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    ReCOdlliZe Sincere Belief
ttv j in divine
Deity Guidance
lwSc fl f(
0T ALL MEN nro Christians. Iut all men of sound reason
TJ i believe in n creator and preserver of tin' universe. The uni-
in from some hidden source; and. however careless a man inav
lie, or modest and reticent in such matters, deep down in his
11 .Ml 111 - 1 A i I . 1 ' 1 . J 1 .
I y,A H soul lie must leoi ami believe mat mis source is nifjiier man
S 9 himself, and in some sense is l!od. Sound reason tells hint
of his dependence upon this higher power and teaches him
the necessity of learning and observing its laws. This recogni
tion in some form is of fundamental importance, "to the indi-
aiul m national allairs to the nation.
One Thanksgiving proclamation strikes at the root of the matter:
'Tamest and sincere belief in divine guidance, deep-rooted faith that even
present apparent evils mikt ultimately convert to good, upheld the found
ers of New Kii'dand through trials that elsewhere utterly dest roved settle
The stronger this recognition of the higher power the stronger a man,
or a nation, becomes not only in the trials of adversity, but also in the
more damrcruiis trials of proneritv. .And here we find an argument for
Christianity, which that governor may not have noticed. For the more
clearly the personality ol doit is seen the stronger ones conlitleiice in
divine care and guidance may become and thence the greater the power of
iu hievement.
Ours is not a Christian nation because n majority of our citizens are
members of the Christian church, for they are not, but because its found
ers were Christians and because its dominating principles have been Chris
tian. I'.ul constitutionally it is not Christian, nor Hebrew, nor anything
of a d nominational kind. It simply recognizes flod as a higher power
and in that we can all unite. Thanksgiving day means just that. It is
the only religious holiday that belongs properly to the whole nation and
to all the people. Christmas, which is provided for by most of the states,
is for Christians; and even Sunday is the Christian's sabbath, in the relig
ious mirnoses ot which Jews and many others nave no part, nut here is
n fe.-tival in which all may participate freely.
And now, no matter what the festivities engaged in, whether in the rcat excitement nmon
family circle or abroad in the world of sports and pleasures, no one can
entire v Jail to be touched bv its mtluenee. Jts very name is a reminder
of what we owe to the Most High,
and oft oner, far oftener, than we
know thanks are given in his "secret
chamber" of the soul.
English Custom of Making Butterflies
Out of Paper and Giving Prizes
to Winners.
Mothers with little ones know that
they must have parties once In a
while. Just a.s their crown up sisters
and brothers, ami a nurt of the edu
cation of the child is teaching U the
duties of hostess and the nice Uuto.
courtesies ot ciitertainliif;. Tin- l'lav
at parties must not be ns boisterous sn
it may be at other times, and this
souse of decorum Is another of the
things n child learns when it begins
to Rive or attend parlies. Mothers
arc often at their wits' end to know
how to nnnise the children, for this
must be all arranged for beforehand
or the party will prove a failure.
A lady who visited recently In an
Knlish country house is telling her
friends about a chlldnn's party which
she attended over there. 11 was a
garden party, and the little ones were
all gathered together in the large tent
prepared for them, after they had
greeted one another and had some
time to get used to the environment.
Then each child was given a piece ol
paper, a pair or scissors nnu so.i.u
pieces of colored chalk. The children
of the hostess attended to this. Each
child was told to cut out a butteiily
ns well as she knew how and with
the chalk to make the Knots, anten
nae and so on. When the butterflies
were completed they were gathered
up and pinned on the wall, making
quite a pretty picture gallery. While
tho children were enjoying the re
freshments, judges passed around and
picked out the three best pictures.
l'hc name of the artist was on the
back, and when this was read and the
three prizes distributed, there was
tho littl-
ones, vx course, it neon noi ue u
terfly, but most children are as famil
iar with this insect as with any other
and, ut any rate, after tuich a contest
they will examine more closely the
butterflies they find.
I'm Rutin: to start In kindiiKiirti'ii;
Ma mivh I s awful stimrt, an'
'I ; in. licsi'U s, Kite says I'm urew ln',
An' It's linn- to !' a lilt!'' kliowln'.
' door's ainnliT boy thnt'H smart nn'
inn st iit lilm lo kliuli'iuitrten.
If liannil nanus, un" Hunt!
ki win',
vis, ln's awful smart nn' knowln
Smythe Do you pay much
your coal?
Jones Not n cent. I live near the
railway line, and get my ion to make
grimnces ut the ( ngtneer.t of all the
trains us they pass.
In Shreds Itching Was Intense
Sleep Was Often Impossible.
Innovation In Anient and Popular
English Game Just Been Tried
and Approved By Players.
Cricket. Is as popular a game of ball
In Kngland as Is baseball in America.
If it is true that no sensible man wants
a wife who wears high heels, corsets, artifi
cial miffs and who powders ami paints, it is
more true that every sensible woman ab
hors a man who is so effeminate as to dic
tate to her how she shall dress, keep house
and bring up children. It is a mistake to
put a woman who loves clothe on a par
with a man who goes in for green suits,
canes, and the like. It is a woman's duty
to be beautiful, while it is a man's to cam
a good income.
J lave the masculine kickers ever tried
to make a half-dozen puffs and then to
keep them in shape a whole day or evening-' They would then realize the
convenience of having Fome they could pin on tight any place they wanted
them. Iv hair comes down to my knees, but 1 wear a rat and puffs just
because of the convenience. When nature lias not given a woman enough
hair to make puffs she ought not to he forced to advertise the loss any
more than (hose kickers are forced to wear a sign. "I am earning only
lifted) u week."
Men fall in love with the artificialities of women. It is the brilliant
color of the flower that attracts the bee to the honey. And if a woman
is sweet at heart she has a right to Ik? artificial and attract to her the man
tin. u-.'ints. While a man mav "'rush'' the attract ire irirl and niarrv the
plain one, the right sort of plain girl doesn't want a man under these cir
cumstances. A courtship shorn of all halo and aroma should not win her.
and suoh a man is only too likely to ''rush'' attractive girls after marriage.
Powder is innocent enough for women when it is innocent enough
for baliies. And paint can make a woman beautiful at night without any
one's guessing why fdie is so beautiful. I have known girls who painted
for the daytime so skillfully that even their girl friends, who also painted
(at night) and who could detect paint very easily, would not. believe that
paint was used even when told so. Surely paint is not objectionable in
eucli a case.
A woman has a right to lake any means to win a man if she is will
ing to be equally strenuous to make him happy after marriage.
English Swimmers Tire of Ordinary
Sport and Spring Amusing ana
Interesting Feature.
lust ordinary plunging and swim
ming in the water soon grows tire
some to even the most enthusiastic
lovers of water pports, as can be
proved by going down to the water
anywhere and watching tho swimmers
devise new ways and means of en
livening the sport. In England, where
the circular tin bathtub is still much
in evidence, such a seem? as this Is
ftttrili-' It
Cricket Ball. I
Cured by Cutlcura In Three Weeks.
"At first nn eruption ot Binall pus
tifea ceuunenced on my hands. Ther.o
tprond later to other parts of my body,
and tho itching at times was intense,
fo much bo that I literally tore tho
6kln off in phreds in necking relief.
The awful itching interfered with my
work considerably, und also kept mo
awake nights. I tried several doc
tors and used a number ot different
ointments and lotions but received
practically no benefit. Finally 1 set
tled down to tho uso of Cutlcura Soap,
Cutlcura Ointment and Cut Intra l'llla,
with tho result that in a few days all
Itching had ceased and in about threo
weeks' tliao all traces of my eruption
had disappeared. 1 havo had no trou
bio of this kind since. II. A. Knits
koff, 6714 Wabash Ave., ChlcaRo, 111.,
November 18 and 2S, 1907."
i'oltor Drug & CUciu. Corp., Bulo l' lluttoa.
Bey's Essay on Clothing.
Here Is nn extract from an essay,
written by n boy In n London school:
"Clot hint; is an article which every
body should wear. Tho least of
this article is worn by savages or na
tives, which is a pleco of cloth or n
few lenveB or fenthers round tho waist.
In cold countries, same ns Eskimos,
tho pooplo wear more clothes than wo
do, count of tho Icy cold out there.
They can skate all the year round, ex
cept about ono thaw there is In Rum
mer. If they walked about llko na
tives they would catch cold directly
and die of bronkltis. We put clothes
on which are nearly llko our bodies,
omo have caps, coals and trousers,
but women and girls wear hats und
frocks to tell who they are."
Probability That Father "Improved"
on Anything Willie Hnd Heard on
the Street.
When Willie's father camu home to
supper there was a vacant chair ut tha
"Well, Where's tho hoy?"
"William is upstairs In bed." The
answer came wiih painful precision
from the sad faced mother.
'"Why. wh-w hat's up? Not sick, is
he?" ( An anxious pau-ie.)
"It Krh'ves me to say, Kobert. that
otir son your son has been heard
swearing on the street! 1 heard him.
"Swearing'.' Sio't! I'll teach him
lo swar." And lie started upstairs
In the dark. Hall way tip ho stumbled
and came down with M.s chin ou the
:o) Mop.
When the atmosphere cleared a lit
tle Willie's mother was saying sweet
ly from the hallway: "That will do,
dear. You have civen htm enough for
one lesson." Judge.
A Kneeling Proposition.
"Pony" Moore, the once famous min
strel, Is dead at tho' ago of SO. Ha
was olio of (tie last of his kind.
"Moore," said a veteran Chicago
manager, "used to make up his Jokes.
Once, when bo played here, he had
his toes run over, and limped on that
iiIkIu with n font that resembled a
while pillow.
" 'All's cz tendah hoofed as Lire
John: iiu:.' ho said to the nudieuce,
with a chuckle. 'Yo' know 'bout LUa?
Young Calhoun White, ho bcz to her,
Whaffo" you mako a face llko when I propose, Miss JohnMng?"
Well. Cal," saya Liza, "Ah kaln't
clve yo' offah propah consideration
less'n yo' takes yo' knoo offn matt
He Knew the Reason.
"! can say ono thing la favor ot Mr.
Featherly," remarked Mrs. Hendricks,
tho landlady; "h never takes the last
piece of bread on the plate." "No, In
deed, Mrs. Hendricks," assented Dum
ley, cordially, "l'eutherly ain't quick
S r
Great Sport In the Water.
not exceptional, f-ays Popular Mechan
ics. The swimaer is trying 10 wuik
on tho water m, two sucn tuns, nnu
his companions are expectantly wait
ing for tho moment when one will
slide out from under and tumble him
Machine Pitches
It Is played with II inon on a side,
one side being dispersed In the field
to deliver and catch tho bull, and the
other baiting. The batsman stands
beiore a wicket, which tho pitcher, or
bowler, as no Is called In Kngland,
tries in every possible way to knock
down, cays Popular Mechanics. The.
game, which cannot bo completely de
scribed because of lack of space, Is
very ancient, having been played un
der the name of cricket as far back
as the sixteenth century. In itself, it
has not undergone any changes to
speak of. but. once In awhile some
auxiliary idea Is developed, ono of the
most important of which is the bowl-iv.-i
machine for practice, here shown.
It is the Invention of nil expert play
er, and has just been tried and ap
proved. It will bowl any length,
pa.'e, direction and break required,
giving amateur players us excellent
batting practice as could n profes
sorial bowler. Tho ball conies to the
hatter on the first bound, nnd "break'
Is the term applied to lh slant It can
be made to take after striking the
"Julius Caesar" Sent to Bed.
At tho Ilrltlah Authors' club ban
piet in his honor, Lieut. Shackloton
told an amusing story of a man who
went home one night nfter dinner and
took with him four or five others.
"Come In, boys," he said, "and have
a last drink."
"But your wife might not llko It,"
one of the party replied.
"My wife!" wns tho answer; "I am
Julius Caesar In my house."
On entering they were received by
the lady of the house with the words:
"Oh, walk in, gentlemen; there Is
plenty of drink in the dining room. As
lor Julius Caesar, ho Is going to bed
Mrs. nenham You still Insist thnt
woman has more curiosity than man?
lionham Sure; did you ever know a
man to want to find out if ho could
set off a street car backwards with
out committing suicide?
Marks on Silverware,
"Sterling" ns used In connection
with silverware means genuine silver.
Tho addition of the word "patent" Is
to indicate that the particular design
of the article on which the word ap
pears is patented nnd that the nrtlclo
Is genuine nllver.
The finest
assortment of
table china
Quaker Oats
Family Size Packages
Pr. PUrpoM IMpAwnf I'HIpU flr.t put nr 4(1 ynn
en. 'i'to'r rirnlnhi mill Inviirnriin Moruucli, Uvur
Mild ImjwhIi. Hiihur-rnitWM) tn tt iunil).
lianjjin of
o No
Those who have studied law are famil
iar with the assertion that it is not the ,e
verity of punishment hut tho certainty of
punishment that deters those ahout to com
i i rt'i ii
nut a criminal act. j ins statement is
accented as a truth bv those who have
given thought to the matter, and taking it
as a fundamental basis ono must naturally
ask the question, Whv is it noccs.-arv to
execute at all?
Why are they nece
have they done? o they scare peopl
into obeying the laws? If so, why not
then have the execution out in the public
square, where more people can witness the awful event and take I he los
bo: to heart? Such a conclusion would bo absurd. Kxecutinns do not
scare any one into obedience of the law, and some stales have recognized
that publicity regarding them is harmful rather than benelieial and have
prohibited the publication of the details
The bare possibility of executing an innocent man, the bare po?
fil.Tity of executing one who is insane, even temporarily, the bare possi
bility of condemning lo death one who has been made a criminal by envi-
rot n, mt, the.-c arc nil sufficient grounds for doing away with capital pun
1 am not in favor of capital punishment. Usually it is only sonu
poor, '
6w in-
in fortunate fellow without money and without friends who lias to
Learning to Relax.
Have you evr noticed how you
urge a trolley or a train onward when
you are in a hurry?
Do you realize when you nro driving
the machinery forward with every ten
sion of your btdy?
Your mind tVlla you that, nothing
you can do wlllihurry you to tho des
tination and yo'. you sit at tlie -ige
of the seat, twut and turn, draw all
the muscles lntdj hard knots.
The car does Vot go one Inch fast
er because of nl) this exhaust, of vi
tality on your pirt. You might just
as well keep stilli
It Is not easy t( do, no; but it is eo
sane und helpful When you make up
your mind to do lt You arrive at. the
end of tho journeyjust as quickly as
efsarv? What "ood though you had worti yourself o,it, and
".. ' e . you feel rested and willing to pro on
o they scare people ..,,, .,, Mlfr i,nnr
Red clover Industry,
Daffodil Chivalry.
White daisy Innocenoo.
Forgct mo not Truo love.
Goldenrod Encourage nient.
IIoneygucklcl!ond ol love.
Hyacinth Jealouay.
Myrtle Love.
Tansy Think of mo.
Pink Pure affection.
White violet Modesty.
Phi" violet Lovo.
White rose I am worthy of you.
Hawthorn Hope.
Cow slip You arc my di'- Inlty.
r.achelors' button Hope jln lovo.
Applo blossom lreforenye.
Tho season is here when many a
family man would like to swap his big
automobile for a small coal yard.
i Bffl eittrrtaimnrnt cvrt dfviwd for IQUU
children, larcinaiinc, tduri'iontl. II nr
If cbiM m )ur borne irnd to-dajr
All loy siofM. uauro mi j.t mi
Hard for the Little Miss to Pronounce
Any Word Eeginning with the
Letter "T."
Dorothy htuttered drendfully and
Rome words socmen exceptionally
hard to force from her mouth. At
home, when there was no one there
but the family, she whs nblo to speak
with little diineulty and only stuttered
onco In a while. Hut tlie minute any
company enmo, or she went out any
where In the presence of strangers,
the poor child prow nervous and be
came so embarrassed that it was al
most impossible for her to say any
thing. The letter "t" was particularly
hard for her.
One day a little friend invited Dor
othy to pass t ho day nt her house and
In the niornhiK 'hoy walked two miles.
At tho lunch table Nellie's mother
"Well, children, did you have t
pleasant time this lnornlnp;?"
"Oh, yes," answered Nellie, "we did
havo a lovely time. We took a long,
Ioiik walk."
"Did you?" said Mrs. Smith. "And
how far did you walk, Dorothy."
There was a little pau?c and then
for some unknown reason Dorothy
blushed scarlet and said, "Four miles,
Mrs. Smith."
"Nellie's eyes griw round with
amazement. "Why, Dorothy," the ex
claimed, 'what are you talking about?
You know we only walked two!"
"I kno'v it," answered Dorothy mis
crably, "hut I felt tho stutters com
Inn and I couldn't have tald It to saw
my life, und four Isn't half ho harti
wiuu you're coiuB to stutter!" j.
Have You Tried Paxton's
Gas Roasted Coffee
Buy can of Paxton Coffee today. Try it as you
usually make coffee and let your family be the
judge. They will say the coffee U ddiciom and
want more.
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at Your Grocers
1! Mi. Alr-tlilbl li.'.c I'er
Red Cans Sealed Pound
Without Smolie
No matter how sensitive your
olfactory nerves may be, or under
what vorkin" conditions you en
counter the
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokctcca Device)
you'll not detect the slightest odor
cf smoke. The new
Automatic Smokeless Device
positively prevents both. Removed in an instant for cleaning.
Solid brass fmt Imlds 4 quarts of oil sufficient to rive out a clowinp: lirat
for 9 hours solid brass wick carriers damper to cO"l handle oil indicator.
Heater beautifully finished in nickel or Jaj an in a variety of .styles.
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