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A Bit of TreecHery ana Badly Bat
tered Train in
Carl Ilagcnbcck, the eminent
owner, exhibitor and trainer of
Wild animals, had muny adventures.
in his half century of exjerience. j
Some of them are described in p. '
book entitled "Beasts and Men."
On more than one occasion an ele
phant came uncomfortably near
putting an end to Mr. Hagonbcck'a
career. (Jne of the worst accidents
happened at the end of the sixties.
About that time he purchased a
menagerie at Trieste, which includ
ed among the other beasts a fe
male elephant which stood about
eight feet high. It seemed to be a
thoroughly good tempered animal,
its only fault being that it occa
sionally had the sulks "a not un
common characteristic)," comments
Mr. Ilagcnbcck, "in all feminine
He soon made friends with the
elephant, which he named Lissy,
ana he never passed its stall with
out giving it a handful of food. Ho
was therefore, he believed, justified
in thinking ho had quite won its
heart, and as it never showed any
signs of violence it did not occur
to Mr. Ilagcnbcck that ho might be
dealing with a crossly deceitful
ml t e i
me eicpiiant was learning a
trick in which it had to swing its
keeper into the air with its trunk
and then slowly set him upon the
ground again. The word of com'
mand which was given to the beast
when it had to perform this simple
exhibition was:
"Lissy, apportl"
"One day," to continue in Mr.
Hagenbeck's own words, "I found
Lissy alone in lcr stable, the keep
er being absent. It must have been
a devil that made mo feel a desire
to be raised on high by her, after
tho manner of her affectionate
treatment of her keeper. I stroked
and fed her and then, taking hold
of her trunk, called out the word
of command :
"'Lissy, apportl'
"Then followed ono of tho most
vilely treacherous acts of which I
have ever heard. Lissy began to
obey the order, but I soon felt that
she was bent on mischief, for the
embrace of her trunk was unpleas
antly vigorous, and I soared high
into the air.
"But I was not quietly deposited
once more upon my feet.
"Instead of this Lissy dashed me
violently against tho wooden bar
rier in front of her stall, and I
went flying over into tho menag
erie. "I lay almost senseless upon the
ground until the old keeper, Phi
lippe, appeared to help me home.
"Fortunately no bones were
broken, but I was terribly battered
and bruised and for weeks could
only hobble about with great pain,"
All Told 210 Colleges and Schools Will
Compete In Relay Races.
The University of Pennsylvania re
lay races on Franklin Held. Philadel
phia, April 30. will tie ono of the hip
gest athletic meets of the year. The
entries up to date include nine paro
chial schools, forty-one grammar
schools, forty-seven high schools, flfty.
eight preparatory Bchools nud flfty-flve
colleges. This makes a total of 210
colleges and schools with teani3 In tho
As there ore ten colleges and schools
that will have more than one team,
there now are ZM teams entered.
Pennsylvania will have teams in the
one, two and four mile championships
and In the freshman championship;
Dartmouth has n team In the ono mile
and auother In the four mile, and so
Nearly every big; college In the east
and west will bo represented.
How Fortune Changes.
How Strangely baseball fortunes dtf
jmutate: Some years ago Tat Tebcau
;gave hi brother George a temporary
Job la the Cleveland outfield Just to
help him out with a little money. Now
George is ono of the biggest magnates,
with probably twenty times ns much
money as Pat has tucked away.
The grent western handicap shoot
will bo held In Den Moines, la., May
24 to 20.
llaverford college, Just outside of
Philadelphia, will send a cricket elev
en to Lngland this summer, starting
on June 1 1.
The Stanford track team again ex
pects to participate In tho western
conference meet at Chicago lu Juno.
It will meet Utah nnd Colorado teams
on Its way.
The first long distance outdoor in
tercollegiate swimming meet has beou
planned by representatives of the lead
ing colleges, to bo held at Travers
Island, New York. July 4 or 0.
Tommy P.urns, who lost the heavy
.weight championship to Jack Johusou,
l Coining hack to America. He has
accepted an offer to battle forty-five
rounds with Sam Lnngford In Colma,
Cal.. Sept. 5.
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the books," continued the mayor,
"then it is my duty to eec that it is
Htiictly enforced."
"Vull it be enforced so far as the
churches are concerned?" he was asked
"Clergymen work for pay on Sun
day don't they" he answered, "so do
many choir singers, as well as most
of .the organiHts. In other words,
under the strict interji-ctation of the
ordinance they break tho law every
Sunday of their lives."
"Then there are the street car em
ployees, drug clerks, cigar salesmen,
ana several other small businesses
If it is against the law for theatres
and moving picture shows to be open
on the Sabbath, then my idea of the
law is that it is wrong for everyone
else, regardless of his kind of worjt,
to be employed", on that say. I am
here here to enforce all laws and I
am going to do it."
Mr. Billard was elected mayor of
Topcka April 5. The churchmen of
the kansnB capitol made a fight on
him on the ground that he did not
believe in God. Kansas City Star.
Light Farce Last Nlgtit Spices Up
List ol Company'sWeekly
(From Saturday's Dally)
the Parmele last cveninir the
Grew Company put on a laughable
comedy farce that created a good many
side-splitters. The play itself was
hardly more than a conglomeration
of laugh, but the parts were very well
played and the result was a pleasing
one to the well filled house. The play
was entitled "The strange adventures
of Miss Brown." The scene was laid in
England at a strict girls seminary,
where a lover of one of the girls, dis
guised as a student in the school, had
many trying experiences before he
safely managed to pull off their elope
ment from the building. The leading
characters in the play were English
officers and the ladies were students
in Miss llomney's Academy in Glou
chester. William Grew in his double part
of Captain Courtenay and Miss Brown
kept the audience in a continual round
of laughter with his masculine way
under the feminine garb. His work
in both parts was very good.
Mcharry as Major O'Gallaghcr kept
up his standing with the audience as
one of tho favorites of the first water.
ti:.. i : . v. i i
ma ai uug was nnc aim ms easy manner
before the foot lights always make
a hit with the people.
Miss Pet tea in the role of Angelina
Bright well took especially well.' She
seems to fit into her varied parts from
week to week as though she were
raised for that particular character.
Miss llowman as Mrs. OGallagher
and Miss Bomney appeared in the
most pleasing part she has been in
lor mouths. "Boby Endcrs as the
music master took well with audience
and played out his part of the German
musician very capably. Scrccant
Tanner of Scotland Yard presented by
Mr. Bennett was a comical specimen
of humanity of. the Sherlock Holmes
type. The part of Mr. Hibbcrtson. a
stern guardian of the ward of chancery
in the school, was nicely played bv
Mr. Bennett.
Toward the close of the play, the
dinner set that was to be given away
was raffled off by Mr. Grew, the draw
ing being done by Chief Amick's (laugh
tcr. The lucky holder of the drawn
No. loO lias not shown up today to
claim his prize:
On account of a previous engagement
the company has made with the Ncligh
Theater to play in that city during
the Nebraska Banker's Convention
they will not appear in their usual day
next week, but will be in Plattsmouth
Wednesday night. They will put
on a good southern play, "The sweet
est girl iu Dixie."
Broke Ills Arm.
C. C. Despain had the misfortune
to receive a bad fall yesterday about
noon which resulted in a broken arm
slightly above the wrist. Mr. Des
pain was walking along Sixth street
and in attempting to dodge a team,
while crossing to the opposite side,
he slipped and fell, striking his left
hand heavily on the ground. On ex
amination it was found that one of
the bones near the wrist was quite
badly shattered. The injured mem
ber was bound up at a physician's
office and the gentleman proceeded
to his home where he is getting along
nicely today.
W. E. Morgan and County Clerk
Morgan returned on an early train
this morning from Omaha.
Clerk of Court Robertson and wife
spent the day in Omaha.
Articles ol Incorporation.
Know afl men by these presen's
I hat v e, Gustavo It. OLson, T. II.
Pollock, II. X. Dovey, F. L. Cummins
and E. W. Cook, all being of full age,
and residents, Cass county, Nebraska,
do associate ourselves together for
the purpose of forming and beocom
ing a corporation in the State of Xe
braska, for the transaction of the
business hereinafter described.
The name of this coiporation shall
be the Olson Photo machine com
The principal place of transacting
business shall be in the City of Platts
mouth Cass county, Nebraska. 4
The nature of the business to be
transacted by said corporation shall
be the procuring of patents on new
improvements, the manufacture and
marketing of Photographic printing
Machines, photograhic supplies and
apparatus, and the making and mar
keting of photographs, and the manu
facture and marketing of other ma
chines and machinery, and ihc pui
chase of material therefor, and the erec
tion and maintenance of such build
ing or buildings and structures as
may be necessary, and to purchase
real estate as a site therefor, and the
purchase of such machineiy as may
be necessary for the operation of said
business, and to do any and all things
set forth in this certificate as objects,
purposes, powers, or otherwise, to
the same extent and as fully ns natural
persons might do, and in any part of
the world.
The authorized capital stock of said
corporation shall be the sum of Twen
ty-five thousand ($25,01)0.00) dollars,
to be divided into shares of One Hun
dred ($100.00) dollars each, and the
whole number of shares being Two
Hundred Fifty (250) of common stock,
to be subscibed and paid as required
by law and the Boaid of Directors,
and when said stock is issued the same
shall be fully paid and nonassessable.
The existence of this corporation
ihall commence on the 4th day of
April, A. D. 1910, and shall continue
during the period of 9!) years.
The business of said roipoiation
shall be conducted by a Board of Di-
tectois not exceeding FIVE in number,
to be elected by the stockholders, such
election to take place at such time and
be conducted in such manner as shall
be prescribed by the by-laws of said
i ho officers of said corporation
shall be a president, vice president
secretaiyand treasurer, who are to
be chosen by the board of Directors,
and shall hold their offices for the per
iod of one year, and uiuil their suc
cessors shall be elected and qualified.
The highest amount of indebted
ness to which said corporation shall
at any time subject itself shall not
be more than one third of the paid
up capital stock.
The manner of holding the meetings
of stockholders for the election of
officers and the method of conducting
the business of the corporation shall
be as provided in the By-laws adopt
ed by the stock holders.
PORATION' may be amended by a
two-thirds vote of all stock represent
ed at any regular or special meeting
called for that purpose by the board
of directors, provided that notice there
of shall have been mailed to each
stockholder at his last known address
at least ten days prior to the time of
holding such meeting.
undersigned have hereunto set their
hands this 29th day of March A. D.
Gustavo R. Olson.
T. II. Pollock.
II. N. Dovey.
F. L. Cummins.
E. W. Cook.
State of Nebraska )
( ss.
Cass County )
; On this 29th day of March, A. D.
1910, before me, A. L. Tidd, a notary
Public duly commissioned and quali
fied in and for said county, personally
appeared the above named Gustavo
R. OLson, T. II. Pollock, II. N. Dovey,
F. L. Cummins and E. W. Cook,
who arc personally known to me to
be tho identical persons whose names
arc affixed to the above and foregoing
as parties thereto, and that they sever
ally acknowledged the instrument
to be their voluntary act and deed.
WITXESS my hand and notarial
seal the day and year last above
(soul) A. L. Tidd,
4t Notary Public.
My commission expires Oct. 5, 1915.
Children Cry
In the county court of the County
ui v. ass, iciiraska.
In lie hstate of Nicholas Bintnc
To all persons interested:
You are hereby notified thac
petition has been filed for the probate
oi the last will and testament of Nich
olas Bintntr, deceased, and praying
for the appointment of the Executtix
therein named, Katie Bintner; that
a hearing will be had upon said pe
tition on the 30th day of April, A. D.
1910, at ten o'clock a. m. at my office
in the city of Plattsmouth, Nebraska,
before which hour all objections
thereto must be filed.
Done this 9th day of April A. D.
1910. By the court.
(Seal) Allen J. Becson,
Byron Clark, County Judge.
Wm. A. Robertson, Attorneys. 102-6
Notice to Creditors.
State of Nebraska )
( ss In County
Cass County ) Court.
In the matter of the estate of George
Sitzman, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
creditors of said deceased will meet
the Executrix of said estate, before
me, County Judge of Cass County,
Nebraska, at the County Court room
in Plattsmouth, in said County, on the
10th day of May A. D. 1910, and on
the 10th day of November, A. D.
1910, at 10 o clock a. m., each day,
for the purpose of presenting their
claims for examination, adjustment
and allowance.
Six months arc allowed for the cred
itors of said deceased to present their
claims, and one year and six month
for the executrix to s.-lttle said estate
from the 10th day of May A. D. 1910.
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court, at Plattsmouth, Xe
braska, this Cth day of April, A. 1)
1910. Allen J. Becson,
(Sen!) County Judge
llham C. Ramsey, Attorney. 102-8
Legal Notice.
State ofXebraska )
( ss county
Cass County ) dourt
In the matter of the estate of Waclav
(called James) Krowlek, deceased.
To all person interested in said estate.
You are hereby notified that a hear
ing will be had on the final report and
final petition of the administrator
of said Estate before this court at
Plattsmouth, in said County, on the
29 day of Aptril, 1910, at 9 o'clock
a. m. and that all objections, if any
there be, must be filed on or before
said day and hour of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of the
County Court of said county this Cth
day of April, 1910. .
SEAL Allen J. Becson,
102-G County Judge
Notice to Creditors.
In the County Court of the County
of Cass, Nebraska.
In Re Estate of John Tavlor, Baird
Notice is hereby given that at nine
o'clock a. m. on the 30th day of April
A. D. 1910, and at nine o clock a. m.
on the 31st day of Oct, A. D.1910,at
my office in the Court House in the
City of Plattsmouth, in said County,
hearings will be- had upon all claims
against the estate of the above named
deceased, by which last named hour
all claims must be filed, and all claims
not filed will be adjudged barred at
said time.
Done this 2Gth day of March, A. D.
1910. By the Court,
(Seal) Allen J. Becson,
Byron Clark, County judge
Wm. A. Robertson, attorneys. 100-st
Sheriffs Sale.
By vitrue of an order of sale issued
by James Robertson, Clerk of the
District Court within and for Cass
county, Nebraska, and to me directed,
I will on tho 16th day of April A. D.
1910 at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day
at the south door of the Court House
in said county, sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash the fol
lowing real estate towit: Lots Eleven
(11) and Twelve (12) of Block Twenty
Seven (27) in the City of Plattsmouth,
County of- Cass, Nebraska. The same
being levied upon and taken as the
property of J. R. Cardiff, first name
unknown, Rebecca Cardiff, William
W. Coatcs, Iva M. Coatcs, Frank
II. Dunbar and Adolph C. Swanson.
Defendants to satisfy a judgment of
said court recovered by E. Y. Sarlcs
Plaintiff against said Defendants.
Plattsmouth, Neb. March 14th A.
D. 1910. . CD. Quinton,
91-10 - Sheriff Cass County, Nob.
Byron Clark' Wm. A Robertson,
Attorneys. .
Children Cry
Inmructinn in atm color, rt lunlher, hr
ml copper. Hotim diromtinn A ittnd op-
puituniiy to Unin art. Wlirn vou once know
It, you caa in irent di-l of money in your
hotna Hnt of insti uction by teacher who spent
many yean in art canteia in tha east, aud in
Atlinra. Faria. Writs for frea particular!.
Mrs. M REX COTTON. 607 Bo Hldo., Omaha, Neb.
Positive Proof.
anouid convince the Greatest
Skeptic In Plattsmouth.
Because it's the evidence of
Plattsmouth citizen.
Testimony easily investieated.
The strongest endorsement of merit
The best proof. Read it:
J. W. Hickson, Oak street, Platts
uiuuui rcor., Bays: "i win never
cease to praise Doan's Kidney pills,
as they proved of such great benefit
to me several years ago. For some
time I was caused much suffering
by attacks of lumbago that came on
without the least warning. The
simplest movement was painful and
I was annoyed by irregular passages
oi me Kidney secretions. I read so
much about Doan's Kidney Pills that
I finally procured a box from Gering
& l,o s drug store. I was gratified
with the results of their use that
publicly recommended them in 1906
and at this time, I willingly renew-
that statement.. I hope that otlu
i. : .1 iy u o . .
Muiicy suiicrers win pront by my
lor sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. I-cster Milbum Co.. Huffnln
Aew iork, sole agents for the Unitec
Remember the name Doans
and take no other.
License Notice.
Aotice of application of Peter A.
t! r.. i: it - .
ouiiiu mi liquor license, notice is
hereby given that Peter A. Smith
on the 11th day of April 1910, file
his petition with the Village Clerk of
Greenwood, in Cass county, Nebraska
as required by the statutes of the state
of Nebraska and the ordinances of
the Village of Greenwood, praying for
a license to sell malt, spitrious and
vinous liquors in the building located
on lot No. 277, Greenwood, Nebraska
for the coming fiscal year ending on
the 1-irst Tuesday in May, 1911.
Any objection thereto must be file
on or before April 25, 1910.
Dated at Greenwood, Nebraska
April 12, 1910.
104-4 Peter A. Smith,
A Monument That Was Reared t?
Remarkable Theory.
A queer looking monument
stands in the city park at Hamil
ton, O. A globe, hollowed at each
pole and marked with the lines of
geographical measurement?, id
mounted upon a marble plinth. It
was erected by Americus Symmes
in memory of his father," John
Clcvcs Symmes, a short time before
the civil war. The elder Symmes
was the author of the remarkable
"Theory of Concentric Spheres,
Demonstrating That tho Earth fa
Hollow, Habitable Within and
Widely Open at tho roles." He
was a nephew of the first landlord
of the country that runs along the
Ohio river.
Symmes first announced his "dis
covery at ht. Louis in 1818. In a
well written brochure he asked for
"100 brave companions, well equip
ped, to start 'from Siberia in the
fall with reindeer and sleighs on
the ice of the frozen sea. I engage
we find a warm and new land
6tocked with thrifty vegetables and
animals if not men on reaching one
degree north of the latitude of 8?
degrees. Wc will return the fol
lowing spring." In 1822, after
delivering a series of lectures,
Symmes requested congress for a
subvention in order to equip an ex
pedition. The senate unanimously
rejected his appeal, as did tho gen
eral assembly ot Uhio two years
later. Ono of his converts, Jere
miah N. Reynolds, with the co-operation
of Rush and Southard, both
members of President John Quiucy
Adams' cabinet, and Dr. Watson, a
rich resident of New York city, fit
ted out the ship Annawan in 1828
and set sail in October for tho
warm nnd fertile cavity they believ
ed to exist at the south pole. When
they arrived at a latitude, of 82 de
grees south the incorrectness of
Symmes' theory was impressed
upon them. But before they re
turned the author had died in tho
spring of 1829, fully believing that
his calculations were correct.
John Cleves Symmes was never
nearer to tho north polo than
southern Canada, where he fought
ns a soldier in the war of 1812. Ilia
geography of the polar regions ex
isted only in his imagination. His
arguments were so plausible and his
pleas so ingenious that thousands
of men firmly believed in "Symmes'
hole. Lcsl'o s.
Lievelt a Star Possibility.
ritcucr Liovelt, tho Detroit younjj
Btor, Is regarded, by many critics as
a star possibility If he can get the
arm which troubled him last season
Quite cured.
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Children Cry
Enfllihman Invent New Sport Game
Over lu England a nCW Kaiue has
lorn Invented culled "vlgnro," which
tho promoters declare, will supplant'
cricket nnd baseball. It is called tho
"world's exercise." From the dcscrlp.
Hon of it it seems to be a cross be
tween lawn tennis nnd cricket and is
Raid to possess tho element of "da.
Ilng quickness" nnd "exhllaratine excitement"