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The Plattsmonth Journal
'"Gt'iLTT, but not proven," was the
expression made by an Irishman as he
commented on the Dietrich verdict.
Close friends of Ilanna say lie is a
candidate; Ilanna says he Isn't. One
never knowi who to believe these days.
Senator Shoot declares on oath
that one wife Is a plenty. Doubtless
this Is the reason why the women's
clubs protest.
Ir Roosevelt did not say that he
would make Ilanna cut bait, he Is at
least anxious to know whether Ilanna
will cut loose.
Sevatou Hanna probably proposes
to keep his boom off the main line until
he knows whether it Is scheduled for a
race or acollission.
Roosevelt has sent his old hat west
for the adoration of the faithful but
the eastern Ilannacrats will be satis
ficd with nothing but his scalp.
.Tom PLATTsays that the democratic
party Is "returning to a sane and dan
gerous condition." Evidently the old
man must be just getting his second
It will require a wily Mr. Rusc-velt
to steal a march on your Uncle Mark
In Ohio. Slipping upon the blind side
of Uncle Mark Is apt to mean slip
ping up.
That the skeleton of a man eleven
feet high was found In Nevada sug'
gests that ho must have taken Horace
Greeley's advice and gono west to grow
up with the country.
TriE Washington Post will refuse to
believe that Senator Ilanna Is a candi
date until It sees him attired In that
old checkered suit with dollar marks
all over It. The suit Is ready for him,
no doubt.
"Misery loves company." Wonder
If Burton and Dietrich, the two bribe
senators, won't entertain each other In
Washington the balance of the session
with Incidents of their bribery career
while serving the "dear people?"
"'If the democrats 'and populists of
Nebraska will unite upon Judge Sulli
van as their candidate for governor,
we believe they can snow little Johnny
Mickey under so deep that even
Gabriel's horn would not arouse him
Otoe county has a candidate for sec
retary of state In the person of Addl
son Walt, of Syracuse. He asks for
an endorsement of his candidacy from
the republican state convention which
assembles on the 18th of next May. lie
is a gentleman in every way fitted for
the position, and our Ottoe county re
publican friends are unanimous for
Mr. Walt. -
The Omaha News wants Governor
Mickey to get after the parties who
are smuggling opium Into the peniten
tlary inmates. No use trying, for
little Johnny will get after nothing
that has a taint of criminality about
It. Didn't someone try to bribe him
a year ago? Didn't he say so himself
nas he ever tried to bring these
would-be bribers to justice? Not that
anyone can notice.
If our memory serves us rightly a
very famous politician said some
months ago, "Words are good when
backed up by deeds, and only so," and
some time later in speaking of Perry
S. Heath, the corrupt ex-federal ofU
cial and bosom friend of Marcus
Ilanna, declared that "Heath must
go." But Heath has not "gone." This
shows the difference between the
"words" and "deeds" of Teddy The
TnE South Omaha Democrat hits
the center every time with the follow.
lng shape: "II the democrats were
all together they wouldn't need to
abandon anything. The great trouble
with the democratic party is we know
too many fellows who won't play if
they can't star. The scnslblo thing
for democrats to do Is to get together
and win- Then they will be in a po
sition to bring about the many reforms
thf.twe read about but never realize.'
Evidently from tho following
from Wasblngcon, which we take
from the Omaha Bee of a recent date
it doesn't look much like Dcltrlch was
making any preparations to resign
and that he preposcs to "shine" In
Washington as long as his term lasts,
at least, instead of behind the bars
where ho ought to be: "Miss Dietrich
daughter of Senator Dcltrlch, who
.has been in Washington slnco Mon
day, has been busily engaged since
her arrival In fitting up new apart
ments in Stoncleigh Court, a new
apartment house, and the swcllest In
tho city, owned and erected by the
secretary of state, John Hay, which
Senator Dcltrlch lias taken for the
season. Miss Dcltrlch announces that
sho will be at homo to her friends the
first two Thursdays In February."
The New York Herald has just com
plctcd a poll of the democrats In con
jrress who are "for and against reiter
atlng the Kansas City platform In Its
entirety" at tho next democratic na
tlonal convention. Out! of a total of
211 senators and congressmen, 102 dc
clarcd against, 7 for and 42 non-com
' inlttal. Nearly all expressed them
selves frankly as being opposed to the
revival of the "slxtcen-to-one" Issue.
Among those seen wero Senators Til
roan, of South Carolina; J. McLaurln
of Mississippi; John W. McDanlol, of
Virginia; Edward Carmack, of Ten
ncssee; J. B. McCreary, of Kentucky
and representative Dlnsmorc, of Ar
kansas. Tucso gentlemen arc friends
uf Mr. Bryan, and were aupportcrsof
that great commoner In the last two
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Another republican in trouble.
Senator Burton, of Kansas, was In
dicted ly the federal grand jury at St.
Louis last Saturday on a charge of re
ceiving f2,rm from the Ilialto Grain
and Securities company of that city
for services rendered at Washington
In an attempt to prevent the postollice
department from Issuing a fraud order
against that concern. A conviction
means Imprisonment foryot more than
two years and a line of not less than
$10,000. It also renders him Incapable
of holding any oillee under the United
States goverment. Burton and Deit-
rich make a pretty pair to draw to.
IIkhe Is the right kind of a spirit
displayed, and from one who has held
(Irmly to the Kansas City platform
until he sees that the party for the
best Interest of the masses must relin
quish certain declarations contained
in that document. Charles A. Towne,
formerly one of Mr. Bryan's chief lion
tenants, and a leader of the populist
wing of tho democratic party, was
asked: "What do you think of Bry
an's assertion that the Kansas City
platform should remain unchanged?"
'Undoubtedly tho principles of the
platform are all right," Mr. Towne
replied catiously, "but I do not
think Mr. Bryan meant that the
language should remain absolutely
unchanged. It seems to mc conceded
that New York will have the candi
date for the president, although I do
not know that this Is linal. I think
we should go down to the convention
free to consider what it is best to do
when we get there. The delegates
should not bo bound by Instructions.
As to the unit rule I have nothing to
say. I think we have a fair chance to
win if we 'are prudent."
Democratic Prospects.
The narrowest republican estimate
of the relative strength ot the parties
in the coming presidential election,
saysthe St. Louis Republic, concedes to
democracy the following states, witha
total of 151 electoral votes, as follows:
Alabama 10
Arkansas t)
Florida 5
eorgia 13
Louisiana l)
Mississippi 10
Kentucky Ill
Missouri ..18
North Carolina 13
South Carolina 0
Tennessee 12
Texas 18
Virginia 12
Total 151
This republican estimate concedes to
be doubtful:
Delaware 3
Maryland 8
Nevada 3
New York 3!)
Total 00
A more conservative calculation
places the following states also in the
doubtful column:
California 10
Idaho 3
Montana ; 3
Oregon 4
Utah 3
Total 28
And this fairer calculation concedes
to democracy Maryland, with 8 votes,
and Nevada, with 3 votes, bringing the
total of democratic states up to 102.
It will be observed that neither of
these estimates, made by republicans,
admits of the possibility of democratic
victory In any event, 239 votes being ne
cessary to a choice. They afford, nev
ertheless, a basis for argument. Tak
ing them for what they are worth,
democracy may make some calculations
on its own account.
In addition to the lf2 votes conceded
by tho more liberal republican esti
mate, democracy requires 77 votes In
order to win. New York would provide
39 of these, and In the event of carry
ing New York democracy would prob
ably have New Jersey, with 12, and
Connecticut, with 7; the combined vote
of these states being 58. Out of the
remaining doubtful states democracy
would have to gather but 19 votes.
With Its fair strength in the west
these would be forthcoming.
Republican estimates claim abso
lutely: Connecticut 7
Delaware 3
Illinois 27
Indiana 15
Iowa 13
Kansas M
Maine it
Massachusetts It!
Michigan 14
Minnesota 11
Nebraska 8
New Hampshire 4
New Jersey 12
North Dakota 4
Ohio 23
I'ennsylvanla 34
Rhode Island 4
South Dakota 4
Vermont 4
Washington 5
West Virginia 7
Wisconsin 13
Wyoming 3
Total 247
Obviously, tinder this calculation,
the loss of any one of Illinois, Indiana.
Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michi
gan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio,
Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, or the loss
of any two of the remainder, would be
fatal. This calculation is based upon
a republican solid middle west and Wy
oming and Washington In addition.
As militating against the foivcof this
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calculation it should be remembered
that Maryland is most probablv dem
ocratic; that democracy has a fal r show
In Delaware; that Wyoming is likely
to go democratic; that Washington is
by no means a republican certainty;
and that democracy has a lighting
cnance in tne mikotas, in view or the
issues and existing conditions.
Though its calculations exclude New
York as doubtful, it is a safe assump
tion that the republican party cannot
win without New York, especially In
view of the fact that the loss of New
York would probably entail the loss of
Connecticut and Aew Jersey with their
19 votes. On the other hand, It Is con
ceivable that democracy might win
without New lork, with the tarill
and trust and boodle issues defined as
between the producing legions and the
As for the other "doubtful" states,
not all of which arc conceded to be
doubtful by democrats, democracy in a
majority or tiieni indeed in all of them
except, perhaps, California has a bet
ter man even chance. The total
"doubtful" vote, ascompiled by repub
licans, is but 28, exclusive of New
l oik's. Democracy might yield this
and vet, witha southadmlttcdlysolid,
and by winning its battle In the east,
which It may reasonably count upon in
the light of Tammany's late victory.
and with its normal following in the
producing regions, carry the day.
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Special Bargains la Farms.
100 acres good- improvements of all
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80 acres well Improved, sun Kith land
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railroad, 110 acres cultivated balance
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running water, etc.
A 95 acre farm at $,V per acre, large
ly under cultivation, slight improve
"We will give description of other
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11. 15. Windham,
l'lattsmoutli, Neb.
Hpt'dut Corrosx)iiUciit.
Chas. S. Stone was attending to bus-
ness in Union last Friday afternoon.
Mont Robb went djwn to Wyoming
Sunday to see his mother, who has been
very low for the past three weeks.
Hon. John W. Loudermllk, the gon
ial agent for the Ileatrice Creamery
company, was reading the signs in
Omaha, one day last week.
Dr. 15. F. Rrcndell and Tost master
A. L. Raker went to l'lattsmoutli
last Wednesday evening and were Ini
tiated Into the mystcricsof the Eagle's
Chas. S. Stone was visiting with his
parents Sunday and Monday.
J. M. Stone, of Nehawka, president
of the Murray State Rank, and also of
the Nehawka Rank, was visiting with
his sons Charles and Rrucc the latter
part of last week.
J. A. Walker, D. J. Pitman and R.
W. Swcarlngcn are busy putting up
Ice this week, that for quality cannot
be beat. It Is out of Mr. Pitman's
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in the world was from SAVINO-That
Is true of ninety-nine in a hun
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low their good example and put
your money, even a few dollars, in
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count now.
Plattsmouth Saving Bank.
Public Sale
The undefslgned will sell at Public
Auction at his farm, 11 miles
Southwest of l'lattsmoutli, and 7
miles Southwest of Mynard,
Wednesday, Feb. 10,1904
tho following described property, to
w lt, commencing at 10:00 a. m.
HORSES: Eight head of horses,
consisting of mares, geldings and colts.
4 good mules, 3 to 7 years old.
44 HEAD OF CATTLE: 10 milk
cows, some fresh; 13 yearling steers;
fi steer calves; 4 heifer calves; 0 2-year-old
heifers with calf; 4 one-year-old
heifers; 1 two-year-old high grade
Shorthorn bull.
43 HEAD OF HOCS: Consisting of
brood sows and slioats, and one Thor
oughbred Duroc Jersey Roar.
ber wagons; one spring wagon; one
one top buggy; 1 riding cultivator:
2 walking cultivators; 1 Id-inch and 2
14-inch Stirring plows; 1 Moline corn
planter and check rower; 1 Sterling
broadcast seeder with grass seeder at
tachment; 1 Sterling feed grinder; 1
feed cutter, almost new; 1 Champion
mower, almost new; 1 Ruckeye mower;
1 McUormlc binder; 1 hay rake and 1
hay rack: 1 3 and 1 2-srctlon harrows;
1 2-shovcl cultivator; 1 2-row stalk cut
ter; 1 disc; 1 3-row corn harrow; 1 Klr
1 In double-row disc cultivator; 2 setts
of work harness; about .10 hedge posts;
3 stacks of timothy hay, about 12 tons
of prairie hay: one stack of millet; 1
stack each oats and wheat straw; 2
barrels of cider and 3 harrrcls of cider
vinegar. Other articles too numerous
to mention.
TERMS Or SALE! A credit of one
year will lie given on all sums over
10,00, purchaser giving good bankable
note, Ix-arlng 8 per cent. Interest: all
sums of 110.00 and under cash In hand.
All property must be settled for be
fore being removed,
ALIlKRT i'Al'l'K, Owner.
W, D. Jonkh. Auctioneer,
II. K. 1'ankonin, t'lerk.
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Referee's Sale.
IVa K. Piitlcrson. I'hiiiillfT. vs. Jiinii'S I'ut-t.'r-M
n ,'t. til..'iiilaiits.
-I'll! I..- . - ... nl. II 11 I
1 1 p. 1 1 r. I ii--. i -1 . .a ii iir -m r..-- i. i i
I V ! L- 1 I -VI' I I . 111 ... I . ....
i i I r ii r..- i r. 1 mil l.'l lit' inn h i' 1 1 1 'I i imi iii f
rti'iry Tunny fnurtli. l:U. il m' oVIix-k In
lln' ufU'iHHin uf viM ilav. Hit" uiiilrnlcnril
ri'frrivs ilnly uiiinliitrtl ui iniiko partition In
tin' ulmvi' I'liUtli il canst, will, pursuant ti an
iirtlcr of salr of ilio I li t Omrl within anil
fur Cass i 'mint y. Malt1 of Nrliraska. at the
sunt Ii front (i'Kifof I lit' Court lioiisf In I lit- City
of I'lattstiiiiiitli. Cass Counts'. Ni'liraska. si'li
at putilti- an. -lion in tln liU'lit'st liiililrr. siil
I t to Urns anil iiii'titnlirain'ts tlit ri'on. Hit'
.. II. .1 il.. .1 l . .......
ii'iii'n iiik mi-si rint'll ri al I'SiaM .
Lotsonc iii, two c'i. thri'f it:i. four (4). II vt
(Manil sl oil, in Itlork cl;hty-tlirt't K0; lots
I'll" Uf, mo 1,1, lliri'l' l.o. lour III. lilt' l.o mm
six (ill. In lllis'k two (.') In Vonnir anil llay
Aililltloii, Lots ten (III), cli'vi n (II) ami twrlv.
(I.'i. In liloi k si vi'iily-six 0(). all in (!m Clt
of riattsmontli. Cass Connly. Nrliraska. Also
part of tin' North Kast ipiarli rof llm Sonth
Wi'st imartiT: part of tin" South half of tin
North Vi'stinarti rof thr Smth Vti'sl quarter:
lot twenty uln In t lit South Last quarter ol
Hie South West quarter anil the South West
quarter of the South West quarter, all In Sec
tion nne III. Township twelve d'.'i. ItuuKt
tlili teen (Illi. In Cass County. N'eliraska, con
talulni' cldity-lwo is..') ai res more or less.
Also Lot. one (I) in the North Kast quarter ol
North Kast quarter of Section twenty-one c'1).
Township twelve (l','l. Kani,'i eleven (II) in
said County ami State, contalnlnt; thlry-nlne
i:i'.n acres more or less. A Iso est half i W. 'i I
ami Siutli Kast quarter (S. K. '4l of Section
one (I). Township lifii cn (l.o, KaiiK'e llfty ().
in Cheyenne County, Niliraska. coulalniuK
l our Hundred and I'liitv (In'I acres inure or
less. Also Lots two (:J ami twelve (p-l In Itlm-k
(4) ami Lois four (4) and live. Ci) In Itlock six
(li) In Wise, - I'arinelee's Addlllon to the City
of Omaha. Douglas County. Nebraska; also
Lot llfleen (l.'i) in Block four (I) In Institute
I'lace Addition to said city.
tlilid ('a) cash: one-tlilrd Ci) payable. In one
year and one-third d,) payable In two years.
All tleferred payments to lie secured with ii
proved mil estate iiii1'Ik:ii.''s and lieur In
terest at seven percent, per annum.
Hash. S. Kansk v.
Attorney for I'lalnlllT.
.Icikki'ii W. Johnson
l.'ll IVV I M..IIM .XI
A.MIHKW H. 'J'AVI.llll. )
First publication January 14, I'.ml.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of U10 estate of llarton W.
Manner, deceased.
To Alfred .1. Manner, Jasper W. Manner.
Amos I'". Manner. Mary A. K'estersoii ami
Isaac 1). Manner, and all oilier persons In
terested In said estate. You are hereby noti
fied that, upon tlie !Hli (lay of January A. U. .
1WH, Alfred J. Marnier tiled in said court his
duly vertllled petition allirlin.'. mm mi; other
tilings, that llarton W, Manner died intestate
In said county on tlie iith day of lleceinU'r.
I1KCI. seized and xisscsscd of real and personal
CM ale Nllualed ill said county to Imi admin
istered ukiii; that the almvo named ih tsoiis
are tin sole iieirs-al-law of said deceased and
the only persons Interested in said eslale.
Tlie prayer of said petition Is for tlie apimiut
ineiit of Isaac il. Manner as administrator of
said estate.
You tiro notified that hearinir will lie hud
upon said petition at tlie County Court Uoom
In rialtsmoutli, Cass Cotinly, Nebraska, on
tlie Sittli day of January. ll4, at ton o'clock
A. M.. and if you fail to appear at said time
and object to the proceediiu;s. the. Court may
lira nt the prayer of said petition and the ad
ministration of said estate ot Isaac I) Mar
nier, or some other suitable person and pro
ceed to the settlement thereof.
Witness my hand and the seal of tlie County
Court at l'lattsmoutli, Cass County. N'e
liraska, this llth day of January A. I).. l!H)l.
County .luilno.
Notice to Creditors.
Stale of Nebraska, I ... , .
Cass County. f s 1,1 County Court
Ml the mat ter of tlie estate of Kntiil Hanson,
Notice is hereby jrlvcn that the creditors of
wild deceased will meet the executor,
Lewis Hanson, of said estate, before, inc.
eounty juduK of Ciisk county. Nebraska, al
the. county court room In rialtsmoutli. in said
cimihi y the Jsth day of .March. I!I4. and on
the twi-nty-iiiiitli day of AuriisI, Ism. nt III
o clock a. m.. each day. for (he purposo of
present liu; Iheirelalins for examination, ad
justment and allowance.
Six months are allowed for the creditors of
said deceased to present their elaliiis. and one
year and six mouths for the executor lo set lie
said estate, from the L'litli day of February.
Witness my hand and seal of said County
Court, at I'latisinouth. Nebraska, this L'.'illi
(lay of January. l!Kd. nvt:y 1. Tuivih.
iKAi.-l County .Indite.
For Sale!
Eight acres of land, IS block west of
M. 1. liepot; good live room house,
bam, wells and other improvements.
Plenty of fruit of all kinds. I'or fur
ther particulars call on or address,
II. G. Stoll, Plattsmouth.
The Famous Wood River Valley Lands
Wc have great faith that some of the Journal readers, will, when they know
what wc have to sell in the way of land investments, he interested in our eoun-
tr". 1 fill hnvn n r 1r.i.1.f .4- 4 l. .1. r . ...
J . ' w.v. i.w viwuiji
11:111 111 i:iwinrn iiiifni i-n
n h 1 . . I . . . T . , 1 . . . 1 .
v "V ; -7"'' i 'nv jiars nj-o, aim you i;now how good that was, n
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portunity pass. Isotc prices below on some of the farms we have for sale in this
great valley, noted for its great production of alfalfa, sugar beets, winter wheat,
oats and corn.
1 IX 1(10 acre farm, HO acres In cultivation, M acres
rast urc, 5 acres alfalfa, 2 nice k roves, Imuse I I ly l!
one and a half story with 2 additions one lo l.y -jj
and one 10 by m. Frame liarn 24 liy 40 and all other
necessary outbuilding All fenced and crcs fenced.
3 wells and pumps, one wind mill. ?) acres fall wheat
and 10 acres rye. Close to school and church. Cnod
neighborhood. .1J miles to j;ood II. K. town. A
splendid valley farm. J'rlcc 0(oo.
HO acre farm.fair buildings,
kouu nine tfrass pasture, balance
L this farm loins tlw tnuiiKiin
own or w), whore all tirandioH of
represented; four churches, hluli sc-hool ami koikI
markets. Trice I(HM).
124 Kit) nere farm, lo: acres under ctilllvalltm, P.l
acres alfalfa, acre native K'rass pasture, li story
house 24x:to with (rood brick cellar, bam :uix:.2, poultry
house 12x10, work shop 12x10, jjood h. liou. i;xiiO
with hojt yard fenced hot; tklit, pasture fenced, two
wells and 0110 windmill, T.l lxarln apple trees,
For more extensive list and full description of country, address
M I T C H E U U (Sc KV lI G H
9 " vvl
Austang Liniment
lliubtTH up Stiffjolnta.
Austang Liniment
i.cuctratea to the very uouc.
Mustang Liniment
nlwnyg gives snusmcuu.
Probate Notice.
mrorxrv coi'iiTci1 casscocnty,
Nebraska, in tin matterof the estate
ofSonnle Knot, ilivt aseil. Nelson liist. James
Knot. Itv rou A. Loot, and Allt'U. lialpli and
AII'V liisit. heirs of Lviiiau Loot, ilis'easisl;
Chariot, lialpli and lioherl Knot, heirs of
Anderson Knot, ilis'eased; .M limit Tuiuelson,
Lvmiiil Hint linn e Mslt v. heirs of Melvina
Si'sley. ilts-eased; and Walter, I'earl and .Mel
vina Dickinson, heirs of Orrllla Dickinson,
dis-oaseil, and all oilier persons iiilei-sled ill
said estate lire hereby noillled that Ukii the
ITlh (lav of Jamiarv. A. D.. ItKM. llvran
A. K00L tiled In said court Ills H'tltlon
July verlliid. alloirluis iinuim other tilings
(hut Sen nie Koot died ttwlato at Murray In
aid county 011 the LSUh (lay of December. lMUJ.
possessed of an estate situated III said county
u lie ailinlnlslercd upon, and that the above
named orsiins are the heirs at law of said
deceased; that there was tiled III said court
niKiutlic ;ih day of January. I'.io4. a paper
nrllliiK. pin-purl inn to It' the last will and
lestanieiit of said deceased. The prayer of
said petition is for the probate and allowance
f said Instrument as such last will and for
letters testamentary lo Hymn A. Kim it. You
are untitled Unit 11 litariuK will be had uhiii
said pot II Ion. iind the proofs of said Instru
n 11 nt taken, at the eotiuiy court room In
I'lattsiiiouili. Cass counly. Nebraska, upon the
llth day of February. A. D.. W, at HI
o'clock In tlie forenoon and If you fall appear
at said time ami contest said Inst riimeiit. (he
court may probate ami allow tlie same and
itranl administration of said estate to II v roll
A. Hoot, or some other suitable person, and
proceed lo a sell lenient thereof. Wllnessiny
liand and tlie seal of saldcourl al IMatlsiiiouili
tills liith day of January. A. I) , IIKH.
County .Iniluc
V Absra.cts c Title V
TI?oma5 Ualli.
OI'I'ICIC-Anliouser-llusli Hlook.
All kinds of Dental work. Plates made that
lit. at years ex iwriencu. I'rlccs reasonable
Work Kuarunlci'd.
OI T1CK- rn.iiKUAi.i) Block.
I HKHlllKNCK. 4s,
Waterman Block
l'lutts. l'lioncs
I have just shipped in a couple of
car loads of irood all purpose horses and
mares, which I will olTor for sale or
will trade for smaller horses for the
the southern market. Call and see
horses at my farm.
Ss'5. i',rfi4-9T?j 11
..L..E-.I5M9.HL H
tut tnu t-iime C ia iiV nr nn
n i .
bearing plum and
farm, li miles from
and church. Trice
Kranary H'.x:i2, poultry house I2xl(l. This Is a splen-
all fenced, 10 acres
imi vauey larm, is nines rrom ooi Kiver and four
miles from Slielton, ImiHi pood towns, on rural mail
mute, one mile to school. Trice only J.Vmo.
under cultivation:
IhihIih ss nr wi-ll
loo Is a .110 acre
iiiiu ipi .ii iiik '!. inn u in .1 i'i i-n, i" .n in s, plums, ciier
rles, r U, 00(1 vlneyanl and other small fruits: a
lare prove of line IIiiiIkt. This farm Is divided Into
rurminp land, n I fa 1 fa . meadow and pasture ami can
all lie cultivated If necessary: Is only live miles from
a pood railroad town, and will make an Ideal home.
Trice per acre $.12. ."ki.
AAustang Liniment
curts rruhtLlu-ti and Cbilbl.xitnj.
Mustang Liniment
.., luiu, lor u luuie uorc.
Mustang Liniment
driven out all intlunimution.
Iby keeping
Anil marching
straight to
f. H.
whore you will lo ro
lxiid for your trouble
S by getting tho bent
" on mo markets. w
I Groceries,
I Canned Goods,
I Fruits,
fresh daily from tho markets. S
8 gathered fresh every morning.
I 'Phone 54.
8 Waterman Itlock IMattsnioutli,
a .-1
Indigestion Cause3
Catarrh of the
For many years It has been supposed that
Catarrh of the Stomach caused indigestion
and dyspepsia, but the truth is exactly tho
opposite. Indigestion causes catarrh. Re
peated attacks of indigestion Inflames the
mucous membranes lining the stomach and
exposes the nerves ol the stomach, thus caus
ing the glands to secrete mucin instead of
the Juices of natural digestion. This Is
called Catarrh of the Stomach.
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
relieves all Inflammation of the mucous
membranes lining the stomach, protects the
nerves, and cures bad breath, sour risings, a
sense of fullness after eating, indigestion,
dyspepsia and all stomach troubles.
Kodol Digests What You Eat
Make the Stomach Sweet
Bottles only. Regular siro, $1.00. holdinr 2 time
ths trial si;o. which fells (or SO cents.
Prepared by E. 0. DeWITT ft CO., Chicago, III.
For Sate by F. G. FRICKE & CO.
invcutmpnt hern l int vmt
. .
cherry trees. Splendid valley r
pood railroad town, close to school 4
fowo. '
ij Perry's Restaurant l
jj Gnd Short Order House
Modlb Served nt Regular
S Menl Hours. $
h Fresh Oysters
$J Fish or nnything in Mnrket. J
k P. UTTER BACK, Proprietor, k
3 0
O North Slda Main Slraat N
livi acre farm, l.'iO acres tinder cultivation, ten J
acres natlvcKrass pasture, nice prove, small orchard, f
all fenced and cross fenced, one story house 22x22,out J
door kitchen with brick cellar, fair house, barn 2lx.'!2. Cl
farm and stock ranch
with run- Q
house, larpe
ninn waler, a line new, wo story 10 room luuise.larne t
barn and sheds, granaries and other outbulldlnnH, a X
11.... I. I.. ..r 1... 1 . .
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