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t ' t
V Onthes e days we will make you oar final offer. We propose to sell our $10 suits or cloaks for $5. Our $15 suits or cloaks for $7.50. Our $20 suits or cloaks
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W w - - j D V
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Short Session Transacts Us
ual Line of Routine
Svoboda Elected as Janitor
at Court House.
Petition received signed ly A. (i.
Xdlting, pruyiiiR that n pul lic road
he opened along the east hide of sec
tion 17 in Plattsmoutli precinct and
said petition was refused.
S. ('. .Hoyles, rooms for two
elections S S
F. K. Seldater, express and
postage o
Haniniond & Stephens, sup
Stone .Mercantile Co., indsr
to Mrs. IJlooia
Nehraska Telephone Co., rents
and tolls 4
John Kopia, indse to poor. . . 4
II. M. Soennichsen, indse to
county and poor 25
J. II. Donnelly, work in the
treasurer's office
J. Cory, care of pauper
F. M. Uichey, lumber to farm 1M.75
John Waterman, lumber to jail 3 . 55
First National Hank Platts
mouth, fees C. J. Haker.. 105 SO
(Jeorge A. Towle, mileage as
Plattsmouth, Neb., Dee. 21, l'.MH).
The board of county commission
wrs met in regular session, present,
M. L. Friedrich, C. H. Jondan, com
missioners, and V. K. Rosencrans,
Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved, when the following
business was transacted in regular
form :
Hoard designated Hank of Nehawka
as a depository for county funds, also
the First National Hank of Flmwood
as a depository, also the American
Kxchaugc Hank of l'.linwood.
Petition of 1). C. Morgan, asking
that the board approve of his appoint
ment of Frank J. l.ihcrshal, deputy
county clerk, from January 1, 11)10,
to January I, 1012, same was ap
proved. Hond of D. C. Morgan, county clerk
of Cass county, approved.
Hond of Frank J. Libershal, deputy
county clerk, approved.
Hond of Mary K. Foster, county
superintendent, approved.
Hond of C. D. (juinton, county
sliorilT. nnnnived.
Hond of Herman Cast.-justice f jUnviil Jardine, poll tax paid
Flmwood precinct, ap
II) 00
August Steppat, wood to farm
National Fidelity and Casual
ty Co., bond of sheriff. . . .
William Holly, indse to poor. .
Plattsmouth Journal, printing
C. H. Jordan, salary and ex
pense '. 20.00
M. L. Friedrich, salary and ex-
J. V. F.genherger, coal
I). P. Jackson, mdse to county
Ascmisscn A Klingcr, mdse to
F. S. White, indse to poor
Claims allowed on the roail fund
F. I!. Sehlatcr, road tax re
ceipt K. 1). No. 17....
F. E. Sehlatcr, do.' No. 10.
Union Lumber Co., material
It. D. No. 1ft ft 75
Union Lumber Co., do. No. 14 40. SO
Union Lumber Co., lumber It.
D. No. 15 11S.00
The matter of the appointment of
a jail physician for the county jail
I came on to be heard and the board
I in regular session being well advised
001 in the premises, finds that the statutes
provides for same, appointed Dr.
J. H. Martin, county physician, for
the First district, to be jail physician
during the remainder of his term.
The bid of the Hankers' Surety Co.,
by their agent, W. K. Fox, was dis
covered to be in error, the previous
bid of $54.00 being for one year
rather than for the term and sub
stituted a bid of S'10.00, which was
accepted by the board.
Tom Svoboda was this day elected
janitor at the court house for one year
at a salary of per month and an
agreement, touching upon his duties
entereu into mis uaic, euccuve jan.
1, 1910.
Additional bills allowed on the
general fund:
It. II. Frans & Son, mdse. . . .8 2. 10
The Hankers Surety Co., bond
of county judge 00 00
No further business, board ad
journed to meet Jan. 4, 1010.
County Cli'rk.
Flood of Bills Were Intro
duced on Opening
Manv Will Not Be Reported
Their Committees.
the peace,
,1. W. Rrobst, justice of
Louisville precinct, ap-
Hond of
the peace,
Hond of John W. Spenee, eonsta-.
ble Light Mile drove precinct, ap-!
proved. I
Hond of James lliglcy, constable
Plntt-mouth city, approved.
Hond of Hen Heekimni, road over-;
seer riad district No. 10, approved. !
Hond of James II. Fof.Ttinn. as-'
cssor (Jreenwood precinct.' a'pproved. j
Hond of W. X: MinfoWl;Masis,.r.
Stove Creek precinctapprovM. ''
Hond of Farmers St "rii!- V,
Wabash, rountv funds'aprinirM.' !
Hond of First Xafidlnir'-TiW
(Ireenwood, county funds, appr..v.d
Hond of Hank' of Iv.igle, V.?
comity fun !.', approved.
under protest No. 2. . .'. .
Farmers Llevator Co., coal to
grader No. 2
Heinhard Scheel, road work
It. D. No.
Herman Scheel, do. No. 1. . . .
J. W. Itathbun, do. No. Ii. . ..
J. K. Casey, do. No. lti
W. F. Richardson, m.lsc U. D.
No. 1
road work It. I)
0 . SO
iV' Hrown, indse No.
F. Kou.
').... Ldmun i
10 '
( "!:;iu.s cll iwcd m Mie l-ridgt
I'. M. b'icliey, lumber. V. ..
Unioif Liinfbi-r ( 'o,, lumli( r .
Nebrrisl. Const ruction Co..
Ivlmumls iv Hrown, lumber.
0 1)0
Recognition o( Good Work.
At their mecling yesterday the
county commissioners elected Thomas
Svoboda to the position of janitor at
the court house, a position whi.h he
has held for a short time since the
death of his brother Frank, ami in
which he was in charge for a number
of years past though in the name of
his brother whose health wassuchthat
he himself could not attend to the
duties thereof. In giving this position
to Mr. Thomas Svoboda, the comtnis
sionwers have recognized merit, and
have retained one of the most faithful
and accommodating men that posi
tion ever had.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 21. (Sim
cial Correspondence.) The president
has sent to the senate the nomination
of Judge Lurton of Tennessee as an
associate justice of the supreme court,
notwithstanding the protests and ob
jections filed, and it is generally under
stood that he will be confirmed. The
principal objections to the judge are
on account of his age, being over
sixty, as well as the charge that he has
private cars furnished him by rail
road.!, and that his decisions have
uniformly favored corporations. These
charges are being investigated, but
by the government and the fanners
should profit by it, and if these ad
vi'. nee lectures prove successful the
practice will be continued, covering
the fanning communities of the west.
Mrs. Taft will perforin most of
her social duties by proxy, as her health i
will not permit her to ..ndertake t!ie
strain of all the White House func-;
turns. She lias already reduced the
number of invitations, and will con
stitute iier sister or some cabinet lady
to bear the burden of general recep
tions. She is more exclusive th;.:i was
Mrs. Roosevelt, and is seldom seen
on the streets of this city, either vis
ting or shopping.
A great flood of bills were intro
duced in Congress the opening day,
but few of them, however, will return
to the house for action, as it is under
stood that many bills are never to be
reported from the committees. Hills
of this kind are introduced to satisfy
constituents, without any hope of
passing, and include those relating to
post Jilice im ldinfr. . Therefore, if
you see that your congressman has
introduced a bill for the purchase of
a site and the construction of a
building at your town, do not think
that he is serious in the matter as he
knows that it will n;ver be reported
back to the house, but will die a quiet
death in committee, as he intended
Rests In Silent City.
Sunday the remains f James
Railing, for a numbers of year a res
ident of this place, arrived from his
late heme at (ireenwood accompanied
by his son W. F. Railing and family
and other friends and was n.ct at the
station by members of the Masonic
lodge of this place, of which Mr.
Railing was a member during his life
time. The body was escorted to the
Fpiscopal church where the services
were conducted by Canon Rurgcss,
who also delivered the funeral oration
of Mrs. Railing some years since.
The remains were laid to rest in Oak
Hill cemetery, according to the im
pressive ritual of the Masonic order.
Mr. Railing ' was born in London.
Fngland in 1S23, and was SO years of
age. While in England he was united
in marriage with Miss Morgan and
removed to this place in 1S07, living
here until about fifteen years since
when he went to (ireenwood to live
at the home of his son, Walter K.
A Beauty and No Mistake.
No one that passes the store of 1'
A. Wurl at the coiner of Main and
Sixth streets but are struck by the
heautv of the large double windows
which he has dressed in holly upon the
i lattice work in the back. The display
(M) of the Roods which the window con-1 and
(ins is iilsn nurk which any window- from
L is not thought they are serious
. .. i i.: . : 4:....
OOUKo i ) prevent ma cimm m.-iuuii,
as the president is strongly impressed
with his legal ability. The judge is a
democrat in politics and will probably
have the united and ardent support
of his party in the senate, as he is re
garded by all as a man of Ability.
It is almost certain that the Pairuna
c:mal commission will either be abol
ished or reduced to one man, as coin- .
plaints have come to congress of the
red tape in matters c nnected with
that service, besides this, it is found
to be a very expensive body and large
ly maintained for the purpose of giv
ing to some politicians lucrative po
sitions with but little, if any, work.
The fossils, skins ami various
specimens obtained by Mr. Roosevelt
in his African hunt, are being placed
on exhibition at the museum here,
and arc attracting unusual attention.
While a number of his specimens are
rare, the great majority ate lammai
derive their curio value only
the fact that they are contrih-
it should.
The speaker of the house and his
friends have alreai'y given their dis
approval of the postal savings bank
scheme, and he has placed at the head
of the post office committee an avow
ed opponent of any such measure.
Therefore, the friends of this popular
idea may as well give up any thought
of favorable action at the present
Mrs. It. I). Shean and little son,
Chester, came in yesterday from
Cialcsburg, Ills., and will make an ex
tended visit at Mrs. Shean's parents
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Smith. Little
Chester will tell Grandpa and Crand
:..a a'.iout Sui.ta Claus.
00.37 1 decorator could
fund: pride wen
25. (,'5' only
20 27"! the store
well look on with Miteil ly the tamous ex-presnieni.
... .. . . . 1 'ii . ..r ...... 1. ...j
it Ills lianilnvon.. .oi I 1 ne .-ccrcwiry 01 aunmm...- ...-(
is 'the window well dressed.but ; just started a men through I lie soiu 11-,
. . ... I A
w (III...) u-itli tin. u'd .ern states to izive lectures aim iienion- ; ire nan.ioi, y
j of goods of all lands found in a genera! straiion.-
-.4(i..J'5 1 bt.K umMiW'wleet.HUi dow.u lw H.'ite, oj rw?-
50 2
ro:id fund:
(1 on the Coininission-
with the prices which allows the pur
chaser to feel like continuing as a pa
tron of the institution.
to farmers on' the. subject
soils- 41 ml general farming
suitable to each locality visited. I Ins
information has been collected and
compiled at great labor and expense
Rev. Salsbury In City.
Rev. J. II. Salsbury was an over
night visitor in the city and a guest
at the home of County Clerk Fleet j
I). C. Morgan, and was shaking hands
with his many friends this morning,
departing for his home at Auburn on
the morning Missouri Pacific train.
Rev. Salsbury was in Omaha and
Hellevue attending a meeting if the
Presbyterian board which was con
sidering matters relative to the changes
which had been talked of regarding
the Hellevue college. No definite
conclusion has been arrived at in the
matter, otherwise than that the school
will not continue to be a college, but
he continueil as an academy or
institute, as otherwise
the buildings and grounds would ri
ven to the: donor, Henry T. Clarke.
Quarterly Meeting.
The Methodist.i held their quarterly
conference at Mynard yesterday and
j Saturday, the prcsh'ii g dder of this
I district, Rev. George I. Wright, be-
ing in attendance, and coming to this
j city last evening, after the meetings
I were over at Mynard, and occupying
J the Methodist pulpit at this place.
jThis morning Rev. Wright departed
j for Lincoln where he goes to look after
isonie business connected with the
church work before returning to his
, home at Nebraska City.
George Barr Still Improving.
George Harr who has been sick so
long with the fever is reported as
making some satisfactory improve
ment during the past few days. Mr.
Harr last week was not so well a
portion of the time, but the past few
days of this week finds some substan
tial gains in his condition which his
many friends will be pleased to learn.
Stamp photos. 2 doz. 2Zc.
Photegraph Co.
George Horn of Cedar Creek visited
in the city last evening and over night,
returning 1o his home this morning
via the Hurlingion freight number thir
ty. George Heeker and John Allurt.
made a flying trip to Cedar Creek
hist eviiiing.