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WS. Established No. B. 1R91
HALT). Established April 16. li-64
(roisolidUsl Jan. 1. WS
Large Number of Church People
Call on Mrs. Ssheldknecht
Wednesday evening a number of
the members of the Christian church
met at the home of their friend Mrs.
Jennie Scheklknccht and had a very
nice evening with her in the talking
over the past history of the church and
town. Mrs. Scheklknccht has been
a faithful worker in this church since
February 1S35 at which time she be
came a member being baptized in the
Mississippi river at Louisiana, Mis
souri, by the Ilev. Joseph Erratt, who
is the father of Davis Errett, son-in-law
of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Wiles. All
brought with them some token of love
and respect in which the grand old lady
is held by the membership of the
Rev. Luther Moore made some very
. appropriate remarks expressing the
feelings which the members of the
church and those present entertained
for the gooil old lady, and her work
for the church. lie said it was with
pleasure that they who were present
came to meet and greet this faithful
worker and that they were glad of
the good example which she has set
for those eomimg to follow. Rev.
Youtzy also followed with a few well
chosen remarks, telling of the kind
nets of Mrs. Schildknecht and com
mending her good work and extend
ing the good feeling of the members
of the church for the same. Mrs?.
Scheldknceht in reply thanked those
present for their good feelings and
christian fellowship. Mrs. Scheld
knceht has had charge of the Emblems
of the church for over thirty years and i
alwavs provided them at the times at
which they were to be used. A good
they were to be used. A goodly num
ber of young people were present who
enjoyed themselves with games and
social conversation.
Spent Holidays In Missouri.
It. A. Osborii the efficient an gentle
manly clerk in the grocery depart
ment of the Zuckweiler k Lutz's
store, returned this morning from
a few days visit at Maryville, Mo.,
where he and his wife were the guests
of Mrs. Osbom's parents and where
and where Mrs. ((shorn will remain
for some weeks. Dick will run bach
elors hall while his wife remains in
Missouri and we know he will mahe
u fine and artistic housekeeper.
Looking lor Employment.
Chas. McC'ann of Watson, Mo.
came in this morning and is visiting
his friend Henry York, formerly of
that place and is seeking employment
of the Rurlington, being a blacksmith.
Master Clarence and Miss Myra
McGraw of Lincoln who have been
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Short
for some days past and where they
spent the holidays departed for their
home this morning, via the Rurling
to .
for better opportunity to buy good trousers
cheap. All left over from suits and all
single pairs from our odd pant stock have
been put in 3 lots namely
$1.39, $1.99, $2.49
to close out for cash. These are new stylish
cut pants, mostly Dutchess. If you pick $1
more a pair for any of them you would get
your full moneys worth. We are sacrificing
them to clean up our stock. Sizes from 28
waist to 44 waist.
Our store will close at noon on New
Year's day.
C. E. Wescotf s Sons
The Home of Satisfaction.
New Year's Reception.
The annual New Year's reception
of the Epworth League will be given
at "Sunnyside" the home of Mr. anil
Mrs. C. E. Wescott.on Friday evening
at 8 o'clock. All leaguers and their
friends are invited. Resides a program
of interest there will be the customary
New Year's address, b'y Rev W. L. Aus
tin. This occasion has for many years
been one of the pleasant social features
ef the League work, and a cordial in
itation is extended t' r.ll to partici
pate in the pleasure of the evening.
His Eye Much Better.
Peter C. Peterson who has been
compelled for some time past to lay
off from his work on account of a cat
aract Igrowing over his left eye and
which he has been having t mi ted by
Dr. Stuart Livingston is rejoicing on
account of the improvement the mem
ber is showing of late and thinks that
in the aourse of a few days he will be
able to resume his work.
Showing at Glenwood Institute.
Mrs. II. S. Austin departed this
morning for (Ilenwood, Iowa, where
she will be joined this afternoon by
Mr. Austin where they will put on an
entertainment at the institute for the
feeble minded at thatplace this even
ing. Will Depart lor Home.
Rev. D. A. Youtzy, wife and son
Elmer will leave for their home in
Central City tomorrow morning af
ter having visited in the city for
about a week with friends. They say
that their coming to this place to
spend the holidays is like coming
home as they spent a number of years
here m the ministry. I his even
ing Rev. Youtzy with bis son Elmer,
will cive a musicale and lecture, for
the benefit of the Christian Sunday
School, which is spoken of very highly
by the press and those who have at
tended the entertainment, ami as
there is no lecture course here this
winter they should be greeted with
a packed house, as the entertainment
is of exceptional merit.
Returns to Home at Ulysses.
James Gilmour who came here
few davs since to attend the funeral
of his sister, Mrs. A. E. Walker
departed for his home this morning
over the Rurlington. At the station
Mr. Gilniour tells us that in his sec
tion of thecountry.thereismuch corn
still in the fields, and that under the
snow the ground is still unfrozen am
it is not possible to get at the m itter
of getting the corn as long as this con
dition remains. Mr. Gilniour tells
us that he has been living in I 'lyases
for some seventeen years and that they
have had more cold weather during
the month of December this y; ar than
in anv other during his residence in
that place.
Mrs. Ophelia Maurori vdio has
becn'visitine in the city for s-une time
past a guest at the home of her daugh
ter, departed this mormon f m her home
at New Providence, Iowa.
Fairly Good Attendance and Much Enthusiasm Over Re
ports Made by Officers.
Boaed of Directors Will be
at Some Time Later.
The meeting of the Plattsmouth
Commercial club which was held Wed
nesday evening was -fairly well at-
ended and as usual much enthusiasm
was shown over the reports made by
the oflieers and committees.
The first matter taken up was the
lection of oflieers, the old officials
laving shown themselves to be the
right men for the positions, confi-
fidencc in them was shown by a unam-
. t . on
lomus election as ioiiows:
J. P. Falter, President.
R. R. Windham, Vice President.
E. II. Wescott, Secretary.
R. V. Patterson, Treasurer.
The club voted to allow the presi
dent to appoint the board of direc
tors, which will be done later.
It is asking a great deal of a busi
ness man to put in the time which he
is compelled to put in as an official of
good live club such as the Platts
mouth club is. Especially is it a
hardship upon the Secretary, who has
to burn the midnight oil to keep up
the work whish naturally comes to
one who holds the position of sec
cretarv of an institution where so much
work is needed. There is plenty of
work for each officer of the club, but
the larger portion naturally falls upon
the secretary. Probably few realize
the sacrifices made by Secretary Wcs
eott of his own private business in or
der that the city might be benefitted.
He has made these sacrifices gladly
and willingly and w;ll continue to
make them gladly and wi'lingly for
he is the sort of a man who accomplish
es t Iii ncs and as his future is n part
of Plattsmouth he is interested in the
future of the city. Without detract
ing one iota from the work of Presi
dent Falter nnd other officials of the
club, we wish to say that if the .thing
Brief Local Happenings.
Miss Jessie Robertson is in Omaha
Miss Emma I'lrich of PlainView
is the;guest of Miss Ida Wcidman,
Mrs. Julius Neilson was a visitor
with friends in Omaha today.
Wanted Dining room girl at Hotel
Riley. Good wages Apply at
once 00-
Mr. and Mrs. John Fight and dau
ghter Hattie were visitors with friends
in Omaha this morning,.
C. W. Ray lor returned this morning
from a business trip at Omaha having
gone up lasi evening
Mrs. H. D. Travis was a passen
ger to Omaha this morning where she
goes to visit the brother of Mr.Trav
is. I. I'. Travis, who is reccivinc
treatment et one of the hospitals in
Miss 1). E. Irwin of Malvern came
in- this morning and will visit for a
few days with a number of friends in
this city, and will be a guest at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. (). P. Mon
roe while here.
Wm, Meunchau of Avocu, la., came
I in this morning and will visit in the
city for some time a guest at the home
of his friend James C. Smith ?f this
Miss Emma Cummins wh I as
been visiting at the home of Mr. C. A.
Richey nnd family at Louisville for
for some days past returned home
this morning.
Appointed by the President
were possible the Sescretary should
receive some recompense for the time
spent in the interest of the club which
is taken from his own private busi
ness. There were several matters of inter
est brought before the club relative to
securing manufacturing concerns for
the city, and in two instances the prop
osition was so good that a committee
werr appointed to confer with the
parties. At this time it is not de
sired that the matter should go out
side of the club for various reasons,
but in due time the public will be made
acquainted with the progress of the
After the business session was over
the club took up the discussion of
the Postal Savings Hank matter. A.
L. Tidd took the side in favor of the
system nnd spoke for some length,
giving many ideas calculated to en
lighten those present who were not
familiar with the proposed legisla
tion. J. M. Roberts followed with
a very interesting talk against the es
tablishment of the postal banks, dy
ing many reasons why such n course
would be dangerous to business es
jvjrudly in the smaller towns.
Much amusement was caused before
the debate began by a request from
.Mr. Roberts that a standing vote be
made before the debate beiran show
ing how the club stood in (lie matter.
Five voted in favor of postal banks
and four against, on a vote as to how
many had no opinion in the matter
about a dozen stood up. The balance
of the members present seemed to
be considerably up in the air, or
rather down in their chairs.
It is expected to hold a discussion
upon some topic of general interest
at each session of the club in the future.
Mrs. Rao Patterson was a visitor
with friends in Omaha today.
George Poisall departed for Flor
ence this morning where he is doing
some grading.
George Rhoden of northwest of
Murray was a business visitor in the
city this morning.
Walfred Nord was a passenger to
Omaha this morning where he is
visiting at the home of his friend (ieo.
Misses Emma Rauer and Jessie
Robertson were visiting with friends
in Omaha today having gone on the
early morning train.
1). R. Smith of Omaha was a busi
ness visitor in the city last evening
and this morning returning home on
the Rurlington today.
L. W. Reynard and wife of near
Rock Rluffs were visitors in the city
this morning looking after some busi
ness matters.
John McNurlin who has been vis
iting at Louisville with relatives
ami friends for some time past, re-i
turned home this morning. '
v.. .u. cyricri 01 j.ouisvuie came in
this morning from that hustling little
city and will look after some business
matters in the county seat today.
t t C l 1 f 1 ! .
At the Hotel Rih-y tonight at ft'
o'clock there will be a grand drawing
for a valuable bull pup. Re on hand
to receive the animal in case you
hold the lucky number.
W. M. Romer and wife of Wood-!
lake, Iowa, the latter a daughter f
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Martin, are visiting
in the city during the holidays.
Up from Oklahoma.
George W. Young, former county
commissioner of this county, and resi
dent of Plattsmouth, but now of Alva
Oklahoma, came in this week and
is visiting with friends for a few days
Mr. Young is a farmer in the wen com
monwealth in the southland, and is
meeting with prosperity there. Mr.
Young came to Nebraska just at this
time on account of the injury to his
brother Lewis Young, who some six
weeks since had the misfortune to get
one of his legs broken but who is now
progressing nicely. While in the city
Mr. Young is the guest of Charles
The Methodist Sunday School will
hold teachers meeting at the church
this evening (Thursday) for the study
of the lesson. Everyone invited to at
tend. As this will be the first of the
New Year's lessons it will be of spec
cial benefit to all who come. Study
led by the pastor.
Departed for Home.
Mrs. Mary Kough of Marshall
town, Iowa, who has been visiting in
the city the guest at the home of her
daughter Mrs. George McDaniel,
and Fred Kough of Gam-in Iowa, w ho
has been visiting with his sister Mrs.
George Mi-Daniel, departed yesterday
for their home going on the Rurling
ton. Miss Henrietta Martins departed
for Omaha this morning where she
will visit for the day.
Henry Ilirz and son Phillip from
west of the city were passengers to
Omaha this morning where they will
visit the chicken show for the day.
Returns to Plattsmouth.
M. L. McDaniels who has been em
ployed with the Rurlington rai way
at Sheridan, Wyo., where he has work
ed in the tin shop at that point for
some time, arrived in Plattsmouth
this morning and will visit for some
time with friends and relatives, and
will probably remain here until the
The children of St. Luke's Sunday
School will have a skating party on
New Years afternoon. All children
be at Rurlington depot promptly at
:$ o'clock.
Smaller children will be well taken
care of.
72-lf. Superintendent.
Here's to you! To all our friends
and customers
1 j
Copyright Hart Schatliicr & Marx
We will close at noon on
New Year's day.'
The Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes
Manhattan Shirts Stetson Hats
Falter & Thierolf
Value Giving Clothiers.
Struck by Engine of Fast Freight
While Passing Orders.
Wednesday morning while on duty
at the Missouri Pacific station, Oper
ator Harry Whitlow had a very nar
row escape from the grim monster,
while endeavoring to pass a train or
der to the engineer of a flying freight
train. Mr. Whitlow hail taken
the order and on the approach of
the train which was coming down grade
stepped u) near the track to hand the
engineer his copy of the train order.
The wind whipped the steam from the
cylinders in his face, and in order to get
the engineer the copy, held his hand
a trifle closer than he should, the en
gine striking him whirling him around
and injuring his arm to a consider
able extent. Had he reached a little
farther the impact of the engine strik
ing his arm could easily have drawn
him under the flying train with fatal
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage license's were issued at
the county judge's office to the fol
lowing: Henry R. Mayo, 53, of Atlantic,
la., and Anna Lowe, 4!), of Griswold,
la.; Frank L. Railey, 4!), of Valley
Junction, la., and Harriet A. Moul
ton, 40, of Weeping Water. The latter
couple were married at Weeping
Water by Rev. G. H. Moulton, father
of the. bride, Wednesday. Mr. and
Mrs. Mayo were married by Judge
Archer at his office.
Returned Home Today.
Miss Elizabeth Jackson who has
been visiting in the city for some time
past a guest at the home of her grand
parents H. J. Streight and also
at the home of her uncle W. J. Streight
and wife returned to her home in Om
alia this morning and was accompanied
by Mrs. W. J. Streight who will visit
friends for the day in the metropo
lis. F. Frankfeller of Schuyler who has
been visiting in the cily for some time
past a guest at the home of his brother-in-law,
Mr. John Nemetz of this place
departed for his home yesterday over
the Rurlington.
Will Troop of near Nehawka was
a business visitor in the county seat
who arc helping us make
a big success of our new
ly established business;
to all the other men
who like to be well
dressed, and who hav
en't yet found out the
best way to do it, and
the right place to do it
in is this store;
Hart Schaffner
& Marx.
gieatcst of all clothes
makers, for their share
in our prosperity; for
making such clothes, all
wool, perfectly tailored.
May you live long
and piosper.
Suits and overcoats
$w to $30.