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NrWS. FHUtilifVi Nov. B. 191
lil.KALD. Kstablinhwl April 16. 1S14
Consolidated Jan. 1. 1895
Miss Marie Douglass Wins
First Place in League
HER AT THE YORK CONTEST to State Championship With
But One Adverse Vote In
the Entire Year.
(From Saturday's Daily)
By u unanimous decision eif the
judgis, Miss Marie Douglas;, won the
sitate champioiuJiip debate l:eld nt
York la-it ctemi.g, and brought the
first honors to Uu- eastern district
and riattsmouth. Her arguments
and oratorical work through the year
huve been something remarkalile, hav
ing been in the 1'lattsmouth team
which woii from Fremont, Wahoo
and Blair with but one adverse vote
in the series. Her work before had
aliays been if the affirmative side
of the que.-tion while in last night's
contest she was reejui ed to tak; the
negative. The change however, did
not daunt her in the least ami she went
through the elehate its though she had
upheld the side of the quest km dur
ing the w hole yar. Her oratorical
weirk is fine, her enunciation char,
her urgunit nts c!c in cut and impres
sive and her work before, an audience
very free ami easy. She was un
doubtedly the best contc stint . last
' evening, tl rn'ctnid honors being won
by Van Wcbst r ef Hastings and the
third by Jcsjsi ' Fit 1 e.f (ieneva. The
debat.! was originally scheduled for
Lincoln on May 0, but on account ef
small pox at fiat place it was post
poned a,nd held in York.
Two judges of tl.c Nebraska su
preme couit and one of the district
court passiel on the merits of the
debating. Judge C. B. Letton,. Judge
S. H. Sedgwick and Judge Lincoln
Frost of Lincoln. The prerident of
the Fugue, Bre.f. M. M. Fogg
of the University f Nebraska, pre
sided. Supt. W. W. Stoncr of York
kept time. The contestants had nine
minut "s in rebuttal in which to pre
sent their cas's. The question was:
"Resolved, That labor unions, are
on Vie whole, beneficial." The
speakers were as fallows:
Affirmative Wayne Soper, Broken
Bow; west central district; E. Floy
Lewis, Wyniorc, southwestern dis
trict; Jesse Eitcl, Geneva, central elis
trict; Lloyd Worlcy, Ashland, east
central district; Van Webster, Hast
ings, southern district.
Negative Edith Marie Christen
sen, Valentine, northern district; Clar
ence A. Davis, Beaver City, south-
The House of KuppenKeumr
The Home of Satisfaction.
western diMriit; Mario Douglas, l'latis
mouth, e astt m tliuie: ; Jo.-tph l'iiz
gerald, Kearney, western district;
Fthel Janus, AIIkukc, northwiVuTii
To its'iM the judges itt arriving at
it (1 tm hi, the following insmietions
from the league's coiiMhuiioii were
gi en :
"Tin i mlui s shall judge the con-
Itesl as debate, voiing on the merits
j of i lie elehate in c. -pi it h e ( f the me riif
' of the (Ucstio!i. In dividing who has
dune, the most effective dibatuig,
the judgis shall give ciual weight
to (1) presentation (English and dc
liviry), (2) direct nrgunii nt and refu
tation, and (.) rebuttal."
Squlrrel In Acrobatic Stunt.
Just a common, unofllcioiis, little
squirrel gained enough notoriety last
evening to make its he ad whiil w hen
it went through an acrobatic drill
em Sixth street for the brn fit of a
large croud ef supper holir petit s
trians. It must havcla aril (if a more
nutty condition of a different locality
than the erne which it was using fur
a stamping ground, for it decieled to
chance Us general headquarters via
I the telephone wire route. Perhaps
it came ilov.n town to see if the new
arc lights arc up yet, but anyway
it made the trip north em Sixth street
past the Riley Hotel and postodice,
scrambling along thewire cables from
one to another, going through a series
of contonioi.s that would make a
garti r snake shed its skin, and af trad
ing the attention e.f many ef the citi
zens. Dcatli of Henry Johnson.
Huiry Jeihrson, an i.g'd gentle man
who has bet n ill for some time at the
Masonic home in this ei:y, passed
away last night at 10:40, his death
being caused by heart trouble and a
complication if other diseases. The
dt ceased was a ' reside nt of Wahoo
until the third e.f May, 100!) whin he
entered the Masonic hemic, lie was
a member of Wahoo leidge, 50 A. Y.
k A. M. of Nebraska. The remains
v. ill be taken to Wahoo for- inter
ment em an early afternoon train
escorted by B. M. Davis and II. K.
Mcny who arrived from his hemic
town this morning to take charge of
the body. Mr. Johnson was born in
Wayne county, Indiana, October 15,
1S2S. He has no close relatives who
are now living.
Little Boy Convalescing.
Mrs. Josenh Halza went up to
Omaha this morning to see her little
son, Atlolph, who had an operation
performed .on his eye last week.
About a month ago the seven-year-old
lad had a pair e;f scissors in his
hand to cut one of his shoe strings
when, in some manner, the 'scissors
slipped and pierced his eye, making a
very painful injury. A short time
later, he was taken to Omaha and
placed uneler an eye specialist who
found an operation on the optic ncces
sary. The little fellow is now out
of the hospital and is doing nicely,
but it will be n week or two before
he can be brought home. It is thought
he will retain the use of the eye for
none of the nerves were seriously in
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Call Special Meeting For Wednesday
to Discuss Celebration
of Fourth.
Officers Busy in Trying to
in the
" (From Saturday's Dally)
V most interesting met ting of the Club was held lat even
ing, which was probably the hist scs-
ion the club will hold in Coatcs !u.ll,
ior il lac prist nt pians no nor. mis-
arrv, the club will have a chamber
tf its own before another week rolls
by. This was one of the important
ictions taken by the club members last
. i i i . i i i
c ciimg. It was tiecnicti to lea c tne
two rooms in the Coates building
formerly occupied, by the Christian
'eitntists and to convert ehem into
the permanent Commercial cluhhcad-
martcrs. ,,1.
Such a step has been untkr t,(Te, ehs
ussion t f the club for nearly a year,
but it was hard to find a suite that
would exactly meet the requirements
of the organization. Ac the last reg
ular meeting, a committee was ap
pointed to try ami locate desirable
rooms which could be ob
tained for a moderate sum. Last
evening Chairman of the Committee
'alter reported em the above name'd
roon s wnn n tne committee lias m-
pectttl and f ennui to be just what was
needed for a meeting place and per-
mps later a public rest room. On
the movement of Mr. Title! it was
unanimously voted to accept the
rooms, have them rcpapercd ami put
in shin shape condition for the club
icnthuarters for the coming year at
ast. The I.'aso on the rooms will
be etrawn up today.
A report wat made by A. L. Tidd
of the State Commercial club conven
tion which he attended at Columbus
few weeks ago as a representative
of the riattsmouth organization. He
spoke of advertising committees that
manv of the clubs havc.before whom
any business men's advertising propo
sition arc brought. Ihe committee
consisting of three or five members
investigate into the merits of the
.scheme and if their endorsement
is placed on it, it is considered worthy
of the merchants' support. This plan
seems to be meeting with great suc
cess in other towns in the state and is
saving the business men much money
formerly spemt in useless advertising
wihch brought no bemefits to them.
A small deficiency from the recent
banquet was ordered paid by the treas
urer. The work of boosting for the
proposetl Rock ltlufT road w as brought
before the house. A committee was
appointed a few weeks ago by the
president of the club consisting of
Messrs. Newell, Richey and Becker
wJiose duty it was to look' over the
highway in tjuestion and make an
estimate of the amount of money
required to grade up the road. It
was thought by the committee that
150 would csver all the expense con
nected with weirk which does not eem
to be a difficult undertaking. All of
the right of way for the road, with
the exception of that throug hone farm
will probably be donated to the county
and the matter will come before the
commissioners at their meeting on the
12th of June. It is certain that a road
through this territory would bring a
large amount of trade which is now
going to Murray and other towns
south of the city. It is the hope of the
club to have a largo delegation of the
Land Big Ohio Brick Plant
boosters ami people who are interested
in the construction ef the road present
at the meeting of the commissioners
at at which the matter will
be discussed.
A litter was read by the acting
secretary from the Geological Depart
ii 5 1 1 of the University of Nebraska
to which asampleof thcelay had been
sent for examination. There are ex
tensive deposits eif clay on the 1'eter
Chios plate ami other farms stiuth of
town and on account of iti peculiar
constituancy, it was thought it might
be valuable for pottery. An examina
tion shewed the earth to be a sub
stance not fitted for pottery voik,
hut with the strong traces of lime
anil iron it would make an ideal clay
for vitrified brick. There are heavy
veins of a soft slate near the city
that might be used for shale in the
burning of brick, which combination
seems to lotik like this would be; a
good place for a brick factory. A brick
company eif Ohio has been corres
ponding with the club officers in re
gard to a location for a new plant
in wliieh the comDiiiiv is willing to
expend $40,000. Tests eif the clay
are to be made by the Burlington
and samples are to be sent to the Ohio
firm in an effort to land the new en
terprise in this city. The vitrified
brick is a hard substance, generally
moulded into the large paving brick
for which there is a much greater de
mand than can be supplied. Accord
ing to an authority on brick who was
in the city a few days ago, the J'latts-
niouth clay is as near like the Gales
burg (at which place one of two large
factories in the country arc located)
as any two clays could be. There is
also an Oinnha man who is looking
for a good location for a brick plant
whom the club members are trying to
interest, of the riattsmouth mud. It
appears that riattsmouth has a valu
able asset which heretofore has laid
undeveloped in the ground, but when
the time is ripe, will net her a goodly
amount of wealth. That time now
seems to be approaching and it is not
thought to he long before the city
will be supporting profitable brick
It was tlecided by the boosters to
lake immediate action on the construc
tion of the river road from the city to
the Missouri river ferry. Within u
month, the spring rise will come,
the river will cover the present roael
over the sanel bar and make travel
between here and the ferry impossible
If any action is to be taken this year
it is necessary to have the work com
mence at is thought a grading
elevator can be secured from Union
and a four foot grade thrown up at
a very low cost, not expected to exceed
S150. A committee of Messrs. Hatt,
j Weyrieh and Falter was appointed
j to get busy on the road, circulate a
; subscription paper and proceed with
j theAvork before the spring rise covers
'the bar.
I A Fourth of July celebration was
discussed but the men did not see m
'to be very strongly in favor of one,
j however, a special meeting of the club
and all people interested in the event
Was called for We-elnesday evening
at the council chamber. Any persons
who have ideas in regard to the cele
bration, either pro or eon, are y urged
to be at the meeting when it can lie
.settled whether the town is to have a
public th ministration or not. The ma
jority of the club were in favor ef giv
ing a stock show in the fall and making
no effort for any hide pi ndi uce Day
doings with tho exceptions of some
good ball games and bund concerts, j
All present were enthusiastic over
si, live stock shoY( reports Vcre
made from the large ceinimlttee ap-
i pointed at a meeting a lew wccks
ago, showing the farmers to be very
much interested in such an event.
On a motion of Mr. Tidd il was voted
to have a committee named to take tin
slock show matter in hand, arrange
dates, concessions, etc., and put the
show ihrollfth Some time in the fall.
The committee is to toiisiitt of. four
citizens and five: farmers which has
not yet been appointed. The met ting
was adjourned at an early hour
until the (special meeting next Weelncs
dav to be held at the council chamber.
In Honor of Miss Howard.
The general history class tf the
High school informally entertained
last evening at the pleasant home of
Miss Flsie Thierolf, in honor of Miss
Howard, their teacher, who will soon
leave for her home. The evening was
pleasantly whiled away in a manner
known only to the youths of 1'latts
niouth and if you are young or ever
have been you know what trans
pired. Those pcrsciit were Tresa
Drtit ge, Mary MeFlioy, Minnie Jones,
Willa Moor?, Kaiie Foster, Mildred
Cook, Anna Wolforth, htlia Denarii,
Ruth Frans, Zora Smith, Flsie Thier
olf, Henry McMaken, Vance Todd anil
Civile Linel.
Editor In Trouble.
W. C. lienfcr, of head, S. I)., pub
lisher of a socialist newspaper in that
city, was indicted yesterday by
the grand jury in 'the United States
circuit court for placing obscene
matter in the mails, The iiiilietincnt
charges him with sending out through
his newspaper an indecent version
M portions of the ten eommnndmi'iitf.
He was arraigned, pleaded not guilty,
anil gave bonds for trial. Benfer
at one time, about ten yeras ago,
was a resilient of riattsmouth and was
connected in a minor capacity with
the local papers at various times.
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Waverly T. Allen Shoots
Himself at His Home at
Weeping Water.
Insanity Board Waiting Here to
Examine Him W hen Mes
sage of Death Arrives
The town of WeepingWater exper
ienced epiite a sensation yesterday
when Waverly T. Allen committed
suicide after being confronted by the
Cass comity sheriff who was sent to
bring the man before the beiard of
insanity for an examination. Ctnn-
J plaint had been made several elays
ago ly Weeping Water residents
claiming that Allen was insane and
in a dangerous condition, not only to
hmself but for the neighbors as well.
Sheriff Quinton was dispatched to
bring the man before the commis
sioners who were in session yesterdaj'
at the court house. The sheriff ar
rived in t he city shortly after the noon
hour anil finding the man on a busi
ness street, drove home with him in a
rig which Allen had rented for a few
days to use for I linnets purposes
The two talked over the affair and the
hearing wl.i hwas to take place
that afternoon, on their way to the
house, ami upon th ir arrival at the
home Allen commenced preparations
for accompanying the sheriff to this
city. The man lived in tho house
with his fivc-ytftr eld sort;' fii wie"
having started ifivoree suit against
him some months ago she now being
with her mother, Mrs. Rocnnc, near
Weeping Water. The little son went
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