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NEWS. Established Nov. S. 1891
HERALD. Establuhed April 16. 1864
Consolidated Jn. 1. 1896
President Taft Determined
That Present Session
Shall Work.
i Large Number ol Old Friends Pay
! Last Respects to Young Man.
Line ol Work Laid Out Which will
Be Greatly Beneficial.
WASHINGTON, Dec. lO.-Whilc
othing definite was given out after
the conference held by the president
with Vice President Sherman and
Speaker Cannon yesterday, it is an
,,mi secret that it was the starter
for a line of work for congress which
will 1)0 prolific of good results for the
Leaders in congress are sure of this
and say that any line laid out by the
president will be followed as Jong as it
hiys in the direction of good things
for the country. This eonrgess does
not propose conduct itself in such
ii manner that there will bo any chance
r,.r iliMiuHTiific eonirress to cot in
next year.
Elect Officers.
At the regular meeting of I'latts
mouth council, No. 12., Loyal Mystic
Leeion of America, the following offi
cers were clecti
F. II. Steimkc
Mary J. Hull, W. V. C.
Elizabeth V- Hickson, Prophet.
Guy D. McMaekon, Treasurer.
.1. C. Peterson, Secretary.
The funeral services of Kdward W.
White were held Wednesday afternoon
in the Methodist Kpisoopal church
in this city, and were largely attend
ed. Hev. W. L. Austin chose for his
text these words, "His Lord Said t'nto
Him, Well Done, Thou Good and
Faithful Servant thou hast been
faithful over a few things, I will make
thee ruler over many things, enter
thou into the joys of thy Lord."
His subject was "The Immortality
of Capacity," and his remarks, which
were delivered with great feeling, were
peculiarly appropriate to the sad oeca-
The choir consisting of Mr. and Mrs.
E. II. Wcscott, Mrs. Charles S. John
son and Mrs. Don C. York, sang very
sweetly and with much feeling, "Thy
Will i.n Done." and several other
familiar selections. The music had
I been selected with care and war. y-i-;
that the impressiveness of the cere
mony was greatly enhanced and eon-
itributed to the solemnity of the !:r.t
sad rites over the body of a ymi ft
jman whose friends in Plattsmouth
( were legion.
' Those who tenderly bore his body
it,. it lust, restinir place were his com
panions during life, Paul Morgan,
IT..II Fred Mann. Arthur
i'd for the ensuing year: jmZ Clarence Meal and Fmil Woy
iker. W. C. ! ;,.,, '
Edward White was born in Platts
mouth, Nebraska, on June 11, 1SS7,
mid died in Wilkinsburg, Pa., on
Friday, December :?, of typhoid I
The Past Chief cf the Degree of I few. i'ge.l 2'Z years, monins am.
Honor were most delightfully enter-! 2S days.
lained vester.lav afternoon by Mrs. "Eddie," as he was familiarly
William' Hassler. I known, was well and favorably known
Two Engines meet in a Deep Cut at a Curve Just Out-
side of Lincoln.
Further Evidence ol Punkness of
Old Capitol Building.
Other Engineer and Fireman Jump from Engine and are
Not Hurt.
LINCOLN, Dec. 0. Engineer 0.
0. Wright of Fairbury was badly hurt
yesterday afternoon in a collision in
the cut iust south of the state fair
grounds. Two Hock Island engines
, ...... .... i
j crashed in mo cm mm ni n,uu.
j damaged. Engineer Wright attompt
' ed to jump but hail so little warning
that he got no further than the gang
way between his engune and thecab
when the impact came. He was caught
between the frame work of the cab
and the end of the tank and serious
ly injured, zlle was taken from the
wreck, after much effort to .xtricato
his body from the jam, to St. Eliza
beth's hospital. Dr. Mitchell said
late last evening that the engineer
was dangerously hurt; that he had
......... mti.rntit iniuries: that his
unconscious and understood the serious
ness of his condition. fi
The accident happened short I v af
ter 2 p. m. Engineer Wright and Fire
man Me Lane were on engine No. MS,")
on the way to the east. The yard en
cine, No. 1221, was on the way west
from the transfer switch at Twenty-
seventh street. The scene of theeolis
sion is within the yard limits. It
was said the switch engine was moving
at a rather low rate of speed, but that
the light cast hound engine was going
at a hinh rate. Vision of the track
ahead is shut olT at that place by tin
sides of the cut and the curve. Tin1
scene f.f t!n in cident is about 2"l) feet
cast of the lloldrege street viaduct,
which spans the Hock Island main
line. The place is regarded as a dan-
L1NC0LN. Dec. 9 The roof over
the state library began leaking this
week again and ius a consequence sonic
of the priceless records of tho state
are noe ruinwd. Those records can
not be replacod and at the present
rate if something cannot tie done
it will be but a question of time when
all the records in the state library
will be in a damaged condition.
Something should be done for the
state library.
B. A. McEIwain the jeweler on the
sunny side or Main sireci nas iuh
emporium, in spick span shape for
the coming holiday trade.and with a
handsome and well selected stock of
seasonable goods, should surely bo
in a position to serve the public
in a way that would be
well plosing to those who wish to give
the best of gifts.
Senator of that Prosperous
Name Chosen as the
Minority Leader.
Senator Shlvely ol Indiana Vice
Chairman ol Minority.
Minii4im i Him... j--- - 1
riuht hip was probably fractured, and (gpnnis one by railroad men.
" ... ' i I ..... i tin iii'
For Christmas
Bath Robes and Lounging Robes. A large line
for men to select from in gray
with red design, blue with white,
red with gray, brown with red.
Full 54 inches long. Cord and
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two , $7.50
House Coats or Smoking Jackets. Th? is a
sack coat Madeoldou e faced
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Just the thing for his home
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Laundry Lists. This is something new in a
Christmas gift idea. A duplicate
pad with blanks for fillins: in.
One blank to be sent with the
laundry and one to be retained.
Contained in leather cover with
Jap decorations.
Price $1.25 and $1.50
Neckwear. Reversible 4-in-hands all
shades 22c or 5 for $1.00. Elegant
line at 35c or 3 for $1.00. A gorge
ous line at 50c. An elegant line
at $1.00 and $1.50 in wicker bas
ket boxes for Christmas.
Holeproof Hosiery $1.50. Suspenders Xmas
boxes 50c, 75c and $1.00. Mufflers
silk or wool 50c up.
Silk Umbrellas. Gold trimmed $2.00 to $5.00.
You can shop with ease in this
store. Everything marked in
plain figures.
E. Wescott's Sons the pelvic bone may have been
Engineer Wright was caught be
tween the engine anil the tank so
(I,., Hwtank had to be moved to ro-
j lease him.
I At 2 o'clock this morning it was re
j ported at the hospital that the condi
tion of Mr. Wright was very" serious,
i lie was very low and it was said that
; there was not much hope held out
lor his recovery. It was said he was
Engineer Hall and Fireman (ioings
of the switch engine jumped and es
caped injury. Fireman McLane was
not hurt. The two engines were con
siderably wrecked. Both had their
fronts stove in and the pilots torn off.
The switch engine lost its f mint
trucks. The road engine lost its cab
steps and manv other parts in tlx
impact. They were pulled apart by
another engine which was in the yards
at the time. Passenger train No. 13
was delayed about three hours.'s Corn Crop Short.
Attorney Sanford Reese, the Bur
lington attorney, located at Burling
tun, Iowa, came in this morning and
was transacting businows with Attor
ney Matthew deling. While in con
versation with a representative oft his
miner he said that he had been over
most of the state of Iowa and that they
would have some fifteen per cent less
corn than a year ago. .. The south
ern portion traversed by the Burling
ton road is 'even worse, but the better
conditions prevailing in the northern
portion raises the general average.
The state report out just, recently
reduces the former report by some
2(1,0(10,(100 bushels.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. Attrmir
caucus last night the democrats elected
Senator Money of Mississippi as
chairman and leader of the minority
in the senate. Senator Bacon of Geor
gia had been mentioned for the plae,
but declined to become n candidate
against Mr. Money. Senator Cul
bertson refused to take the position
again and sent in his resignation.
Senator Shively of Indiana was
..,., .!,.,! us chairman, the place for
merly . occupied by Senator Money
before his election to the chairmanship.
Miss Anna Nashel was a visitor in
Omaha this morning where she will
be the guest of friends for the day.
Making Money In North.
A letter from Carl Aseniissen, for
merly a member of the hardware
linn of Aseniissen Klinger, who is
now located at Winnipeg, Maiiatoba,
Canada, writes that they have two
feet of snow in that portion of the
country, and that it is expremely
cold. Carl writes that business is
good and that they are doing well in
the general store which he and his
brother-in-law are conducting.
Mrs. David Hawksworth and niece,
Miss Nettie Hawksworth, were visit
ing with friends in Omaha today.
in this city and everyone was his
friend. His character was of a very
high standard mid he was a diligent
student and after graduating from the
riattsmouth high school with the class
of '05 he graduated with honor irom
the university of Nebraska, receiv
ing the degree of Batchelor of Science.
i He chose for his lite work eienrica
engineering and at the time of hi !
death was employed by the Westing
house Fleet rical company of l'itts
l.i, rr I' Mr. White was a faithful
! and active member of the First Moth-
i odist church of this city and also ot
the Kpwoith league and of h. 11.
Wescott's young men's Bible class.
He was also a member of the Engi
neering Society of Lincoln and of the
American Institute of Electrical en
gineers. His sad and untimely death
has east a gloom over the entire com
His father, William A. White, was
for many years the foreman of the
paint shop in the local Burlington
shops, but died a few years ago. The
deceased is survived by bis mother,
three brothers, David. Harry and Ar
thur, and one sister, Miss Adelia.
Mrs White and David arrived at
the bedside of F.dward in the hospital
in time to visit with him. When told
I that he could not recover he bade his
I mother and brother good bye and
Isent messages to his most intimate
I friends, the last one mentioned being
his sister.
Mrs. White and son were met in i
Pacific Junction by Mr. and Mrs. II.;
N. Dovey, Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Dovey, i
K. II. Wcscott and Mrs. Ilowkuidj
and accompanied home.
Doing a Good Work.
The Hev. Luther Moore, pastor of
the Christian church, who has charge
of tho young men's class of the Bible
school, is makintr irood as a Sunday
school teacher as well as being one of
the most popular ministers which
has been the lot of that denomination
to dame for some time although the
past recent history of the church,
! has been frought with good able
ministers. In the orginization of the
young men's class, Hev. Moore sug
gested an organized class, and the
name Loyal Sons was adopted, and
that they have been loval sons to him
is certain, for in their work
and attitude, they show it.
Tho class will give an elegant supper
at the Coates Hall in the near future,
which will bo a splendid testimonial of
their disposition to be faithful workers,
and with 'their natty. new
white uniforms will present a fine ap
pearance. We wish them success and
will win it.
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KB. r?r't ,m
From Chama. Mexico.
Harry White who has been in the
city the past few days, being called
here bv the death of his brother, Fdwih
White, will remain and visit during
he holidays before returning to Chnnm, j
Mexico, where ho is employed as
fireman on a division of the Denver A
Rio (irande railroad.
Interesting Display.
Col. II. C. McMacketi has on dis-1 a miniature iudian camp in bis
south window nt his ollicc on south
Sixth street, and one can obtain a
1 Ht A I 1 . :
very coot I nlea ol how uie icprcMin-
U,.:oiiifiil (oral tributes were m
nliiiriclaiiec. The members of t he, i.m i,, -,,;, nnd inspecting the camp
m i,r Modern Woodmen of Aiiht- iP MMncken has also a war bonnet
ica, of which he was a member, at- 0f feathers which he obtained
i..., tli fin ii-im 1 services and con- ; r.,,,,, ,1,.. ;,,nv Indians, which is a I iiwiii ,,n ......... .
ducted the service of the order at the wor; ,,f arv fnr the redmaii.
Call not back the dear depa. ted, ' Adm,nstrarU ApPnted
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Soon to meet and part no more. ! n auminiMra i .. . -When
we leave this world of changes, IFdward T. K.ckard uas hel tl.
" .. .. .1 . I ........ .in before CollIltV JlldgC BeCSOU
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hall linil our missing mveu one !' -.
was appointed.
e si
In our Father's mansion fair.
Mrs. A. A. Wet encamp and son
Arthur, were visitors in the metropo
lis, going on the fust mail.
Howard Ionard and two children
fi.,,i,i IM'non. Neb., on a visit
with Judge and Mrs. A. J. Iiecson.
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