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?'?i?f,iib!i''lVr'i0VA B, n kk-i f ConsolidaU-d Jan. 1. 1895
V KHALIJ. Established April 16. 18C4 1
Things that are Transpiring
Before the Base Ball
Season Opens.
Indication that Some Players Must
Have Played Through the
John F. Pyrne, secretary of the Dcs
Moines base ball club has resigned to
po into business. It is not stated what
kind of business he will enc in, but
if it is something that will take him
outside of base ball the name and the
Western League will hae sustained
a great loss. Mr. Hryne was the sort
of man who makes base ball better
because he is connected with it and
we hope- that whereever he may be or
whatever business he may engage in
that the game will not have lost at
least the benefit' of his presence und
"Hill" Dwyer will be with Des
Moines nghin next year. This news
will be hailed with delight by the fans
all over the circuit. Dwyer was one
of the most popular players and man
agers in the Western last year, and
while mcst of us would have been
pleased to have seen him make good
with Chicago, und feel that if given a
ehance he would have done so, it will
1k considerable satisfaction to know
know that if be is sent back that he will
be seen at the initial sack for Dcs
Phil and Jack Niehoff are
two of the Dis Moims bunch who
will be sent back for further develop
ment. The f.tct that Pittsburg has decided
to return Hi!!;- Fox to Omaha will
probably be a joy to fans in the
Wistorn h;.:;ue, but one is led to
wonder what the management of the
Pittsburgei.s can be thinking of. Fox
is a wonder mound li.e second position
and it is doubtful if there is a man w ho
cun discount there. Take the
responsibility of manageniint off of
the shoulders of Hilly Fox so that he is
free to get into the game without being
hampered with the thought that he has
pot to be responsible for the work of
the other eight men and there wouldn't
lie a man in the big league who cou.d
approach him when it (onus down to
to playing the second sack. However j
there will He no ngrcis nom uns m
partmeiit, except that of disappoint
nient because his worth is not apprec
iated by the big fellows, to see him
lack with us.
And now as to that Western League
ollicial average just sent out by the
presi lent of our much suffering league
It has taken nearly as long to pre
pare the avenges as it did for the
players to make them and even the
player at the bottom with a batting
average of 013 put up a better game
with his stick than did the president
with his typewriter. There is no
doubt but that piece of literature
should be embalmed and placed in the
halls of fame as the most wonderful
production of modern or prehistoric
times. Never in the history of the
game have players before been known
to increase their average so rapidly
after the oeason closed as they did
Our January Clearance Sale of all left over winter merchandise is a
money saver for you. Suits $7, $9, $12, $15. Overcoats, $o, $7, .$9,
$11. Odd pants, 81.39, 81.99, $2.49. Wool sox, 19e. Work shirts, 39c.
Dress shirts, G9c. Reversible 4-in-hands, 19c. Boys' knee pant suits,
$1.39. Odd knee pants, 29c. Come quick if you want these bargains.
Don't Walt till the Last Minute,
But Get Busy Right Away.
Probably nothing for a long time
has caused so much comment in the
city as the offer of the Commercial
Club to give ten dollars in real money
to the person who shall send in the
oest one to be use! "n advertising
the city. A couple of the members of
the commercial club w i o hold high
and responsible positions in the club,
were seen this morning hustening to
ward high school lull. Each one
carried in his pocket a small package
of salt. The rumor was that a fine
slogan with beautiful plumage had
been seen roosting in a tree on the hill
and the aforesaiil members
proposed to catch it nlive
if possible. It is this same commend
able spirit on the part of each one
which will bring the desired results.
In sending in your slogan, please
send them sealed in a letter. The
secretary will number the letters and
and arrange them for the committee
who will be chosen to make the award. ,un,l telegrams from indivuals and news--rr..-
paper editors in Nebraska pledging him
the past year in the Western league, their support, One of the editors says
It is wonderful. Harry Until kA
Omaha closed the season with a batt
ing average of about.27") or thera bouts,
but since that time, during the past
three months he has increased u to
.372 and leads the league. Wonderful.
Augustus lioiino, the macaroni artist
who wielded the big club for the
season of 11(08 for Lincoln to the tune
of less than a hundred and who quit
the league last year with an average
which was probably much less has
been able since he quit the game to
increase his batting to .'2f7. He may
have done the greated part of his hitt
ing in the Maeroni League, but by
rights his average there ought not to
have been transferred to the Western
because the Western is a much faster
league. It was a open secret, hilar
iously proclaimed by all and even
acknowledged . bv Duekey Holmes
(that the Lincoln aggregation was the
fastest fielding bunch in the whole
league, in fact the unofficial averages
showed that was the proper idea all
throng!) the season, yet out conns
those histerical averages with the Link
wallowing around down at th' bottom
with the Pueblo tail enders. Shoveling
snowballs in the winter should
not be allowed to compete
with batting base balls in .summer.
Christian Scientists Elect Oncers
At the annual meeting heid Thurs
day evening at the church tt the
corner of South Sixth and Granit,
the membership of the ( i.ristain
Science church seleitcd its readers
fur the coming year. J. C. Peterson
was cnosen i iim rcatici, m.u .h.
Vcnncr as Second reader. At i!ie board
mee ting held at the reading loom No
201 Coatts block, l'ridi-y evening
the following officers wiv elected:
Mrs. Fdna Fa ton, trca-:rcr, Miss
Matilda Sonniehscn. crk. The
above mumbcrs of the r urn in the
Coates block will be the reading room
which will be open every day, except
Sunday, from 2 to 4 P. M. where
Science literature can be read or
purchased as desired.
George Vallery Here.
George Vallery, General Manager
of the Colorado Midland, alighted
from 15 this morning, ami will be the
guest of relatives here over Sunday .
Mr. Vallery is just "returning from
Chicago where he had been on im
portant business for his road.
Smashed Into Smitherenes
Finds That He Has Plenty of Friends in Nedrsaska Who
Approve His Course.
Fought the Aldrich-Cannon Crowd When the Tariff Bill
Was Up For Passage.
As a result of the alleged "pro
gressive republican" meeting held at
Lincoln the first of the week, Senator
Hurkett is being swamped with letters
tlx fight is simply because"otherPeop!e
want the job." Another says, "We
understand who the bunch is lit
Lincoln that is fighting you." And
one man writes: "1 was trapped into
that meeting, and am for you rather
than against you." ;
"One of the writers says: "You have
been too long before the public and we
have watched your career too closely
to be swept off our feet by this trumped
up charge that you are not progressive
The telegraphic dispatches that have
appeared here in local papers have
aroused a good deal of interest and are
attracting a good deal of interest and
attracting a good deal of attention on
account of the fight that is being made
against Senator Hurkett. Here in Wash
ington Hurkett is looked upon as a "pro
gressive" and an insurgent. As one of
the old line senators said today: lie is
one of the most pernicious and persist
ent insurgents that we have, for he was
always fighting us all the way through.
Another senator who has not been
pleased with Hurkett 's actions said : "If
all Hurkett needed out there was a cer
tificate that he had been an 'insurgent'
in thes.'iiate during the consideration of
the taK.T I'll, he would have no trouble
getting it from those who were here
with him."
A pcrsual of the Congressional re-
piim snows ii ai uic .-in. m n.m.i
probably more often a thorn in the
In Justice Court
The fore:' le errv and detainer
case pending
,cf(,ie jui.f.e Archer
wherein George S. Lesley is plaint ill
and A. 1 Panics is defendant wherein
the plaintiff seeks to obtain possession
of the Weteneamp property on lower
Main street, was taken up yesterday
afternoon and continued tor one week.
The defendant made several dilaiory
motions, such as asking that plaintiff
give security for costs, which was
complied with. Then the petition
was attacked because the plaintiff
had sued by the initials of his given
name, this was amended, then plain
tiff raised the question of description
of the property, and objected to the
complaint because the council chamber
was not excepted from the description
It was growing so late when the
matters were all thrashed over that the
court concluded he would take a little
time to look up the last question, and
the parties' agreed to continue the
cause until the 21st inst.
flesh of Aldrich crowd than any
other senator on the floor. He it was
who led the attack on the committee
organization at the opening of the
special session and scored a victory by
getting the biggest shakeup in comm
ittee assignments that has ever been
brought about for many years and get
ting an entirely new distribution of
committees throughout several states
of the country.
Almost at the beginning of the
session Hurkett entered into a spirited
controversy with Aldrich as to the
lack of investigation that the coniniitte
had given his bill and taunted the
chairman of the finance committee
with the fact that the committee hail
brought in no real information, that
they had jumbled the bill together
without suitable hearings to disclose
facts enough upon which to base honest
Again in open session Senator
Hurkett openly accused Aldrich on
the floor of the senate of juggling with
figures in the Philippines tobacco
schedule in order to humiliate La
Follette. So it was throughout tin
session. Hurkett was probably on
the firing line as often as any other
man in the senate, fighting for what he
he believed to be an honest interpreta
tion of the last republican national
The effort of the I incoln meeting to
get somebody to go out to Nebraska
and make a speech against Hurkett
has fallen flat, Pinchot refused to go,
as has also La Follette. Hristow said
he had not had an invitation and
would not go in any event. And
it is known that Cummins refused
j such an invitation earlier in the season.
Mayor ol Craig Hollow Builds.
The matter of enterprise in the
pleasant vale of Craig Hollow, is
not a dead issue, bv any means.
Fred Gardener, the efficient, and
genial Mayor of that prosperous
bailiwick, has now under construction
an edifice which is a type of what
marked the onward march of civil
ization, as it took its course westward,
over the continent of the American.
From nature, went Mr. (lardener
with an axe, and after the trees were
fell, hewed them, then with the
squared timbers had built an addition
to his residence, some miles north
west of this city in what is familiarly
known in that neighborhood, as Craig
HoIlow.The work done on the place
is a piece of artistic mechanism, and
shows very skillful manipulation of
the frontiersman's friend the hand
axe in their construction.
Mr Gardner is to be congratulated
upon the fact that he is able in this
day and age of high prices to con
trovert, the tendency to enormous
expenditure for residence purpose, and
get buck near to nature, and make an
abode for himself, independent of the
trusts, uid large corporations.
To Quiet Title. . J
Pap rs in a new ease wi re filed today '
in the olliec of the clerk of court, en-j
tilled Hank of Cass County vs. George ,
Sheldon and the unknown heirs and
devisees of l!lias Poeock, deceased, to
quiet title and remove clouds upon!
lauds situated follows; The north-,
east quarter of section seventeen, 1
township ( leven, north, range thirteen
cast of principal meridian of Cass'
'ciHiniy. This action is not only to
quiet title but id.M to exclude all heirs
and devi-'ec' from having or claiming
interest in the lauds.
Merle McDonald lift last Sunday
; for ( miaha w here he is taking a course
I in Pharmacy at the Creightou Uni
I ersit v.
Bright Idea ol Young Man Has
Solved Question : "What
Is i: Slogan."
The other evening a certain young
man in this city went to see his best
girl ami was met at the door und ush
ered into the parlor hi an unusually
rapid manner, lie was somewhat at
a loss to know why all the hurry,
but after his coat had been deposited
upon the center table and his hat on
the piano and he had been deposited
in n luxuriant rocker, the young lady
pronounced to him the following ques
tion: "Say kid, what is a slow gun?"
"A slow gun," answered the young
man, "what arc you giving mc?"
"This is no joke," replied the fair
one, "for I saw it in the Daily News."
The Commercial club is offering ten
dollars to any one who will get them a
slow gun to use this year."
The young man smiled and a twin
kle came into his eyes as lie replied:
"Oh, I know what you are getting
at, Kiddo. A slow gun is a gun
which does not go off for some time
after you have pulled the trigger.
You see the Commercial club exacts
that Plattsmouth is going to grow a
big lot in the next year, and that on
account of this meeting which they
ant going to have pretty soon there
will be so many people want to come
here and put in factories that it will
be necessary to kill them off, and as
they don't want to get caught at it
they can set the slow gun, pull the
trigger and get out of the way before
the thing goes off, and the next morn
ing when tho'sc fellows that wc don't
want here are found dead there won't
nobody know who killed them.
"Oh, I see," replied the girl. "I
wish I had one to give the Commer
cial club."
"They are getting a whole lot of
them in now, kiddo," said the young
man, "but maybe you better send one
Happy that the problem had been
explained to her she sat down over on
tha other side of the room, and turn
ing up the light brighter, proceeded to
wonder what made that young man
so fast on some things ami so slow on
Mrs. Fred Heinrich, of Havelock
arrived today to be the guest of her
parents Frank Janda and wife for
a few days.
You can easily understand that in a
business like ours it's quite impossible to
tell before hand exactly how many suits
and overcoats we shall sell; if we could do
it we would buy more than enough; a cloth
ing store without any clothes in it would be
a funny store.
We must have a surplus, and at this
tirne of the year we must try to dispose of
thi unsold surplus by quoting special low
prices on it. It's a bad policy in such a
business as this to carry winter goods over
till n :xt fall; we don't do it.
All suits and overcoats up to 815
sale price
Hart SchalTner & Marx suits and
overcoats up to 821 sale price.
Hart SchafTner & M irx suits and ji o
overcoats up to 830 sale price P0
This Sale Closes Next Saturday Night.
The Home of Hart SchalTner & Marx clothes
Manhattan Shirts Stetson Hats
Falter & Thierolf
Ditte (rirhf Clothiers.
George Straley, meets Death
While Switching Cars
in Omaha.
Was a Former Citizen ol this City
and Has Many Friends and
George Straley, for years an em
ployee of the HurlingtMi at this place
a brother-in-law of Hni and George
Hrooks, of this city was almost in
stantly killed last night about 8:05 in
the Union Pacific Yards at Omaha.
The unfortunate man, at the time
was engaged in "spotting" a heavy
car of coal for the Omaha Paper Hox
Co., and was walking between the
car and the company's building as
the car was being hacked in,, when
the car left the track and caught
Mr. Straley between the car and the
brick wall of the building, crushing
him to death.
He was heard to utter but one cry
for help, and so tightly was he wedged
between the car and the building, that
it was some time before the body
could be removed, and then only after
two large engines had been coupled
on to the car. The deceased had
resided in Omaha a number of years
and leaves a wife and family of child
ren. Hen and George Hrooks,
brothers-in-laws of the deceased went
to Omaha on the after noon train.
Purchased A Valuable Horse.
Frank Cook of Alvo, who has been
a guest at the home of his Uncle
C. K. Cook, departed for his home, the
other day and took with him a very
valuable horse purchased from Henry
Hirzer and which taken to
his farm near Alvo where he will be
kept as it is the intention of Mr. Cook
to improve the stock of horses which
he owns, although he has some-very
fine driving and work teams at the
present time.
W. K. Kosencrans, the realestate
dealer returned from the west end of
the county this morning.where he
went to close up a deal.