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171 I 1 1 J I
The Up-to-Date J
Here you can get anything
kept at a first-class grocery
store, and at prices to 6uit the
times. Finest line of
Canned Goods
on the market. Don't fail to
call on them for nnything in
the grocery lino. Everything
fresh from the markets.
Www ffiff?ff?Wf IfWltlf iff
Don't allow money to 11c around. It
Is easier to upend It and easier
to lose it.
bj keeping it in a safe place such as
The BanH of Cass County
You can give a check for any part of
It at any timo and so have a receipt
for payment without asking for one
wncn you nave a bank account vc
will be anxious to add to It rather than
spend from it. Don't you want to
know more about It.
Independent Cigar
Challenge Comparison In Quality
and Workmanship.
rnoriu ETOR OF
Removing of Household Goods a
Spocialty. Also, Ileavy
Bee Hive Restaurant,
Main Street
Meals at nil hours. Special at
tention to tho farmer patrons. Tho
tables nro supplied with tho best
the markets atTord.
JOHN COREY, Proprietor.
riutunioulh i I Ni'lintskii.
Probate, Commercial Law, Real
Estate Ligation
and forl-losureof mortgagcsaspeclalty
,w. B. ELSTER.
orricEi Plattsmouth,
Wittrmo BKxk Nebraska
1'lntU. Phone K,,, M
Kntcrprlsc Bausagc grinders and
buffers at John Uauer's.
Weeping Water
From tln lit puldl.-an.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lau, living west
of town, Lave both been on tho slek
Mrs. John New ham is still ijuite
nick. For several days lust week she
was seriously ill.
Mrs. M. Kressen is slowly reeover
Ing from a serious attack of Crip
which affected her hint's.
We are glad to learn that Josiah
Titnblln's health Is improving. He is
now able to get about the house some.
Clyde Day and bride arrived home
Thursday, and after a few weeks they
will go to housekeeping on the Ladd
The fourteen year old son of Mr. E.
Lawrensen, living north of town, fell
backward on the Ice last Wednesday
fracturing one of his arms near the
elbow and dislocating the elbow.
Mrs. Oeorire Smith and son Earl
came down from Omaha Monday night
to spend several days visitim: fr ends.
They were on their way to Canton,
Mo., where they will make their home.
Our nimrods have bagged scores of
cottontails and jack rabbits since the
snowfall of last week. Will Coidier
killed tifty-six in one day and several
good shots have bagged as many as
twenty-live in one day. Elton Woods
killed nine in about as many minutes.
Amos Wart is '.ying very ill at his
home in cast Weeping Water, lie 1 as
been suffering with an attack of the
Orlp, but was able to be out and went
to church on Sunday. He was taken
worse In the afternoon and was so low
on Monday that the absent children
were sent for.
Mrs. Jensen and children reached
home Monday evening from Oakland,
Neb., where they were called by the
death of Mrs. Jensen's brother, Clins.
Erickson. Mrs. Jensen was quite sick
for some days while at the home of
her parents. Dr. Jensen returned
home last week.
From tho lleruttl.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wold
rich, Friday, January 2!)th, a girl.
F. W. Race leaves Thursday for
Kansas City, whero he has a position
and the family will doubtless move be
fore long.
Hill Coglier baggedihirtcen rabbits
Friday, and with Harry and Herbert
got fourteen rabbits and one squirrel
Mrs. Frank Dickson has sold her
residence property here to Mrs. Wol
cottand Mrs. Ladd, the sale depend
ing on an order from the court.
Joe Purdie and family departed last
Friday for their new home in Colo
rado, near Ft. Collins, where they have
purchased an eighty acre farm.
Dan'l Hourke departed last Friday
for Pasaden, California, where his
brother Tom has been the past few
months for his health, and we arc in
formed is now quite poorly and will
return home witli Dan.
The editor was the recipient of
thanks from a Cass county citizen last
week for a kindly notice written in
memory of one who departed this life.
It is the tirst time In our experience
such work has been remembered in
this way. It did not cost a cent, there
was no charges, and now we know the
flowers arc better appreciated when
you receive them personally.
Mary Ilungate received an uglygash
on the right eye brow Sunday, that
required a couple of stitches to close.
She was In a bob sled with several
others going home from Sundayschool
and Charlie Gibson was driving. At
the railroad track the runners struck
the rails, the tongue pulled out and
sudden stop threw her forward, strik
ing the brake handle. The wound
bled profusely.
Frank J,. Davis has sold an Interest
In his clothing store at this place to
Frank Lewis, of Iowa City. The latter
arrived Monday, and now they arc
busy invoicing, Mr. Lewis has former
ly been a traveling man, is married
and will move here as soon as he can
get located to suit. He is one of those
good natured, agreeable men that it is
a pleasure to meet. Success to Frank
J. Davis and Co., may the business
continue to flourish.
Kron tlic LcdRor.
Mrs. F. L. McLeod returned Tues
day evening from Lincoln, where she
had been with her mother who is
very ill.
Tho latest report from Mrs. Eliza
Harnum who has been very 111 at Tern,
Isthatshc Is slowly improving but Is
still very weak.
John Hanning has been teaching
near Nehawka this week, taking the
place of Miss Carrie Hauning, whose
illness compels her to take a few days
A little change has been made in
the ownership of tho billiard hall last
week, Will Carrens selling his half In
terest to Albert Katon. The 1irm is
now Austin & Katon.
Mr. W. F. Tracy !s determined that
the funds in his bank shall bo saf;
from robbers, and on Monday he re
ceived a line new safe of the latest and
best make, one that is guaranteed to
he burglar, proof.
Myron Lyndc came over from I'na
dilla on Tuesday, and bought A. .1.
Lowther's property, lots l: and 14 In
block 10, 2nd addition to I'nlon, pos
session to le given tho Hist of next
month. Mr. I.ynde and family will
move here and become penninent resi
dents. Horn May N, K't-1, near St. Louis,
Mo. Died at 12.03 a. in., Satno;
Jan. .10. 1H4. In Union. 'eb. V
death of Mrs. Simmon was no sul'i
prise to tin ise who had known ber con
dition the past few weeks, and for
some time it was thought she might
be called at any moment. Her first
serious illness was about three months
ago, but she partially recovered and
was able to I about the house until
live weeks ago, a relapse at tiiat time
cau.Mi.ij her to seek the bed from
which she was never again to arise in
this life, and realising the certainty
that death was the ouly relief and
would coin1? soon, she calmly and pa
tiently waited for the summons.
An Early Riser.
A strong, healthy, active constitu
tion depends largely on the condition
of Phe liver. The famous little pills
known as De Witt's Little Early Risers,
not only cleanse the system but they
strengthen the action of the liver and
rebuild the tissues supporting that
organ. Little Early Risers are easy to
act, they never gripe and yet they are
absolutely certain to produce results
that are satisfactory in all cases. Sold
by 1 G. Fricke& Co.
t'ruin the Cuurler.
Herman Diers and family returned
to their home at Creshain Wednesday
ifler a two week's visit here with rela There Is said to be more than fifty
cases of mumps In town. What a
swell time we are having.
O. M. Maylield came down from
Lloyd county Thursday evening for a
few days' visit with his parents.
A. E. Smith returned on Thursday
morning from Douglas, where he went
to attend the funeral of his father
who died January 2;i, atlironner, Kan
sas, where he was visiting with his
daughter. On receipt of tho an
nouncement of his fathers death Mr.
Smith went to Kansas and accom
panied the remains back to Douglas
where the interment occurcd Janu
ary 2iith.
At a meeting of the oflicers of the
district Grand Army Reunion associ
ation held at Lincoln last week Elm
wood was decided upon as the place
for holding the next district reunion
It is to be hoped that Elmwood will
not have as bad luck as Louisville had
last year and the Courier would sug
gest that they consult the weather
man freely before deciding on the date
for the reunion.
Tax payers who are of the opinion
that the Louisville bridge bonds
were all taken up will doubtless be
surprised to know that there still re
mains six bonds of $1,000 each to pay.
Tho bridge was built In 1800 and on
March 1, 1000, we paid the tirst bond
of $1,000 and one each year from that
date, the fifth will be paid the first of
next March when we will have paid
olf one-half the Indebtedness, the
tenth annual payment not falling due
until March 1, 1000.
Perfect Confidence.
Where there used to bo a feeling of
uneasiness and worry In thchouschold
when a child showed symptoms of
croup, there is now perfect confidence
This is owing to the uniform success
of Chamberlain's Couj;h Remedy in
the treatment of that disease. Mrs.
M.I. Hasford, of Poolsvllle, Md., in
speaking of her experience in the use
of that remedy says: "I have a world
of confidence in Chambcrlin's Cough
Remedy for I have used it with per
fect success. My child Garland is sub
ject to severe attacks of croup and it
always-gives him prompt relief." For
sale oy all druggists.
The matter of feed is of
tremendous importance to the
farmer. Wronc: feeding is
loss. Right feeding is profit
The up-to-date farmer knows
what to feed Ins cows to get
the most milk, his pigs to get
the most pork, his hens to
get the most eggs. Science.
Hut how ahout the children ?
Arc they fed according to
science, a bone food if bones
are soft and undeveloped, a
flesh and muscle food if they
are thin and weak and a blood
food if there is anemia ?
Scott's Emulsion is a mixed
food ; the Cod Liver Oil in it
makes flesh, blood and muscle,
the Lime and Soda make bone
and brain. It is the standard
scientific food for delicate
Send for free
f i unr t'ut ihki Il tir It
ttw Inrra el I ht k mi ih
wpp A fnr Jurttit U
KoiuI.Wd jrga tT.
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50f. nd $1 1 ill dm jjliU.
From the KL-,Lr.
Charley Hanning returned Saturday
night f mm Seward, where he had been
taking medical treatment.
Andy Sturm's family lunched Sun
day oil of the biggest turkey that was
ever butchered in thi towu. It
weighed 38 pounds.
Some w retch came into our otlice and
stole six pages of manuscript, so if this
week's paper is thin, our readers w ill
know where to lay the blame.
The Farmers Independent Tele
phone company, or the Independent
Farmers' Telephone company, which
ever it is, was hauling out wire a day
or two for an extension of their lines
between here and Avoca.
John Greenlee started Tuesday for
his home in Solway, Minn. He was
down to the funeral of his neice, Chas.
Uogard's daughter. John has made
lots of money up at Solway, and ex
pects to buy a Nebraska farm before
Mr. Gcorgo Johnson went to Omaha
Monday to make application to the
Missouri Facilic Railway for $:t00 to
pay the expenses of medical attend
ance, amputation, and hospital fees,
forhis son Claude. It will be remem
bered that Claude fell under the cars
and his hand was cut off. Mr. John
son did not rind the claim agent, as he
was in St. Louis.
A young man In our vicinity belong
ing to a good family stole a pair of
shoes a few nights ago from the hotel.
The hustling landlord got after him a
day or two later and got the shoes
back. It Is learned since that a gold
watch chain and some other things
were missed about the same time, and
it is supposed the same young fellow
got them. Out of respect for his par
ents he was not arrested; but if some
thing of this kind happens again,' we
serve notice on him now, he will get a
term In the county jail.
Groin Wanted!
By the S. E. "Wainwright Grain &
Lumber Co. Sec O. W. Raker, at the
Perkins House, or M. S. Rrlggs, up
stairs In the Coates block, l'latts
mouth, Neb.
From tho Leader-Echo.
Lots of sickness in the community
and the doctors are kept on the go.
Samuel C. Ilardnock, of Alvo, and
Anna E. Miller, of Avoca, were grant
ed license to wed at Lincoln Wednes
day. Dr. C. L. Rohannan's mother, who
has been suffering severely from glau
coma of the right eye, had to have the
diseased member taken out.
John W. Ilolenbeck and family left
Wednesday for their new home near
Wellington, Colorado. They will be
greatly missed by their many friends
in this community.
Mrs. M. J. Cremor's severe cold and
"grip" has developed into a serious
case of pnemonia. She is very sick
but Is getting along as nicely as could
be expected.
An eleven and a half pound girl was
born to Mr. and Mrs. George Dunkle
Tuesday, Feb. 2. George says its the
flnest kind of a ground hog and you
can't begin to touch him with a four
teen foot fish pole.
E. J. Jeary, a nephew of EJwin
Jerry, has resigned his position as car
accountant with the Rurlington rail
road, and accepted a permanent posi
tion with the First National bank
here, under Mr. Woolcott. It will be
remembered that this young man
worked In the bank about three years
ago, since which time he has been with
the railroad company In Lincoln and
later in Chicago.
To Cure A Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Hromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's sig
nature on each box. SMc.
From tlio
Half the kids in town arc layed up
with the mumps.
OlinGullion, who has been sick with
rheumatism for tho past month, is
able to be up again.
There has been a scarcity of cars In
some districts of Cass county to carry
away the large crops of corn.
Henry Flood has purchased the
butcher shop and will take possession
March 1st.
Henry Weidcman is home from Lin
coln. He is employed thero as lire
man on the I). & M.
Raul Clark shipped his household
goods to Oklahoma Tuesday evening
over the R. & M., where he will make
his future home.
A new piano was placed In the
Church of Christ today to take the
place of the organ that has been in
use for some time.
Wm. Knlss, who has been confined
to his home since last September witli
typhoid fever, was on our streets yes
terday. His many friends arc pleased
to sec him out again and hope that he
may rapidly regain his health.
Dan Kelly purchased the old Folk
homestead Thursday, consist Ing of the
I)lk house, five lots and twelve acres.
Consideration f2,".V. Mr. Krlly will
move Co town about the first of March
and Miss Folk will move to Lincoln.
Ruslncss men and house owners who
want gllt-edgo insurance at livimj rates
cau serve their U-st Interests by calling
on me before placing their risks.
1m J. N. Vk.
-A 1
u mn ii a hi
m sem .
Cedar Creek
HlH-eliil CorrespiiiKlcni'o.
The weather Is cold,
And the roads so rough,
liulthe people in Cedar Creek
Are awfully tough.
Henry Hell left here last Thursday
for a trip to Oklahoma.
Henry Horn and Miss Anna Wollf
were I'lattsmouth visitors last Sat
urday. Mrs. .las. Terrybcrry was on the
sick list last week but is rapidly im
proving. Hcv. Fred Spriegel was visiting with
J. ( J. Lohnes last Sunday.
Fhilip Schafcr hauled several loads
of wheat to market last week.
Vv 1!. Spence has recently purchased
a hew Huber engine and saw mill and
is now ready to saw all kinds of
A great many people in this vicinity
attended the hug sale at C. .1. Gaobol's
southwest of Louisville last Monday.
Humor has it that there will be a
wedding in this vicinity in the near
future. Hoys, get your bells ready and
give them the broad time.
In a country school the teacher
sought to convey to her pupils the
idea of the use of the hyphen. She
wrote on the blackboard -birds-nest
and pointing to the hyphen, asked the
school: "What is this hyphen for?"
One of the little boys raised li's hand
and said: "Teacher, it is for the bird
to roost on."
The boy stood on the burning deck,
The sparks fell down bis lilt!.- neck,
His trousers soon burst into llame.
And that's what made the hoy so lame.
Another Case of Rheumatism Cured
by Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
Theellicaey of Chamberlain's Fain
Halm in the relief of rheumatism is
being demonstrated daily. I'arker
Triplett, of Grigsby, Va., says that
Chamberlain's Fain Halm gave him
permanent relief from rheumatism in
the back when everything else failed,
and he would not be without It. For
sale by all druggists.
Galvanived iron and cast tank heat
ers at lowest prices at John Uauer's.
Ho, for the Williamette Valley
Another Party of Home Seekers will Leave
Plattsmouth on Monday, March 3d
l!LL,frcat W'amctto Valley inj,nc n)0st beautiful section of conn
try in that state. 'Hnind m Cass county when you can purchase more
productive soil in Jthjs reat valley for one-fourth the price? Join the party and
Kanll sLlh:l!l,!ll5; IVr yrl'0!' AXX Vvi11 Vy'M with stop-over tickets
!0..viowtlK' 1k's1 !;cdionsl,f l't"y in Montana, if they so desire.
For further particulars call on or address
Henry Donat, Special Agent
Remember the Date of Departure, March 3, '04
Said the Jester
to the King
quoth the king
"It's no jest to make
a man hungry"
Created Wealth-
Something from nothing a garden
from a desert. Such is the history of
irrigated sections. Take land thatsells
for fifty cents an acre, put wateron it,
and it sells for what? There are
quarters of land In Irrigated sect ions of
Colorado that cannot bo purchased for
20,0iM) and which cam a remunerative
interest on that valuation. And yet
you can purchase irrigated lands where
the soil is perfect beyond belief, where
the water supply Is plentiful and in
exhaustible, w here climatic conditions
arc healthful ami exhilarating, where
fuel is abundant and cheap, for from
1" an acre up.
The reasons: The North 1'lattc Val
ley, extending from llridgeport, Neb.,
to Guernsey, Wyoming, and the l!ig
Horn Hasin, Wyoming, have been but
recently made avai'ablo for settlement
by the extension of the Hurlington
railroad into those sections. The Ir
rigating Companies must have settlers
along their ditches and they offer sub
stantial inducements in the shape of
low priced water rights and lands.
How long will tlds condition con
tinue? None may say surely, but it
won't be for long, and the sooner you
invest the cheaper will you be able to
do so, for the advance Is just as sure as
has been the advance in the price of
similar lands in other sections. For
further information write to J. Francis
General passenger agent, Hurlington
Uoute, Omaha.
Relief In One Minute.
One Minute Cough Cure gives relief
In one minute, because It kills the
microbe which tickles the mucous
membrane, causing the cough, and at
the same time clears the phlegm,
draws out the inflammation and heals
and soothes the affected parts. One
Minute Cough Cure strengthens the
lungs, wards olf pneumonia and Is a
harmless and never failing cure in all
curable cases of Coughs, Colds and
Croup. One Minute Cough Cure Is
pleasant to take, harmless and good
alike for old and young. Sold by F.
G. Frlckc& Co.
If you are a judge of a cood smoke,
try the "Acorns" 5 cent cigar and you
will smoke no other.
... -tku
in the world wasfromSA TNG That
is true of ninety-nine in a hun
dred of the successful men whose
names you see In the papers. Fol
low their good example and put
your money, even a few dollars, hi
this bank. That, with the inter
est we pay, may put you in busi
ness for yourseir. Start an ac
count now.
Plattsmouth Saving Bank.
I have just shipped in a couple of
car loads of wood all purpose horsesand
mares, which I will offer for sale or
will trade for smaller horses for the
the southern market. Call and see
horses at my farm.
IMF h)