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Agent for
We buy and sell butter
and eggs.
The New Way
Smoking Meat
i with
Wright's Condensed
(Made from Hickory Wood)
Per Bottle
Enough For 800 pounds '
at ; ,
The Rexall Store
F. G. Frickc & Co
Expert Pill Mixers.
Platts. 'phone Bell 'phone
Children Cry
Arrangements Completed
for a new Nebraska
State League.
Hastings, Grand Island, Red Cloud
Superior, Seward and Fremont
HASTINGS, Feb. 15. The Ne
Iraska htatc baseball league, with six
progressive towns in the circuit, was
organized at a well attended and nota
bly enthusiastic meeting in Laglcs
hall last night. A seventh town Kear
neyapplied for membership, and its
admission was def cried two weeks and
left conditional on its mustering an
other city .to make up an' eight-club
contract. The schedule will be ar
ranged as soon as it is known whet
her the league is to remain as it was
formed last night or be enlarged
to take in two more clubs.
The accepted towns are Hastings,
Grand Island, Red Cloud, Superior,
Seward and Fremont. Each of these
places reported a fund of $2,500 or
more available with which to start
preparations and assumed the obliga
tions imposed in the by-laws relative
to guarantee of attendance and forfeit
for failure to complete the schedule.
Kearney and Friend also sen( repre
sentatives who gave satisfactory as
surance that these requirements could
be met by clubs in their towns but the
delegates from the six towns that were
included in the temporary organiza'
tion at the Grand Island conference
assumed that Friend was too small to
properly maintain a team.
To get the league movement under
way the promoters formed a temporary
organization with Percy Renncr of this
city as chairman and Charles Kitz
man, also of Hastings, as secretary
Then followed a discussion as to the
lest method of proceeding with the
formation of the league. At the sug
gestion of Henry Sievcrs of Gram
Island, the representatives of the six
towns that figured m the Grand Island
meeting Hastings, Grand Island, Roc:
Cloud, Superior, Seward and Fremont
were authorized to retire and deter
mine upon the number of clubs to be
admitted. They were not long in mak
ing up their report, which rejected
Friend and gave Kearney two weeks
in which to find an eighth city. This
report was adopted and the delegates
then formally organized by electing
Henry Sei vers president-sccrctary-trca-
urer. combining the three offices
in the interest of economy. Mr. Siev
ers acknowledged the honor in an ad
dress that made an extremely favor
ble impression on everybody present.
With words that carried conviction he
declared that he would administer the
affairs of the league with absolute in
partiality. In relation to umpires, he
said his appointees would be from
towns outside the c'reuit. lie dis
cussed the business side of the project
and encouraged his hearers in the be
lief that the league can be satisfac
torily maintained.
"And because I live in Grand Is
land," Mr. Sievcrs reiterated, "I don't
want you to get the idea that Grand
Island is going to get the best of it in
A. C. Felt of Superior, a baseball en
thusiastic of excellent judgement, was
named as vice-president. The direc
tors elected are G. A. Palmer, Fre
mont; C. W. Jacobs, Hastings; J. C.
Morgan, Seward. The president will
preside at all meetings of the directors.
The directors will fix the salary of
their chief official.
The season will extend from about
May 15 to about September 15, which
will give time for a schedule of ap
proximately 100 games. The schedule
will be arranged by the president and
the directors subsequent to March 1,
ag the teams have until that time to
formally qualify for membership. As
the organization now stands there are
only two towns Grand Island and
Fremont where Sunday games will
be permitted.
Didn't Drink Tea, So Hit
Didn't Get a Caddie.
She was in the sporting g.ods
department of a universal provider
lookinsr for her husband's birthday
present. She had it vaguely in her
mind to pet him some golf clubs,
although the man never had played
the game or even expressed a desire
to piav. He needed more exercise,
and she wanted a present that
would lure him on to take it.
A young clerk sought her custom
"Something in tennis rackets, mad
am ?" he asked.
"No; I want some golf clubs."
"Yes, madam. . Right over here.
For vourself ?"
"No; for my husband. I don't
want a whole set. He never ha
plaved before," she explained
"Then vou want a beginner's out
fit a driver, brassy, putter and ei
ther a raashie or a midiron will do
to start," the young man went on
drawing from the 6tand a long ban
died club and flourishing it before
the woman.
"Is that a driver?" '
"Yes. You see, madam, first yon
make your tee"
"But he doesn't drink tea," she
The clerk opened his eyes and
trould! have laughed but for the
thought of the sale he was about to
make, Instead he explained tact
fully what a tee was and seemed not
to see the flush of chagrin that
mounted lo the rather pretty little
woman s face.
"We haven't even a course," she
explained, "but I thought he could
bnt the ba!h crourd the place to
becin to get a fancy for the
"Then it's a brassie, not a driver,
that vou want.' Now, here ia one
with a good shaft its all in the
6haft. I used to be a professional
"And what else do I need?" the
woman interrupted.
"I would suggest a midiron. You
won't need a putter if you have no
greens. Here js a good one 2;
"All right. I'll take those two.
And how about a caddie? I suppose
if Ave have no tees we don't need a
caddie is that it? But at least I'd
like to see what one looks like, so
that for his birthday I can get 8
bag and a caddie and a couple more
clubs to complete the outfit. New
1 ork Press.
Wreitling Game a Gold
For Gotch.
Frank Gotcb, the world's
champion wrestler, drew down
mure box office money last year
than Mr. Roosevelt received for
his Inst vear's labors as ureal'
dent of the United States. Gotch
claims that he earned exactly
$52,000 In the many bouts und
the theatrical engagements he
had hist season.
Most of this money was taken
In while he was traveling about
the western states. Particularly
lu the farming districts, where
every man, woman and child is
Interested In wrestling, did Ciotcb
do well. There Is not a farmer
lad but would rather "rustle"
. than do anything else.
One of the largest farm own
ers In the upper Mississippi val
ley Is Gutch. He has hundreds
of acres of farm land. It Is his
greatest ambition to become
known as the farm king of the
west, and bo Is now working on
a scborae of great dimensions.
Buddy Taught It to Hit Grandma and
Explained It to His Father.
There is a pood old lady liviiv;
not far from Woodward avenue and
the boulevard who looks upon all
games of cards as a menace t the
soul of man. There is not a plav
ing curd in her daughter's home,
where she reside.-, und the person
convicted of indulging .in solilaire,
casino, euchre or any similar pas
time forfeits that old lady's esteem
and wins in its place her sincere
and deep sympathy.
She has a grandson who is not
quite as saintly. Ho is going t
high school and has been known to
win 28 cents in one afternoon at
penny ante freeze out nnd can rifilri
a pack without spilling any on the
floor. He nnd his grandmother tire
great pals, and the other evenim '
his father, who left a great man
things behind him when he married
was startled to hear his son exclaim:
"I'll see you and raise you three.
On the family sewing table grand
ma and the young man were playin"
an exciting game. They were usinj:
a pack of cards designed for a ganv
known as our feathered friends and
a dish of beans. On each card wm
the picture of a different kind of
Fresently grandma in an excited
tone piped up:
"Aow, Buddy, you forgot to ante
Father became interested. Grand
ma stayed up until 9 o'clock, half
an hour past her bedtime, und when
she reluctantly arose she said :
"Well, Buddy, I have nineteen
more beans than you have, and I'll
get all of yours away from you to
morrow ninrht."
"My son." said father after grand
ma had left the room, "what's the
game you were playing with grand
"It's called beano," said his son.
into four groups birds of prey.
son? birds, game birds and domestic
fowls. Ihere are thirteen of each.
and they are craded. The eagle.
lark, grouse and turkey count th
highest. The dealer gives each
player five cards, and each one ear
lay aside as many as he wants und
draw as many more. Everybody
puts one bean in the middle of the
table at the beginning"
"I er think I understand," said
father. "Let you and I play
little game, bo's you can teach me
how.". . .;
There was a wickedly reminis
cent smile on father's face as he
pulled the last of Buddy's beans at
10:50. Detroit News-Tribune.
In the earliest Latin inscriptions
and manuscripts no system of pune
tuation is followed. The full point
(.) was gradually introduced, being
placed on the level, middle or top
of the letters. In the minuscule
manuscripts of the eighth, ninth
and following centuries the period
on thelinc or high, was first used
then the comma and semicolon am
the inverted semicolon, whose pow
er was ruther stronger than that of
the comma. Some say that the
Caroline minuscules of the ninth
century exhibit the note of interro
gation, for which the inverted semi
colon, which was gradually dropped.
may have furnished the mark. 1 hi
Greeks use the semicolon as an in
terrogation point. In English the
colon is said to have been intro
duced about 14S5, the comma about
1501 and the semicolon about 1570
In Sir Fhilip Sidney's "Arcadia:
(1587) all the punctuation point
appear, including the note of inter
rogation, asterisk and parentheses.-
Helping tho H'inictir. . .
A Scotch preacher had in his con
grcgation .an old woman who wa-
deaf. In order to bear the sermon
each Sundav this old lady would
seat herself at tlie foot of the pulpit
stairs. ' One day the sermon wu
about Jonah, and the preacher be
came very rhetorical.
"And when the sailors threw Jo
nah overboard," he said, "a big fish
swallowed him up. Was it a shark
that got 'im ? . Nay, my brethren, it
was ne'er a shark. Was it a sword
fish that eat him ? Nay"
It was u whale," whispered the
old lady excitedly.
"Hush, Biddie," said the preacher
indignantly. "Would ye tak th'
word o' God out o' ycr ano meenis
ter's mouth ?" Success. Magazine.
The Pleasure Was Mutual.
The friends of two American ce
lebrities, one a stutterer and the
other somewhat deaf, succeeded aft
er much maneuvering in getting
them to meet, and the event aroused
considerable unholy glee.
Some time thereafter the stutter
er was asked how tho interview
passed off.
"Oh, w-we g-g-got along f-f-fine-ly,"
he stammered. "I c-c-couldn't
t-t-t-talk. and s-s-she c-c-c-couldn't
' h-h-hear me." Lippincott's.
Scrap Book
Blind Man' Buff.
At a f:isliluinillo r.iiropi'iiii ho, el four
phiuxlliio rogues not Ioiik ugo treiitetl I
themselves to a (iiiliul dinner In u
private room utul luiil no Intention el
paying for It. Having called the wait
er ami asked for the bill., one thrust
his httml Into his km ket as If to draw
out his purse. The second prevented
him. declaring he would pay. The
third did the same. The fourth for
bade the waiter taking nionev from
either of them, but all three persisted.
As none would yield, oue sold:
"The best way to decide is to blind
fold the waiter, and whoever be
catches shall settle the bill, while the
others shall tip the waiter."
This proposition was accepted, and
while the waiter was groping bis way
about the room they slipped out of the
house, one after another, and bolted.
Let Us Smile.
There Is no room for sndness when we
see a cheery emlle.
It always has the same good look It's
never out of Btyle.
It nerves us on to try again when failure
makes us blue.
The dimples of encouragement are good
(or me and you.
It pays a higher interest, for it la merely
It's worth a million dollars and doesn't
cost a cent.
According to Rule.
Oberlln was the first coeducational
college in this country. In the early
days It had a rule that In case there
were but one man and one woman lu
a room at least one chair should be
between them. One evening an la
streetor, passing one of the small sit
ting rooms, was horrified at beholding
a young man and a young woman oc
eupjing the same chair.
"Sir." be demanded of the man Btu
dent, "what Is the meaning of this
outrageous behavior? Do you not
know the rules of the college'"
J'Why cr-don't they say that If a
man and a girl sit alone In a room
they - shall have one chair between
It Didn't Work.
A mail who lives far uptown In New
I ork is not sure whether the Joke is
on him or on his wife. Here Is how
he tells It:
"One night last week I thought
heard Rome one prowling about the
house, and as there hare been a mini
Wjer of bouses broken Into lately I con
eluded that the noise was made by
burglars. As I mil up In bed listening
I chanced to glum e Into the next room,
the door of our bedroom being open,
and there, sure enough, stood a bur
glar coolly examining our silver plate
With this startling discovery came the
chilling thought that I hadu't such
thing as a firearm In the bouse. But I
determined to see what bluff would do,
so, turning to my wife. I said In a
loud Voice:
"Mary, Where's my revolver?"
'John.' she answered In a voice
eiltially as loud, 'thero Isn't such
thing In the house, and you know It.'
"After that l closed nnd locked the
door and blew a police whistle."
The Ruling Passion.
An old Irishwoman. In describing a
"gone but not forgotteu." said; "Mike
was the folne man entolrely. nnd he'd
be living now If It wasn't for the
dhrluk. Fie bud a dog. nnd sure that
baste would bring him home from the
saloon whin he was so blind wld
Ihmor he couldn't see a shtep before
him. And whin he dled-'tls the truth
I'm shpaklng his ghost walked at
night bock nnd foorth. betune the sa
loon aud his house, nnd bedad 'twns
so dhrrnnk his dog knew him!"
A Difference In Time.
A traveler In Ireland, riding a horse
that bad seen better days, stopped o
a country road In Donegal nnd asked
n peasaut:
"How far Is It to Letterkenny?"
Now, every true Irishman, gentle or
il in pie. Is a born sportsman nnd has n
keen appreciation of the points of a
good horse. So, after surveying the
sorry steed with the eye of a cotinyls
seur. the rustle replied slowly:
"Thnt depends."
"I low depends? Depends on what?'
nsked the traveler Impudently.
"Well." returned rut lu the same
measured tones, "ye see. sor. wld
decent horse It's a mutt her nv five
mile or so; wld that quure baste nv
yours It's fully tin. Dut"-w!tn a snd
den burst of energy "If It was wan
v Major Doyle's blood mares ye'd be
tbsre nowT'
The Wall-Paper Season
It about here, and we are
ready with our stock of wall
paper. Remember that we
have entirely new and up-to-.
date stock on hand, and we
extend you a cordial invitation
to inspect ouf line whether you
are ready to purchase or not,
and we are in shape to fill your
der promptly.
The Red Cross
Lowe Bros1 High
Mellotone and
The Kansas City Weekly Stai
The most comprehensive farm paper AH the
news Intelligently told Farm questions an
swered by a practical farmer and experimenter ,
Exactly what you want In market reports.
One Year 25 Cents.
Address THE WEEKLY STAR, Kansas City, Mo.
Edwin R. Todd a Resident
Three Years is Dead.
Died Very Suddenly in Plattsmouth About One 0 'Clock
Edwin R. Todd, one of the Cnss
eounty pioneer settlers died in Platts
mouth very suddenly this morning at
1 :30.
He had driven into Plattsmouth
yesterday and was hitching his team
in the shed south of Geese s saloon,
when he was attacked by a paraletic
stroke from which he died.
Dr. Cook was summuned but Mr.
Todd was beyond medical aid, and
and never recovered consciousness.
He was removed to the Perkins house
where he passed away. He had not
complained of any ill feelings, until
he got out of his buggy to tie his
horses, when he remarked that he did
not feel just right, and stopping over
rubbed one tf his lower limbs slightly
fell forward nnd was unconscious
when assistance reached him.
Mr. Todd was in his 78th year,
having reached seventy-seven last
November. He was born in Chau
tauqua, County, New York near
the lake of the same name, near
Jamestown, where he resided with
his parents until about 1850, when
his parents Itcv. Thomas Jefferson
Todd and wife removed to Nebraska.
A year later the subject of this sketch
came to Cass county, and entered the
land in Plattsmouth precinct, which
remained his homestead until the
hour of his death. In 1801 on the
8th day of September, he was united
in marriage to Miss Mary K. Thomas,
at the home of her parents, probate
Judge Clark officiating at the cere
mony. To this union eight children
were born, one daughter, who died
at the ago of two years, and seven
sons, one of whom died about three
years ago. The sons surviving are
Alonzo K., Thomas K Alvin and
Russel all of near Plattsmouth, and
Dr. (leorge W. Of Omaha, and Dr.
Timothy J. of Wahoo.
One sister nnd two brothers are still
living, and one sister, Mrs. Sam
Twis, of Louisville died some years
ago. The sister and brothers sur
viving are Mrs. George Mayfield
Drug Store.
Standard Paint.
of Cass County For Fifty-
of Louisville, Ami II. Todd, of Denver
and Fred Todd of Jamestown, New
York. Both brothers were notified
by telegram this morning of the
sudden death of Mr. Todd.
K. It. Todd was one of the best
known men in this part of the county.
He was a stalwart republican, and
always felt a lively interest in every
enterprize which was for the better
ment of conditions in his community.
He was a warm friend, a kind and
thoughtful husband and a fond parent.
As a neighbor he was thoughtful and
obliging, no one ever nsked a favor
of him and was refused, when it was
in his power to grant it. He will
be missed from the community, and
mourned for by a large circle of
The funeral will occur Friday after
noon from the Christian church at
1:50 o'clock, the services will be con
ducted by Hev. Luther Moore. Until
that time the remains will lie in state
at the home of his daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Bertha Todd, in this city.
Spend Social Evening.
All members and friends of the
Methodist Church are cordially in
vited to spend a social evening at the
home of the Pastor, Rev W. L Austin
and family on Thursday February
17th. It is desired that all who can
will take this opportunity to meet
the Pastor and family, and enjoy an
evening of sociability. A short pro
gram will be given, and light refresh
ments served. No ndniission. No
charges. Committee.
The Superior Daily Journal is just
simply tearing things loose. They
are installing a new junior lynotype.
and a new Cranston newspaper press;
Both of these moves nre evidence
of prosperity and we congratulate the
Journal on its success. Now let the
not patrons, but ought to be.get busy
and show Brother Huff that they
appreciate his enterprise.