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py County Senator Sends In
Ills Resignation.
An Interesting Letter full of In
formation for the Governor.
LINCOLN, Dee. 1. The governor
lias received from Senator Patrick his
resignation as a member of the board
of trustees appointed to control the
state school for the blind at Nebraska
City, and with it a letter which makes
interesting reading. It is as follows:
"Dear Governor: In my judgment
the present system of administering
most of our state institutions is vicious
in principle and abhorently wrong in
fact, and that I may feel free to criti
cise it as I sec fit, I respectfully request
that you accept my resignation as
member of the board of trustees for
the schools for the deaf and blind.
'Io mv mind it is a sud reflection
ui)on the intelligence of the people of
this great state that they have thus
long tolerated a condition which im
poses upon the unfortunate and help
less wards of the state the supervision
of those selected because of their par
tisan politics or political inflocnce,
rather than on account of a peculiar
fitness to discharge the duties, and
capably meet the responsibilities of
their respective trusts. Under pres
ent conditions these conditions are
but a part of the politicnrflmchine of
the party in power, and it is but
natural that in the selection of the
numerous appointees preference be
given to those whose past political
service is thought worthy of reward
at the expence of the state, whose
political influence is desired in future
political contests.
With partisan politics eliminated
fron the control of these public in
stitutions their management would
fall under the supervision of men and
women of special qualifications and
fitness for the positions., as there could
be no great incentive for their selec
tion. The permancy of their position
would depend upou their efficiency
and the standard of service rendered
Siui a chance in conditions would
doubtedly result in better care and
is well in greater saving
and profit to the taxpayers of the
I sincerely hope that you will stren
uously urge upon the next legislature
the necessity of devorcing all state in
stitutions entirely from partisan pol
itics, truly yours, W. R. Patrick.
K'ill"l"l"l"l"llll"l"i"l"l"llll'll"I"l"l"l"l"t"t"i"l -
Cold Weather
Our Coal is the best cool weather comfort
that you will be able to f nd in town. These
chilly fall winds will soon turn into winter
and you will need the comfort that our coal
will give you. Better order early to avoid
disappointments whe n an extra
chilly day comes.
ii J. V. Egenberger
C-f-IH'H"M"l"M"l"M"t . .i 'l'1 - - l - - l
B. A. McEIwain
Here are some interesting prices from our mammoth
stock of Holiday Goods:
O size 20 year filled case, open face or Hunting plain dn nn
or engraved American Movement, special $1V
Open face Chatelain watch American make, guaran- fl o aa
teed 20 years, special $O.VU
16 S 20 year case, open face or Plain or j a aa
Engraved Elgin WAV
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weighing 1-4 1-16 Kt Jia.VV
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1-8 1-32 Kt
SoTrS;.Spoons....: 50c to $2.00
B. A. McEIwain
' "On the Sunny Side of Main Street."
Shop Town Foot Ball Team Is not
Afraid of Alliance.
IIAYKLOCK, Dee. 1.-0. J. Hitch
cock, manager of the shop football
team, in answer to the challenge of
the Alliance team says:
"The Haveloek football team wishes
to announce that a game at Grand
Island or any other place will not
square the deal handed them at Alli
ance Thanksgiving, but if Alliance
wants another game they can get one
but it will be through the manager of
the Haveloek game and not through
the newspapers, as the Haveloek boys
have nothing to square to the public."
Weeping Water Republican.
Fred Gorder has purchased the
brick building owned by Mrs. J. V.
Thomas, paying $850 for it.
Miss Mary Hungatc came down
from Lincoln Friday to remain over
Uncle James Colbert says he is
grandpa again. It is a ten-pound boy
born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Colbert of
Dr. A. C. Welch, who purchased
the office fixtures and leased the rooms
of the late Dr. E. T. ltickard, is now
a resident of our town.
P. F. Austin of Bethany, the Union
Central Life insurance agent, was in
town last week and turned over to
Mrs. Lydia Rickard a check for $1,000
on account of a policy carried by Dr.
Rickard in his company.
Mrs. S. W. Orton went to Omaha
Saturday to visit her daughter, Mrs.
F. M. Smith and Mr. Orton will go up
and accompany her to Ashland to eat
Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. and
Mrs. Rurrows.
Talk all the eood things you can
about your friends and don't recall
nnvthinu that reflects against them.
Talk good about your towm, your
home paper and let the preaelier talk
in vou some of the time. If a man lets
and occasionally attends prayer meet
ing.we will give him a written guar
antee that when he lays down to give
up the battle of life, the preacher will
say a lot of good things about mm.
M"! - ! - '!"!"!"! "H1 H-H-H-M-H-t-
- - l''lM..l'.i..l..l--t--l'-t--l -l'-l""t"l-4-T--!-'
Executive cf State Gets Fancy
Price for Stock.
Did not want Trouble of Milking
These Cold Mornings.
LINCOLN, Dee. 1. Though the
law provides that an officer of the state
shall not sell property to the state,
the governor disposed of four cows to
the agricultural college recently. They
bore names that were worth the price
paid, though the cows may not have
been up to date. Two of them
"Rlushing Reauty" and "Lady Lon
don," brought the neat sum of $;M.r)
and SI120 respectively, while the oth
ers which had only common scrub
names brought $21." and $140.
It is understood, however, that the
critters were from the best of the gov
ernor's very fine herd nnd will be a
valuable addition to the agricultural
farm school.
Bull Frogglng
The bull frogging tactics of the
Journal in trying to make the public
believe that this paper lias cast reflec
tions upon the lighting company is
not borne out by the evidence nor
the statement appearing in the News
to which the Journal takes exception.
The News did not say that the light
ing company could not furnish power
to the Smtih factory. The News
did not cast reflections upon Mr. Cla
baugh and his assistants, neither at
this time or' any other time as a pe
rusal of the columns of the News will
show. We cid state, however, that
there had been trouble at the plant,
and that the power people had worked
hard all day Sunday to get the matter
in shape. There was nothing what
ever mentioned in the News deroga
tory to the lighting company or any
of its employes as' the News will
show. Rut we did say that the com
pany had succeeded in installing the
power in a fairly satisfactory manner
and the machines were it work. Our
information came from a reliable
source and from a man who is in close
touch with conditions. It will take
something more reliable than a state
ment of our contemporary to convince
the public that the Daily News is
a knocker. We are using power from
the lighting company for the running
of our machines and the company
itself knows whether we have been
unreasonable or not. We leave it
to them.
Claims $3,300 Wages.
A claim was filed today in the office
of the clerk of the district court by
Chas. E. Reckwith against the estate
of Samuel S. Johnson. Reckwith
makes claim for $3,300 wages due and
earned during the past twelve years
and eight months. He further claims
that the deceased, Johnson, had prom
ised to devise to him SO acres of land in
Clay county.
Entertained Miss Lewis.
The Mcsdames Dunbar and Turner
most delightfully entertnined Miss
Caroiline Lewis, the contralto soloist
with the Victor band, over night
Miss Lewis rendered a fine program of
songs and piano selections on the Fis
chcr grand !piano which wa9 immense
ly enjoyed.
Laid to Rest.
The funeral services over the body
of Mrs. Herman Streitwieser, who
passed away after a few hours' illness
Sunday morning, were held Tuesday
afternoon. Mrs. F. D. Close and Mrs.
J. V. Wood and child arrived Tuesday
moraine from Centerville. Iowa, and
attended the funeral services of their
Wants Another Farm.
S. Lindholm, who recently sold his
farm, the old Senator Thomas place,
departed this morning for Rlair. He
is desirous of purchasing a small farm
in this or some other locality, aa he has
to give possession of his the first of
next March.
Coming to Nebraska.
Asbury Jacks of Hamburg,
has purchased the Fred Richardson
farm one mile south of this city, and
will remove here as soon as the roads
become passable so that he can haul
his goods to and from the depot
Mr. Jacks is an old soldier and he and
his family w ill be welcomed.
Gone to Wisconsin.
J. Fetzer the shoe man, left Wednes
day for Manatowoe, Wis., to visit
his Bister who is reported to be serious
ly ill. He was accompanied by God
fried Sehurimker, a son of the sick
Former Nebraska Foot Ball Star
Would Coach Nebraska.
LINCOLN, Dec. 1. An applica
tion from Johnnie Render for the posi
tion of coach of the Nebraska Com
huskcrs next season has set the ad
herents of foot ball to talking and the
sentiment seems to be considerably
divided over the matter.
Render has a great many friends in
Lincoln, nnd for that matter all over
the state, and the success which he
has had with the Haskell Indians this
season has made them feel that the
authorities at the big school should give
Render a chance to see what he can do.
Many think that King Coal has
lost his grip on the squad, and after a
two years' trial in which the team has
not come up to expectations, they per
sist in saying that he should be let go
and someone else given a chance.
"Places Them In Bad Light."
Does it pay to advertise That is
the question that is bothering the hard
ware firm of Asemissen & Klinger.
When the question has reference to
an advertisement in the Daily News
or Weekly News-Herald, it is at once
answered in the affirmative. Rut when
it refers to the columns of our es
teemed and veracious contemporary,
then there is some doubt entertained.
In last night's Journal the advertise
ment of Asemissen & Klinger appear
ed in a badly misleading condition,
and "really it places the firm in a bad
light." The Journal states that the
hardware firm is selling saws for P5
cents, former price S.r cents. That the
firm wants $1.00 for an Ever Ready
flash light that formerly sold for $1.20.
It is too bad that the firm's business
should bo placed before the public in
such a light, and the injury sustained
cannot be estimated.
Asemissen & Klinger are known to
be square business men and are con
ducting an honest closing out Bale.
They are making a reduction on every
article advertised, in fact a reduction
is made on everything in their store
and they are not charging more for
saws or Ever Ready flash lights than
before the sale commenced. This
correction is made so that the public
will not entertain an erroneous im
pression of the business methods of
the firm.
Birthday Party.
Miss Anna Wohlfarth was assisted
by a large number of friends Monday
evening m celebrating her 18th birth
day anniversary at the home of her
Grandmother Gorder m this city.
The evening was spent in games and
music. In a guessing contest Miss
Leota Rartou won the first prize and
Miss Lelia Kennard the "booby
prize." Refreshments consisting of
sandwiches, coffee, pickles, cake, cook
ies and candy were served.
Returned Home.
H. R. Neitzel, the Murdock banker,
returned to this city Monday from
Murphey. Idaho, where Chas. F.
Guthman has purchased a large bus
iness. Roth are enthusiastic over the
country and the promising outlook
for business in the futur. The News
joins his many friends in wishing Char
ley unbounded success in his new ven
ture. Mr. Neiztcl odepatrcd for his
home yhis afternoon.
A Former Teacher. .
Gertrude Coon left Tuesday for
Lincoln, where she is attending the
university of Nebraska. Miss Coon
formerly taught school in fhis city
and is well and favorably known. Her
home is in Red Cloud.
Victor Band.
The Royal Italian band, consisting
of thirty-seven persons, passed through
this city Monday from Kansas City to
Malvern, Iowa, where they will give
a concert. They hail from Venice,
Chickens Wanted.
Monday we will be at the depot
and will pay the following prices:
Hens 9C
Springs gc
Majestic No More.
The theatrical portion of the Majes
tic is being torn out and the theater
goers will have to seek moving pic
tures elsewhere in the future.
Electric Light.
The steam fitters gang connected
up the electric light engine in the local
Rurlington shops yesterday and de
parted for Lincoln this morning.
Home Again.
Mrs. H. A. Schneider, who with her
son and daughter have been spending
a few days at Sterling, Neb., returned
home Sunday. They were accompa
nied on their return by Miss Ethel
Schneider, a neice of Lincoln.
Want Column
WANTED-Woman to do laundry
work. Good wages, apply at once at
Hotel Riley.
WANTED Young men and women to
fill positions paying $900 to $2000 per
annum. Big demand for stenograph
ers in the Government service, as
well as in private business life. Our
new method of teaching shorthand
by' mail insures as thorough and
practical a training at your own home
as is obtainable by personal attend
ance at any business college in the
country. We guarantee success.
Complete course for small cash pay
ment; balance to be paid when you
secure a position. Trial lesson free.
Central Rusinesa Institute, Central
Building', Washington, D. C.
FOR SALE CHEAP At Smith's barn,
Flattsmouth, Neb., a new carringe.
Lady owning same has quit keeping a
horse. It must sell. sw-tf
Will Trade.
One of the best ranches in central
Nebraska, 2,000 acres, highly im
proved, cut 1,000 tons of hay, fenced
and cross-fenced, well watered, has
over 400 acres of good corn land, 12
miles from station, $22,000. Want a
Cass county farm.
4S0 acres, in cultivation 150, fenced,
has house and barn, 12 miles from de
pot. A snap for cash at $12.50 per
acre. R. B. Windham,
61-3x PlatUmouth, Neb.
H"H i I I .H--H"fr-H"M"frH"l"H "f
. , Bank of Eagle, Eagle.
Nehawka Bank, Nehawka.
Bank of Murdock. Murdock.
First Nat'l bank, Greenwood.
State bank of Murray, Murray.
II First Nat'l bank, Plattsmouth .
H"l"l"H"H"M"l"l"l"l"l I I I I H'
Important Notice.
All persons knowing themselves to
le indebted in anv amount to M.
Fnnirpr fire reouested to call and settle
O - i
at once. All persons having bills
t A
against me are requested io present
same and get their money.
As is well known I am closing out
mv business and am anxious to close
up all outstanding accounts. In the
nnHt I lmv never erowileu anv person
for payment, but now it is absolutely
neensunrv that all bills (lllC me be
paid promptly. All bills remaining
unpaid when my business has been
clocstl out will be placed in the hands
of a collection agency. 1 hat means
ndditinmd costs and 1 hone 1 shall
not be called upon to take tins means
to collect what is due me.
M. ranger.
Sealed Bids.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received by the Hoard of
County Commissioners of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska for bonds for the severa'
olficers of said county, said bids to be
submitted before 9 o'clock in the
morning of December 7th, 109. The
amount of the bonds for the severa
officirls may be lenrned by applying
at the office of the county clerk.
The Hoard reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
M. L. Freidrich, .
Chairman Co. Hoard of Coin's.
Dated at Plattsmouth, Neb., Nov
23. 1909.
Some Plattsmouth People Have
Learned How to Get
Rid of Both.
Rackache and kidney ache are twin
You can't separate them.
And you can't get rid of the back
ache until you cure the kidney ache.
If the kidneys are well nnd strong,
the rest of the system is pretty sure to
be in vigorous health.
Donn's Kidney Rills make strong,
healthy kidneys.
Mrs. O. J. Gilson, Lincoln Ave.,
Plattsmouth, Nebr., says: "We have
used Donn's Kidney Pills in our family
for lame back ami other kidney dis
orders ahd they have brought the
best results. My advice to anyone
suffering from kidney complaint is
to give this remedy a trial."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Ruffalo,
New York, sole agent? for the United
Remember the name Doan's anil
take no other. G5-4
l.Ml Notk.
Alvln KrrrU, iluft-mlunl, Kill Ink. iotle thtt
on till' fourth (luy of AilKilKt, ItMHI. Adit r Mh,
plHlnliir.llliil litir iM tlllmi In Hi" (llNtrlct ro irt
of Caw county. NchniiU. mmltot thn dcfiid
lit. the ulijivt ami iirnynf of whlrh In toolilsln
m . I. ......... ,11., . . I ...
in-...-.. hit. ti. ii iiiiiii in iiiwn
ninny, ami fur tlm ciihIimIv of trnr rliildron, to
wn : Kllit'l. Clair and Konm'tli. anil for iucIi
uthi-r rt'lW'f an wittily mny riiirt.
Vou art niinlml to miwir mid petition on
or tM'font tlw 201 h day of Ifci'i'inlxT, ItKW.
Aiia rrrrw.
Ily her Attorney, M. An her
Legal Notice.
in iiit Milliter of the est u to of AUrgarPt M.
WallltiK, dfCeaiuol.
I o all permuM Interested
You arc liereliv nniltled lint Die oieeutor or
the ahovi etaU' liaa tiled In thin court, lii re
port toKi'ther with a petition, praylnir, therein
that will citato Iw net Ileal and the enviitnr h
dlM'haruisl. and that Urn knui Iw dlstrllmUxl
and awlned according to IIm- Nxm of tlm lant
will and hutauii'nl of miiil demiMil.
I hat a heuriiiK will ho htwl iiHin Maid report
ml petition liefore thin rnin t. at I'lultsinonth.
In Raid county. on the 2Wh day of Noveinher,
IINHi. atllo clock a in . and (hat all ohJii'tiotM,
If any, imiKt ho (lied on or lx!ore wtlil day and
nour oi ncarniu.
Wltnom my hand and the will of the county
court of nalil county thin ih tiny of November,
i wm. A'.i.rMN j, iikkniiin,
ISl'Bl I I'omiLv JlldUII.
Legal Notice.
State of Nebraska,
ss. In County Court.
Caw County.
n the mutter of the iwtu of Jacob F. 8 ten
ner. drct'ONtyf:
Notice In hereby iclvon that the creditor of
unld doceiuMwl will meet the administratrix of
mild estate, before me County JiiiIkh of ('ana
County, Nehrmkft, at the (.ounty Court room
in flat turnout h, In null! County, on the lltli
day of Ueci'inlier. I Will, and on tlm 14th day
of June, lino, at 0 o'clock a. in., each day for
mo puriMMo of preiseiitlim their clulina for ex
amination .udjuMtinenl anil allowance.
Hlx month)) am allowed for the creditor of
auld deceased to preocnl their claim, and one
year lor the admin intra nettle naid estaU),
from the 1 1th day of Dix-eniher, ItMlM.
wiinctM my nunil and the Hem or nam Coun
y Court, at I'latUnuiutlt. Nehraxka. thia 13th
day of November, IWri).
oi-n Allen J. Ileewin,
(SEAL.) County Judge.
At Low
Round Trip
On sale every flrat and third
Tuesday in each month to every
part of the Southwest.
Hugh Norton, Agent.
Do you want an
If you do, get one who has
Experience, Ability, Judgement
Tclopraph or Write
Robert Wilkinson,
Dunbar, Nebr.
Or call at the News Herald office and
we will save you trouble and expense
in getting dates and terms.'
Good Service. Reasonable Rate.
Smoke an
And be Happy
lltltt AMllMCtt RljkGnil Oftltl try Itlllf
MliPrkM. BfM-oultld 0'nHI Of
f kt k IU MliMU West.
M rest Pitoi mt .Ktk r.nmm, OMAHA, NEB.
liatral A an ,n Urn
t'kt-tkM-lort llttMni
tills ! Hrd ln.1 il.lrf
Mlcl ltll Hlu
EW Ain'HI.C'iri!l.TrBi
DIAMOND IIHANU I'll. I t f. . i
. iner. iimf or toi
klMin. X
r w
ynn kavwa to Hm, Salat, Alwavt KHlal.t