The news-herald. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1909-1911, December 13, 1909, Image 5

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JL .MX. At
Men's Slippers
In Opera or Everett Styles, in Black, Chocolate,
Ox-Blood and Wine Color
65c, 85c, $1.10, $1.75 and $1.50
7 cc M 5ft
Men's Felt Slippers -
Men's Romeo Slippers, side rubber .J
Ladies' felt lap Slippers, 3 colors V-"
Infant's red felt Romeos
Should Slippers not appeal to you let us sugte a
pair of Dr. Reed Cushion Insole Shoes for Men i and
Women Acknowledged the easiest shoe on earth,
Td recommended by all the doctors.
Spent at this shoe storeis money not
foolishly squandered, for there
is nothing so suitable lor Christ
mas Gifts as
Christmas Slippers and' Footwear
For they're practical,useful and always appreciated.
Ladies' Felt, Fur Trim Romeos
Want Column
Aii nACAn Lnnuhii themselves
tu yx: v- If
I Indebted to us In any sum are re-
I quested to call and settle at once.
5 cither by cash payir.ent or by ne
gotiable noies.
(J5-41- Asemlssea & Kllnaer.
WANTED-Woman to do laundry
work. Good wages, apply at once at
Hotel Kilcy.
Are one of our most appreciative gifts of the cele
brated Daniel Green make.
Green, Wine, Black and Brown Colors
$1 in $1.25. $1.50.
Ladies' Felt Slippers 50c to $1.50 V
Children's and Misses ueu iwiiieuo. ... oj. au" "JJ
Comfy Slippers lM
" l 11' 11'..- .... I'.w.t I, ITM
Indian Moccasins the kind that wears and holds
their shape $2.00 to $Z.bU
Something New. bee
WANTED-Young men and women to
fill positions paying WU 10
-n,,m Riir demand for stenograph
ers in the Government service, as
business life. Our
mnthivl of teachine shorthand
i... inanrp an thorouirn u
. . ..H Itnma
practical a training ai yourow..
as is obtainable by personal attend-1
ance at any business college in the
country. We guarantee success.
Complete course for small cash pay
ment ; balance to be paid when you
secure a jMisition. Trial lesson free.
Central Husiness Institute, Central
Building, Washington, D. C.
lgal Net.
... . . . . . Ill ...l. lllt
Alvtn Kerns, tri'ii'nuuiii. win
on the fourth .lay of Aimim. IWI , rerrN
ulaliitltt. tiled In Mtlltim la the district i-nurt
.. ........ .km ..uklldl I llM ll..ft'tlll-
Vl awl ClHimy. nn ii "
.lit. the ohiwl ml prayer ol ulili-h In Uiolitlain
a ilteree of .llveree from Umi lunula of mairl-
. .... ,,...,.. At i,. .hllilp.n til-
l . iw.i i iair .ml KtHMih. anil for nucIi
otliir ri-Ut-f a iiiulty may rrqulro. .
v.... M lit .imm mtil ofltltlon on
r before tlw HOHi ihy of fHwinbor.
Ada Ken-In.
By hor AlU)riiy, M. Arvhor
auf ol NelHvka. c.,r C.rt
County of Ca.
In tin- mlt4T of the "talo n Z.raU W. Coin.
ilivcaMtl ,
To all iMTwin IiiIitiwUmJ:
v.... k.m.iiv iioiltWl Hat Mtrm alii
Imi a ln-arlim upon the llnul rrport of the ail
niliilHlralor of tlio above til' anil hln U-
the niuiily court room at IMailmnoiith ill
iialil county, on Hie 2-lth dy 1 )ihhmhIkt,
HHMi. at o'clock a. in. .
That all oli)ictloni. II any. must In fllia
on or Uforc Hiilit ilav anil hour of hearing.
vutni-NN my "' """-
court tl.l IhI ilay ,lT'ntirivv
tie ouuty JuilKf
FOR SALE CMEAP-At Smith's barn,
lMuttsmouth, Neb., a new currm-.
Lady owning same has quit keeping a
horse. It must sell. 8W-tf
Spend Your Xmas Money at Home For we Make Competitive
1 . n-i: nnc Anil we Invite a Visit to Uur
We Have an Article to Fit Every Purse From 25c up.
Refer mce:
Bank of Eagle, Eagle.
Nehawka Hank. Nehawka.
liank of Murdock. Murdock.
First Nafl bHtik.Greenwood.
State bank of Murray Murray.
I'; .nk. 1' attsmoutn
( r now i
Legal Notice.
huui of Nol.nw.ka. ,n ,mMly Court.
C'awi (iunty. . ,
In the mutter of tho etat ol Jacob r. Htcn-
v..Ii niliv irlven that the cnvlltor. of
aalil iIihimisihI will nit th ailmlnWtratr of
will estate, before nie.Ctmnty Jiulm) of I-"
I'o.inty. Nebraska, at the County Courtroom
: i. i.. iii.iii.iv nn the. llth
Mnv of December. H'. l on tho 14th day
".'," ,,,,,, , .. . , .....h ilav for
Ol June, ii'iu, r.v i w.i. -" - -
tho liuroiiHo f iinwentlntt tkHr rlalma for e-
.1... ..i.... u,ul ulbl'KlllM.
In. nil., are allowixl for the crtMlltora of
tatil iIihimwiI to pnwent Ihelr chiliim. ami one
. .. ..i...i..iMin.inp in mrfi e until eilaU).
year mr in" iihii..ii......
nnewi my rami ,..,1,
tv Court, at I'latUinoiith. Nnbraka. thla UtU
uay 01 aoi-iiii'vi. "'"
(I:H Allen J. HiHwon,
SKAI..I TUilllijr ju.iro.
1 i'.'!,'
Infants Leggins.
Hoys' Leggins!
Infants Bootees, Soft Soles and
Moccasins in nearly an coior
of the Rainbow
25c to 50c.
Important Notice.
All persons knowing themselves to
be indebted in any nn.... ..v . ....
... .. n. .iiieii 10 can aim sin."
at on.c All wmm Imvinn bills
against me are retiuesie.i 10 pres.-...
same and gel ineir hum.,:,.
s is well known 1 am t wam
n.v business and am anxious to close
up all outstantling accounts. In the
past I have never rn.w ;. 1 -or
payment, but now it is absolute y
..,...,L;,rv that all bills due me be
i,l tiromnUv. All bills remaining
.' . 1 ln.u Imetl
: 1 ...I.,.. tir iiiniii,:.m iiit.T
linpUUI H' " , .... 1
cloml out will be 1I"''I 1,,,mi1h
, ii....,: .m.i.iiv. That means
01 il eone, ..Kin h--- - . 111
. 11:.: I ..,.ta mill 1 HlPe l muni
niiiui 11.11111 .
not be called upon lo wko him .
to collect what is due me.
;1. l auK.-i.
r.K i,tjri a.
In the matter of the application of
Hoxanna llartwM.k. Kutinllan of
tho pernon anil estuUn of Irl .1 Nolle.
Howie anil MargiterlU, I.. Howie,
minora. fr llccn to sell rial m-
Noliii- In hereby Kl' that In pursuance
of an onler of Albert .1. CornUh. one of the
JuiIkiw of ' tllHtrlct court of l.ancaHter
' V- uL ..iKitn 1111 the 41 1 l ay of
DiHeniiier. ItMWl. for the wl' of the real i
tate hereinafter ,liwcrllM,l, tlx re will lie aolil
at the First Natloniil llauk corner In the
villa!, of llm-nwtHHl. Caw ciiunty. Nebraa-
IlcHi-ribeil rial tHte. U-wit The umllvlilil
IWO-fl.rt let ll ta-4) 01 .lie niimwiiiH.
ImU two hon.lreil anil tweiity-nlne (221)
two hnnilrcil aril thirty fJJO) and wo hunilml
. . Hl'lll It. tliai ajilllkiril f llHWII'
aiui iiiinyiiiin u.i; J"
w.MHl. Chm comity. Ni'". ,
'I II.! wiw nun 01 "uiiiii-. i .iu..
nine to. 111 ....i.,u
the riitht 01 way 01 11m numrnu -
a croNH M.I.I h.n.l.cot.ttalniuK M 70-1IH) acre..
, 1.. ...111 Hum mm tmiir
h.H. a K(). A N N A II A KTSt M )K .
(iuiinliun of the person and entali of Irl J.
Howie anil MaiKUcrite I,. Howie, iiiinom.
! ..... niunrDf:n
iriir uriTII OF WIIO- w
ItltRJ " ' '
piattsraouth Boy Has
Over Most ol America
Traveled Aficd
Citizen Passes Away
Lony Illness.
Garden ol the World.
Last evening A. S. Will who has
just returned from an extended trip
. nm9h i U- wcsU-rn states, wms in u,e .m-
Mrs. J. . -aey ;(,,.,. im,l displayed some a.)ie
Some Ftattsmorth Teople Have
Learned How to Get
Rid ol Both.
I 1 .. . l. f..,.,., ,,f l.ic l'Wl(lll.
. riiwiin 1111 iiii 1111 111 i it."
T. Cole, who had been'
null , a u r- . . 1 .. ... - I I. 1 111l.v
,M , 'r. :;.!.. ibis eitv his confined to his u,. 1,U u, to Omaha where
dins " ,,...,,;. weeks with creeping para.,, atxu... ,
,ome all his lilt- up ""V u..lV mi(ls( lis frifiids and relatives i,c w,n unaeiRo aw
... .1 r ., secuniiK a :- ".' . - ., . . nM u,.., ... .n ,inv,, of some poisoncu ft
a. ii ii ri ci 1 . , i 1. , fin: 1 i' 1 1 11 11 1 i?ti ' " 1 1 viiiw -
' ,.s mhwe man and hill , '
for a circus, and in the pursuit of V ' "V h. ,, h:is !,,, a familiar
I V I . ,',"
,i. jn-vii-e 111
eaiiinR .. ,1
11. union, with the excepuu.. v ...
ifornia, besides working over a arKi
portion of Can'a. ""-h "f
Mexico. .,
111.,11-nunii 1 Mr. rail
Miice iea k , .
Mi . nn " " .
of years, was '"" -
Ohio, November IS, 1S3. , and was at
,., time of his death 72 years, and
' , .1.1 Mr Coli.'s vouth was
iliIVS .IHI- ''
,a" 1" . : .1 . ...... ..r i.w l.irth. he iroum
. .., ,, - silent in me m.u'- ' .
1 w ."PW,'.W!,h I' .'? ! the civil war from that place being
Co., t ole mou..-., ' f the SHIh Ohm inianiry.
BuiI,,, Yankee Hobinson, Sells-Mo o a J war was over Mr. Cole
and Sells lin.the.s. besides a nu.n . 1 aiu, nmmci
:,thers. Tins has cameu nm. u,. .-- ivtersin ISha,
Mil till Mill'" 1
.. 1, 11 11' . ..1 .... ..4 it I 111)
' near Kettle rails, ahiiiiiKW".
who yesterday i apples which are of the (Irimcs Cold.'ii
'. 1 . .1 o ...w.ltj.M nn. III-
anu oiTiicru n,
deed monsters in size ami as rim.
from any blemishes as one could
wish. Tlie apples must have meas
ured much more than a foot in en-
f,.r,.r,ei. Tim samile Dotato which
, . u iiii.-. . ... . -
i. w.w I.,,. I luniilit ensilv have ineas-
1II. Hill II"'
ured twenty inches around the long
way while the short way aiounn rum
rountrv. and all the pnoi,,-'.
1 ..: 1 l.i, eit v
cities. Uliile in .w.'M'-".
of Mexico, n few years since, he was
Miicktn uiih v!low f. v.r and for
awhile his til'- wits .li.-pp.rl of. r
tt IoI1K time i.:-' l-tl as such that
h,. di.l not expect to ever be al.le to
return to work again, l.ut a good con-
1 .. . I..1 ..! ii li;l 1 11 HI tl) IIVl
it il ut mn au.i -
,ill...l him through. .mi.
rHumed to the states nearly a year
,,, and has during the past summer
1 r.,11 l,..eii making his home with
Lis brother Walter at Greenwood,
where hsi father is also living. Mr.
lNiling came in yesterday and visited
with old friends, and expects to de
part for Kansas City this evening or
tomorrow where he will engage with
ome show as advance man.
, 1 tl,w iihict' iii lSt'.i and
ami rein,),,-, - 1 - . ,,
l,.ls since made this his horn-, lit
liv,,l souih of the city f-.r a
, r.,,,i.nir nti'l later lioiignt
OI yi-iit i., ,.
eruin in the city, hut lor u.e .a.
vo'irs has not been engaged in active
hllHilU-KS. l't ,ll( U1,i0U f MMU"
Mis. Cole was horn lour ciimn,-..,
L "1 i,i....u .m,l two sons. Mrs.
t() llVCilWO l.ll US" .
PuiliiiLr i W T. Ailams living south of the t itj ,
Miner, lor a iiumuci v. j. --
ainwr on tin BurliiiRlon, getting
killed in a wreck a few years since.
HM tit. 1 ill tVVIl iliuiditers at home,
Misses Vermt ami .Lillian, who with
the wife mourn his death. Orel, a
son, died in childhood. Miss erna
is a teacher m the eny scuoow, w...
Miss Lillian is teaching at Chadron.
The funeral will be held from the
llltl. home of Mr. Cole and interment
l,c made at Oak Hill cemeiery.
in her arm, returned hist evening and
went back this morning, wins nim.
V.ia vfitrnlinn wihch will be per
il 1 III, Uyv.w .
formed today. -Mrs. 1- -
. t I . 1 I ! .
was a passenger to umamt mm ..
inir and will a so oe present at m "- ..
",K " L l,v the many ! not have been less than half that d.s
opcrauon. t "-.t , , ; mm,,. 11(,1h,o,.s were raised on
frinids of Mrs uu e " ; - n()t mVB ,,, (lf
rapidly rccoicr . 1 .liri.-iWtion. The apples were grown
bo able to renin, tu ..v. " . 1 hi t, - from plant
ly well. ,, 1.!,
j:p::z;:r, n
Vi l Sne, which becoming in-1 ton two years ug.) ami ,.urcl,ased !M)
has been a very . - - - ., , mM n .
1 I ....II liIwiPTM' IIVI'I I'M' " " I I" " ' .
lU'JU " r" "a
Karkachc ami kidney ache are twin
- ,.'1 cniiiirati' them.
1 IM ,1111 I I .
. ...1 , ...n't iret rid t.f the l.ack-
,lll. , - r- -
ache until you eil.e the kidney ache.
if liilnevs are well ami strong,
the rest of the system is pretty sure to
,e in vigorous health,
n '.. Kidney Pills make strong,
Iiealthy kidnevs.
i. . 1 son. l.incoin am
.i.. ..... 1 ....
Plattsmouth. Nebr.. says: ve nave
used Dnan's Ki.lney I'llls in our .a;,
r... 1 l.nek Mtu other Kidney iu
.litl thev have brought the
best results. My advice to anyone
iv ........ r...... L'nlneV (' omiilaint is
suiiei inn ii""1 " -,
. . ..... it.;., ,.,.,,ii.ilv 11 trial.
1.'..- Kv mII dealers. Price .()
I . "i...,.'...!iU.uni Co.. Buffalo.
t I'lllS. 1 '- , .... I
.1. ...t ,.,i,t fur the I nited
ew 1 01 w , .
Sit 111 l"S.
1. ,l.i.r t'.e name I loan ''t
11, -nn in.- ... 1
. .1 ... ti..
I lake no oiui i.
At Low
Round Trip
1 1
On ale every hrst ann iniro
Tuesday in each month to every
part of the Southwest.
tirely recovered
W. L. Street Resting Easier.
Mm Morean and daughter,
Clara Mae, were passengers to Om-
... kni-i. thpv CO to
aha this momm.
visit with Mr. W. L. Street Mrs.
! . f,.i,i.r who is in the hospi-
...i ... iu..t ntnco tnkuiiE treatment.
Mrs Morgan reports her father as
resting easier and with hoju'S that he
will not lie compelled to remain long
at the institution, uu "f"" "v
Grand Army Elects OOlcers.
K the meeting of the local post og
' n a I I)..... 1 1 .1 is
the Oraml Army 01 u
1-ist Saturday evening, mr .,...."
lrto miinintt
Hicers were elected mr mr
yT'H Thrasher, Cominander.
John Baruhart, Senior Commander.
William McCauley, Junior ( om-
Hickson, OHicer of t., Day
Thomas M. Carter, Chaplain.
' . im ibiiirterniaster
Thomas v . - gt me iusu,u'" - , . ,
John Henner, Offa-cr of the (Junrd. ua,v rcc(livPt, by he many friends
Jitnte Encampment.
I H Thrasher, Trut.ef.
lion R . w" ,,('le',,,,1
8k itforuey.
Celebrating In Omaha.
This morning Mrs. Thomas Wal
ling, accompanied by her three Hllt y,,ur ollt.
Robert. Thomas and Matinee, and , uuniber of
Mrs. Walliug's niece, iwi.s iv
Mcllugh, went to Omaha where
thev will visit for the day at the home
... 1 1 ... il.... Hiiiicino
of Mrs. Walling s woinci, .
l. .., id nil till' SICK imi
J liourai, no" --
1 1. ..a . iwinliiiiMl to 11 a i:
aim tiro ..,,." - - - .
some time. Little Maurice wait..
and the namesake of his Lnelc
Uncle O'ltourkc, is celebrat-
i.i 1 :...u.l.,.. uinl ml
ing his eignin in.'i
his uncle could not come to visit luui.
on account of bad healtn, iney . .
went to Omaha to niakB merry
in the time. Mr. ill is very enthusi
astic regarding this eountryami iiiuiks
it is the greatest place on cat in. ..
tells us that the hinds willl produce
more than the famous tanioima
la mis, ami are a surer producer, car
.if the eitizens here an
il iniii.." . .
thinking of making that portion of
f f ..I,. Cuttllllll
the domain 01 your iu,i- .1"
theur abiding place in a short lime.
E W. Cook Returns From
Omaha Convalescent.
v- i,..n n.l trust that the visit
will encourage our friend, Mr.
O'Rourkc, and that lie will speedily
rtf w Ids crstonary health.
if Xlr. Street.
1 u i...t -, i an instructor
.i. :...:nii. at (ilen wood, Iowa,
m ne mm.". . . . .1
cr.,nv v mtor in the
was u o ".. .
cilv t guest M the home of his mother,
Vlsltlai With Sister Here.
1 II 1)iiiitli (if Whste Lake. S. I.
.u.. vwltiiiir in the ciV the gUW
at the home of his sister, Mr. Chas.
Mi-Bride and lanviiy, was a p. "-
err toOmshalhis rooming wueic i
will aee the mguii ami iut:ininvi
the wrn a1io"fi
'PI... .....iiv fiielii U of Dr. and Mrs
1 in- Huui.'
u- f '..,.!. w K! I) cased 10 icjiiii
that the doctor went to Omaha this ,
morning and returned with his wife j
.1 Iruill ' I
on 1 lie ' , , 1
Mrs Cook has I n at a hospital,
in' Omaha where she underwent an
operation for the removal of a small
tumor from her left breast. In the
rapid recovery from the effects the
doctor ami Mrs. Cook are to be eon-
i .11 at... f....f ..fill Iwt llHirttDM
'"1W""' ", .... ' crutulated ami im- ' "" "
feller who formerly owned a millinery mMiy ir-wn, f ,i.s,. peoplo
uil,lislininit in this city has just
' , . , . , -,u Willi l.nnoiiii .
suetl a trio of Lincoln men for $I,.H). ,
ci. ra,l..d her store to them for some "
land in Harrison county, lowa, u.i-
sight tin.seen," and now ends that ne
same lies under the dark, mum
,.f 1 he MisHoun. She tliereiore
She Buys a Farm and will Have to
Fish to Find It.
LINCOLN, Dec il. Minn Koeku-
A Good Company.
waters 01 1 in: ;.
wants that store back or it e.puva- Jiopper at the Olynipic,
. . . r .1 1... 1.. i.iMir tiia hit here in
The Chicago eorrespomdent to the
w York dipper says: "ueoii ,
nas maue a i
lent in coin of the realm
.1.. O........U il, innviiir niclure
Al llir mn'
are changed every night nd the vaude-
1 n.l
twice a wees, every .".'
Thursday. The price rernain the
win" , .
Kiir liit hrre m the Maiinrc
niiiuuiof, b tit
Idol, and seenid likely to piay a long
and ' prosperous engagement. He is
well liked in this city anyway, anu
has a line company with him."
This is the company with which
lii" EOvel Dotry hs n einagemeat.
Hugh Norton, Agent.
Do you want an
, If you do, get one who has
'Experience, Ability, Judgement
j Telegraph or Write
Robert Wilkinson,
I Dunbar, Nebr.
Or call at the News-Herald office and
we will save you trouble and expense
in getting dates and terms.
Good Service. Reasonable Rat.
Henry Thierolf and Hurry Mfisiu
ger of Cedar Creek wr ia the city
today on )uisineiji.
and returnetl to m
ratafrali C: