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Miss Nellie Holmes, treasurer of the
Young Woman's Temperance Association
of Buffalo, N. Y., strongly advises all suf
fering women to rely, as she did, upon
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
"Deab Mrs. Piskitam : Your medicine la indeed an ideal woman'
medicine, and by far the best I know to restoro lost health and strength. I
suffered miserv for several years, beinp; troubled with monorrhagia. My back
ached, I had Iwarlng-down pains and frequent headaches. I would often
wake from restful sleep, and in Buch pain that I suffered for hours before I
could go to sleep spain. I dreaded the long nights as much as the weary days.
I consulted two different physicians, hoping to get relief, but, finding that
their medicine did not seem to cure me, I tried your Vegetable Compound
on the recommendation of a friend from the East who was visiting me.
" I am glad that I followed her advice, for every ache and pain is gone,
and not only this, but my general health is much improved. I have a fine
appetite and havo gained in flesh. My earnest advice to suffering women is
to put awuy nil other medicines and to take Lydia 13. Pinkham's Vcgo
taolo Compound." Miss Nellie Holmes, 540 No. Division St., Buffalo, N.Y.
Hiss Irene Crosby, prominent in Social Life in East
Savanah, Ga., adds her testimonial to the value
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
1 yV!t (
Remember that every woman Is cordially invited to write to
Mrs. Pinkham if there is anything about tier case or symptoms
she docs not understand. Mrs. Pinkham's address is Lynn, Mass.
Ilor advice is free, and is cheerfully given to any ailing woman
who asks for it.
FORFEIT I' ws cannot forthwith reduce the original letter! and ilgnitartiof
above toiUiaoulala, vrtuch will pror tholr abwilutn jienuineneaa.
Lydia E. I'lnkb-m Med. Co., Lyon, Mail.
W run ro you tnlrtctli-man profit bv linvlnir our
twn wrvhiiuM mil fceillnt; jmnln. Knit c ; iirln
tinihMt piKMihii. prlri- for your grklu ml tlm Ik.
H'nil tor our t Kht: "IlixikUit."
Finn-rV Cram and Live Slock Commiuton Cc.
?U Colony SiuldiOf. Ch'iAgo, 11).
P OHTAlll E anl drill anr di-fith,
by ilram or hum power.
Weehallrnfre cnmprtltlun.
4 tor t rw lllwtratra lalalnat Sa, 4.
Ckc.laut HI., W aMriKi, Ion.
(pit rr iw eoLLapsmi. ti-bih)
A vbatitute for and superior to niu-taid 0r any
oihi-r plaster, and will not blistor tho mint
dchrato akin. The rain allnyina and curativf.
Tinlitics of thil article an womlcifu!. It will
i ip llie loniharhe at onre, nnd rrlirrn head
ache and sciaui a. e rorommrnd it an tlip l.i-st
and ufet exirrnal c ountfr irritant knonn. aUo
at an external lumpily for pains in tho chtt
and tniuach and ail iheumatic, ncuinliiic and
i iiyroniplitinit. A trial will prove nhat r
rlaini fot it. jnd it will ho fmnd to in.alu
alilo in thi household. Many penplo any "it is
I'ic betl of all your prepaiaiioni." I'tire 13
cnit, at all dnismMs or oilier dealers, or bv
tenilmg this amount to us in po3tagetnmi-e
wilU:nd ou a tube by mail. No aiticle auould
be acrepted by the public tinlesi thj time
cirnea our label, as otherwise it i not .-nuine.
cnusr.nuoi oH mpo. co.,
n State Street, Nw Vok Cut.
Looking for a Home?
Than why not keep In view the
fact that the farming lands of
to vi8h irtit to -up port population of 50 000,000
ot nvn ? Ttv imnuiiation far ihe lit eait
liu btcn pheuonional.
FREE Homsstiad Lands
tfrMilil8, while other nnv be pnr
ftuvti fiom Hailwav and 1 and Coinpmii, The
tram anf gtartnc lantU at rtfrn Catiala aif the
bt oil (hi continent, pioiluring thn hmt irnin,
anj caitla ifeJ on iia alone) teaily fur nuikct.
Urlt't, hrlinoU. Ilttllwuya ttml all othrr
ronl(tlona rttakft Vratvrn nKl mi rnl
UI ot for th rttlr.
WfiitoSuprtintenilfnt Immlcrattnn.Otuwa.Can
U ( u a tlftM tiptivt AtU andoilirt iitfui ihutioti.
nt to the amltonetl an;idian t iovprnnicnt Ak iu
W. V. ItrnretU H Nuw Lift IluilUmg.
Omaha. StU.
Pfal Dlrarlwilh
Maulartu r r
and Savt Honev
Cur la Itif lit. Trier i lir-mm it, lmini lrt
i-.n-. If Ih i-rr of all i'rtrtu auaranlif(t. McL'ttit
fanij an! f"Mi Iri'i' ti'n-l f-r r'ai.-iMii. A.(r,
AOaK J. KK01.L CO., Kra Baiidmc. Chirac.
W. N. U.. Omaha.
No. 101904
When Aniwerlng Advertlaementa
Kindly Mention Thit Paper.
i Eth
M o.,li Kjnip. TwinUI. t'e f"l
In tlm h rtrt,pUta 11
" .-C i lift-
- "sv - . - .7
- t H i. 1
Pear Mns. Finkiiam : " It always gives
mc pleasure to find an article of real value
and unquestioned merit. I have found
Lydia 13. Pinklinm's Vcuetublo Coin
pound well calculated to relieve and cure
the various troubles arising i. jia irregulari
ties nnd menstrual pains.
"Much (suffering could be 6parcd if wo
only paid more attention (o proper living end
diet, but as long as women do net do this,
your Vegetable Compound has como to
the front as a true friend in need. I have
been very pleased indeed with the relief it
has brought mc. I find that I havo perfect
health now, nnd that my mind is also more
clear and active since I used your Vege
table Compound. It has been of great
benefit to me, and I gladly recommend it.
Very sincerely yours, Miss Irene Crosby,
313 East Charlton St, East Savannah, Ga."
cprnc rln,t n,,,'r
Marbluhead, Muaa,
Z. Cigar better Quality than most 10! Cigars
iour Jotiber or direct (mm Jactory, 1'eorla, IV
Remember thij whenoubuy Vet
We&ther Clothing and look for the
name TOWER on the buttons.
fa This sin and this name have stood
for the DE5T during sixty-jeven
IfDur dealer will not supply ou write for
free catalogue of black or eiiow water
proof oiled coats, slickers, suits, hats, and
horse poods for all kinds cf wet work.
aotTON.HAis. v .. ' 3IGN i L.. s,
3.SS 43 SHOES Bi
U . Ti. )oiislit
pflor linvo by thrlr
Fxrrllfiit style.
Msy-flltlnn;, ii nil
nuporlor Monrln
(IlilllltlOH, bcIiIcvimI
thn liai'Ki'Ht oalo of
nny nl iocs in the
Tln-y uro Just on cool
tliose that oust yon.
4 to 8.1 tho only
uiioroiK'o Is tlio price.
Sold Cinrywhtrt.
lAHk for tiBino ai"
lirii'e on liottnin.
:, - " - ivj". ' it
Lnllakln, which larvervw lirre coih imIi'iI to
tlie tlnrat Pntent l,-ltifryrt .n..liiril.
nif Valor Cii'lm w. Shwahrniail.fur.rilra.
Writ for Catalog. H.L.Uoualaa, Urot ktoa.llaae.
MARCH lat and 15th.
From St. Louis ftnd Kanun City, $19.00
From ChicflRO, S25.0O
From Dm Moines, I0.9)
From Cinclnnntl, $20.40
From liHlionapolis, $20. B5
Tirkft- arr fnvt rlas ami pnnit top rtvira
nn coih( ttip. aouth of Wnnlvir. M-.. wnlnn
IfMtitit limit uf 15 rttul limt. 1 ilava
fit'ni ilate nf ale. Nrrr bffie h thete
lrrn m h a chalirr to r tli Southwell in all
il !mprtitv. (nr-mav. arfnnit -rlas tif Vt
mil Id aaiiie tUw at a rrtlu r-i rjit". Nrver
Vb'Hiti will the Ml' pp t
(,0 NOW- I oi iattii utaia,
wiite or rail en
. r. a .
KN4V Blrlff. 8t. Louts, Mo.
CL'RUS catarrh of the stomach. '
Child's Sacque and Kimono.
I.OOSS aacquog that ran be slipped
on at t moniont's notice are always
In demand for the wee folk, who must
be kept warm. The little sacque and
k I mono Illustrated are quite different
In effeet. but eaih serves Its purpose
admirably. The saique Is made of
white cashmere wllli trimming of lace
Insertion and frills and the kimono
of pale blue flannel embroidered with
French knots, hut both are suited to
a variety of materials.
Tuo sacque is made with fronts and
back that are pathcred an J attached
to a shallow joke. At the neck edge
is a big round collar that falls well
over the shoulders nnd the sleeves aro
full nnd ample, gathered Into wrist
bauds. The kimono is made in one
piece wliiili Is so shaped as to form
sleeves w Uc.l tied toset'aer at the open
Tho quantity of material required
3 S 9-J
0 VS 1 ''3.
4650 t'lilld's Soi qiiP anil Kimono,
6 mm. 1, 2 mill 4 yours,
for the inailium size (2 years) Is for
sacque 1 yards "1 inches wide,
yard 22 or Vt yards 44 Inches wide,
with 4 yards of insertion and C yards
of edging to trim as Illustrated; for
kimono 1 yard 27 Inches wide or ?a
yards 32 or 41 Inches wide.
The pattern, 4650. Is cut in sizes Tor
children of ti months, 1, 2 and 4 years
of age.
The New Wide Girdle.
Girdles are becoming more com
plex as they widi-n. Some that close
In back taper off Into ends that ex
tend down Ihe skirt and end In fringe
or like dangle. Some of these go away
to the hem; others not far from the
waist line.
Boy's Blouse Knickerbocker Suit.
No costume yet devised takes the
place of the blouse suit for the grow
ing boy. It allows perfect freedom
for the active limbs and is becoming
and tasteful at the
same time that It
is ideally comfort
able. Tills one Is
made of bhie serge
stitched with tor
ticelll silk and is
as servicable as it
is attractive, but
there aro a va
riety of materials
from which to
choose. With the
coming of warm
weather washable
46D5 Doy's Knicker
bocker Suit,
4 to 10 yrs.
fabrics will be In vo-rue and for flie
cooler days all the ligtit weight wools
are appropriate.
The suit consists of blouse and
knickerbockers The blouse is shaped
by means of shoulder and under-arm
seams and finished with tucki at the
front, which give the effect of a wide
box plait, while its lower edge is
drawn up by means of elastic Inserted
In tho hem. Tho sleeves are box
plaited and finished with straight
cuffs. At the neck is a turn over col
lar. The knickerbockers are the reg
ulation ones that arc opened at tha
sides and drawn up by means of elas
tic beneath tho knees.
The quantity of material required
for the medium size (S years) is STi
yards 27 inches wide, 2-i yards 44
inches wide or 2', yards 52 inches
The pattern, 4655, Is cut in sizes
for boys of 4, C, 8 and 10 years of age.
Tucked Waist.
Tucks of all widths, in all combina
tions make a notable featuer of the
best and latest waists and aro shown
to advantage In the fashionable soft
and pliable fabrics. This smart model
shows them used most effectively and
is susceptible of
various tratmonts
that render it elab
orate or simple as
desired. As illus
trated it is made
of ivory loul.siiio
silk with trim
mill g of lace in
sertion and Is
adapted to theater
and afternoon oc
3'r Vt :
4GG3 Turkcd WuW,
32 to 40 bint.
casions, but with bishop sleeves and
without the trimming, ns shown In tho
small cut, It becomes a simple waist
suited to morning and homo wear and
to the many cotton, linen and wool
walstinps of the season, Tho taper
ing vest front, outlined with box
plaits, gives admirable lines whatever
the treatment may bo and tho fronts
and back, tucked to yoke depth, pro
vide the fulness below that is to be
notwl on many of the advnnce models.
Tho waist is made over a lilted
foundation, that can he used or omit
ted as material may determine, and
consists of fronts, back and vest
front. Tin? vest front Is without fill
r.ivs but both fronts and back form
folds below the tucks anil the fronts
blouse becomingly ov.rr the belt. The
Pradrs of Mill paper ean neouro any May
Manum pattern Mint rntrd ubovo bv tllliiiRout
ill blanks lu coupon, anil miiilliii', nun luci'uiv
to K. K, Harrison & Oo..(V I'lynmuib l'luoo, Chi
cago, rutun u will bo mulled promptly.
Name ...
Tattcrn No
Walsl Mcsur (If for aittrt)
Bunt MrutiTiMtf for wnlt! .,
As (if clilld'ior mln pattern) ....
Writ plainly. Kill out all blank. Knrlne
100. Mill to E. E. lUirliunlt Co.,tinjiuuio
Place. Chlrj.
sleeves can be In bell shape, tucked
above the elbows, over full soft puffs,
or In bishop style and are finished at
the wrists with novel cuffs. At tha
neck Is a stock with a pretty pointed
cravat that is crossed at the center
The quantity of material required
for the medium sie is 5T4 yards 21
Inches wide, h yards 27 inches wide
or 34 yards 44 inches wide, with Hi
yards of chiffon for pulls wheu double
sleeves aro used.
The pattern, 4653. is cut In sizes for
a 32, 34, oil, "S and 41' inch bust measure.
Sectional Tucked Skirt.
Triple skirts are shown in many of
tho newest costumes and are greatly
liked for all the pretty soft fabrics in
ftyle. This one Is made of foulard,
amethyst color with figures of black
and white, stitched
with black cortl
celli silk, and is
charmingly grace
ful, but Is adapted
to tho entire rang
of seasonable ma
terials, cotton and
linen as well as
silk and wool, and
is peculiarly do- 46E4 SwtlonnU'u. k.
sirahle for border- ed Skirt, 12 to 20
ed goods and tho ulst
washublo fabrics which it Is always
well to cut straight nt the lower edge.
Tho tucked upper portion Is fitted
smoothly over tho hips but allowed to
fall in folds below and tho center and
lower portions give graceful lines that
harmonize therewith.
Tho skirt consists of the three por
tions, all of which aro straight at the
lower edges. The upper portion Is
left plain at the front but Is tucked at
sides and back while the center and
lower portions aro gathered a', their
upper doges. Each section is finished
with a hem :.nd beneath those of tho
upper and center portions the Joinings
are made. When preferred the tucks
at tho belt can be omitted and the ful
ness arranged in gathers.
Tho quantity of material required
for the medium sizo Is ll'.i yards 21
Inches wide, 8 yards 27 Inches wide
5yards 44 Inches wide or 4 V4 Yards
52 Inches wide.
he pattern 4654 is cut In sizes for
a'22, 21, 2G, 28 and 3H inch waist meas
ure. Trim and Pretty Girdles.
Dead bells have hud their day but
artistic creations of the kind from
abroad are always an fait. The nar
row patent leather belt that was so
undeniably trim and stylish has been
banished, and tho broad belt of soft
leather or suede has taken its place.
The broad bells are unbecoming to
tho average woman, they are very
expensive and call for high-priced
buckles that can never be used for'
any other belt. One of tho best of
Ibeui is of soft suede in a pale pray.
It crushes almost as easily as a satin,
and therefore aconuuodates itself nice
ly to the figure. Uroad red leather
belts look well worn under s'.iort Eton
Illuminated Leather Novelties.
"Illuminated leather" table mats
and spreads are taking the plate of
thofiirnt leather novelties which havo
been so popular. Some rich effects
are obtained by this new method of
decoration, which is far handsomer
than anything ever devised by the py
rogapher. The work is done by the
use of a stencil and 'he decoration is
in the embossed slyle.
One of the most (decant table mats
is circular in shape and about thirty
six Inches In diameter. It is of dark
brown leather and has a llreclan
scroll border In gold, with raised Iri
descent figures above It. As the light
r ,
..A.. . J7
mm mm.
." :- .;
" '
I.lnen, with bunds of Ilulgarlnn em
bnildery, makes the smm-test of all
smart ninterlals for shirt waists. Tho
excellent model shown Is made of
white linen eiiimine with bands of tho
same material embroidered by hand,
all the linen fabrics, colored as well
as white, are In vogue and woven
bandings, similar lu color nnd design
to the embroidered ones ran be ob
tained. The waUt Is tucked to give a
yoke effect at the front and to form a
V at the bark and Includes ihe favor
ite sleeves of the season that" are snug
falls on the mat the latter appears to
be illuminated, hence the name.
Alcohol added to tho Ice wntrr In
which coM compresses aro dipped will
make these much more cillcaclous.
Where cold cloths are applied to the
head or throat they should be as light
as possible. Muslin or cheesecloth
makes the best compress.
Nuts are said to make a great Im
provement In chicken salad. A cup of
English walnut meats to n cup of
celery cubed and one of chicken also
cut iu cubes is tho proper proportion
An easy way to keep enamel sauce
pans, pie dinltes, etc., clean: Take a
small piece of emery cloth, damp it
and rub all soiled parts; rinse well
first in soapy, then In clean water,
when they will be found quite spotless
and quite new.
Put u gill of cream, well salted, into
a strong, damp cloth; tie it up tightly
and bury it in the earth, well cover
ing it ; leave all night, and in tha
morning take it up, and yuu will have
a lump of nice, stiff cream checao.
Press it into a nice shape and decorato
with parsley.
Loose, belted back coats are very
fashionable for walking suits.
Tho drooping shoulder line !s mast
fashionably imperative at present.
Tiny ruches, now a very smart
trimming feature, is an old fashion
Tho passing of the long coat by
spring is confidently predicted by
fashion wisacres.
Tho prevalent Idea In dress just
now is to have everything loose and
Unfiles such as wore In stylo In 1830
now trim the skirts of the smart
house gown.
Newer by far than either tucks or
shil lings are tho old timo gaugiugs
and sniockings.
A feature, wholly new, upon the
coats of tailor gowns for dress wear
is the high girdle. '
Except for strictly rough-and-ready
gowns the swagger sleeve is almost
two-thirds laco.
A strip of carpet glued to a piece of
wood will remove mud from boots
quickly and without the slightest in
jury to leather, and U far bitter than
the usual brush.
When pouring hot fruit Into a glass
dish place tho laiter on a wet cloth.
This prevenis any eha.ieo of the glass
cracking, which would otherwise bo
very likely to happen.
When bottling pickles or ketchup
it is a good plan to boil the corks,
and while hot press them tightly Into
the botibs, so that when thty aro
cold they are tightly sealed.
Milk rinses off bottles and glasses
easily if these are dipped in wn'.er as
soon as emptied. They nre not clean,
but they will clean all the easier when
the time i'iiiiii s.
.... '' J-
' . . f . I ' .':r ;
, I 11 ' . V'Y
':'."". -y
' ' ''
f ? . . .
.. ' :
at the shoulders and form full puffs
below the elbows. Tho front edge 1
finished with a regulation box'
over which the banding Is applied, sr
thnt the design heroines suited to i
plain waii-t as will as to a trimmc.
nun. The (illil lit 11 V of 111 II t cr lilt lenulr
ed for a woman of medium sle Is 41'
yards 21. .1 4 yards 2. or 2'4 yards 4
Inches wide with 2'4 nrds of banding'
2'-j Inches wide to trim ns Illustrated.
A May Manton pntiorn, No. 4617,
sizes 32 to 4' will bo mailed to any
address on receipt of ten cents.
Practicing Physician 1 recogni;t tha unfailing reliability of Doan's Kidney Pills by Pr.
scribing than lor Backache, Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Disorders -a tribute woe
by no other Proprietary Medicine, Four cues cited front "Notes ol His Practice," by
Dr. Leland Williamson, ol Yorktown, rk.
Fostb-mii.burn Co.. Fuffalo. N. Y. Yorktowk, Ark., Mar. 1, 1104.
Gcntltmen: have been cnnageJ in the practice of medicine ia this
section tor ten years. This 13 a wry sickly climate, on the Bayou l'ar
tholomew, near tho Arkansas River. It is particularly malarious and
miasmatic; we meet with many and various abnormal conditions of the
human family, prominent among the cases in which I have been called
upon to prescribe ii kidney disease. Many of these disorders manilest
themselves by pains in the back, often extending to other parts of the
body; sometimes headache is present, caused byuramicor chronic utic
acid poisoning, soreness in region of kidneys, cloudy, thickened and
foul-smelling urine, discharges of pus or corruption; intlammation o the
kidneys, extending to the bladder, is caused by excess of utic acid and
decomposition of tho urine. Hemorrhage is sometimes met with, caused
by high state of inllammation or congestion.
There is no class of diseases a doctor is called oftener to treat than
the variety of kidney diseases, in many of which the patient will have
chillscrrigors, followed by fever, a result of the kidneys failing toelir.i
inato the uricacid poison from the system. Such cases retjuiio thekid
nevs restored to their natural functions, then the poison nnd foreign sub
stances are removed thocl; to the nervous system averted, and tiatmal
health restored.
I have, for some time, been using Doan's Kidney Tills in these many
manifestations nnd with uniform success, curing most cases. 1 ran
further sav that even in hopeless rases where they have wailed too long,
Doan's Kidney Tills a'loul much relief and prolong life. I caniecoin d the pills in conditions of excessive or deficient secretion of mine,
as also in convalescence from swamp-fever and malarial attaiks, as
verified by the following cases in my practice.
Th os. Orhi.i., near. Ark., age (in.
Tain in back for seveial weeks, then
chills, irrpgulnr sometimes, severs
ritfois followed by fever, (lave pood
purgative of calomel nnd padnph,
and Doan's Kidney Tills. After
taking four Ihixos of thn pi'Is, patient
up and enjoying good health for una
of his age.
Mrs. Smith, Tarry, Ark., age I"),
mother of four children. Had lemals
complaint and kidney trouble, mani
fest by pain in back and urine irregu
lar; sometimes very clear, changing
to cloudy, and with much sediment
on standing in chamber. Gave local
treatment for female complaint and
prescribed Doan's Fills; after using
six boxes aha regards herself as
These are a few of the typical cases in w hich I have used Doan's Kid
ney Pills. In a great many instances I use them alone with curative
results, while with some others indicated remedies are associated.
I believe that by the judicious use of Doan's Pills many serious com
plications are arrested and many hopeless and incurable cases of Pi i'ht's
disease prevented.
I have often found that one boK of the pills is all that is required to
effect a cure, but in some cases I continue their use until all symptoms are
entirely absent and the cure effectual and permanent. Yours truly,
A free trialof tbis grrat KidneTund Mad . "O -)
iter Specific ran bo obtained bymMiettMnf f 6 sv-r O
FtntrrMilburn Co.. liuHalo. N. V. Tha qU , &tstf OCCOUsry ,
rrsular aie 50 cent? rer boi, If not for v
tale br your druf eibtor dealer, will be ; ent V r A
by inail,cb!e prepaid, on receipt of yncs. XORKTOWN, ARC
PI I 1 11 II I 1 1 P II II H Ml
: i n-i-iin-i-rM-iTir ,.-T, - rn-nai-...' it.r,, mumi ih-iMi frfr. ankntn --a is, ,
It Ij the purest cleanest starch made.,,
It is free of injurious chemicals.
It can be used where ordinarily you would be afraid
to use starch of any kind.
That's Defiance. Your grocer sells it
Facloiy Loaded Smokeless Powder Shells.
It's not sentiment Wm
tiwi iu.UiW(3 illHl TT1UKCO it 10
most Intelligent and succesaful shots shoot Winchester
f actory Loaded Shotgun Shells. It's the results they
give. It a their entire reliability, evenness of partem and
uniform shooting. Winchester "Leader" shells.load
ed with smokeless powder, are the best loaded shells on
the market. Winchester Repeater" shells loaded with
smokeless powder are cheap in price but not In quality.
I ry either of these brands and you will be well pleased.
Bo sure to get Winchester Factory Loaded shells.
I'm tins one's ir.otiiuer to the wheel
may bruise and hurt, but It works Its
own sold cure.
Pl.'TNAirFAlil'Mi'RSS I) YRS pro
dnro tho brlRhtoHt and fustest colors.
Faro oil tlilnRs; even Adversity Is
polite to a man's fare. Jonh Hilling:).
Cheap Excursions to the South.
On February If), March 1 and 15,
the Kansas City Southern railway will'
offer to tho public tho extremely low
rate of $10.00 for tho round trip to all
pnlnts on thn Port Arthur Itouto, )a
eluding Honuniunt, Port Arthur, Lnko
Clmrlos, Slireveport, Texarkann, Fort
Smith, Menu. Do Quern and all lntor
modiato points. Tlio return limit or.
thrsn tlrkrtu will to twrnty-nno tlaya
from date of rnle, with stnpovrr prlvl
li'gcs nt all points south of Knnsiu
City on thn Rolng trip. Any Informs
lion desired by tho public rrlatlvo to
thr rhrnp oxcursions will bo chnor
fully furnlahril upon application to s.
G. WarniT, G. P. and T. A., Kausp
.City, Mo,
Buowm Pars, Wynne, Ark., ,-;
21. Had severe ease of malarial
bo-malaria or swamp fever, (iavo
necessary liver medii ine.calomel and
pa.loph, ami morph.-sulph., to re
lieve pain, and ordered Doan's Pills
(or tho high slato of congestion and
inflammation of Ihe kidneys. He-t-overy
resulted in two weeks. Pre
scribed Doan's Kidney Pills, to be
continued until the kidneys wets
thoroughly strengthened and all pain
in back subsided.
Elijah Fixiott, Tarry, Ark.,
age 34. Tain in back and legs and
haailac he. Uric-acid poisoning, pre
scribed Doan's Kidney Tills. After
taking several boxes pain subsided
urine became normal, or natural,
and patient able to resume his work.
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