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Ml J riiilnlliK :ltk" lo r-al t-Matv H npr-UI-Ijr.
Work pmiorly dune a l timriff
!; K.tnit it and . ."' Ouml
lliilldln. Ltv.T Court MiiU!. rUUMiKiulh.
WURL & 1
The Up-to-Date
Ilere you can get anything 1
kept nt a firbt-clnsa grocery X
store, and at prices to suit the
timos. Finest lino of
Canned Goods I
on the mnrkot. Don't fail to
call on fiom for anything in
"the grocery lino. Everything
fresh from the markets.
Don't allow money to lie around. It
is easier to spend It and easier
to lose It.
tj keeping It In a safo place such as
of Cass County
a check for any part of
ind so have a receipt
lout asking for one.
a hank account you
i,dd to It rather than
'on linn wnnf fr '
know more awJut it
- yu , nmiu
Independent Cigar
SiaUenfrrfiComrmrlson In Quality
""SI uorkuiuusiuu
R moving of Household Goods a
Specialty. Also, Heavy
Bee Hive Restaurant,
Main Street
COURT nousE.
Meala at all hours. Special at
tention to tho farmer patrons. The
tables nro supplied with tho best
tho markets atlord.
JOHN COREY, Proprietor.
I'lutlittnoutli ; I Neliniska.
Probate, Commercial Law, Real
Estate Litigation
and foreclosureof mortgagesa specialty
orriCEt ' Piattsmoutn,
'Waterman Block Nebraska
Jotk t No
ni- JOfflCOlO
Jtn. riionw lwn m
y In ise sausage grinders wd
- John liauer's.
Weeping Water
KMtu th 111 rn!J.
It Is reported that a little rei paint
was spread one nilit last week.
Mrs. Frank Baldwin and Mrs. J. V.
Lehman have Wen on the sick list the
past week. Crip and colds seem to U
the prevailing malady.
F. V. Race came up faun Kansas
City Saturday evening. Mrs. Uace
has Wen (juite sick the past few days
with a hard cold audthroat trouble."
W. V. Powell is con lined to his
room the result of a fall last week. He
has Wen subject to dizzy spells and
fell from the top of the stairs down to
the foot.
Tuesday morning at aWut 11 o'clock
Mrs. Anna McDonald passed away.
Her sickness has Wen of loon duration,
her disease Wine consumption. The
funeral will W held Thursday at '2
m., at the M. K. Church.
Sam Wart was down from Lincoln
several days last week taking care of
his father who is very poorly. Mr.
Wart is quite old which is the elder
cause of his weakened condition.
F. K. Miller, Evangelist, of Chicago,
commenced a series of meetings at the
M. E. Church Monday night. Mr.
Miller is a noted worker and splendid
singer, and no doubt his-week's work
here will be blessed with making many
more conversions.
C Mrs. II. Wlnchell fell on some ice
Saturday,! and fractured her wrisr-.
Not lone ago Mr. Winchcll fell and
hasiheen laid up ever since, so they
arc both disabled. It Is hard lines for
these people and we hope they will
soon W able to W up and doing.
This Wednesday evening at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. P. P. Pcckham of Avoca, occurs
the marriage of Mr. IJeese Hutchins
to Miss Mabel Pcckham. I!ev. Joseph
Jlennet will pronounce the words unit
ing the lives of these young people.
The bride and groom to be will reside
on the Hutchins' farm.
The school board of l'lattsmouth
has re-elected Prof. E. L. House to
serve as superintendent another year
and Increased his salary iMiif), making
$1,000. The Professor's friends here,
and especially the teachers, will be
pleased to know that he will remain
in Cass county. Mr. House is bound
to advance though and will be found
some day at the top of the ladder in
school work.
From tlm Kepublleiin.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sar
gent, a son on Tuesday, Feb. Oth.
Mrs. C. V. Hay was confined to her
bed for several days last week w ith a
severe attack of the grip.
Mrs. Jas. Carper went to Hancroft
last week to visit her brother, Josiali
Tighc and family.
Mrs. George Towle, jr., and little
daughter and Miss Maud AY Hson went
1 in1 T o HP.irtc An n t
t ir11 Mlv tl1"1 vu iu ti uu L
wedding ca friend.
Friend01" E- L. Rouse, in this vi
cinity, v'l uc pleased to learn that he
has bee1 re-elected superintendent of
the pi;ifsinonth schools and that his
salary s been raised from $1,.'5,10 to
$l,r.ooAer year.
W Powell met with a painful
accintonc night last week. While
coiJng down stairs from his room over
H'-hlngs' cigar factory, he cither
fintcd or got dizzy, causing him to
ill. lie was found in an unconscious
onditlon at the foot of the stairs by
passers by who carried him to his
room and summoned assistance.
Mrs. Anna Greenfield McDonald,
wife of A. J. McDonald, died at her
home in this city, Tuesday, Feb., I), at
11 o'clock a. m. of consumption, aged
50 years. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald
were among the early settlers of Weep
ing Water, they were married here
and have lived here ever since.
I. M. Ward, living live miles west of
town has let the contract for reducing
Into lumber, some sixty thousand feet
of standing cottonwood timber. The
portable saw mill w ill be set up in his
grove where most convenient to the
work. Something like thirty five years
ago S. R. Smith, the former owner of
the Ward farm planted this grove in
the "Great American Desert." Many
of the t rees are very large and will pro
duce a line quality of lumber which
Mr. Ward olTers for sale at the mill for
$14 per thousand feet.
Another Case of Rheumatism Cured
by Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
Theelllcacy of Chamberlain's Pain
Palm in the relief of rheumatism is
being demonstrated daily. Parker
Trlplett, of Grlgsby, Va., says that
Chamberlain's Pain Halm gave him
permanent relief from rheumatism in
the back when everything else failed,
and he would not be without It, For
sale by all druggists.
From the Courier.
Miss Jessie Jones Is reported iiiite
sick with the mumps.
J.T. Evans of South Mend Is at Al
paso, Texas, on account of the Illness
of his son.
Mrs. J. D. Ferguson and daughter
Fern spent Sunday In Council ItlulTs
with friends.
A little daughter of E. F. Iladdon
had one of Its lingers badly mashed
Friday by getting It caught In the cog
wheels of a washing machine.
JohnSchoman was at Council HlulTs
last Saturday where he went to pur
chase an Ottawa corn sheller with a
capacity of per day.
C. A. Rlchey and wife and John
Ossonkopp and son Fred left Wednes
day for a two weeks' trip through the
South. They will make their first
stop at St. Louis where they will visit
the world's fair grounds, aud then pro
ceed to Now Orleans whore they hope
to forget all about the zero weather of
Nebraska and bask for a few days In
the. warm rays of the sun.
A. 1. Fribble, former foreman of
the Weeping Water Republican, was
in town this week v. siting his parents.
He left Thursday for Hot Springs, S.
D., where he has a like position. .
Local physicians are kept on the go
night and day. The changable
weather of the past two weeks has
Wen very hard on children and many
are reported on the sick list.
An Early Riser.
A strong, healthy, active constitu
tion depends largely on the condition
of the liver. The famous little pills
known as DeWltt's Little Early Risers,
not only cleanse the system tuft they
strengthen the action of the liver and
rebuild the tissues supporting that
organ. Little Early Risers are easy to
act, they never gripe and yet they are
absolutely certain to produce results
that are satisfactory in all cases. Sold
by F. !. Flicked Co.
Krontlie LoditiT.
Mrs. 1. X. Applegate returned homo
la.'.t Saturday from Vlllisca, la., where
s'ie had been called by the Illness and
death of her sister.
Glen Douge mourns the loss of a
tine new overcoat which some lazy,
worthless cuss stole from his room,
and the very next day It turned so
cold that Glen almost prayed for the
ret urn of his overcoat.
Mrs. Eliza Rarnum, who has been
very ill at Peru the past few weeks,
was able to come home Wednesday
evening, accompanied by Miss Ida
Gregg, who has attended her during
her illness. Mrs. Hamum Is still very
weak, but a few days' rest and home
surroundings will no doubt be of great
benefit and hasten her complete re
Horn July 10, 1802, in Liberty pro
duct, Cass County, Neb: died at 5:30
p. m., Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1U04, at
her home one mile northeast of Union.
Nebraska. Deceased was the, wife of
Jas. M. Rarkhurst, and her death came
as a sad and unexpected blow, not
only to the husband, but to all the
relatives and many friends. A slight
attack of la grippe three weeks ago
was her first illness, followed by com
plications that baflled the skill of the
physicians. She grew much worse last
Sunday, and from that time she failed
rapidly until death came to her re
lief Wednesday evening.
Nebraska City was the scene of an
other wedding of Union young people,
Joseph W. Peden and Miss Lena Beck
ner being married there on Monday by
Judge Golf. They returned Monday
evening from Nebraska City, and we
are informed that they will make their
home on a farm in this vicinity. The
bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James Ileckner, and Is a well known
and popular young lady, highly es
teemed by many friends. Mr. Peden
is an industrious young farmer who
has lived in this neighborhood for
several years, and has many friends
who extends hearty congratulations
and wish them abundance of happl
ness and prosperity.
Nearly Forfeits His Life.
A runaway almost ending fatally.
started a horrible ulcer on the leg of
J. 1!. Orner, Franklin Grove, 111. For
four years it defied all doctors and all
remedies. Rut Rucklen's Arnica Salve
had no trouble to cure him. Equally
good for Ilurns, Rrulses, Skin Erup
tions and Piles. 25c at F. C. Frlcke
& Co's drug store.
From tho Lender-Echo.
Our venerable postmaster was on
the siek list last week.
The wolf hunt Monday resulted in
the death of 00,000,000 wolves.
Deitrich Myer. living seven miles
southeast of town, has been quite sick
with the grip the past week.
A nine and one-half pound boy was
born to Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Roseno,
Thursday of last week.
Sister Salvatora of Denver, Colo., is
visiting at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. llickcrt.
Uncle Johnny Kunz is quite sick
with the grip.
Geo. Kuntz was seriously ill a few
days last week. He is much better
at this writing.
Win. Busier of Sterling, is sky-looking
about town this week. He ex
pects to move to Elmwood about the
tlrst of March. "There's no place like
About twenty-live members of the
I'anlc-l llnch Club convened at the
modern home of Mr. John Gonzales on
Friday evening of last week to com
pete for the honors to be given to the
progressive flinch players. John Sto
pherand Miss Towle won first prize.
Promptly at eleven o'clock a very
unique and up-to-date two course lun
cheon was served by tho amiable Miss
Llllie, with the assistance of her
brother. All present voted her mas
ter of delicacies en case. The spacious
and well equipped Interior of their
beautiful farm residence added much
to the pleasure of all present. All ex
pressed gratitude to the host and
hostess for being so royally entertained
and at an early hour In the a. m., the
guesls departed to meet in one week
with Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoover.
Do You Want a Farm?
170 acres of good land In Cass county
for sale. Call on or address, Henry
Ponat, riattsinoiilh, Neb.
A. 1.1. " 1:
' A
I1 mJi 'M
From tho Keulster.
Mr. Wm. Tucker has been on the
sick list for nearly a week, and is bet
ter now.
Mrs. J- M. Stone came home from
the sanitarium at Lincoln last Friday
night. She is feeling quite well again
and we hope the cure may be per
manent. Mrs. Parker, wife of Ira Parker, liv
ing on Mr. Wolph's farm, died of con
sumption on Tuesday, leaving a hus
band and four children. Funeral ser
vices were held Thursday and the In
terrment was made at Avoca.
Mrs. I. G. Reynolds is down from
York visiting relatives. She says Dick
has had work at his trade every day
since they moved out there. They
like the country, except for the wind,
which blows almost constantly.
Some time ago Mrs. V. P. Sheldon
noticed lumps beginning to grow on
the base of her neck and shoulder.
They continued to grow in size, and
she went to Lincoln last week and had
them, a half dozen, removed.
John Murdock received last week a
letter from a sister who is 84 years old,
and whom he had not heard from for
fifteen or twenty years, and whom he
has not seen for fifty-six years. She Is
living in Kansas, and Is keeping house
and is quite spry and lively. She di
rected the letter to Mt. Pleasant, but
Nchawka received it.
G. W. Harshman, sr., and son Floyd,
went out to Oregon this winter on a
prospecting tour, and fell In love with
the country. Their land Is mostly for
sale and will invest the proceeds in
Oregon lands. It must be a very fine
country out there to Induce the Harsh
mans to leave Nebraska. We prophesy
they will get sick of Oregon lieforc a
year rolls around.
From tho Kuwrprlie.
Most all the sick In this neighbor
hood arc reported improving.
W. F. Hartsook lias sold his com to
Iowa parties for feeding purposes.
Earl Hocnshell, the night operator
at the B. & M., S layed up with the
T. F. Bethel has sold Ills two and a
half acre tract of town property to
Isaac Amick.
J. S. Stradley of Keyl, O. T., Is here
visiting relatives for a week. Re was
a former Greenwood citizen.
Wm. II. Hurlbut aud wife expect to
leave Saturday for a month's visit in
Iowa with relatives and friends.
It is not very good politics to slipup
on the people and get something out
or them by surprise or deceit that they
do not want to give. They know a
thing or two.
V. D. Conn and Ralph Morris re
turned Saturday from an extended
visit at their old homes In Marlon,
Ind., and Cincinnati. Ohio, respective
ly. They rcrvH having a grd time
a if .
lto-".':'-t 1 . S V
: .):'.
and visited many places where tliey
had roamed duringtheir boyhood days.
Word was received that Miss' Ger
trude Spencer who left Greenwood
aljout six years ago was married in
Missouri Wednesday.
Little Lcland, the Infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. Chester Coleman, died at
Geneva, Saturday, Feb. (ith. aged eight
Spci iul CorroponilpiNv.
Mr. Hill of South Bend, was the
guest of Avoca friends several days
last week.
E. G. Copes, of Cook, was here last
Thursday and Friday visiting his son,
Ora E. Copes.
Ficd Gallner trained to Nebraska
City Friday.
Miss Etta Gordon, who has been
very sick the past week, is convalesc
ing. Dr. Ah Sam, of Leavenworth, Kas.,
was the guest of M. M. St'raub first
part of the week.
Edward Morley made a trip to Nc
hawka Friday evening.
Claude Durham left for Nchawka
last week where he has secured work
on a farm near there.
Mail Carrier Fahncstock was on the
sick list a few days last week.
Ho, for the Williamette Valley
Another Party of Home Seekers will Leave
Plattsmouth on Monday, March 3d
l--lyilliamc'tto VallV rcwn, the most beautiful section of coun
try in that statoVhyJtuy janjMn Cass county when you can purchase more
productive soil in this groat valley for one-fourth the price? Join the party and
go and see the country forj-cnirsdves. All will he provided with stop-over tickets
to view the best sections of country in Montana, if they so desire.
For further particulars call on or address
Henry Donat, Special Agent
Remember the Date of Departure, March 3, '04
a.' , -k , .'.1 . v y .'
Mrs. P. P. Peckham is on the sick
W. E. Morely Is wrestling with the
Mrs. L. J. Marguardt received a
handsome piano last week, a gift from
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Beckhard
who reside at Utica, Neb.
Thomas Chadwick and family left
for Omaha Tuesday morning where
they will make their future home.
Joseph .immerer went to Kansas
City last Saturday to visit his brother
Adolph, who is taking treatment at a
hospital at that place.
A number of Avoca Rchekahs went
to Nchawka Friday to assist In or
ganizing a Kchckah Lodge at that
A very pretty but quiet weddlngoc
curred at the Oxford Hotel last Thurs
day afternoon, February 11, when Miss
Mablc Peckham and Reese Hutchins
were united In the holy bonds of
matrimony, Rev. Joseph H. Bennett
olliciating. The newly wedded couple
will go to housekeeping at once on the
Hutchins farm northeast of town.
For Sale!
Eight acres of land, 11 block west of
M. P. Depot; good five room house,
barn, wells and other Improvements.
Plenty of fruit of all kinds. For fur
ther particulars call on or address,
II. G. Stoi.i., Piattsmoutn.
1 t
1 h r
(a ...r,"
. , '
From thu iienron.
Grandma Ax was quite sick the llrst
of the week.
Lou Sack has sold his Interest In the
corn sheller to Will Hensen.
Mrs. Jacob Forscythe has been very
sick the past week but Is much belter
at this writing.
Mr. Herman Frohllch died at his
home three miles northeast of town
Thursday morning at one o'clock.
Julius Wachter Is able to be out
again after being laid up for the past
three weeks, the result of a fall from
the hay mow.
Mrs. Beardsley and children left
this morning for a short visit with
relatives at Weeping Water before go
ing to their new home In Custer Co.
Mrs. Louis Falhaber died at her
home seven miles southwest of Eagle
last Sunday. Funeral services were
held at the German church near her
home Wednesday afternoon.
John Wade who was dangerously In
jured two weeks ago by the accidental
discharge of his gun while out hunt
ing, is getting along nicely and all
hopes arc entertained for his speedy
If you are a judge of a good smoke,
try the "Acorns' 5 cent cigar and you
will smoke no other.