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    Tht ParMtt.
The rarsces are Bun worshipers,
and it is an interesting Bight to see
thongs of them on the shore of the
bay as the snn rises, apparently
from the sea, performing the sim
ple rites of their religion, the flut
tering robes showing their fine fig
ures to the best advantage as the
day begins. Their religious prac
tiees are simple in the extreme, con
sisting mainly in strict dietary rules
and personal cleanliness. The rigid
observance of sanitary laws pro
duces the natural result of perfect
health among the adults large
families of active, healthy children
and immense numbers of old men,
gray bearded, white haired, but
erect and princely in their gait and
attitude despite the naturally ener
vating character of the tropical cli
An Interesting Link.
One curious incident in the siege
of Badajos may be related. The day
after the assault two Spanish ladies,
the younger a beautiful girl of four
teen, appealed for help to two offi
cers of the rifles, who were passing
through one of the streets of the
town. Their dresses were torn,
their ears, from which rings had
been roughly snatched, were bleed
ing, and to escape outrage or death
they cast themselves on the protec
tion of the first Jtritish ollicers they
met. One of the officers was Cap
tain Harry Smith of the rifles. Two
years later he married the girl he
had saved in a scene so wild. Cap
tain Harry Smith in after years
served at the Capo as Sir Harry, and
this Spanish girl, as Lady Smith,
gave her name o the historic town
which Sir George White defended
with such stubborn valor. "Wel
lington's Men."
Why Teakwood Is Uuratnn.
The teak, which lias passed into
proverb as the best material for
shipbuilding, is superior to all other
woods from the fact that it con
tains an essential oil which pre
vents spikes and nails driven into
it from rusting. This property is
not possessed by any other wood in
the world and furnishes an explana
tion of the fact that ships built of
teak are practically indestructible.
Some have been known to last for
150 years, and when broken up
their beams "ro us sound as when
first nut toi.'cllier
You should use a BiSjlgggl
&nd double their life. . dm2g
f' 1"'
' if .11 " ii ii y?,sz. 'iriO'.'AtiZLM
Carpet, Rug or Linolium Question
No doubt there are people in and around Plattsmouth who are looking up
mail order catalouges on the carpet, rug or linolium question and have not
seen our stock or had our prices. Don't you know you are missing it, we can
and will sell you the goods at as cheap a price as the mail order house's and
save you the freight, and then again you see what you are buying, you don't
have to take what is sent you.
We have a special in carpet end rugs in velvets and axminester, 9x 12
feet at from $15.00 to $20.00, the quality of these are as good as the regular
rugs you pay $25.00 to $28.00, for.
Let us show you our floor coverings and give you our prices.
There were horseshoes as far
back as history can take us, but
they were not iron ones fastened by
nails to the hoof. When such shoes
first came into use will probably
never be known. The ancient horse
shoes those used by the Greeks,
Romans and others were plates
covering the entire bottom of the
foot and fastened by throngs fixed
about the animal's ankle. The old
est horseshoe nails found by an
tiquaries date back to the time of
Childeric 1., who died in 4St. It
is generally understood that horse
shoes were introduced into England
by William the Conqucior in lOo'G.
New York American.
The Way of the World.
Four-year-old James awakened
early one morning and found his fa
ther dressing by lamplight and ask
ed why he was up so early. "To
earn potatoes for you, my lad," was
his father's reply. Presently James
slowly climbed out of bed, "and his
father asked why ho got up so early.
"Why, to eat the potatoes," came
the answer. Delineator.
Millinery Opening
r jr-
I will trim your hat
FREE of charge if you
buy your hat and trim
mings. I have an ele
gant line of medium
prices andjmedium size
hats. Call and see.
" m JiiiiVvvvjTjxrLnn.rij
to the public in general
The Majestie Theatre will open on or about
April The attractions that will be shown in
this house are positively in a class by themselves.
The pictures will be clean, pleasing and enter
taining. Our shows will always please and
entertain both young and old. You will always
find the Majestic Theatre, a good place to spend
a pleasant hour.
Two shows every night, matiuee every Sat
urday, 2 :.')( p. m. Watch papers for opening date.
Thanking you in advance for your valued patron
age, we are Kesnectful v Yours.
1 ' 7
Kilroy's Throw to First Base While
Looking at Home Plate.
'Tlaycrs of the present day are
prone to scofl at the tales of the
prowess of Matty Kilroy, better
known as 'Bazzuzaz,' a left handed
pitcher, who performed marvels,"
writes Hugh S. Fullcrton in the
American Magazine. "Most mod
ern pitchers declare that under
present .conditions Kilroy would
havo been a failure. The little left
hander, after years of triumph, re
tired becauso his arm was hopeless'
ly worn out. In spite of that fact
Tom Rums, when ho assumed
charge of the Chicago club in 1898,
resurrected Kilroy, whose arm was
bo weak, according to his own ad-1 ken ju UjS of
missions, he 'couldn't break a panei jptlc fairness.
8heppard and Gissing to Sail For
Europe Shortly.
Fired by the success of Nat Cart
mell, the former University of renn
Bylvanla sprinter. Melvln M. Sheppard
and Harry Gissing, two of the great-j
est runners la the country teday, are
planning an Invasion of England. The!
pair are to sail shortly and expect to!
be aliroad until the end of the sum-1
mer. Sheppard lias Loeu anxious to j
return to England since the Londou
Olympic games, nearly two years ago,
w hen he disagreed with the majority I
of the American athletes who werej
members of the United States Olympic
team and declared that the Ltritisbj
athletic authorities had accorded blm:
fair and Impartial treatment. Since
that time he has always leen outspo-!
the Hritlsh ath-!
R. M. Shales,
of glass at fifty feet.' Yet for one
season and part of another he
pitched against the strongest clubs
and beat them regularly.
"Kilroy's bucccss was due almost
entirely to his 'bazzazaz' balk,
which he evolved by persistent
training. lie was the only pitcher
who ever balked without balking,
if such a thing is possible. In the
first four innings of the first game
he pitched against Baltimore after
burns resurrected mm nine men
reached first base. He caught 6ix
of them off the base, and, although
two umpires watched every move
he made, they declared that under
the rules he did not balk.
"Kilroy explained to me after his
permanent retirement his system
of training by which he acquired
the bazzazaz balk.'
"1 see the old soup bone was
ready for the undertaker,' he said,
'so I goes to work on the balk. I
always had a good balk motion, but
wanted a better one. I spent half
the winter in the side yard at home
with a chalk mark on the wall for
first base and another on the fence
for the homo plate. I practiced
morning and afternoon, making
from 2)0 to -100 throws a day with
my wrist and forearm trying to hit
the first base line while looking at
the other one and without moving
either my feet or body. By prac
ticing I got so I could shoot the
ball faster to first base with wrist
and forearm than I could pitch it
to the plate with a full swing,
That's all there was to it. Just look
straight at the plate, pull your
hands up against your breast, raise
your left one to the level of your
ear. then drive the ball to first
without looking until after it starts,
and you've got him. The umpire
can't see whether you look before
you throw or not.'
"He did get them. Probably he
made 20,000 practice throws at the
chalk mark, but he perfected the
motion that enabled him to pitch
two years after his arm was 'dead.' "
How Bella Are Tuned.
When certain bells in a chime
produce discord they can be tuned.
The tone of a bell may be raised or
lowered by cutting off a little metal
in the proper places. To lower the
tone the bell tuner puts the bell in
his lathe and reams it out from the
point where the swell begins nearly
down to the rim. As the work pro
ceeds he frequently tests the note
with a tuning fork, and the moment
the right tone is reached he stops
the reaming. To raise the tone, on
the contrary, ho shaves oil the lower
edge of the bell, gradually lessening
or flattening the bevel, in order to
shorten the bell, for of two bells of
equal diameter and thickness the
shorter will give the higher note.
A notable instance of bell tuning
was at Lausanne, where twelve bells
in three neighboring steeples pro
duced only seven distinct notes and
produced a most curious discord.
Harper's Weekly.
The two athletes will be watched
closely by the Amateur Athletic Unloa
K' ;-(
of the United States and the Amateur
Athletic Association of England, al
though it Is freely predicted by promi
nent athletic authorities here that the
pair will follow the example of Cart
mell and turn professionals should in
ducements to do so prove satisfactory.
There is one polut about the trip
that is puzzling to the Amateur Ath
letic union otllcials, and that Is how
men of the moderate means of Shep
pard and Gissing can afford to spend
the summer lu England. The cost of
the trip, including the passage by
steamer, will be not less than fl.OOO
each, Irrespective of the loss of salary
during the summer mouths.
In the London Olympic games two
years ago Sheppard won the 800 me
ter run lu 1 minute 54 4-5 seconds and
the 1,500 meter event In 4 minutes
8 2-5 seconds, creating new a record lu
each event. Emilio Lunghl, the Ital
ian, was second to Sheppard lu the
800 meter race, while Wilson was ruu
ner up lu the long distance event.
Hoth of these men competed lu this
country last summer under the Irish
American Athletic club colors and are
In Englaud at present. This quartet
constitutes the fastest middle dlstauce
runners lu the world and will furnish
some spectacular races in England the
"tnin gti miner.
mozart and Beethoven.
The stories of how men of gen
ius have had future fame predicted
for them in their early youth must
generally be taken with a consider
able grain of salt. As authentic as
most is the account of the first
meeting of Mozart wiMi the young
Beethoven, which took place on the
letter's first visit to Vienna in the
year 17S7. Mozart, then at the
height of his fame, asked him to
play, but, thinking his performance
a prepared piece, paid little atten
tion to it. Beethoven, seeing this,
entreated Mozart to give him a sub
ject, which he did. and the boy, get
ting excited with the occasion, play
ed so finely that the composer of
"Don Giovanni," stepping softly
into the next room, said to his
friends there: "Pay attention to
him. lie will nuike a noise in the
world some day or another."
Chambers' Journal.
Barclay's Restaurant
Everything neat and
clean and a good lace to
go for. your SUNDAY
DINNER. Board by
the week. Lunch counter
in connection.
Open All Night
Center o! Block Between 4th and 5th Sts.
Fit out at Frank's get a suit up to date,
Right in the fashion of woolens first rate.
A suit that will fit goods sound as a bell,
No outside shops will fit you as well,
Keep track of Mac's good value he sells. .
Mac builds good clothes garments all neat, ,
Chicago's ready made agents cannot compete.
Examine his line and prices all through,
Look him up for a suit, saves money for you.
Reliable goods, all through his line,
Order a suit for the on coming spring time,
You find value for money here every time.
House Furniture and Undertaking
Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums, etc.,
South Sixth Street.
Plattsmouth Nebraska.
Michael llild, John Saltier
Funeral Dircctorsand Embalmers.
Phones 137 and247.
i I I 1 1 1 1 I I I I M 1 1 I M i IH-H I'l'K i l l I 1 1 I 1't Mf Mt
COAL that burns,and
burns right That's
the kind we handle.
Deliveries in large or
small amounts made
on short notice.
i! J. V. Egenberger j
.tM..lll.lM.llUltli4.U,HI,l I I I I t U.J., ; , . , , , , , , (J
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