The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, June 06, 1910, Image 6

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comes here when flic wishes to buy
candy, soft drinks, ice crram. Why
Because she enn depend upon our
goods being absolutely fresh and pure.
Follow her example and you will
profit by so doing. Leave orders for
Ice cream, Pint 20c, Quart, 35c, Gal
lon, $1.15. Try our Fountain for ice
cream and soda.
Ice Cream Delivered
Ind. Telephone 33G. Store.
16 ounces to the Pound
evcrytime in our store. Our scales arc
frequently inspected and are abso
lutely accurate. You get here what
you pay for in both weight and qual
ity. Now that summer Is coming (?
it is hard to keep cereals fersh; but you
will always find ours new and in prime
to all kinds of good things baked at
this bakery, is a maze of bewitchery.
and a hundred and one other things
thnt this bakery invents, and turns
out, each and all arc appetizing, and
and healthful
James V. Kaspar
with brindle faced calf. Finder
please notify Claus Speck, Flatts
inouth phones, 2(15, 3 or 145.
Our entire line of millinery stock
must be closed out in six weeks. Mrs.
J. S. Dwyer, opposite postofMce,
Flattsniouth. lGdotw
John Bauer and Fred Egenberger
started out this morning for Xchawka
in Bauer's automobile to transact
a few business matters.
Mrs. Laura Atkinson and son Rob
ert left for their home at York today
after attending the funeral of Mrs.
Prof. Cheney of the Union High
school, accompanied by his wife is
in town today attending to some mat
ters of business.
United States and Foreign Pat
ents, secured and sold. Trade
Marks, Copyrights and Designs.
No attorney fee until the Patent
Is allowed. Send sketcli lor Free
opinion as to patentability. e
advertise patents for sale at our
own cost. Free Guide Books.
Solicitors of Patents, Washington,
Potttry and Secrtcy.
In the royal manufactory of pottery
at Meissen, Snxouy. the work was for
merly carried ou wltti the utmost se
crecy to prevent :he processes from
becoming kuuwo elsewhere. The es
tablishment was a complete fortress,
the portcullis of wblcu was not rulsed
day or iilyht. uo stranger belnj; per
mitted to enter fur any purine what
ever. Every worUnuin, even the chief
Inspector, was sworn to silence. This
injunction wns formally repented every
mouth to the superior otlleers employ
ed, while the workmen had constantly
before their eyes In lnrne letters tho
warning motto, '"Be Secret Unto
Death." It was well known that any
person divulging the process would be
imprisoned for life in the castle of
Koenlgstelu. Even the king himself
when be took strangers of distinction
to visit the works wns enjoined to se
crecy. One of the foremen, however,
escaped and assisted In establishing a
manufactory In Vienna, from whlcb
the secrets spread all over Germany.
Htr Diamond Nacklaea.
Brown is a very careful man. He is
superlatively careful. So careful Is be
that be has Insured bis insurance
Now, Brown has a wife. Wives have
to be given birthday presents, and on
bis wife's first birthday after their
marriage he gave her a beautiful dia
mond necklace. This was not as reck
less as you might think, for each stone
on the necklace represented a year of
Mrs. Brown's life, and he let every one
know that. And be arranged to give
Mrs. Brown a new diamond each
birthday. And he let the neighbors
know that too.
lie has just missed giving bis wife a
birthday present for tho ninth succes
sive year.
As to when greed will conquer pride
and his wife will ask for another birth
day present, we shall have to wait and
see. renrson's.
Th Salt Charm Failed.
Some three years before the Franco
German war broke out Count Secken
dorCf accompanied King William I. on
his visit to Napoleon III. and wns
present at the celebrated dejeuner giv
en In the Pavilion de Piano at Fon
talneblenu. King William, who was
sitting next the empress, was asked
by her to pass the salt, and In comply
ing with this request he threw a little
salt over bis shoulder. Upon the em
press exclaiming, "Wby do you do
that?" the king explained that in his
country it was the custom to do so
when passing the salt to ward off bnd
luck and any chance of a quarrel. The
empress in a prettily turned speech at
once replied. "But surely there Is no
danger of anything interfering with
our friendship." In less than three
years the Germans bad crossed the
Rhine. London Spectator.
Why Not Pats tha Plata?
They ought to piss the plate at
church weddings. It comes natural to
do it In church, and to do so would
add a pretty and useful employment to
the duties of the ushers, who always
have a little spare time before the
bride arrives. And, really, getting
married is more expensive than ever,
and, though wedding presents are ex
cellent in their way, what the young
people usually need the most is cash.
Instead of the list of gifts which the
newspapers sometimes print we should
rend. "The collection yielded $4,000,
000." That would be nice. It Is much
easier to store and care for money
than plate and glass! And money al
ways tits and there is no such thing as
an embarrassing duplication of dollars.
H Saved tha Patent Office.
When in the war of 1812 the British,
who had taken Washington, trained
their guns upon the patent otuee, Dr.
Thornton, throwing himself directly
before the guns, cried:
"Are you Englishmen or Goths and
Vandals? This Is the patent oQlcea
depository of the Ingenuity and inven
tions of the American nation, in which
the wbolo civilized world is Interested.
Would you destroy It? Then let the
charge pass through my body."
And the building wns spared. Twenty-four
years afterward, however, It
was destroyed by fire, together with
everything In It.
The Harm of Damp Houses.
It is dangerous, to health hud even
to life in a damp, moldy house or one
built over a moldy cellar. Many years
ngo the London Lnncet in on article
on diphtheria traced the disease" in
certain eases to tho presence of cer
tain molds mid fungoid growths which
seemed to be breathed into the throat.
Remember, one of the best disinfec
tants Is lime. Moldy cloths, such as
shoes and other articles that are unfit
for use, should be destroyed at once.
Why Ha Applauded.
"Are you foud of music?" asked a
stranger of the young man nt the con
cert who was applauding vigorously
after a pretty girl had sung a song In
a very painful way.
"Not particularly," replied the young
man frankly, "but I am extremely
fond of the nnislplnn."
Out of Her Reach.
"Does your heart ever reach out for
the unattainable?"
"No. but my hands do when my hus
band Is not ut home. There are three
buttons at the tinck of my gown thnt I
enn't reach."
Mora Appropriate.
I tench my pnrrot only short
words "
"Do yon? Now. 1 should think thnt
parrots were better Adopted to learn
ing polysyllables."
Clyde Fitch's Joke.
"Clyde Fitch was an Indefatigable
worker," said an actor who has played
In many of the Fitch comedies. "NY lieu
he bad a play on the stocks he would
labor over It day and night, often
scarcely pausing for bis meals and
getting very little sleep: consequent
ly bis health suffered, lie would work
until on the verge of a nervous break
down, and then his physician would
6tep in and force him to kuock oil.
"During one of these periods of en
forced idleness he was lounging in the
Players club one day when Harry 11.
Smith, the prolific comic opera libret
tist, strolled in.
'"What nre you doing now?' asked
" '1 am In my doctor's hands.' replied
Fitch. 'He tells me I'm In a bad way
and has absolutely forbidden me to do
any brain work.'
"'That's tough,' said Smith. 'How
do you manage to put In the time?'
"Oh, I'm writing the libretto of a
musical comedyT replied Fitch, with
one of his cynical smiles." New Vork
Hair Monstrosities.
French theater managers in the
eighteenth century bad worse evils
than picture bats to contend against.
Marie Antoinette, who was short even
according to French standards, set the
fashion of high coiffures, and ultra
fashionable women prided themselves
on measuring four feet from their
chins to the tops of their heads.
These structures took about six hours
to erect, the hairdresser mounting a
ladder In the process. Some coiffures
were almost as broad as they were
long, with wings sticking out about
eight inches on each side of the bead.
For the "frigate" coiffure the hair was
rippled in n huge pile to represent tho
waves of an angry sea and surmount
ed by a fully rigged ship. As a con
sequence of these monstrosities dis
turbances in theaters occurred almost
daily until an ordinance wns issued
against the admlssiou of women with
high coiffures to the floor of the house.
Chicago News.
Yet He Meant Well.
Just as the train was leaving the
Fifty-eighth street elevated station a
man who had got off there hurried
along the platform and spoke to a pas
senger sitting by an open window In
the smoking car.
"Quick!" he cried. 'Tlease hand me
that package. I left it on the seat
when I got out Just now."
"Sure," snld the passenger, picking
up the bundle and tossing it out of the
"riey. there! What are you doing
that for?" demanded tho wrathful, red
faced man sitting next to him.
"Why. be"-
"You double dyed idiot, that package
belonged to me! It was $15 worth of
laces and ribbons I was taking home
to my wife!"
Over the scene that followed let us
draw a veil. Chicago Tribune.
"All Things Coma."
The magnate looked up impatiently
from his work.
"Well, my good man," he snnpped at
the diffident rural person who stood
twirling his rusty hat, "what can 1 do
for you ?"
"I guess ye don't remember me.
Uank," faltered the caller. "But you
an' me use ter go swimmln' together
In th" ol" town. Then you got a Job
In th' bank, an' I got a Job In th' gro
cery store."
"This Is all very interesting, and 1
seem to remember your face. But
c6mo to the point my time Is valu
"Yes. Ilnnk. You got a better offer
and left the old village. I stayed plug
ging along In th' grocery store."
"Well, well?"
"Well. Uank, when you left you
owed $73.02 on a grocery bill. Here's
where you pay up!" Cleveland Leader.
Perfumee In Ancient Days.
Old as the history of the world Itseli
is that of the queen of flowers. The
auclent Greeks and Romans reveled In
roses. They were used lavishly at their
feasts. In the time of the republic the
people bad their cups of Faleruian
wine swimming with blooms, and the
Spartan soldiers after the battle of
Clrrha refused to drink any wine that
wns not perfumed with roses, while at
the regatta of Baiae the whole surface
of the Lucrine lake was strewn with
Making a Lawn,
On his Eugllsh tour un American
was admiring the velvety smoothness
of a certain sward, and. being pos
sessed of land and an overpowering
confidence that with money all things
are possible, be asked the bead gar
dener how to produce such a lawn.
And the gardener said: "It's easy
enough, sir. All you need do is to
remove nil the stones, plow up the
ground, plant it with grass seed and
roll it for aoo years."
Our Friends.
If we choose our friends for what
they are. not for what they have, and
If we deserve so great a blessing, then
they will be always with us. preserved
in absence and even after death. In the
amber of memory. Cicero.
Couldn't Talk.
Do Style You ay that loving pair
of deaf mutes were sittlug In the parlor
nnd didn't carry on a conversation?
Gunbusta-Tliey couldn't, for they were
holding lmmls.-New York Press.
I never knew nn early rising, hard
working. prinU-nt man. careful of his
earninus and strictly honest, who com
plained of bad luck. -Addison.
.A Judicfal Favor.
A verdant local reporter whose pro
pensities lucliue to daring rather than
to judgment and whose ardency In the
quest of news Is one of bis marked
characteristics approached a Ju.lge t
the Uulted States district court and so
licited a little advance Information on
a case In progress in the Judge's court
"You see. judge." said the youngster
to the astonished Jurist, "we uo t"
press in a few moments, and we ah
know your Inclination to do n ne'-.w
paper1 man n favor "
The i mu mvJ the ,vini:u
sternly and s.ild lov. :y nnd
lcally: y
"Yes. young mini, I'll do you a t.i
vor this time, an 1 y ,i will see tlut
you don't ssk tne if.v'i."
"That's tine, your Uouur. T!i:m';s
very much. Just a few lines will do."
"I will do you this favor. I shall not
send you to Jail this time, but If you
ever approach me again with such a
question your friends will not see yon
for some time."
The dlsfomfited reporter retired ru
minating on the mysteries of the law
and the dignities pertaining to the Ju
diciary. Phlladelpha Ledger.
The Exclusiveness of Caste.
An English olllcer who some years
ago was wounded lu n battle In India
and left lying nil uight among the na
tive dead and wounded tells this story:
Next morning we spied a man and an
old woman, who came to us with a
bnsket and u pot of water, and to
every wounded man she gave a piece
of Joaree bread from the basket nnd n
drink from her water pot. To us she
gave tne same, and I thanked heaven
nnd her. But the Soobnhdnr was a
high caste Kajnut. nui. as this worn
an was a Chuiuar. or of the lowest
enste. he would receive neither v.atei
nor bread from her. I tried to per
sunde him tn take it that he might
live, but he said that In our state, with
but a few hours more to linger, what
was n little more or less suffering t'
us why should he give up bis fate
for such an object? No; be preferred
to die unpolluted."
The Origin of Oxygen.
That eminent scientist Lord Kelvin
maintained that, all the oxygen In the
atmosphere probably originated from
the action of sunlight upon plants
When our earth was a globe of hot
liquid It contained no vegetable fuel
and probably no free oxygen. But as
it cooled off plants appeared on Its
surface, and these began to evolve
oxygen through the medium of the
sunbeams. Upon the oxygen thus de
rived we depend for the maintenance
of life by breathing. When we burn
coal or other vegetable fuel we use up
oxygen, and it Is to plants again that
we owe the restoration of the oxygen
thus lost to the air. If they failed to
keep up u sufficient supply the atmos
phere would gradually part with Its
oxygen, and the inhabitants of the
earth would disappear in consequence
of asphyxiation.
In Westminster Abbey.
Fox's tomb Is perhaps the most ridic
ulous in the abbey, but others run It
hard the naked figure of General
Wolfe supported by one of his staff
In full regimentals and receiving a
:rown from Victory; William Wilber
force apparently listening to Sheridan
telling a comic tak and contorting his
features in the endeavor not to laugh;
the Sir Cloudesiey Shovel, In periwig
and Roman toga, which excited the
mirth even of contemporaries, and all
the monuments erected by the East
India company, with palm trees and
other tropical exuberances, to tho
memory of great soldiers, like Sir Eyre
Coote. From the point of view of good
taste a dictator would be Justified in
dismissing these and many more to
the stonemason's yard. Cornhlll Mag
azine. How Pausanius Died.
Fausanlus. the Greek general, died
by self administered poison. When
hotly pursued by those sent to appre-.
hend him on a charge of treason and
sacrilege he took refuge In the sanc
tuary of a temple. Unable to remove
him by force and also unwilling to
violate the sanctuary, tho officers wall
ed up tho entrance and began to un
roof the building. When he could be
seen they noticed that he wa9 chewing
something which proved to be a quill
filled with poison. By the time tho
work had sufficiently advanced to ad
mit of their entrance he was in a dy
ing condition.
Secret For Secret.
In the days of Louis XIV. even war
riors bandied epigrams with one an
other. The Marechal de Grammont bad tak
en a fortress by siege.
"I will tell you a secret." said Its
military governor after surrendering.
"The reason of my capitulation was
Ihut I bod no more powder."
"And, secret for secret." returned
the marechal suavely, "the reason of
my accepting it on such easy terms
was that I had no more balls."
Not So Absurd.
"How absurd!"
"What's absurd?"
"Five years are supposed to have
elapsed since the Inst net, nnd thut
man Is wearing the same overcoat."
"Nothln' absurd about that lie's
takln' the part of a married man, Isn't
Patience Did you enjoy my last
song? Fatrlee I might have if I had
known it was your last Yonkers
Statesman. -
Laziness travels so slowly that pot
ertr soon overtakes him. Franklin.
7 '
Tho Kind Yon Ilavo Always
u uo iur over iu years,
fr nd lias been made under bis per-
sonal supervision since Its Infancy.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good0te but
Experiments tiiat trill 0 v'.ili and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho
Stomach nnd Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kansas City Weekly Stai
The most comprehensive farm paper AH the
news intelligently told Farm questions an
swered by a'practlcal farmer and experimenter
Exactly what you want In market reports.
One Year 25 Cents.
Address THE WEEKLY STAR, Kansas City, Mo.
REAL ESTATE. Town residence from $450 to $3,000. Don't
Eay rent any longer. You can own your own dwelling cheaper,
et me show you some good chance to acquire farms in Ne
braska. South and North Dakota, Missouri or Texas. KIKE
INSURANCE written in six of the best companies.
SU RETY BONDS. Get your bonds from the American Surety Co.
ACCIDENT INSURANCE. The risk of personal injury is 40
times as great as that of losing your property by fire. Secure
a policy of the London Gurantee and Accident Company and
be sure of an income whiln you are onable to work.
Center ol Block Between 4th and 5th Sts.
House Furniture and Undertaking
Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums, etc.,
South Sixth Street.
Michael Hild, John Saltier,
Funeral Directors and Embalmers
Phones 137
me Daily iv
Eouglit, and which has been
lias borno the signature) of
Signature of
Everything neat and
clean and a good place to
go for your -SUNDAY
DINNER. Board by
the week. Lunch counter
in connection.
Open All Night
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
and 247.
Dents a Wee