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A Professional Nurso Tells H:r Ex
perience With Doan' Kidney Pill.
Montague, Mass.
Foster -Mllburn Co., HulTiUo, X. V.
(letitlomen I heartily wish those
who uro Ruffei'lns Trorn bacl.acho nnd
disturbed action of Ihu kidneys would
try Dean's Kidney PP.I-. As vm tho
case wlih mo, they will be more than
Hirpri.-ed wlih the results. 1 had been
troubled for years with my spine. I
:ould not lie on either Bide. Spinal
cramps would follow, utu' .rds could
not explain tho aj-'ony w), Ai I would
endure. Whilo In these cramps 1
could not speak or niovo. but by mak
ing a Rreut effort after tho cramp had
left mo I could begin to tipeuk and
niovo a little, but my whole buck was
so Born and lame that I could not
eveu have the back bathed for some
time. My nerves were In a terrible
state. I would rather sit up at nlRht
than ro to bed, dreading tho cramps
nnd tho terrible barkaches. I consult
ed physician,., but not only a little
relief for the time being. Soolni; your
ndvertlHetnent, my mother urged me
to try Dean's Kidney Pills. After
using cue box I was better, and have
ever miico been on the j;aln, I have
no backache and no cramp now and
I feel like a new person. My nerves
nre better and I know my blood Is
purer. Words cannot c xpross my
tumults- to you for what Dtmu's Kidney
put- -lV)) ,j()ne f()r m(, ja my W()r)
ct professional nurse 1 have n chance
to recommend them; and they did nie
po much Rood that I will do so on
every possible occnslon.
Doan's Kidney Pills nre sold nt RO
CiiaU per box. Address Foster
MiTbttrn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., for a free
trial box.
Tho woman who noses as a profes
sional beauty must load a strenuous
life in order to hold hor Job.
Where to Insure my property and
why. Losses will occur, that Is why 1
iusure. Tho Mutual has only losses
and expenses to pay. An Old Line
Company has losses, expenses utid divl
dends on its capital stock, and the
more capital tho more expense, a
Rood Mutual Company is absolutely
secure, and tho cost Is little over one
half the other. Then I should Insure
INSl'UANCIS CO. of South Omaha,
Nebr., 11. U. STOUFFER. Secretary.
Never read a book through merely
becnuse you have begun it. Wither
spoon. A Golfer's Maiden Speech.
Hopresontatlvo "Nick" Longworti
of Ohio, tho nmnteur golf clintnplon ol
Hamilton county, mado his maiden
speech In congress the other day.
Fred Ireland, ono of tho official Bleu
ographers and himself a golfiac, re
ported the Rpeech. Ho began his notes
ns follows: "Representative Long
worth teed up his first, oratorical ball
today and made a pretty drive for ISO
yards. He got In trouble in the long
grass with his metaphorical iron on
the second shot, but came out brave
ly with a poetical approach and holed
down In five with a peroration that
gave him bogy.''
Dispensed With Useless Eating Tools.
(iovernor Van Snnt, of Minnesota, I
visiting Washington. The governor
was a burly and breezy steamboat
enptnin on tho Mississippi and is
called "ocntnin" to this day. Kvcry
tinte he goes to the capital they tell
tho story of Ills first dinner at tha
White House. When ho sat down nt
the table he found several spoons,
several forks and several knives In
front of him. Tho governor Inspected
the cutlery carefully. Then ho chose
one knife, one fork and ono spoon,
brushed the rest aside and allowed ho
w ould eat his dinner wit a the selec
tions he bad made.
The Robust Physique Can Stand Mors
Coffee Than a Weak One.
A young Virginian snys: "Having
a naturally robust constitution far
above the average and not having k
nervous temperament, my system was
ablo to resist tho inroads upon It
by the use of coffee for some years but
finally the rtraln began to tell.
"Fur ten years I have been employ
ed ns telegraph operator and type
writer by a railroad In this- section
and until ,wo Kara ago I had used cof
fee continually from tho time I was
eight years old, nearly 20 years.
"The work of operating tho tele
graph key Is a great strain upon the
nerves and after the day's work was
over I would feel nervous, Irritable,
run down and toward the last suffer
ed greatly from Insomnia and neu
ralgia. As I never Indulged In Intoxi
cating liqu.irs, drugs or tobacco In
any form I ramo to tho conclusion
that coffee and tea were causing the
gradual break-down of my nervous
system and hnvlng read an article In
the Medlcnl Mumulne on tho composi
tion of coffee nnd Its toxic effect uxm
the Fjstem, I was fully convinced that
coffee was tho cause of my trouble.
"Seeing Post nin spoken of as not
having any of the deteriorating cf
fects of coffee I decided to give tip tha
stimulant nnd give Postum a trial. The
result was agreeably surprising. After
a time my nerves became wonderfully
ttteng. I can do all my work nt tho
lelerrnph key nnd typewriter with far
greater case thnn ever before. My
weight has Incrased S3 pounds, my
genera! health keeping pneo with It,
nnd I am n new man nnd a better one."
Name given by Postutn Co., Itatllo
Creek, Mich.
There's a re.iron.
1-ook In c-arh pkg. for the famous
ilttls book,' "The Koad to Wellvlllg."
Fcod Cornmib&ioncr Thompson Cec'- 1
mj Adulterant.
l.INi'O'.N KimhI Couiinisv.oner
Thompson is I .iki:in 1 r a bikermed
food products .-.liiiiju-il iiiin tin1 niur
kits of Ni'liiiihkj. at-, I has cU'claivd'
in lr of a national pure food lii'.' '
to pre vent -iiu li uiu as lias been al
ready il : s oven-, I i
' It is the department's iuietitioii 'ii 1
continue these ro'-arclies
I ; .. . ....... . I. ., i .
until v.e;
are lieini', !
iwiuvt ju.h .,nui uie
KV.illd'ed with ill t'le line of cuuti-.l
K'mmIs." sab! Mr. Thnipson. "The
only ".ay iliat v.e can hope to stop
these abuses i-, liy ui KtlTK ft.r th"
passage of a national pure to. id bill,
and until that is ctouo th" work ct
the slate foid departments ()f tile va
rious states is Komi; to be bit. liy hand
i' !1 "I - Thee !s ::.! '. it'" ; l:i v.
Ira:::a in teaul to the aiulterattoii
of food products tliiit is. no swvpl:ii
law which talse.s in all adulterations.
The food commissioner may analyze
foe I produiis and publish the analysi.i
to the world, but there are no funds
to prosecute the manufacturers. How
ever, we nre not discouraged nnd i:i-1
tend keeping up the" fight. The
names of all adulterated articles of
food will be published as-soon us they
are discovered, and a list of the manu
facture) s' of the spurious art id's will
aecunpany the lisi."
The canes bosun by Fcod Commis
sioner i'fiompson against a mrnhcr of
Lincoln milk dealers lust summer will I
soon come up for hearing. The state
Is nwultin.g tho arrival of Prof. Xel- :
son, former state chemist, who db'-
covered formaldehyde iu scni" of tliej
milk. Mr. Nelson is e gaged in mi-i
entitle worl; in Indliiiii and will ar
rive at Lincoln wilniu the next lei
Sportsmen Use the Creamery Eqji;)
ment for Targets.
SLPIORlOlt An iisioundinK piece of
vandalism lias recently come to light
in this city. Tho creamery plant,
owned by F. A. 1 leniil:igse:i. president
of the llelinliigsen Produce company,
has not been operated for some time,
but the machinery was loft iu place.
In ease it should be decided to resume
operations. It has Just been discov
ered that at some time within the last
few weeks patties have entered the
building and destroyed the la;;;e
cream separator, dismantled the en
gine, cut and slashed the bolts, smash
ed the windows end played havoc gen
erally. Large cream wor
thrown into tho river and used as tar
gets for rifle practice till they sank.
The damage is estimated at between
Sl.iHtn and $2,000. It Is understood
that, two young men who were under i
suspicion have confessed 1 the crime,
implicating a third. Mr. Honuingson !
hesitates to punish them to the exten' !
the offense deserves, preferring to
give them a chum
to become bolter
citl.ens. It Is
understood that two
of tho young men have left town will
out extensive notice.
Nebraska Resources Illustrated.
This is a condensed history of Xo
biaska. covering a period of fifty
years, from the first settlement in
this state down to tho present time.
It Is a book of 114 pages and over
-00 illustrations of section, public in
r.titutlons and men who made tho
state. Many interesting historical
facts uhout Nebraska are enumerated
In this condensed history, making it
alike valuable to retain and to send
abroad as an invitation to settlement.
The book Is Issued by the Nebraska '
Farmer. Omaha, and goes free with!
u miiisci iiuoii io iiiai journal at tin
regular price of $V.oo, or is sold sin
gly for 5o oenN.
She Jumped to Her Death. j
Krile, tin of age, and Jlnt, Mary
Williams, a widow of 4.", were cross j
ing the Fnlon Pacilte trac ks to go to j
their home, several miles out of the
city, t heir team became frightened
and unmanageable. Krile's arms !
gave out and ho asked Mrs. William.!
to take one oi the lines. The resulr i
was that the team swerved and Krile j
was thrown from the vehicle. Mrs. .
Williams, a few moments later, jump- '
od. She struck on her head and th"
skull was crushed, death result ing In-'
slant ly.
Hogs Dring High Prices.
LYON'S Manley & Co. hold a great
sale of Duroe-Jers"y reds at their
place oast of here. Spring "gilts" sold
ns high ns $:!7: oich. One of these;
was Allx, which was purchased by
Colonel Rensliaw of Rhir. Tills "gilt"
took first prl.e at the Nebraska slate
fair in 1!'o,r All the others sold at
a high figure, sixty averaging over $72
A gratelnl dog is better than an un
grateful man.
Rush for the Land.
Rl'SHVII.LH-lt has been learned
Hint tho agent at Pino Kldge agency
received instruction from Wnshlngiou
to relincpilsh authority over the ex
tension known as "No Man's Land"
In Sheridan county, and a rush Is now
on to secure choice claims on the ex
tension, tjtiito a number have al
ready been located, many of whleii
are worth from $;!.ooo to ?l.ouo. The
suuafors are locating mostly almu
White day nnd l.nrrabee creeks,
which are the two finest trout streams
In Nebraska.
Calling in Warrants.
State Treasurer Mmieusen expect
t-i cash $2on. worth or warrants
during this month. He will issue -t
call Foluuniy 2i! for the $uii,uuii and
on l-cbruarv 17 lor $.'iU,uuo, which,
with the call already out. will make
$2iMl.0iio for the month.
Fatal Fall from Wagon.
GRF.KI.L'Y- John Dawn's i,r. tot
beyond his control nnd threw hint
from the buggy. e was toimd ami n . .MM-us uvei y nai ii. w Hero
bo dld ft mo his Injnrb'F.
- 1 - in WJ It. 1. .
Hooper i; soon to l ave a rt v; p, st-
Spirited revival mi vices are ': iu
I.tmp City.-
Virk lias voted hIiooI bond ia ill'. of tlS. .
Republicans of J'aliuyra have os'sau
i' l a Koescvelt ( Im:i.
St. Patrick's t'a'holio church at Fre-
inotit is now out of debt.
Anaiisenient.i are bolus perfected
l'r electric li.nlit iu Sutton.
A fair fi.r (lie lic.elit of the
!;' hospital netted over $2.uiKI.
A Ki'beknn lodge. Imh-pciuleut Or
d ; of Odd Fellows, has been organiz
ed in Pluir.
Thorvus J. Caslb; lias withdrawn hi.:
t ppositioti to the construction of a
storm water ditch in Hodge county
;"! a --'iit instituted by him will be
Fire destroyed the residence of II.
II. .Martin, editor of the Ranger, at Re
publican City. It originated from a
dele-live Hue. Kstiniated losr,, ?S0i;
insured for ? luo.
Mrs. J. C. Frazello has sued the city
"i Columbus and iisks damages in the
sum of $2,itii() for injuries which she
alleges she sustained by falling on a
defective sidewalk.
Thieves entered the collar of Mr."
Maggie McCormiel; in Nebraska City
and removed all of tho contents, in
cluding about sixty cans of fruit and
the winter's supply of vegetables.
Telephone lines will connect Ogal
alia with the followng towns alter
April 1: .lulesburg, Colo., ltig Spring.
Uriilo. (irant, Paxton, Nob., also Hay
thorn ranch iu .Mcpherson county.
Two cousins of Cioorgo W. K. Hor
sey of Fremont were heavy losers in
I be Iial! initire fire, one being president
of a national bank and the other the
iuiilor racmher of a wbole.iisle dry
goods linn.
Jocsph Ileavley died at bis homo In
Kttgar, aged SI years. Ho came to the
county t:i the year I.STlt. He was h
member of the Presbyterian church
and was loved and respected by all
who k iew h'ni.
The ling Uroom Manufacturing
company, with an investment of $2
."iiin, is about to commence business In
Ileatrieo by opening a factory capa
ble of terning out lull dozen brooms
a day. Xecessary machinery been
C. Frank .Maokey. who is cntugod
by Luluia Callisalh. a 1 -1-year-old girl
with a statutory offense, bad his pre
liminary examination before Justice
of 111 Pence Curt in in Columbus and
was held to the district court In the
sum of $.-Uii.
The complaint against James
Church for sl itulory nKsuull on a girl
1 1 years old was dismissed by County
Attorney Latham of riatto county and
another complaint filed at once, charg
ing child stealing. He was arraigned
and hold to the district court.
t'hri.s Waltenmth. need 81 years,
living four miles southwest of Klk
Crook, slipped und fell whilo engaged
in carrying in a load of wood nnd
struck bis head on tho doorstep wit i:
force enough to e-use concussion of
tho brain. He died soon after.
Stewart Moloney, recently of Rata
via, 111., has been appointed superin
tendent of the Dempster Mill Manu
facturing company's plant Iu Ileatrieo
and will assume the duties of the po
sition immediately. Mr. Moloney be
gan his career In rieatrioe fourteen
years ago as an apprentice in tho
Dempster plant.
Governor Miokev sent the follow
ing message oi sympathy and rondo
lenoe to. the people of Ilaltimore:
"Lincoln., Feb. 10. To the May
or ol Ilaltiniuro. Mil.: The neonte of
Nebraska extend profound svn.i.aibv
to the citizens of the afllicted city of
Ilaltimore. If we can assist you.
ple'iso command us."
The mortgage report for Washing
ton county, as reported by George H
Fnber. count clck. for the month o!
January, is as follows: No.nber of
lnrm mortgiiros tiled. 1."., $2l.2l."i; re
looeil. 13, li.7:.: town ami cilv
inortB'i-os filed. 7. M.tir.o; released,
ii. S:l vt; ohntel inor aces lilod, .".!.
$i:!.2K7; released 7o, $20.27
.lames Maddox of North Rend n-
I sautted Finest Kern, a lawyer and
j real estate dealer in that city, anc
pounded him up pretty badly with a
; heivy cane. Tho two men are broth
i Ts-in-law and hail some trouble ovet
j Kern's objection to Maddox as an np
I piaiser or some property taken on n
writ of replevin. Kern's Injuries arc.
j very serloi's.
Unroll und Grace ' Mctirew, nienl hir
ed In the Associated Press cablegran
! being drowned in the Philippine
waters, were reared In Auburn. They
aio uroiiier and sisior. Dr. and Mrs
S. W. Mot! row. their parents, live ir
Auburn. Ihirch Mctirew was one o
the most promising young educator'
of Nebraska. He went to the Philip
pine islands two years ago and lib
sister followed him recently, she ha.
boon al her present position but a row
Charles Klllott. carrier of nira
rouie No. 2. which runs out of Heat
Hco, was Injured In a runaway acci
dent southwest of lown. The team be
was driving rim away and demolish
ed the mail wagon, throwing Mr. Kl
Hon out on the frozen ground, lie
Injuries are not regmded serious.
Tlie rchmary mortgage record fo
lintte county is us follows: Thirty
live rami filed. $:,: (122.70: ihlrtvnln'.
f-'.rin released. $;,s k:is.::.-,: eighteet
town tiled. $12 I'l .;: town released
$... S2.PI; slxty ihree chattels filed
m.'HH...;:; tl'ty lour chattels released
The c liy .,r Cedar muffs has Issuec
'"mis lor Hie cotimrtieilon of a iiiii
nieipnl water plant. The Issio
ninennis to S; .Vhi , ,, H),U
bro ighl to I In. oln by CV Clerk F
it. ixuupp luexiiay and
I i-gisteri i
rpihed bj
with I ho S'.lV ,,ndi'ot
Section men
and tle t '.iioa
a I rise in w.'.i'..
The resent I
'"t ffi" Xo.lliwotrrf
I'.o i H c m e i aid to b
the olije t of set urii.i
II 111. ted bv P.-lli Mo
Donald at vws burned to Hi.
, ground. i U. inmnffM
, tine getting out
h:i l n llvrlj
The best cheer comes from a man's
own cheerful heart or from the heart
of the little woman alongside him!
Hither one Is eighteen karats flue.
Ileitis a candidate, never count your
ballots ut. til the bullots have been
counted. The promises of men are
weak and rascillatlng.
To be really happy, forget yourself
and think of others.
Men are made in His Imago und yet
no two are alike. Do not, then, pre
sume to read all meu by tho rftuul of
experience with others.
Money may be a bother, but we sug
jest making thv best of one's bothera
tions. Physical culture is all right, but at
tending to the fu: nace iu zero weather
is more physical than cultured.
Perhaps we would not grumble so
at the price of ice in this world if
wo stopped to think we cannot buy it
at any price in the next.
An exchange defines a cubic yard lis
the place where the Cuban children
(Hi! V:i!lip ' Ms iwinie
lle Is : limlUe!
All tin- gi:N me unite entrance
Wtli Uiis .lint- In f a wncy p;--:it
Hut mine hither liii-mls iniii hist
Hear wliv thev :iro en tl'e llt
Of Wiillit, limlhe bey!
Oh' V:t!lle Is hl nam
lie Is ii (iiolllt-l
Willie he grins and says "Itnh Jne!"
He tins diiiigli In siglil. yuu knew!
l'rospei-tg are unite rusente
For n mini that sceki) a mate-!
Oh Wall ie, liiulllB boy!
Oh! Wullie Is his nniue
Il is ii cimtlli-!
Now. the reason whv lie's IT
In ttiis ronlisli. little skit.
Is because his uncle's will
Cuts him off quite short until
He marries some nice jjirl!
Oil WulDc, I'holiie boy!
With apnluKlrx to the grammarians.
rtlen do not need charity so much as
the opportunity to dispense with char
ity. War Is a terrible thing. Think of
the weary and heartsick newspaper
men madly turning the leaves of the
biographical atlases In a wild en
deavor to spell those Russo-.Iapuiiene
A magazine writer tells of two
street cars being tho parents of a
little red wheelbarrow. They were not
Chicago street cars, else tho offspring
would have been a cute, little pile of
old junk.
A stalwart Missourlan, of the male
pe'snaslon, stands boldly forth and
boasts he has never been bossed.
Why procrastinate? A merely nomi
nal sum for a license will arrange to
hitch him to an effeminate master that
will either boss or bust him.
Although woman was created sec
ondly, she is more important thnn
man. If you don't believe it, ask her.
A Xew York faddist claims bo can
read characters by the shape of the
ear. Married men. iiKin whom tn
ears have been put by their wivt?,
need not aiply.
With closed theaters In ChlcHgo
there arises the great problem, "Whnt
to do with our bad -gs?''
"You're drunk," the lft. i-, -homed. "At
I know you're very nenr It."
"I'm not," her spoiiKo renun-keU "I'm
Full of rhe (iirlsmbti splili."
- Polly Pry.
"That new French actress Is a great
acrouai isn l sue: you get
her triple split last night ?
"Triple split! No. I bui two
short. How ia it'1
"Well. Hhe did n split nn tiir. s(!Un
spin a uoitio or Peer In the wings
used split Infinitives throughout
It was at this very point that some
body yelled "Police!"
What's the Lite.
AVI Tt' I lie Ue III trylnK""
Taunt tlie tempter In ,.nr P.
"Wl.iit n the nn,. pi n.piiHi
A?kK the devil w ith a kih i r!
lint while life k enruiKt,
Vooth l hopeful, brine nn.l t-'riuit'
Where run b" l-,e error.
Joel to hope uiu plntt ii!nn
4 4 ft
A Michigan firm sent n large num
ber of circulars by mail, one of which
addreswd to Rev. John .Jnlinth.ix
wns retur.icd with tin wo.-,.i w,i(!
ten across the face; Party dead for
eight years." Fnderin 1th. the cuMotn.
ary postofllce stamp tead: "Present
address unknown." I
i If mwrm 1
- n ,
This being leap year It is only nat
ural to presume that the greater num
ber of suicides will be amoi;g the
malo population.
A Chicago newspaper writer has
turned up sis ncse at a C20.000 salary.
We night add that he- lias turned up
his toes, also.
n staid and otherwise reliable paper
says mistletoe has lost its populai iiy.
.Never! Not ns long as there are
warm, rosebud lips and romebody to
imsij eiu:
Refore marring ho cnllcd her the
r ' !.PC!"
str.r of his ohio..i.-e, but ufter mar
riage this did not en, :lo hor to receive
a star's salary.
Korean women of the t.pper class
are rigorously excluded from mascu
line eyes, a custom to the originators
of which, the lover of efleininate
beauty will ever be thankful.
Tho longer and whiter tho patri
arch's whisker'), the more -pt is ' he
to squirt tobacco juice all down tho
front of them.
A Michigan preacher has enten so
tnuiiy ycdlow-legg 'd chickens this win
ter, lie cackles every time t-a hears tlie
housewife call "Sic 'em!" to tho do;;.
If the energy and time expended In
chewing the rag were used in tnastl
cnting victuals there would be less
d.spep;;iu and night mare in the w orld.
The Cow and the Man.
If man were liUe the cow
Thul iiiinhiali-M unU chews
Her cuil.
He oft would save his brow
From wilukliiiK with the blues
Of cue!
Instead be c-hrws
And tills (he air
And blare!
Contracts brain
the rag
Willi blow
and fag
And paints, with while
uf mow.
J I s bair!
He di-9. .".las! nt hist!
Ills Hlriuit'lcs all are o'er
And done!
The buig line whideth past
To earlh's laM open door
The crave!
Why lc l! ii;:ii alone,
of intellect nnd brain
The -J.i ve.
Will yawp in reckb-Ks tone,
ill chaos most Insane,
And ruve'.'
Heboid the row! Iter end
She chews In prace. am! shames
Dull rare!
While man ill-lies the flood
Ami, parrot like, i fajnes
The nlr!
6 W &
The Reaaon Why.
The average wt man
Does as she pleases
Is boss in her own bouse....
Wears n bird's nest of a hat
!n cold weather when she knows
she will catch her death
Is variable and hard to please.
Hoys a lot of things she
doesn't know the nuines of....
(iocs to nil the bargain sales
nnd prostrates herself shopping.
Wants one thing to-day and
changes her mind about it to
Pinches her feet In shoes two
td.:on too small
Is n mystery to nan
And still Is about tho only
thing In this world wo cannot
get nlong with or without
4 t (
A Late Joke.
Here is one of the latest:
Ho "Why wan Kvo created?"
She "I give It up."
"So roott?"
Kven so."
"For Adam's express ro.nunj."
"That's an old one. What was the
flri pre sent Adam ever cave Kvo?"
"The core cif the nip!o."
"No, a pair of slippers."
"There were no slippers In Helen."
"Indeed! Adam plucked a bntinnn,
ate It. nnd handed Kvo tho skins. If
von don't believe they were flippers
try steppiu.'; on otic, when you aren't
Another Version.
Very frcipiently we rend "Then they
were wed and lived happily ever after
ward." Does it not happen, sometimes,
that: "Then with a sob In her voice,
tutt with lire In her eye. she gr.vej him
his ring and faltered. 'Go!' ""nnd
they :; d happily ever afterward?"
Matches nre tnuiie on earth," snvi
'he prove rb. but tho scrutchliiK of
them Is done In the dlvorca courtl
iksl Ml
Aonf on A SKtff'')
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Mrs. Haskell, Worthy Vice Templar, Inda
pendent Order Good Templars, of Silver
Lake, Mass., tells of her cure by the use of
Lydia E. Pinkharrs Vegetable Compound.
"Di:ah Mtts. Pktiiiiam: Four years npo ! was neiirlv dead with inf!nro
mation and ulceration. I endured daily uutobl nconv, and life was a burden
to mo. 1 bad used medicines ami washes iuteruall'y nnd externally until 1
mado up my mind that there was no relief for me. Calling nt the homo of a
friend, 1 noticed a bottle of Lydia H. I'lnklium's Votfe-LiMo Compound.
My friend enclorsecl it higlily and 1 decided to give it a trial to see it u would
help me. It took paticuoo and persevere neo for I was in btul condition, and I
used Lydia 11. 1'miihuin's oot:illc ('oi:ipoinid for nearly live mouths
before 1 was cured, but what a climefe, from despair to happiness, from
misery to the delightful exhilarating fueling health alwavu brings. 1 woolu
not ehang-e baek for a thousand dollars, and vour Vciretiiblo Couinouud is a
grand medicine.
"I wish every sle'.r ivoinau would try it nn I bo convinced." Mux. IP.
JIASKi.:i.r,, Silver Lake, M;i:,s. Worthy Vice Templar, Judc. pendent Order cf
uuuu leiijjoais.
"When :i l'.ioclieino lias lioon
oases, Is it justito li ycMiisolf
uejwevo n, wottlcl notp tne V
Surely you cannot wish to
rouruxcii, cMiausnca with each day's work. You liavc
ili?raii;omoiit of tho feminino organism, and Lydia II IMnl
eiaii'o compound will help
Hrs. TIHie Hart, of
rKlk ,n "".vtiiiug wntch helped me be
or tne
tlie How
live, and
He it,
who arc
cost all letters addressed to her hy sick women. Terhaps she bus
just the knowledge that will help your case try her to-day it
costs nothing.
Lincoln. Nebraska
Cerman Coach.
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i..VJJ'tfVS! "t'H'l Wlelll
CLASS Millions of any conr?rn in all the
hKQM. On arriving m Lincoln tak the
6tatc Fjrm Mrect cjr wl.jch runs dirtctly lo
our hirn. Coinc .indflfr tit or write.
Lr. Dim. Tel. f5 A, L. SullUan. Hirr.
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A twoclollar-bill rocs a Ions va
toward changing some men's polllieai
Special rates on sale daily to all
Winter resorts ef tho South. Half
rare round trip plus $2.00 on first nm!
third Tiiesdnys each month to many
peiinta South.
Tho only lino with Its own station
nt main entrance of World's Pair
grounds. Tho Wabash runs on Its own
rails from Omaha, Kansas City, Don
Moines, st. linls tiiid Chiengo to
Toledo, Detroit. Mngura Kails and
Buffalo with tlirouh connections be
jond. All agents enn route you via the
Wabash. For World's Fair descrip
tive, matter and all Information ad
dress. Harry K. Mooivs, U. A. P. D
Omaha, Nebr.
Sumo men don't euro very much
iv lint church they attend Just fo tho
yews have soft cushions.
What promUes to Iseoino a most ixiwcr
ful fac tor in tho produce MaiketH anil foini
whieh fnriiier.-i vill ren iinmenso ln-.n-lit,
tiMik life in tlieiiiyanijtl Ion of the Fanners'
lirain and Live Stuck I'nniinissinn t'n.,r.t
f'hli'airo, 111. This l'ciniKiny will luuulln
shipments uf irr.iin and stuck at all the pri
mary market 4, will huvo fe-'diiiK stations
fur htiM It, and will opm-ato elevatnrs, etc.
The piejii t has a si nun? biiekiuv freui In
tliietillul fanners ami liii.-iueH men ami will
ui doubt revolve universal c injrsi uieni,,
When n woman knows sho Is home
ly she Isn't asluiliieil to lio'i.;t of In r
Pbillty to cook.
There Is way of trifling that
nd it nuy pjt you on cuitclics,
St. Jacobs Oil
cure s,urc!y, promptly. Price, 25c. and 50c.
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stioocssftil In morn (liana mllllo
to say, without try in 2 it, "I do lie
remain woalt, nntl sJrk anil
you Justus surely n It lias
Larimore, N. D., say
"Dkaii Mns. Pinkmam: 1 might
many months of Mirroring' nj
liiici known or thiM'Hicney of Jvui
ham's YcgctaMe t'ompouml i
for I tried many remedies
vojreiaDH lompound. I clrenelc
meustruul period evcrJ
much sufterinir and pniJ
was very scanty and i
used .
cnt woman now, where bt'
1 am pleased to
vegetable Compou
yours, MRP. Til
therefore. b
ill ihiif.Lydi
table Compound is the t medicine they
shotild take. It has stood the tost of time,
and it has hundreds of thousands of curca
to its credit. Women should consider it
unwise to use any other medicine.
Mrs. l'lnkham, whose .-yhlress is Tynn,
Mass. w ill answer cheerful! v mwl uttimi.t
50,000 Af.1ERIGMif
4' liffT are sftilcil anil trilling on the C.inin ni
(.:.iiiiu l.amls, nml ro piosprnius mul Miii lini
Sm Wiltii-,1 Lam itir incelilly suul; "A new liven on ilit huriun, ami it is lovmnl n
Civi-rv iininicrniil who Irnvrs Clio liiml nf hi- am
Cms ) coniB ami M-rk a home lot Iiiiiim-11 titW
. :i:i5 his iiiuv" - C:iL'iiila. 1'htie i
Room for Millions.
-till-: lloimotciMlM Klvcii awny. Hvhtw'n,
I loin lies, lt-.i:ui. Markets, lllir.hto
prrjlhlni; tu tic clinlre.l. '
1-c.r a ili-ri!ii,c All..', nnd otlici nf0in...i;( n.
ai.l ioSiiii-oiii.-iii1(.i,i OiiwH c ir
a. u oi imiliooe.l Canadian c ;vi-i,im, , Aitm.i-
Largest growers of
iind YccelabU Seeds h the
- ffciii).
S Prices
60 cents lo
i.o u per
pound, and
nn hnltop
A ' soed Is
p.V--' i liwOTvra tcund
V'-fif t .3 i- "l,w- io crew
1g.. tZZgtP?: 'OakM 1-t sere
John A, Salzcr Seed Co., l cw",s.
! rn ve tim niiiMii.inn-. .
ln war linu,i- anil ft.nrii,,..
- i i-y liavmif i,,r
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;i.-lirn p.ll.i. prirra f.,. ,.,,,, : 7 """"'
ftmtn' firaio and Luo Mock Cn.. .
t-'e.nie nilrn work I,th K)ftMA
:oino ether, wi,'t work either v.-.y.
costs a heap of money. Ncglcci
and Sciatica
with loss of time nnd money.
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