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Of the United States Treasury Recommends
From the Prcjd An;:ra to the Lowly
Common Varieties Which Lord It
Cver Vacant City Lets, All Have
Been Enumerated.
wuin 1 1 uiiiiiiciit i iiiaioiuiiij Uiiii i
ana tnuorsa re-rj-na.
" ' WOMAN S':;
fVv )
Miss Carmen, Scc'y DclroitU
Amateur Art Association, tells
j'ounjj women what to do to
avoid pain and suflcring caused
by female troubles.
" pKAtt V.m. Pjnkium: I em eon
hi'ioiitiotisly recommend Lydia I,
rinkhain's Ywt.'iLlc Compound
to those of my sisters btilTcriiip; with
femnlo weakuess and tho troubles
which so often befall women. I Buf
fered for months with p-encral wctdc
Bcss, ami felt i weary that I had hard
worlc to keep up, I had shooting pains,
and was utterly miserable. In my dis
tress I was advised to u:-,o Lycll'u 1'.
l'Lik ham's VogotaMo Corn
jmun.l, rnd H was u red letter day to
mo when I took tho first dose, for nt
that tiino my restoration bejjan. la
six wwiln 1 was a changed woman,
perfectly well In every respect. I felt
so elated and happy that I want all
women who suffer to get well as I did."
Miss flrir.A. (Ussos, 3r9 Jones St,
Petrolt, Mich., Secretary Amateur Art
Association. ISOOOforfrll If original of about
htfr proving genuwwis cannot produced.
When ono consider! that Miss
Cannon's letter in only ono of the
countless hundreds which we
urecoiitinually publishing iu tho news
papers of this country, the. great vlrtua
of Mrs. rink ham's mediciuo uutt bo
admitted by alL
Would Confiscate the Hats.
Enthusiastic memhers of London 'a
Audubon society propose a law to an
lhori;;a the conriscotlon of all hats doo
orated with the skins of song birds.
Try One Packafje.
If "Defiance Rnrch" dors net
please you, return It to your dealer.
If It does you net one-third more for
the came money. It will give you
satisfaction, and will not stick to tho
Our friendships are usually row
boatH, wbllo our hatreds are memo'
TJse Hed Cross Ball lllue ant make them
while again. Lark.0 2z. puc.kHg , 6 cents.
If a ican who falls in love at sight
la wise he will take a, second look be
fore proposing.
Try mo just once ami I am sur.
to com again. Defiance Starch.
Examide Is the best argument.
Chaffee's Shoulder Straps.
The first shoulder straps with tho
three stars of the lieutenant general
that General Chaffee will wear after
the eenale confirms him In his new
grade will be n pair presented to hiin
by Lieutenant General Young, who
retired recently With tho straps
General "Young sent this note: "Pri
vate "Young, Company K. Twelfth
Pennsylvania volunteer Infantry, pre
sents his compliments to Private
Chaffee, Troop K. Sixth United States
cavalry, and asks him to accept this
pair of lieutenant general's shoulder
Financier and Mirthmaker.
American financiers wUo, when In
London, have had occasion to meet
the urbane, yet extremely business.
like secretary of the Hank of England,
were surprised to learn the other day
that In his leisure he wrote stories
thHt fairly bubbled over with the spirit
of childhood. Between Mr. K. Cra
hame, important factor in the manage
ment of "Tho Old Lady of Thread
needle Street." and Kennth Grahame.
nuthor of "The Golden Age" and
"Dream Days," there would seem to
ie the wide gulf existing between po-t
rand banker always excepting my old
friend, Kdmnnd Clarence Stedman. If
1be attempt of a lunutle to assassinate
the bank secretary had not drawn wide
attention to that financial factotum,
with oonseo.nent publication of bis 'bi
ography, the fact tbtit mirthmaker arse
money handler were one person would
havw Iteen known only to a chosen fear.
Found the Food that Saved His Life.
A good old family physician with a
llfeilmo experience in saving people
Anally found himself rick unto death.
Medicines failed and but let
Mm tell his own story. "For the first
time in my life of sixty-ono
years I am impelled to pub
licly testify to the value of a largely
advertised article and I certainly
would not pen these lines except that,
what seems to me a direct act of
1'rovldenco, saved my life and I am
Impressed that It is a boundeu duU?
to make It known.
"For 3 years I kept falling with
Honiara and liver disorders until I
was reduced 70 lbs. from my nor
mal weight. When I got too low to
treat myself, 3 of my associate physi
cians advised me to 'put my house In
order' for 1 would he quickly going tho
way of all mnnUlnd. Just about that
time 1 was put on a diet of Grape
Nuts predlgested food. Curiously
enough it quickly began to build mo
up, appetito returned and in 13 days
1 gained G lbs. That started my re
turn to health and really saved my
"A physician Is naturally prejudiced
ncainst willing such a letter, but la
this case I am willing to decli'.re it
from the housetop that the multi
plied thousands who (ire now sniveling
as 1 did ran find relief and health a
easily and promptly by Grape-Nuts. If
they only knew what to do. Sincerely
and Fraternally yours." Name of this
prominent physician furnished by Pos
turn Co., Nattle Creek, Mich.
Look !n each packngo for a copy of
tho famous little book, "The Rocd to
Girl's Costume.
Yoke dresses are always becomln
to young girls and are shown In many
Taxations. This one Is exceptionally
pretty and includes a skirt yoke, as
well as ono la the waist, that gives
smooth fit over the hips while allow
ing fullness below. Tho original 13
made of sapphire Lino henrietta with
the yokes, sleeve caps and cuffs
of narrow bands of silk, interlaced
and held by fancy stitches and luld
over white, but nil tho simpler ma
terials of fashion are suitablo and
tho yokes can be of b.ce Bilk or any
4618, ClU t-1oatuuie,8to 14 yours.
contrasting material o; mado of band3
of velvet or silk ribbon in placo of tho
folded silk.
Tho waist Is mado over a body lin
ing on which tho lull front and backs
and the deep pointed yoke are arrang
ed. The sleeves aro tho full ones of
fashion with caps that combine with
the yoke to give tho needed broad
effect. The skirt In straight, gathered
tmd joined to tho yoke, which In turn
is Joined to tho waist.
The quantity of material required
for tho medium slo (12 years) is
03i yards 21 inches wide, 54 yards L'7
inches wido or Vj yards 41 Inches
wide, with 20 yards of bnnding to
mako as illustrated.
The pattern 4613 is cut In sizes for
girls of 8, 10, 12 and 14 years of
, How to Cook Liver.
Here Is an appetizing way to have
liver for a dinner, thnt may bo new to
some. Cook or fry about three slices
of fresh pork to a pound of liver, have
fried onions with it, and also a gravy
improves it. Cut all the. meat up In
quite small pieces, put it altogether in
a deep dish with tho onions and gravy
poured over. Don't buy the red liver,
it Is not nenr as good as the yellow,
try it, and you will see: nnd don't
cook tho liver tho least bit too much,
as frequently happens; it will bo so
different when Just cooked through.
Frozen Meat. When using frozen
meat the great point is to slowly and
thoroughly thaw It before cooking.
Mint Sauce. When chopping mint
for mint sauce, add a little sugar, and
you will bo ablo to chop It far more
Brushes. The hacks of brushes of
silver or nickel can be kept bright by
rubbing with a flannel dipped in am
monia. Fruit Tarts. Put tho sugar used
for sweetening fruit tarts in the mid
dle of the fruit, not on iho top, or It
will sodden the pestrv.
Stale Loaves. Wrap stale loaves In
a cloth. Dip Into hot water for half a
minute, take off the cloth and bake
for a quarter of an hour in a steady
In tho Wash. The linen turns yel
low after washing because It Is not
rinsed enough. The soap left In at the
laundry turns the garments yellow in
Cleaning Fancy Collars.
Net and lace collars, that there is
danger of pulling out of shapo during
the washing process, should bo care-
Bcrlha waists of nil sorts nre in
vogue, but none other has the pe
culiar charm of the handkerchief sort
the grace of which is apparent at a
glance. This one is made of violet
rropo do Chine with yoke and cuffs
of chiffon velvet and trimming of ecru
lace, but both yoke and cuffs can lie
omitted and the wslst made low with
elbow sleeves when desired. The
pointed outline, of the yol.e and the
fully Added and sewed lightly togeth
er before being put luto the suds.
Never rub things of this kind. Make
a suds with soap-Jelly and warm
water. Lay the folded collars In this
and leave for twenty mluutea or half
an hour.
Then squeero In your hand and
eouso up and down In suds till clean.
Repeat the process In another clean
lot of suds If there Is any doubt of
the cleanliness, and finally rinse In
warm water and siueeze B9 dry as
you can. If Ironed at onee on a well
covered hoard, wrong side up, lirst
under a cloth and then without, no
starch will ho needed.
More Canvas Shoes.
Canvas shoes for both men nnd
women will be more popular the com
ing season, according to ilie returns of
tho salesmen, and they will be more
pretentious than ever before. Several
of the Lynn factories aro now at work
on tho now orders, and some very nat
ty shoes arc going to be made in thia
line. There aro to be some very pret
ty combinations in white duck, with
trimmings or stays of black, shiny
leather, perforated, and also of tan
and colors. There will be many pure
white canvas shoes made for men,
women and children, some of the la
dies' shoes being of a basket weave
material, says the Shoe Reporter.
While oxfords are in tho majority,
there aro some boots which are cut
very high, in Polish style, the demand
for these coming from the raciflc
Tucked Bloure.
mouse or shirt waists mado with
tucks arranged in groups aro among
tho designs shown for- the advanco
season and are admirable for tho new
cotton and linen
waif-tings of sprinc
as well as for tho
wool ones of Im
medlatewear. This
one Is mado of mer
cerized cotton
ri f Li
showing line3 of
blue on white and
is unlined, but can
be used either with
or without tho fit
ted lining and is
available for all
626 Tucked BIihw,
32 to 40 bust.
materials in vogue.
The full length tucks at each side of
tho center, with those at the shoulders
which extend to yoke depth only,
make a most desirable combination,
while those at the back give iho taper
ing linos that always aro becoming.
The waist consists of tho fitted lin
ing, fronts and back. At the center
front is a regulation shirt waist plait
that meets the groups of lurks at each
side. The sleeves aro tucked to bo
snug from the shoulders to the elbows,
but are full below and are gathered
into straight cuffs. At the neck is
worn a fancy slock of silk, with a turn
over collar of white lawn.
The quantity of material reqnlred
for the medium size is 4 yards 21
inches wide, 3 yards 27 inches wida
or 21i yards 44 Inches wide.
The pattern 4626 Is cut in sizes for a
32. 31, 30, 38 and 40 inch bnst meas
ure. Pjtinted Pins in Fashion Again.
Miniature painted pins are again in
fashion, but this time they aro of
copper instead of china.
They nre mounted in gunmotal, all
shapes and sizes, nnd are prettier
than any miniature pin shown In
many years. They are used for belts,
brooches, hat pins and coin cases.
The coin cases have tho appear
ance of being watches, and tho pic
tures urc usually surrounded bp tiny
rliinestones. On opening the case by
the spring, just as a watch would
open, and touching an interior spring,
the roln emerges. This is a clever
arrangement, and there is no danger
of losing the coins.
Pretty Blankets.
One or two hallagias, or Italian silk
blankets, nre good investments in a
household. They are Inexpensive, anS
often very pretty in color and design.
They are used for couch covers, nnd
are decidedly convenient for extra bed
deep points of tho bertha make note
worthy features and tho gauntlet
cults aro among the latest shown. To
make the waist for a woman of medi
um size will be required 5Vi yards of
material 21, 4 ynrd? 27 or 2rSi yards
41 Inches wide, with one yard of vel
vet and C'i yards of applique. A
May Manton pattern. No. 4004, sIzcr
32 to 40, will he mailed to any ad
dress on receipt of ten cents.
mm a
Ji; -Ki'u
coverings on cola nights. Light as
thee blankets are, they are remarks-
y warm, and are said to be espt'ciaV
ly comfortable for persons subject to
rheumatic attacks.
Waist With Fancy Yoke Collar.
Every woman knows the value ot
gown that can ho mado high or
low neck as occasion demands. This
very charming model accomplishes
that end and is eminently smart under
both conditions. As shown it Is made
of white crepo mcteoro with heavy
4507 Wtlet with Fnnry Yoke Collar,
32 to 40 husk
cream lace as trimming. The yoke
collar is separate and can bo worn
over the waist mado low, as shown
In the small sketch, or over tho entire
foundation as preferred. The sleovcs
form full soft puffs that extend slight
ly below the elbows and can bo made
with or without the deep cub's. To
make tho waist fur a woman of
medium size will bo required 4Ms
yards of material 21 lnche3 wide, 4
yards 27 or 2 yards 44 Inches wido.
A May Manton pattern No. 4C07,
sizes 32 to 40 will bo mailed to any
address on receipt of ten cents.
An Underekirt.
Any girl who has an old party
frock of taffeta can mako a very
pretty underskirt to wear with her
house and evening gowns.
For the ruffle get wash net, or point
d'esprit, and across the bottom placo
bias bands cf silk. Sew the ruffle ti
the skirt with another band and yo.t
have a very dainty affair.
Floral Chains in Place of Beads.
Floral chains are taking tho place
of the bead ones, which have been so
popular until recently. These floral
fancies are mado of ribbon or silk, and
are worn chain fashion. Violets, bou
ton rones and forget-me-nots are tha
Knife -cleaning will be more easily
accomplished if you mix a little car
bonate of soda with the bath brick on
the knife board.
When mnk'.ng cakes begin by warm
ing the basin. This will cause the in
gredients to mix more readily and the
result will be a lighter rake.
If a cork eeem3 too big for the neck
of a bottle, soak It for three or four
minutes in boiling water and then try
It again. It will probably go in then
quite easily.
Wash children's slates occasionally
with water in which washing soda Is
solved. This will take off the greasi
ness which makes writing on the slats
a difficulty.
Fur is the ultra modish brimming.
Sheer light evening gowns are set
off with ermine fur.
Squirrel and moleskin aro used o
darker gowns.
Jet fringes are favored for sheer
black or white frocks.
On evening gowns green velvet
leaves make an attractive decoration.
White broadtail is a manufactured
fur much like r.lheline, largely used on
dark cloth.
Embroideries in rich oriental color
ings, flecked with gold and silver, bear
the stamp of excellent style. '
Buttons of all sizes are ttnod. cut
steel belns most costly and brilliant.
Enameled buttons are employed to
carry out the color scheme on a frock.
Woman's Smoking Jacket.
The latest Innovation In the world
of dress Is the ladles' smoking Jncket
From a modlstie point of view this la
the most delightful garment in the
world, following strictly on the lines
of a man's smoking coat, with pale
pink, bluo or buff facings nnd Jeweled
Reuder of this paper ran fceruro nay May
Mantoo pattern lllusirulod above by tilling out
nil biuuUs lu coupon, nnd mating, with 10 cents,
10 E. i- Harrison A Co.. Oj Plymouth Plaoe, Ciil
Hit a. 1'uUi-ra will bcmulicil prompUy.
Pattern No .
Vnlsl Mciuuro (If for iiktrt) .
IJunt Mracurc (If for waist;
Aso (If child's or Diiu's pattern). .
Write plotnly. I'l'd out all blsntis. Foelo.
lOo. Mali to K. K. Uui rlsoa 4 to. , 4b IVjUvutb
Piace, Chlcitg
Uncle Fn ha.i emitted his g:ats.
The funny persons of the United
Slates had been paying attention to
them long before Uncle Sam did. but
they Old not spread quite the same
facts about them. According to them
the goat is really only a humorous oh
joct, living mostly tin ash heaps and
eating loose property, such as shirts
!u:rg out to dry.
Cut Uncle Sam finds that his goats
are extremely valuable possessions of
the United States. His census men
collected the figures from all the
states and found to their amazement
that there are almost two millions
of goats In tliis country.
There are mere than 1,871.I0() o.
ft.rris only. More than Ti'O.tiuO of
them nre tho beautiful Angora poats,
but the rest, which tiro Just the plain,
ordinary, common goat, are not to bo
despiaed. The value of all the goats
on the farms Is estimated at being a
little more than three and a quarter
n.illior.s of dollars.
Yet with all these goats In the coun
try the United States still Imports all
of its goat skins from other landt.
This Is not due to the fact 'iai tho
business Isn't worth, for last
y ear the Imports of goat sklna amount
ed to twenty-five millions of dollars,
but the fact appears to be that tho
goat herders and tho goat skin makers
of other countries demand bo littlo
money and live so poorly that thero Is
nothing in It for the American farm
or, and ho prefers to raise his goats for
their hair, as in tho case of Angoras
while he uses the common goat to
furnish milk and meat.
The twenty-live million dollars'
worth of goat skins that aro Imported
by Uncle Snm each year gives work
to many strange races, and draws on
poat herds from . Uruguay and Aus
ir:i!astii to the White Sea in Russia
and Labrador in far northern Cnnada.
On the oceanic peaks of the Azores,
in the beautiful Madeira Islands,
where tho days aro all as dreams,
afar !n the wild country around tho
lilack Sea, high among tho clouds of
the Swiss Alps, tho herds are feeding
to-day to furnish skins for tho shoe3
ami gloves and other wearing material
of the boys and girls of tho United
The soft, velvety skin that forms
your gloves to-day may have passed
through adventures before it reached
you that would make a story In the
most thrilling of story bcxiks seem
pale. Tho goat that bore it may have
scampered over tho barren plains of
Russia with wolves at her heels. A
Servian mountaineer may have driven
her over the black mountain defiles of
his native land to save her from the
Turks. An Aral) may have driven her
through the pastures of the Holy Land.
Even tho Himalayas, distant though
they bo from civilization, fed and shel
tered goats to furnish American cloth
ing. The fierce men of Tripoli escort
ed long caravans across the burning
African lands to bring the goat skins
safe to port that they might be ship
ped In New York and Boston on some
rusty battered tramp steamer that has
poked her ugly and prosaic nose Into
all the lands of romance.
And Husband Had No Fear that She
Would Elope.
A New York literary woman sojourn
ing In San Francisco employed a supe
rlor Chinese servant, whose faithful
ness was beautiful to behold. When a
change of fortune necessitated hurried
preparations for a trip to tho orient,
Lee was notified that his scrvlrei
would not bo required longer.
"You no llkee me, niissee?"
"Nonsense, Lee, I do like you, but I
am going away to your China."
The man's face brightened. "My
wifee and 111 boy thero. Some day I
go hack."
A woman who was assisting In the
packing, and who was supposed to be
well bred, remarked facetiously:
"Aren't you afraid your wife will
run away with some other Chinaman
while you aro away, Lee?"
The Chinaman Eavo her one swift
look of contempt, then quickly re
sponded with a respectful bow:
"My wifee no Mellcan woman she
Chinese lady."
Smiles and Tears.
Through her tears mv durllng's smiling
Anil the wnrlil Is blight uhain.
Am, when p nlili-tieil hearts bOKiilllnp
Jlrcalta tho sunlight through tho ruin;
To her Irishes stl!l arc clinging
Crystals, quivering ltli her sighs.
Gulden lnrl or niinshinp flinging
l-'roin ihc rainbow of her eyes.
All the days ennnot be r.ilnlesn;
Hides cannot be always clr.
riirliiig's life cannul he pn In
Sorrow's lurking somen here near.
Hut clnc terns mut com to suddon
Hrlnirlng with them bluer vlglis
May the smiles that follow gladden
In the rulnbow of her even!
-New York ITerald.
A Wilder Witticism.
It recently happened that Marshall
P. Wilder was in the company of a
number of men who were discussing
the wonders of Invention and of dis
covery during the last hundred years.
During a lull in tlm conversation
Wilder ventured to Intimate that to
him dynamite seemed tho most won
dcrful of all inventions.
"Why dynamite?" asked one of the
"Hecause there's tmihlng n the
world that can hold a candle to -It."
Whereupon the company chased
Marshall from the room, New York
Lnudablo Inductry.
The way Robe rt Crier Morroe Is
going after the triuta Is simply great,
lun't it? I tell yu, If he k-eps up
his good work they will nil have to go
nut of business," remarked William
Leary the other dny.
"Why, what ht.s he been doing?"
asked a chorus In the "Amen" corner
of the Fifth Avenue.
"Collected $ watPr tax from
the Biigsr trust lat week." mid
j Leary. New York Times.
K.xniniiicr tif the U. S. TrvHiirv le
partmwit. v'nuhmte of Culiimhi.t t'ollece.
Hiid who M-rvd three years ill Wet! lldut,
tins tho following to say of lVrtiua:
"Allow me to express my gratU
tude to you (or the benefit derived
from your wonderful remedy.
One short month has trough
forth a vast change and I now
consider myself a well man after
months ot tuffcrlng. Fellow suf
tent's, Pcruna will cure you."
A constantly im reusing nuinbi-rcf phy
sleliuis piVHTilit! IVruna in their pnirtico.
It has proven in ntcriN so llmniuulily Mr. I
even the doctors h.-ivn ocnuiiio their
prejudice. HK;iinst so culled patent medi
cines ami iivi,.niiu"icl it, t i i tn-i r p.nii'iiM,
IVrtiuii occupies a uni'i'io pMti.m in
mtillnil science. It is the only inlenml
systemic ratitrrh remedy kuovwi to the
medical profession to ilav. I'ul.'iri ll, IV.-I
everyone will mlniit, is tde cntiseof one
half tlm dise.-i.-i' which Hlllicts umiil.iiid.
Catarrh Hint iiitjin liiil di iciim- atllii t oue
liaif of the peoplo of tho United Stale.
RolsTt R. Roberts, M. I)., Wash
ington, I). (J., writes:
"Through my own ' experience
aa welt as that of many ot my
friend and acquaintances who
have been cured or relieved ot ca
tarrh by the use of tlartman'a
Peruna, I can confidently recom
mend It to those suffering from such
disorders, and have no hesitation in
nrescrihintr It ,i mv nntlenlt."
Robert R. Roberts.
Dr. It. Rohbins, Muskogee, I. T.,
"Peruna Is the best medicine I know of
for coiiKbs and to stengt lieu n weak stom
ach and to give appetite. Ilcjdiles pre
Hcrihinx it for catarrh, 1 havw ordered it.
for weiik and debilitated pimple, and liavo
not had it patient hut said it. helped liiin.
It is ii n excellent medicine and It fits so
innny cases.
"I luivo a largo practice, and have a
chnnru to presenile, your l'eruna. 1 hope
you may live, long to do good to the siok
and tlm su tiering.
Dr. M. C. (Jee write from 51fl Jones St.,
Ban Francisco, Gil.:
"IVrniiH has performed so many won
derful curv't in Sal Francisco that I am
couvincod that it in n viilunMu remedy.
I have frequently advised its use for
women, ns I find it insures regular and
pnluU's.s menstruation, cures leiicorrbiva
Winchester Factory
ter pattern, penetration nnd more uniform results gener
ally than any other shells. The special paper and tho Vio
Chester patent carrutjated head used in making "New
Rival" 6hclls give them strength to withstand reloading.
Men who know when they get
enough mav ho too full for utterance
alter getting It.
Lewis' "f-i-jtie Hinder." The richest
quality cigar on the market at straight tic.
Always reliable. You pay Ilk: for cigars
not bo good, tawis' Factory, Peoria, III.
Once there was a man who fell in
love with a woman's voice! she sel
dom used it.
The man of deeds lias little time to
waste on words.
You never hear any one complain
about "Defiance Starch." There Is
none to equal It In quality and quan
tity, 16 ounces, 10 cents. Try it now
and save your money.
The best cure of a bad habit Is the
culture of a good one. ,
What a grand and glorious world
this would bo it every man would fol-
, low the advice he gives to others.
The I'. S. Deft, of Acrlcuituru
Gives to Salzor s Oats lu heartiest
endorsement.'s New Ndtion-il
Outs yielded in 11103 from V.O to 3W
bu. per acr.? In 30 different states, nnd
you, Mr. Farmer, can beat this in llM'4,
If you will. JalZiM 's seeds ure pedigree
seeds, bred up through tit refill selec
tion to big yields.
Ter Aero.
Salzer's Beardless Larley
yielded i;i Lu.
Snlzer's Home Luili'er Corn. 'M bu.
Spcltx unit Macaroni Wheat. Si) bu.
Salzer's Victoria Itupe C0.000 lbs.
Sulzer's Teoslnte, tile quick-growing-
fodder wonder... .KiO.OrO lh.
Salzer's liilllon Loliar !rnss. 6U,e'i Ihs.
Salzer's Pedigree Potatoes.. 1,000 bu.
Now such yields p:iy and you can
have them, Mr. Kermer, hi 11U4.
srNo lite 1:1 art mid
nnd this notice to the John A. Falser
Hod Co., Lu Cropo, Wis., nnd you will
Ket their big catalog and lots oi Linn
seed salt) pics free. (W. N. U.)
No ordinary man can love a woman
as much at she thinks he ought to
and attend tj his work at tho same
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ITbutt Snarl, Niw Vii Cnr.
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Dr. Llewellyn Jordan,
Medical Examiner United States
and ovarian t roubles, and buitdn up thn
entire system. I also consider it ono of
the tlnest catarrh remcdiivt I know of. "
M. C (ice, M, I).
Catarrh i.-t t systenilo disease curabln
only hy systemic, treatment. A remedy
that cures" catarrh must aim directly n'
the depressed nerve centers. Thin is what
i'criuia (liH-s.
IVruna imnicdintcly Invigorates the
nerve centers which givo vitality to tho
mucous membranes. Then ceti.rrh dis
appears. Then catarrh is nmiuull v
If you do not derive prompt nnd satis
factory results from tlm umi of I'ernj'i
write at. once to Hr Hurt man, piving a
full :r iil. of your case, ami he will
be pleasisl to ive you his valuable ad
vice j:iatU. ,
Address Or. Ilartmn, President, of The
Ilsrtmun SaulUirtum, Columbus, Ohio.
It's the thoroushly modern and scientific system of load
Ira and the use of or.Ivthe best mnferinla which mke
Loaded "New Rivnl" Shells civo bet
PUAT nun
431 1U 1 UU1N
are found on every American
farm where there is a live
boy. New Club loaded with
black powder. Nitro Club
and Arrow loaded with t.-.y
smokeless powder. They aro
"Duck Killers."
Catalog-to frzs.
The Union Metallic Cartel,! CI. CA
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j .f ni i'i. ti
m it-a
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