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Slmplo Home-Made Remedy That It
Free from Opiates and Harm
ful Drugs.
An effective remedy that will usu.
ally break up a cold in twenty-four
hours, is easily made by mixing to
gether In a largo bottle two ounces of
Glycerine, a half-ounco of Virgin Oil
of Tine compound puro and eight
ounces of pure Whisky. This mix
ture will euro any cough that Is cur
able, and is not expensive as It makes
enough to last the average family an
entire year. Virgin Oil of I'ino com
pound pure Is prepared only In the
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Co., Cincinnati, 0.
Strictly Neutral.
Among the humorous and human
Btorics in Dr. T. L. Pennell's recent
book, "Among the Wild Tribes of the
Afghan Frontier," is one of a British
officer in the Kurram valley who inter
rogated an Afrldl with regard to what
was then considered a probable con
flict. "Now tell me," said the officer, "If
there were to bo war which God for
bidbetween Russia nnd England,
what pait would you and your people
take? Whom would you sido with?"
"Do you wish mo to tell you what
would please you or to tell you the
real truth?" was the naive reply.
"I adjure you to tell me what is the
white word.'"
. "Then," said the old graybeard, "we
would just sit up. here on our moun
tain tops watching you both fight, un
til we saw one or the other defeated.
Then wo would come down and loot
the vanquished till the last mule! God
is gmit! What a time that would be
for us!"
Vtati of omo CtTT OF T0I.IDO, I
Prank J. Ciienft makes onlh that lie la sen tot
partner of thi linn of K. J. Ciirsir A Co., doing
business In tho City of Toledo, County and Htuta
loniulil. nnd that ailil Arm will ray the euro of
ONK HCNDHKIi IHil.l.AHS for each nd every
cam nf t'ATAiimi that cannon bo cured by ttie m ul
mix's Catakiiu Ct'HI.
Sworn to befnr m And luhai-rioed In my prcMnoa,
till 6th day of December, A. L m.
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Bold by all Pnnurinu. 7:.
lake Hall Family i'Uis for comtlpaUoo.
Had an Object Lesson.
Tho happy mother of a seven
months-old-baby, whose chief business
(.'cms to be making a iioiso in the
world, was paying her sister a visit,
nnd the other evening young Master
Harry, aged seven years, was dele
gated to care for the baby whilo his
elders were at dinner. So he wheefed
It back nnd forth, tho length of the
library, giving vent to his sentiments
by singing, much to the amusement of
the family:
Oe whiz! I'm clail I'm free,
No wedding bells for me!
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Her Conservation.
"Love," remarked the romantic
young man, "Is said to brighten the
"I don't know about that," rejoined
the practical maid, "but It has a ten
dency to disarrange one's hair."
Pettit's Eye Salve for 25c.
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The grandest time a man has Is de
scribing to his wife exactly how an
election is coming out and tho busiest
explaining why it didn't.
T5ie dancer from sliplit cuts or wounds
is always bloed poisoning. The immedi
ate application of llnmlins Wizard Oil
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The best preparation for the future
Is the present well seen to, and the
last duty well done.
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Fac-Simile Signature
lEwnniwjiiilJ j
Beloved Bal Bullier in Pari Is to Do
Replaced by a Modern
Paris. There is mourning In t he Lat In
juarter. for the beloved Hal Ilulller
will soon cease to exist.
One by one the old landmarks of
this famous quarter, the home of tho
students nnd the Intellectual center of
Paris, are disappearing. Old resorts
are being obliterated to make room
tor the pretentious upstart, modern
buildings that are now so apparent In
tbis section of Paris, so dear to the
i ne eal Bullier.
hearts of tho artists for generations
past. Old mansions with quaint and
charming facades, old houses which
are surrounded by happy memories of
once noted men, fragments of his
tory all are quietly vanishing from
sight under tho stern hand of prog
ress. The Bullier was above all others
the ball of the students.
Through Its vast doors passed many
generations. Grave and dignified doc
tors, famous lawyers, celebrated art
ists uud inspired poets did not disdain
to give themselves to the joyous en
tertainments of this dancing hall dur
ing their student days in Paris. Tho
erratic and fastidious Whistler, Dou
gereau, Constant, Thackeray and ond
lers numbers of men whose works are
llviriff monuments, have all partici
pated In the gayeties that occurred
weekly at this brilliant dancing hall,
where tho little grlsettes, the pretty,
taucy models and the dainty little sew
ing girls created an atmosphere of
light-hearted beauty and effervescent
youth the period where dull care has
no foothold.
Tho' Hal noullier has outlived the fa
mous little restaurant, the "Hole in
the Wall," where these famous men,
then unknown students, gathered for
their evening repast. Then there was
the other cafe on the Boulevard St.
Michel the "Doul" Mich," In student
parlance, that stuffy little place where
Verlalne, the Bohemian poet, drank
ftbslnlbc sitting at a table surrounded
by boon companions and composing
his masterpieces.
The Dal Hulller was first called "Le
Prado," and later "La Closerle des
Lilas," nnd under these names Is often
spoken of In tho romances of the
1S50-G0 period. It has outlived Its
rival establishments, such as the fa
mous Valentino and Mabllle. The In
vasion of English and American fam
ilies In this sacred domain of the "Four
Arts" scattered the Bohemian stu
dents. The long-haired, careless fel
lows, so numerous a few years ago,
oro now seldom seen. Tho pictur
esque Is vanishing. The charm Is giv
ing way to commonplace, everyday
William Sprague of Rhode Island It
Sole Survivor of State Execu
tives of '60s.
ProvlJence, It. I. William Sprague
of IthoQfc Island, by the death of ex
Gov. Ficerick Holbrpok of Vermont,
has bei'dine tho only survivor of the
stato g.rt'ernors upon whom fell the
brunt of preparation for tho civil war.
ExGov. Sprague was 79 years old
September 12. Elected governor early
( dil )
Mr. Sprague.
In 1S60, he answered President Lin
coln's first call for troops with a
regiment of 1,500 men and a battery,
which were equipped at an outlay of
$100,000 by the firm of A. W. Sprague
&. Co. He himself rode to the front
nt the head of the outfit at the first
battle of Bull Kun.
The ex-governor married Miss Kate
Chase, daughter of Lincoln's secretary
cl state, In November, 18i'3, but was
subsequently divorced and roniarrled
In 1873 his firm failed for $17,000,000
with liabilities of $9,000,000.
Henry V and Catherine of France
. tiuiijnuUI bjr
A reckless, daredevil boy chanced to
meet and to fall in love with a half
starved, ill-dressed girl about live hun
dred years ago. Because the boy hap
pened to be a prince nnd the girl a
princess that same love affair led to a
series of terrible wars and to the con
quering nnd final losing of a great na
tion. The boy was "Mad Prime Hal,"
son of King Henry IV. of England.
The girl was Princess Catherine,
daughter of insane King Charles of
France. I'nlike most royal mar
riages, theirs was a genuin love
match. Nor did "the course of true
love" rim smooth.
"Mad Prince Hals" wild pranks had
led the English to tremble for their
kingdom's welfare in the event of his
coming to the throne. Yet when, In
HI It, he succeeded bis father as king,
he sobered down as by maRle and
proved himself a wise, able ruler. Al
most his first act after becoming King
Henry V. was to ask the hand of
Princess Catherine in mariiaee. He
had seen but little of the princess; yet
lie had learned to love her, and he
sent for her at once to share his
crown, lint by his counsellors' advice
The Co:it of One
Love Affair.
lie also asked
that he receive
(as her dowervl
the provinces in France Hint had in
bygone years been captured by Eng
land and that were now French terri
tory once more. Tho French govern
ment angrily refused to giant these
terms. Not at all discouraged, Henry
resolved to win tho princess and the
provinces as well. So, declaring he
had a hereditary right to the French
throne, he declared war on France.
and in 141.1 invaded that country.
lie could not have chosen a better
time for bis attack. The kinir nf
Fiance was insane (playing cards are
said to have been invented to amuse
this crazy monarch), nnd the kingdom
was rent by two waning factions.
I rincess Catherine had been sadlv
neglected and had had a wretched girl
hood. Her father being Insane, the
care of the girl and been left to her
mother, an idle, wicked woman, .who
did not give Catherine enoueh fnml
nor clothing. Ragged, hungry. Ill-
treated, the poor child was an obieet
of pity until her father, in a lucid in
terval, removed her from her mother's
Henry VIII and
A girl who was so beautiful that
people overlooked the deformity of
her having two thumbs on each hand
changed the religion and history of
England by means of a silly flirtation.
The girl with the double set of thumbs
was Anne Boleyn, daughter of a six
teenth century politician. The man
with whom she undertook to flirt was
his (more or less) gracious majesty
King Henry VIII. of England.
Henry wns great grandson of Owen
Tudor. He found England a third-
rate European power. By his personal
genius nnd statecraft he made it one
of the foremost nntions of the earth.
As a mere boy he had been married, for
reasons of state, to his elder brother's
willow, Catherine of Aragon. She was
many years older than he, and was
an Invalid and of a melancholy, pious
nature. Henry was athletic, jolly nnd
not much given to piety. There wns
nothing about such a woman as Cath
erine to interest him. Moreover, they
had no living children except one sick
ly daughter, Mary. And Henry longed
for a son to carry on his fame. Yet he
would probably have remained true to
Catherine to the end of her days If he
had not chanced to meet Anne Boleyn.
A W'lv Anne was one of
"Maid tf Honor." Cfnt,H;r,ne'B maJdH
of honor. She
managed to attract Henry's attention
and started a violent flirtation with
him. That she at first dared expect
the affair to go further is doubtful.
Hut Henry, who hitherto had paid lit
tle heed to such temptntions, fell vio
lently in love with her. She had the
beauty, youth and gayety his wife
lacked. Anno quite easily won him
from the poor, gentle old queen. The
latter had no charms wherewith to
combat tho younger woman's art.
As soon as she saw Henry was seri
ously interested In her Anne set all
her wits to work to make herself
queen. The upshot of the matter was
that Henry decided to get rid of Cath
erine of Aragon. But this was not
easily done. The Catholic church did
not recognize divorce. Moreover,
Catherine's nephew, Charles V. of
Germany, was too powerful a sov
ereign for the pope to offend. Henry
solved the problem by wrenching Eng
land away from Its Catholic allegiance
and proclaiming himself the head of
the English church. In this new ca
pacity he arranged that tho marriage
with his brother's widow be pro
nounced null and void. Then, freed
from Catherine, he at once married
Anne. The wedding occurred early In
1333. Anne, who had earlier received
from the king the title of countess of
Pembroke, was solemnly crowned
queen of England.
Her ambition was at last gratified.
She had turned Henry's heart from
his faithful old wife nnd had raised
herself to the highest position In the
lund. Incidentally, she had changed
Ui Auluur )
charge and sent her to a convent to he
It was largely on account of this 19-year-old
glii that France, In lli:. was
Invaded by an English army. Henry
swept all before him. The French op
posed him at Afiliicourt and are said
to have outnumbered his army by ton
(o one. Yet he won a great victor',
crushing tho national pride of France.
A second Invasion ended even moro
triumphantly. The French, utterly
overwhelmed, begged for pence. The
terms HenryTtranted were unheard of
In their exorbitance. First and fore
most he demanded the hand of Cath
erine. Then he compelled his beaten
foes to agree that he should succeed
crazy King Charles at the hitter's
death as ruler of France. In tho
meantime he was to govern the realm
as regent.
Ho married Catherine and took her
back to England with him in triumph.
Her fatherland's fall was the price of
her hand. And her husband had
brought about that fall. She and
Henry were married, and early in
1421 she was crowned queen of Eng
land. The next December the couple's
A Q teen's
only son (known
to hlstorv ns
Second Romance.
Henry VI. ) wns
horn. Few children have started life
with such prospects. For he was heir
to the combined thrones of France
and England. A few mouths later
Henry V. nnd Catherine went again to
France. There, when only 35 years
old, Henry died. Catherine brought
her little son hack to England. There,
on crazy King Charles' death, the boy
was crowned, while still in his cradle,
king of England and of France. But
he lacked his father's genius nnd In
herlled some of his grandfather's, old
King Charles', Insanity. As a result,
he was destined to lose both kingdoms
and to die In prison.
Catherine, though she had apparent
ly returned her husband's adoring
love, was quickly consoled for his
death. She secretly married a Welsh
man, Owen Tudor. Tho anger of the
court over this marriage caused her.
to pine away and die nt the age of 3(5.
She and Owen Tudor had two sons.
The elder of these (the earl of Rich
mond) became later the father of
Henry VII., who founded the Tudor
line of kings In England.
Anne Boleyn
England's creed, nnd In so doing start
ed an almost endless chnln of religious
persecution, murders, executions,, etc.
Not that this troubled her nt all. For
three years she and Henry governed
England together. They had one
daughter, Elizabeth, who was destined
one day to become her country's great
est queen. Anne herself showed little
gift for ruling.
. At the end of three yenrs Henry's
fickle fancy wandered from Anne to
one of her young maids of honor, Jane
Seymour. Here retribution set in.
Anno was made to pay bitterly for her
past misdeeds. As she, while maid of
honor, had stolen Henry's love from
his first wife, so now the younger,
prettier Jane Seymour won Henry
from Anne, and by much the same
methods. Henry, infatuated with Jane,
discovered he was heartily tired of
Anne. Those double thumbs at last
began to outweigh her good looks. He
sought some plausible way to get rid
of her. Courtiers helped- him nut liv
trumping up accusations against Anne.
Among other crimes she wns accused
of treason. There is no renson for be
lieving her guilty on nny of tho
charges. But she
w as condemned to
death. Plmlrv tn
One Queen's
the last, she wrote mockingly to the
king, thanking him for all he had done
for her, and ending with the words:
"You made me a marchioness, then a
quetn. And ns you can raise mo no
hlgher-in the world,, you are now
sending mo to bo a saint in heaven."
Whether or not she was accurate In
this prophecy ns to her destination,
mkp was ueneaded on May 19, iSno.
Henry took great credit to himself for
mercifully allow ing her to he thus ex
ecuted, Instead of burning her nt tho
stake. The next day he married Jane
Jane did not live long to enjoy her
triumph. After she died Henry mar
ried in quick succession threo more
wives. His good luck, his health, his
personality some think even his 'san
ity as well had deserted him from
tho day ho cast aside Catherine of Ar
agon to marry Anne Boleyn.
Dr. Hale Abolished the Calendar.
I doubt If he ever beennio quite con
scious that ho wns an old man. What
Lowell wrote of Emerson was em
phatically true of Edward Everett
Hale: "Ho has that privilege of soul
which abolishes the calendar and
presents him to us always the un
wasted contemporary of his own
In 190fi, when he was over 84 years
old, I said to him: "How Is your eye
sight?" 'Good," ho replied; "I read as often
without my glasses ns with them."
William M. McElroy In Woman's Home
Silence I
The instinct o( modesty rtfttirnt to every woman la often a
(rent hindrance to the cure of womanly diseases. Women
shrink from the personal qaestions ol the local physician
which seem indelicate. Tho thought ol examination is oh
horrent to them, and so they endure in silence a condition
Df disease which surely progresses from bad to worse.
it has been Dr. Pierce's prMleia to core m
treat many women who baro found a rtto$m
tor modesty la bis offer ot FREE coaialta
tloa by letter. Till comaaondeaca la heltt j
ma sacredly contldcMtUl. addrast Dr. R. V
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription restore and regulates
the womanly functious, abolishes pain and builds up and
puts the finishing touch of health . on every weak woman
who gives it fair trial.
It Makes Weak Women Strong,
Sick Women Well.
You can't afford to accept ttcrtt nostrum as a substitute
fur this noo-alcoholio medicine op iMown composition.
Wear W. L. Douglas comfort
flblccasy walking, common
leenao shoos.
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Douglas shoos hold their
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nailTlnit IThiaflntnn1innA V T. li
S.llll IIIIM I
ji vnu i ivii i Douglas name and prico
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1 full value and protocts the wearer
aganm intra prices
From Arctic
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for 9 hours solid hrass wick carriers damper top cool handle oil indicator.
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