The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, February 17, 1910, Image 7

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Ed Axe, who is at present employed
as section foreman at Crete is suffering
from a fractured arm. He intends
moving his family to Crete as soon as
he can get a house.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Price are moving
into the house recently vacated by
Al. Purbaugh.
Oscar Anderson, Local agent for
The Irondale, Wash., Jleal Estate
and Investment Co., is selling a num
ber of lots to Eagle people. Reports
from people who have been there
are encouraging. .
Frank Hursh and family are making
v preparations to move to twin falls,
Idaho where Frank has purchased
f as irrigated farm.
Mrs. Uinkelplek and daughter Helen
went to Lincoln Thursday "being
called there by the illness of her
Dr. Frenholm the Elmwood dentist,
was attending to professional duries
here Thursday.
Guy Adams is visiting relatives
and friends at Plattsmouth this week.
The dance given in the hall Thursday
evening was well attended the music
was furnished by Messrs Holden
and Carlson of Lincoln, and Man
speaker of this city.
Joe Lack has been on the sick list
the patlt week.
A. L. McDonold attended the
Hardware Dealers Convention at Lin
coin Friday afternoon.
Henry Itugba went to Weeping
Water Saturday after his automobile.
Geo. Myers and Louis Root each
had a car load of hay shipped in from
Holt County as hay seems to be
vcry scarce in this vicinity.
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Saturday morning this community
was shocked, by the news that Harri
son Ohm had committed suicide,
about 12 o'clock at night at his fathers
home, three miles west and one half
mile north of Elmwood, by taking
Yarbloic acid.
He had spent the evening in Elm
wood and nothing unusual was noti
ced. He was in the barber shop tf
West & Rosenow playing checkers
Avith the. boys, joking and seemed to
be feeling as weel as usual. No cause
is known for the rash act. His father
and mother had gone to bed before
his arrival, they heard him when he
come in and in a few minutes they
heard him fall on the floor. The
father got up. and went down, and
he lay on the floor dead. An empty
bottle lay beside him, having the
label scratched off.
He was twenty one years old the
17th of September 1909. He was a
young man that was respected by all
and why he did such a thing is a my
stery. He left ft note bidding them all
good by and asking their forgiveness.
Jin Jacobs a former Elmwood boy
but now of Lyons Colorado, is here
with his wife, Ihey havingbeen sum
moned to the bedside of his wife's
mother Mrs. S. J. Frons.
L. R. Vakincr was shaking hands
with the boys today. Ho is here
from Elk Washington.
Elmwood coal man J. M. Rogge
received CO tons of hard coal today,
which was much needed by those using
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Last Friday night while Mr. It
Creamer was attending I. 0. 0. F.
Lodge at Elmwood, some one stole
h,is team and buggy. He had tied
his team south of Pcntiman Bros.
store. Two fellows were seen to untie
the team and drive south of town at
a fast clip, but the parties supposed
they owned the. team and nothing was
thought of it until Mr. Creamer came
after them. He supposed the team
had broken loose and gone home, so
he went home and came back Saturday
morning and found out that two men
had been seen to untie them and drive
off- He notified the sheriff and the
surrounding towns, but nothing has
been heard of them yet.
L. A. Tyson and wife visited the
capital city Saturday, going on the
early train.
Mrs.-Jamcs Durbin and daughter
Edith and son Buster, E. T. Comer
and daughter Florence, Mr. and Mrs
A. Roger and Mr. and Mrs. Chas
Gerbeling were sight seeing in the.
capital Saturday.
The funeral services of Harrison
Ohm, took place at 2:50 at the M. E.
church, conducted by the pastor
Rev. Woodcock. The remains were
laid to rest in the beautiful Elmwood
Saturday one of the largest crowds
gathered in Elmwood to trade, that
has been our good pleasure to sec for
a long time. Elmwood merchants are
surely drawing their share of the trade.
James Howell of Burwell, Nebraska
is in town visiting old friends he having
moved out in the sand hills in 1S92.
He says every body is doing well.
Kinkead homesteads are selling for
53,000 each and some for more.
James Woodward spent Sunday
at home with his wife and dauhgter
Jim has a job with the Independent
Phone Co., at Council Bluffs.
Last Friday evening the Elmwood
high school basket ball girls played
the Teru Normal. Score 33 to 33; It
was an interesting game from start to
finish. Our girls are feeling quite
elated over results.
This Comedy Drama will be Put
On Friday and Is Full cf
The weekly dramatic event of the
season at the Parmcle thratre will
be the return of the popular Grew
Stock Company, Friday Eve, Feb. 18th
The popular favor with which this
talented organization were received
last Wednesday evening more than
proves that the theatre going public
of tliis city are anxious and willing to
support a company of merit.
Mr. Grew has selected for his re
turn engagement one of New York's
latest successes, the delightful pastoral
"Just Plain Folks". The play contains
many delightful comedy situations
that are out of the ordinary, and
tells one of the sweetest love stories
ever staged. The characters arc true
to life and the scenes move along
with the ease and naturalness that
holds the heart interest to the end.
In the character of Stillman Water,
Mr. Grew has a part out of the or
dinary, and liis portrayal of this
interesting character will long be
remembered. Lloyd Ingraham, Anna
Cleveland, Taylor Bennett, Maud
Monroe, and the balance of the com
pany are all well cast. .
Mr. Grew has spared no pains or
expense to nuke the production com
plete in every detail. "Just Plain
Folks," will be presented on one night
only Friday Eve., February ISth.
Popular prices will prevail. 25-3."-o0
Seats on sale at Riley Hotel Thursday
February 17th.
To the Theatre Going Public.
It seems to be the general opinion
from the number of inquiries made
each day that the moving picture
show at the Parmcle is going to "be
discontinued on account of the Stock
Co., playing each week, but such is
not the case. The picture show will
continue as long as the patronage
will warrant it and the management
will continue to show the very best
films obtainable. The price will
remain the same 5 and 10 cents.
Has Hand Injured.
Luke Vroman, whilo working on
the Freight Car repair track yester
day afternoon about 3:30 had the
misfortune to have a heavy car door
fall on the first three fingers of his
right hand, and mashing them badly.
The first finger was nearly taken off
he hurried to Dr. Livingston's office,
where the injury was dressed. Mr.
Vroman will be off duty for several
A Good Proposition.
Dr. Barnes has secured the terri
tory of Cass and Otoe counties for
the best proposition in the way of
stock remedy on the market. He
has fully investigated the matter and
is fully convinced that ho has a rem
edy which will meet the require
ments needed. Ho woild like to
talk with all who aro interested and
he believes that he can do good service
w-85-tf. ,
J. R. Dcnscn, has been a very busy
man the last two days subpoenmg wit
ncsses for the plaintiff in the case of
Earl R. Blish vs C. B. & Q. R. R..
which will be for trial immediately
after the case now on trial is disposed
Katie Whltakcr Invites Eleven
Little Girls to Spend Afternoon
Mrs. F. R. Wliitaker entertained
eleven of her little daughter's play
mates at a valentine party Saturday
afternoon, from four to s'x o'clock.
The lHtlc misses were made happy
with games and sports of various
kinds. They were first given a stick
of gum each, and a piece of white
paper, and told to form a man from
the gum, some dextrous work was
done in this line, the booby prize being
carried off by Myra Stenner, and the
first prize was awarded to Vere Brown.
Another very amusing contest was
over pinning a cat's tail in the proper
location. The animal's picture being
pinned to a sheet, and the little girls
being blindfolded, turned around a
couple of times and told to perform
the feat. Mabel Brown carried off
the booby and Alice Pollock the first
When the time for lunch arrived,
the guests were given an opportunity
to select their partners in a very
unique way. Hearts of different
sizes were cut in two and placed in
a reeeptiele, and the little girls each
drew from the reeeptiele and matched
wit h some one else.
A two course luncheon was served.
Those present were: Helen Roberts,
Myra Atenner, Blanche and Delia
Sayles, Abbic, Mabel and Vera Brown,
Alice Pollock, Frances Morley, Elva
Hartford and Katie Whitaker.
Claims Damages For Roughly
Handling Live Stock and Poul
try. "
A case entitled Bowers vs Burlington
was before the court this afternoon,
in which plaintiff claims damages
in the sum of about $1500.00
against tlic company which he says
occurred about one year ago, in the
shipment of property of plaintiff.
At the time plaintiff was moving
from Spencer to Cedar Creek, and
the damage claimed is for injury, done
to horses, poultry and household
goods in the transportation in this
county. The plaintiff is represented
by Mathew Genng, and the company
by Byron Clark and W. A. Robertson.
A jury was selected this afternoon,
and the trail begun, tho case will be
warmly contested.
Mr. and Mrs! Gus Johnson, of
this city announces the marriage of
of their daughter Miss Annie to Mr.
O. A. Nystroni of Omaha, to take
place Thursday Ferbuary 21th at
H o'clock from the Swedish Mission
church. Following the wedding cere
mony will be a formal reception
at their home in South Park.
Miss Annie was born and
raised in this city is a graduate
of the P. II. S. 1901. Former clerk
at the Variety Store.
Mr. Nystroin is employed at the
Omaha Post Office, is a son of Dr.
and Mrs. J. C. Nystrom of that city.
Two Fancy Cats.
FA Bratner is tho noswssor of two
of the finest haired cats in tho villnire
These rare specimen of the feline
family were sent Mr. Bratner by
J. II. Fitton. of Council Bluffs, tho
gentlemen who drew the thorough
bred pup last fcaturday evening at
the raffle. The cats are of the Angoria
species, and are covered with hair
white as snow and several inches in
length. The Tom cat cost Mr. Fitton
50O.UU and -tho Tabbic $35.00, so
that when one sees them he is lonkimr
at something of value. A fine cockcral
spaniel pup accompanied the cats.
If you want to see something fim
just take a peep in Ed Bratncr's
cigar store.
Lost Ills Hat.
A farmer was driving west on Maine
street between Third and Fourth
with the top of his buggy down, trot
ting gaily along, this morning, when
he encountered a hard gust of wind
which whisked off his fedora. The
head gear lighted on its rim and struck
off at about a thirty mile clip, in the
opposite direction from which the
farmer had his prow pointed. He
circled his team as quickly as he could
and put whip to his steeds and chased
that hat nlmost to the subway before
overtaking it. One needs a string
under his chin with each end attached
to his hat to be sure of having it with
mm inese days.
Mrs. Julia Ncilaon, departed for
Council Bluffs this morninir where
she will visit relatives for a short time.
Undecided as yet as to Lis
Action in the Field of
Came up from Mississippi on a
Matter of Business and Will
A representative of tho Daily News
had the pleasure of meeting ex
Govcrnor Gcorgo L. Sheldon at
Nebraska City last Sunday morning as
he was returning from his cotton
plantation in Mississippi to his home
at Nehawka.
The governor did not have1 very
much to give out regarding his action
ii the matter of becoming a candidate
for governor or for the senate, and
felt that his long absence from the
state and unfanuliarity with the
political conditions would not warrant
him in making a statement. When
he had had time to look the situation
over he will be better able to juduc
of the matter.
While talkine with tho eovemor
coming up on the train. Col. Will
Hayward appeared on the scene and
of course no polities was d'scusscd after
that. The colonel has lately shied
his caster into the congressional ring
and while he hopes to land the nomina
tion, recognizes the fact that he is
up against some good men.
Body Will be Taken to Gales-
burg Tomorrow.
Plattflmouth citizens will be pained
to learn of the sudden death of the
wife of Harry Regnier, tho Burlington
shop storekeeper which occurred at
2:30 this afternoon.
She suffered from heart trouble since
childhood and has not been well for
sometime. She leaves two daughters
10 and 13 years respectively to mourn
the lose of a kind mother. Mr. Regnier
will receive the heartfelt sympathy
of the whole community in the loss
of his wife. The body will be taken to
Galesburg, Illinois on No 2 tomorrow
for burial.
Rev Austin Conducts Service at
Late Residence this Afternoon.
A brief and impressive funerai
service over the remains of Mrs.
Harry Reigner, was held this after
noon by Rev. Austin of the Metho
dist church at the late residence of
the deceased on Pearl street. The
music was furnished by the M. E.
Sunday School Choir of which Gladys
Reigner is a member. The deceased
had been a resident of Plattsmouth,
but about a year, and in that time
had won a place in the affections
of all who knew her, and she will be
greatly missed from her circle of
friends. - Interment will be made at
Galesburg, Illinois, from which city
Mr. and Mrs. Reigner came to Platts
mouth. Unloads Three Cars Horses.
Will Fight arrived at the Platts
mouth yards this morning, with three
car of good horses which he shipped
in from his Colorado ranch. There
are three stallions in the bunch worth
something over $2000 each, beside
two loads of heavy draught horses.
The stallions aro one Belgian, one
English-shire and one standard bred
Mr. Fight is taking these horses to
his farm southwest of Murray, where
they will be kept. Some of them will
be sold, and at present prices, there
is quite a bunch of money in shipment.
Advertised Letters.
Miss Ida Homan, Miss Angie Mc-
Carroll, Wm. Abbott, Samuel Bearsh,
John hrvin and Lite Rhoeds.
Will bo sent to Dead letter Office
Fcby. 28th. M.'A. Schneider,
P. M.
T. II. Pollock was called to Ashland
this morning on business for the Co
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IHrrn Srfd
Aperfert Remedy forConsfli
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ncss and Loss of Sleep.
facSmiitc Signage of
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Guaranteed under the KooJaj
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Exact Copy of Wrapper.
February Bulletin
of Special Bates
Homeseekers' Excursions: February 1st and 15th. and the first and
third Tuesdays of each subsequent month, the West, Northwest and South
west, new farm land regions. A chanco for a splendid tour of tho West at
very low rates.
Winter Tourist Rates: Daily through February and March to all
Southern, Gulf, Cuban and California
Very Cheap One Way Rates
To Puget Sound and Pacific Coast
Only $25.00 from eastern and central Nebraska to Seattle, Portland.
Spokane, Butte, Helena, San Francisco,
destinations. Tickets sold from March
Through Service: These tickets honored in chair cars and tourist
sleepers; daily through tourist sleepers via Northern Pacific Express, daily
through tourist sleepers via Great Northern Express, through upper North
west; daily through tourist sleepers to California, via Denver, scenic Colorado,
Salt Lake City, and Southern Pucific.
Get in touch with me, and let me give you descriptive literature,
arrange for your berths and aist you in every way.
W. L. PICKETT, Ticket Agent, Plat tsmouth, Neb.
L. W. Wakely, G. P. A., Omaha.
REAL ESTATE. Town residence from $450 to f 3,000. Don't
f ay rent any longer. You can own your own dwelling cheaper.
Ait me show you some good chances to acquire farms in Ne
braska, South and North Dakota, Missouri or Texas. FIRE
INSURANCE written in Bix of the best companies.
SUBETY BO'N'DS. Get your bonds from the American Surety Co.
ACCIDENT INSURANCE. The risk of personal injury is 40
times as great as that of losing your property by fire. Secure
a policy of the London Gurantee and Accident Company and
be sure of an income while you are onablo to work.
tAJA.-AA. A. AA. AA. A. AA. AA.
Will sell or trade one, at my barn.
We want boys and girls who want to earn money to so
licit subscriptions to The Kansas City Weekly Star. Don't
hesitate because you are young, as you can do the work
as readily as older persons and we will pay you just the
same. The Kansas City Weekly Star is the best known
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working for it will pay you handsomely, not in toys,
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Kansas City, Mo.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Los Angeles and other far western
1st to Anril 15th.
6. AA. A. AA-. JA. -AA. .6. AA, Ak.
For Over
Thirty Years