instances would have been his
tifty-tixth anniversary, but as he was
born on the 2!th day of February,
1848, he Is unable to celebrate his
birthday only as leap year rollsarouirl.
It has now been eight years since he
has had this opportunity. So on Sun
day last quite a number of his friends
dropped in at his home to assist in
celebrating the event. It is hardly
necessary to remark that the day was
most pleasantly ' spent In various
amusements and at the proper hour
the guests sat down to a most elegant
dinner. Sunday was chosen as the day
simply because it gave his friends a
better opportunity to get away from
the cares of business, and at the same
time Mr. Madsen would also bo at
leisure to more fully enjoy their com
ing. In honor of the event the host
was the recipient of a very handsome
book case and writing desk. When
leave-taking arrived, all went their
way wishing Mr. Madsen many more
years of life, happiness and prosperity,
In all of which the Journal joins them.
Those who were present to take part
in the event were Mr. and Mrs. J. ll.
Tarns, Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Burmelster,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Madsen, Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Dose, Mr. and Mrs. Hans
Selvers, Mr. and Mrs. Clause Jess, Mr.
and Mrs. John Lutz, Mr.' and Mrs.
Wm. "Wohlforth, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goos, Mr.
and Mrs. John Bock, Mr. and Mrs.
II. M. Soennlchsen, Mrs. A. Prcttlg,
Mrs. Hans Tarns, Miss Julia Madsen,
John P. Sattler, A. H. Weckbach.
Matt Ploehn, Titts and Theobald
Pretty Fair Business.
J. E. Hines, general agent for the
American Benevolent Association of
St. Louis, Missouri, reports a very fair
business since coming to Plattsmouth.
It Is one of the safest companies doing
business; and being new to Nebraska
people, it may be possible that some
may question Mr. Hines' right to do
business in this state. He comes with
properly legalized documents to do so,
and his company has the endorsement
of such eminent statesmen as Senators
F. M. Cockrell and W. J. Stone.
District Court.
J udge Jesscn convened district court
Tuesday morning. The only import
ant case coming up was that of Mrs,
Wm. Webb vs. the B. & M. railroad
for damages. It will be remembered
that Mr. Webb was killed by falling
from the railroad bridge, while it was
being constructed a year ago. Her ef
fort was defeated. As we go to press
the celebrated Kupkc ease is being
tried. The Jury will lx here next
On the Wing.
II. A. Bates, of the Journal, made a
trip to Union, Eaglo, Elmwood and
Murdock this week, returning too late
to make an extended notice of his visit
to these places. He was well pleased
with what he saw and made many ac
qualntanccs. Next week the Journal
will give an extended write-up of Ills
brief visit to these points.
I. D. Ilarmcr, administ rator of the
estate of the late Bart Harmer, who
died some weeks agoon his farm in the
western part of the county, gave the
Journal a pleasant call this morning.
Mr. Harmer was returning from a trip
over In Iowa, where he went to consult
relatives In regard to a monument for
deceased. It was agreed that a monu
ment valued at 1,750 be erected In the
cemetery at Tabor, Iowa. The monu
ment was purchased from the Glen
wood Marble company, who also has
the contract to remove the remains of
all the near relatives to said cemetery
and InsorlU'tlielrnaincsthcreon. The
mother's monogram will le placed at
the top of the stone. While here Mr
Harmer ordered the Journal sent to
his address at Avoca.
A special Invitation is extended to
every lady In Cass county to call and
examine our line of wallpaper. Then
you w ill say It Is beyond comparison In
price, quality and style. Gering &
Co. are the largest dealers in wall
In Cass county.
Everyone says It Is a pleasure to
trade at Gering .V Co's drug store, for
they arc always pleased to give you
the best service if it is 5c or IVW worth
that you buy.
For rent- several pieces of acreage
property with cottages. Also, a num
ber of hirgalnslncottagrnon monthly
pay menu. K. B. Wimmian.
iT " . . . . '" 11 ' " " ' ' 11 V
Hasrstqodjtheltest for over 60 years.
Cures sprains, bruises7 burns, cuts, sores, lameness,
piles, rheumatism, stiff joints lame back, etc.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of un onler of sule Issued ,y ju,.
HolHTtson. clerk of tin- cllsirirt. I'miri.
within und for Cass coll lit v. Neliruskii. mill lii
wc tlirectril. I will on tliu
Stb Day of March, A. D., 1904
at 2 o'clock p, ni of said day at the
south door of the court house. In the City
of IMiittsiiimitli, in said county, sell at public
auction, to the MKhcxt Milder for cash, the
nillnwintf real estate to-wlt:
ileslnnlnK at the northwest corner nf north-
east quarter of the northeast quarter of sec-
lion in lownsinp l- raiiKe IX east of the ttth
principal meridian In Cass county. Nehraska.
thesice rninsliiK south alonir the west line of
said tract t.sO and JHuu feet to a Inirr-onk
stake, thence north 'if denmn, 4i minutes east
rrom sain west tine mi and hu-iuu feet to the
north Hue of said tract, thence west alnnn
said north line 4!ti feet to the place of In'kIii-
iiinit. contatninK 3 ami Ni-nw acres more or
less. Kxcept from the first description herein
the following descrllied land, coumieiiclnir at
a point lit feet east of the northwest corner of
tliu northeast quarter of the northeast quar
ter of section 24, In townshiu li ran ire 13, Cass
county. Nehraska, thence rurnliiff south
tarallei with ine west line of said tract 174
'eet, thence east parallel with the north line
of said tract 44 feet thence north 174 feet
thence west 44 feet to the place of hcKlnnliiK
conlalnintf 1711-IUnUof an acre, which said des
cription has been released from the lien of
said innrtKiiKt). together with the privileges
and appurtenances thereunto lielonitiiiK or In
anywise apicrtalnlntr The same liolnir levied
uMnand taken as the property of Daniel
Iturrls, Nancy A. llurrls. John I). Tutt. Lloyd
I), ilennett, Margaret llennett, Artlu Al. Mor
row, as administratrix of the estate of Wil
liam Morrow, deceased. Ila.xter (.iirter. and
Mrs. Ita.xter Cnrter and the City of l'latts
mouth. Oc fendc nts to satisfy a judgment of
said court recovered by Anselmo 11, Smith,
plaintllf, against said defendants, l'latts
mouth, Nebraska, February 2nd., A. I.. Itm4.
Jr.KSB I,. Uoot. Sheriff. Cass Co., Neb,
rialnlllt's Attorney
Administration Notice.
A ty. Nebraska. In the matter of the estate
of Stephen M. lMivbuleccased. Mary M. Davis,
Troy L Davis, Frank .1. Davis and Searl S.
Davis, a minor, and all oilier persons Interest
ed In the estate of said deceased am hereby
notllled that upon the l."ili day of February,
A. D., m4. Frank J. Davis tiled In said court
his duly verified petition alleging among
other things that Stephen M. Davis died In
testate in said county on the Kith day of Keln
ruary. 11104, sel.ed and possessed of real and
personal estate situated In said county to lie
administered Uwn. The prayer of said pe
tition Is that the court apixilnt said Troy I.,
Davis as administrator of said estate. You
are notllled that a hearing will lie had upon
said petition at tliu county court room at
IMattsmuuth. Cass county, Nebraska, upon
the tilth day of March, Hurt, at II o'clock In
the forenoon, and If you full to appear at said
time and object to the pns-eedings the court
may itmmlnl Troy I.. Davis, or some other
suitable person administrator of said estate
und proceed to a settlement thereof.
Witness my hand and the seal of said court
at I'lallsmouili, tins i;iii nay of February, A.
I1AKV t.X 1. TKA VI!.
County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska I
County of Cass lM In the CotnUy Court.
In the matter of the. estate of Hubert Kuriies,
dis'eased :
TToTicr Is hereby given that the creditors of
said diseased will meet the administra
tor of said estate before me, county Judge of
Cass county. Nebraska, at the county court
room In l'lattsmouth, In said county and
state, on the Ititu day of March, loot, and on
nun nay oi rcpuimer. imn, at 1U:0U uTlorlc a,
m, eai'n uay, ror ine pursise or presenting
their claims for examination, adjust ment and
allowance. Six months are allowisl for Hip
creditors of said deceased to present their
claims, ami one year for the administrator to
settle said estate from the iOth day of March,
Witness my hand and seal of said county
court al riattsmotith, Nebraska, this 4th day
of February, imh. Haiivkv l. Tiiavih.
County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska, I
Cass County, f1 In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of llarton W. Har
mer, dis'eased,
TsJOTICKIs hereby given Unit llu creditors
of said decease! will meet tho adminis
trator of said estate, before me. County Judge
of Cass county. Nebraska, at tho county court
room In l'lattsmouth. In said count v. on the
14th day of April, 1IM. and on the Will day of
Septcmlier III o'clock a. in. .each day. for
the puriiose of presenting their claims for ex
amination, adjustment and allowance.
Six months are allowed for the creditors of
said dis'eased to present their claims, and one
year for the administrator to settle said es
tate, from the 12th day of March. IH04.
W Itness my hand and seal of said county
court, at I'lallsmouili, Nebraska, this Itiih
day of February, lii4.
County Judge,
Notice of Administration.
A Michael (I'Donohue. deceased. All persons
Interesiml In said estate are hereby notlllisl
that a petition has Mt n tiled In the County
Court of Cass county. Nebraska, alleging that
said dis'eased died leaving no last will ami
praying for administration iikiii his estate,
and that If they fall lonopear at said court
In Iheclty of riattsmoiiih, Nebraska, on the
loth day of March. I'l. at nine o'clock a.m.,
to (SMUest the said petition Hie our I may grant
the same and grant ailinlnlsl' atloiiof said es
tate toAsher Clark or sonic other suitable
m rson and proceed to a sclilcicert thereof,
tsi.l, II A It KY l. THAVIS.
County Judge,
i j
A box of tho lxsl inatclioM murio for
only U', at Oerlnijf S; IVh dniK store.
Wall Paper
I have just received my new
stock of Wall Paper.
Remember, our stock is all
new no paper left over from
last year.
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you what pretty patterns wc
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Geo. W. Gilman
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V Abstracts of Title V
Ji7oma5 Ualli.
OI'l'ICE-Anheuser-Hush Hlock.
I and
Removing of Household Goods a
Specialty. Also, Heavy
qk. maushalu
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OFFICE FiTZomtAt.n Hixick.'Iionk No. 8oit47
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furnlshirifr the people of l'latts
mouth and vicinity with
First Class Meats
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They have removed to the first room
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l?y courteous treatment to all they
hope to retain their present patrons
and gain many new ones.
( an Birth ReitrdUia of P,lc H
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I have just shipped in a couple of
car loads of ikkhI ;ill purpose horses and
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will trade for smaller horses for the
the southern market. Cull and see
horses at my farm.
Our January Business
Per cent, over our December, business of 1903
because the people arc becoming acquainted with our meth
j 0(ls ()f tloinff business, and find that wc represent nothing
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